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Walter Lanier Barber 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 





Sport today has become one of the main 

institutions of America. In one form or 

another its influence has gone into almost 

every American home. Naturally those 

who have helped to fill up this institution 

and those who through competition have 

helped make a good story of sport worth 

writing, have become interesting subjects 

to many millions. It is the purpose of 

"Who's IVho In American Sports" to 

furnish all the important information 

concerning the leaders in every line, 

so that there will be a full record 

of their achievements. 






. i 9 2. 8 . 

Copyright 1928 


National Biographical Society, Inc. 




Who's Who In American Sports presents the biographical sketches 
and records of four thousand men and women notable in the 
annals of athletics in the United States. The aim and purpose 
of this volume is as worthy as it is stupendous. The work of gathering 
and editing this data has required many months of painstaking labor 
and has been retarded by the natural and innate modesty of those whose 
sketches and records are herein presented. 

Sports editors, college and high school coaches, athletic directors, 
alumni secretaries, in fact a veritable army of well-wishers and helpers, 
as well as the entire staff of the National Biographical Society set to 
work in the early summer of 1927 to compile a list of eligibles for this 
publication. At that time there were no available records suitable for 
presentation. More than 32,000 names were collected, arranged and 
classified. Questionnaires were sent to all of these, and over 12,000 
responded with partial or complete data. 

After careful consideration 4,000 sketches were approved for inclu- 
sion in this volume. The publishers realize that many sketches worthy 
of this distinction have been omitted. This is by no means an oversight, 
as it has been exceedingly difficult to trace and contact a large number 
who are not only eligible, but who are among the outstanding athletes 
of the nation. In a few instances we have given pictorial recognition 
without the accompanying sketches. As rapidly as these men and women 
°.an be reached, their names and records will be filed for future editions. 

It is apparent that such a volume as Who's Who In American 
Sports required the co-operation of those high officials, coaches and 
tvriters whose knowledge of American athletics has made them specialists 
in their respective fields. The willingness with which many of these 
authorities responded to our request for assistance was most encouraging 
to the publishers, and the National Biographical Society takes this oppor- 
tunity to extend its thanks to the following leaders of American athletics 
\vho have aided materially in the production of this Souvenir edition of 
Who's Who In American Sports : 

Maj. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, president American Olympic Committee. 

Hon. Murray Hulbert, president A. A. U. of United States. 

Gustavus T. Kirby, chairman Advisory Committee, I. C. A. A. A. A. 

Dr. John J. Tigert, United States Commissioner of Education. 

Dr. James Naismith, honorary chairman, National Joint Basketball 

Samuel H. Collom, president, U. S. L. T. A. 
Clark C. Griffith, president, Washington Baseball Club. 
Charles L. Ornstein, member Executive Committee, American Olympic 

Porter Adams, president, National Aeronautic Association. 
Henry Penn Burke, president, National Association of Amateur Oarsmen. 
C. Edward Beckett, member Y. M. C. A. Section of Joint Basketball 

A. Y. Leech, Jr., Executive Committeeman, U. S. L. T. A. 
Louis Little, director athletics, Georgetown University. 
Lieut. Col. Nelson E. Margetts, chairman, Army Polo Committee. 
Charles W. Paddock, journalist, lecturer and World's Sprint champion. 
W. A. Rogers, vice-president, American Power Boat Association. 
Fred McLeod, Professional Golf Association. 




And the following sports writers : Warren Brown, Chicago ; Harry 
Costello, Detroit, Mich.; Nick Flately, Boston, Mass.; James M. Gould, 
St. Louis, Mo. ; Kirk Miller, Washington, D. C. ; Lawrence Perry, New 
York City, N. Y. ; Grantland Rice, New York City, N. Y.; Harry B. 
Smith, San Francisco, Cal., and Joseph Williams, New Y r ork City, N. Y r . 

The National Biographical Society realizes that this edition has 
fallen short of a complete coverage of the entire field of sports. Criti- 
cisms and ideas from the fraternity are cordially invited, and will be 
tiled for future reference and incorporated in later editions. Certain 
deficiencies are apparent in this volume. A work as vast and detailed 
as this has involved months of correspondence, research and expense. 
Ommissions will be rectified as speedily as possible. 

The names, records and sketches of thousands of American men and 
women are now on file. This list is being increased daily. Efforts are 
being continued to compile all information available along these lines. 
This data will be furnished upon request and without cost to any and 
all sports writers who are subscribers. The fraternity as a whole is also 
cordially invited to take advantage of this service. 






Aquatic Sports 

Canoe Racing 

Motorcycle Ra 

Auto Racing 





Pistol Shootin; 

Balloon Racing 





Rifle shooting 

Bicycle Racing 


Rodeo Sports 








Motor Boat Racing 


Standards for "Who's Who in American Sports" 

THE stamp of approval upon the eligibility requirements by the 
committee selected for that purpose has included practically all 
those whose meritorious achievements in the world of athletics 
warrented selection. The monumental task confronting the editor and 
the editorial advisory board was attacked with the knowledge that this 
first effort would fall short of complete coverage. 

Any Official, Coach, Promoter, Manager, Trainer, Live Stock Owner, 
Patron or amateur or professional athlete participating in 




Track and Field 

Trap Shooting 




is eligible for Who's Who In American Sports, providing he, or she, 
is qualified as follows : 

1. Present or former official of the N. C. A. A., the U. S. L. T. A., the U. S. G. A., 

the P. G. A., the A. A. U., the Y. M. C. A. Athletic Council, Organized 
Baseball, American Breeders' Association, or any national organization 
promoting amateur or professional sports. 

2. Present or former holder of a World's, International, National, League, 

Conference, Sectional, Divisional, or Intercollegiate record or championship. 

3. Present or former member of team winning any of the above records or 


4. Present or former official, owner, coach or trainer of team, or individual, 

winning any of the above records or championships. 

5. College athlete having won two or more "letters." 

6. Present or former coach or "leading player" on any team sponsored by the 

N. C. A. A., the Y. M. C. A., and the A. A. U. (Only the star players on 
the above teams are eligible.) 

7. Winner of National or International racing classic, trophy or prize by any 

water, air or land machine. 

8. Present or former owner, trainer or rider of any horse winning prominent 

racing event, or establishing new record for its class and years. 

9. Present or former owner, manager, trainer or member of "Big League" 

(professional) Baseball team. 

10. Present or former owner or manager of "Minor League" (professional) 

Baseball team. 

11. Leading sportsman whose individual exploits as big game hunter, explorer, 

et cetera, has won national or international distinction. 

12. Patron who has contributed to the advancement of amateur and professional 

sports through his or her contributions of time and money. 

13. Sporting editor or writer of national repute. 

Note — Nominations will not be approved unless candidates meet one or 
more of above qualifications. 


The Editorial Board of the National Biographical Society will gladly 
welcome the names or list of names of any and all athletes deemed worthy 
of inclusion in a later volume. From the vast lists of colleges, schools, 
athletic clubs, athletic associations, manuals and membership records 
there are no doubt many hundreds of persons whose achievements in 
sports warrant inclusion in a later volume or whose names and sketches 
should be in the files. 

Questionnaires will be gladly sent upon application. Lists of names 
and addresses of leading athletes are desired. In helping to make future 
volumes more comprehensive, the co-operation of the fraternity is ear- 
nestly solicited. All institutions and individuals are asked to provide 
assistance in this worthy endeavor. 


Special Notice 

THE compilation of names for Who's Who In American Sports has 
been a most interesting and absorbing task as well as a difficult 
one. While twelve months have been spent in the effort, it is real- 
ized that four or five times that length of time might have been devoted 
before a hundred per cent completion could be obtained. 

While various institutions have co-operated materially, the editor 
feels that the future will be productive of greater and better results. 

In verifying, revising and editing these four thousand sketches and 
in checking the additional eight thousand names not included in this 
volume, a most amazing fund of information has been classified for future 

The editor will acknowledge thankfully the receipt of advice per- 
taining to errors, ommissions or misstatements. 

It is felt that as we are becoming a nation of athletes and our chil- 
dren are following in our footsteps, we are becoming one great fraternity. 
To this end it will be greatly appreciated if further co-operation is 
extended by those who are interested in this vast subject. 

The Editor. 






ALEXANDER, GROVER C. (Baseball). 9 

ALLEN, FORREST C. (Athletics) 12 


AERIE, MARK (Trapshooting) 24 


BARNARD, ERNEST SARGENT (Baseball) .... 43 


BOTHNER, GEORGE (Wrestling) 79 

BOWMAN, JOHN McE. (Hunting, Racing) .... 82 

BRAGG, CALEB S. (Aviator) 88 

BRUCE, WILLIAM LAWSON (Rifle Shooting) 100 

BUNDY, THOMAS C. (Tennis) 106 

BURKE, HENRY PENN (Oarsman) 113 

CARLIN, PHILLIPS (Broadcaster of Sports) 126 

CARR, SABIN W. (Pole Vault) 131 

CLARK, SYDNEY P. (Baseball, Hockey, Cricket) 149 


COWDIN, J. CHEEVER (Polo) 172 


DEMPSEY, WILLIAM H. (Jack) (Pugilist) 202 


EVANS, CHARLES, JR. (Golf) 244 


FISH, HAMILTON, JR. (Football) 258 

FISHER, MORRIS (Rifle Shooting) 261 

GRAY, THORD, GEN. (Archery) 308 

GRAYSON, CAREY T., ADMIRAL (Racing). ... 309 

GREENLEAF, RALPH (Billiards) 313 

GRIFFITH, CLARK C. (Baseball) 316 

HAGEN, WALTER (Golf) 324 

HARRIS, STANLEY RAYMOND (Baseball).... 341 

HATCH, CARL T., Commodore (Canoeist) 347 

HILLMAN, HARRY L. (Track and Field) 364 



HORNSBY, ROGERS (Baseball) 383 

HULBERT, MURRAY, HON. (Athletics) 394 


JACOBS, HELEN HULL (Tennis) 411 

JOHNSON, WALTER (Baseball) 421 


KELLY, JOHN B. (Oarsman) 440 

KING, PHILIP (Football) 448 

KIRBY, GUSTAVUS TOWN (Athletics) 452 


LAZARRA, SAMUEL (Joe Dundee) (Boxing).. 474 

LE GENDRE, ROBERT LUCIEN (Pentathlon) .. 480 

LEWIS, ED (Strangler) (Wrestling) 487 


LITTLE, LOUIS (Football) 494 

MAC ARTHUR, D., MAJ.-GEN. (Athletics).... 508 

MALLORY, CLIFFORD D. (Yacht Racing) 519 

McLEOD, FRED (Golf) 549 


MYRICK, JULIAN S (Tennis) 586 

NAISMITH, JAMES (Basketball) 590 

NEWCOMB, CHARLES H. (Trapshooting) 595 

OLIPHANT, ELMER Q. (Football and Track).. 611 

OOSTERBAAN, BENNIE G (Football) 615 

PADDOCK, CHARLES WILLIAM (Sprinter) .... 623 

PLANT, WILLIAM (Walking Champion) 649 


REYNOLDS, JACK V. (Wrestling) 675 

RICE, HENRY GRANTLAND (Sports Writer) 679 


ROBERTSON, LAWSON (Olympic Coach) 690 

ROCKNE, KNUTE K. (Football Coach) 695 

RUTH, GEORGE HERMAN (Baseball) 710 


SANDE, EARLE (Jockey) 718 

SHEPPARD, MELVIN W. (Indoor Sports) 744 


SINCLAIR, HARRY FORD (Sportsman) 755 

SPEAKER, TRISTRAM E. (Baseball) 771 

STAGG, AMOS ALONZO (Football Coach).... 777 

STETSON, MRS. HELEN B. (Golf) 785 


STODDARD, LOUIS E. (Polo) 793 

STRIBLING, WILLIAM L., JR. (Pugilist) 800 

SWEETSER, JESSE W. (Golf) 809 

THORPE, JAMES (Football) 828 

TIGERT, JOHN J. (Athletics Coach) 832 

TILDEN, WILLIAM T„ 2nd. (Tennis) 835 

TRAYLOR, MELVIN A. (Golf) 843 

TUNNEY, JAS. JOS. (Gene) (Pugilist) 849 

WARNER, GLEN SCOBEY (Football Coach) 873 

WARREN, ADDISON E. (Pugilist) 876 

WEBB, HAMILTON M. (Boxing Coach) 882 


WEISSMULLER, JOHN (Swimming) 890 


WILLIAMS, ALFORD J. (Aviation) 908 

WILLIAMS, H. L. (Football, Track, Boxing) 911 

WILLIAMS, RICHARD N., 2nd. (Tennis) 914 



ZBYSZKO, WLADEK (Wrestler) 938 





ABBATICCHIO, RAYMOND J., football and 
track. Bom: Latrobe, Pa., June 5, 1882. Son 
of A. and Mary (Sorrentino) Abbaticchio. Ed.: 
Latrobe H. Sch. (Pa.), 1896; A.M., St. Mary's 
Coll. (Belmont N. C), 1899; Georgetown Univ., 
P.G., 1905; LL.B., 1906. 

Record : 1896, mem., Latrobe H. Sch. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1897-99. mem., track and B.B. 
teams (capt. B.B. 1897-99). 1900, won George- 
town Univ. Inter. Sch. indoor 50-yd. dash. 1901- 
04, mem., Georgetown Univ. F.B. and track 
teams. 1902, won Georgetown Univ. indoor 
220-yd. dash. 1902-03, mem., Georgetown relay 
team. 1904-05, capt., Georgetown relay team 
(undefeated both yrs.). 1905, mem., Georgetown 
Ath. Adv. Bd. 

Present Occupation: lawyer. Mil. Service: 1st 
Lieut. Ordnance, 1918-20. Affiliations: Delta 
Chi ; Georgetown "G" Club ; Univ. Club. Hobby: 
Fishing. Married: Ada Alexander, 1905. Chil- 
dren: Raymond, Jr., age 19; Maria, age 18; 
Paula, age. 15. Office: Int. Ex. Bank Bldg., 
Wash., D. C. Home: 1910 Calvert St., Wash., 
District of Columbia. 

ABBOT. GEORGE EZRA, tennis. Born: 
Melrose, Mass., Mar. 22, 1896. Son of George 
and Agnes M. (Radford) Abbot. Ed.: A.B., 
Harvard, 1917. 

Record : 1911-12-13, mem., Noble and Green- 
ough Sch. B.B. team (capt. 1913). 1913, mem., 
Noble and Greenough Sch. track team. 1914- 
15-16-17, mem. Harvard B.B. team (capt., 1917). 
1917, mem. Harvard hockey squad. 1922, 
Nat'l. Amateur Class B. Squash Tennis Champ. 

1925, Essex County (Mass.) singles champ. 

1926, Essex County (Mass.) singles runner-up; 
Mass. State doubles champ, (tennis) ; North 
Shore doubles champ. 1927, Mass. State dou- 
bles runner-up (tennis) ; North Shore doubles 

Present Occupation: Banking. War Record: 
1st Lieut. 301st Inf., 76th Div. ; 14 mos. in 
France, no action with Dept. Div. Affiliations: 
Brown Brothers & Co. ; Dir. Tyer Rubber Co. 
(Andover, Mass.); Longwood Cricket Club; 
Longwood Covered Courts. Married: Anglesea 
Hewlett. Children: Sarah Willets, age 4. Office: 
60 State St., Boston, Mass. Home: 142 Middle- 
sex Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

ABBOTT, CLEVE L., football. Born: Yank- 
ton, S. Dak., Dec. 19, 1892. Son of Elbert and 
Molly (Brown) Abbott. Ed.: Watertown (S. 
Dak.) H. Sch.; B.S., S. Dak. State Coll., 1916; 
grad. work, Kansas State Coll. ; grad. work, 
Harvard summer course in phys. ed. 

Record: 1908-12, won 16 letters, Watertown, 
S. Dak. H. Sch., 1910-11, All-State F.B. center. 
1911, won two-mi. race, Northern Normal track 
meet held at Aberdeen, S. Dak. 1912, ran an- 
chor on winning %-mi. relay team (State meet 
held at Vermilion, S. Dak.). 1912-16, won 14 
letters, S. Dak. State Coll. 1912-13-14-15, All- 
State center. 1913-14, All-Northwestern center. 
1915-16, capt., varsity Bskt. B. team. 1917-19, 
ath. officer, 366th U. S. Inf. 1919-23, in charge 
phys. ed. and ath. at Kansas Industrial and 
Educational Inst. (Topeka, Kans.). 1923-28, 
dir. phys. ed. and ath., Tuskegee Inst. (F.B. 
team, Southern champs.). 1924-25-26-27; won 
natl. champ, of colored coll., 1926-27; defeated 
Lincoln Univ. of Pa. at Franklin Field ; defeated 
Univ. of Pa., 1926-27 (the Natl. League Park, 
Phila., Pa.). 

Present Occupation: Dir. phys. ed. and ath., 
Tuskegee Inst. (Ala.) War Record: 1st. Lieut, 
and Regtl. Intelligence officer, 366th U. S. Inf., 
1917-19 ; honorably discharged, 1st. Lieut., April 
23, 1919. Affiliations: Kappa Alpha Psi ; 
Amer. Legion. Hobby: Tennis. Married: Jessie 
Harriet Scott, Oct. 15, 1917. Children: Jessie 
Ellen, aged 9. Home: Tuskegee Inst., Ala. 

ABBOTT, EDWIN M., father of basketball, 
Univ. of Pa. Bom: Phila. Pa., June 4, 1S77. 
Son of Theodore and Alvina (Roswig) Abbott. 
Ed.: LL.B., Univ. of Pa., 1896. 

Record: 1894-95, mem., Univ. of Pa. B.B. 
squad. 1895-96, mem. Univ. of Pa. track squad 
(ran 100-yd. dash in 101/5 sec; 1 mile walk in 
7.29). 1896, Univ. of Pa. mgr., organizer and 
coach of first Bskt. B. team. 1896-97. coach 
Epis. Acad. F.B. team. 1896-1901. mgr. All-Sch. 
B.B. team (Phila., Pa.) 1S98-1901, coach St. 
Luke's Sch. (Wayne, Pa.), B.B. and F. B. 
teams; official from 1895-1928; relay races, 
Univ. of Pa.; I.C.A.A.A. track official; F.B. 
official on official list for many years; bowler 
on Century Club, Phila., team. Historian for 
ten years Veteran Athl. of Phila.; Historian 
of Century Veterans. Cycling: mem., Century 
Wheelmen (Phila., Pa.) ; Pres., Century Wheel- 
men Veterans; Spec. Ath. contributor to Phil. 
Press, Telegraph, Bulletin and other papers. 

Present Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: 
Gov. Appeal Agent of Home District; Chrmn. 
Legal Adv. Bd. of home dist. ; Organizer and 
Sec. of First Home Defense League in Amer. 
at Oak Lane, Phila. ; Personally sold over ten 
million dollars of bonds. Affiliations: Pres. 
Oak Lane Park Improvement Asso. (16 yrs.) ; 
Counsel Boy's Week Asso. of Phila.; Counsel 
Keystone Auto Club. ; Mem. Legislature of Pa., 
1911-13; Chrmn. State Comm. on Employment 
of Prisoners, 1913-17; Chrmn. State Comm. on 


Revision of Penal Laws, 1917-25 ; Vice-Chrmn. 
Section Criminal Law ; American Bar Asso. 
Chrmn. Com. on Criminal Law of Pa. Bar Asso. ; 
32nd degree Mason ; Shriner ; Artisan ; Malta ; 
Varsity Club of Pa. Clubs: Mfgrs. Sagamore 
Shrine ; Mfgrs. C. C. ; Historical Soc. of Pa. ; 
Valley Forge Historical Soc. ; Old York Rd. 

C. C. ; Boosters; Phila., Realtors. Hobby: Golf, 
writing poetry and legal articles. Married: 
Florence Wilson, Nov. 9, 1905. Children: 
Emilie Ferry, age 20 ; T. H. Wilson, age 15. 
Office: 1028 Land Title Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: 
708 64th Ave., Oak Lane, Phila., Pa. 

ABBOTT, HOWARD T., Manager Univ. of 
Michigan baseball team, 1891. Born: Wash., 

D. C, Feb. 11, 1867. Son of Asa T. and Fanny 
V. (Cross* Abbott. Ed.: U. S. Army Sch. ; Min- 
neapolis H. Sch. ; Univ. of Minn. ; Univ. of Mich. 

Record : 1884-85, mem., Minneapolis H. Sch. 
F.B. and B. B. teams. 1886-87, mem., Univ. of 
Minn. F.B., B.B. and track teams (capt. F.B. 
team, 1887). 1887, Mgr. Univ. of Minn. Ath. 
Asso. 1889-90, mem., Univ. of Mich. F.B. team. 
1891, mgr., Univ. of Mich. B.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Lawyer, Abbott, McPhe- 
wall, Saucer, Gilbert and Doan. Affiliations: 
Dir. N. Trust Co. (Duluth, Minn.) ; Atty. for 
Weyerhaeser Timber Interests, Jones and 
Laughlan Steele Corp. and C. and N. W. Ry. 
Co. ; Chi Psi ; Mason ; Minn. State Bar Asso. ; 
Amer. Bar Asso. ; Inter-Nat'l. Law Asso. ; Minn. 
Crime Comn. Clubs: Ketchie Gammi ; North- 
land C. C. ; Annandale G. C. Hobby: Golf, hunt- 
ing and fishing. Married: Gertrude Markell, 
Nov. 20, 1895. Children: Katharine, age 28; 
John Townsend, age 23. Office: Alworth Bldg., 
Duluth, Minn. Home: 2219 Bast Superior St., 
Duluth, Minn. 

St. Louis, Mo., July 22, 1891. Son of Julian 
D. and Emily (Taussig) Abeles. Ed. : Smith 
Acad. (St. Louis, Mo.); Harvard, A.B., 1913; 
LL.B., 1910. 

Record : 1910, coxswain, Harvard freshman 
crew. 1911-12-13, coxswain, Harvard Varsity 
crew (capt., 1913). 1914, coxswain, Union Boat 
Club (Boston) crew participating in Henley 
races, Henley, Eng. (finished second to Harvard 
crew in finals of Grand Challenge Cup race, 
July 4, 1914). 

Present Occupation: Railroad attorney ; so- 
licitor, Seaboard Air Line Railway Co. War Rec- 
ord: Enlisted U. S. Navy, June, 1917; discharged 
as C.B.M., April, 1919. Clubs: Harvard Var- 
sity ; Harvard Club (N. Y.) ; Norfolk, Va., C. C. ; 
Princess Anne C. C. (Va. Beach, Va.). Hobby: 
Golf, riding. Married: Sally Pope Taylor, May 
8, 1926. Office: 313 Seaboard Air Line Bldg., 
Norfolk, Va. Home: Hague Apt., 3-A, Norfolk, 

ABELL, EARL C, head football coach, Col- 
gate Univ. Bom: Portage, Wis., May 29, 1892. 
Son of David H. and Carrie Abell. Ed.: B.S., 
Colgate Univ., 1916. 

Record: 1912-13-14-15, mem., Colgate Var- 
sity F.B. team (capt., 1915). 1915, elected by 
Walter Camp as All-Amer. tackle. 

Present Occupation: Head F.B. coach, Colgate 
Univ. Mil. Service: Detached service instruct- 
ing at V.M.I. (Lexington, Va.) Affiliations: 
Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Exchange Club ; 32nd de- 
gree Mason. Hobby: Chicken raising. Married: 
Cora Marie Casey. Children: John Earl, age 6; 
Edward Bankart, age 4 ; Earl Robert, age 2. 
Office: Huntington Gym., Hamilton, N. Y. Home: 
7 College St., Hamilton, N. Y. 

of Chicago baseball team, 1895-96. Born: Hat- 
field, Mass., Oct. 18, 1872. Son of N. T. and 
Ruth (Livermore) Abells. Ed.: Mount Hermon 
Sch. for Boys (Mass.) ; B.S., Univ. of Chicago. 

Record : 1894-95-96-97, mem., Univ. of Chicago 
B.B. team (capt. 1895-96) ; West. Champs. 

Affiliations: Alpha Delta Phi; Chicago City 
Club. Married: Helena Sadd. Children: Ruth 
Helena, age 17. Office: 2139 W. 111th St., Chi- 
cago, 111. Home: 2114 W. 112th St., Chicago, 

ABRAMS, STERLING ELY, lacrosse. Born: 
Nelsonville, N. J., Mar. 20, 1899. Son of Charles 
E. and Laura (Ely) Abrams. Ed.: Hagerstown 
(Md.) H. Sch., 1912-16; B.S., Univ. of Md., 1920. 

Record : 1919-20, mem., Univ. of Md. boxing 
team (middleweight) ; mem., Univ. of Md. la- 
crosse team (won letter, 1920). 

Present Occupation: Chemist, San-I-Sal Lab- 
oratories, Inc. Mil. Service: S.A.T.C., Univ. of 
Md. Affiliations: Delta Sigma Phi; "M" Club, 
Univ. of Md. Hobby: Tennis. Married: Helen 
B. Tompkins, Feb. 14, 1925. Offlice: 3200 K St., 
N. W., Wash., D. C. Home: 1875 Mintwood PL, 
Wash., D. C. 

ABRAMSON, GEORGE, All-West football 
player. Born: Eveleth, Minn., May 13, 1903. Son 
of Aaron and Harriet (Bushy) Abramson. Ed.: 
B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1925. 

Record: 1922-23-24, mem., Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team. 1923, coaches' All-Conf. 1924, coaches' 
All-Conf. ; Camp's Md. All-Amer. ; Eckersalls' 
All-Conf.; Eckersalls' All-West. 

Present Occupation: Merchandising and 
financing. A filiations: Brokering; "M" Club 
(Univ. of Minn.) ; Sigma Alpha Nu. Hobby: 
Handball. Office: 1529 Univ. Ave. S. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Home: 324 1st St. S., Virginia, 







All-America n center, 1925-26. Born: Elk City, 
Okla., Oct. 7, 1901. Son of John F. and Emily 
(Tnsten) Ackerman. Ed.: Lawrence H. Sch. 
(Lawrence, Ivans.) ; Univ. of Kans. 

Record : 1919-20-21, mem., Lawrence H. Sch. 
Bskt. B. team. 1919-21, runner-up in State 
Tournament. 1921, chosen All-State center. 
1923-24-25, mem., Mo. Valley Conf. Bskt, B. 
team. 1924-25, chosen All-Valley center. 1925, 
chosen All-West, center. 1925-26-27, mem., 
Kans. City Ath. Club Bskt. B. team. 1925-26, 
chosen AU-Ameri. center. 1926, second place 
Nat'l. A.A.U. tournament. 

Present Occupation: Sales Dept., Sheffield 
Steel Corp. Affiliations: Kans. City Ath. Club.; 
Sigma Chi. Office: Sheffield Steel Corp., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. Home: 3870 Charlotte St., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 

ACOSTA, JOHN SYDNEY, football and 
track. Bom: Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 13, 1898. 
Son of Tracy L. and Cora (Bailey) Acosta. Ed.: 
Lawrenceville Sch. (Lawrenceville, N. J.), 1917; 
A.B., Yale, 1921. 

Record : 1916, mem., Lawrenceville Sch. F.B. 
team. 1919-20, mem., Yale F.B. team. 1919- 
20-21, mem., Yale track team. 1920, mem., Eck- 
ersall's All-Amer. F.B. team. 1922, coach, Fla. 
freshman champ. F.B. .team. 

Mil. Service: Second Lt. Field Artillery. Af- 
filiations: Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Everglades 
Club (Palm Beach, Fla.) ; Oasis Club (Palm 
Beach, Fla.) ; Yale Club (N.Y.C.). Home: P. O. 
Box. No. 71, Jacksonville, Fla. 

ADAMS, CHARLES WHITE, mem., Univ. of 
Pennsylvania lacrosse team, 1923-24. Born: 
Spokane, Wash., Sept. 3, 1902. Son of Howard 
O. and Lee Anna (White) Adams. Ed.: B.S., 
Univ. of Pa., 1924; Univ. of Wash. 

Record : 1920, mem., Univ. of Wash, freshman 
F.B. team. 1922-23, mem., Univ. of Pa. F.B. 
team. 1923-24, mem., Univ. of Pa. lacrosse 
team. 1924-25-27, asst. coach Gonzaga Univ. 
(Spokane, Wash.). 

Present Occupation: Broker. Affiliations: Lo- 
gan and Bryan ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Spokane C. C. ; 
Pa. Club (N.Y.C., N.Y.) ; Spokane City Club; 
Spokane Ath. Club; Univ. Club. Hobby: Golf 
and handball. Office: N. 8. Stevens St., Spokane, 
Wash. Home: Altadena Apts., Spokane, Wash. 


hockey. Bom: Springfield, Mass., Aug. 9, 1904. 
Son of Charles Francis and Lillian May (Wool- 
lard ) Adams. Ed. : Phillips Exeter Acad. ; Har- 
vard, 1928. 

Record : 1922-23, mem., Phillips Exeter hockey 
and B.B. teams. 1924, mem., Harvard fresh- 
man hockey team. 1925, mem., Harvard fresh- 

man B.B. team. 1927, mem., Harvard Varsity 
B.B. team (Amer. I. C. champs.) Asst. mgr., 
Boston Bruins pro. hockey team (Amer. pro. 
champs, and runners-up of the world's champs. 
Ottawa Senators). 1928, asst. mgr., Boston 

Present Occupation: Student, Harvard Univ. 
Affiliations: Kappa Delta Pi; Natl. Lancers. 
Clubs: Harvard Varsity; Univ. Club; Millwood 
Hunt; Hasty-Pudding (Inst, of 1770, Harvard) ; 
Framingham C. C. Hobby: Sports in general. 
Office: Salem End Rd., Framingham Center, 
Mass. Home: Same. 

ADAMS, GILBERT E., football. Born: Dal- 
ton, Mass., Jan. 26, 1905. Son of Mr. and Mrs. 
H. G. Adams. Ed.: Dalton H. Sch. ; Bates Coll. ; 
Maine Certificate of Phys. Ed. 

Record: Mem., Dalton H. Sch., F.B., Bskt. B. 
and B.B. teams (B.B. won Berkshire County 
Champ., 1923). Mem., Bates Coll. F.B. team 
three yrs. (capt., 1927). 

Present. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Bates Coll. A. A.; Bates Varsity Club (Treas.) ; 
Bates Outing Club; Bates Y.M.C.A. Hobby: 
Physical education. School: Bates Coll., Lewis- 
ton, Maine. Home: 90 Depot St., Dalton, Mass. 

ADAMS, JEFF, professional golfer. Bom: 
Warrenville, 111., Feb. 7, 1895. Son of Robert C. 
and Marie (Lambs) Adams. Ed.: Wheaton H. 
Sch. (111.). 

Record: 1914-21, pro. golfer, French Lick 
Hotel (Ind.), 1919-20, pro. golfer, Logansport, 
C.C. (Ind.). 1920-21, pro. golfer, Gulf Port C.C., 
(Mass.). 1921-25, pro. golfer, Laurel Club 
(Mass.). 1924-25, won Miss. Open Champ. 
1925, won Gulf States Open Champ. 1926-28, 
pro. golfer, Savannah C.C. 1927, hold course 
record Savannah Club (67-holes; distinct, of 
being only golfer to break 70 on Savannah 
Course). Holder of course record at Audubon 
C.C, Louisville, Ky. (66). Hold record at 
Laurel C.C, Laurel, Miss. (68). Hold record 
Belora C.C. (score 67). 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golfer. War Record: 
Enlisted U. S. Army, 1917, mem., A.E.F. ; dis- 
charged Aug., 1919. Affiliations: Allied Golf 
Co.; Croydon Golf Co.; P.G.A. ; Savannah C.C. 
Hobby: Golf and radio. Married: Ethel 
Vaughan, 1921. Children: Alice Marie, age 6. 
Office: Savannah G.C, Savannah, Ga. 

the National Aeronautic Association. Bom: 
Andover, Massachusetts, August 10, 1894. Son 
of Charles A. and Jeannie H. (Porter) Adams. 
Education: Stone's School (Boston) ; Univer- 
sity of Redlands (California) ; Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology. 




Record: 1915, special work with the Con- 
necticut Air Craft Company and Cooper Air 
Craft Company. 1916, flying at Glenn Martin 
Plant and work with Donald Douglas on orig- 
inal world flight plans. 1922, one of the original 
incorporators of the National Aeronautic Asso- 
ciation. 1922-26, governor and district vice- 
president, and chairman of the executive com- 
mittee of the National Aeronautic Association. 
1922-28, chairman of the Boston Municipal Air- 
port (appointed by the Mayor). 1926-28, presi- 
dent of the National Aeronautic Association. 
Chairman of the aviation committee of Ameri- 
can Legion ; president of the Aero Club of New 
England ; vice-president of the Aero Club of 
Massachusetts ; member of the aviation commit- 
tee ; member of the aeronautics standards com- 
mittee ; Society of Automotive Engineers ; hon- 
orary member of the Aero Club of Cuba. 

Present Occupation: President, National Aero- 
nautic Association. Naval Service: Enlisted, 
United States Navy ; Naval Information and 
Communication Service from Rockland, Maine, 
1917-1918; Naval Air Station, Chatham, Mas- 
sachuetts, 1918-19. At present lieutenant-com- 
mander of United States Naval Reserve. Af- 
filiations: Member of the American Olympic 
Committee (President appointee) ; American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers ; Military Or- 
der of the World War; Naval Order of the 
United States ; United States Naval Institute ; 
Eclipse Grange (Thetford, Vermont) ; Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Clubs: Metropolitan (Wash- 
ington, D. C.) ; Army and Navy (Washington, 
D. C.) ; Engineers (Boston) ; Wardroom (Bos- 
ton) ; Army and Navy (Boston) ; Woodland 
Golf (Auburndale) ; Corinthian Yacht (Marble- 
head). Hobby: Sailing. Married: Dorothy 
Johnson, April 29, 1924. Office: National Aero- 
nautic Association, Washington, D. C. Home: 
1796 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 

ADAMS. WINTHROP, football, baseball and 
hockey. Bom: Cambridge, Mass., May 18, 1887. 
Son of Charles W. and Sarah (White) Adams. 
Ed.: Rindge Tech. (Cambridge, Mass.). 1905: 
Ph.B., Brown Univ., 1909; M.D., Tufts Coll., 

Record: 1901-05, mem., Rindge Tech. F.B., 
B.B. and hockey teams (capt. hockey 1904-05). 
1903-04. All-Inter-Sch. F.B., Boston Inter-Sch. 
League. 1905-06, mem., Brown Univ. hockey 
team. 1905-07, mem., Brown Univ. F.B. and B.B. 
teams, 1907, mem., Brown Univ. B.B. team 
(Nat'l. Inter-Coll. Champs.). 1908, coach Provi- 
dence Tech. H. Sch. B.B. team. 1911-12, mem., 
Tufts Coll. F.B. team (capt. 1912). 1912-13, 
mem., Tufts Coll. B.B. team. 1916, mem., Provi- 
dence Inter-Nat'l. league. 1917, capt. Boston 
Navy Yard F.B. team (undefeated). 1919, mem. 
Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. 

Present Occupation: Doctor. Naval Service: 
Lieut. Naval Medical Corps, 1917-19. Affilia- 
tions: U. S. Veterans' Bureau; Amer. Medical 
Asso. ; Mass. Medical Soc. ; Wash. G. and C. C. ; 
City Club. Hobby: Golf. Married: Freda 
Knowles, Dec. 3, 1909. Office: Veterans' Bu- 
reau, Washington, D. C. Home: 1703 N. Y. Ave. 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

ADAMSON, WILMER, All-Mid-West Confer- 
ence end on football team. Bom: Boone, la., 
Oct. 1, 1903. Son of Mrs. Hulda (Nordeen) 
Adamson. Ed. : Boone H. Sch. ; A.B., Cornell 

Record: 1920-21-22, mem., Boone H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1922-23, mem., Boone H. Sch. wrestling 
team (won State Champ.). 1923, mem., Cornell 
Coll. wrestling team. 1923-24-25-26, mem., Cor- 
nell Coll. F.B. team. 1924-25, mem., All-Mid- 
West Conf. team. 1926, mem., Cornell Coll. 
track team (won Mid-West Conf.). 1927, coach 
Cornell freshman F.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Mid-West Canning Corp. ; "C" Club (Cornell 
Coll.). Hobby: Coaching. School: Box. 585, 
Mt. Vernon, la. Home: 310 Sheridan Ave., Des 
Moines, la. 

writer. Born: St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 10, 1894. 
Son of William Bacon and Clara (Gorsuch) 
Addington. Ed.: Central and Soldan H. Schs. 
(St. Louis, Mo.) ; Univ. of Mo. (Columbia, 
Mo.), 2 yrs. 

Present Occupation: B. B. writer, The Sport- 
ing News (St. Louis, Mo.). War Record: 48th 
Co., 20th Engrs. ; mem., A. E. F. ; Sgt. 1st class. 
Affiliations: Mem. State Bd. Ark. Boxing Ref- 
erees; mem. S. West Bd. F.B. Officials; Elks; 
Sigma Nu ; B.B. Writers Asso .of Amer. Hobby: 
B.B. and dogs. Married: Elizabeth Rowley, Mar. 
26, 1923. Officce: 217% N. Tenth St., St. Louis, 
Mo. Home: 5568 Pershing Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

U. S. Lawn Tennis Association, 1916-20. Born: 
Stonington, Conn., Jan. 4, 1874. Son of George 
Augustus and Adelaide (Stanton) Adee. Ed.: 
Harrington Sch. (Westchester, N. Y.), 1891; 
A.B., Yale, 1895. 

Record: 1893-94 mem., Yale F.B. team. 1894, 
chosen by Walter Camp as "All-Amer." quar- 
terback. 1895, mgr., Yale crew. 1895-1911, 
coached Yale F.B. teams. 1922, won clay 
pigeon champ., Westchester C. C. 1923, won live 
pigeon champ., Westchester C. C. 

Present Occupation: Stock and bond broker, 
Batcheller and Adee; mem., N. Y. Stock Ex- 
change (1899-1928). War Record: Pvt. Troop A, 
N. Y. Vol. Cavalry during Spanish War, 1898; 
Maj., 2nd Battalion, 311 Inf., 78 Div. in World 





War, 1917-18. Affiliations: Metropolitan Mu- 
seum of Art (N.Y.C.) ; Amer. Museum of Nat- 
ural History (N.Y.C.) ; Audubon Soc. (N.Y.) ; 
N. Y. Zoological Soc. ; mem., Bd. of Control 
Yale Ath. Asso., and Chmn., Grad. Com. on 
Minor Sports. Clubs: Racquet and Tennis 
(N.Y.) ; Univ. (N.Y.) ; Yale, N. Y. (pres., 1922- 
23) ; Army and Navy (N.Y.) ; Stock Exchange 
(N.Y.) ; Lunch Club (NY.); Nassau C. C. ; 
Garden City G. C. ; Westside Tennis ; Seabright 
Lawn Tennis and Cricket ; Westchester C. C. ; 
New Haven C. C. ; New Haven Lawn Tennis 
Club ; Grad. Club, New Haven ; Yale Club (Bos- 
ton). Hobby: Golf; tennis; shooting at traps 
and in the field. Office: 62 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
Home: Same. 

ADELMAN, DAVID, shot-putter and record 
holder in I.C.4A's. Born: N.Y.C, N.Y., Nov. 3, 
1907. Son of Herman L. and Gertrude (Offer) 
Adelman. Ed. : New Utrecht H. Sch. ; George- 
town Univ. 

Record: 1923, shot-putting, New Utrecht H. 
Sch. 1924-25, won P.S.A.L. indoor title; won 
Nat'l. indoor title. Mem. Georgetown Univ. 
freshman F.B. and track team. Mem. George- 
town Univ. Varsity F.B. and track teams. Run- 
ner-up in I.C.4A's ; runner-up Nat'l. meet ; run- 
ner-up Penn Relays ; won Jr. Nat'l title (45' 3") ; 
won Senior Metropolitan title (47' 4") ; runner- 
up Nat'l meet (48' 5%") ; runner-up in I.C.4A's 
(new record, 48' 8"); runner-up Manhattan 
Coll. games ((48' 4"). 

Present Occupation: Student. Hobby: Fish- 
ing. Office: 3337 N St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Home: 1824 75th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ADKINS, ARCHIBALD W., crew. Born: 
Wash., D. C, Oct. 26, 1905. Son of Jesse C. and 
Bertha (McNaught) Adkins. Ed.: Western H. 
Sch., 1922; Devitt Prep., 1923; A.B., Univ. of 
Pa., 1927; B.S., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1929. 

Record: 1923, mgr., Devitt Prep Bskt. B. 
team. 1925, won champ, of 150-lb. crew at 
Henley regatta, Amer. Rowing Asso. (Phila., 
Pa.). 1925-26, No. 3 and bow oar on Univ. of 
Pa. 150-lb. crew ; won 150-lb. crew race from 
Columbia Univ. 1926, won 150-lb. crew race 
from Navy ; crew runner-up at Henley regatta. 

Present Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Phi Gamma Delta; Penn. Varsity Club. Office: 
Mass. Inst. Tech., Boston, Mass. Home: 1424 
16th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

AHARA, EDWIN H., football. Born: Evans- 

ville, Wis., Jan. 6, 1865. Son of Hugh and 

Mary Jane (Leighton) Ahara. Ed.: B.C.E., 
Univ. of Wis., 1892 ; M.E., 1896. 

Record: Helped originate general athletics, 
Univ. of Wis., 1890-01, Pres., first general ath. 
asso., Univ. of Wis. ; mem., Univ. of Wis. F.B. 

team (one of originators of F.B., University of 
Wis.). 1891, capt, first champ. F.B. team, 
Univ. of Wis. 

Present Occupation: Treas. and mgr., Temple 
Theatre. Affiliations: Works mgr., Dodge Mfg. 
Co. Plants, Mishawaka, 1902-23 ; Pres., Ind. En- 
gineering Soc, 1916-17 ; Dir., Mishawaka Bank, 
1910-23; Welfare-Red Cross of Mishawaka; 
Masons. Clubs: Miami C. C. ; Univ. Club; Ro- 
tary. Hobby: Golf and moving pictures. Mar- 
ried: Emma Biglow, Mar. 4, 1897. Children: 
Josephine, age 30. Office: 102 Lincoln Way, 
East Mishawaka, Ind. Home: 716 Lincoln Way, 
East Mishawaka, Ind. 

AHEARN, GOLDIE, A.E.F. feather-weight 
champion, 1919. Born: Wash., D. C, Dec. 25, 
1900. Ed.: Wash. Public Schs. 

Record: 1916, started boxing. 1919, won 
A.E.F. feather-weight champ. (Paris). 1924, 
won S. feather-weight champ, from "Boots" Ant- 
ley (Savannah, Ga.) 1926, mgr., several boxers; 
mem., Amer. Legion Amateur Boxing Com. 

Present Occupation: Haberdasher. War Rec- 
ord: 110th F.A., 29th Div. A.E.F., 1918-19. Af- 
filiations: Mgr. United Shirts Shops; Amer. Le- 
lion. Hobby: Boxing. Married: Helene Brause, 
Feb. 26, 1928. Office: 500 9th St. N. W., Wash., 
D. C. Home: 1220 N. St. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

AHERN, DANIEL F., football and track. 
Born: Manchester, N. H., Feb. 15, 1898. Son of 
D. F. and Julia (Butler) Ahern. Ed.: Manches- 
ter II. Sch., 1914-16; B.S., Georgetown Univ., 

Record: 1914-16, mem., Manchester H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt. B. and track teams (capt., Bskt. B., 
1916). 1917-19, mem., Georgetown Univ. F.B. 
and track teams. 1923-28, coach and ath. dir., 
Western H. Sch. (Wash., D. C). 

Present Occupation: Ath. dir., Western H. 
Sch., Wash., D. C. Mil. Service: Coxswain 
U. S. Navy, 1917-19; detailed at Georgetown 
Univ. as instr., S.A.T.C. Clubs: "G" Club 
(Georgetown Univ.). Married: Mary Clare 
Foley, Mar. 1, 1924. Children: Mary, age 1. 
Office: Western H. Sch., Wash., D. C. Home: 
5245 42nd St., Chevy Chase, D. C. 

AHERN, THEODORE JAMES, football, base- 
ball and track. Born: Highlands, N. J., Jan. 6, 
1899. Son of James and Catherine (Kerrigan) 
Ahern. Ed.: Atlantic Highlands H. Sch.; A.B., 
Alfred Univ. 

Record: 1914-18, mem., Atlantic Highlands 
H. Sch. F.B., B.B. and Bskt. B. teams. 1919-23, 
mem., Alfred Univ. F.B. team (capt., 1921) ; 
mem, Ath. Council Bd., Alfred Univ. (pres. 
1922-23). 1920, mem., Alfred Univ. Varsity 
B.B. team. 1922-23, mem., Alfred Univ. Varsity 
track team. Two yrs., Bskt. B., Alfred Univ. 



1923-20, dir., phys. ed. and ath., Wellsville H. 
Sch. (Wellsville, N. Y.). 1924, local mem., Cen. 
Bd., F.B Officials 1925, approved official, Bskt. 
B. (Nat'l.). 1926, Tri-County League B.B. um- 
pire. 1926-27, dir., phys. ed. and coach of ath., 
Hornell H. Sen. (Hornell, N. Y.). 1927, super- 
visor, ath. and psys. ed., Hornell Public Schs. 

Present Occupation: Supervisor, phys. ed. and 
ath. Affiliations: Nat'l. Sportsmanship Broth- 
erhood ; Delta Sigma Phi ; Phi Psi Omega ; K. C. 
Hobby: Coaching F.B. and Bskt. B. Married: 
Elsbeth Dean, 1925. Children: James Kerri- 
gan, infant. Office: Park St., Hornell, N. Y. 
Home: 9 Cameron Ave., Hornell, N. Y. 

AILINGER, DR. JAMES J., capt. of Univ., 
Buffalo basketball team. 1923-24. Born: Buf- 
falo, N. Y., July 10, 1901. Son of Jacob M. and 
Gertrude (Blissing) Ailinger. Ed. Hutchinson 
H. Sch., D. D. S., Univ. of Buffalo, 1925. 

Record: 1917-19, mem., F.B. and swimming 
teams Hutchinson H. Sch. 1919, mem., Buffalo 
All High team. 1920-24, mem., Univ. of Buffalo 
F. B. and Bskt. B. teams. 1921, mem. West 
Side Rowing Club Crew, Natl., Intermed. four- 
oared champ. 1923-24, capt., Univ. of Buffalo 
Bskt. B. team. 1925, mem., Buffalo Pro. F.B. 
team. 1925-28, mem., Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. 

1926, coach and capt. Jamestown Pro. F.B. team. 

1927, coach of Nichols Prep. Sch. Bskt. B. team 
(champs, of triangular League with Univ. Sch. 
Cleveland and Shadyside Acad., Pittsburg). 
Won 15 out of 18 games. 

Pres. Occupation : Dentist. Affiliations : West 
Side Rowing Club, Dela. G. C. (Pres.) Univ. of 
Buffalo (Block "B" Club) first pres., Univ. of 
Buffalo S. Athletic Asso. ; Delta Sigma Delta, 
Scalp and Blade, Bison Head Hon. Soc, Eighth 
Dist. Dental Soc, Buffalo Dental Soc, N. Y., 
State Dental Soc, Amer. Dental Asso. Hobby: 
Coaching and officiating, golf. Married: Helen 
McMullen, Nov. 5, 1927. Office: 1370 Main St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. Home: 19 Laurel St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

ball. Born: St. Marys, Pa., July 24, 1894. Son 
of John F. and Anna (Eddy) Alderfer. Ed.: 
Rehova (Pa.) H. Sch., 1911; Dickinson Sem. 
cen. Pa. 1914-17, mem., Swarthmore B.B. and 
(Williamsport, Pa.), 1912; A.B., Swarthmore, 
1917 ; M.A., Univ. of Pa., 1926 ; Columbia Univ. 

Record: 1909-11, mem., Renova, Pa., H. Sch. 
Bskt. B. and track teams ; mem., Dickinson Sem. 
(Williamsport, Pa.) F.B., Bskt. B. and track 
teams (sch. record of 100 yds. in 10 sec. flat). 
1913, mem., champ. Bskt. B. team of east, and 
Bskt. B. teams. 1917-20, coach, Connellsville, 
Pa., H. Sch. Bskt. B. and track teams. 1920, 
ath. dir., West Chester, Pa., H. Sch. 1920-25, 
coach, F.B., Bskt. B. and track, Port Alle- 
ghany, Pa., H. Sch. 1920-28, Cen. Bd., Bskt. B. 

Officials. 1926-27, mgr. and player, Du Bois 
pro. Bskt. B. team. 

Present Occupation: Supt. of schs., Du Bois, 
Pa. War Record : Aviation service. Affiliations: 
Masons ; Amer. Legion ; Phi Delta Theta ; Phi 
Delta Kappa ; Rotary Club. Married : Kath- 
arine Mayo, Aug. 20, 1921. Children: John, age 
5 ; Clem, age 2 ; Bob, age 1. Office : Central 
Sch., Du Bois, Pa. Home: 1373 Scribner Ave., 
Du Bois, Pa. 

Univ. of Wisconsin footbal team, 1911-12-13. 
Born: Decatur, 111., Oct. 27, 1892. Son of Ar- 
thur Bengough and Stella (Hadden) Alexander. 
Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad., 1910; B.S., Univ. of 
Wis., 1914; M.L.A., Harvard, 1927. 

Record: 1909, mem., Phillips Exeter Acad. 
F. B. team. 1911-12-13, mem., Univ. of Wis. 
F.B. team. 1912, West. Champ. F.B. team. 
1912-13, mem., Univ. of Wis. hockey team. 
1913, mem., Univ. of Wis. tennis team. 1914-19, 
Cent. Bd. F.B. Official. 1927, mem. Ohio Squash 
Racquets team at Nat'l. tournament. 

Present Occupation: Landscape Architect. 
War Record: Enlisted in Air Service, U. S. 
Army, June 17, 1927 ; Aviation Ground Sch. 
M.I.T. ; advanced flying training in France ; 
Comn. 1st. Lieut, in Mar., 1918 ; at West, front 
with 96th Aero Squadron ; wounded Sept. 4, 
191S ; on board of awards G.H.Z., Chaumont, 
Nov. and Dec, 1918 ; honorable discharge Feb., 
1919 ; awarded Distinguished Service Cross, 
Croix de Guerre, and War Medal of the Aero 
Club of Amer. Affiliations : Alexander and 
Strong ; Phi Delta Theta ; Amer. Soc. of Land- 
scape Architects. Clubs: Harvard of Boston; 
Harvard of N. Y. Univ.; Kirkland C. C. Mar- 
ried: Genevieve Quinlan Spaeder, Aug. 30, 1927. 
Office: 4500 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Home: 
2572 Kemper Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. 


professional baseball. Born: St. Paul, Nebraska, 
February 26, 1887. Son of William and Maggie 
(Cooty) Alexander. Education: Public School 
of St. Paul. 

Record: 1911-18, played professional with 
Philadelphia Nationals (holds record of 16 shut- 
outs while playing season of 1915 ; won 30 
games, 1915, 31 in 1916 and 33 in 1917). 1918- 
26, played with Chicago Cubs. 1926-28, played 
with St. Louis Cardinals. 

Present Occupation: Professional baseball 
player. Military Service: Enlisted United States 
Army, Artillery, May, 1918 ; member of A. E. F. ; 
discharged, April, 1919. Affiliations: Masons; 
American Legion ; Lincoln Park Gun Club 
(Chicago). Hobby: Hunting. Married: Amy 
Arrants, May 31, 1918. Address: St. Paul, 






ALEXANDER, WALTER, football and crew. 
Bom: Glasgow. Scotland, Jan. 22, 1872. Son 
of William and Mary (Ferguson) Alexander. 
Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1897; M.E., 1898. 

Record: 1894-9H-96, mem., Univ. of Wis. F.B. 
team. 1895-96, mem., Univ. of Wis. Varsity 
crew. 1897-98-99, asst. coach, Univ. of Wis. 
1898-99-1900-01, refereed F.B. games. 

Present Occupation: Pres., Union Refrigerator 
Transit Co. Mil. Service: Maj. Q.M.C. (Motor 
and Vehicle Div.), 1918-19. Affiliations: Pres., 
Milwaukee Bd. of Schl Dir ; Milwaukee A. C. ; 
Milwaukee Club.; Univ. Club (Milwaukee); 
City Club (Milwaukee) ; Tripoli C. C. (Milwau- 
kee) ; Madison Club (Madison, Wis.) ; Kiwanis. 
Hobby: Athletics and education. Married: 
Daisy C. Moore, Sept. 8, 1898. Children: Mar- 
jorie, age 27 ; Mary Jane, age 19 ; Walter 
Thomas, age 17. Office: Station C, Green Bay 
Rd., Milwaukee, Wis. Borne: 621 Prospect Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

ball and track. Born: Mud River, Ky., June 6, 
1889. Son of Luther and Gertrude (Anderson) 
Alexander. Ed.: Greenville H. Sen., 1905; 
Berry Sch. (Rome, Ga.), 1906; Georgia Tech, 

Record: 1910-11, mem., Georgia Tech. F.B. 
and track teams. 1912, coached Georgia Tech. 
Varsity track and F.B. scrub teams. 1916-20, 
holds record of losing only one game in 8. 1920- 
22, coached track. 1920-23, coached Georgia 
Tech. Varsity Bskt. B. team. 1920-24, holds 
record of not losing any F.B. games. 1920-28, 
head coach Georgia Tech. 

Present Occupation: Head F.B. coach and 
mem. of faculty. War Record: Enlisted May, 
1917; mem., A.E.F., 112th F.A., 29th Div.; dis- 
charged July, 1919. comn. 2nd Lieut. F.A. Af- 
filiations: Kappa Sigma; Amer F.B. Coaches' 
Asso. ; Amer. Relays Asso. ; East Lake C. C. ; 
Atlanta A.C.C. Hobby: F.B. Office: Georgia 
Tech., Atlanta, Ga. Home: 743 Penn Ave., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

ALFORD, OLIVER PERRY, capt. lacrosse 
team, 1923. Born: Lexington, Ky., July, 29, 
1900. Son of Smith and Ida (Lucas) Alford. 
Ed.: U. S. Naval Acad. 1910; B.S., Princeton, 

Record: 1918-19, mem., U.S.N.A. F.B. team. 
1918-19, mem., U.S.N.A. lacrosse team. 1921, 
mem., Princeton F.B. team. 1921-22-23, mem., 
Princeton lacrosse team (capt. 1923). 1922, 
mem., undefeated champ, team. 1924-25, asst. 
F.B. coach at Princeton. 1926, line coach (F.B.) 
at Univ. of Ky. 

Present Occupation: Treasurer, Smith Alford 
& Son., Inc. Affiliations : Varsity Club of Prince- 

ton. Married: Mary Lair, Dec. 2, 1926. Office: 
1 Collins PL, Flushing, N. Y. Home: 183 Union 
St., Flushing, N. Y. 

ALISON, JEFFERSON, JR., crew. Born: 
Little Rock, Ark., Aug. 17, 1906. Son of Jeffer- 
son and Madge (Meaney) Alison. Ed. : Staun- 
ton Mil. Acad., 1923 ; Princeton Prep. Sch., 1925 ; 
Princeton, 1929. 

Record: 1924-25, mem., Princeton Prep. Sch. 
crew. 1926, capt., Princeton freshman crew. 
1927, mem., Princeton Varsity crew (the 1927 
Varsity Princeton was the one which broke 
Yale's winning streak under the Leader re- 

Present Occupation: student, Princeton. 
Clubs: The Tiger Inn (Princeton). College: 
Tiger Inn, Princeton, N. J. Home: The Abeles 
Apts., Little Rock, Ark. 

ALLEN, DONALD JOSEPH, football and 

baseball. Bom: Bloomington, 111., June 15, 
1905. Son of Clayton E. and C. E. (Murray) 
Allen. Ed.: Ill State Normal Univ. 

Record: 1923-24, mem., Bloomington H. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1925-26, mem., 111. State Normal 
Univ. B.B. and F.B. teams (capt. F.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Coach of Chebanse Hi. 
Sch., Chebanse, 111. Office: Box 262, Chebanse, 
111. Home: 917 N. Oak St., Bloomington, 111. 

ALLEN, ETHAN NATHAN, professional base- 
ball. Born: Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 1„ 1904. Son 
of David and Laura Allen. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of 
Cincinnati, 1926. 

Record: 1923-24-25, mem., Univ. of Cincinnati 
Bskt. B., track and B.B. teams (capt., B.B. 
team, 1925). 1925, picked for All-Ohio guard, 
Bskt. B. 1926-27-28, mem., Cincinnati Reds 

Present Occupation: Pro. baseball. Affilia- 
tions: Cincinnati Ath. Goods Co.; "C" Club 
(Univ. of Cincinnati) ; Beta Theta Pi; Masons. 
Hobby: All sports. Office: 641 Main St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Home: 5820 Wayside Ave., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

ALLEN, FORREST C, director of athletics 
and head basketball coach, University of 
Kansas. Born: Jamesport, Missouri, Novem- 
ber 18, 1885. Son of William T. and Alexine 
(Perry) Allen. Education: Independence (Mis- 
souri) High School; University of Kansas; 
Central College. 

Record: 1901-04, member of Independence 
High School football, basketball and baseball 
teams. 1905, manager and member of Kansas 
City Athletic Club national championship bas- 





ketball team. 1906-07, member of University of 
Kansas varsity basketball and baseball teams 
(captain of basketball team, 1907). 1908-09, 
coach of the University of Kansas basketball 
team (winning Missouri Valley championships 
both years) ; coached Haskell Indians. 1912-19, 
athletic director and coach of all sports at Cen- 
tral Missouri State Teachers' College (Warrens- 
burg, Missouri) basketball, football and base- 
ball teams undefeated. 1920-28, coach, Univer- 
sity of Kansas varsity football team. 1922-26, 
coach, University of Kansas basketball team 
(won six consecutive Missouri Valley basket- 
ball championships). Founder of Kansas Relays. 
Present Occupation: Director of division, 
physical education and athletics. Military Ser- 
vice: Enlisted S. A. T. C, Camp Sheridan, Illi- 
nois. Affiliation: Director and executive secre- 
tary of University of Kansas Physical Educa- 
tion Corporation ; director of University of 
Kansas Memorial Corporation ; director of Law- 
rence (Kansas) Sanitary Swimming Pool Com- 
pany ; Masons, Blue Lodge ; Shriner ; Scottish 
Rite ; York Rite ; Elks ; Rotary Club ; University 
Club (Kansas City) ; Kansas City Country 
Club; Kansas City Athletic Club. Hobby: 
Coaching. Married : Bessie Milton, June 25, 1908. 
Children: Mary Elizabeth, age 18; Forrest C, 
Jr. (deceased); Milton Perry, age 13; Jane, 
age 11; Robert Earl, age 8; Eleanor, age 6. 
Office: University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. 
Home: 801 Louisiana Street, Lawrence, Kansas. 

Paris, France, June 15, 1895. Son of Frederick 
H. and Adele (Stevens) Allen. Ed.: St. Paul's 
Sch., 1912; Harvard, 1916. 

Record: 1916, mem., Harvard Freshman 
hockey and F.B. teams. 1916, mem., Harvard 
Varsity track team. 

Present Occupation: Banking; Asst. Vice-fires, 
and Dir., Chemical Natl. Bank. War Record: 
U. S. Naval Reserve Flying Corps, 1916-18; as 
Ensign Lt. and (J.G.) ; licensed pilot Aero Club 
of Amer., 1916 ; during war was stationed with 
R.F.C. in Canada and Pensacola. Hobby: Ski- 
ing and etching. Office: Pelham Manor N. Y. 

ALLEN, GEORGE HENRY, football. Bom: 
Harlan, la., April 18, 1880. Son of Daniel W. 
and Mary (Bothwell) Allen. Ed.: M.D., Univ. 
of la., 1908 ; Post Grad. at Vienna, Austria, 
three different times. 

Record : 1903-05-06, mem., Univ. of la. Varsity 
F.B. team (capt, 1906). 1906, picked as All- 
State halfback. 

Present Occupation: Physician. Mil. Service: 
Medical dept., head section (ear, nose and 
throat). Affiliations: Rotary Club; Chamber of 
Commerce; Univ. Club; Country Club. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Hope Moler, Jan. 22, 1911. 
Home: 1434 Jewell St., Topeka, Kans. 

ALLEN, HORACE T., pro. golf. Bom: De- 
Land, Fla., June 11, 1900. Son of Will A. and 
Laura (Tanner) Allen. Ed.: B.S., Georgia 
Tech., 1918. 

Record: 1916-18, mem., Ga. Tech. F.B. team. 
1917-18, mem., Ga. Tech. B.B. team. 1919-22, 
head coach, Stetson Univ. Played pro. B.B. 
with following: Brooklyn, N. Y. (1919), New 
Orleans (1920-21), Dallas, Tex. (1922-23), In- 
dianapolis (1924-25). 1923, asst. golf pro. Coll. 
Arms Golf Course. 1925-28, golf pro., DeLand 
C. C. 1927, won pro. amateur tournament at 
Daytona C. C, Fla. ; won pro. amateur tourna- 
ment at Aloma C. C, Winter Pk., Fla. ; holds 
course record, DeLand C. C. (score 67). 

Present Occupation: Pro. golf. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted U. S. Army, 1918. Affiliations: W. A. 
Allen Corp., DeLand, Fla. (vice-pres.) ; Pro. 
Golf Asso. ; Phi Delta Theta ; DeLand Pro. C. C. 
Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Married: Eleanor 
M. Hunter, Sept., 1922. Children: Eleanor H., 
age 2. Office: c/o W. A. Allen Corp., DeLand, 
Fla. Home: 331 N. Blvd., Deland, Fla. 

ALLEN, HOWARD S., baseball. Born: 
Woodbury, Conn., May 18, 1882. Son of Juluis 
H. and Lillian (Sanford) Allen. Ed.: M.D., 
Yale, 1904. 

Record: 1903-04, mem., Yale Varsity B.B. 
team. 1904, mem., Bridgeport State League 
B.B. team (six weeks in summer). 

Present Occupation: Physician. Affiliations: 
Masons, Royal Arch ; Waterbury Country Club. 
Married: Grace Judson. Children: Edith S., age 
13. Home: Woodbury, Conn. 

ALLEN, JOHN WESTON, mem., of Yale 
track team, 1891-92. Born: Newton Highlands, 
Mass., Apr. 19, 1872. Son of Walter and Grace 
(Weston) Allen. Ed.: A.B., Yale, 1893; LL.B., 
Harvard, 1896; Hon. LL.D., 1922. 

Record: 1889-90, competed in various meets 
in mile walk. 1890, won Yale champ, in two- 
mile bicycle race. 1890-91, mem., Yale track 
team. 1891, competed in first Harvard-Yale duel 
games and I. C. games (New Haven). 1S91-92, 
capt. of Yale bicycle team and mem. track team. 
1S93-97, special writer on I. C. sports for N. Y., 
Boston and Phila. papers and magazines. Offi- 
cial at coll. and other amateur track meets. 

Present Occupation: Attorney. Mil. Service: 
Mem., selective service Bd. in World War. Af- 
filiations: Trustee of Repertory Theatre of Bos- 
ton ; Trustee of Amer. Indian Inst. ; Amer. Bar 
Asso. (Ex. Com.) ; Nat'l. Crome Com. (Ex. Com. 
and Chairman of Corns.) ; Amer. Law Inst, 
(charter mem.) ; Bar Asso. of the City of Bos- 
ton ; Middlesex County Bar Asso. ; Soc. of May- 
flower Descendants ; Mil. Order of the Loyal Le- 
gion ; Sons of Veterans ; Royal Arcanum ; 






B.P.O.E. ; Boston Chamber of Commerce ; New- 
ton Chamber of Commerce. Club : Roosevelt ; 
Republican; Mass.; Old Boston (hon.) ; Cos- 
mos (Wash.) ; Middlesex. Hobby: Study of 
Amer. Indians adopted mem. of Ojibway Tribe) . 
Married: Caroline Cheney Hills, June 12, 1901. 
Children: Helen Spencer Canfield, age 26; Grace 
Weston, age 22; Caroline Hills, age 13. Office: 
Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass. Home: 219 Lake 
Ave., Newton, Highlands, Mass. 

ALLEN, ROBERT GRAY, track. Born: Aug. 
24, 1903. Son of Arthur H. and Sally (Gray) 
Allen. Ed.: Phillips Andover Acad., 1922; Har- 
vard, 1926. 

Record: 1920-21-22, mem., Phillips Andover 
track and relay teams (capt, 1921-22). 1921, 
held Andover half-mile record. 1921-22, capt., 
Harvard champ, inter-sch. team. 1923, capt., 
Harvard freshman track and relay teams ; mem., 
Harvard freshman I. C. indoor champ, relay 
team ; mem., combined Harvard-Yale track 
team in England. 1923-24-25, mem., Harvard 
Varsity track and relay teams. 1925, holder 
300-yd. record Harvard-Cornell-Dartmouth Tri- 
angular meet. 

Present Occupation; Ohio State rep. of The 
Walworth Co., Boston, Mass. Affiliations: Har- 
vard Varsity Club ; St. Alphonsus' A. A. ; Alpha 
Gamma Chi; Owl Club (Harvard) ; Pi Eta Club 
(Harvard) ; Delta Kappa Epsilon (Harvard) ; 
Hasty Pudding Club (Harvard) ; City Club 
(Columbus, Ohio). Married: Katharine Wil- 
Hanson, 1925. Children: Katharine Hancock, 
age 2. Office: 22 S. 5th St., Columbus, Ohio. 
Home: 1799 E. Long St., Columbus, Ohio. 

ALLEN, ROBERT LEWIS, capt. 1927 S. 111. 
Normal football team. Born: Murphysboro, 111., 
May 6, 1905. Son of Lewis R. and Daisy 
(Clover) Allen. Ed.: Murphysboro Township 
Sch. ; S. 111. Normal Univ. 

Record: 1921-22-23-24, mem., Murphysboro H. 
Sch. F.B. team (tied for champ. S. 111., 1922). 
1925-26-27, mem., S. 111. Normal Univ. F.B. 
team (capt. team, 1927). 

Present Occupation: Student. Home: R.F.D., 
Carbondale, 111. 

Football Official. Born: West Finley, Pa., May 
8, 1891. Son of Sidney Grant and Margaret 
(Dinsmore) Alley. Ed.: B.S., Muskingum Coll., 
1913; A.B., Columbia Univ., 1917. 

Record: 1911-12, mem., Muskingum Coll. F.B. 
team. 1912, mem., Muskingum Coll. Bskt. B. 
team. 1912-13, mem., Muskingum Coll. B.B. 
team (mgr. 1913). 1914-15, asst. coach Bristol 
H. Sch. ; S. 111. Normal Univ. 

Newark H. Sch. (Newark, Ohio) ; team won H. 
Sch. champ. 1917-18, mem., Newark, Ohio 
Y.M.C.A. Bskt. B. team. 1920-22, mem., Official 
Bskt. B. Officials Asso. 1920-28, mem., Cen. Bd. 
F.B. Officials. 

Present Occupation: Research chemical engr. 
War Record: Enlisted as pvt. in Chemical War- 
fare Service ; mem., A.E.F. ; discharged Sgt., 1st 
class ; at pres. 1st Lieut. Chem. Warfare R. C. 
Affiliations: Acacia; A. F. and A. M.. Hobby: 
Hunting. Married: Julia Acheson, 1918. Chil- 
dren: John Dinsmore, Jr., age 8; Robert Vin- 
cent, age 3. Office: Mellon Inst, of Industrial 
Research, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 1107 
Richmond Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

ALLINGER, ELMER G., football and track. 
Born: Chico, Calif., Aug. 27, 1904. Son of Grant 
and Mary (Litch) Allinger. Ed.: Chico State 
Teachers' Coll. 

Record: 1925-26, mem., Calif. Coast Conf. 
champ. F.B. team; 1st place, high hurdles, low 
hurdles and javelin at C.C.C. track meet (1925) ; 
capt., Chico State Teachers' Coll. track team 
(1926). 1927-28, capt, Chico State Teachers' 
Coll. F.B. team. Took three firsts and a sec- 
ond at Natl. Guard Summer Camp at Del 
Monte, Calif, high jump, javelin, quarter and 

Present Occupation: Student. Mil. Service. 
Mem., Calif. Natl. Guard, Co. G, 184th Inf. Af- 
filiations: Block "C" Soc, Chico State Teachers' 
Coll. Hobby: Fishing and hunting. Home: Rt. 
2, Box 312. Chico, Calif. 


golfer. Born: Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 1, 1892. 

Son of Louis and Carol M. (Yates) Allis. Ed.: 
A.B., Harvard, 1915. 

Record: 1911-12-14-16-19-21-23-26, Wis. State 
amateur golf champ. 1911-12-14-15-19-21-22-23- 
25-26-27, medalist. 1913, runner-up in West, 
amateur champ. 1914, I. C. golf champion. 
1922, semi-finalist in Nat'l. amateur golf tourna- 
ment. 1925, runner-up Wis. open tournament. 

Present Occupation: Mfgr. of Electric Mo- 
tors, The Louis Allis Co. Mil. Service: Sgt. 
120th F.A., 32nd Div. ; entered service Apr. 5, 
1917, discharged June 5, 1919. Affiliations : Dir. 
Milwaukee C. C. ; Milwaukee Club ; Town Club. 
Married: Josephine Dyer, Nov. 22, 1917. Chil- 
dren: E. P. 4th, age 9 ; Charles D., age 7 ; Nancy, 
age 7. Office: 133 Stewart St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Home: 448 Kensington Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. 

ALLISON, DAVID CLAIRE, mem., Univ. of 
Minnesota hockey team (Western Conference 
Champions, northern inter-collegiate champs, 
and tied for Nat'l. champ.). Born: Minneapolis, 
Minn., June 2, 1902. Son of David Alexander 




and Caroline (Madden) Allison. Ed.: Minne- 
apolis Public Sens. ; Minneapolis Cen. H. Sen. ; 
Univ. of Minn. 

Record: 1921, mem., Minneapolis Cen. cross- 
country team (city champs.). 1923-24, first 
coach and mgr. of Minneapolis De Molay Ath. 
activities. 1924-25-26, mem., Univ. of Minn. 
V.B., Intramural champs (capt., 1925). 1925, 
mem., Univ. of Minn. Intramural diamond ball 
team, (champs., capt., 1925) ; Minneapolis Bd. 
of Park Comr. Playground Instr. of Nicollet 
Field. 1926, mem., Univ. of Minn, hockey team 
(West. Conf. champs.) ; treas. Inter-Frat. Ath. 

Present Occupation: Salesman, Hood Rubber 
Products Co. Affiliations: De Molay Club; 
Theta Chi ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Univ. of Minn. 
"M" Club. Married: lone Margaret Christen- 
sen, June 13, 1926. Office: 306 1st Ave. N., Mon- 
neapolis. Minn. Home: 114 N. Broad St., Man- 
kato, Minn. 

ALONSO, MANUEL, former member, Spanish 
Davis Cup team. Born: San Sebastion, Spain, 
Nov. 12. 1895. Son of Manuel and Victoria 
(Areyzaga) Alonso. Ed. : Privately tutored; 
Sch. of Civil Engrs., Madrid, Spain, 1922. 

Record,: 1922, mem., Spanish Davis Cup team 
(played against Australia in Germantown; 
Pa.). 1923, runner-up to William T. Tilden, 
2nd in Natl. Clay Court Champ. ; defeated Til- 
den in 111. State Champ. 1924, mem., Spanish 
Davis Cup team; played for Spain in Olympic 
Games ; defeated Tilden in indoor champ., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 1925, mem., Spanish Davis Cup 
team. 1926, won Buffalo mid-winter tournament ; 
Pa. State champ. ; Dela. State champ. ; Orange 
invitation tournament ; finalist in the Sea Bright 
invitation tournament ; placed second in Natl, 
ranking. 1927, won South Orange, N. J., invita- 
tion tournament and Bualo indoor tennis champ. 
Holds Southern Fla. and Fla. State doubles 
champs, with Francis T. Hunter ; runner-up to 
William T. Tilden, 2nd in Southern Fla. and 
Fla. State singles champ ; present holder of 
Phila. District, Dela. State, and Middle States 

Present Occupation: Cement business. Clubs: 
Germantown Cricket; Racquet; Royal Club of 
Puerta de Hierro (Madrid, Spain) ; San Sebas- 
tian Recreation (San Sebastian) ; Royal Lawn 
Tennis Club del Turo (Barcelona) ; Interna- 
tional Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain; 
Heights Casino (N.Y.C.) ; Northampton C. C. 
(Easton, Pa.). Hobby: Soccer, tennis, skiing 
and horseback riding. Office: 1109 Packard 
Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: Germantown Cricket 
Club, Germantown, Pa. 

Bom: Washington, D. C, May 25, 1902. Son of 

George C. and Nellie (Birch) Altemus. Ed.: 
Western H. Sch. (Wash., D. C.) ; Univ. of Pa., 

Record: 1920, mem., Univ. of Pa. freshman 
F.B. and Bskt. B. teams. 1921, mem., Univ. of 
Pa. lacrosse team. 1922, mem., I. C. champ, 
lacrosse team, Southern Div. 

Present Occupation: Real estate, H. L. Rust 
Co. Affiliations: Univ. of Pa. Varsity Club; Phi 
Delta Theta; Columbia C. C. (Wash., D. C.,). 
Married: Elizabeth Fowler, Jan. 1, 1923. Chil- 
dren: Shirley Jane, age 1. Office: 1001 15th St., 
N. W., Wash., D. C. Home: 108 W. Underwood 
St., Chevy Chase, Md. 

ton baseball team, 1903. Born: Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Oct. 12, 1881. Son of Alonzo and Jessie Isabelle 
(Robinson) Ameli. Ed.: Boys' H. Sch. (Brook- 
lyn, N. Y) ; A.B., Princeton, 1903. 

Record: Mem., Boys' H. Sch. F.B. and B.B. 
teams. 1903, mem., Princeton F.B. and B.B. 

Present Occupation: Lawyer, Asst. U. S. Atty., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Naval Record: Comn. Lieut. 
(S.G.) U.S.N.R.F. during war and was sta- 
tioned at the Navy Dept, Wash., D. C. ; received 
hon. discharge from U. S. Navy, Sept. 10, 1919. 
Affiliations: Polar Star Lodge No. 245; F. 
and A. M. ; A. D. S. ; Delta Chi; Princeton 
Club of N. Y. Hobby: Golf. Married: Flora 
Maus. Office: Postoffice Bldg., Brooklyn, N.Y.C, 
N.Y. Home: 769 St. Marks Ave., Brooklyn, 
N.Y.C, N.Y. 

AMHISTER, HUBERT, football coaching. 
Born: Norman, Okla., Feb., 13, 1891. -Son of 
S. A. and Sallie (Gillespie) Ambrister. Ed.: 
Norman H. Sch., 1907; Univ. of Okla., A.B., 
1912; LL.B., 1914. 

Record: 1906, mem., Norman H. Sch. F.B. 
team (All-State Champs.). 1910-11-12-13, mem., 
Univ. of Okla. Varsity F.B. team (capt. 1913). 
1911, mem., All-Victorian F.B. team, Univ. of 
Okla. 1912, picked all S. West, in F.B. 1914, 
coached F.B. at Muskogee Bacone Indian Sch. 
1915-16, officiated Okla. State H. Sch. F.B, 

Present Occupation: Attorney, Magnolia Pe- 
troleum Co., Okla. City, Okla. War Record: 
Enlisted May 1917, Commnd. 1st Lieut. June, 
1918; mem., A.E.F., discharged Aug., 1919. Af- 
filiations: Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Ma- 
son; Shriner; Okla. City G. and C. C; Univ. 
Club; Aviation Club; "O" Club (Univ. of 
Okla.) ; Y.M.C.A. Hobby: Athletics. Married: 
Frances Fite, July 7, 1920. Office: Magnolia 
Bldg. Okla. City, Okla. Home: 1514 W. 33rd St., 
Okla. City, Okla. 




AMIS, THOMAS BROADUS, mem., Georgia 
Tech. football team, 1920-21. Born: Newman, 
Ga., Aug. 26, 1895. Son of F. J. and Fannie 
(Pittman) Amis. Ed.: Bs.T.E., Georgia Tech., 
1921 ; A.B., Howard Payne, 1927. 

Record: 1914, mem., Gordon Inst. F.B. team 
(Prep. State Champs.). 1920-21, mem., Georgia 
Tech. F.B. team (S. Champs., also hon. men- 
tion). 1924, coach T.I.A.A. champs. 1925-26-27, 
Coach Howard Payne Coll. (Brown wood, Tex.) ; 
runners-up in Tex. Conf. 

Present Occupation: Coach, Howard Payne 
Coll., Brownwood, Tex. Naval Record: Enlisted 
Navy, received Comn. as Ensign, discharged 
Feb. 2, 1919. Affiliations: S.A.E. ; Lions Club; 
Red Red Rose Club. Hobby: Athletics. Mar- 
ried: Ruth Jackson, June 7, 1922. Children: 
Billy Daugherty, age 2. Office: Howard Payne 
Coll., Brownwood, Tex. Home: 1711 10th St., 
Brownwood, Tex. 

hockey and baseball, Harvard, 1925. Born: 
Brookline, Mass., Sept. 5, 1902. Son of Franklin 
Dana and Mabel (Downing) Amsden. Ed.: 
Loomis Sch., (Windsor, Conn.), 1921; A.B. 
Harvard, 1926. 

Record: 1920-21, mem., Loomis Sch., F.B., 
B.B. and Hockey teams. 1921, mem., Harvard 
freshman F.B. team. 1924, mem., Harvard 
varsity hockey team. 1924-25-26, mem., Har- 
vard varsity B.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Traffic Mgr., New Eng- 
land Telephone and Telegraph Co. Affiliations: 
Harvard Varsity Club ; Boston A.A. ; Harvard 
Club of Boston; Hasty Pudding Club. Office: 
24 Norman St., Salem, Mass. Home: 1055 
Beacon St., Brookline, Mass. 

ANDERSON, DUANE HENRY, football and 
basketfall. Bom: Bellona, N. Y., May 14, 1898. 
Son of Morris and Marie (Jensen) Anderson. 
Ed.: Pennyan Acad., 1914; N. Y. State Sch. of 
Agri., (Alfred, N. Y.) ; B.S., Alfred Univ., 1925. 

Record: 1921, mem., Alfred Univ. freshman 
F.B. team, 1922-25, mem., Alfred Univ. varsity 
F.B. team. 1923, mgr., Alfred Univ. varsity 
Bskt.B. team. 1925-26, asst. F.B. coach, Hor- 
nell H. Sch. 1926-27, officiated F.B. games. 
1927, mem., Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. 

Present Occupation: Head of Science Dept., 
Hornell H. Sch. Affiliations: "A" Club, (Al- 
fred Univ. ) ; Theta Gamma ; Phi Psi Omega ; 
Masonic Lodge No. 331, Hornell, N. Y. ; N.Y. 
State Teachers' Asso. ; Natl. Ed. Asso. Hobby: 
Athletic, hunting, fishing and nature study. 
Married: Francis Wilkinson. Office: Union St., 
Hornell, N. Y. Home: 22 Bennett, Hornell, N. Y. 

Duluth, Minn., May 24, 1892. Son of J. M. and 
Mary (Dyer) Anderson. Ed.: East H. Sch., 

(Minneapolis, Minn.) ; A.B., Univ. of Minn., 
1913; M.D., 1918. 

Record: 1909, mem., East H. Sch. (Minne- 
apolis) track team; won quarter mile at Invi- 
tation H. Sch. meet, Shattuck ; won quarter 
mile in Twin City Intersch. track meet. 1910, 
mem., Univ of Minn, freshman track team ; 
won quarter mile in meet with Iowa freshmen. 
1911, mem., Univ. of Minn, varsity track team ; 
won Univ. of Minn, cross country race ; won 1st 
place in half mile in meet with Wis. 

Present Occupation: Physician. Mil. Service: 
Lt., U.S.N.R.C. (medical service). Clubs: Univ. 
Club (Minneapolis) ; Minneapolis G.C. Hobby: 
Music. Married: Jean Russell, June, 1917. 
Children: Mary Jane, age 10; Robert Russell, 
age 8 ; John Russell, age 6 ; Edward Dyer, Jr., 
age 4. Office: 801 La Salle Bldg., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Home: 3512 Holmes Ave., So., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

ANDERSON, ERROL D., mem., varsity track 
team, Univ. of Minnesota, 1926-27. Born: Or- 
tonville, Minn., Aug. 6, 1905. Son of A. J. and 
Mary (Enger) Anderson. Ed.: Sch. of Agri.; 
Univ. of Minn. 

Record: 1924, mem., Sch. of Agri. track team. 
1925, mem., Univ. of Minn, freshman track 
team. 1926-27, mem., Univ. of Minn, varsity 
track team, (sec. in mile team race, Ohio Re- 

Present Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
"M" Club (Univ. of Minn.) ; Alpha Gamma Rho. 
Home: Ortonville, Minn. 

football and basketball. Born: Marietta, Ga., 
June 16, 1882. Son of R. M. and Pelonia (But- 
ner) Anderson. Ed. : Douglasville H. Sch., 1900; 
A.B., Univ. of Ga., 1904. 

Record: 1902-02, mem., Univ. of Ga. F.B. 
team. 1902-03-04, mem., Univ. of Ga. varsity 
B.B. team ; holder of record for 440 yds. 1907- 
08, coach R.E. Lee Inst, of all sports. 1908-09, 
coach, B.B. Gordon Inst. 1911-12, B.B. and 
asst. F.B. coach, Univ of Ga. 1915-16-17-18, 
coach F.B. and B.B. Oglethorpe Univ. 1918-28, 
Ath. Dir. and B.B. coach, Univ. of Oglethorpe. 

Present Occupation: Ath. Dir. Affiliations: 
Sigma Chi. Hobby: B.B. Married: Lorena 
Brown, Sept. 1905. Children: Marion, age 21; 
Frank, Jr., age 19 ; Edwin, age 16 ; Alfred, age 
14; Chas., age 8. Office: Oglethorpe Univ., Ga. 
Home: 224 East Ponce De Leon St., Decatur, 

second place in high jump, I.C.A.A.A.A. meet, 
Boston, 1924. Bom: Forestville, Calif., Feb. 13, 
1900. Son of Albert V. and Edna May (Bohn) 
Anderson. Ed.: A.B., Stanford, 1924. 




Record: 1921, mem., Stanford freshman Bskt. 
B. team. 1922-23-24, mem., Stanford varsity 
Bskt.B. team. Mem., Stanford's winning soccer 
teams for two years. 1924, won high jump, 
Calif-Stanford track meet (6'2y 2 ") ; tied for 
second place in high jump, I.C.A.A.A.A. meet, 

Present Occupation: Mfgr., S.F. Metal 
Stamping Works. Mil. Service: Pvt., S.A.T.C., 
St. Marys Coll., Oct. 1, 1918; discharged, Dec. 
17, 1918. Affiliations: Sigma Nu ; Alpha CM 
Sigma ; Skull and Snakes Soc. ; Circle "S" Soc. 
(Stanford). Office: 2269 Folsom St., San 
Francisco, Calif. Home: 2300 Van Ness Ave., 
San Francisco, Calif. 

ANDERSON, HARTLEY W., football, base 
ball and track. Born: Calumet, Mich., Sept. 
22, 1898. Son of Wm. and Agnes (McLeod) 
Anderson. Ed.: Calumet H. Sch., 1916; C.E. 
Notre Dame, 1922. . 

Record: 1918-19-20-21, mem., Notre Dame 
varsity F.B. team. 1920-21, mem., Notre Dame 
varsity track team ; picked All- Western. 1921, 
mem., Notre Dame varsity B.B. team ; picked 
All-Amer. guard. 1923-24-25-26-27, Notre Dame 
Asst. F.B. Coach. 1928, Head Coach, Univ. of 
St. Louis. 

Present Occupation: Coach. Mil. Service: 
mem., S.A.T.C, Notre Dame. Affiliations: 
Mason; Notre Dame Monogram Club. Hobby: 
Athletics. Married: Marie Martin, Apr. 18, 
1923. Children: Shirley Jean, age 4; Joan 
Marie, age 3. Office: Univ. of St. Louis, St. 
Louis, Mo. Home: 1919 S. Grand Blvd., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

ANDERSON, HENRY A., baseball. Bom: 
St. Paul, Minn., June 11, 1903. Son of Chris 
tine (Hall) Anderson. Ed.: Johnson H. Sch. 
(St. Paul, Minn.); Hamline Univ. (St. Paul, 
Minn.) ; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1927. 

Record: 1920-21, mem., Johnson H. Sch. 
Bskt.B., B.B., and F.B. teams ; mem., Johnson 
H. Sch. hockey team (1921). 1923, mem., Ham- 
line Univ. hockey and B.B. teams. 1925-26, 
mem., Univ. of Minn. B.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Student engr., Ingersoll- 
Rand Co. Affiliations: Triangle Fraternity (for 
engrs.). Hobby: baseball. Office: Phillipsburg, 
N. J. Home: 353 Case St., St. Paul, Minn. 

champion, 1923. Born: Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 
5, 1900. Son of Andrew and Wilhelmina (Pet- 
erson) Anderson. Ed. : S. H. Sch., Minneapolis, 
Minn., 1918; Univ. of Minn., A. B., 1922, M.D., 

Record: 1918, capt. S. H. Sch. track team. 
1920-22, mem., Univ. of Minn, track team, 
(capt. 1920) ; Univ. records in high and low 

hurdles 120 and 220 yds. and high jump. 1922- 
23-24, Cen. A.U. champ; Indoor Nat'l. champ; 
placed in low hurdles in the Nat'l. and Cen. 
champs. 1923, Outdoor Nat'l. champ, high 
hurdles; won Milrose champ. (N.Y.) ; tied 
world's record in Boston A.U., (won champ.) ; 
high point man in Louisville A.C., (permanent 
possession of cup). 1923-24, mem., 111. A.C. 
champ, team. 1924, mem., Amer. team relay 
in hurdles, (London). Mem., several Nat'l. re- 
lay teams while running for 111. A.C. 

Present Occupation: Doctor. Affiliations: 
S.A.T.C, (Univ. of Minn.) ; I.A.C. of Chicago, 
(life mem.) ; Phi Beta Pi. Office: Univ. Hos- 
pital, Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 4000 20th 
Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

ANDERSON, LEE K., football, basketball, 
baseball and track. Bom: Winfield, Kans., Apr. 
17, 1898. Son of J. H. and Tillie (Georbor) 
Anderson. Ed.: S.West. Teachers Prep. Sch., 
1917; S.West. Teachers Coll., 1919; B.S., Okla. 
Univ., 1925. 

Record: 1914-15, mem. S.West. Teachers 
Prep. Sch. track and Bskt.B. teams. 1916-17, 
mem., S.West. Teachers Coll. varsity F.B. team. 
1916-19, mem., S.West. Teachers Coll. varsity 
B.B., Bskt.B. and track teams, (capt. Bskt.B. 
and track teams, 1919 ; won Ail-Around medal 
in track). 1919-26, State record holder in broad 
jump (22' 31/2"). 1919-21, Asst. F.B. and Bskt.B. 
Coach, Drumright H. Sch. 1921-25, Head Coach 
and Ath. Dir., Drumright H. Sch. 1925-27, F.B. 
and B.B. Coach, Classen H. Sch. (Kkla. City, 
Okla.). 1927, coached Classen H. Sch. champ. 
B.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Sec. State H. Sch. Ath. 
Asso. War Record: Enlisted July 15, 1918, 
Comnd. 2nd Lieut. F.A. ; Discharged Dec. 20, 
1918. Affiliations: Okla. State A.C. ; Mason; 
Amer. Legion; "S" Club. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Grace E. Vandiver, June 2, 1922. 
Children: Virginia Lee, age 3; Elizabeth Marie, 
age 1. Office: Continental Bldg., Okla. City, 
Okla. Home: 2036 West 18th St., Okla. City, 


tennis (singles and doubles), 1927. Born: Rich- 
mond, Virginia, November 29, 1902. Daughter 
of St. George Mason and Penelope (Weddell) 
Anderson. Education: Stratford School for 
Girls (Richmond, Virginia) ; Oldfields School 
(Glencoe, Maryland). 

Record: 1919, won National Girls' tennis 
championship (doubles). 1924-26, won Old 
Dominion championship (singles, doubles and 
mixed doubles). 1925, member of the United 
States Eastern Women's team in match with 
Australian Women's team. 1926, won Mexico 
championship (singles, doubles and mixed 






doubles). 1927, won Bermuda championship 
(ladies' doubles) ; won Delaware State cham- 
pionship (ladies' doubles) ; won Maryland State 
championship (singles and doubles) ; first sub- 
stitute on United States Wightman Cup team. 
Present Occupation: Housewife. Clubs: Coun- 
try Club of Virginia. Hobby: Tennis. Address: 
6111 Tbree Clopt Road, Richmond, Virginia. 


amateur golfer. Born: Ottumwa, la., Sept. 29, 
1896. Son of John and Line (Caroling) Ander- 
son. Ed.: Ottumwa H. Sch., 1914; St. Johns 
Mil. Acad. (Manlius, N. Y.), 1916; Univ. of 
la., 1 yr. 

Record: 1914-16, played F.B., Bskt.B., and 
B.B. with Ottumwa H. Sch. and St. Johns Mil. 
Acad. ; mem., Ottumwa H. Sch. and St. Johns 
Mil. Acad, track teams ; picked as All-State for- 
ward, (1914). 1924, won invitation golf tourna- 
ment, Lakeside G. and C. Club (Okla. City, 
Okla.) ; played in Okla. State amateur open 
tournament, Ardmore C.C. (Ardmore, Okla.). 
1925, won pro. amateur tournament, Tulsa C.C. 
(Tulsa, Okla.) ; runner-up in amateur tourna- 
ment. 1926-27, played in open champ, semi- 
finals, Okla. State. 

Present Occupation: Salesman, Travelers Ins. 
Co. Mil. Service: Comnd. 2nd Lt. U. S. Marines, 
May 1, 1917; comnd. 1st Lt., July 2, 1917; dis- 
charged, Mar. 1920. Affiliations: Okla. City 
A.C. ; Twin Hills G. and C.C; Delta Phi (St. 
Johns Mil. Acad.). Hobby: All sports. Mar- 
ried: Bertha M. Armstrong. Children: Sparling 
B., Jr., age 6. Home: 1219 W. 26th St., Okla. 
City, Okla. 

and tennis. Bom: Carlinville, 111., Oct. 4, 1881. 
Son of Wm. E. P. and Nellie (Hamilton) Ander- 
son. Ed.: Carlinville H. Sch., 1898; Blackburn 
Coll.; U. S. Naval Acad., 1903; Naval War 
Coll., 1920. 

Record: 1901-03, mem., U. S. Naval Acad. 
Neb. B.B. team (champ., battleship fleet Pres. 
Roosevelt sent around world). 1911, doubles ten- 
nis cvhamp. of Conn, (with Frank Watrous). 
1915, nat'l. tennis ranking, class 80-90. 1920, 
number 83 in national tennis ranking. 1925-26- 
27, capt., Navy tennis team that played Army 
for Leech Cup. 1927, with Comdr. C. C. Gill in 
Leech Match, won service doubles champ., there- 
by becoming eligible to play nat'l. doubles. 

Present Occupation: Capt., U.S.N., asst. chief 
of staff of U. S. Fleet. War Record: Mexican 
Campaign Badge, 1914. World War, served 
first as gunnery officer, then as executive officer, 
U. S. S. Arizona. Affiliations: Navy A.A. ; 
Navy "N" Club ; West Side Tennis Club ; Manila 
Tennis Club; Amer. Legion; Forty and Eight; 
Sons of the Amer. Rev.; U. S. Naval Inst. 

Clubs: Army and Navy, (Wash.) ; Army and 
Navy, (Manila) ; New York Yacht. Married: 
Virginia Ewing, Oct. 12, 1909. Children: 
Walter Stratton, Jr., age 16. Office: Capt. W. 
S. Anderson, U. S. N, U. S. S. Texas, N. Y. C. 

ANDREAS, LEWIS P., coach, F.B. and Bskt.- 
B., Syracuse Univ. Born: Sterling, 111., Feb. 23, 
1S95. Son of Harry G. and Jennie (Young) 
Andreas. Ed.: Sterling H. Sch. ; 111. Univ. ; B.S., 
Syracuse Univ., 1921. 

Record: 1919-20, mem., Syracuse Univ. F.B. 
team (Eastern Champs., 1919) 1920-21, mem., 
Syracuse Univ. B.B. team. 1924-25-26, dir., 
freshman ath. and coach of varsity Bskt.B., 
Syracuse Univ. 1928, coach, F.B. and Bskt.B., 
Syracuse Univ. 

Present Occupation: Coach, F.B. and Bskt.B., 
Syracuse Univ. War Record: Enlisted, 1917 as 
ambulance driver with French Army. Hobby: 
Hunting and Fishing. Married: Annetta Smith, 
June 6, 1924. Office: Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, 
N. Y. Home: 936 Westmoreland St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 


Born: Chattanooga, Tenn., May 11, 1888. Son 

of O. F. and Emma (Wilcox) Andress. Ed.: 
Public Sens., Chat., Tenn. 

Record: 1907-14, Golf -prof., Chattanooga 
G. & C.C. 1915-17, Golf-prof., Helena (Ark.) 
C.C. 1917-21, Golf -prof., Colonial C.C. (Mem- 
phis, Tenn.). 1922-28, Golf -prof., Forsyth C.C. 
(Winston-Salem, N. C). 

Pres. Occupation: Prof. Golfer. Affiliations: 
Prof. G. Asso. ; Masons; K. P. Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Alleen Craig, Oct., 1915. Office: For- 
syth C.C, Winston-Salem, N. C Home: 1927 
Brantley St., Winston-Salem, N. C 

ming. Bom: Chicago, 111., July 29, 1912. Son 
of J. C and Elizabeth (Fowler) Andrew. Ed.: 
Ida M. Fisher Sch., (Miami Beach, Fla.). 

Record: 1926, won Fla. State Swimming 
meet, (Miami, Fla.) ; High point winner, Miami 
District swimming meet. 1927, won Jr. Nat'l. 
220-yd. free style, (Miami), 2 min. 55 sec. 

Present Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Fla. A.A.U. ; Bath Club, (Miami Beach, Fla.). 
Hobby: Swimming. Office: King Cole Hotel, 
Miami Beach, Fla. Home: West Point, Jnd. 


ANDREWS, BOB, golfer. Bom: Edinburgh, 
Scotland, May 21, 1893. Son of Mr. and Mrs. 
James K. Andrews. Ed.: Edinburgh Public 
Schs., 1909. 




Record: 19l2<h21, pro golfer Athens O.C., 
(Athens, Ga.). 1921-28, pro. golfer Roebuck 
CO., (Roebuck, Ala.). 1922-25, played Ga.-Ala. 
P.G.A. tournament. 1924-27, played S.Bast. 
P.G.A. tournament. 

Present Occupation: Pro. golfer. War 
Record: Enlisted British Army Ord. Corps; 
mem., A. B. F. ; Discharged Mar. 1919. Affilia- 
tions: P.G.A. ; Mason; Roebuck C.C. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Agnes Barbour, Aug. 11, 1924. 
Office: Roebuck C.C, Roebuck, Ala. Home: 
R. 5, Trusville Rd., Roebuck, Ala. 

ANDREWS, ISAAC, trapshooting. Bom: Bel- 
fast, Ireland, Feb. 25, 1876. Son of David and 
Elizabeth (Tipping) Andrews. Ed.: Mount Her- 
mon Sch., 1895. 

Record: 1926, won Preliminary Handicap, 
Pinehurst, N. C. ; won Spartanburg C.C. golf 
champ. 1927, doubles champ., Pinehurst, N. C. ; 
S. C. State champ, (singles) ; doubles champ, 
of S. Indians (Atlanta, Ga.) ; doubles champ., 
Peach Tree Gun Club (Atlanta, Ga.). 1928, won 
So. Carolina doubles champ. Has competed in 
G. A. H. for past 15 yds. 

Present Occupation: Manufacturer, (Andrews 
Loom, Reed & Harness Works). Affiliations: 
Pres. Suspension Bearing Co. ; Pres. Standard 
Looms, Inc. ; Pres. Acme Loom-Harness Co. 
Vice-pres. (representing S. Div.) A. T. A.; 
Mason. Clubs: Spartanburg C.C; Biltmore 
Forest C.C; Penn A. C, (Phila.). Hobby: 
trapshooting and golf. Married: Esther Thomp- 
son, 1902. Office: Charles St., Spartanburg, S. 
C Home: 489 E. Main St., Spartanburg, S. C 

Princeton F.B. com. 1918-1928. Born: Evanston, 
111., July 16, 1889. Son of Wm. Henry and Kate 
(Gresham) Andrews. Ed.: Nichols Sch.; Lafay- 
ette H. Sch., (Buffalo, N. Y.) ; Lawrenceville 
Sch., (Lawrenceville, N. J.) ; Lit. B., Princeton, 

Record: 1907, mem., Lawrenceville Sch. F.B. 
team. 1911-12, mem., Princeton, F.B. team. 
1913, Head Field Coach, Princeton, F.B. team. 
1915, asst. coach, Princeton, F.B. team. 1919-28, 
mem., Princeton, F.B. com. 

Present Occupation: Investments. War 
Record: mem., A. E. F., awarded Distinguished 
Service Cross. Discharged as Major of Infan- 
try. Affiliations : Dir., Pratt and Lambert, Inc.; 
N. Y. Rubber Corp. Clubs: Buffalo A.C.; 
Saturn; Tennis (Buffalo) ; Univ. and Prince- 
ton (N. Y.) ; Nassau (Princeton) ; Genesee Val- 
ley Hunt Club (Genesee, N. Y.). Office: M & T 
Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. Home: 138 Bryant St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

ANDREWS, MRS. WALTER P., trap shooter. 
Born: Atlanta, Ga., Apr. 23, 1890. Son of Willis 

P. and Martha Burnett (Spullock) Chilholm. 
Ed.: Pvt. tutors. 

Record: 1926, won Mid-Winter ladies' handi- 
cap, (Pinehurst, N. C). 1924-25, won Ga. 
State Champ, trapshooting tournament, (At- 
lanta, Ga.). 1924-25-26, won S. Jone trapshoot 
champ. 1926, high woman, Mid-Winter trap- 
shoot tournament ; won Westchester Biltmore C 
and Gun Club trophy over men; won Nat'l. 
Woman's champ., (Nat'l. Grand shoot for 
women's doubles) ; won Miami Biltmore yard- 
age trophy. 1926-27, won S. Indian champ. 
1927, won Ga. State woman's champ, shoot, 
(singles and doubles) ; won class "B" shoot, (At- 
lanta, Ga.) ; won all singles for Woman's Grand 

Clubs: Atlanta Gun; Peach Tree Gun Capitol 
City ; Piedmont Driving ; East Lake C.C. ; Brook 
Haven C.C Hobby: Trapshooting. Married: 
Walter P. Andrews. Home: Atlanta Biltmore, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

ANDRUS, HAMLIN F., football and track. 
Born: Yonkers, N. Y., Mar. 30, 1885. Son of 
John E. and Julia (Dykman) Andrus. Ed.: And- 
over Acad. ; Lawrenceville Prep. Sch. ; Yale, 

Record: 1902-0304, mem., Lawrenceville 
Prep. Sch. F.B. and track team. 1905, mem., 
Andover Acad. F.B. and track team. 1907, mem., 
Yale freshman F.B. team. 1909-09, mem., Yale 
varsity F.B. team. 1909-10, mem., Yale varsity 
track team. 

Office: 1180 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 

APGAR, THOMAS KELLER, trapshooting. 
Born: Plainfleld, N. J., Oct. 30, 1891. Son of 
Neaf and Nellie (McCarthy) Apgar. -Ed.: Plain- 
field H. Sch. (N. J.). 

Record: 1922, had high run of 98 out of 100 
(doubles) at Miami. 1923, had run of 176 
straight (singles) at Seabreeze, Fla. ; runner- 
up in Miami shoot. 1925, Pres., Fla. State Trap 
Shooters Asso. (dir., 1925-26-27). 1926, won 
doubles at Tallahassee shoot. 1927, promoted 
first Southern Divisional shoot ever held in Fla. 

Present Occupation: Contractor and builder. 
Mil. Service: U. S. Army Air Service, 1917-20. 
Affiliations: Elks; Halifax Trap and Game 
Club (Pres.) ; Civitan Club of Daytona; Cham- 
ber of Commerce (Dir.) ; Builders' Exchange 
(Pres.) ; Seabreeze G.C Hobby: Hunting and 
baseball. Married: Laura Gordon, June 12, 
1912. Children: Gordon, age 14; Madeline, age 
10; Aline, age 4. Office: 500 Peninsula Drive, 
Daytona Beach, Fla. Home: Same. 

APPLEBAUM, JOSEPH, former I.C epee 
champ. Bom: New York City, N. Y., May 16, 
1904. Son of Abraham and Felicia (Blaustein) 
Applebaum. Ed.: Glossboro H. Sch. B. S., tJ. of 
Pa.; U. of Pa. Law Sch. (2 yrs.) 







Record: 1923-24-26-26, mem.; U. of Pa. fenc- 
ing team, (Capt. 1923-25-26) ; 1924, Pa. State 
Sabre Champ ; 1925-26 Pa. State Foils and Epee 
Champ ; 1926, mem., fencing com., Sesqui Cen- 
tennial (Phila.). Pa. Epee Champ, 1928. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Mason, Sigma Alpha Mu, Fencing Club, Penn 
Ath. Club. Hobby: Fencing. Home: 30 Mt. 
Vernon Ave., Pitman, N. J. 

APPLETON, JOHN A., mem., Yale crew, 1911- 
14. Born: New York City, Dec. 24, 1891. Son 
of Robert and Juliet B. (Edmond) Appleton. 
Ed.: St. Pauls Sen. (Concord, N. H.), 1909; 
A. B., Yale, 1914. 

Record: 1908-09, mem., Halcyon Boat Club 
1st crew (St. Pauls Sch.), capt., (1909). 1909, 
mem., St. Pauls Sch. crew ; mem., St. Pauls Sch. 
F. B. team. 1911-12-13-14, mem., Yale varsity 

Prcs. Occupation: Supt., Columbus Div., Pa. 
R. R. Co. War Record: Comnd. 2nd Lt., Eugrs., 
Sept. 1917 ; promoted to 1st Lt., 1918 ; mem., 
A. E. F. ; discharged as Capt., Transportation 
Corps, June 1919. Affiliations: Dir., Union De- 
pot Co. (Columbus, Ohio) ; The Zanesville Ter- 
minal R. R. Co. ; The Youngstown and Ravenna 
R. R. Co. ; Ohio River and Western Ry. Co. ; 
Pa. Ohio and Detroit R. R. Co.; Pittsburgh 
Ohio Valley and Cincinnati R. R. Co. ; Massillon 
and Celevland R. R. Clubs: Scroll and Key; 
Rotary (Columbus, Ohio); Columbus Club; Psi 
Upsilon. Hobby: Golf. Married: Elsa R. 
Reath, Oct. 3, 1917. Children: Patricia, age 7; 
Joan A., age 5; Barbara R., age 1. Office- 
Union Depot, Columbus, Ohio. Home: 485 E. 
Town St., Columbus, Ohio. 

ARBUCKLE, PHIL H., director and head 
coach, Rice Institute, Houston, Texas. Bom: 
Kingston, 111., Sept. 6, 1882. Son of Daniel B. 
and Katherine (Heckman) Arbuckle. Ed.: 
Belvidere H. Sch., 111. ; Univ. of 111. ; Ph. B., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1911. 

Record: Mem. Univ. of 111. F.B. and track 
teams. 1906-08, instr. and coach, West. Mil. 
Acad. 1908-12, instr. and coach S. West. Univ. 
1912-24, ath. dir. and head coach, Rice Inst. 
1918, ath. dir., Camp Logan, (Houston, Tex.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. agent, Travelers Ins. 
Co., Houston, Tex. Affiliations: Dir. The Pa- 
goda Co. ; Pres. Tex. I.C. Ath. Asso. ; Sec.-Treas. 
S. West. Conf . ; Mason ; Shriner ; Univ. Club ; 
Allegro ; Houston C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Ruth Curtin, June 20, 1923. Children: Ruth 
Curtin, age 3 ; Phil H., Jr., age 2. Office: 1619 
Post Dispatch, Houston, Tex. Home: 606 Har- 
old St., Houston, Tex. 

ARIE, MARK, trapshooting. Bom: Tliomas- 
boro, Illinois, March 27, 1882. Son of Peter and 
Annie J. (Applegate) Arie. Education: Public 
Schools (Champaign, Illinois). 

Record: 1905, T907 and 1909, won Grand 
American Handicap trapshooting championship, 
Indianapolis, Indiana (97x100, 1905; 90x100, 
1907). 1912, won National Amateur double tar- 
get championship, Springfield, Illinois. 1914, 
won Sunny South trapshooting tournament, 
Houston, Texas. 1917, won National Amateur 
single target championship, Chicago, Illinois ; 
tied for Grand American Handicap champion- 
ship, Chicago. 1917, '19, '20, '23 and '26, won 
Illinois State trapshooting championship. 1920, 
won world's championship ; won Olympic indi- 
vidual trapshooting championship. 1923, won 
Grand American Handicap trapshooting cham- 
pionship. 1924, won Mid-Winter trapshooting 
tournament, Pinehurst, North Carolina. 1926, 
established world's record for doubles, Denver, 
Colorado (198x200). 1927, won Mid- Winter 
trapshooting tournament, Pinehurst, North 

Present Occupation: Salesman. Affiliations: 
Elks ; Champaign-Urbana Gun Club ; Lincoln 
Park Gun Club (Chicago). Hobby: hunting and 
golf. Married: Eula Milton, July 6, 1916. Chil- 
dren: Joan, age 9 ; Mark Junior, age 8. Office: 
E. V. Kirby Auto Company, Champaign, Illinois. 
Home: 601 East Clark Street, Champaign, Illi- 

ARMOUR, MERRILL, football. Bom: Beld- 
ing, Mich., Apr. 9, 1903. Son of V. C. and Maud 
(Hill) Armour. Ed.: A. B., Stanford, 1926. 

Record: 1923-24-25, mem. Stanford varsity 
B.B. team, (Pacific Coast Conf. Season, '24-'25.). 

Prcs. Occupation: Field Rep., Cal. Canneries 
Co. Affiliations: Phi Alpha Delta. Married: 
Alice Whiffen, June 11, 1927. Office: Minn. 
600, San Francisco, Calif. Home: Homer Ave. 
731, Palo Alto, Calif. 

ARMS, THOMAS SEELYE, football. Born: 
Cleveland, Ohio, Mar. 22, 1893. Son of Dr. 
Charles C. and Elizabeth (Seelye) Arms. Ed.: 
Shaw H. Sch., (Cleveland, Ohio) ; B.S., V.M.I., 
(Lexington, Va.). 

Record: 1914, mem. V.MJ. F.B. team. 1921, 
mem., U.S.A. F.B. team, (China). 1924-25, coach 
swimming, Marist Coll. 1925-26-27, cross-coun- 
try, track and field coach, Emory Univ. 1926- 
27-28, F. B. official S. Conf. 1927, coach Allan 
Logan, (competitor in Decathalon Penn. re- 
lays) ; special ex. for Red Cross Life Saving 

Pres. Occupation: Capt, U.S. Army; Coach, 
Emory Univ. Mil. Service: Capt. and Maj. of 
Inf., U.S.A.; Maj. of Inf. in Siberia, 1919-20. 



Affiliations: Mason. Hobby: Golf, hunting 
and fishing. Married: Gladys Schaweker. 
Children: Thos. S., Jr., age 9; Robert J., age 
8; Wm. H., age 6. Office: Emory Univ., Ga. 
Home: 942 Rosedale Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 

ARMSTRONG, DWIGHT L., baseball and 
golf. Born: Pittsburgh, Pa., June 4, 1894. Son 
of Chas. D. and Gertrude (Ludden) Armstrong. 
Ed.: Hill Sch., (Pottstown, Pa.), 1913. A. B., 
Yale, 1917. 

Record,: 1913, mem. Hill Sch. B.B. team. 1914, 
mem., Yale Freshman B.B. team. 1915, winner 
of mid-winter golf tournament, Pinehurst, N. 0. 
1915-10-17, mem., Yale golf team. 1916, winner 
of spring golf tournament, Pinehurst, N. C. 
1916-17, mem., Yale varsity B.B. team. 1919, 
qualified Natl. Amateur Golf Champ. 1919-20, 
mem., Pa. team in Lesley Cup Matches. 1926, 
winner of Central Pa. golf champ. 

Pres. Occupation : Asst. Gen. Sales mgr., Arm- 
strong Cork Co., Linoleum Div. ; Dir., Reading 
Paper Mills. War Record: U.S.N.R.F., May 3, 

1917, as Coxwain. U.S.N.R.F. comnd. Ensign, 
Jan., 1918. Comnd. Ensign (T) U.S.N., May, 

1918. Sch. at Annapolis, Feb.-June, 1918. Re- 
tained as instr., June-Oct, 1918. Assigned to 
U.S.S. George Washington (4 trips). Discharged 
as Ensign (T) U.S.N., Feb. 12, 1919. Affilia- 
tions: Lancaster C.C. (Dir., 1926-27-28) ; Pine 
Valley G.C. ; Delta Kappa Epsilon; F. & A.M. 
Lodge No. 43; Lancaster Welfare Fed., (Pres. 
1925-26, dir., 1927-28); trustee Y.W.C.A. ; Dir., 
Chamber of Commerce, 1926-27-28; Dir., Mfgs. 
Asso., 1926-27-28. Clubs: Hamilton; Yale, 
(New York). Hobby: Shooting; fishing; col- 
lecting prints. Married: Marion A. Armstrong. 
Office: Liberty and Mary Sts., Lancaster, Pa. 
Home: 1105 E. King St., Lancaster, Pa. 

ARMSTRONG, FRANK, Jr., lacrosse. Born: 
Clarksburg, W. Va., Dec. 24, 1900. Son of Frank 
and Nellie (Steel) Armstrong. Ed.: Cen. H. 
Sch., 1918 ; A.B. Univ. of Pa., 1922. 

Record: 1919, mem Univ. of Pa. freshman 
B.B. team. 1920, mgr. Univ. of Pa. junior class 
crew. 1920-22, mem., Univ. of Pa. lacrosse team ; 
active in frat. B.B. 1922, mem., Univ. of Pa. 
lacrosse team (I. C. Champs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. Gen. Mgr., Nat. Fruit 
Product Co. Affiliations: Phi Sigma Kappa ; 
Penn. Varsity Club ; Univ. Club. Office: Wood- 
ward Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 3721 Livings- 
ton St., Chevy Chase, D. C. 

ARMSTRONG, IKE J., football coach, Univ. 
of Utah. Born: Seymour, la., June 8, 1896. 
Son of G. H. and Prudy (Gump) Armstrong. 
Ed.: B.C.S., Drake Univ. (Des Moines, la.), 

Record: 1920-21-22, mem. Drake Univ. F. B. 
team, (team won Mo. Valley Conf., 1922). 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, Univ. of Utah. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted U. S. Army, July 14, 1917, 
Sgt, Co. B 109th Ammunition Train 34th Div. 
Affiliations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omaha A.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Pearl Campbell. Office: 
Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Home: 
Apt. 405 Roberta, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Bom: St. Paul, Minn., May 24, 1891. Son of 
Jos. Henry and Eliza (Zietler) Armstrong. Ed.: 
Univ. of Minn., 1912; B.S., Harvard, 1914. 

Record: 1909-11-1319-21-22-23-27, won Minn. 
State tennis (singles) champ. 1911-12, won 
Western I.C. tennis (singles) champ. 1912, won 
Midwest champ. 1913, won Natl. I.C. tennis 
(doubles) champ. (Harvard). 1914-17-20-21-22- 
24-25, won Northwestern tennis (singles) champ. 
1915, won Pa. State tennis champ. 1916, finalist 
in Longwood singles ; ranked number 9 in Natl, 
tennis ranking. 

Pres. Occupation: General Ins. Naval Ser- 
vice: Ensign in U.S.N.R. Affiliations .- St. Paul 
Tennis Club ; Alpha Tau Omega ; Pi Ea Soc. 
(Harvard). Hobby: Tennis. Married: Ethel 
Hoskins. Children: Joseph, Jr., age 5; Mary, 
age 4; Peter, age 3; Daniel, age 2. Office: 180 
N. Swelling St., St. Paul, Minn. Home: 2132 
Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

ARMSTRONG, NORRIS, capt. football team, 
Centre College, 1921. Born: Fort Smith, Ark., 
Sept. 15, 1898. Son of Henry Clay and Minnie 
(Sanders) Armstrong. Ed.: Centre Coll., 1921. 

Record: 1917-21, mem. Centre Coll. F.B. and 
Bskt. B. teams (capt. F.B. team, 1921). 1922, 
coached Centenary Coll. (Shreveport, La.). 
1923-27, coached Carroll Coll. Won 4 Wis. 
State Coll. Champ, in Bskt. B. and F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. Dir., Carroll Coll. 
Mil. Service: Mem., S.A.T.C, Centre Coll. Affi- 
liations: Vice-pres., Cen. Wholesale Co. (Dan- 
ville, Ky.) ; Beta Theta Pi. Married: Porter 
Hudson Armstrong. Children: Margaret, age 
2; Barbara, infant. Office: Carroll Coll., Wau 
kesha, Wis. Home: 600 West. Ave., Waukesha 

ARMSTRONG, RICHARD, Capt. Yale crew, 
1895. Born: Saybrook, Conn., July 16, 1873. 
Son of W. N. and Mary F. (Morgan) Armstrong. 
Ed.: Andover Acad. (Andover, Mass.) ; Yale. 

Record: 1891, mem. Andover Acad. F.B. team. 
1892, mem., Andover Acad. crew. 1892, mem., 
mem., Yale varsity crew and F.B. team (capt. 
crew, '95). 1896, asst. coach Yale Henley crew. 
1897-98-99, coach U.S.N.A. (crews and F.B.). 







1897-1904, official I.C. Rowing Asso. (Pough- 
keepsie). 1914, graduate coach of rowing at 

Pres. Occupation: Pres., Security Storage and 
Safe Deposit Co., Norfolk, Va. Mil. Service; 
Dir. Red Cross Bureau of Naval Service, Lon- 
don, Eng. Affiliations: Pres., Armstrong Devel- 
opment Co., Hampton, Va. ; Dir. W. F. Richard- 
son Security Storage Co., Richmond, Va. ; Part- 
Yale freshman crew and F.B. team. 1893-94-95, 
ner, Armstrong Bros., Oyster Planters. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Rosa Fairfax Lee. Office.- 
Hampton, Va. 


mem., track team, Carnegie Tech., 1921. Born: 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 23, 1899. Son of Frederick 
W. and Bertha (Loew) Arnold. Ed.: Union 
H. Sch. ; Carnegie Inst, of Tech. 

Record: 1919-22, mem. Carnegie Tech. track 
team (specialized in hurdles). 1920-21, mem., 
Hill Top Y.M.C.A. (Pittsburgh) track team 
(won West. Pa. Y.M.C.A. 100 yd. dash). 1921, 
mem., Tri-State champ, team. 1922, coach Oak- 
dale H. Sch. F.B. team ; coach McDonald H. Sch. 
track team. 1923-26, asst. coach Canonsburg H. 
Sch. F.B. team ; coach Canonsburg H. Sch. track 
and Bskt. B. teams. 1924-26, coached Canons- 
burg H. Sch. girls' Bskt. B. team. 1925, girl's 
Bskt. B. team won 1st invitation tournament 
held Wash. Co., Pa. 1926-27, mem., Wash. Co. 
I.C. Ath. Asso. Council and of its exec. com. 
1927-28, asst. F.B. coach; girls' Bskt. B. coach; 
track coach, Cecil H. Sch. Mem., Cen. Bd. F.B. 
Officials ; mem., runner-up team ; Y. M.C.A. Bskt. 
B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher. Mil. Service: 
Sgt. Co. C, chemical warefare section, Carnegie 
Inst, of Tech., 1918. Affiliations: W.C.I.A.A. 
council; W.C.I.A.A. ex. com., 1926-27; Amer. 
Legion. Hobby: Music. Office.- Cecil H. Sch., 
McDonald, Pa., R.F.D. No. 3. Home: 165 Knox 
Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

official. Bom: Westminster, Md., Aug. 18, 1898. 
Son of Alfred and Anna (Ament) Arnold. Ed.: 
A.B., Lynchburg Coll., 1921 ; M.C., Univ. of Va., 

Record: 1917-18-19-29-21, mem. Lynchburg 
Coll. F.B., and Bskt. B. teams; capt., F.B. team 
(1917-18-19-20-21) ; capt., B.B. team (1917-18-20- 
21). 1922-23-24, mem., Univ. of Va. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation.- Physician. Affiliations: 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Rho Sigma. Office: 
Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Home.- Westminster, Md. 

ARNOLD, LYNN JOHN, Jr., football. Born: 
Cooperstown, N. Y., June 25, 1891. Son of Lynn 

J. and Euretta A. (Babcock) Arnold. Ed..- The 
Hill Sch. (Pottstown, Pa.), 1911; Ph.B., Yale, 

Record: 1910, mem. Hill Sch. F.B. team. 
1911, mem., Hill Sch. track team. 1912-13, mem., 
Yale F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Publisher, The Knicker- 
bocker Press and Albany Evening News. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted, 2nd Lt., 1918; discharged 
Dec, 1918. Affiliations: Pres. and Gen. Mgr., 
The Press Co., Albany, N. Y. ; Delta Psi. Clubs: 
Yale, (N.Y.C.) Univ., (Albany, N. Y.) ; Wolferts 
Roost (Albany, N. Y.) ; Albany C.C. Hobby: 
Hunting and fishing. Office: 18 Beaver St., 
Albany, N. Y. Home: 92 Willet St., Albany, 

n. y. 

ARNSTEIN, WALTER, mem. Yale track 
team winning I.CA.A.A.A. Championship, 1902. 
Bom: San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 1, 1883. Son 
of Eugene and Josefine (Mandelbaum) Arnstein. 
Ed.: B. S. Yale, 1902. 

Record: 1902, mem. Yale track team (I.C- 
A.A.A.A. Champs, in 220 yd.) ; ran 100 yd. 9% 

Pres. Occupation: Consulting Engr. War 
Record: Capt. Engrs. Co. D 93rd Engrs. Affi- 
liations .- Inst. Elec. Engrs. ; Soc. of Engrs. 
Clubs: Beresford; Mt. Diablo; Sutter; Argo- 
naut. Married: Alice Sussman. Children: 
Eugene, age 20 ; Richard, age 18 ; Katherine, 
age 17 ; Peter, age 9. Office: 306 Hobart Bldg., 
San Francisco, Cal. Home: 2211 Washington 
St., San Francisco, Cal. 

ARTHUR, JAMES LELAND, placed third in 
discus throw, I.C.A.A.A.A. meet, 1924. Born: 
Fresno, Calif., Apr. 4, 1898. Son of James A. 
and Anna (Shuck) Arthur. Ed.: Clovis H. 
Sch.; A.B., Stanford Univ., 1928. 

Record : 1914-15-16, mem. Clovis H. Sch. track 
and Bskt. B. teams. 1918, won shot put and 
discus throw, All Army Far Eastern champs. 
(Manila) ; won shot put and runner-up in dis- 
cus throw, Far Eastern champs. ( Manila ) . 1920, 
mem., Stanford freshman F.B. team. 1922-24, 
mem., Stanford varsity track team ; competed 
in N.C.A.A. meet (Chicago) ; placed third in 
discus throw, I.CA.A.A.A. meet (Boston, 1924). 
1925, mem., Stanford varsity F.B. team. 1925- 
26, competed for the Olympic Club in various 
meets; mem., Stanford varsity boxing team. 

Pres. Occupation: Petroleum engr. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Enlisted, May 4, 1917, Co. H, 31st Inf., 
served in Philippines ; served in Siberia, Co. B., 
31st Inf.; discharged, Nov. 5, 1919. Hobby: 
Geology. Married: LeNora Barba, Dec. 16, 1926. 
Office: Caribbean Pet. Co., Cabimas Camp, Ma- 
racaibo, Venezuela. Home: R "A" Box 14, 
Clovis, Calif. 





ASCHER, HERMAN J., football, basketball 
and baseball. Born: Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 
2, 1902. Son of John B. and Katherine ( Schmol- 
ler) Ascher. Ed.: W. H. Dunwooden Inst., 
1919 ; East H. Sch., 1922 ; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 

Record: Amateur F.B., Bskt.B., hockey, B.B., 
V.B., Diamond B. in Minneapolis amateur 
leagues. Mem., East. H. Sch. F.B., Bskt. B. 
and B.B. teams. 1921, F.B. champ. East. H. 
Sch. 1921-22, Bskt. B. champ. East. H. Sch. 
1923-25, mem., Univ. of Minn, varsity F.B. and 
B.B. teams, (capt. F.B. 1925). 1923, mem., 
Univ. of Minn, varsity Bskt. B. teams. 1928, 
mem., Indianapolis B.B. club. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: In- 
dianapolis B.B. club ; "M" club ; Alpha Sigma 
Phi ; Gray Friars. Hobby: Athletics. Home: 
5143 Broadway, Minneapolis, Minn. 

ASHE, VIRGINIA, swim/ming. Bom: At- 
lanta, Ga., Nov. 17, 1902. Daughter of H. M. 
and Winifred (Brooks) Ashe. Ed..- Girls H. 
Sch. Creighton Business Sch., 1922. 

Record: Won following A. A. C. Invitation 
swimming meets in Atlanta : July, 1916 ; Aug., 
1917; July, 1917; Aug., 1919; 1920-22-23. Fol- 
lowing A.A.U. meets :. 1917, 2nd, 100 yards 
(Atlanta, Ga.). 1920, 1st, 100 yds. (Atlanta, 
Ga.). 1921, 1st in 100 yds., 50 yds., and 100 yds. 
(Jr. Nat.), Birmingham, Ala. 1923, 1st in 100 
and 50 yd. (Pensacola, Fla.). 1st in 100 yd. 
( Memphis, Tenn. ) . 1925, 1st in 100 yd. and 2nd 
in 50 yd. (Pensacola, Fla.). 1926, 1st in 100 
and 220 yd. (Birmingham, Ala.). 1927, 1st in 
100 and 220 yd. (Mobile, Ala.). 

Pres. Occupation; Secretary. Affiliations: 
A.A.U. ; Atlanta A.C. (Atlanta, Ga.) ; Piedmont 
Corp. ; E. Lake C.G. Hobby: Swimming and 
dancing. Office: 415 Bona Allen Bldg., Atlanta, 
Ga. Home.- Oakridge Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

baseball player. Born.- Natchitoches, La., Aug. 
16, 1889. Son of Phil L. and Cleona (Weil) 
Ascher. Ed.: B.S., Louis. State Univ., 1909. 

Record: 1926-28, former statistician Fla. 
State league; former sec.-treas., Orlando B.B. 
club ; pres., Fla. State league. 

Pres. Occupation: C.P.A. Affiliations : Dir., 
Morris Plan Co. (Orlando, Fla.) ; Elks; Kiwanis 
Club; Mt. Plymouth CO.; Orlando C.C. ; Dubs- 
dread C.C. Hobby: B.B. Married: Mary 
Brown, Jan. 17, 1917. Children: Philomane, 
age 10; Cleona, age 2. Office: 11 McKinney 
Rylander Bldg., Orlando, Fla. Home: Dubs- 
dread Circle, Orlando, Fla. 

Born: Watkinsville, Ga. Son of Wm. Henry 

and Hattie (Quillian) Ashford. Ed. : Athens 
H. Sch. (Athens, Ga.) ; Univ. of Ga.; U.S.N.A. 
Record: 1922-23, mem. Athens H. Sch. F.B. 
team ; mem., Athens Y.M.C.A. hexathelon team 
(champs.). 1927-28, mem., U.S.N.A. wrestling 
team (115 lb. class; capt, 1928). 

Pres. Occupation: Midshipman, U.S.N. Affi- 
liations: A.A.U.; Kappa Alpha. Home: 3306 
Bancroft Hall, Annapolis, Md. 

ASHMORE, JAMES N„ football, baseball and 
basketball. Born: Bethany, 111., Nov. 11, 1880. 
Son of D. N. and Margaret L. (Bone) Ashmore. 
Ed. : Bethany H. Sch., 1899 ; Lincoln Coll., 1901 ; 
Univ. of 111., 1903. 

Record: 1900-01, capt. Lincoln Coll. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1902-03, mem., Univ. of 111. B.B. 
and F.B. teams. 1903-04, coached Wash. State 
Coll. F.B., B.B. and Bskt. B. teams. 1904-07, 
coached James Millikins Univ. F.B., B.B., Bskt. 
B. and track teams 1906-07, played pro. B.B. 
Northern League. 1907-09, ath. dir., West. 
Maryland Coll.; coached F.B. and B.B. teams. 
1909-13, head coach and ath. dir., James Milli- 
ken Coll. 1913-17, ath. dir., Univ. of Colo.; 
coached B.B. and Bskt. B. 1919-22, coached 
Univ. of la. B.B. and Bskt. B. teams. 1922-24, 
ath. dir., Depauw Univ. ; coached F.B., B.B. and 
Bskt. B. teams. 1926-28, coached Univ. of N. C. 
B.B. and Bskt. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. coach. War Record: 
Enlisted ath. dir., Camp Cody, New Mex., comnd. 
capt. Jan., 1918, discharged June, 1919. Affilia- 
tions: S.A.E. ; Lions; Rotary Club. Hobby: 
Golf. Children: Miriam, age 18; Ruth, age 16. 
Office: Univ. of N. C, Chapel Hill, N. C. Home: 
228 S. Union St., Decatur, 111. 

ASZMANN, ARTHUR MAX, trapshooting, 
Bom: Chester, 111., Oct. 28, 1885. Son of Sig 
and Mary (Wegner) Aszmann. Ed.: Chester 
H. Sch., 1906; M. D., Hahnemann Medical Coll. 
and Hospital (Chicago, 111.), 1910; post grad. 
course, Metropolitan Hospital (N. Y. C), 

Record: 1921, participated in Clarksdale, 
Miss., Southern Div. shoot. 1922-23-24-25-26-27, 
participated in 111. State shoots (State champ., 
1926). 1923-24-25-26, champ., Southern 111. 
Sportsman's League. 1925-26-27, participated in 
Natl, tournament. 1926, mem., 111. team (won 
Natl, champ., Dayton, Ohio). 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Affiliations: 
111. Trapshooters Asso. (State Dir.) ; East St. 
Louis Hunting and Fishing Club. Hobby: Quail 
shooting. Married: Lydia Herschbach, Jan. 15, 
1914. Children: Willa Mary, age 13; Robert, 
age 8. Office: 306 Murphy Bldg., E. St. Louis, 
111. Home: 1926 N. 49th St., E. St. Louis, 111. 



ATEE, JOHN COX, Capt. Princeton track 
team, 1908. Bom.- Fort Madison, la., Oct. 30, 
18S2. Son of Win. H. and Charlotte H. Atlee. 
Ed.: Lit. B., Princeton, 1908. 

Record: 1904-05-07-08, ineni. Princeton track 
team (capt., 1908). 1908, mem., Amer. Olympic 

Pres. Occupation: Lumberman. Affiliations: 
S. & J. C. Atlee, Inc. (asst. treas.) ; Chamber of 
Commerce ; Rotary Club ; Boy Scout Council ; 
Ft. Madison G.C. ; Princeton Club of la. Hobby: 
Golf and duck shooting. Married: Marjorie I. 
Ilettel. Children: Nancy Jane, age 15 ; Wm. 
Henry, 2nd, age 13. Office: 14th St. and Ave. 
M., Ft. Madison, la. Home: 903 Ave. E., Ft. 
Madison, la. 

Minnesota hockey team, Western Inter-Collegi- 
ate champions, 1926-27. Bom: St. Catherines, 
Ontario, Canada, Feb. 10, 1905. Son of Wm. 
Post and Mable (Montgomery) Atkins. Ed.: 
Hibbing Jr. Coll. (Hibbing, Minn.) ; B.S., Univ. 
of Minn., 1928. 

Record: 1923, mem Hibbing Jr. Coll. F.B. 
team (state champs.). 1923-24, mem., Hibbing 
Jr. Coll. hockey team (state champs.). 1926-27, 
mem., Univ. of Minn, hockey team (West. I.C. 
Champs. ) . 1928, freshman and asst. varsity 
hockey coach, Univ. of Minn. (West. I.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations : "M" 
Club (Univ. of Minn.) ; Phi Sigma Kappa. Mar- 
ried: Constance Kimmell, Mar. 5, 1925. Home.- 
701 5th St. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

basketball and baseball. Bom: Goldsboro 
(York Co.), Pa., June 17, 1894. Son of Robert 
Reed and Susan (Kreiger) Atticks. Ed. : Steel- 
ton H. Sen., 1913; Univ. of West. Va. ; R.B., 
Lebanon Valley Coll., 1918. 

Record: 1910-12, mem. Steelton H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1911-13, mem., Steelton H. Sch. Bskt. B. 
team. 1914-17, mem., Lebanon Valley Coll. F.B. 
team. 1915-18, mem., Lebanon Valley Coll. B.B. 
and Bskt. B. teams (capt. and coach of Bskt. B., 
1918). 1920-21, ath. dir., Kenton H. Sch. 1921- 
23, ath. dir., Franklin H. Sch. 1923-24, ath. dir., 
Cheltenham H. Sch. 1924-24, F.B. coach, Beck- 
ley. Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Bond salesman, Stroud & 
Co., Inc., Phila. War Record: Sgt. 9th Co., 155th 
Depot Brigade, Camp Lee, Va. Affiliations: 
Steelton Post, Amer. Legion ; Cen. Bd. F.B. Offi- 
cial ; Univ. Club. Hobby.- F.B. officiating. 
Home: 136 Hummel Ave., Lemoyne, Pa. 

ing. Bom: Fall River, Mass., July 18, 1890. 
Son of William C. and Ida W. (Hay) Atwater. 
Ed.: Amherst Coll., 1912; LL.B., N. Y. Law 
Sch., 1916. 

Record: 1903-16 and 1919-24, raced in Class 
SS, AA, and Indian Class, Great South Bay 
Yacht Racing Asso. (winning several champs. 
in all 3 classes). 1925-27, owned and raced 
"Minx" (30 ft. class), winning champ, and 
Child's Perpetual Challenge Trophy, '27. 1928, 
owns and races Star Yacht, "Minx ;" appointed 
Great South Bay Star Class Fleet rep., Star 
Class Internatls., Calif. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, with Wm. C. At- 
water & Co., Inc. Naval Service: Chief Petty 
Officer, U.S.N.R.F., 1917-18. Affiliations: Psi 
Upsilon ; Amherst C. ; Natl. Arts C. ; Megantic 
C. ; Internatl. Star Class Yacht Racing Asso. ; 
Manhasset Bay Yacht C. ; Westhampton C.C. ; 
Yacht Squadron: Donglaston C. Yacht Squad- 
ron. Hobby: Yachting. Harried: Evelene Fos- 
ter, Apr. 27, 1923. Children: Priscilla, infant. 
Office: No. 1 Broadway, N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 
Seafield Lane, Westhampton Beach, L. I., N. Y. 

and swimming. Born: St. Cloud, Minn., Nov. 4, 
1897. Son of C. L. and Elizabeth (Crandall) 
Atwood. Ed.: St. Cloud H. Sch.; Pillsbury 
Acad. ; A.B., Univ. of Minn., 1922. 

Record: 1914. mem., St. Cloud H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1915-16, mem., Pillsbury Acad. F.B. team. 
1921, mem., Univ. of Minn. F.B. team. 1921-22, 
mem., Univ. of Minn, swimming team (runner- 
up in conference meet, 1921 ; team won West. 
I.C. Conf. champ., 1922). 

Pres. Occupation: Farm loan, Security State 
Bank (St. Cloud, Minn.) ; Aetna Life Ins. Co. 
(Hartford). Naval Service: U. S. Navy officers 
training camp. Affiliations: Beta Theta Pi. 
Married: Marjorie Gould, 1925. Children.- 
Betty Lou, age 2. Office: 519 2nd Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. Home: Willmar, Minn. 

AUCHTERLONIE, RONALD, golf pro. Born: 
St. Andrews, Scotland, Oct. 5, 1899. Son of 
James and Jessie (Fernie) Auchterlonie. Ed.: 
Madras Coll., 1916. 

Record: '1920, won Haig Cup at St. Andrews 
Club. 1920-24, golf. pro. at St. Andrews G. C. 
1921, won Jubilee Vase at St. Andrews (club 
champ.). 1922, asst. golf pro. at Weschester 
Biltmore C. C. (Rye, N. Y.). 1923-28, golf 
pro., Country Club of Va. ; holder club course 
record of 72. 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. ^Yar Record: 
Enlisted Royal Scotch Fusiliers, 1918; in active 
service on French front ; discharged, 1919. Affi- 
liations: P. G. A.; C. C. of Va. Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Margaret Rankin, Apr. 10, 1922. 
Children: James David, age 4. Office.- Coun- 
try Club of Va., Richmond, Va. Home: Cole 
St., West Hampton, Va. 

golfer. Born: St. Andrews, Scotland, Jan. 22, 
1906. Son of James and Jessie (Fernie) Auch- 



terlonie. Ed. : Madras H. Sch. (St. Andrews), 

Record: 1923, won Scottish Boys' golf champ, 
at Dunbar ; won St. Andrews Boys' champ. ; 
represented Scotland against Eng. in Internatl. 
matches at Dunbar. 1924, qualified in Scottish 
open champ. 1925-27, asst. golf pro., Va. C.C. 
1927, qualified in Va. State open tournament. 
1927-28, golf pro. at Glenwood G.G. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golfer. Clubs: Glen- 
wood G.C. ; P.G.A. Hobby: Home: Glenwood 
G.G., Richmond, Va. 

AUNE, BEYER, mem. Univ. of Minn. "Big 
Ten" Conf. Champ, football team, 1900. Bom: 
Norway, Dec. 6, 1873. Son of Mathias and 
Hanna (Haugan) Aune. Ed.: B.S.A., Univ. of 
Minn., 1901. 

Record: 1898-1901, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team. 1900, mem., Univ. of Minn. "Big Ten" 
Conf. Champ. F.B. team ; highest scoring man 
on team ; unanimous choice for All-Western end. 

Pres. Occupations: Farm Supt., Belle Fourche 
Experiment Farm, Newell, S. Dak. ; Asso. Ag- 
ronomist, U. S. Department of Agri. Affilia- 
tions : "M" Club, Univ. of Minn. ; 32nd Degree 
Mason, Shriner. Hobby: Farmer. Married: 
Bessie Hull, 1917. Home: U. S. Exp. Farm, 
Newell, S. Dak. 

AUSTIN, ROBERT O., holder of pole vault 
record, Univ. of Mich. Bom: Oak Grove, Mich., 
Jan. 25, 1870. Son of Dr. George O. and Hattie 
(Thompson) Austin. Ed.: Mich. Normal Coll., 
1891; B.L., Univ. of Mich., 1895. 

Record: 1893 and '94, mem. Univ. of Mich, 
track team. 1S93-96, held pole vault records. 

Pres. Occupation: Contractor and builder. 
Affiliations: "M" club (Univ. of Mich.) ; Maso- 
nic lodge ; Chamber of Commerce ; pres., Univ. 
of Mich. Alumni Asso. of Cen. Ohio ; Scioto C.C. ; 
York Temple C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Kale 
Maylone, 1903. Children: Paul M., age 23; 
George M., age 20 ; Richard, age 17. Office: 202 
E. Frambes Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

AVE, HAROLD ft, heavyweight boxing cham- 
pion, Pittsburgh Athletic Club, 1921. Born.- 
Cleveland, Ohio, Mar. 29, 1900. Son of Frank J. 
and Amelia (Keopke) Ave. Ed..- East Tech 
H. Sch.; B.S., Baldwin-Wallace Coll., 1923; 
Carnegie Tech., 1921; Penn State, 1922; Univ. 
of Mich., 1924. 

Record: 1916-17, mem. East. Tech. H. Sch. 
F.B. and track teams. 1918-20, mem., Baldwin- 
Wallace Coll, F.B. team. 1920, mem., All-Ohio 
team ; mem., Intercity boxing team of Cleveland 
(amateur) ; won City and State champ. (Cleve- 
land, Ohio) ; won Allegheny-Mt. Assh. champ, 
(heavyweight). 1921, heavyweight boxing 
champ, Pittsburgh A. C. ; mem., Carnegie Tech. 
F.B. squad. 1921-23, nat'l amateur heavyweight 

champ. 1923-27, ath. dir. and coach, Willoughby 
H. Sch. Mem. Ohio Conf. Officials Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. coach, Willoughby H. 
Sch. (Willoughby, Ohio). Mil. Service: Mem., 
S.A.T.C., Baldwin-Wallace Coll., 1918. Affilia- 
tions: E.A.E. ; Theta Kappa Nu; E.F. Office: 
Willoughby H. Sch., Willoughby, Ohio. Home: 
13509 Eaglesmere, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Born.- St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 22, 1901. Son of 
Gilmore R. and Clara (Hess) Avis. Ed.: Maple- 
wood H. Sch., 1921; Wash. Univ., 1924-25; St. 

Louis Univ., 1922. 

Record: 1922, mem. St. Louis Univ. varsity 
F.B. team. 1924-25, mem., Wash. Univ. varsity 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Cashier and Head Book- 
keeper, Merchants Ice and Coal Co. Affiliations : 
Delta Sigma Phi; Quo-Vadis; S. L. Club (St. 
Louis Univ.) ; "W" Club (Wash. Univ.). Hobby.- 
Sports. Office: 314 N. 4th St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Home: 2601 Sutton St., Maplewood, Mo. 

AXT, RIDGELY W., football, lacrosse, and 
track. Born: Baltimore, Md., Oct. 3, 1894. Son 
of Fred G. and Amelia (Saunders) Axt. Ed..- 
Baltimore City Coll., 1913; B.S., Univ. of Md., 
1920; M.S., Univ. of 111., 1923. 

Record: 1912-13, mem. Baltimore City Ooll. 
F.B. and track teams. 1914-15-16, mem., Univ. 
of Md. indoor track team. 1915-16-17, mem., 
Univ. of Md. F.B. team. 1915-16-17-18-20, mem., 
Univ. of Md. lacrosse team (capt., 1916-17-18). 

Pres. Occupation: Phys. ed. teacher. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted Apr. 1, 1918, army medical 
corps ; mem., A. E.F. ; discharged, June 13, 1919. 
Affiliations: Mason;. Sigma Phi Sigma; "M" 
Club, Univ. of Md. (Sec. and treas., 1926-27). 
Hobby: Athletics. Married: Louise Reily, 
June 30, 1921. Children.- Betty Louise, infant. 
Office: Langley Junior H. Sch., Wash., D. C. 
Home: Coll. Park, Md. 

Born.- Graham, Young Co., Texas, Jan. 18, 1881. 
Son of Geo. Levin and Sarah Ellen (Hickman) 
Aynesworth. Ed.: LL.B., Stanford Univ. 

Record: 1906-07-08, mem. Stanford Univ. 
track teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. Affiliations.- Los 
Angeles First Natl. Trust and Savings Bank; 
San Joaquin Light and Power Co. ; East Bay 
Water Co. ; Security Title and Guaranty Co. ; 
Bd. of Trustees First Presbyterian Church 
(Pres.) ; Bd. of Trustees Yosemite Natl. Park 
Church (Pres.) ; Fresno Central Farm Bureau 
(Sec.) ; Better Business Bureau (Atty. and 
Dir.). Married: Fannie Diffenbaugh Hickman. 
Children: Robert Hickman, age 15; Anna 
Louise, age 14 ; Fannie Ruth, age 12. Office: 
1115 Fulton St., Fresno, Calif. Home: 620 
Coast St., Fresno, Calif. 





Born: Miles City, Mont., Sept. 29, 1904. Son 
of T. E. and Elizabeth (Hansen) Babcock. Ed.: 
Custer Co. H. Sch. ; B.S., Mont. State Coll. 

Record: 1919-22, mem., Custer Co. H. Scho. 
F.B. team (Champs., 1922). 1920-23, mem., 
Custer Co. H. Sch. Bskt.B. team (champs., 1923). 
1921-23, mem., Custer Co. H. Sch. B.B. team. 
1924-25, mem., Mont. State Coll. Bskt.B team, 
1924-27, Mont. State Coll. B.B. and F.B. teams 
(2nd in Rocky Mt. conf., 1926; capt, F.B. team, 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Beta 
Epsilon; "C" club (Custer Co. H. Sch.); "M" 
club (Mont. State Coll.). Hobby: Athletics. 
Home: 501 S. Grand St., Bozeman, Mont. 

ball. Born: Newark, N. J., Feb. 25, 1905. Son of 
J. Henry and Edith A. (Smith) Bacheller. Ed.: 
Newark (N. J.) Acad.; B.S., Princeton, 1926. 

Record: 1919-20-21, mem., Newark Acad. 
F. B., B.B. and track teams. 1922, mem., New- 
ark Acad. B.B. and track teams. 1922, mem., 
Princeton freshman F. B. team. 1922-23, mem., 
Princeton freshman water polo team. 1923-24- 
25, mem., Princeton varsity F.B. team (champ. 
F.B. team, 1925). 

Pres. Occupation: Engr., Public Service Elec. 
& Gas Co. Chibs: Rockaway River C. C. ; 
Princeton Club of N. Y. and Newark. Married: 
Marjorie Multer. Office: 80 Park PL, Newark, 
N. J. Home.- 17 Webster PI., East Orange, N. J. 

Guard, Notre Dame, 1916. Born.- Chicago, 111., 
Dec. 1, 1892. Son of Charles and Anna (Wolff) 
Bachman. Ed..- L.L.B., Univ. of Notre Dame, 

Record: 1910-11, chosen All-Cook County 
tackle (Chicago and vicinity). 1912, high point 
winner Nat. Inter Sch. meet (Chicago). 1914, 
chosen All-West, guard. 1915, winner discus 
throw, Penna. Relays ; A.A.U., Jr. champ, discus 
thrower (San Francisco). 1916, chosen All- 
Amer. guard. 1918, chosen All-Service center 
(Great Lakes Naval Station). 1919, coach N. 
West. Univ. F.B. team. 1920-27, coach Kans. 
State Coll. F.B. team. 1928, coach Univ. of Fla. 
Author of books on F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Head coach, Univ. of Fla. 
Naval Service: Enlisted 1918; discharged 1919. 
Affiliations: Nat. Coll. F. B. Coaches' Asso. ; 
Nat. Coll. Track Coaches' Asso. ; Kansas City 
A.C. ; Mason ; Manhattan Chamber of Com- 
merce; Amer. Legion; Manhattan C.C. Hobby: 
Radio, hunting, fishing and handball. Married: 

Grace M. Cary, 1922. Children: Margaret, age 
4; Charles, age 3. Office: Univ. of Fla. Home: 
Gainesville, Fla. 

Louis Nat. baseball team, 1909-10. Born: Cin- 
cinnati, O., Mar. 20, 1888. Son of George S. 
and Jane (Carbaugh) Backman. Ed.: B.S., 
Rose Poly. Inst., 1917. 

Record: 1906-07-08, mem., Rose Poly. Inst. 
F.B. and B.B. teams (capt. both teams, 1908; 
All-Ind. fullback, 1908). 1909-10, mem., St.Louis 
Nat. B.B. team (pitcher). 1911-12, mem., To- 
ronto B.B. team (pitcher). 

Pres. Occupation: Engineer, The Ferro Con- 
crete Construction Co., Cincinnati, O. Affilia- 
tions : Sigma Nu ; Lodge No. 589, F. & A. M. of 
Ohio; Pres., Sigma Nu Alumni Asso. (Cincin- 
nati, O.). Hobby.- Billiards and golf. Married: 
Jeanette Stone, 1914. Children: Susan Vir- 
ginia, age 9. Office.- Third and Elm Sts., Cin- 
cinnati, O. Home: 3420 Berry Ave., Cincin- 
nati, O. 

BACON, BENJAMIN W., mem., Yale football 
team, 1880. Born.- Litchfield, Ct., Jan. 15, 
1860. Son of Leonard W. and Susan Bacon. 
Ed.: Yale, B.A. 1881, B.D. 1884, M.A. (Hon.) 
1892; D.D. Western Reserve, 1893; Univ. of 
Breslau (Germany), 1911; Harvard Univ., 1914; 
Litt.D., Syracuse Univ., 1895; Oxford, 1920. 

Record: Mem., Yale freshman F. B. team, 
class of 1881. Substitute Yale F.B. team in 
soph, and jr. years ; mem., Yale F.B. team, se- 
nior year. (Capt. Walter Camp, Yale, 1880.) 

Pres. Occupation.- Professor, Yale Univ. 
Married: Eliza B. Aiken, 1884. Children.- 
Dorothy Buckingham, age 42; Benjamin S., age 
39. Office: Yale Univ., New Haven, Ct. Home.- 
244 Edwards St., New Haven. 

ball. Born: Westbrook, Conn., Aug. 18, 1890. 
Son of Clarence Everett and Katherine (Whit- 
ing) Bacon. Ed.: B.S., Wesleyan Univ., 1913. 

Record: 1909-12, mem. Wesleyan Univ. F.B. 
and tennis teams (capt. F.B., 1912; capt. ten- 
nis, 1911 ; won New Eng. I.C. doubles champ., 
1910-13; picked on Walter Camp's 3rd All- 
Amer. F.B. team, 1912). 1911-13, mem. Wes- 
leyan Univ. B.B. team. 1924-26, won Montclair 
G.C. golf champ. 1926, won Sleepy Hollow invi- 
tation golf tournament. 

Pres. Occupation: Partner, Spencer Trask & 
Co. Mil. Service: Enlisted, Sept., 1917, U. S. 
Army Inf. ; comnd. 2nd Lt, F.A., June, 1918 ; 
discharged, 1918. Affiliations: Dir. Broadway 
Realty Co. (N. Y. C.) and Aeronautical Indus- 
tries, Inc. ; Psi Upsilon ; Downtown Asso. ; 





Y.M.C.A. Clubs: Montclair C.C. (chrmn. greens 
com.) ; Colonial (Montclair). Hobby: Golf, 
fishing and horseback. Married: Eva Peabody, 
Nov., 1915. Office: 25 Broad St., N. Y. C., N. Y. 
Home: Montclair, N. J. 

BACON, FRANCIS WILLIAM, pro. baseball. 
Born.- South Bend, Ind., Jan. 11, 1894. Son of 
A. W. and Mabel V. (Hamilton) Bacon. Ed.: 
A.B., Wabash Coll., 1918. U.S. Sch. of Aviation. 

Record: 1912, high sch. Ind. B.B. champ.; 
chosen on All-Ind. Bskt. B. team, 1913 ; won 
4 "letters," Princeton prep, sch., 1914-18; coll. 
ath., winning place on the All-Ind. F.B. and 
Bskt. B. teams. 1918, selected on All-Southern 
Army F.B. team. 1919, mem., Little Rock pro. 
B.B. team (S. League). 1919-25, mem., Dayton 
Triangles pro. F.B. team. 1920-25, mem., Fort 
Wayne pro. Bskt. B. team. 1920-28, played 
semi-pro. B.B. with Dayton, Cincinnati, Rich- 
mond, Springfield and Marion. Cincinnati 
played Beaver Falls for the Triple A Champ, 
of the U.S. ; Ohio Conf. referee for F.B., Bskt. B. 
and B.B. 1921, mem., Massillon Agathons, semi- 
pro, champs of the world. 1927, mem., Jim 
Thorpe's Portsmouth pro. team. 

Pres. Occupation.- Gen. Mgr., Van Scoy 
Chemical Co. Mil. Service: U. S. Aviation ser- 
vice; hon. discharged, 1918. Affiliations: Ohio 
F.B. Officials' Asso. ; Pres., Miami Valley- 
Officials' Asso. ; Beta Theta Pi ; Masons ; Eagles 
and Marion C.C. Hobby.- Athletics. Married: 
Ruth S. Weaver, 1920. Children.- Betty Ann, 
age 6; Francis Bill, age 2. Office: Douglas & 
Town, Mt. Gilead, O. Home.- 236 W. High St., 
Mt. Gilead, O. 

BACON, GEORGE C, JR., mem., world's 
famous Univ. of Pennsylvania 4-mile relay team, 
1914. Born: Baltimore, Md., Jan. 23, 1891. 
Son of Rev. George C. and Mary (Compton) 
Bacon. Ed.: Baltimore City Coll.; B.S., Univ. 
of Pa., 1916. 

Record: 1909-13, mem., Baltimore City Coll. 
track and F.B. team (capt. track, 1912). 1910- 
11, defeated Tate (Canadian champ.), in special 
mile, Johns Hopkins Univ. 1911, won S.I.C. 
indoor mile (Richmond, Va.), 4 min. 29 sec. 
1912, estab. S. Atlantic half-mile record (2 min. 
3 sec.) ; estab. S. Atlantic champ. 1-mile relay 
(3 min. 28 sec.) ; won S. Atlantic open 
mile. 1913-14, mem., Univ. of Pa. freshman 
track team (team still holds I.C. freshman mile 
record) ; mem., Univ. of Pa. nat'l 2 and 4 mile 
relay teams. 1920-21, coach Baltimore City 
Coll. 1920-28, officiated S. Atlantic A.A.U. and 
I.C. meets. 1923-25, organized Baltimore Police 
track and field team (Amer. Police champs, 

Pres. Occupation: Md. Lacquer and Varnish 
Co. Mil. Service: Marine Flying Corps., Bos- 

ton, Mass., 1918-19. Affiliations: Colonial Club, 
(Harrisburg, Pa.). Hobby: Track and field 
sports. Married: Alma Anderson, June 4, 
1917. Office: 410 W. Conway St., Baltimore, 
Md. Home: 3820 Barrington Rd., Baltimore, 

BACON, JOHN KENLY, mgr., Tale Univ. 
champ, baseball team, 1925. Bom: Wilmington, 
N. C, Dec. 24, 1903. Son of Carl K. and Elea- 
nor K. Bacon. Ed.: Andover, 1921; Yale, 1925. 

Record: 1921, mem., Andover B.B and hockey 
teams. 1925, mgr., Yale champ. B. B. team ; 
mem. Yale freshman hockey team. 

Pres. Occupation: Treas. Nat. Architects Ex- 
hibit Corp. Affiliations: Beta Theta Pi; Yale 
Clubs of N. Y. and Boston. Hobby: baseball. 
Married: Mary Mellon. Children: John Kenly, 
Jr., infant. Office: 11 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 
Home: 512 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. ( 

tional Figure Skating Champion. Born: Boston, 
Massachusetts, August 29, 1901. Son of George 
S. C. and Grace (Spear) Badger. Education: 
A.B., Harvard, 1923. 

Record: 1918-20-21-22-23-24, National figure 
skating champion. 1921-23, coxswain of Har- 
vard 2nd varsity crew. 1923, coxswain of Har- 
vard varsity crew. 1928, member of United 
States Olympic Figure Skating team at St. 

Present Occupation: Journalist. Affiliations: 
Wall Street Journal; New York Skating Club; 
United States Figure Skating Association (mem- 
ber of executive committee). Married: Mary 
Bancroft, December 15, 1924. Office: 44 Broad 
Street, New York City. Home: 33 Fifth Avenue, 
New York City. 

Bom: St. Louis, Mo., Apr. 6, 1899. Son of 
Noble S. and Julia (Neuenhahn) Endicott. Ed.: 
McKinley H. Sch., 1917. 

Record: 1922-27, won St. Louis district tennis 
tournament. 1923-27, hold Municipal tennis 
champ. 1923-28, capt., St. Louis Municipal 
champ. B. B. League (Women's) team. 1924, 
won Tri-State tennis tournament. 1925-27, won 
Mo. Valley tennis tournament. 

Affiliations: A.A.A. Hobby: Sports. Married: 
Fred A. Baehr. Home: 3217 Geyer St., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

BAER, RAYMOND, mem., Mich. Western 
Conf. Champ, team, 1925-26. Bom: Louisville, 
Ky., May 7, 1905. Son of Simie (Brownstein) 
and Nathan Baer. Ed.: DuPont Manual Train- 
ing H. Sch., (Louisville, Ky.) ; A. B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1928. 





Record: 1924, freshman numeral winner. 
1925, rec'd. Mich. Alumni of Chicago trophy as 
most valuable F.B. candidate for varsity Spring 
Practice. 1925-26, mem. Mich. West. Conf. 
Champ team. 1927, first choice guard on All- 
West, and All-Conf. teams ; Cited on many All- 
Amer. teams ; chosen as mem., All-East, team 
which played an All-West, team in San Fran- 
cisco, 1927. 

Pr^es. Occupation: student. Affiliations: Kap- 
pa Nu; "M" Club. Hobby: Soc. Welfare Work. 
Home: 1128 S. First St., Louisville, Ky. 

ball coach, Univ. of Wash. Born: Flint, Wales, 
Jan. 31, 1884. Sow of Francis and Harriet (Wil- 
liams) Bagshaw. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of 111., 1921; 
Uniy: of Wash., 1928. 

Record: 1903-04-05-06-07, mem., Univ. of 
Wash. F.B. team, (Coast champs, 1903; All- 
coast quarterback, 1906; Capt., 1907). 1910-20, 
ath. dir., Everett H* Sch., Everett, Wash. 1920- 
28, head F.B. coach, Univ. of Wash., (team won 
coast champ., 1925). 

Pres. Occupation: Head Football Coach, 
Univ. of Wash. Mil. Service: 1st. Lt. U.S. 
Engrs., 1918-19; 1st. Lt. 161 Inf. N.G.W., 1919; 
Capt. 161 Inf. N.G.W., 1920; Maj. 161 Inf. N.G. 
W., 1921; Maj. 161 Inf. O. R. C. Affiliations: 
Amer. F.B. Coaches Asso. ; Beta Theta Pi ; Oval 
Club ; Fir Tree ; Mason ; Elk ; Amer. Legion ; 
Seattle Chamber of Com.; Univ. Golf Club. 
Hobby: Bee culture, golf. Matried : Elizabeth 
Dunn, 1912. Children: Frances Elizabeth, age 
14; Margaret Louise, age 10; Robt. Wm., age 4. 
Office: Univ. of Wash., Seattle, Wash. Home: 
5609 17th. St. N.E., Seattle, Wash. 

BAHR, FRED H„ Athl. Dir., Bait. A.C. Born: 
Mt. Savage, Md., Feb. 4, 1888. Son of Harvey 
and Annie (Gallagher) Bahr. Ed.: Frostburg 
(Md.) Normal Sch., 1909. 

Record: 1902-08, mem., Eastwood Pk. (Md.) 
track team, (100 yd. champ, of Balto., '06-'08, 
10 sec). 1906-08, mem. Eastwood 1 mi. Relay 
team (champ, of Balto. '06-'08). 1906-10, mem. 
Eastwood F.B., B.B., and soccer teams. 1911-28, 
Field leader, Balto. P.A.L. 1917-18, introduced 
soccer to every H.S. in Md. 1920, one of organ, 
of Md. State Wide Soccer League. 1918-28, 
Athl. Dir., Balto. A.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Athletic Director, Balto, 
A.C. Affiliations: Mem. Balto. Marathon Com. 
'28; Emorywood A.C; Balto. A.C; Masons 
Hobby: Athletics. Married: Henrietta Dinger 
Mar. 30, 1910. Children: Norma, age 18; Lil 
lian, age 16; Robert, age 13; Edward, age 8 
Jane, age 5; Shirley, infant. Office: Balto. A 
C, Balto. Md. Home: 2117 Ridgewood Ave. 
Balto., Md. 

BAILEY, GEORGE RYLAND, mem., Univ. of 
Minn, football team, 1919-20-21. Born: Bald- 
win, Wis., Sept. 15, 1899. Son of Nelson B. and 
Elva (Barber) Bailey. Ed.: Tampa, (Fla.) H. 
Sch., 1917; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1922. 

Record: 1916, mem., Tampa H. Sch. F.B 
team (state champs.). 1917, mem. Tampa H. 
Sch. Bskt.B. • team. 1918, mem. 2nd Co. F.B. 
team, Minn. S.A.T.C. 1919-20-21, mem. Univ. of 
Minn. F.B. team. 1920-21-22, mem. Univ. of 
Minn, wrestling team, Middleweight champ. 
(Capt, 1921). 1921, mem. Univ. of Minn, track 
team. 1922, mem. Minneapolis "Liberty" pro. F. 
B. team. 1923, mem. Chicago Larrabee Y.M.C.A. 
Bskt.B. team. 1925, capt. 111. Bell Telephone 
Co. Bskt.B. team. 1928, mem. Chicago Cen. Y. 
M.C.A. volley ball team. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate broker, Albert 
H. Wetten Co. Affiliations: Theta Xi ; Minn. 
"M" club. Hobby: Writing, bridge, volley ball, 
drawing, bowling. Married: Alice M. Soady, 
1924. Children: Mary Elizabeth, age 3; Bar- 
bara Ann, age 2. Office: 1585 231 So. LaSalle 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 1219 Hull St., Evans- 
ton, 111. 

BAILEY, JOHN WENDELL, distance run- 
ner and track coach. Bom: Winona, Miss., Jan. 
9, 1895. Son of Thomas Jefferson and Emma 
(Mosley) Bailey. Ed.: Jackson (Miss.) H. 
Sch.; Miss. A. & M. Coll.; B.S., 1915; M.S., 
1917; Cornell Univ. A.B., 1916; A.M., 1925; 
Harvard Univ., A.M., Feb., 1927; Ph.D., Sept., 

Record: 1911, mem. Central H. Sch. (Jack- 
son, Miss.) ; (capt. and mgr.). 1912-15, mem. 
Miss. A. & M. Coll. F.B., Bskt.B. and track 
teams (set 2-mile record for South, 1915). 1916- 
24, coached Cross Country at Miss. A. & M. Coll. 
(won So. champ., placed in West. Conf., had 
men on 1924 Olympic team). 1916-28, official 
F.B. games. 1924, published "Handbook of 
Southern Inter-Collegiate Track and Field Ath- 

Pres. Occupation: Prof. Biol. Miss. Coll. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted U.S.N.R.F., June 12, 1918; 
comm'n in Army ; discharged Jan. 17, 1918. 
Affiliations: Miss. A. & M. Coll. Mil. Frat. (life 
sec.) ; Sigma Phi Sigma; Amer. Asso. for Ad- 
vancement of Science; Amer. Soc. of Mam- 
malogists ; Amer. Entomological Soc. ; Amer. 
Nature Asso. Married: Loui Lloyd, Dec. 27, 
1917. Children. Frances Bell,, age 7; Loui 
Lloyd, age 4. Office: Box 126, Clinton, Miss. 
Home: Monroe St., Clinton, Miss. 

squash racquets champ. Born: Annapolis, Md., 
Nov. 25, 1899. Son of Jas. L. and Georgia 
(Gaither) Bailliere. Ed.: Episcopal H. Sch. 
(Alexandria); U.S. Naval Acad., 1919; Univ. 
of Va., 1920. • 





Record: 1914-18, mem., Episcopal H. Sch. 
F.B., B.B., and Bskt.B. teams (Capt. Bskt.B., 
1917), 1919, mem. plebe crew U.S.N.A. 1921, 
So. Atlantic fancy diving champ. ; mem. Balti- 
more A.C. 200 yd. relay swimming team ; So. At- 
lantic champs. 1922-28, mem. Baltimore A.C. 
squash racquets team. 1924, participated K. of 
P. regatta (Wash. D.C.). 1924-25-26-28, Md. 
State squash racquets (singles) champ. 1924- 
28, mem. Ariel Rowing Club crew (8 oared). 
1927, mem. crew, So. Rowing Asso. Regatta. 

Pres. Occupation: Bond salesman, Nat. City 
Co., (Baltimore, Md.). Affiliations: Delta Psi; 
Baltimore A.C. ; Ariel Rowing Club ; Bait. 
Club; Maryland Club; Gibson Island Club. 
Hobby: Sail boating. Office: Union Trust Bldg., 
Baltimore, Md. Home: 11 E. Chase St., Balti- 
more, Md. Subscriber. 

of Pa., I.C. Champs, soccer team, 1923-24. Born: 
Phila., Pa. Aug. 8, 1903. Son of Samuel L. and 
Frances (Newlin) Baily. Ed.: Germantown 
Friends Sch., 1921; B.S., Univ. of Pa., 1925. 

Record,: 1920-21, mem., Germantown Friends 
Sch. soccer, Bskt.B. and B.B. teams (Capt. B. 
B., 1921.). 1923-24, mem. Univ. of Pa. I. C. 
Champ, soccer team. 1925, mem. Phila. Cricket 
Club soccer team. 

Pres. Occupation: Yard master, Reading R.R. 
Affiliations: Zeta Psi; Phila. Cricket Club; Pa. 
Varsity Club. Hobby: Mountain climbing. 
Home: Catawissa, Pa. Home: 124 W. Penn St., 
Germantown, Phila., Pa. 

Born: Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1882. Son of 
Richard W. and Julia (Marcellus) Bainbridge. 
Ed.: Manual Training H. Schs. (Brooklyn). 

Record: 1900-15, sailed as skipper in many 
races on Great South Bay. 1924-25, sailed and 
owned "Sayonara" in Internatl. star class 
champs. 1926, sailed and owned "Sayonara, 
2nd" in Internatl. star class champ. 1927-28, 
mem. exec, com., Internatl. Star Class Yacht 
Racing Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment banker, Bain- 
bridge & Ryan. Clubs: North Fork Yacht; In- 
ternatl. Star Class Yacht Racing Asso. ; Mont- 
clair Golf ; Montclair A.C. Hobby: Yachting. 
Married: Maybelle Cox, Apr. 17, 1907. Chil- 
dren: Eda, age 19; Doris, age 12. Office: 100 
Broadway, N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: Montclair, 
N. J. 

Born: East Orange, N. J., Oct. 3, 1888. -Son of 
William Torrey and Anne (Grant) Baird. Ed.: 
Newark Acad. 1907. PHB, Yale, 1910. 

Record: 1908, mem., Yale fresh, relay team. 
1909, mem. Yale track team (indoor relay and 

broad jump). 1910, mem. Yale indoor relay 
team (broke records at Columbia games Madi- 
son Sq. Garden) ; won Yale-Princeton broad 
jump; 2nd. Yale-Harvard broad jump. 1915, 
owned and raced displacement runabout in- 

Pres. Occupation: Vice Pres. Baird Rubber & 
Trading Co. Affiliations: Dir. So. Orange Trust 
Co. ; Pres. So. Orange Community House ; Cen- 
tury Lodge F. & A.M. ; Essex County C.C ; Cedar 
Ridge G.C. Hobby: Game photography. Mar- 
ried: Ruth Hathaway Ryan, Feb. 1917; Dorothy 
Grace Norton, June, 1923. Children: Priscilla 
Ruth, age 10; Collier W., Jr., age 4; John Tor- 
rey, age 2 ; William N., age 1. Office: 233 Broad- 
way, N. Y. C. Home: 285 Ridgewood Rd., 
South Orange, N. J. 

BAIRD, GEORGE H., holder West. Conf. 440 
yd. dash record, time 50.1 sees. Born: Grand 
Island, Nebr., Mar. 5, 1907. Son of Wm. H. and 
Louise Baird. Ed.: Mason City H. Sch. ; Univ. 

Record: 1923-25, mem. Mason City H. Sch. 
track team (undefeated in 440 yd. dash and 
dual meets ; runner-up, State meet, 1923-24 ; 
placed 1st State meet, 1925). 1926, mem. Univ. 
Iowa freshmen track team (won 1st place in 
Telegraphic Conf. indoor and outdoor meets). 
1927-28, mem. Univ. Iowa varsity track team. 
1927, mem. champ, relay team. 1928, set in- 
door West. Conf. record for 440 yd. dash, time, 
50.1 sees. ; runner-up, outdoor West. Conf, 
meet; won Midwest A.A.U. meet, setting rec- 
ord of 47.9 sees, in 400 meters ; placed in Olym- 
pic tryouts, Phila. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliation: Sigma 
Chi. Address: Mason City, Iowa. 

BAIRD, HAROLD S., champ. N. J. State 
Senior's Golf Asso. Born: Murfreesboro, Tenn., 
Apr. 24, 1875. Son of Samuel H. and Emma 
(McCullough) Baird. Ed: Woodbury Coll., 

Record: 1922. champ, (golf) Newark, N. J., 
Ath. Club. 1922-23-24-25, champ, (golf) Down 
Town Club (Newark, N. J.). 1925-26-27, 
champ., N. J. State Senior's Golf Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Gen. Ins. Clubs: Newark 
(N.J.) A.C; Down v Town, (Newark, N.J.) ; 
Shackamaxon C.C. (Westfield, N.J.). Hobby: 
Golf, hunting and dancing. Married: Pauline 
Gruner. Office: 60 Park Place, Newark, N.J. 
Home: 30 So. Munn Ave., East Orange, N.J. 

BAIRD, JAMES ARTHUR, mem. All West- 
ern Honorary Eleven, 1902. Born: Carthage, 
111., Nov. 2, 1877. Son of Alexander and May 
(Moore) Baird. Ed.: Carthage H. Sch.; A.B., 
Carthage Coll., 1900; N. West. Univ. Law Sch. 






Record: 1896-1900, mem. Carthage Coll. F.B. 
and track teams. 1900, mem. West. Univ. F.B. 
team. 1901, mem. N. West. Univ. Bskt.B., F.B. 
and track teams. 1902, mem. N. West. Univ. 
B.B., track and F.B. teams ; mem. All- Western 
Honorary Eleven. 1903, mem. N. West. Univ. 
track team ; coach, Carleton Coll. F.B. team. 
1904-05, coach, Carleton Coll. F.B. team. 1906- 
07, coach Whitman Coll. F.B. team. 1908-14, 
ath. dir., Carthage Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, dir. Hancock 
County Natl. Bank. Affiliations: Mason; Han- 
cock County Auto Club ; Carthage Commercial 
Club. Hobby: Farming. Married: Georgia 
Hubbs (deceased). Office: Ferris Bldg., Car- 
thage, 111. Home: Carthage, 111. 

Washington, D. C, May 30, 1905. Son of Ar- 
thur B. and May (Davis) Baker. Ed.: H. D. 
Cooke Sch; Cen. H. Sen., (Wash. D.C.) ; B.A., 
Swarthmore Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1925, mem., Swarthmore Coll. track 
team ; coll. and freshman records in discus, 
139'10y 2 "; M.A.I.C.A.A. discus record, 136'5". 
1926, mem. Swarthmore Coll. track team; coll. 
and M.A.I.CA.A. record in discus, 141' ; 1st in 
Penn Relays 139'; with Wash. Canoe Club at 
the D.C.S.A.A.A.U. Meet was placed 1st in 
senior discus, 137', 1st in Jr. shot, 39'10", 2nd 
in senior shot, 39'4". 1927, mem. Swarthmore 
track team ; coll. and M.A.I.C.A.A. record in dis- 
cus, 143'8 1 /^" ; 2nd in Penn. Relays discus, 
133'9"; with Wash. Canoe Club at S.A.A.A.U. 
meet, placed 1st in discus, 135'11", 3rd in shot, 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Swarthmore Coll. A.A; Wash. Canoe C.A.A; 
Delta Upsilon. % Hobby: Biology and medicine. 
Pres. Address: Swarthmore Coll., Swarthmore, 
Pa. Home: 1767 Lanier PL, Wash., D.C. 

BAKER, EUGENE VOY, father of football at 
Yale. Bom: Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1855. 
Son of O. S. and Sarah Matlock (Van Voy) 
Baker. Ed.: B.A., Yale. 

Record: 1873-77, mem. Yale F.B. team (capt., 
2 yrs.). Participated in following games: 
1873, Yale 3 vs. Rutgers 0; Yale vs. Prince- 
ton 3; Yale 2 vs. Eton (Eng.) 1. 1874, Yale 6 
vs. Stevens Inst. ; Yale 5 vs. Columbia 1 ; 
Yale 6 vs. Columbia 1. 1875, Yale 4 vs. Rut- 
gers 1 ; Yale vs. Harvard 4 ; Yale 6 vs. Wash. 
0; Yale 2 vs. Columbia 3. 1876, Yale 1 vs. Har- 
vard 0; Yale 2 vs. Princeton 0; Yale 2 vs. Co- 
lumbia 0. 1877, Yale 1 vs. Tufts ; Yale 7 vs. • 
Trinity 0; Yale 13 vs. Stevens 0; Yale vs. 
Princeton 0. Coached the famous Walter 
Camp. Capt. first F.B. team which won a game 
from Harvard. On bronze tablet in Yale's tro- 
phy room is inscribed the following : "In rec- 

ognition of the services of E. V. Baker, the or- 
ganizer and captain of Yale's first victorious 
football team, this room has been furnished 
and this tablet placed here by his classmates." 
Pres. Occupation: Realty subdivider. Clubs: 
Los Angeles A.C. ; Calif. Club ; Los Angeles 
C.C. ; Casa Delmar Club ; Yale Asso. ; Yale 
Club (N. Y.). Office: 512 Grant Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Calif. Home: 4809 Cromwell St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

BAKER, H. FENIMORE, JR., Lacrosse. 
Born: Boundbrook, N.J., Feb. 13, 1897. Son of 
Henry F. and Cora (Warman) Baker. Ed.: 
Friends Sch., (Baltimore, Md.) ; Swarthmore 
Coll., 1917. 

Record: 1915-16, mem., Swarthmore F.B. and 
lacrosse teams. 1916-17, mem., Swarthmore 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1920-28, mem., Mt. 
Wash. Club lacrosse team. 1923, All-Md. la- 
crosse player. 1927, official lacrosse referee for 
Baltimore district. 1928, leading team in Olym- 
pic Contender. 

Pres. Occupation: Sales mgr. War Record: 
Enlisted Apr. 12, 1917 ; 1st Nat'l. guard coast 
arty., 58th arty, C.A.C ; mem., A.E.F ; 1st army 
arty, reserve area. Discharged Oct. 1918. Affil- 
iations: Delta Upsilon; Mt. Wash. Club. 
Hobby: Lacrosse. Married: Helen Graham, 
June 1, 1921. Children: Suzanne, age 6; Nancy, 
age 3. Office: Hanover and Fayette St., Balti- 
more, Md. Home: 311 Thornhill Rd., Balti- 
more, Md. (Subscriber). 

BAKER, WILLIAM EDGAR, Judge of terrier 
dogs at Amer. leading dog shows. Born: Pales- 
tine, Tex., Jan. 19, 1885. Son of Wm. E. and 
Harriet (Griffin) Baker. Ed.: B.S., Hill Sch. 
(Pottstown, Pa.); C.E., Princeton; Harvard. 

Record : Mem., Hill Sch. track team, 4 yrs. 
(Capt. 1905). Breeder and owner of dogs; 
sports writer on dog shows ; author of books 
on dogs ; judge of dogs at many of Amer. lead- 
ing dog shows. Cruising yachtsman for twenty 

Pres. Occupation: Architect. Affiliations: 
Elks ; Princeton Club ; Princeton Elm Club ; The 
Leash-Indian Harbor Yacht Club ; Huntington 
Yacht Club ; The Cruising Club of Amer. ; Amer. 
Fox Terrier Club; Cairn, Welsh & Airedale 
Clubs of Amer. Married: Ella Marian Lindley. 
Clubs of Amer. Office: 105 W. 40 St., N.Y.C., N.Y. 

State Champ, football team, 1912. Boi-n: 
Springfield, Mo., May 27, 1890. Son of A. R. 
and May I. (Fletcher) Baldwin. Ed.: Spring- 
field H. Sch., 1908; Drury Acad., 1909; A.B., 
Drury Coll., 1913. 

Record: 1909-10-11-12, mem., Drury Coll. var- 
sity F.B. team (Capt., 1911). 1908-09-10-11-12, 
mem. Drury Coll. varsity Bskt.B. team (Capt., 




1910). 1912, mem. Mo. State Champ F.B. team. 
1908-09-10-11-12-13, won Coll. tennis champ. 
1917-18-19, coached Drury Coll. F.B, and Bskt. 
B. teams (Mo. State Coll. Champs, 1917). 

Pres. Occupation: Hardware business. Affili- 
ations: Mgr. A. R. Baldwin & Sons Hardware 
Co. ; Sec.-Treas. Frigidaire Sales Co. ; Vice-Pres. 
Haydenite Brick & M chinery Co. (St. Louis, 
Mo.) ; "D" Club; Y.M.C.A; Kappa Alpha; Pres. 
Springfield Tennis Club. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Ruth Thomas, 1914. Children: Helen 
May, age 11 ; George F., Jr., age 8 ; William 
Alfred, age 5. Office: 309 South Ave., Spring- 
field, Mo. Home: 1117 Weller Ave., Springfield, 

Doane Coll. football team, 1927. Born: Crete, 
Neb., Nov. 16, 1905. Son of Geo. W. and Myrtle 
(Crittenden) Baldwin. Ed.: Crete H. Sch. ; Do- 
ane Coll. 

Record : 1921-22-23, mem., Crete H. Sch. F.B. 
and BsktB. teams. 1924-25-26-27, mem., Doane 
Coll. F.B. team (Capt. '27; All-State honor roll, 
'26.). 1926, Spaulding's list of Leading Half- 
backs in Amer. 1925-26, mem. Doane Coll. track 
team (record holder in the javelin throw). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Pres. 
Doane Ath. Board of Control, 1925-26; "D" 
Club ; Delta Kappa Pi ; Congregational Church. 
Home: 610 Forest Ave., ; Crete, Neb. 

BALDWIN, JAMES, mem., Dartmouth foot- 
ball team, 1906-07. Born: Manchester, N.H., 
May 26, 1886. Son of Fred C. and Lena T. 
(Nickerson) Baldwin. Ed.. ■ Summerville (Mass.) 
H. Sch; Dartmouth, 1906-08; Harvard, 1922. 

Record: 1906-07, mem., Dartmouth F.B. team. 
1915-18, coach R. I. State Coll. 1919-21, coach 
F.B. and Bskt.B., Univ. of Maine. 1921-22, dir. 
ath. and phys. ed., Trinity Coll. 1922-25, coach 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B., Lehigh Univ. 1926-28, 
dir. ath., Wake Forest Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and coach. War 
Record: Div. ath. dir. A.B.F., 1918-1919, in 
France. Hobby: Athletics. .Married: Carol B. 
Massonneau, 1923. Childrens Marguerite, age 
3 ; Priscilla, age 2 ; James, age 1. Office : Wake 
Forest Coll., Wake Forest, N. C. Home: Wake 
Forest, N. C. 

BALL, CHARLES CLYDE, football. Born: 
Ramona, S. Dak., Oct. 21, 1881. Son of Fred- 
rick G. and Julia Ann (Hancock) Ball. Ed.: 
Madison (S. Dak.) H. Sch; B.A., Coe Coll., 
1905; M.A., Univ. of la., 1924. 

Record: 1901-02-0304, mem., Coe Coll. F.B., 
P.B., and track teams (Capt. F.B., 1903-04). 
Chosen as quarter back of mythical "All-Time" 
F.B. team of Coe Coll. 1905-13, refereed H. Sch. 

and Coll. games. 1906-07, coach Bellevue Coll. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1909-12, Asso. Dir. Phys. 
Ed., Coe Coll. 1915, coach West Des Moines 
H. Sch. track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. Jr. Ed., San Antonio, 
Tex. Affiliations: A.F.&A.M., (Cedar Rapids, 
la.) ; Phi Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. Hobby: 
Amateur photography, golf. Married: Rosyln 
Marie Steinke, 1908. Children: Eloise Eliza- 
beth, age 18; Zelda Blanche, age 10; Mary 
Kathryn, age 7. Office: Lavaca St., San An- 
tonio, Texas. Home: 1019 Agarita, San An- 
tonio, Tex. 

BALL, ROBERT LE ROY, football coaching. 
Born: Stafford, Kans., June 26, 1899. Son of 
Robert Russell and Laura (Henry) Ball. Ed: 
A.B., Sterling Coll., 1922. 

Record: 1918-21, mem., Sterling Coll. F.B. 
team, (capt., 1921). 1919-22, mem., Sterling 
Coll. Bskt.B. team, (capt., 1920). 1922, mem., 
Sterling Coll. B.B. team. 1922-23, head coach, 
Burlington H. Sch., (F.B. team undefeated, 
1922). 1924-28, head coach Lakeland H. Sch. 
1925, won state F.B. champ. 1926, won state 
single tennis champ. 1927, won State H. Sch. 
golf tournament. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Mil. Service: 
Mem. SA.T.C, Sterling Coll. Affiliations: Pi 
Kappa Delta; "S" club, (Sterling Coll.) ; Cleve- 
land Heights G. and C.C. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Ruth Russell, Aug. 1921. Children: 
Bai-bra Jean, age 5; Marion Lea, age 2. Office: 
Lakeland H. Sch., Lakeland,' Fla. Home: 
Cleveland Court, Lakeland, Fla. (Subscriber). 

BALL, SYDNEY HOBART, baseball. Born: 
Chicago, 111., Dec. 11, 1877. Son of Farlin Q. 
and Elizabeth (Hall) Ball. Ed.: Univ. of Wis., 
A.B., 1901; Ph.D., 1910. 

Record: 1898-99, mem., Univ. of Wis. B.B. 
team (Capt., 1899). 1900-28, explorations in 
Belgian, Congo, Greenland, etc. For Congo ex- 
plorations, made "Officer of Royal Order of 

Pres. Occupation: Mining geologist, Rogers 
Mayer & Ball, mining engrs. Affiliations: Dir. 
Amer. Inst, of Mining and Metallurgical Engrs. ; 
Vice-Pres. Mining & Metallurgical Soc. of 
Amer. ; Geol. Soc, Amer. ; Soc. of Economic 
Geologists ; Geological Soc. of Belgium ; Engrs. 
Club; Midday and Explorers Club (N.Y.C.). 
Home: 829 Park Ave., N.Y.C., N.Y. 

BALLARD, RAY HALCOMB, basketball. 
Born: Woodward, Okla., Apr. 6, 1897. Son of 
Thomas -Dotson and Mary Lula (Godwin) Bal- 
lard. Ed.: N. West. Normal; Phillips Univ., A. 
B., 1922 ; B.S., 1923 ; George Peabody Coll. 

Record: 1914-15-16-17, mem., N. West. Normal 
"Ranger" Bskt.B. team. 1920-21, mem., Phillips 




Univ, Bskt.B. team. 1922-23, dir. ath. and 
Bskt.B. coach, Phillips Univ. 1924-25-26-27, dir. 
phy. ed. and head coach, N. East. State Teach- 
ers Coll., (Tahlequah, Okla.). 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher, dir. of phys. ed. 
and coach. Affiliations: Okla. Coll. Conf; Ki- 
wanis ; Red Cross Life saver ; Soc. for Crippled 
Children; Ath. Council; Officials Club. Hobby: 
Playing piano. Harried: Lenna C. Lewellen. 
Children: Jack Duane, age 6; Bob Gene, age 2. 
Office: Northeastern State Teachers Coll., Tahle- 
quah, Okla. Home: Box 22, Tahlequah, Okla. 

Pres. Occupation: Contractor; Gen. Mgr. 
Craftsman Stucco Co. Mil. Service: Food Ad- 
ministration, Chief Waste Utilizations Div. 
Affiliations: Treas., Sanitary Floors Corp; Vice- 
Pres. Stockade Bluendge Corp ; Bannockburn 
G. C ; Princeton Varsity Club ; Campus Club. 
Hobby: Hand ball. Harried: Harriett Wood- 
ruff, Aug. 23, 1911. Children: Frederick, Jr., 
age 15 ; Richard, age 11 ; Robert, age 7 ; Har- 
vey, age 4. Office: 3206 K St., N.W., Wash. D. 

C. Home: 1895 Ingleside Terrace, N.W., Wash. 

D. C. 

BALLIET, ANDREW J., mem.. Yale varsity 
crew, 1891-92. Born: Lehighton, P., Jan. 9, 
1863. Son of Nathan and Sarah (Meinhard) 
Balliet. Ed.: Phillips Andover Acad.; A.B., Yale, 

Record: 1891-92, mem,, Yale varsity crew. 
1893-96, mem. Seattle Ath. Club F.B. team. 

Office Address: 320 Railway Exchange Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash. 

BALLIN, HAROLD R., capt., Princeton foot- 
ball team, 1914. Born: N.Y.C., N.Y., Oct. 16, 
1893. Son of Jacques and Emilia (Iauch) Bal- 

lin. Ed.: C.E., Princeton, 1915. 


Record : 1911, mem., Princeton freshman 
F.B. team. 1912-14, mem., Princeton varsity F. 
B. team, (capt. 1914). 1913, mem., Princeton 
wrestling team. 1914, mem., Princeton ti'ack 
team. 1915, coach F.B. Lafayette Coll. 1916- 
19, coach F.B. Princeton. 1922, head coach 
Shadyside Sch. 1922, mem., Cen. Br. F.B. offi- 
cials. 1923-24, head coach Duquesne Univ. 

Pres. Occupation: Automobile tire distributor. 
Mil. Service: 2nd. Lieut. U.S. Marine Corps, 
July 7, 1917 to Aug. 1918; 1st! Lieut. U.S. Ma- 
rine Corps, Aug. 1918 to Dec. 1918. Affiliations: 
K.C. Clubs: Wash: G. and C.C; "P," (Prince- 
ton Univ.) ; Charters Heights C.C. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Alice Wrenshall. Children: 
Emilia Jane, infant. Office: 1409 5th Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 4 Lawson Ave., Crafton, 

ing. Born: N.Y., Apr. 9, 1888. Son of Fred- 
erick A. and Antonia (Funk) Bamman. Ed.: 
Asbury Park (N.J.) H. Sch.; C.E., Princeton, 

Record: 1907-08-09. mem., Princeton F.B., 
swimming and water polo teams (Capt. water 
polo, 1908-09). 1913-15, mem. So. Atlantic A. 
A.U. Champ, relay team (100, 220, 449 and 200 
yds.). 1915-19, D.C. Champ. (1 man, single 
blade); mem., Wash. Canoe Club canoe team. 
1920, won (1 man, single blade) Am. Canoe 
Asso. Nat. Champ ; mem. team winning Am. 
Canoe Asso. Nat. Champ. 

BANBURY, JOHN QUINCY, football and 
track. Born: Danville, Ohio, Aug. 29, 1883. 
Son of Richard and Sarah Jane (Bailey) Ban- 
bury. Ed.: Bethany Prep. Sch. 1904; D.D.S., 
Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1908. 

Record: 1902-04, mem., Bethany Prep. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1905-08, mem., Univ. of Pittsburgh 
F.B. and track teams, (capt., 1908). Indi- 
vidual champ., West. Pa. I.C. track and field 
meet, (hold record 50-yd.-5.2 sec, 110 yds.-lO 
sec, 220 yds.-22 sec, broad jump, 22'6"). 1906- 
08, picked All-West. Pa. h.b. 1908, hon. men- 
tion by Walter Camp. 1912-28, coach, Friends 
Univ. F.B. and track teams, (champ. F.B. 
team, 1914-21-23). 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Affiliations: Delta 
Sigma Delta; Mason. Hobby: Athletics. Mar- 
ried: Margaret Carey, Sept. 3, 1913. Children: 
Richard C, age 11; Jean L., age 7. Office: 807 
Bitting Bldg., Wichita, Kans. Home: 1115 
Perry St., Wichita, Kans. 

BANCROFT, HUGH, crew. Born: Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Sept. 13, 1879. Son of Wm. A. 
and Mary (Shaw) Bancroft. Ed.: Harvard, A. 
B., 1897, A.M., 1898, L.L.B., 1901. 

Record: 1897-98. mem.. Weld Boat Club se- 
nior crew, (participated Nat'l. regatta). 1899- 
1901, mem., Harvard varsity crew. 1902, coach 
Harvard freshman crew. 1902-07, mem., Union 
Boat Club senior crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Publisher, Barron's Week- 
ly. Mil. Service: 1st. Lieut. Regt. Adj., 5th 
Mass. Inf., (Spanish War). Affiliations: Sec, 
Dow Jones and Co. ; Pub., The Wall St. Journal ; 
Vice-Pres., Boston News Bureau Co. ; Dir., At- 
lantic Nat'l. Bk., (Boston, Mass.). Clubs: 
Union Boat; East. Yacht; Cohasset Yacht; 
New Riding; The Brookline C.C; Cohasset G. 
C. ; Commercial ; Merchants ; St. Botolph ; Al- 
gonquin ; Tennis and Racquet; Exchange; "H," 
(Harvard Univ., Boston, Mass. and N. Y.). In- 
dia House. Married: Jane Wallis Waldron, 
Jan. 15, 1907. Children: Mary; Jessie; Jane; 
Hugh, Jr. Office: 30 Kilby St., Boston, Mass. 
Home: 352 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 



ard College football team, 1917. Born: Liv- 
ingston, Ala., Aug. 25, 1904. Son of Dr. J. D. 
and Ha E. Bancroft. Ed.: Woodlawn H. Sch.; 
A.B., Howard Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1922, capt., Woodlawn H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1922-23, mem., Woodlawn H. Sch. Bskt. 
B. and F.B. teams, (Capt. F.B., 1923). 1923, 
won Jaffe Trophy, (AU-Around merit). 1924, 
capt. Howard Coll. freshman F.B. team. 1924- 
25, mem., Howard Coll. freshman Bskt.B. team. 
1925, mem., Howard Coll. freshman B.B. team. 
1925-27, mem., Howard Coll. varsity F.B. team, 
(capt., 1927). 1925-28, mem., Howard Coll. 
varsity Bskt.B team. 1926-28, mem., Howard 
Coll. varsity B.B. team. Awarded Porter Lov- 
ing Cup, (best All-Around ath., Howard Coll.). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: S.I. 
A.A; Sigma Nu. Hobby: Bird-hunting. Home: 
7922 Underwood Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

BANGS, BENTON M., mem., Washington 
State College football team. Born: Moscow, 
Idaho, Sept. 5, 1893. Son of Henry H. and 
Alice (Young) Bangs. Ed.: Albion State Nor- 
mal; B.S., M.S., Wash. State Coll., 1917. 

Record: 1909-13, mem., Albion State Normal 
F.B. team. 1910-14, mem., Albion State Nor- 
mal Bskt.B. and B.B. team, (capt. F.B. and 
Bskt.B., 1912-13; capt. B.B., 1913-14). 1914- 
17, mem., Wash. State Coll. F.B. team, (capt., 
1916; won Pacific coast champ., 1915-17). 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant. Sec.-Treas. Har- 
rison Bang, Inc. Mil. Service: Marine Corps. 
Affiliations: Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Mason. Mar- 
ried: Esther Horan, June 24, 1919. Children: 
Benton M. ,Jr., age 6; Henry Horan, age 3. 
Home: R.F.D. No. 2, Wenatchee, Wash. 

Born: Palmer, Mass., Feb. 25, 1896. Son of 
Charles H. and Elizabeth (Thompson) Banis- 
ter. Ed.: B.P.E., Springfield, (Mass) Coll., 

Record: 1917-19, mem., Springfield Coll. B.B. 
team. 1919, Head coach, F.B., Englewood, (N. 
J.) H.S. 1920-22, Head coach, Bskt.B. and 
Track, Asheville, (N.C.) Sch. 1922-24, Dir. of 
Athl., St. Louis Country Day Sch. 1924-28, 
Head coach F.B. and Track, Asheville, (N.C.) 
Sch. (track team So. East. Prep. Sch. champs, 

Pres. Occupation: Spec. Agent, Reliance Life 
Ins. Co. Naval Service: Enlisted 1917, Merch. 
Marine; discharged 1919. Affiliations: Joint 
Bskt.B. Official Asso. ; Y.M.C.A. ; chrmn., Track 
Com. of Park Comn. ; mem., F.B.Schedule Com.; 
Mason (32° ) ; Amer. Business C. ; A.L. ; Asheville 
G.&C.C. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Hazell 
Smith, Jan. 1922. Office: 301 Flatiron Bldg., 
Asheville, N. C. Home: 99 White Fawn Drive, 
Asheville, N.C. (Subscriber). 

Born: Bradford, Eng., Nov. 16, 1881. Son of 
Charles James and Ada (Hardy) Bankart. Ed.: 
Phillips Exeter Acad; B.S., Dartmouth, 1909. 

Record: 1904-05, mem., Phillips Exeter Acad. 
F. B. team. 1907-08, mem., Dartmouth F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Wool business. Affilia- 
tions : Mason ; Newton Club ; Albemarle G.C. 
Hobby: Golf and F.B. Married: Marjorie 
Hickok, May 4, 1911. Children: Henry Regi- 
nald, Jr., age 14; Robert Charles, age 12. Office: 
401 Summer St., Boston, Mass. Home: 365 
Cabot St., Newtonville, Mass. 

Born: Bradford, Pa., Oct. 16, 1887. Son of 
Charles James and Ada (Hardy) Bankart. Ed.: 
B.S., Dartmouth Coll., 1910. 

Record: 1907-09, mem., Dartmouth Coll. F.B. 
team. 1911-12, F.B. coach, Dartmouth Coll. 
1912-16, F.B. coach, Colgate Univ. 

Pres. Occupation: Vice-Pres., J. B. Blood Co. 
Mil. Service: 1st. Lt., Air Service Aeronautics, 
1918. Affiliations: Security Trust Co. (Dir.) ; 
Tedesco C.C. ; Corinthian Yacht Club. Married: 
Miriam Stanford Blood, Apr. 4, 1917. Children: 
Deborah Kimball, age 10; Betsy Ross, age 6. 
Office: 94 Summer St., Lynn, Mass. Home: 15 
Kimball Rd., Lynn, Mass. 

BANNARD, HORACE B., football. Born: 
Morristown, N. J., Aug. 9, 1878. Son of Horace 
B. and Elizabeth (Jones) Bannard. Ed.: Long 
Branch H. Sch; A.B., Princeton, 1900. 

Record: 1893-94-95, mem., Long Branch H. 
Sch., F.B. team. 1897-98, mem., Princeton 2nd 
varsity F.B. team. 1899, mem., Princeton 
varsity F.B. team, (team won "Big Three" 
champ.). 1900-01, coach, St. John's Mil. Acad. 
(Manlius, N.Y.). 

Pres. Occupation: Hotel business, Traymore 
Hotel (Atlantic City, N.J.). Hobby: Swim- 
ming and golf. Married: Pauline Behm. Home: 
Traymore Hotel, Atlantic City, N.J. 

BANSBACH, LOUIS PHILIP, football. Born: 
Denver, Colo., Sept. 2, 1881. Son of Anthony 
and Bertha (Bartels) Bansbach. Ed.: East 
Denver H. Sch., 1900; A.B., Stanford Univ., 

Record: 1898-99, mem., East Denver H. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1900-02-03-04, mem., Stanford F.B. 
team (capt., 1900-1903 ). 1902-03-04, All-Pacific 
Coast quarterback. 1905-06, F.B. coach, Stan- 
ford. 1907-27, F.B. official, Rocky Mountain 

Pres. Occupation: Farming and stock rais- 
ing. Affiliations: Sigma Nu ; Denver C.C. Mar- 
ried: Margaret Dake, 1910. Children: Louis P., 




age 14 ; Charlotte D., age 15. Office: Route 4, 
Englewood, Colo. Home: 1045 Logan St., Den- 
ver, Colo. 

BARBA, HORACE MILLER, soccer. Born: 
Phila., Pa., Jan. 22, 1897. Son of Wm. P. and 
Letitia (Bishop) Barba. Ed.: Germantown 
Acad., 1914; Univ. of Pa., A.B., 1918, L.L.B., 

Record: 1912-14, mem., Germantown cricket 
team. 1913-14, mem., Germantown Acad, ten- 
nis team. 1914-18, mem., Univ. of Pa. cricket 
team. (All-Amer. team, 1917-18). 1918-19, asst. 
amateur coach, Univ. of Pa. soccer team. 1918- 
25, mem., Germantown Cricket Club team, 
(cricket League champs., 1920, capt., 1920-22). 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at law. Naval Ser- 
vice: Enlisted U.S. Navy, Apr. 1918, discharged 
Nov. 1919. Affiliations: Delta Tau Delta; Phi 
Delta Phi; Union League of Phila; U.S.F.B. 
Asso. ; treas., F.B. Asso. of East Pa. Hobby: 
Golf and fishing. Married: Alida R. Buehler, 
Feb. 5, 1925. Children: Alice Louis, age 4. 
Office: 1421 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: 
523 West. Mt. Airy Ave., Phila., Pa. (Sub- 

BARBE, FRANK WEBB, capt., Waynesburg 
Coll. baseball and football teams, 1904-05. Born: 
Waynesburg, Pa., June 19, 1885. Son of William 
Harvey and Buena (Myers) Barbe. Ed.: 
Waynesburg H. Sch., 1901. Waynesburg Coll. 

Record: 1902-03-04-05, mem., Waynesburg 
Coll. B.B. and F.B. teams, (capt., 1904-05). 
1906-07, coached Waynesburg Coll. B.B. and F.B. 
teams. Mem., Cen. Bd., Officials for 15 yrs. 
(Made reputation while at Waynesburg Coll. 
as halfback and considered best kicker ever 
turned out at this school). Played pro. B.B. 
one year at Greensburg, Pa., in the West Pa. 
League. Played on first B.B. team at Waynes- 
burg Coll. that ever defeated Washington and 

Pres. Occupation: With The Equitable Life 
Assurance Soc. of U.S. Affiliations: J.O.U.A.M. 
Married: Mary Draden, Oct. 31, 1917. Office: 
Canonsburg, Pa. Home: 210 Pike St., Houston, 

BARBER, PHILIP S., track. Born: Porter- 
ville, Calif., Apr. 5, 1904. Son of Schuyler A. 
and Edith F. (Henry) Barber. Ed.: Porter- 
ville Union H. Sch; A.B., Univ. of Calif., 1926. 

Record: 1922, mem., Univ. of Calif, freshman 
track team (holder of 100 yd. record, Calif. - 
Stanford freshman meet, time, 10 sec). 1924- 
25-26, mem., Univ. of Calif, varsity track team 
(capt., 1926) ; ran in I.C.A.A.A.A. meet. 1925, 
holder of South. Calif. Coll. 100 yd. record, 
Pamona (time 9% sec). 1926, won 100 and 
220 yd. in Princeton-Calif, duel meet (time 10 

sec and 21.2 sec.) ; won Natl. A.A.U. senior 100 
yd., San Francisco (time, 9.5 sec.) ; runner-up 
in Natl. A.A.U. 220 yd., San Francisco (time, 
20.9 sec.) ; holder of 100 yd. record, Calif. - 
Stanford meet (time, 9% sec). 1926-27-28, 
mem., Olympic Club track team (capt., 1928). 
1927, won dual race in 100 and 220 yd. with 
Rolland Locke, Berkeley, Calif., (time, 10 sec 
and 21% sec). 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Calif. 
Medical Sch.). Affiliations: Alpha Chi Rho; 
Nu Sigma Nu; Olympic Club (San Francisco) ; 
Golden Bear. Office: 1495 4th Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. Home: 300 Murry Ave., Porter- 

ville, Calif. 


BARD, RALPH A., baseball. Born: Cleve- 
land, O., July 29, 1884. Son of George W. and 
Helen (Norwood) Bard. Ed.: Princeton, 1906. 

Record: 190304-0506, mem., Princeton var- 
sity B.B. team. 1903-04, mem., Princeton var- 
sity Bskt.B. team. 1905, mem., Princeton var- 
sity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres., Ralph A. Bard & Co. 
War Record: Dir. Mil. Relief, Cen. Div., Amer. 
Red Cross during war. Affiliations: Auburn 
Automobile Co.; Dir. Bookhouse for Children; 
Dir. FitzSimons & Connell Dredge and Dock 
Co; Dir. Barco Mfg. Co. Clubs: Chicago; Univ. ; 
Attic ; Harvard-Yale-Princeton ; Industrial ; 
Shoreacres; Onwentsia ; Exmoor CO; Coleman 
Lake; Monterey Peninsula C.C., (Calif.); Mt. 
Lake (Fla.). Hobby: Golf, fishing and hunt- 
ing. Married: Mary Spear, 1909. Children: 
Ralph Austin, Jr., age 18 ; Janet, age 15 ; Kath- 
arine, age 11; George M., 2nd., age 3. Office: 
105 So. LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. Home: 531 
N. St. John's Ave., Highland Park, 111. 

BARDEEN, JOHN, swimming and polo. 
Born: Madison, Wis., May 23, 1908. Son of 
Dr. Charles Russell and Althea (Harmor) Bar- 
deen. Ed.: Univ. of Wis. 

Record): 1925-26-27, mem., Univ. of Wis. swim- 
ming and water polo teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Wis.). 
Affiliations: Zeta Psi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa 
Nu. School: Univ. of Wis., Madison, Wis. 

BARKALOW, DENISE, crew. Born: Omaha, 
Neb., Apr. 8, 1886. Son of Sidney D. and Caro- 
line (McNamara) Barkalow. Ed: St. Paul's 
Sch. (Concord, N.H.), 1904; Ph.B., Yale, 1907. 

Record: 1905, mem., Yale freshman crew. 
1906-07, mem., Yale varsity crew (the 1907 crew 
broke the 4 mi. upstream record, time 21 min. 
10 sec). 

Pres. Occupation: Private sec to Sen. L. C. 
Phipps of Colo. Affiliations: Barkalow Bros. 
Co., Omaha, Neb. (Vice-Pres.) ; Chi Phi; Wash. 




G. and C.C. (Rosslyn, Va.) ; Omaha A.C. 
Hobby: Golf and hunting. Married: Louise 
Peck, June 8, 1910. Children: Mary P., age 16; 
Caroline L., age 12; Gladys, age 8. Office: 143 
Senate Office Bldg., Wash., D.C. Home: 4330 
Klingle lid., Wash., D.C. Subscriber. 

BARKER, ARETAS, O., Track. Born: 
Maplewood, Me., Aug. 21, 1894. Son of Justin 
Starr .and Edna (Straw) Barker. Ed.: Thorn- 
ton Acad. Saco, Me. ; Phillips Acad., Andover, 
Mass.; PHB., Yale Univ., 1916. 

Record: 1914, mem., Yale Champ. Fresh- 
man B.B. team. 1915-16, mem., Yale relay 
team ; mem., Yale long distance medley relay 
team at Penn. carnival. (1915, winner of relay). 
1916, mem., Yale 2 mi. relay team at Penn Car- 
nival which won event and equalled world's 
record. (7'53") ; mem., Yale 2 mi. relay team at 
Meadowbrook games, breaking Middle Atlantic 
indoor record for this event ; mem., Yale winner 
indoor I.C. 6 lap race Madison Sq. Garden. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Barker-Meader & 
Co., Ins. Brokers. Naval Record: Coinm'd En- 
sign U.S.N.R.F. 1917; stationed Boston N. Yd., 
disch. May, 1919 as Lieut. Affiliations: Union 
Boat C. ; Yale C. ; Exchange C. ; Cohasset Golf 
C. ; Boston Chamber of Commerce. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Helen Howes, June, 1922. 
Children: Grant Starr, age 5 ; Elisabeth, age 1. 
Office: 50 Congress St., Boston, Mass. Home: 
Sandy Cove, Cohasset, Mass. 

Bom: Sedalia, Mo., Jan. 6, 1897. Son of M. J. 
and Myrtle (Spauldin) Barker. Ed.: Okla. City 
H. Sch; B.S., la. State Coll., 1921. 

Record: Mem., Okla. City H. Sch. F.B. team 
two yrs. (All-State guard, 1914). 1916-17-19, 
mem., la. State Coll. F.B. team, (All-la. guard 
three yrs., capt., 1917 ; All-Mo. guard two yrs., 
capt., 1919; Eckersall's All-West, guard, 1919). 
1921-22-25-26-27-28, ath. dir. and coach, Cornell. 
1922-23-24, coach, Univ. of Mich. Mem., Ames 
wrestling teams two yrs., never lost a match 
(175 lbs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and F.B. coach, 
Cornell Coll. Mil. Service: Ten mos. in Hos- 
pital Unit of Army, Fort Riley, Kans. Affilia- 
tions: Phi Kappa Psi; Lions Club. Hobby: 
Athletics. Home: Mt. Vernon, la. 

Ten conference championship swimming team. 
Born: St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 15, 1906. Son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Mayme. (King) Barnacle. Ed.: 
Cretin H. Sch., (St. Paul, Minn.) ; Univ. of 

Record: 1920-21, fancy diver, St. Paul A.C. 
swimming team. 1922, fancy diver St. Paul 
Y.M.C.A. swimming team. 1922-23, fancy diver 

champ., N. West. I.C. swimming meet. 1923, 
fancy diving champ., Twin City I.C. swimming 
meet; mem., Cretin H. Sch. F.B., Bskt.B., B.B. 
and swimming teams. 1925-27, fancy diver, 
Univ. of Minn, swimming team. 1926, mem., 
Big Ten conf. champ, swimming team. 1927- 
28, asst. ath. dir., Univ. of Minn. 

Pres. Occupation. Student. Affiliations: Phi 
Kappa Psi ; Nu Sigma Nu ; Six O'clock Club ; 
"M" club, (Univ. of Minn).) Address: 228 
Harvard' St., S.E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

of American League of Professional Baseball 
Clubs. Born: West Columbia, West Virginia, 
July 17, 1874. Son of Elias and Mary D. (Sar- 
gent) Barnard. Education: Ph.B., Otterbein Col- 
lege, 1895. 

Record: 1892-95, coached Otterbein College 
football team. 1896-97, coached 17th Regiment, 
United States Army football team. 1898, coached 
Ohio Medical University football team. 1898- 
1902, sporting editor of the Columbus (Ohio) 
Dispatch. 1903-09, secretary for the Cleveland 
Baseball Club (American League). 1910-21, vice- 
president and business manager of the Cleve- 
land Baseball Club (American League). 1922- 
27, president of the Cleveland Baseball Club 
(American League) . 1927-28, president of Ameri- 
can League of Professional Baseball Clubs. 

Present Occupation: President of American 
League of Professional Baseball Clubs. Affilia- 
tions: Vice-president of The Acetylene Stove 
Manufacturing Company (Cleveland, Ohio) ; 
secretary of the Pure Protection Life Associa- 
tion (Cleveland, Ohio); Mason; Shriner ; Elks; 
Loyal Order of Moose; Cleveland Chapter of 
the National Aeronautic Association of the 
United States. Clubs: Cleveland Athletic ; Acacia 
Country (Cleveland, Ohio) ; Union League (Chi- 
cago, Illinois). Married: Josephine E. Flick, 
•December, 1918. Address: 2410 Straus Building, 
Chicago, Illinois. 

can guard, 1901. Born: Wash., D. C, Mar. 22, 
1880. Son of Job and Florence (Putman) Bar- 
nard. Ed.: Cen. H. Sch. (Wash., D. C.) ; Nat'l 
Capitol Univ. (Wash., D. C.) ; Harvard, A.B., 
1902; L.L.B., 1904. 

Record: Mem. Cen. H. Sch. F.B. team. 1899- 
02, mem. Harvard F.B. and track teams. 1901, 
picked by Casper Whitney (famous sports 
writer) for All-Amer. guard; 1904, head coach, 
Univ. of Ga. 1905, head coach, George Wash- 
ington Univ. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at law, office of the 
Gen. Council, U. S. Internal Revenue. War 
Record: Mil. Intelligence Div. ; Bd. of Contract 
Adjustment; capt., Judge Advocate Gen. Dept, 
1921. Affiliations: Kalorama Citizens' Asso. ; 


.'.. ...,.., •■■'.■ 






Chevy Chase Club (Wash., D. C.) ; Univ. Club 
(Wash., D. C). Hobby: Tennis. Married: 
Frances P. Cassel, Nov. 17, 1909. Children: 
Elizabeth Cassel, age 12. Office: Woodward 
Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 2335 20th St. N. W., 
Wash., D. C. 

BARNARD, FRANK T., football, baseball and 
track. Born: Middletown, Ohio, July 10, 1880. 
Son of Frank J. and Annan (Fish) Barnard. 
Ed.: Seattle H. Sch. ; B.S., Wash. State Coll.. 
1904; post-grad, work, 1906. 

Record: 1898-99, mem., Seattle H. Sch. F.B., 
track, and B.B. teams. 1900, mem., Wash. 
State Coll. F.B. team (chosen by sports writ- 
ers, All-N. West end). 1901, mem., Wash. State 
Coll. F.B. and track teams (chosen by sports 
writers, All-N. West .end). 1902, mem., Wash. 
State Coll. F.B. and B.B. teams (F. B. team N. 
West champs.). 1903, mem., Wash. State Coll. 
F.B., B.B., and track teams (capt, B.B. team). 
Pres. Occupation: Registrar* Wash. State 
Coll. Affiliations: Dir., Pullman Savings and 
Loan Asso. ; Pullman Chamber of Commerce ; 
Sigma Nu ; Bd. of Control of Wash. State Coll. 
aths. (former, mem.). Hobby: H. Sch. athletics 
and hunting. Married: Blanche Baum, Aug. 20, 
1908. Children: Robert F., age 18. Office: 
Coll. Station, Pullman, Wash. Home: 706 
Calif. St., Pullman, Wash. 

crew. Born: Newport, Ky., June 12, 1900. Son 
of Robert C. and Helen (Nelson) Barnard. Ed.: 
Phillips Exeter Acad.; Tale, 1924. 

Record: 1917-19, mem., Phillips Exeter Acad, 
tennis team. 3919-20, capt., Yale freshman ten- 
nis team. 1921-22, mem., Yale, (150 lb.) crew. 
1922-24, mem., Yale varsity crew, (won from 
Univs. of Columbia, Pa., Harvard, Princeton 
and Cornell). 

Pres. Occupation: W. E. Hutton and Co. 
Mil. Service: Capt., S.A.T.C., (Phillips Exeter 
Acad.). Affiliations: Cincinnatus Asso. Clubs: 
Cincinnati Tennis; "Y." (Yale Univ.); Univ.; 
St. Elmo, (New Haven, Conn.). Office: W. E. 
Hutton and Co., 4th and Walnut Sts., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Home: 3061 Annwood St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

BARNES, CHARLES W., JR., tennis. Born: 
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 5, 1901. Son of Charles W. 
and Lucie (Portmess) Barnes. Ed.: Wash. Univ. 
B. S., M. C. E., 1922. 

Record: 1921, mem., Wash. Univ. tennis team, 
(won Mo. Valley I. C. conf.). 1922, won For- 
est Park Tennis Club singles and doubles. 1923, 
runner-up St. Louis tennis singles. 1924, runner- 
up St. Louis City champ, (doubles with Elmer 
Schwarz). 1927, won Ark. State tennis champ, 
(doubles with Karl Kammami). 

Pres. Occupation: Civil engr.. Affiliations : Bd. 
of Public Service (St. Louis, Md.) ; A. A. A.; 
Engrs.' Club ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hobby: Ath- 
letics. Office: 300 City Hall, St. Louis, Mo. Home: 
5370 Pershing St., St. Louis, Mo. 

BARNES, CLARENCE A., Baseball. Born: 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1882. Son of Wm. D. 
and Mabel (Harding) Barnes. Ed.: Yale, B.A., 
1904; LL.B., 1906. 

Record: 1902-1905, mem. Yale B.B. team. 
1902-1904, mem. Yale Gun Club (capt. 1904). 
1903 and 1904, Billiard Champ (Yale). 1905, 
mem. (c. f.) Walter Camp's All-Amer. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: Bos- 
ton A. A.; (Pres.), Wild G .C. ; Masons. Hobby.- 
Golf and Billiards. Married: Doreen Kane. 
Children: Clarence A., Jr., age 21 ; David H., 
age 19 ; Jane, age 17 ; John, age 13. Office: 85 
Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. Home.- 79 Rum- 
ford St., Mansfield, Mass. 

BARNES, EMILE, professional baseball. 
Born: Suggsville, Ala., Dec. 25, 1904. Son of 
W. M. and Helen (Davis) Barnes. Ed.: Clark 
County H. Sch.; A. B., Univ. of Ala., 1926. 

Record: 1918-22, mem., Clark County H. Sch. 
F.B., B.B., and Bskt.B. teams. 1923-26, mem., 
University of Ala. F. B., B. B., and Bskt. B. 
teams (capt., F. B. team, 1926; All-South, h. b., 
1926). 1927, asst. coach, Univ. of Ala.; played 
pro B. B., Birmingham Club (South. League). 
1928, mem., Wash. Senators pro. B. B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. B. B. Affiliations: 
Delta Tau Delta; Wash. B. B. Club. Hobby: 
Baseball. Office: Griffith Stadium, Wash., D.C. 
Home: Suggsville, Ala. Subscriber. 

BARNES, GUY ORVAL, track and baseball. 
Born: Decatur, 111., July 4, 1906. Son of John 

A. and Cora Belle (Wood worth) Barnes. Ed.: 
Ferndale, Wash., H. Sch.; B.S., Wash. State 
Coll., 1927. 

Record: 1924, mem., Wash. State Coll. fresh- 
man Bskt. B. team. 1925-26-27, mem., Wash. 
State Coll. track team. 1926-27, Pres., Gym. 
Club, Wash. State Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Phys. instr., N. Cen. H. Sch. 
(Spokane, Wash.). Married: Beatrice Ethel Lo- 
pas, July 20, 1927. Office: N. Cen. H. Sch. Spo- 
kane, Wash. Home.- 823 W. Augusta Sch., 
Spokane, Wash. 

BARNES, HARRY GEORGE, football. Born: 
Campbell, Minn., Nov. 21, 1897. Son of George 

B. and Marion L. (Cross) Barnes. Ed.: Cen. H. 
Sch. (St. Paul, Minn.); Carleton Coll. (North- 
field, Minn.) ; Univ. of Wis. (Madison, Wis.). 

Record: 1913-14, mem., Cen. H. Sch. F. B. 
team. 1916-17, mem., Carleton Coll. F. B. and 





B. B. (1917) teams. 1920, mem., Univ. of Wis. 
F. B. team. 1923, mem., Junior Four-Oared 
Crew, Minn. Boat Club (St. Paul, Minn.). 

Pres. Occupation: Sec.-treas., Motor Power 
Equipment Co., St. Paul, Minn. Mil. Service: En- 
listed Fort Winfield Scott, Cal., 1918; Arty. Sen. 
Fortress Monroe, Va., until discharged. Clubs: 
"C" Club (Cen. H. Sch.) ; "C" Club (Carleton 
Coll.); "W" Club (Univ. of Wis.). Married: 
Bertha Blaul, Oct. 4, 1922.' Children: Harry 
George, Jr., Age 1%. Office: Ford Rd. and 
River Blvd., St. Paul, Minn. Home: 1979 Port- 
land Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

vault champion, 1924. Bom.- Salt Lake City, 
Utah, July 16, 1906. Son of J. E. and Mary 
(Wightman) Barnes). Ed.: Hollywood H". Sch.; 
Univ. of South. Calif. 

Record: 1920, City champ., junior pole vault 
(Los Angeles). 1921, runner-up, pole vault, 
City meet (Los Angeles). 1922, tied for first 
place, pole vault, City meet (height, 12' 4") ; 
runner-up, pole vault, State meet (Calif.; 
height, 12' 3"). 1923 won pole vault, A. A. U. 
meet (height, 12' 8") ; runner-up, State meet 
(height, 12' 6") ; runner-up, Stagg Inter sch. 
meet (height, 12' 6"). 1924, won pole vault, State 
meet (height, 12' 10%") ; won pole vault, A. A. 
U. meet (height, 13') ; won pole vault, Olympic 
try outs (height, 13' 2%") ; tied for first place 
in final Olympic tryouts (height, 13') ; won pole 
vault, Olympic games (height, 12' liy 2 "). 1925, 
won pole vault, A. A. U. meet (height, 13') ; 
won pole vault, Stanford vs. Univ. South Calif, 
meet (height, 13') ; runner-up, pole vault, Natl. 
A. A. U. meet (height, 12' 8"). 1926, runner-up, 
pole vault, A.A.U. meet (height, 13' 5%") ; 
runner-up, pole vault, Pacific Coast meet 
(height, 13' 8") ; runner-up pole vault, I. C. A. 
A. A. U. meet (height, 12' 8")-. 1926, won 
pole vault, I. C. A. A. A. A. meet (height, 13' 
9") ; won pole vault, Pacific Coast I. C. meet 
(height, 13' 91-16") ; won pole vault, Natl. A. 
A. U. meet (Lincoln, Nebr. ; height, 13'). 1928, 
won pole vault, A. A. U. meet (Los Angeles; 
height, 13' 6"). Won pole vault, Fresno, Calif., 
14' iy 2 " (world's record). 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of South. 
Calif.). Affiliations: Hollywood A.C. ; Sigma 
Chi. Hobby.- Aviation. Home.- 1624 Edgecliff 
Dr., Los Angeles, Calif. 

BARNETT, ROBERT T., professional golf. 
Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 18, 
1896. Son of Robert Forrest and Autilla (Gause) 
Barnett. Education: Grammar School (Phila- 

Record: 1913, played first open golf tourna- 
ment. 1913-16, assistant professional at Bala 
Golf Club (Philadelphia). 1916, assistant pro- 
fessional at Pocono Manor Inn (Pocono Manor, 

Pennsylvania). 1919, played in A. E. F. open 
championship (Nice, France) ; returned to Po- 
cono Manor Inn as professional. 1919-23, profes- 
sional at Tredyffrin Country Club (Paoli, Penn- 
sylvania). 1920, organized Philadelphia Pro- 
fessional Golfers Association. 1923, organized 
Middle Atlantic Professional Golfers Associa- 
tion. 1923-25, won Philadelphia Professional 
Golfers Association championship. 1923-28, pro- 
fessional at Chevy Chase Club (Washington, D. 
C. ; broke Chevy Chase Club course record witfi 
66, 1926). 1927, instructor of Virginia State 
amateur champion. 

Present Occupation: Professional golfer. Mili- 
tary Service: Enlisted 54th Infantry ; one year 
in France as instructor in Infantry : also Eng- 
land, Scotland and Germany. Affiliations: Phila- 
delphia Professional Golfers Association (presi-. 
dent, 1920-22) ; Middle Atlantic Professional 
Golfers' Association (president 1926 and '27) ; 
American Legion. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Irene Trainer, July 6, 1922. Children: Roberta 
Irene, age 4. Home: 450 Ridge Street, Chevy 
Chase, Maryland. 

BARNHILL, JOHN HENRY, football. Born: 
Savannah, Tenn., Feb. 21, 1903. Son of James 
Munroe and Alice (Bryan) Barnhill. Ed.: 
Central H. Sch. (Savannah, Tenn.) ; West 
Teachers Coll. (Memphis, Tenn.) ; Univ. of 
Tenn. (Knoxville, Tenn.). 

Record: 1923-24, capt., West. Tenn. Teachers 
Coll. F.B., Bskt. B., and track teams. 1924- 
25, freshman aths., Univ. of Tenn. 1925-26, 
mem., Univ. of Tenn. F.B., Bskt.B., and track 
teams. 1926-27, received silver cup as best all- 
round athlete at Univ. of Tenn. 1927-28, capt., 
Univ. of Tenn. F.B. team ; selected on All- 
South F.B. team and a Composite All-Amer. 
team. 1928, mem., Univ. of Tenn. Bskt.B. and 
track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Tenn.). 
Affiliations: "T" Club (Univ. of Tenn.) ; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Senior Honorary Soc. (Univ. of 
Tenn.); Alpha Zeta ; Phi Delta Kappa; Scab- 
bard and Blade ; All Students Club, Univ. of 
Tenn. (Pres.). School: 1401 W. Chucke St., 
Knoxville, Tenn. Home: Savannah, Tenn. 

Bom: Camden, N. J., Jan. 3i, 1905. Son of Al- 
bert and Minnie (Edge) Barnshaw. Ed.: 
Woodstown H. Sch. (N. J.) ; A.B., Univ. of Pa., 
1927 ; Univ. of Pa. Med. Sch. 

Record : 1925-26-27, mem., Univ. of Pa. track 
team (point winner, two mi. relay, indoor I.C. 
meet, 1926-27, and Pa. Relay Carnival, 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student, Univ. of Pa. Med. 
Sch. Affiliations : Alpha Sigma Phi ; Phi Beta 
Pi ; Univ. of Pa. Varsity Club ; Germantown 
Boys' Club. Hobby: Tennis. Home: 327 N. 
37th St., Camden, N. J.. 


: J 





BAKR, JOHN L., mem., Harvard track team, 
1910. Bom: Wash., D. C, Oct. 29, 1887. Son 
of Lester A. and Ida (Stewart) Barr. Ed.: 
Army, Navy Prep. Sen. (Wash., D. C.) ; Friends 
Sch. (Wash., D. C.) ; Montclair Mil. Acad. 
(Montclair, N. C.) ; A.B., Harvard, 1910: LL.B., 
George Wash. Univ., 1915. 

Record: 1908-09-10, mem., Harvard track 
team (won Harvard pole vault record, 1908, 
height, 12' 4y 8 "). Mem., Montclair Mil. Acad, 
and Army, Navy Prep. Sch. F.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupaton: General real estate. Affil- 
ations: Vice-Pres. and dir., Wm. Corcoran Hill 
Co. Mil. Service: 2nd. Lt., Q.M.C., U.S.A., 1917 
to Feb. 1919; mem., A.E.F., Mar. 1918 to Feb. 
1919. Clubs: Wash. G. and C. C; Columbia C. 
C ; Congressional C.C ; Racquet ; Harvard Club 
(all of Wash., D. C.) ; "H" Club (Harvard). 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Margaret Tuttle, Nov. 
15, 1915. Children: John L., Jr., age 10; Ann, 
age 7. Office: Barr Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 
11 Primrose St., Wash., D. C. 

BARR, JOHN SHOBER, football. Born: 
Lancaster, Pa., May 19, 1898. Son of Christian 
E. and Lulu (Shober) Barr. Ed. : Lancaster H.. 
Sch., 1916; A.B., Franklin and Marshall Coll., 

Record: 1913-14-15, mem., Lancaster H. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1919-20-21-22, mem., F. and M. F.B. 
team (capt., 1922). 1923-28, officiated at F.B. 
and Baskt.B. games. 1924-25, ath. dir. and 
coach, Harrisburg Acad. (Harrisburg, Pa.). 
1926-27, dir., freshman aths., F. and M. Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir., freshman aths., F. and 
M. Coll. Naval Service: Served in U.S. Navy 
During World War; Q.M., 2nd class. Married: 
Irene Reichert, July 8, 1925. Children: Fred- 
erick R., infant. Office: F. and M. Coll., Lan- 
caster, Pa. Home: 700 S. Westend Ave., Lancas- 
ter, Pa. 

BARRETT, ARTHUR M., track. Born: Chi- 
cago, 111., Dec. 2, 1879. Son of John R. and 
Mary (KellOgg) Barrett. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of 
Mich., 1902. 

Record: 1902, mem., Univ. of Mich, track 
team ; won high jump in Western Conf. track 

Pres. Occupation: Mfgr. Mil. Service: Y.M. 
C.A. motor transport nine mo. in France. Affi- 
liations: Pres., Barrett-Cravenr Co., and The 
Barrett Bindery Co. ; Treas., Herbert Specialty 
Mfg. Co. Clubs: Univ. Club (Chicago) ; Briar- 
gate G. C. Married: Ethel Hoops. Children: 
Barbara, age 17; Saxton, age 16; Carolyn, age 
12 ; Arthur M., Jr., age 7. Office: 1328 W. Mon- 
roe St., Chicago, 111. Home: 530 Cherry St., 
Winnetka, 111. 

BARRON, ALBERT MILTON, football and 
track. Born: Phila., Pa., Sept. 14, 1888. Son 
of Wm. Henry Harrison and Anna Jane 
of Wm. Henry Harrison and Annie Jane 
(Reilly). Ed.: Manual Training H. Sch. (Phila., 
Pa.). 1910; B.S., Pa. State Coll., 1915. 

Record: 1904-08, mem., Phila., Pa. R.R.Y.M. 
C.A. track team. 1908-10, mem., Man. Tr. H.S. 
F.B. and track teams (capt, F.B., 1909). 1910- 
14, mem., Pa. State F.B. team. 1911-14, 
mem., Pa. State track team. 1915-17, ath. 
dir., Bethlehem Prep. Sch. 1916-25, ath. dir. 
Keewaydin Camps (Lake Timagami, Ontario, 
Canada). 1917-18, ath. dir. U. S. Army. 1919- 
20, ath. dir., Bordentown Mil. Inst. 1920-21, 
ath. dir. Germantown Acad. 1921-23, head F.B. 
and track coach, Mich. State Coll. 1923-28, ath. 
instr., Temple Univ. Ath. Coaching Sch. (var- 
sity track coach, 1925-27). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. coach and instr. phy. 
ed. Mil. Service: Enlisted 316 Inf., Camp 
Meade, Md. ; Camp Lee, Va., and Camp Upton, 
N. Y. ; Hdqrs. East. Dept, Govs. Is., N. Y., Rank 
2nd Lieut. Affiliations: Author: "Interpreta- 
tions F.B. Rules;" "F.B. Score Book;" "Track 
and Field Score Book;" East. F.B. Officials 
Asso. ; Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials ; Phila Track and 
Field Officials Asso. ; Sojourners' Club ; Sigma 
Nu; Phi Delta Kappa. Hobby: Athletics. Mar- 
ried: Edna Alberta Stong, June 14, 1922. Chil- 
dren: Robert Milton, age 1. Address: 4244 Old 
York Rd., Phila., Pa. 

BARRON, CARTER T., football and basket- 
ball. Born: Clarksville, Ga., Jan. 30, 1905. Son 
of David J. and Florence (Crow) Barron. Ed.: 
Clarksville H. Sch., 1919; Ga. Tech., 1927. 

Record: 1924-26, mem. Ga. Tech. varsity Bskt. 
B. team. 1925-27, mem., Ga. Tech. varsity F.B. 
team, (All-S. h.b., 1926-27). 1926, hon. mention 
as All-Amer. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. mgr., Capitol The- 
ater (Atlanta, Ga.). Affiliations: Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon ; Delta Sigma Pi. Hobby: Football. 
Office: Capitol Theater, Atlanta, Ga. Home: 
Carlton Apts. No. 207, Atlanta, Ga. 

BARRON, HAROLD EARL, track. Born: 
Phila., Pa., Aug. 29, 1894. Son of Wm. Henry 
and Annie (Riley) Barron. Ed.: West Phila., 
H. Sch., 1915 ; Pa. State Coll., 1919. 

Record: 1916-22, mem., Pa. State Coll. track 
team (hold record high hurdles, 120 yds., 15 
sec.', 1917-21 ; won Coll. indoor and outdoor 
champ., 1922). 1918-22, won Nat'l. A.A.U. 
champ. 1919, won I.C. hig hhurdles (Beaume, 
France). 1920, won 2nd place Olympic team 
(Antwerp, Belgium) ; coached Mercersburg 
Acad, track team. 1923-24, coached Cascadilla 
Sch. (N. Y.) track team. 1924-28, head coach, 
Ga. Tech. track team. 




Prcs. Occupation: Head coach. War Record: 
Enlisted July, 1917; mem., A.E.F. ; discharged 
•July, 1919. Affiliations: Sigma Nu; Meadow- 
hrook A.C. Hobby: Sports. Married: Anne 
Morgan, June, 1922. Office: Ga. Tech, Atlanta, 
Ga. Home: 961 Peactitree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

BARRON, IRVING J., football, wrestling, and 
track. Born: Correctionville, la., Nov. 11, 1890. 
Son of James S. and Mary (Coon) Barron. Ed.: 
A.B., LL.D., Iowa State Univ., 1916rl7. 

Record: 1913, mem., Univ. of Iowa F.B. team. 

1914, mem., Univ. of Iowa F.B. and wrestling 
teams. 1915, capt., Univ. of Iowa F.B. team; 
West. I.C. heavyweight wrestling champ. 1913- 
15, mem., Univ. of Iowa track team. 1916, capt., 
West. I.C., champ, heavyweight wrestling team. 

Pres. Occupation: Life Ins. salesman, N. 
West. Natl. Life Ins. Co» Affiliations: Hawk- 
eye Club; Delta Chi. Hobby: Handball. Mar- 
ried: Miriam Barron, Apr. 19, 1916. Children: 
James R., age 10; Irving J., Jr., age 8. Office: 
218 Johnson Co. Bank Bldg., Iowa City, la. 
Home: 607 Melrose A*ve., Iowa City, la. 

BARRON, JAMES MARTIN, baseball and 
football. Born: South Boston, Mass., Nov. 10, 
1890. Son of John and Mary ( Welsh > Barron. 
Ed.: Boston Col. Prep Sch., 1912; Georgetown 
Univ., 1917. 

Record: Mem. Boston Coll. Prep. Sch. F.B., 
B.B., Bskt.B., track and hockey team. 1912-15, 
mem., Georgetown Univ. F.B. team (capt., 1915). 
1913-15, mem., Georgetown " Univ. B.B. team. 
1914-15., mem., All-S. Atlantic F.B. team. 

1915, mem., Georgetown Univ. track team. 1916, 
coached Furman Univ. 1916-22, mem., Chicago 
and N. Y. pro. B.B. team. 1917, coached George- 
town Prep. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Mil. Service: Q.M. 
service, (Boston, Mass.). Affiliations: K.C. 
Hobby: Swimming, handball, baseball and foot- 
ball. Married: Eizabeth Carroll. Office: 569 
Broadway, South Boston, Mass. Home: 116 G. 
St., South Boston, Mass. 


Born: Newburyport, Mass., Dec. 16, 1892.' Son 
of William Andros and Mary Lawrence, (Todd) 
Barron. Ed.: Middlesex Sch. (Concord) ; A.B., 
Harvard, 1914. 

Record: 1908-10, mem., Middlesex Sch. F.' B. 
(capt.) and B.B. teams. 1910-11, mem., Harvard 
Freshman F.B. and relay track team (capt. 
track). 1912-13, mem., Harvard Varsity Re- 
lay and Track teams. Winner of 14 mi. Yale 
and Dartmouth Meets, 3rd in I.C. 1914, mem., 
Harvard, Varsity Relay team (capt.), estb. 
world record, '3 min. 3 sec. (390 yds). Capt. 

varsity track team. Winner 220, Cornell meet ; 
winner 100 and 220 Yale meet. 2nd (to Ted 
Meredith) in I.C. % mi. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment Banking, White, 
Weld & Co. War Record: Enlisted Aug. 1917, 
F. A., mem., A. E. F., 1918-19; comm'd 2nd 
and 1st Lt. ; discharged May, 1919, rank of 
Capt. Affiliations: Chmn. Harvard Grad. Ad- 
visory Com. ; mem., Boston A.A. ; Dir. various 
Banking Co. ; Harvard Club ; Tennis and Rac- 
quet Club ; Exchange Club ; Somerset Club ; 
Harvard Varsity Club. Hobby: Sports. Mar- 
ried: Emily Wesselhoeft, July, 1920. Children: 
William A., 3rd., age 6 ; Richard B., age 3. 
Office: 111 Devonshire, Boston, Mass. Home: 
Oxbow Rd., Wellesley Farms, Mass. (Sub- 

BARRS, JOHN MURDOCH, swimming, foot- 
ball and volleyball. Born: Jacksonville, Fla., 
Aug. 8, 1900. Son of Burton K. and Winifred 
(Weber) Barrs. Ed.: LL.B., Univ. of Fla., 

Record: 1920-21, mem., Univ. of Fla. F. B. 
team. 1921, completed S.E. A.A.U. swimming 
meet (50 and 100 yd. swim), 1922, mem., Univ. 
of Fla. swimming team ; head coach Univ. of 
Fla. swimming team. 1924, head coach, Univ. of 
Fla. V.B. team. 1924-26, won S. champ, swim- 
ming meet. 1924-27, mem., All-S.V.B. team. 
1924-28, mem., Y.M.C.A. (Jacksonville, Fla.), V. 
B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman. Mil. Service: 
Mem. S.A.T.C. Affiliations: Y.M.C.A.. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Margaret Mozo, July 9, 1927. 
Office: 10-E. Duval St., Jacksonville, Fla. Home: 
1509 Cherry St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

BARRY, JUSTIN M., football and basketball. 
Born: Aberdeen, S. Dak., Dec. 17, 1892. Son 
of Garrett D. and Catherine Barry. Ed.: Law- 
rence Coll. (Appleton, Wis.) ; Univ. of Wis. 
(Madison, Wis.). 

Record : Mem., Lawrence Coll. F. B. and B. B. 

teams. 1922-23-25-26, Bskt.B. coach, Univ. of 
la. (West. Conf. champs.). F.B., Bskt.B., and 
track coach, Knox Coll. (teams won state coll. 
champs.). Author "How to Coach High School 
Track Teams" and "Basket Ball Team and In- 
dividual Play."' 

Pres. Occupation. Bskt. B. and asst. F. B. 
coach, Univ. of la. (la. City, la.). Affilia- 
tions: Delta Upsilon ; Nat'l Bskt. B. Coaches 
Asso; Elks; Lions Club. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Ruth Botham, Aug. 9, 1916. Children: Vic- 
tor George, age 10. Office: Univ. of la., la. City, 
la. Home: 401 S. Dodge St., la. City, la. 


baseball and trapshooting. Born: Plattsburg 
Barracks, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1891. Son of Col. John 





H. and Isabella (Palmer) Bartholf. Ed.: Platts- 
burg H.'Seh., 190S ; Phillips Exeter Acad., 1909; 
A. B., Harvard, Univ., 1913 ; Gen. Service Sens., 
U. S. Army, 1925. 

Record: 1908, mem., Plattsburg H. Sen. B.B. 
team ; runner-up in trapshooting competition, 
Plattsburg, N.Y. 1910, mem., Harvard fresh- 
man B.B. team. 1911, mem., Harvard trapshoot- 
ing team (winner of Harvard-Yale trapshoot). 
1912,. mem., Harvard varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Maj., U.S. Army. Mil. Serv- 
ice: Maj. in Air Service, Mar. 1917 to Oct. 1919. 
Clubs: Army and Navy (Wash., D.C.). Married: 
Madeline Tomlinson. Children: Edith Isabella, 
age 8 ; Ann Palmer, age 4 ; John Copeland, age 
2. Office: c/o The Adj. Gen., U.S. Army, Wash., 
D.C. Home: 25 Peru St., Plattsburg, N.Y. 

Philadelphia, Pa., May 24, 1886. Son of Joshua 
and Mary E. R. (McBride) Bartley. Ed.: Tem- 
ple Coll. 

Record: 1916-22, Jr. & Sr. Lt. Undine Barge 
Club. 1922-28, Capt., Asst. Coach and coxswain 
of various crews, Undine Barge Club. 1923, 
coached cross country teams and steered the 
Nat'l. Champ. Sr. 8 in Baltimore. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr., Bonding Dept, Md. 
Casualty Co. Affiliations: Undine Barge Club ; 
Penn. A.C. Baskt.B. Com. ; Keystone Lodge 
No. 271, F. & A.M. ; Lu Lu Temple ; Phila. Con- 
sistory. Hobby: Rowing. Married: Eleanor 
Wayne Orton, Feb. 28, 1928. Office: 322 Walnut 
St., Phila., Pa. Home: Fairfax Apts., 43rd and 
Locust Sts., Phila., Pa. 

BARTON, CHARLES P., JR., football and 
track. Bom: Louisville, Ky., Dec. 21, 1890. Son 
of Charles P. and Etta (Whitestone) Barton. 
Ed.: Mich. Mil. Acad., 1908; Detroit Univ. Sen., 
1910 ; M.E., Univ. of Mich., 1914. 

Record: 1906-08, mem., Mich. Mil. Acad. F.B., 
track, Bskt. B. and B. B. teams. 1908-10 mem., 
Detroit Univ. Sch. F. B., track, Bskt. B. and 
B. B. teams. 1911-12, mem., Univ. of Mich, 
varsity F. B. and track teams (pole vault rec- 
ord, 12 feet 2 inches). 

• Pres. Occupation: Engr. Mil. Service: Capt., 
Ord. Dept., machine gun service. Affiliations: 
Underpinning and Foundation Co. . (N. Y. C.) ; 
Phi Delta Theta ; Univ. Club (N. Y. C.) ; Rock- 
■ away Hunting Club (Long Island, N. Y.) ; Natl. 
Democratic Club (N. Y. C). Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Flora McAlpin, Aug. 17, 1918. Chil- 
dren: Jeanette McAlpin. Office: 342 Madison 
Ave., N. Y. C. Home: Hewlett, Long Island, 
New York. 

BASHINSKY, LEO E., mem. Princeton varsity 
crew, 1913. Born: Troy, Ala., May 13, 1892. Son 
of Leopold M. and Elizabeth (Burford) Bash- 

insky. Ed.: Peekskill Mil. Acad., 1909; Prince- 
ton, 1913. 

Record: 1913, mem., Princeton varsity crew 
(defeated Harvard and Penn.). 

Pres. Occupation: Cotton merchant and ex- 
porter. Affiliations: Partner, Bashinsky Coal 
Co. ; dir., Good Humor Ice Cream Co. ; Masona ; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Rotary Club (Birmingham); 
Birmingham C. C. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
COra Young, 1916. Children: Leo M., age 10; 
Sloan Y., age 8 ; Jack C, age 6. Office: Amer. 
Traders' Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. Home: 4445 
Clairmont Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

BASKIN, WEEMIE, track. Born: Carrollton, 
Ga., July 25, 1904. Son of Weemie and Sallie 
(Fannie) Baskin. Ed.: Ala. Poly. 

Record : 1927, Natl. Coll. champ (high hur- 
dles). 1928, Natl, indoor champ, (high hur- 
dles). Holds South, high hurdle record (14' 
6") ; holds S. East. A.A.U. high hurdle record 
(14' 6"); 'holds world's record in 80 yd. and 
100 yd. hurdles ; co-holder, world's record for 
60 yd. indoor hurdle. 

Pres. Occupation: Sports writer. Club: N. Y. 
A.C. Address: Travers Island, N. Y. 

BASS, BENJAMIN (BENNY), former feath- 
erweight champion. Born: Kiev, Russia, Decem- 
ber 15, 1904. Son of Jacob and Pauline (Was- 
serman) Bass. Education: Northeast Public 
School (Philadelphia). 

Record : 1920, started amateur boxing career ; 
won Middle States Amateur flyweight title ; 
boxed in Olympic tryouts, losing to Frankie 
Genaso. 1922, turned professional; boxed as 
bantamweight. 1927, boxed as featherweight; 
won featherweight title from Red Chapman. 
Defended title against Mike Ballerino, Johnny 
Farr, Johnny Sheppard. Pete Nebo, Wilbur 
Cohen successfully. 1928, lost title to Tony 

Present Occupation: Professional athlete. 
Affiliations: Veteran Athletes of Philadelphia ; 
Elks ; Keystone Auto Club. Married: Anna Mc- 
Deavitt, May 16, 1923. Office: 903 Colonial Trust 
Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Home: 
1509 Conlyn Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

BASS, RUFUS G, basketball and football. 
Bom: Hancock Co., Ga., Aug. 28, 1896. Son of 
W. A. and Mamie W. (West) Bass. Ed.: Okla. 
City H. Sch., 1914; Ga. Tech., 1919. 

Record: 1913-14. mem., Okla. City H. Seh. 
F. B. team. 1915-16, mem., Y. M. C. A. Bskt. B. 
team (Atlanta, Ga.). 1917-21, won S. champ. 
1917-28, mem., Atlanta A. 0: Bskt. B. team 
(capt., 1919-27). 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. and real estate. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted Aug., 1918 ; "discharged, Dec, 




1918. Affiliations: Atlanta A. C. ; East Lake 
C. C. Hobby: Basketball. Office: 210 Ga. Sav- 
ings Bk. Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. Home: 691 Juniper 
St., Apt. 18, Atlanta, Ga. (Subscriber.) 

Camp's AU-American team, 1915-16. Born: St. 
Louis Pk., Minn., Dec. 3, 1894. Son of Fred- 
erick and Ira (Cooper) Baston. Ed.: L.L. B., 
Univ. of Minn., 1917. 

Record: 1914-16, mem., Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team. 1915-16, mem., Walter Camp's All-Amer. 
F. B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Automobile dealer. War 
Record: Capt, U. S. Marine Corps, 17th Co., 
5th Regt, 2nd Div. ; mem., A. E. F. ; awarded 
Distinguished Service Cross and U. S. Naval 
Cross. Affiliations: Phi Sigma Kappa ; Phi Del- 
ta Phi; Nat'l Town and C. C. (Cleveland, Ohio). 
Hobby: Athletics. Married: Ruby Laird. Civil- 
dren: Frederick, age 6 ; Priscilla, age 5. Office: 
2745 Freemont, Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 3038 
Henepin, Minneapolis, Minn. 

BATES, ALFRED H., I.e. 4A's broad jump 
record holder. Born: Phila., Pa., April 24, 1905. 
Son of William H. and Bertha (Lufkin) Bates. 
Ed.: Phila. N. East H. Sch. ; B.A., Pa. State 
Coll., 1928. 

Record : 1922-24, mem., Phila. N. East H. Sch. 
soccer, Bskt. B. and track teams (capt. track, 
1923-24 ; competing in high jump, pole vault, 
broad jump and low hurdles ; Phila. champ, 
high jump, 1924). 1925, mem., Pa. State Coll. 
undefeated freshman track team. 1926-28, 
mem., Pa. State Coll. varsity track team (won 
Pa. State Coll, relay broad jump, 1926, height, 
23 feet 3 inches). 1927, mem., Pa. State Coll. 
440-yd. relay team (2nd place in Pa. world rec- 
ord equaling team) ; Middle Atlantic broad 
jump champ. 1927-28, I. C. 4's indoor broad 
jump champ, (new record, 24 feet 8% inches, 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Mead- 
owbrook Club (Phila., Pa.). Hobby: Soap 
sculpturing and drawing. Home: 51 W. John- 
son St., Phila., Pa. 

BALER, EMERY A., Football and track. 
Born: Fort Plain, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1881. Son of 
August and Adelia (Fisk) Bauer. Ed.: B.S., 
Colgate Univ., 1902; B.P.E., Y.M.C.A. Coll. 
(Springfield, Mass.), 1908. 

Record: 1901, mem., Colgate Univ. track team 
(team won N. Y. State I.C.A.A. meet at Ham- 
ilton; runner-up in broad jump); mgr., Col- 
gate Univ. F.B. team. 1902, capt., Colgate 
Univ. track team (won broad jump, Colgate- 
St. Lawrence meet, estab. Colgate record, 21 ft. 
1% in. ; team won N. Y. State I.C.A.A. meet at 
Rochester; won broad jump). 1913-16 coach, 

Wooster Coll. (Wooster, Ohio) track and cross 
country teams (1913, developed a two-miler 
who broke Ohio Conf. record, 9:40). 

Present Occupation: State supervisor of 
Phys. ed., Albany, N. Y. Affiliations: Beta 
Theta Pi; I.O.O.F. ; Mason; Ft. Orange Stamp 
Club ; N. Y. State Public H. Schl. A. A. (treas. 
and gen. mgr.). Hobby: Postage stamp col- 
lecting and football officiating. Married: Ger- 
trude Adell, June 15, 1911. Children: Reba 
Adell, age 12 ; Adelia Catherine, age 11 ; Emery 
A., Jr., age 9; William Elliott, age 3; Robert 
Vincent, age 2. Office: State Dept. of Ed., 
Albany, N. Y. Home: 32 Menand Rd., Albany, 
New York. 

BALGH, CAPT. ROBERT H., golf, baseball 
and trap shooting. Bom: Elkton, Tenn., Nov. 
12, 1864. Son of W. A. and Sarah A. (Grigs- 
ley) Baugh. Ed.: Webb Bros.' Prep. Sch., 1882; 
B.C.E., Univ. of Tenn., 1886. 

Record: 1884-86, mem., Univ. of Tenn. varsity 
B.B. team. 1902, medalist, S.G.A. (Nashville, 
Tenn.). 1906-19, pres., Birmingham S.B.B. 
League. Participated in S. and Slatt trap 
shooting tournaments (Atlanta, Nashville, Chat- 
tanooga and New Orleans). 

Pres. Occupation: Pres., Baugh Development 
Co. and R. H. Baugh Investment Co. Affilia- 
tions: Birmingham A.C. ; Birmingham G.C. ; 
Roebuck G. and C. C. ; Birmingham Gun Club; 
Chamber of Commerce; Kappa Sigma. Hobby: 
Golf and hunting. Married: Mattie B. Webb, 
Oct. 27, 1908. Children: Robert H., Jr., age 
22; James W., age 18. Office: 2008 First Ave., 
N., Birmingham, Ala. Home: 2205 Highland 
Ave., Birmingham, Ala. (Subscriber.) 

BAUGH, ROBERT H., JR., golfer. Born: 
Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 25, 1906. -Son of Rob- 
ert H. and Mattie B. (West) Baugh. Ed.: Cen. 
H. Sch., 1923 ; E.E., Univ. of Ala., 1927 ; Univ. 
of Oxford (England). 

Record: 1923, won low scoring laurels In 
S.P.G.A. ; won Birmingham City golf champ. 
1924-26, mem., Ala. golf team. 1925, won Inter- 
State golf champ. (Lynville, N. C). 1926, won 
S. I. C. golf champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Mil. Service: 
Lieut. R.O.T.C. Affiliations: Phi Beta Kappa; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon; pres., "A" Club (Univ. 
of Ala.); A.I.E.E. ; Roebuck C.C. ; Birmingham 
C.C. Hobby: Golf. Home: 2205 Highland Ave., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

quet. Born: Baltimore, Md., Sept. 12, 1893. 
Son of J. H. and Byrnina (Dennis) Baugher. 
Ed.: Univ. Sch. (Baltimore, Md.) ; C.E., Cor- 
nell, 1914. 






Record: 1907-10, mem., Univ. Sch. F.B., B.B., 
track, Bskt.B. and Swim, teams (capt., B.B., 
'09; capt. Btkt.B. and swim., '10). 1912-13, 
mem. All-Balto. Water Polo team. 1913-14, 
mem. Cornell B.B. and swim, teams (capt. 
swim, team, '13-'14; I.G. B.B. champ., '14). 
1914-20, mem. Balto. A.C. swim, team (holding 
S.A. 160-yd. relay record, '14-'17) ; 50 and 100 
yd. S.A. (indoor) champ. ('14-T7) ; 440-yd. S.A. 
(outdoor) champ. ('16). 1915-16, mem. Arun- 
del Boat C. crew. 1916-20, S.A. Midi. Wt. 
wrestling champ. 1925-26, repr. U.S. vs. Can- 
ada in squash racquet matches. 1925-28, mem. 
Balto. A.C. squash racquet team (Natl. Consola- 
tion champs.) ; Md. State squash racquet 
champ.; Consolation singles champ., '27 (Natl, 
squash racquet matches). 

Pres. Occupation: Live stock, E. A. Black- 
shere & Co. Affiliations: Balto. A.C. ; Sigma Phi 
Epsilon. Married: Grace Keating, Feb. 5, 1917. 
Children: Keating, age 9; Doris, age 8; Harry, 
age 6 ; Byrnina, age 3. Office: Union Stock Yds., 
Balto., Md. Home: 4413 Liberty Hts. Ave., 
Balto., Md. (Subscriber.) 

Born: Beardstown, 111., May 24, 1896. Son of 
Edward G. and Dorothy M. Baujan. Ed.: Ph. 
B., Notre Dame, 1917. 

Record: 1914-15-16, mem., Notre Dame F.B. 
team. 1915, mem., Notre Dame Bskt. B. and 
B. B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Head Coach F.B., Univ. of 
Dayton (Dayton, O.). Mil. Service: entered, 
1917 ; 1st Lt, Q. M. C. ; discharged, 1919. Affilia- 
tions: Elks ; K. of O. ; Amer. Legion. Hobby: 
coaching. Married: Myron Elliott, 1926. Office: 
Univ. of Dayton, Dayton, O. Home: 202 E. 
Second St., Beardstown, 111. 

BAUMAN, WALTER JOHN, track. Born: 
Monroe, Wis., Feb. 1, 1891. Son of Wm. J. and 
Anna (Mey thaler) Bauman. Ed.: Lawrence 
Coll., 1910; A.B., Univ. of Wis., 1913. 

Record: 1910, mem., Lawrence Coll. (Apple- 
ton, Wis.) track team. 1912,* mem., Univ. of 
Wis. indoor and outdoor track teams ; mem., 
Univ. > f Wis. relay team (team won second 
place in Big Ten Conf. meet at Purdue Univ., 
LaFayette, Ind.). 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant, Mgr. and part 
owner, Bauman Hardware Co. Affiliations: 
Beavers ; K. P. ; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Emma Schmid, Feb. 2, 1914. 
Children: Kenneth W., age 13; William Carl, 
age 9; Barbara Louise, infant. Office: 102 W. 
Wash. St., Monroe, Wis. Home: 411 W. Russell 
St., Monroe, Wis. 

track. Born: Marion Junction, S. Dak., Mar. 

28, 1906. Son of Peter and Katherine (Marso) 
Bausch. Ed.: Cathedral H. Sch. (Wichita, 
Kans.), 1927. Wichita Univ., 1928. 

Record: 1923-26, mem., Cathedral H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams (champ. Bskt.B. 
team, 1927). 1926, won Natl, shot-put (51 ft. 
7 in.) ; holder of State H. Sch. pole vault rec- 
ord (12 ft. 6y 2 in.). 1927, mem. Wichita Univ. 
Bskt.B., F.B. and track teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: PI 
Alpha Pi. Hobby: Athletics. Home: 901 E. 
Central St., Wichita, Kans. 

BEACH, RALPH EUGENE, professional 
golfer. Bom: Cherrydale, Va., Oct. 6, 1902. 
Son of Charles S. and Minnie (Ennis) Beach. 
Ed.: Business H. Sch., 1921. 

Record: 1919-23, asst. golf pro., Chew Chase 
Club (Wash., D. C). 1923, open golf ' champ. 
(Center Co. of Pa.). 1923-24, golf instr., Ra- 
leigh Haberdashers' Golf Sch. 1924, golf pro., 
Blairmont, C. C. (Altoona, Pa.). 1925-26, golf 
instr., Parker Bridget Sch. 1925-27, golf pro., 
Burning Tree Club. 1926, qualified U. S. open 
champ. (Columbus, Ohio) ; qualified P. G. A. 
champ. (Wash., D. C). 1926-27, golf instr., Rac- 
quet Club (Wash., D. C). 1927, qualified U. S. 
open champ. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) ; qualified P.G.A. 
champ. (Baltimore, Md.). 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golfer. Affiliations: 
Pro. Golfers' Corp. Clubs: Burning Tree 
(Bethesda, Md.) ; Suburban C. C. (Baltimore, 
Md.) ; Chevy Chase (Wash., D. C). Hobby: 
Golf and bridge. Married: Lucy Leathers, Mar. 
6, 1923. Children: Ralph Calvin, age 3. Office: 
Suburban C. C, Baltimore, Md. Home: Cherry- 
dale, Va. (Subscriber.) 

BEALL, CHARLES M., football and baseball. 
Born: Wash., D. C, Sept. 22, 1877. Son of 
Charles B. and Adelaide (Ricketts) Beall. Ed.: 
Columbian Prep., 1893; M. D., George Wash. 
Univ., 1896. 

Record: 1889-93, mem., Columbian Prep. Sch. 
B. B. team. 1893-1900, mem., George Wash. 
Univ. F. B. and B. B. teams. 1895, mem., Co- 
lumbia A. C. B. B. team. 1902, capt., Dumbar- 
ton A. C. B. B. team (D. C. champs.). 1903, 
mem., B. and O. A. A. B. B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Doctor. Affiliations: Kappa 
Alpha ; Amer. Med. Asso. ; D. C. Med. Asso. ; 
Acacia Mutual Life Asso. ; Indian Springs G. C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Helen McDonald, June 
10, 1908. Children: Charles M., Jr., age 16. Ad- 
dress: 1372 Colo. Rd., Wash., D. C. (Subscriber). 

Kansas City, Mo., Mar. 14, 1903. Son of Walter 
Miles and Effie K. (Thomas) Beall. Ed.: Lane 
Tech Sch.; Ph.B., U. of Chicago, 1926. 







Record: 1924-25-26, mem., U. of Chicago 
track team. 1925, one-mile relay U. of Chicago 
Western Conf. Indoor Champ. ; team runner-up 
mile relay, Ohio relays. 1926, team runner-up, 
Medley Relay team, N. A. A. U. Indoor meet. 

Pres. Occupation: Comm. Illustrator Designer. 
Affiliations: Order of the "C" (U. of Chicago). 
Office: 185 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. Home: 
1130 E. 62nd St., Chicago, 111. 

Born: Princeton, Mass., Mar. 9, 1863. Son of 
Phineas Alden and Harriet .(Thompson) Bea- 
man. Ed.: Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass. ; 
A.B., Harvard, 1885. 

Record: 1879, capt., Princeton, Mass. amateur 
B. B. team. 1880, capt, Williston Sem. 2nd 
B. B. team. 1881, mem., Williston Sem. varsity 
B. B. team. 1882, mem., Harvard freshman 
B. B. team. 1883-85, mem., Harvard varsity 

B. B. team (led the third basemen of the coll. 
league in fielding). 1885, mem., Harvard B. B. 
team (won champ, of coll. league without los- 
ing a game. Its record of 26 games won to one 
lost has never been equaled by any other Har- 
vard nine). 

Pres. Occupation: Retired. Mil. Service: 
Treas., Victory Loan Com., Princeton, Mass. ; 
mem., Enforcement Div. U. S. Food Admin, in 
Wash, during part of year 1918. Affiliations: 
Princeton C. C. (sec.-treas.) ; Grange (Prince- 
ton, Mass.) ; Harvard Varsity Club. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Jennie Hoover Bartlett, 1887; 
Sally Harding Rogers, 1925. Children: Harry 

C, age 39; Bartlett, age 36; John A., age 31; 
Anne S., age 28. Home: Princeton, Mass. 

BEAN, JOSEPH W., baseball, basketball and 
football. Born: Boston, Mass., Mar. 18, 1874. 
Son of William and Catherine (Jenkins) Bean. 
Ed.: 'St. Thomas Aquinas Coll. (Cambridge, 

Record: Capt. St. Thomas Coll. B.B., F.B., 
track and hockey teams. 1895-96, mem., Au- 
gusta B. B. team (N. England League). 1896- 
1904, ath. dir., Cambridge Port. gym. 1897, 
mem., Newport (R. I.) B. B. team. 1898-1901, 
mem., Rochester (N. Y.) B. B. team. 1902, 
mem., N. Y. Giants B. B. team. 1903-08, mem., 
Jersey City Club B. B. team. 1904-28, ath. dir., 
Marist Coll. (Atlanta, Ga.). 1911-28, phy. dir. 
and head coach, Atlanta A. C. (Bskt. B. champs., 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Affiliations: K. C, 
Elks, Atlanta A. C, East Lake C. C. Hobby: 
Athletics. Married: Mary Helena Balfe, Nov. 
26, 1902. Children: Alma, age 23 ; Mary, age, 12. 
Office: Atlanta A. C, Atlanta, Ga. Home: 1130 
Piedmont Ave., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Montgomery, Texas, June 20, 1888. Son of 
Samuel Nicholas and Laura Willis (Simonton) 
Beard. Ed.: Tex. A. & M. Coll., 1905; U. S. 
Mil Acad. (West Point, N. Y.), 1910. 

Record: 1906-07-08-09, mem., U.S. Mil. Acad. 
F. B. and B. B. teams. 1911-12, mem., 6th Field 
Arty, polo team. 1914-16, mem., Army polo team 
(Hawaii). 1922-23-24-25, mem., Amer. Army 
polo team (capt, 1924-25) ; team won Junior 
Polo champ. (1922-23) ;' Interna tl. Mil. champ, 
vs. Eng. (1923-25). 1927, referee, Internatl. 
polo matches, Meadowbrook. 

Pres. Occupation: Agent for Mr. H. P. Whit- 
ney and Greentree Stable. Mil. Service: Served 
from capt. to col., F. A., Regular Army ; instr., 
F. A. Sch., Fort Sill, Okla. ; commanded 33rd 
F. A. (155 MM). Affiliations: Dir., Fayette 
Natl. Bank (Lexington, Ky.) ; pres., Lexington 
Club (Lexington, Ky.) ; Racquet and Tennis 
Club (N. Y.) ; Army and Navy Club (Wash.) ; 
Harford County Hunt; Pendennis Club (Louis- 
ville, Ky.) ; Queen City Club (Cincinnati) ; Lex- 
ington C. C. ; U. S. Polo Asso. (mem., exec, 
com.) ; Polo Handicap Com. (chmn.) ; Polo Pony 
Breeders' Soc. (vice-pres.). Subscriber. 

Born: Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 19, 1885. Son of 
Willis Henry and Emma (Hanson) Beardsley. 
Ed.: Ph.B., Yale, 1905. 

Record: 1904-05, mem., Yale track team (mile 
and two mile). 1905, mem., Yale cross country 

Pres. Occupation: Electrical construction engr. 
War Record: Engaged in construction of ex- 
plosives plants and public utility plants serving 
them. Affiliations: Brooklyn Edison Co. ; Cres- 
cent Ath. Club ; A. F. A. M. ; Yale Engrg. Asso. ; 
Amer. Inst. Elec. Engrs. ; Nat'l Elec. Light 
Asso. ; Brooklyn C. of C. ; Flatbush Cong'l 
Church ; vice-chrmn., Accident Prevention Com. ; 
N. E. L. A. ; Engineering Nat'l Sec. Hobby: 
Camping, fishing, tennis, golf and swimming. 
Married:' Elvena Dean Seymour, Oct., 1909. 
Children: Seymour Willis, age 18 ; Dorothy Par- 
sons, age 16. Office: 380 Pearl St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Home: 719 E. 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

BEARG, ERNEST E., football coach, Univ. of 
Nebraska. Bom: Moray, Karis., July 20, 1893. 
Son of August J. and Katherine (Frisch) Bearg. 
Ed.: A.B., Washburn Coll., 1916; Chicago Univ., 
Harvard ; 111. Univ. 

Record: 1912-15, mem., Washburn Coll. F.B. 
team (All-Conf. h. b., 1913; All-Conf. f. b., 
1914). 1912, mem., Washburn Coll. track team. 
1915, mem., Washburn Coll. Bskt. B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Football coach, Univ. of 
Nebr. Affiliation: Phi Delta Theta; Internat'l 






Rotary Club ; Kans. City Ath. Club ; Omaha 
Ath. Club ; Eastridge G. C. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Mable Nonken, Dec. 16, 1916. Children: 
Richard W., age 8 ; Virginia, age 5 ; Ernestine, 
age 3. Office: Nebr. Coliseum, Lincoln, Nebr. 
Home: 1720 S. 17th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

BEATTIE, JAMES, JR., tennis and basket- 
ball. Born: Springfield, 111., Mar. 4, 1900. Son 
of James and Emma (Jacoby) Beattie. Ed.: 
Oakland H. Sch. (Chicago, 111.), 1918; N. West. 
Univ. (Chicago, 111.), 1921. 

Record: 1915, held Chicago boys' tennis 
champ. (111.). 1919, held Wis. State and North. 
Mich, tennis champs. 1919-20-21, mem., N. West. 
Univ. varsity tennis and Bskt. B. teams (capt, 
tennis, 1920). 1923, runner-up in Wis. State 
tennis champ. 1924, held Okla. City (Okla.) 
and Tulsa (Okla.) city tennis champs; went 
to 4th round in Natl, amateur tennis tourna- 
ment (St. Louis, Mo.). 1925, runner-up in 
Kans. State tennis champ. Has been runner-up 
five times in Okla. State tennis champ, and three 
times in. Ark. Valley tennis champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Field man, Travelers' Ins. 
Co. Affiliations: Okla. A. C. ; Okla. City Tennis 
Club ; Okla. City G. and C. C. Hobby: Golf and 
tennis. Married: Patricia Cooper, July 28, 1925. 
Office: 505 Colcora Bldg., Okla. City, Okla. 
Home: 1427 W. 38th St., Okla. City, Okla. 

BEATTIE, JAMES H., crew. Born: Ogontz, 
Pa.. Jan. 10, 1901. Son of Robert and Nannie 
(Marfield) Beattie. Ed.: Haverford Sch.; B.S., 
Univ. of Pa., 1924. 

Record: 1918, mgr., Haverford F.B. team. 
1921-23, mem., Univ. of Pa. varsity crew, (unde- 
feated)- 1921, estab. record, (150 lb. crew) for 
Amer. Henley. 1922, mem., Univ. of Pa. crew 
that rowed in Childs Cup regatta, (Princeton). 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman, Ketterlinus 
Lithographic Mfg. Co. Affiliations: Delta Psi. 
Clubs: Univ.; St. Anthony ; Pa. Varsity. Hobby: 
Swimming and tennis. Office: 413 Arch St., 
Phila., Pa. Home: Lincoln Court, Overbrook, 
Pbila., Pa. 

swimming and football. Born: Atlanta, Ga., 
Nov. 2, 1898. Son of Wm. Henry and Carrie 
(Barbour) Beatty. Ed.: Birmingham H. Sch., 
1912; A. B., Univ. of Ala., 1920. 

Record: 1916-24, mem., Birmingham A. C. 
track and swimming teams. 1917-20, mem., 
Univ. of Ala. varsity track team. 1918, mem., 
U. S. Marine corps F.B. team. 1920, won S. A. 
A. U. high hurdles, (New Orleans, La). 1921- 
22, medalist S. E. A. A. U., (high and low hur- 
dles, pole vault). 1924, won S. East, detachlon, 
(Birmingham, Ala.). 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at law. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted July 1918 ; discharged capt., June 6, 
1919. Affiliations: Y. M. C. A.; Lambda Chi 
Alpha. Hobby: Aviation. Married: Doris 
Gladys Nellis, Feb. 5, 1927. Office: 1229 Brown 
Marx Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. Home: 1048 S. 
32nd St., Birmingham, Ala. 

ball. Born: Wyncote, Pa., Oct. 10, 1901. Son 
of John Blair and Caroline (Randall) Beaver. 
Ed.: B. S., Yale, 1924; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1928. 

Record: 1921-22-23, mem., Yale varsity F. B. 
team (champs., 1923). 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Mil. Service: 
Pvt, U. S. Marine Corps, Sept. 1918 to Feb. 1919. 
Clubs: Racquet (Phila.); Yale (N. Y.). Ad- 
dress: 1830 De Lancey St., Phila., Pa. 

BEAVERS, GEORGE, baseball. Born: New 
York, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1885. Son of G. W. and 
Rose (Cullen) Beavers. Ed.: Erasmus Hall H. 
Sch. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) ; Nat'l Prep. Acad, t High- 
land Falls, N. Y.) ; U. S. Mil. Acad. (West .Point, 
N. Y.). 

Record: 1898-1903, mem., Erasmus Hall H. 
Sch. B. B., track, F. B., and Bskt. B. teams. 
1903-08, mem., U. S. Mil. Acad. B. B., F. B., 
track, and hockey teams. All-round track win- 
ner, 1906-07. Recipient of Shuttlew'orth Sabre, 
as best all-round athlete, 1908. 1912, mem., Cres- 
cent A.C. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) B.B. team. 1912-13, 
dir. aths., N. Y. Mil. Acad. (Cornwall, N. Y.). 
1913-14, mem., 7th Regt. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Banker. Affiliations: Pres., 
Collateral Bankers, Inc. (N. Y. C.) ; Dir., Clar- 
ence Hodson & Co. (N. Y. C.) ; Dir. Bankers' 
Nat'l Ins. Holding Co. Clubs: The Ardsley ; The 
Ardsley Swimming Club. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Suzette F. Davis, Oct. 21, 1920. Children: Ann, 
age 16. Office: 165 Broadway, 'N. Y. C. Home: 
Aidsley-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

BECK, CHARLES GORDON, football, basket- 
ball, and baseball. Born: Decatur, Nebr., Feb. 
16, 1892. Son of Charles F. and Agnes (Darling) 
Beck. Ed.: Peru (Nebr.) State Normal, 1910; 
B. S., Univ. of Nebr., 1914. 

Record: 1908-09, mem., Peru State Normal 
Bskt. B.. B. B., and F. B. (1909) teams (Bskt. 
B. team State champs., 1909; F. B: team tied 
for State champ., 1909). 1910-11, F. B. and 
B. B. coach, Wahoo H. Sch. (Nebr.). 1912-13, 
mem., Univ. of Nebr. varsity F. B. team (All- 
Mo. Valley end, 1913; team won Mo. Valley 
Conf. champ, both yrs). 1914-15, coach; Aurora 
II. Sch. (Nebr.). 1916, coach, Hastings Coll. 
(Nebr.). 1917, mem., 89th Div. F. B. team 
(Camp Funston, Kans.). 1919, asst. F. B. coach. 
Wash. Univ. (St. Louis). 1920, coach, freshman 
F: B., Wash. Univ. (St. Louis). 1921-27, F. B. 
and Bskt. B. official (Mo. and 111.). 



Pres. Occupation: Regional mgr., U. S. Vet- 
erans' Bureau, St. Louis. Mil. Service: Enlisted 
Sept. 1917; served 8 mos. with 89th Div., Camp 
Funston ; served 9 mos., Inf. Replacements, 
Camp Lee, Va. ; discharged 1st Lt., Jan. 24, 1919. 
Affiliations: Mason ; Kappa Sigma ; Amer. Le- 
gion ; Soc. of Forty and Eight ; Century Boat 
Club (St. Louis, Mo.) ; St. Louis F. B. Officials 
Asso. ; "N" Club (Univ. of Nebr.). Married: 
Alice M. Smith, Feb. 28, 1914. GMldren: Betty, 
age 12; Charles Gordon, Jr., infant. Office: 
4030 Chouteau St., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 5783 
Kingsbury St., St. Louis, Mo. 

BECK, HARRY LOWELL, tennis. Born: 
N.Y.C., N.T., May 6, 1904. Son of Morris and 
Sophie (Grodmick) Beck. Ed.: N. H. Sch. ; P.C., 
Univ. of Minn., 1924. 

Record: 1920, mem., N. H. Sch. track team. 
1923-24, mem., Univ. of Minn, tennis team, 
(capt., 1924). 1926, participated Minn. State 
tennis tournament. 1927, defeated Bob Shay, 
(capt., Minn, tennis team) City tennis tourna- 
ment; defeated (Henry Norton) N. West, tennis 

Pres. Occupation: Pharmacist. Affiliations: 
Alpha Beta Phi ; Minn. State Pharmaceutical 
Asso. ; Amer. Pharmaceutical Asso. ; "M" club, 
(Univ. of Minn.). Hobby: Basketball and ten- 
nis. Address: 1735 9th Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

BECK, PAUL, football. Born: Worthington, 
Ind., Mar. 13, 1903. Son of Avery and Effie 
(Halton) Beck. Ed.: Worthington H. Sch.; 
Butler Coll. ; B. S., Ind. State Normal, 1928. 

Record: 1918, mem., Worthington H. Sch. 
freshman F. B. team. 1919-21, mem., Worthing- 
ton H. Sch. F. B. team (All-State and Wabash 
Valley teams, won All-State champ., 1921). 1923, 
mem., Butler Coll. freshman F. B. team. 1924, 
mem., Ind. State Normal freshman F. P. team. 
1925-28, mem., Ind. State Normal varsity F. B. 
team. Mem., Ind State Normal Bskt. B. and 
B. B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Mason; Ind. A. A. Hobby: Athletics. Office: 
527 N. Center St., Terre Haute, Ind. Home: 
Worthington, Ind. 

BECKER, LOUIS ELMER, football and 
basketball. Born: Pekin, 111., Nov. 5, 1906. Son 
of Ben J. and Katherine (Grossweiler) Becker. 
Ed.: Pekin H. Sch.; B.S., Bradley Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1924-26, mem., Bradley Coll. track 
team (holder of Bradley all-time pole vault 
record, 12' 5 3/8"). 1924-27, mem., Bradley 
Coll. F.B. team (All-Conf. end, 1925-26; team 
Conf. champs, of "Little Nineteen," 1925-26-27). 
1925-28, mem., Bradley Coll. Bskt. B. team 
(capt., 1927-28; All-Conf. guard, 1925-26; 

awarded Journal-Transcript Trophy for most 
valuable Bskt.B. played in "Little Nineteen"). 
1926-27, mem., Bradley Coll. tennis team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Beta 
Sigma Mu (Vice-Pres.) ; "B" Club (Bradley 
Coll.) ; Delta Kappa Sigma. Hobby: Swimming. 
Address: 1105 Park Ave., Pekin, 111. 

BECKER, LLOYD G., football and baseball. 
Born: La Crosse, Wis., Feb. 4, 1896. Son of 
George R. and Christina (Olson) Becker. Ed.: 
La Crosse H. Sch.; Stout Inst., (Menomonie, 
Wis.).; La Crosse Normal, (La Crosse, Wis.); 
Univ. of Wis., (Madison, Wis.) ; Chemical War- 
fare Sch., (Edge wood, Md.). 

Record: 1913-15, La Crosse H. Sch. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1915-17, Stout Inst., F.B., B.B., 
and track teams. 1918, coach Nowell Jr. H. Sch., 
(Detroit, Mich.). 1919, Asst. coach Chisholm 
H. Sch. (Chisholm, Minn.). 1919-21, La Crosse 
Normal B.B. team. 1923, Univ. of Wis., B.B. 
team. 1928, Ath. coach, Stonington Community 
H. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, Stonington Com- 
munity H. Sch. War Record: In air service and 
inf. ; Now a capt. in the chemical warfare. 
Affiliations: "W" Club, (Univ. of Wis.) ; Pres. 
Meridian Ath. Conf., (111.) ; Mason. Hobby: 
Hunting and fishing. Married: Florence Lenore 
David, 1924. Children: Beverly June, age 2. 
Home: Stonington, 111. 

BECKETT, HOWARD H., professional golfer. 
Born: Jersey City, N. J., Sept. 2, 1889. Son of 
Thomas and Mary (Harrison) Beckett. Ed.: 
Public Sch., (N. J.). 

Record): 1913-17, golf pro., Wash. C. 0, 
(Wash., D. C). 1918-28, golf pro., Capitol City 
C C, (Atlanta, Ga.). 1925, runner-up in S. 
East. P. G. A. champ, tournament, (Capitol City 
C. C, Atlanta, Ga.). 1926, qualified East. Lake 
C. C. nat'l open champ, tournament, (Sciota) ; 
played S. East. P. G. A. open champ, tournament, 
(Nashville, Tenn.). 1927, played S. East P.G.A. 
open champ, tournament, (Mobile, Ala.). 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golfer. Affiliations: 
Mason; Shriner ; Capitol City C. C, (Atlanta, 
Ga.). Hobby: Golf. Married: Ruth Elinore 
Miles, Apr., 1914. Children: Marie Rosewood, 
age 12. Office: Capitol City C. C, Atlanta, Ga. 
Home: 156 Lakeview Ave., Peachtree Heights, 
Atlanta, Ga. (Subscriber). 

BEDELL, HARRY PERLEY, mem., Princeton 
champ, lacrosse team. Born: Chatham, N. Y., 
June 24, 1900. Son of George and Jennie (Per- 
ley) Bedell. Ed.: White Plains H. Sch.; Spring- 
field Coll.; B.S., Princeton; attending Fordham 
Law Sch. 





Record: 1915-16-17, mem., White Plains H. 
Sch. F.B. team. 1918, mem. White Plains H. 
Sch. B.B. team. 1919-20, mem. Springfield Coll. 
F.B. 1922-23, mem. Princeton F.B. team. 1924, 
mem. Princeton champ, lacrosse team. 1925, 
mem. New York A.C. crew. 1927, mem. New 
Rochelle Bears' lacrosse team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Westchester Mort- 
gage & Title Co. Mil. Record: S.A.T.C; 1st Lt. 
F.A.R.C. Clubs: Squadron A and Canon (Prince- 
ton) ; Univ. Club (Mt. Vernon). Hobby: La- 
crosse. Married: Ruth Montgomery, 1927. 
Office: 235 Main St., White Plains, N. Y. Home: 
213 Prospect Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Record: 1919-20, mem.. S. H. Sch. F.B. team. 
1921, mem. Newberry Coll. F.B. team. 1921-22, 
mem. Newberry Coll. Bskt.B. team. 1922, mem. 
Carnegie Tech. freshman F.B. team. 1922-23, 
mem. Carnegie Tech. freshman Bskt.B. team. 
1923-25, mem. Carnegie Tech varsity F.B. team. 
1923-26, mem. Carnegie Tech. varsity Bskt.B. 
team. 1926-27, coach, Westminster Coll. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: F.B. coach, Westminster 
Coll. Affiliations: Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co. ; 
Kappa Sigma ; Alpha Tau ; Foursquare Club. 
Office: 817 City Bk. Bldg., Youngstown, Ohio. 
Home: 2910 Hillman St., Youngstown, Ohio. 

BEDENK, FRED JOE, Ail-American guard, 
1921-23. Born: Williamsport, Pa., July 14, 
1897. Son of William and Rosa (Ferenz) Be- 
denk. Ed.: B.A., Pa. State Coll., 1924. 

Record: 1921-23, mem., Pa. State Coll. F.B. 
and B.B. teams (capt, F.B. team; Pa. State 
Bast. F.B. champs., 1923) ; mem. All-American 
F.B. team. 1924-26, asst. dir. of ath., Rice Inst. 
(Houston. Tex.). 1927-28, coach, Univ. of Fla. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. prof, of phy. ed. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted U. S. Army, June 17, 1918; 
discharged, Jan. 10, 1919. Affiliations: "S" Club 
(Pa. State Coll.); Civitan Club; Univ. Club; 
B.P.O.E.; Phi Kappa. Hobby: Golf. Office: 
Ath. Dept, Univ. of Fla., Gainesville, Fla. 
Home: 1909 W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 

man. Bom: Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 19, 1877. 
Son of Edward T. and Mary (Dingel) Bedford. 
Ed.: A.B., Amherst Coll., 1899. 

Record: 1898, won Long Island Sound champ. - 
in 25 ft. cat-boat class. 1903-08, sailed in "S" 
class and star class. 1908, won Thompson Tro- 
phy in "Q" class with sloop "Eleanor." 1923- 
28, mem. Internatl. Star Class Yacht Racing 
Asso. 1927, tied for Internatl. star class champ. 
1928, raced "Lake" in 8 metre class. 

Pres. Occupation: Mfgr. ; pres. Penich & 
Ford, Ltd. Affiliations: Theta Delta Chi; Lym- 
ington Yacht Club (Bng.) ; Fairfield Hunt 
Club; N. Y. Yacht Club; Larchmont Yacht 
Club; Riding Club; Oakland Golf Club; Pe- 
quot Yacht Club; C.C. of Fairfield. Hobby: 
Hunting and yachting. Married: Lucie Thom- 
as, Nov., 1906. Children: Lucie; Helen; Ruth. 
Office: 420 Lexington Ave., N. Y. C*., N. Y. 
Home: Greens Farms, Conn. 

BEEDE, DWIGHT VINCENT, football coach, 
Westminster Coll. Born: Youngstown, Ohio, 
Jan. 23, 1903. Son of Theodatus G. and Mary 
(Pfund) Beede. Ed.: S. H. Sch.; Newberry 
Coll.; B.S., Carnegie Inst, of Tech., 1926. 

BEHR, LOUIS, basketball. Born: Chicago, 
111., April 7, 1906. -Son of Joseph and Celia 
Behr. Ed.: Rockford H. Sch.; Univ. of Wis. 

Record: 1923-24, mem. Rockford H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team (which was only team in history 
to go to Staggs Natl. Bskt.B. tournament two 
years in succession and place twice in succes- 
sion). 1926, selected on Big Ten first and sec- 
ond teams, third high scorer of Big Ten and 
highest scorer of free throws. 1927, selected on 
the second Big Ten all-conf. team. 1926-28, 
mem. Univ. of Wis. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Pres., 
Phi Sigma Delta ; "Arties" ; Phi Kappa Phi. 
Hobby: Basketball; reading. Home: 768 N. 
Second St., Rockford, 111. 

gheny Coll. F.B. team. Bom: Avalon, Pa., 
Sept. 15, 1905. Son of Carl E. and Caroline 
(Cross) Behrhorst. Ed.: Avalon H. Sch.; Alle- 
gheny Coll., 1928. 

Record: Mem. Avalon H. Sch. F.B. team 
three years. 1923, capt., Avalon H. Sch. F.B. 
team; mem. Allegheny Coll. F.B. team (Tri- 
State Non-Conf. champ., 1924). 1924-25, mem. 
Allegheny Coll. tennis team. 1925-26, picked 
as All-Conf. center, first team. 1926, listed in 
Spaulding's leading players. 1927, capt., Alle- 
gheny Coll. F.B. team ; all-scholastic center 
(first team) of W.P.I.A.L. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Phi 
Gamma Delta ; Block "A" Club (Allegheny 
Coll.). Hobby: Sports. Home: 218 Home ave., 
Avalon, Pa. 

BELDING, LESTER COIT, football and 
track. Born: Mason City, Iowa, Dec. 5, 1900. 
Son of Mrs. Capitola (Whitney) Belding. Ed.: 
Mason City H. Sch., 1918; B.S., Univ. of Iowa, 

Record: 1915-17, mem., Mason City (la.) H. 
Sch. F.B. team (All-State end, 1916-17). Mem. 
Mason City H. Sch. track team. 1918-21, mem. 
Univ. of la. F.B. team (team won "Big Ten" 
Conf. and West, champs., 1921; All-Conf. end, 





1919-20-21; All-West, end, 1920-21; "Ecker- 
sall's" All-Amer. team, 1920). 1920-23, mem. 
Univ. of la. track team (capt., 1921). 1922-23, 
coach, F.B. and track, Boulder H. Sell. (Boul- 
der, Colo.). 1923-25, coach, F.B., Bskt.B., 
track and swimming, Clinton H. Sch. (Clinton, 
la.). 1925, played pro. F.B. with Rock Island 
Independents. 1926-28, coach, freshman aths., 
Univ. of N. C. (Chapel Hill, N. C). 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, freshman aths., 
Univ. of N. C. Affiliations: Delta Chi. Hobby: 
Golf. Office: Stadium, Chapel Hill, N. C. Home: 
312 Rosemary St., Chapel Hill, N. C. 

BELGLM, HENKIK OLAF, basketball, track, 
B.B. and F.B. Born: Farwell, Minn., Mar. 7, 
1907. Son of Olaf H. and Edna ' (Torgerson) 
Belgum. Ed.: Elbow Lake H. Sch. (Elbow 
Lake, Minn.) ; Queen Anne H. Sch. (Seattle, 
Wash.); Luther Coll. (Decorah, la.). 

Record: Mem. Elbow Lake H. Sch. B.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams. 1925-27, mem. Luther 
Coll. track team. 1925-28, mem. Luther Coll. 
Bskt.B. team (capt., 1927-28). 1926-27, mem. 
Luther Coll. B.B. team. 1927-28, mem. Luther 
Coll. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: "L" 
Club (Luther Coll.). Home: Elbow Lake, Minn. 

BELL, ALVIN EUCLID, basketball and foot- 
ball. Bom: Little Rock, Ark., Oct. 1, 1901. Son 
of W. E. and Josephine (Kirst) Bell. Ed.: 
A.B., VanderbLlt Univ., 1924. 

Record: 1920-23, mem.,- Vanderbilt Univ. F.B. 
team (won S. champ., 1921-23). 1921-23, mem. 
Vanderbilt Uniy. Bskt.B. team (mgr. and mem., 
S.I.C. Conf. team.; capt., 1924). 

Pres. Occupation: .Muswick Beverage & Cigar 
Co. Affiliations: A. 'Karcher Candy Co. ; Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon; S. West. Conf. Bd. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. Officials; Ark. A.A. Hobby: Football, 
basketball and golf. Married: Lottie Dole Carl- 
Lee, July 19, 1923. Office: 223 Ferry St., Little 
Rock, Ark. Home: 4809 C St., Little Rock, Ark. 

BELL, DE BENNEVILLE, football. Born: 
Phila., Pa., Feb. 25, 1894. Son of John C. and 
Fleurette (Myers) Bell. Ed.: Haverford Sch.; 
Univ. of Pa., 1919. 

Record: 1911-14, mem., Haverford Sch. F.B., 
B.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt., 1914).- 1915-19, 
mem. Univ. of Pa. F.B. team (capt., 1919). 
1917, chosen quarterback on Walter Camp's All- 
Amer. team ; mem. Univ. of Pa. varsity B.B. 
team. 1921-28, coach, Univ. of Pa. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, Univ. of Pa. War 
Record: Mem. A.E.F., 1st sgt. Affiliations: 
Exec', dir., Ritz-Carlton Hotel; Phi Kappa Sig- 
ma. Clubs: Racquet; Everglade; Pike Valley 

G.C.; Merion Cricket. Hobby: Football. Office: 
1333 Land Title Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: 229 

BELL, JOHN C, JR., soccer and tennis. 
Born: Phila., Pa., Oct. 25, 1892. Son of John 
C. and Fleurette (de Benneville) Bell. Ed.: 
Episcopal Acad. ; Univ. of Pa. ; A.B., 1914, 
L.L.B., 1917. 

Record: 1908-11, mem., Episcopal Acad, tennis 
and soccer teams (capt., tennis). 1911-14, mem. 
Univ. of Pa. soccer team (capt., 1912-14). 1913- 
14, mem. Univ. of Pa. tennis team. 1923-28, 
mem. Phila. City tennis team. 1926, won Rac- 
quet Club tennis (doubles) champ, with W. C. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Bell, Trinkle, 
Truscott and Bell. Affiliations: Delta Psi. 
Clu bsr Racquet ; Rittenhouse; Mask and Wig; 
Merion Cricket. Hobby: Football. Married: 
Sarah A. Baker, June 29, 1918. Children: John 
C, III., age 8; Louis B., age 5; George de Ben- 
neville, age 3; Sarah, infant. Office: 1330 Laad 
Title Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: Wynnewood, Pa. 
S. 22nd St., Phila., Pa. 

BELL, LESTER R., mem. Boston Braves. 
Born: Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 14, 1901. Son of 
William C. and Minnie (Flickinger) Bell. Ed.: 
Harrisburg Tech., 1919. 

Recrd: 1919, mem. Harrisburg Tech. B.B. 
team. 1921, mem. Bristol (Term.) Club pro. 
B.B. team. 1922, mem. Lansing (Mich.) B.B. 
team ; bought by St. Louis Cardinals, finished 
season at Syracuse. 1923, with Houston, Tex., 
finished season at St. Louis. 1924, with Mil- 
waukee. 1925-27, mem. St. Louis Cardinals 
(won World Series from N. Y. Yankees, 1926; 
tied World record for driving in runs in one 
World's Series game, 1926). 1928, traded to 
Boston Braves. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. B.B. player. Affilia^ 
tions: Boston Braves B.C. Hobby: Baseball. 
Married: Kathryn Hogentogier, Oct. 21, 1924. 
Office: Boston Braves B.C., Boston, Mass. 
Home: 524 Wiconisco St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

BELL, ROBERT €., JR., football and lacrosse. 
Born: Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 28, 1899. Son 
of Robert C. and Ruth (Lester) Bell. Ed.: 
U. S. Naval Acad. (Annapolis, Md.), 1923; M.S., 
Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1928. 

Recoid: 1919-22, mem., U. S. Naval Acad. F.B. 
and lacrosse teams; mgr. U. S. Naval Acad, 
boxing team (1922). 1923, mem. U. S. Naval 
Acad, lacrosse team ; mgr. U. S. Naval Acad, 
boxing team. 1923-24, F.B. coach, U. S. S. Calfi. 
1925, line coach, Plebe F.B. team, U. S. Naval 
Acad. 1925-26, asst. lacrosse coach, U. S. Na- 
val Acad. 

Pres. Occupation: Naval Officer. Naval Serv- 
ice: Ensign U. S. Navy, U.S.S. Calif. 1923-24- 






25 Lt. (jg.) U. S. N. ; post grad. student offi- 
cer, Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1927-28. Affiliations: 
Annapolis Lodge, No. 89, A. F. and A. M. ; Mt. 
Vernon Royal Arch Chap., No. 25 ; Delta Kappa 
Epsilon; "N" Club (U. S. Naval Acad.). Hobby: 
Aviation. Office: 403 Memorial Drive, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Home: 1171 Clay St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

BELOW, MARTIN P., Cap. Univ. of Wis. 
F.B. team, 1922-23. Born: Osbkosh, Wis., Jan. 
26, 1899. Son of Ernest F. and Mary (Koehler) 
Below. Ed.: Jefferson Sen.; Eighth St. Luth- 
eran Sch. ; Oshkosh H. Sch. ; Oshkosh Normal 
Sch. ; B.A., Univ. of Wis., 1924. 

Record: 1915-16, Cap. Oshkosh H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1915-16, mem. Oshkosh H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team (capt., 1916-17). 1918, mem. Univ. of 
Wis. F.B. team. 1919-20, mem. Oshkosh Nor- 
mal Sch. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1920-21, 
capt., Oshkosh Normal Sch. Bskt.B. team. 1920- 
21, mem. Oshkosh Normal Sch. B.B. and track 
teams. 1922-23, capt., Univ. of Wis. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Public Utility, Common- 
wealth-Edison Co. Naval Service: S.A.T.C. Ma- 
rine Corps, 1918. Affiliations: Kappa Sigma. 
Hobby: Handball. Married: Florence Fox, Oct., 
1925. Children: Barbara. Ann, infant. Offices 
72 W. Adams St., Chicago, 111. Home: 544 Park 
Ave., Glencoe, 111. 

BENDIX, LeROY CHARLES, football, base- 
ball and basketball. Born: Hotchkiss, Colo., 
Dec. 14, 1904. Son of Fred C. and Anna (Ring- 
hand) Bendix. Ed.: Chewelah H. Sch., 1924; 
A.B., Wash. State Coll., 1928. 

Record : 1920-21, mem., Chewelah H. Sch. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1921-24, mem. Chewelah 
H. Sch. F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1924 
mem. Wash. State Coll. freshman F.B. team. 
1925-28, mem. Wash. State Coll. varsity F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Wash. State 
Coll.). Affiliations: Tau Kappa Epsilon; "W" 
Club (Wash. State Coll.) Home: Chewelah, 

Eau Claire, Wis., Aug. 28, 1893. Son of Joseph 
and Theresa (Hessel) Benish. Ed.: A.B., Univ. 
.of Wis., 1916. 

Record: 1914-15-10, mem., Univ. of Wis. track 
team (team won: West. Conf. meet, 1915-16; 
West. Conf. cross-country meet, 1916). 1916, 
mem. Univ. of Wis. 4-mile relay team (West, 
champs.) ; mem. Univ. of Wis. long distance 
medley relay team (Amer. Coll. champs.) ; 
runner-up in 2-mile at. West. Conf. meet. 1916- 
17, premier distance runner, Chicago A.A. 1916- 
26, held Univ. of Wis. 2-mile record (time, 

Pres. Occupation: Bldg. construction, Walter 
W. Oeflein, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis. (supt. of con- 
struction). Mil. Service: Enlisted, pvt, Jan. 5, 
1918, 3rd O.T.C., Camp Grant; comnd. 2nd Lt., 
June 6, 1918. Affiliations: K.C. ; Elks; "W" 
Club (Milwaukee). Married: Loretto Tormey, 
June 8, 1918. Children: George A., Jr., age 7 ; 
Robert, age 3. Office: 110 E. Wis. Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Home: 535 49th St., Milwaukee, 

BENKERT, HENRY M., football. Bom: 
Newark, N. J., June 30, 1901. Son of Carl Rob- 
ert and Katherine (Ehret) Benkert. Ed.: East 
Side H. Sch. ; A.B., Rutgers Coll., 1925. 

Record: 1921, capt., Rutgers Coll. freshman 
Bskt.B. team. 1921-25, mem. Rutgers Coll. 
F.B. team (All-State and All-Amer. selection). 
1922-23, mem. Rutgers Coll. varsity Bskt.B. 
and lacrosse teams. 1925, mem. N. Y. Giants 
pro. F.B. team. 1926, Pottsville F.B. champs. 
1927, coach, Orange A.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Affiliations: Som- 
erset A.C. (Somerville, N. J.); Cen. Bd. F.B. 
Officials; Kappa Sigma. Married: Florence L. 
Kehoe, Nov. 29, 1926. Home: 275 Renner Ave., 
Newark, N. J. 

Born: Exeter, N. H., Aug. 9, 1905. Son of Sam- 
uel I. and Mary (Howorth) Bennett. Ed.: 
Phillips Exeter Acad.; A.B., Harvard, 1927. 

Record: 1923, mem., Phillips Exeter Acad. 
B.B. team. 1924, mem. Harvard freshman B.B. 
team. 1927, mem. Harvard B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Grad. student (Harvard). 
Clubs: Hasty Pudding Inst., 1770 (Harvard) ; 
Harvard Varsity. Home: 18 Daniel St., Exeter, 
New Hampshire. 

ball and basketball. Born: Stitesboro, Ga., 
April 9, 1901. Son of Joseph Johnston and 
Mary (Conyers) Bennett. Ed.: Tech. H. Sch., 
1919; L.L.B., Univ. of Ga., 1924. 

Record: 1920-23, mem., Univ. of Ga. varsity 
F.B. team (picked All-S. tackle, 1922-23; capt., 
1923). 1922-23, mem. Univ. of Ga. pistol team 
(capt., 1923) ; hold I.C. record for pistol shoot- 
ing (338 out of 350). 1922-24, mem. Univ. of 
Ga. varsity Bskt.B. team. 1922, hon. mention 
by Walter Camp. 1923, chosen by Billy Evans' 
All-Amer. F.B. team. 1925, mem. S.A.A.C. B.B. 
champ, team. 1925-28, mem. Atlanta A.C. Bskt. 
B. team (capt, 1926). 

Pres. Occupation: Atty., Coca-Cola Co., At- 
lanta, Ga. Affiliations: Atlanta A.C; East 
Lake C.C. ; Piedmont Driving Club; Phi Delta 
Phi; Kappa Sigma. Hobby: Golf and athletics. 
Office: The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Ga. Home 
11 The Prado, Atlanta, Ga. 




BENNETT, J. WALTER F., capt, Univ. of 
Michigan football team, 1898. Born: Chicago, 
111., Dec. 3, 1876. Son of Col. John Wesley and 
H. Era (Frink) Bennett. Ed.: Austin H. Sch., 
(111.), 1894; B.S., Univ. of Mich., 1899. 

Record: 1S93-94, mem., Austin H. Sch. F.B. 
and track teams. 1896-98, mem., Univ. of Mich, 
track and F.B. teams, (capt. and West, champs., 
1898). 1899-1901, mem., Knickerbocker A.C., (N. 
Y.) F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Exec. engr. Mil. Service: 
Maj. Construction Div., Q.M.C., June, 1918; dis- 
charged May, 1919. Affiliations: Vice-Pres., 
Stevens and Wood Inc. Clubs: Richmond Co. 
C.C. ; Bankers of Amer. ; Frat; "M," (Univ. of 
Mich., N.Y.). Hobby: Golf and football. Mar- 
ried: Harriet M. Connable, Apr. 30, 1906. Chil- 
dren: John Connable, age 20. Office: 120 Broad- 
way, N.Y.C., N.Y. Home: 1105 Pk. Ave., N.Y.C., 

ming. Born: Duluth, Minn., Sept. 17, 1903. Son 
of Richard Thomas and Carrie Mae (Hammond) 
Bennett. Ed.: Duluth Cen. H. Sch.; Univ. of 

Record: 1919, Minn. State record for 220 yd. 
swim; won junior Natl. 440 yd. champ, (young- 
est person on record for a Natl, champ., 15 yrs. 
old). 1921, Manitoba record for 220 yd. swim. 
Mem., Natl. Intersch. champ. 60 yd. relay team 
(Duluth Cen. H. Sch.). 1926, mem., Univ. of 
Minn, medley relay team (West. Conf. champs.). 
Mem., Univ. of Minn. 160 yd. relay team (co- 
holders with C.A.A. for world's record at pres- 
ent time). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and student. 
Office: 116 N. 11th St., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 
1018 Lake Ave. S., Duluth, Minn. 

BENTON, BURT, mem., Yale football team. 
Born: N.Y.C., N.Y., Feb. 8, 1904. Son of Harry 
Stacey and Elsie Nell (Burt) Benton. Ed.: 
Suffield Sch., 1922; Roxbury Sch., 1923; B.S., 
Yale, 1927. 

Record: 1920-21, mem., Suffield Sch. champ. 
F.B. team, (gold F.B. awarded). 1921, mem., 
Suffield track team (100 and 220 yd. dashes). 
1922, mem., Roxbury Sch. champ. F.B. team, 
(gold F.B. awarded). 1923, mem., Roxbury 
Sch. wrestling team, (175 lb. class) ; mem., Yale 
freshman champ. F.B. team, (silver F.B. 
awarded for Big Three freshman champ.). 1924- 
26 mem., Yale F.B. team, (gold F.B. awarded 
for Big Three champ., 1924). 

Pres. Occupation: N.Y. mgr., O'Brien Bros. 
Slate Co. Affiliations: Theta Xi. Hobby: Build- 
ing model airplanes. Married: Marjory White. 
Office: 101 Park Ave., N.Y.C., N.Y. Home: 3419- 
90th St., Jackson Heights, L.I., N.Y. 

BENSON, REYNOLDS, basketball and base- 
ball. Born: N.Y.C., N.Y., Sept. 23, 1893. Son 
of Edwin J. and Clausine M. (Seamen) Benson. 
Ed.: Columbia Univ., 1916. 

Record: 1911-15, mem., Columbia Univ. Bskt. 
B. team, (East. I.C. champs., 1911-12) ; tied Cor- 
nell for champ., 1913-14; capt. 1914-15. 1914- 
16, mem., Columbia Univ. B.B. team, (East. I.C. 
champs ) . 

Pres. Occupation: Grad. mgr. Mil. Service: 
U.S. Air Service, Apr. 1917-Dec. 1918; mem., A. 
E.F. ; (croix de guerre with French Escadrille 
66), 1st French squadron formed. Affiliations: 
Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Columbia Univ. Ath. As- 
so. ; Columbia Univ. Club. Married: Sally Red- 
way Smith. Children: Barbara, age 7. Office: 
Columbia Univ., N.Y.C., N.Y. Home: 32 Wash. 
Sq., N.Y.C., N.Y. 

1917. Born: Elmhurst, 111., June 5, 1894. Son 
of Cyrus and Elizabeth (King) Bentley. Ed.: 
A.B., Yale, 1917; LL.B., N. West. Law Sch., 

Record: Lawyer and partner, Cassels, Potter 
and Bentley, (Chicago, 111.). Mil. Service: 1st 
R.O.T.C. (Fort Sheridan), May, 1917, to Aug., 
1917; 2nd Lieut. 343rd Inf. (Camp Grant, 111.). 
Feb. 1918, 1st Lieut. 343rd Inf. (Camp Grant, 
111.)., Aug., 1918, capt. 85th Inf. (Camp Travis, 
Tex.), Dec. 1918. Affiliations: Asst. sec. Amer. 
Bar Asso. ; pres. Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club, 
(Chicago, 111.). Married: Phoebe Norcross. 
Children: Cyrus, 3rd, age 3 ; Alice Wrenn, age 
1; Barbara, infant. Office: 209 S. LaSalle St., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 709 Lake Rd., Lake Forest, 

BERGER, GEORGE HENRY, football, basket- 
ball, baseball and track. Born: St. Louis, Mo., 
Aug. 3, 1899. Son of George D. and Emilie 
(Meek) Berger. Ed.: Grover Cleveland H. Sch., 
1918; B.S., Wash. Univ., 1921. 

Record: 1917-20, mem., Wash. Univ. varsity 
F.B. team, (capt., 1918). 1918-19, mem., All- 
Mo. Valley Conf. F.B. team, (champs., 1918). 
1918-20, mem., Wash. Univ. varsity Bskt.B. team. 
1920, mem., Mo. Valley Conf. champ. B.B. team. 
1920-21, mem., Wash. Univ. varsity track and 
B.B. teams. 1921, asst. coach Wash. Univ. F.B. 
team. 1921-22, rowed Century Boat Club crew. 
1922, mem., Milwaukee All Star pro F.B. team. 
1923-24, mem., Springfield K.C. pro. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Engr., Bell Tel. Co. War 
Record: Mem. S.A.T.C. Affiliations: Beta Theta 
Pi ; Mason ; Municipal A.A. ; Civic A.A. ; Cen- 
tury Boat Club. Hobby: Athletics. Office: 1010 
Pine St., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 3456 Gravois 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 




basketball and track. Born: Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 
20, 1895. Son of Edward Henry and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Hamilton) Berger. Ed.: Lancaster H. 
Sch., 1914; Franklin and Marshall Coll., 1915. 

Record: Mem., Lancaster H. Sch. F.B. team, 
three yrs. Mem., Lancaster H. Sch. Bskt. B. and 
track teams, two yrs. 1914-15, mem., F. and M. 
Coll. varsity F.B. team (1914 team only team 
that ever defeated Univ. of Pa.). Mem., F. and 
M. Coll. varsity Bskt.B. team, one year. 1918- 
19, coach and capt., Service Bskt.B. team, Naval 
Air Station (Cape May, N.J.). 1919-20, ath. 
dir. and coach of F.B., Bskt.B., B.B., and gym., 
Jefferson Coll. (Convent, La.). 1921-22, coach 
of Bskt.B. and track and field sports, York H. 
Sch. (York, Pa.). 1924, asst. F.B. coach, F. and 
M. Coll. Mem., Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials 

Pres Occupation: Salesman, Groff and Wolf 
Co. Naval Service: U.S. Navy ; 2nd class store- 
keeper, Naval Air Station, Cape May, N.J. dur- 
ing World War. Affiliations: Phi Kappa Psi; 
K.C. Hobby: Football. Married: Catherine 
Alice McNelis, Apr. 3, 1923. Children: Mary 
Catherine, age 4 ; Lawrence Ralph, Jr., age 2. 
Address: 13 Parkside Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 

football. Born: Worcester, Mass., Mar. 26, 1906. 
Son of Carl A. and Olivia S. (Rydberg) Berg- 
lund. Ed.: Worcester N. H. Sch. ; B.S., Harvard, 

Record: 1924-25-26, mem., Harvard track team 
(hammer throw; 1st place in Yale meet, 1925- 
26). 1025, mem. Harvard F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Insurance. Clubs: Harvard 
Varsity; Univ. Club (Hartford). Hobby: Auto- 
mobiles. Office: 700 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 
Home: 4 Esther St., Worcester, Mass. 

BERGSTRESSER, JOHN L., track. Born: 
Pekin, 111., June 3, 1903. Son of Fred L. and 
Margaret Amelin (Kraeger) Bergstresser. Ed.: 
B.A. Univ. of Wis., 1925 ; N. West. Univ. 1925-26. 

Record: 1923-25, mem. Univ. of Wis. track 
team. 1923-24, mem. Univ. of Wis. cross-country 
team. 1924, mem. "Big Ten" champ, cross- 
country team. 1925, mem., Univ. of Iowa indoor 
track team (record 880 yds. 1 min. 59 3/10 sec), 
mem., Univ. of Wis. indoor track team dual 
meet with Notre Dame ; placed 2nd in "Big 
Ten" indoor meet at N. West. Gym. 

Pres. Occupation: Alumni Recorder, Univ. of 
Wis. Affiliations: Chicago Ath. Asso. ; Alpha 
Tau Omega ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; 
Beta Gamma Sigma. Hobby: All outdoor sports. 
Office: 772 Langdon St., Madison, Wis. Home: 
417 Sterling Ot., Madison, Wis. 

BERNARD, LAWRENCE J., capt. Stetson 
Univ. football team, 1927. Born: Duluth, Minn., 
June 10, 1905. Son of Wm. L. and Ida (LaBelle) 
Bernard. Ed.: Denfeld H. Sch. (Duluth, Minn.) ; 
Stetson Univ. 

Record: 1924-25-26-27, mem. Stetson Univ. 
F.B. team (Capt. 1927). 1925-26-27, mem., Stet- 
son Univ. Baskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Pres. 
"S" club, Stetson Univ., 1926-27 ; Pi Kappa Phi ; 
Phi Alpha Delta. Pres. Address: Pi Kappa Phi 
House, DeLand, Fla. Home: 2962 Exeter St., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Born: Mariposa County, Calif., Nov. 19, 1873. 
Son of George and Barbara Bernhard. Ed.: 
A.B., Stanford Univ., 1896; LL.B., N. Y. Law 

Sch., 1S98. 

Record: 1893-94-96, mem., Stanford track 
team (capt., 1894) ; best time for 100 yd. dash, 
10 1/5 sec, for 220 yd. dash, 23 1/5 sec (1896). 
1897, mem., Knickerbocker A. C. relay team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: Bank 
of Italy, Nat'l Trust and Savings Association 
(Advisory Bd) Fresno, Calif. ; Security Title 
Ins. and Guarantee Co. (Dir.) ; Las Palmas 
Lodge F. & A. M. (Past Master) ; Grand Lodge 
F. & A. M. of Calif. (Chmn., Grievance Com.) ; 
33rd degree, A. A. S. R. Shrine ; Sunnyside C. C. 
(Fresno, Calif.). Married: Elizabeth Bryne, 
Aug. 1921. Children: Bryne, age 6; Barbara, 
age 2. Office: 402 Bank of Italy, Fresno, Calif. 
Home: 722 Home Ave., Fresno, Calif. 

BERNINGER, KARL, football, track and 
baseball. Born: Albuquerque, N. Mex., Mar. 13, 
1904. Son of G. Fred and Belle (Ashbrook) 
Berninger. Ed.: Maplewood H. Sch., The Prin- 
cipia ; Univ. of Chicago. 

Record: 1919-21, mem., Maplewood H. Sch. 
Bskt.B., B.B., F.B., and tennis team, (capt., 
B.B.). 1922-23, mem., The Principia Sch. var- 
sity B.B. and tennis teams, (capt., tennis; won 
Vogel Ath. award). 1922-24, mem., The Prin- 
cipia Sch. F.B., and Bskt.B., teams. 1923-24, 
capt., The Principia Sch. track team. 1924-26, 
asst. F.B. and Bskt.B. coach, The Principia 
Sch. 1925, mem., St. Louis Browns, Amer. Le- 
gion B.B. Club and Fla. State Club teams. 
1926, mem., Werner and Werner Bskt.B. team. 
(St. Louis Municipal champs.) ; mem., Shell 
B.B. Club and St. Louis Municipal B.B. League 
teams. 1927, mem., Leacock B.B. team, (Won 
St. Louis Municipal League champ.). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Phi 
Delta Theta. Hobby: Athletics. Office: 5737 
Woodlawn St., Chicago, 111. Home: 2416 North- 
land St., Overland, Mo. 




of Big Ten Championship, 1921-24. Born: Du- 
luth, Minn., Jan. 15, 1902. Son of Louis M. and 
Eva (Haminerback) Berquist. Ed.: Duluth Cen. 
H. Sch! ; B .S., Univ. of Minn. 

Record: 1921-24, mem., Univ. of Minn, hockey 
team ; won Big Ten champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Engr., Kans. State Highway 
Dept. Office: Elm St., Hope, Ark. Home: 214 
East Second St., Hope, Ark. 

baseball and track. Born: Galesburg, 111., Aug. 
17, 1877. Son of Leonard Budd and Harriet M. 
(Smith) Berrien. Ed.: U. S. Naval Acad., 1900; 
U. S. Naval War Coll., 1917 ; U. S. Army War 
Coll., 1926. 

Record: 1897-98-99, mem., U. S. Naval Acad. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1899-1900, mem. U. S. 
Naval Acad, track team. 1900, mem. U. S. Na- 
val B.B. team ; broke U. S. Naval Acad, high 
hurdle record ; awarded Thompson Trophy, 
U. S. Naval Acad., for having done most for 
the promotion of athletics during the year. 
1908-09, mem. F.B. Rules Com. 1908-09-10, head 
F.B. coach, U. S. Naval Acad. 

Pres. Occupation: Capt., U. S. Navy in charge 
Navy R.O.T.C, Yale Univ. Naval Service: 
Graduated from U. S. Naval Acad., 1900; 
Comnd., Ensign, U. S. Navy, 1902; Lt, 1905; 
Lt. Commander, 1912 ; Commander, 1917 ; Capt., 
1918 ; awarded following decorations : Distin- 
guished Service Medal (Navy; World War); 
Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. 
George (British) ; Commander of the Order of 
The Redeemer (Greece) ; West Indies Cam- 
paign Medal (Spanish War) ; China Relief Ex- 
pedition Campaign Medal (Boxer War) ; Phil- 
ippine Campaign Medal ; Mexican Campaign 
Medal; Victory Medal and Star (World War). 
Affiliations: Phi Gamma. Delta; Amer. Legion; 
Army and Navy Club (Wash., D. C, and 
N. Y.) ; Racquet Club (Wash., D. C.) ; Army, 
Navy and Marine Corps C.C. (Wash., D. O). 
Married: Elizabeth Whittelsey, Nov. 9, 1907. 
Children: Frank Whittelsey, age 18 ; Mary Eliz- 
abeth, age 16. Office: North Sheffield Hall, New 
Haven, Conn. Home: 367 Prospect St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

BERRY, CHARLES F., mem., Ail-American 
football team, 1924. Born: Phillipsburg, N. J., 
Oct. 18, 1902. Son of Charles J. and Addie 
(Bartch) Berry. Ed.: Phillipsburg H. Sch. ; 
B.S., Lafayette Coll., 1925. 

Record: 1917-20, mem., Phillipsburg H. Sch. 
F.B. team (H. Sch: State champ., 1918). 1918- 
21, mem. Phillipsburg H. Sch. B.B. team. 1921- 
24, mem. Lafayette Coll. F. B. team (East 
champs). 1922-25, mem. Lafayette Coll. B.B. 
team. 1924, chosen by Walter Camp as All- 

Arner. end. 1925, mem. Phila. Amer. League 
of B.B. 1926, Portland Pacific Coast League. 
1927, mem. Boston Amer. League. 1927-28, 
coach Grove City Coll. F. B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: F.B. coach. Affiliations: 
Phi Delta Theta. Married: Helen Smith, June 
30, 1926. Home: Union Sq. Hotel, Phillipsburg, 
New Jersey. 

BERRY, ELMER, basketball, football, and 
baseball. Born: Lincoln, Nebr., Oct. 9, 1879. 
Son of E. A. and Julia (Crawford) Berry. Ed.: 
B.S., Univ. of Nebr., 1901; M.P.E., Y.M.C.A. 
Coll. (Springfield, Mass.), 1908; Ed.D., Grad. 
Sch. of Ed., Harvard, 1925. 

Record: 190001, mgr., Bskt. B. team, Univ. 
of Nebr. ; student instr., phys. ed., Univ. of 
Nebr. 1901-02, mem., Y.M.C.A. Coll. (Spring- 
field, Mass.) F.B. team. 1904-26, phys. ed. 
instr., Y.M.C.A. Coll. (Springfield). 1915-26, 
B.B. coach, Y.M.C.A. Coll. (Springfield). 1917- 
22, F.B. coach, Y.M.C.A. Coll. (Springfield). 
1926-27, dir., phys. ed., Natl. Recreation Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir., Y.M.C.A. Sch. of Phys. 
Ed. (Geneva, Switzerland). Affiliations: Phi 
Delta Kappa ; Mason ; Shriner ; Realty Club 
(Springfield, Mass.); Amer. Phys. Ed. Asso. ; 
Amer. F.B. Coaches Asso. ; Ath. Research Soc. 
(Sec). Married: Priscilla Melick, Aug. 10, 
1904. Children: Daniel Melick, age 13 ; Robert 
Elmer, age 11. Office: 62 Route de Chene, 
Geneva, Switzerland. 

BERRY, J. HOWARD, 2ND„ All American 
fullback, 1916-17. Born: Phila., Pa., Dec. 21, 1897. 
Son of J. Howard and Louise M. (Von Halbach) 
Berry. Ed.: N. East H. Sch. (Phila.) ; Muhlen- 
berg Coll., 1913-14 ; B.S., and A.B., Univ. of Pa., 

Record: 1910-13, mem., N. East H- Sch. B.B., 
F.B., and track teams (capt., each team in 
1913). 1913-14, mem., Muhlenberg Coll. F.B., 
B.B., and track teams. 1915-16-17, mem., Univ. 
of Pa., B.B. team (capt., 1916-17. Picked as 
shortstop on All-Coll. Nine) ; mem.,- Univ. of 
Pa., F.B. team (picked for All-Amer. full-back, 
1916-17. Lightest full-back in U.S., weighing 
148 pounds). 1914-15-16-17, mem., Univ. of Pa., 
track team (capt., 1917) ; won I.C. pentathlon 
champ, (established a world record in this 
event, won all five events, totaling five points). 
This is lowest score recorded for over 2,000 
yrs. ; won 12 out of 15 events in three yrs., 
1914-15-16. 1921-22, utility infielder on N.Y. 
Giants' World Champ, team ; mem., Frankford 
World Champ. F.B. team, 1922. At present is 
coach, Montgomery Sch., Wynnewood, Pa. 

Pres. Occupation: Manufacturer. Official per- 
sonal property tax. Mil. Service: Commd. 1st 
Lt. U.S.A., Camp Hancock, Ga. ; coach of champ. 







service F.B. team of South; taught bayonet and 
phys. culture, Camp Hancock. Affiliations: Al- 
pha Tau Omega ; Masons, Geo. W. Hendrich, Jr. 
No. 690 (Phila.). Clubs: Pa. varsity; Hacienda 
del Mar ; Chelsa Yacht ; Penn Rose Republican ; 
Aronomink C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Ethel 
G. Smith, Jan. 21, 1924. Children: Mary Jane, 
age 10 (stepdaughter). Office: Room 103 City 
Hall, Phila., Pa. Home: 425 S. 4Gth St., Phila., 

BERRY, MAX RUSSEL, football. Born: 
North English, la., Nov. 17, 1906. Son of S. E. 
and Mary (Knipfer) Berry. JSd.: Wellman H. 
Sch., 1925; la. Wesleyan Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1922-24, mem., Wellmana H. Sch. 
F.B. team (capt, 1924). 1923-25, mem., Well- 
man H. Sch. track team (capt., 1924). 1926- 
27, mem., la. Wesleyan Coll. F.B. team (All- 
la. conf. team). 1926, mem., la. Wesleyan Coll. 
Bskt.B. team. 1926-28, mem., la. Wesleyan 
Coll. track team (capt., 1928; broke conf. rec- 
ord 220 yd. dash, 22 sec). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. School: 414 N. 
Broadway, Mt. Pleasant, la. Home: Box 224, 
Wellman, la. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher of phys. ed., Oak- 
land Public Schs., Oakland, Calif. Affiliations: 
Calif. Y.M.I. Club (San Francisco) ; Sigma Nu. 
Married: Ruth Zoe Hamlin, Apr. 11, 1928. Office: 
Garfield Jr. H. Sch., Oakland, Calif. Home: 
Apt. K, 1725 Seminary St., Oakland, Calif. 

Born: .Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 27, 1903. Son 
of Nelson D. and Jennie (Dailey) Bessesen. 
Ed.: Minneapolis Cen. H. Sch., 1921; LL.B., 
Univ. of Minn., 1927. 

Record: 1918-21, mem. Minneapolis Cen. H. 
Sch. swimming teams (capt., 1921). 1921, mem., 
Cen. H. Sch. F.B. team. 1923-25, mem., Univ. of 
Minn, swimming team. 1924, chosen by Tom 
Robinson for 2nd All-Confer. (Big Ten) swim- 
ming team. 1925, Minn. 100 yd. breast stroke 
champ. 1925-27, Ath. Dir. Unity Settlement 
House ( Minneapolis ) . 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Bessesen & Besse- 
sen. Affiliations: Phi Gamma Delta ; Phi Al- 
pha Delta. Hobby: Swimming. Married: Ade- 
laide Orfleld, July 16, 1927. Office: 542 Mc- 
Knight Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 614 
B. ISth St. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ed. Born: Clarendon, Pa., June 30, 1895. Son 
of M. N. and Margaret (Mahler) Berry. Ed.: 
Penn. Normal Sch., 1916. 

Record: 1916-17, Asst. Phys. Dir., Y.M.C.A. 
(East Liverpool, O.). 1917, Asst. Phys. Dir., 
Y.M.C.A. (St. Jos., Mo.). 1919-24, Phys. Dir. 
Y.M.C.A. (Sedalia, Mo.). 1924-28, Phys. Dir., 
Y.M.C.A. (Columbia, S. C). 

Pres. Occupation: Phys. Dir., Y.M.C.A., Co- 
lumbia, S. C. Naval Service: Enlisted U.S.N., 
Nov., 1917 ; transferred to Radio Sch., Harvard ; 
released as Radio Naval Observer ; discharged, 
U.S.N.R.F.. 1920. Affiliations: Natl. Phys. Dir. 
Soc. ; Y.M.C.A.; Secy, and Treas., So. Y.M.C.A. 
Phys. Dir. Soc; Masons; Kiwanis. Hobby: 
All sports. Married: Miriam Wales, Sept., 1919. 
Children: Richard Wesley, age 7 ; Russell Har- 
mon, Jr., age 3. Office: Y.M.C.A., Columbia, S. C. 
Home: 2607 Cyprus St., Columbia, S. C. 

BERVEN, HAROLD, football. Bom: Spo- 
kane, Wash., Apr. 29, 1902. Son of Sjur and 
Marie (Oien) Berven. Ed.: North Cen. H. Sch., 
1921; A.B., Wash. State Coll., 1925; Univ. of 
Calif, (summer sessions), 1926-27. 

Record: 1918-21, mem.. North Cen. H. Sch. 
(Spokane, Wash.) F.B., B.B., and track teams. 
1922, mem., Wash. State Coll. freshman F.B. 
team. 1923-24-25, mem., Wash. State Coll. var- 
sity F.B. team. 1926-28, F.B. and Bskt.B. in 
Northern Calif. 1927, mem., Y.M.I. Club (San 
Francisco) F.B. team; mem., George Wilson 
Wildcat pro. F.B. team. 

Born: Westville, Ohio, Nov. 15, 1893. Son of 
Elmer and Viola (Dyer) Betchtel. Ed.: Plain 
CityH. Sch. (Ohio); A.B., Wittenberg Coll., 
1917; Univ. of Mich., 1923; Notre Dame, 1924; 
Superior, Wis. Normal, 1927. 

Record: 1911, mem., Plain H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team (Ohio champs). 1914-15, mem., Witten- 
berg Coll. B.B. team." 1915-16, mem., Witten- 
berg Coll. F.B. team, (capt., 1916). 1916-17, 
capt., Wittenberg Coll. Bskt.B. team (All-Ohio 
Guard). 1919, coach Akron H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team (city champs.). 1921-22, coach Toledo H. 
Sch. Bskt.B. team, (city champs.). 1923-24, 
coach, Baldwin-Wallace Coll. Bskt.B., team 
(Ohio conf. co-champs.). 1925-27, coach Albion 
Coll. Bskt.B. team (Mich. State champs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. of aths., Woodward 
Tech H. Sch. Mil. Service: Enlisted U.S. Ma- 
rine Corps, Paris Is. Co., 37th Co. Sgt. ; dis- 
charged Feb., 1919. Affiliations: Mason; Alpha 
Tau Omega ; N. West. Ohio Officials' Asso. 
Hobby: Fishing. Married: Marie Harmon, June 
8, 1919. Children: Robert Wm, age 5. Office: 
Madison Ave., Toledo, Ohio. Home: 147 Isling- 
ton St., Toledo, Ohio. 

St. Mary's College football team, 1927. Born: 
Newark, Calif., Sept. 22, 1927. Son of Manuel 
and Mary (Lewis) Bettencourt. Ed.: Wash. 
Union H. Sch.; A.B., St. Mary's Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1920-24, mem., Wash. Union H. Sch. 
F.B., B.B. and track teams, (capt., B.B., 1922 



and F.B., 1923, hold record 440 yd. dash, 52 
sec). 1924, mem., St. Mary's Coll. freshman 
F.B. team. 1925, mem., St. Mary's Coll. fresh- 
man B.B. team. 1925-27, mem., St. Mary's Coll. 
varsity F.B, team (capt , 1927). 1926-27, mem., 
St. Mary's Coll. varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Bank 
of Italy (Centerville, Calif.) ; San Leandro 
State Bank of Calif.; "M" Club (St. Mary's 
Coll.). School: St. Mary's Coll., Oakland, Calif. 
Home: Niles R.F.D., 82A., Niles, Calif. 

BETTS, FLOYD GALLOWAY, joint holder of 
world 50-yard dash. Born: Thomasville, Ala., 
Jan. 27, 1896. Son of Isaac Franklin and Mamie 
(Tarry) Betts. Ed.: Marlin (Tex.) H. Sch. ; 
A.B., Southwestern Univ., 1917 ; M.A., Southern 
Methodist Univ., 1926; graduate work, Univ. 
of Tex. 

Record: 1913, tied world's record in 50 yd. 
dash (time, 51-5 sec.) ; estab. Tex. State record 
in 50-yard dash (time, 5 3-5 sec, held same for 
9 years) ; won 50-yard dash; 100-yard dash (10 
sec.) ; mem., winning relay team, State meet 
Tex. Intersch. League ; mem., Tex. relay team, 
Nat'l Meet, Chicago. 1913-17, mem., S. West. 
Univ. F.B. team (capt., 1917) ; picked on sev- 
eral all-conf. selections. 1917, all-S. West, 
guard; capt., S. West. Univ. Bskt.B. team 
(1914-17). 1917-19, coached undefeated Indian 
F.B. team of the 358th Inf. during the war. 
1919, regimental ath. dir. of the 358th Inf., 
Army of Occupation, Germany. 1919-23, dir., 
phys. ed. and head coach, Temple (Tex.) H. 
Sch.; S. West. Conf. F.B. and Bskt.B. Official. 
1923-28, dir., phys. ed. and head coach, High- 
land Park H. Sch., Dallas, Tex. 1928, mem., 
Nat'l Officials' Asso. Bskt.B.; coached and 
played on Stickle Lumber Co. Bskt.B. team, 
So. A.A.U. champs. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher, coach and phys. 
dir. War Record: Enlisted April 29, 1917; 
comnd. 2nd It., Aug., 1917; mem., A.E.F. ; pro- 
moted to 1st lieut. for gallantry in action. 
Affiliations: So.A.A.U. ; Kappa Alpha; 32nd de- 
gree Mason; Shrine; Tex. State Teachers' 
Asso. ; Nat'l Ed. Asso. ; Dept. of Ins. and Bank- 
ing, State of Texas (former bank examiner) ; 
Lions Club. Hobby: Officiating and band. Mar- 
ried: Myrtle Powell, Nov. 15, 1919. Children: 
Floyd, Jr., age 7 ; Bill, age 1. Home: 3447 Rob- 
erts Ave., Dallas, Tex. 

basketball and track. Born: Montgomery, Ala., 
Oct. 23, 1897. Son of Conrad F. and Anna 
(Keating) Beutel. Ed.: Univ. of Wash. (Seattle, 
Wash.), 1919; A.B., Cornell Univ., 1921; L.L.B., 
Harvard, 1925. 

Record: 1917, mem., Wash. Univ. freshman 
track team. 1918-19, mem., Wash. Univ. varsity 

track team. 1919, mem. Cornell rifle team ; me^n. 
Presidio of S. F. rifle team (won Soldier of 
Marathon Trophy, Natl. Rifle match, 1919). 
1921, coach Beutel Business Coll. Bskt. team. 
1925-26, coach Oak Leafs semi-pro. Bskt.B. team 
(Pittsburgh, Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer and teacher. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted, 1918 ; discharged 2nd Lieut., 
Inf. ; 1st Lieut., Inf. Reserve, 1926. Affiliations: 
U.S.A.R.O. ; Scabbard and Blade; Harvard A. A.; 
Tri-State Officials' Asso. ; chmn. F.B. Com. ; Cen. 
Bd. F.B. Officials; East. Mass. Bskt.B. Officials' 
Asso.; Fircrest G.C. (Tacoma, Wash.). Hobby: 
Football and basketball. Married: Irene McKin- 
ney, June 22, 1924. Office: Tulane Univ., New 
Orleans, La. Home: New. Orleans, La. 


Born: Amarillo, Tex., May 27, 1897. Son of 
William and Clara (Hendricks) Beverley. Ed.: 
Dalhart H. Sch. (Dalhart, Tex.) ; Tex. A. and 
M. Coll. 

Record : 1924, No. 1 on Kelly Field Polo team ; 
won handicap tournament in S. West Circuit. 
1925, No. 1 on 24th F.A. Polo team; won East. 
Circuit cup (Manila, P. I.). 1926-27, No. 1 on 
Air Corps Training Center Polo team ; won S. 
West. Circuit and San Antonio (Tex.) tourna- 
ments. 1928, selected one of twelve outstand- 
ing players from field of sixty who participated 
in S. West Circuit Polo tournaments. 

Pres. Occupation: U. S. Army Air Corps. War 
Record: Army Air Corps from Dec, 1917-28; 
cadet to 1st lieut. ; instr. flying during and since 
the World War. Affiliations: U. S. Army Polo 
Asso. ; Air Corps Training Center Polo team ; 
various army officers' clubs; Avalon C.C. (San 
Antonio, Tex.). Married: Edith Duke, July 
14, 1920. Office: Brooks Field, San Antonio, 
Tex. Home: 640 Highland Blvd., San Antonio, 

BIBEN, JOSEPH HENRY, football and la- 
crosse. Born: Hamburg, Germany, Oct. 27, 
1899. Son of Isaac and Jennie (Kohan) Biben. 
Ed.: Central H. Sch. (Phila., Pa.) ; B.S., Univ/ 
of Pa., 1922. 

Record: 1918, mem., Cen. H. Sch. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1919, mem. Univ. of Pa. freshman 
F.B. champ team. 1920-22, mem. Univ. of Pa. 
varsity F.B. and lacrosse teams (All-East, 
champ, lacrosse team, 1921). 1922-28, mem. 
Phila. Lacrosse Club team. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate broker and pub- 
lisher. Affiliations: Sec-treas. People's Mort- 
gage Investment Co. ; gen. mgr., Phila. Times ; 
Aletheophile Hon. Soc ; B.P.O.E. ; Shriner; 
"P" Club (Univ. of Pa.) ; Chelsea Beach Club 
(Atlantic City, N. J.) ; Phila. Lacrosse Club. 
Hobby: Publishing. Married: Augusta Cohen, 






Dec, 1923. Children: Elaine Ruth, age 3 ; Rob- 
ert Leslie, age 1. Office: 18 S. 15th St., Phila., 
Pa. Home: 5326 Lebanon Rd., Wynnefield, Pa. 

BIBLE, DANA XENOPHON, football, basket- 
ball and baseball. Born: Jefferson City, Tenn., 
Oct. 8, 1891. Son of J. D. and Cleo (Willis) 
Bible. Ed.: A.B., Carson-Newman Coll.; Center 
Coll.; Univ. of N. C. ; Ohio State Univ. 

Record: Mem. Carson-Newman and Univ. of 
N. C. F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1913-15, 
coach and ath. dir., Miss. Coll. 1916, head F.B. 
coach La. State Univ. 1917-28, head F.B. coach 
and ath. dir., Tex. A. & M. Coll. ( S. West. Conf . 
champs., 1917-19-21-25-28; S. champs., 1921). 

Pres. Occupation: Head coach and ath. dir., 
Tex. A. and M. Coll. War Record: mem., A.E.F., 
22nd Aero Squadron, discharged 2nd lieut. 
Affiliations: Elks; K.T. ; Shriner; Delta Kappa 
Epsilon; Nat'l F.B. Rules Com.; Nat'l Com. 
Sportsmanship and Ethics ; Amer. F.B. Coaches' 
Asso. Clubs: Rotary ; Dallas A.C. ; Kans. City 
A.C. ; Bryan C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Rowena Rhodes, Dec. 19, 1923. Office: College 
Station, Tex. 

ball. Born: Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 28, 1860. 
Son of William D. and Maria E. (Strickle) 
Bickham. Ed.: B.S., Princeton, 1882. 

Record: 1878-81, mem., Princeton F.B. team 
(sub., 1878-79). 1882, F.B. coach, Cen. H. Sch. 
(Dayton, Ohio). 1888-89-90, mem., F.B. team 
(composed of former stars) whose purpose was 
to develop F.B. in N. West. 

Pres. Occupation: None. War Record: Capt. 
and Q.M., U. S. Vols., Spanish war, 1898; maj. 
and Q.M., U. S. Vols., Philippine war, 1899; 
capt. and Q.M., U.S.A., .1901; maj. and Q.M., 
U.S.A., 1910. Affiliations: Mason; Sons of Vet- 
erans, Earnshaw Corps, Loyal Legion D.C. Com- 
mandery ; Foreign Wars, N. Y. Commandery ; 
Christ Episcopal Church (Alexandria, Va.). 
Married: Amelia Whitney Herr, Mar. 6, 1900. 
Children: Louise W. Bickham Coffleld, age 26; 
Amelia S., age 23 ; Maria E., age 21 ; Katherine 
E., age 19 ; Abraham S., age 18. Address: Rob- 
ert Blvd., Dayton, Ohio. 

BIDDLE, NICHOLAS, crew. Born: Brook- 
line, Mass., July 30, 1893. Son of Edward and 
Lillian (Lee) Biddle. Ed.: Episcopal Acad.; 
Princeton, 1916. 

Record: 1907-12, mem., Episcopal Acad, track, 
F.B. and soccer teams (capt., track, 1910). 1912, 
mem., Princeton freshman F.B. and track teams. 
1913, mem., Princeton F.B. squad. 1914, mem., 
Princeton varsity crew. 1920, mem., Hunting- 
don Valley Trap Shooting team. 1920-21, mem., 
Huntingdon Valley C.C. Tennis team ; mem., 
Penllyn Polo team. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. broker. War Record: 
Enlisted, 1916, 1st city troop (Phila., Pa.) ; 
capt., Remount Service, 1917 ; 3rd Cavalry, 
1918; H.Q., 26th div., mem., A.E.F., 1918-19. 
Affiliations: Biddle, Townsend & Co. Clubs: 
Penn A.C. ; Racquet ; Huntingdon Valley Hunt ; 
Huntingdon Valley C.C. ; Rittenhouse ; "P" 
(Princeton Univ.). Married: Sarah Lippincott, 
Feb. 11, 1905. Children: Joanna, age 12 ; Nich- 
olas, Jr., age 10 ; Sarah Lee, age 6 ; John Scott, 
age 2. Office: 512 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: 
York Rd., Noble, Pa. 

American football player, 1915. Born: Spring- 
field, Minn., Mar. 11, 1894. Son of William and 
Lydia (Roesler) Bierman. Ed.: Litchfield H. 
Sch. ; B.A., Univ. of Minn. 

Record: 1909-12, mem., Litchfield H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1909-11, mem., Litchfield H. Sch. F.B. 
team (All-State h.b.). 1910-12, mem., Litch- 
field H. Sch. Bskt.B. and track teams. 1913-14, 
mem., Univ. of Minn. Bskt.B. team. 1913-15, 
mem., Univ. of Minn. F.B. team (capt., All- 
Conf., All-West, and Eckersall's AU-Amer., 
1915). 1914-16, mem., Univ. of Minn, track 
team. 1916-17, coach, Butte H. Sch. (Butte, 
Mont.) ; State champs. F.B. and Bskt.B. 1919- 
22, coach, Univ. of Mont. F.B., Bskt.B. and 
track teams. 1923-25, asst. coach, Tulane Univ. 
1926-27, head coach, Miss. A. and M. Coll. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams. 1927-28, head coach, 
Tulane Univ. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, Tulane Univ. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted 2nd lieut., U. S. Marine 
Corps ; promoted capt. Married: Clara Louise 
MacKenzie, June, 1921. Children: William Alex- 
ander, age 4; James MacKenzie, age 1. Office: 
Tulane Univ., New Orleans, La. Home: 2117 
Audubon St., New Orleans, La. 

BIGELOW, EDWARD L., coach Harvard 
Univ. hockey team, 1925-28. Born: Boston, 
Mass., April 19, 1899. Son of Henry F. and 
Eliza (Davis) Bigelow. Ed.: St. Mark's Sch., 
1917; A.B., Harvard, 1921. 

Record: 1919-21, mem., Harvard B.B. team. 
1919-21, mem., Harvard hockey team (won I.C. 
champ.). 1925-27, coach, Harvard hockey team 
(I.C. champs., 1926). 

Pres. Occupation: Investment bk. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Enlisted pvt, Camp Lee, Va., 1918. Affilia- 
tions: Dir., New Boston Arena Co.; Tavern 
Club (Boston) ; Myopia Hunt Club (Hamilton, 
Mass.). Hobby: Golf and hockey. Married: 
Caroline L. Fresenden, April, 1927. Children: 
Edward L., Jr. O^ce: 74 State St., Boston, 
Mass. Home: 65 Essex Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 




BIGELOW, WALTER I., capt. Yale baseball 
team, 1876-77. Born: Grafton, Mass., Oct. 7, 
1855. Son of A. M. and Eliza J. (Whittemore) 
Bigelow. Ed.: Grafton H. Sch. ; B.A., Yale, 1877. 

Record: 1873, mem., Grafton B.B. nine, 
(amateur champs, of Mass.). 1874-77, mem., 
Yale B.B. nine (capt., 1876-77). 1876, mem., 
Yale champ. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Business. Clubs: Yale 
(Boston, Mass., and N.Y.C., N. Y.). Hobby: 
Golf. Children: Cyril W., age 37. Office: 50 Con- 
gress St., Boston, Mass. Home: 15 Walnut PI., 
Brookline, Mass. 

BIGGS, CARL S., Intercollegiate hammer- 
throwing champion, 1926. Born: Southampton, 
L. I., N. Y., May 5, 1895. Son of Mr. and Mrs. 
F. E. Biggs. Ed.: Southampton (L. L> H. Sch.; 
B.S., Syracuse Univ., 1926. 

Record: 1922-23, mem., Syracuse Univ. F.B. 
and track teams. 1924-25-26, mem., Syracuse 
Univ. varsity F.B. and track teams. 1926, win- 
ner, I.C. hammer-throwing champ., held at Bos- 
ton, distance, 161 ft. 9% in. ; sec. in hammer- 
throw, Metro. A.A.U. champs. 1927, coach of 
Ridgefleld Park H. Sch., N. J. ; Class B champs, 
in Bskt.B. of N. J. 

Pres. Occupation: Supervisor of Phys. Train- 
ing and Dir. of Ath., Ridgefleld Pk., N. J. War 
Record: Enlisted Aug., 1918; honorably dis- 
charged, July, 1919; sgt. in Motor Transport 
Corps; stationed at Camps Stuart and Hill, 
Newport News, Va. Affiliations: N.Y.A.C. ; 
Amer. Legion; Nat'l Ed. Soc. ; Nat'l Teachers' 
Asso. Hobby: Sports. Married: Revel May 
Gardinier. Home: Bergen Court, Ridgefleld Park, 
New Jersey. 

BIGGS, ZALVIN, canoe racing. Born: 
Washington, D. C, Aug. 12, 1896. Son of War- 
ren W. and Lucy S. (Huntsberry) Biggs. Ed.: 
Tech H. Sch.; B.S.E.E., George Wash. Univ., 
1921. . 

Record : 1921-28, competed in A.C.A., Del. and 

Chesapeake Div. regattas ; Middle States Canoe 
Racing Assn. 1924-25, mem., single and double 
blade four champ, quarter-mile and half-mile 
races ; mem., Tandem single-blade champ, team. 
Pres. Occupation: Elec. engr. and contr., pres., 
Biggs & Kirclmer, Inc. Naval Service: First-, 
class elec, 1918-19. Affiliations: Middle States 
Canoe Racing Asso. ; Del. and Chesapeake Div. 
of A.C.A. ; Kappa Sigma ; Sigma Tau ; Potomac 
Boat Club (bd. of govs.) ; Colonial Canoe Club. 
Hobby: Camping and canoe racing. Married: 
Edith M. Shackelford, 1923. Office: 713 Sixth 
St. N.W., Washington, D. C. Home: 1730 Euclid 
St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

BINGHAM, GLEN ARTHUR, capt., Univ. of 
Denver F.B. team, 1916. Born: Sabeth, Kans., 

Nov. 2, 1890. Son of Lyman and Carrie Bing- 
ham. Ed.: Loveland, Colo., H. Sch.; B.A., Univ. 
of Denver, 1917 ; Univ. of 111. Coaching Sch., 
1923; Clark Spears' Coaching Sch., 1927. 

Record: 1909-12, mem., Loveland, Colo., H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B., B.B. and track teams. 1912-16, 
mem., Univ. of Denver F.B. team (capt., 1916). 
1914-16, mem., Univ. of Denver track team. 
1919-21, coach, Billings, Mont., H. Sch. 1919- 
21, head coach, Manual Training H. Sch. (Den- 
ver, Colo.). 1922, asst. coach, Univ. of Denver. 
1923-25, head coach, Roosevelt H. Sch. (Des 
Moines, la.). 1926-27, dir. of phys. ed. and 
head coach, la. Wesleyan Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. of phys. ed. and head 
coach, la. Wesleyan Coll. War Record: En- 
listed Reserve Corps, 1917,' active service, Dec. 
26, 1917, to July 5, 1919 ; 2nd lieut., Q.M.C., dis- 
charged, 1919. Affiliations: Mason; Sigma Phi 
Epsilon ; "D" Club (Univ. of Denver). Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Miriam Reid, Aug. 23, 1918. 
Office: la. Wesleyan Coll., Mt. Pleasant, la. 
Home: 801 N. Main St., Mt. Pleasant, la. 

Norristown, Pa., Aug. 8, 1889. Son of Robert 
and Martha (Clyde) Bingham. Ed.: Phillips 
Exeter Acad., 1912; A.B., Harvard, 1916. 

Record: 1908-12, mem., Phillips Exeter Acad. 
track team (holder of World's Inter-sch. record, 
880 yds.; time, 1.57 2-5). 1914-15-16, mem., 
Harvard track team (capt., 1916) ; holder of 
Harvard record half-mile (time, 1.54 2-5). 1921- 
22, coach, Harvard track team. 1926-28, dir. 
aths., Harvard. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. aths., Harvard. War 
Record: Capt., U. S., A.A.S. ; Croix de Guerre 
with div. citation. Affiliations: Ernest Mon- 
nier, Inc., importers (pres. and treas.) ; Har- 
vard Club (Boston) ; Harvard Club (N. Y.) ; 
Harvard A.A. Married: Florence Patee. Chil- 
dren: William J., Jr., age 6 ; Richard I., age 2. 
Office: Harvard A.A., Cambridge, Mass. Home: 
131 Glen Rd., Wellesley Farms, Mass. 

BINNS, ARTHUR MILTON, soccer, basket- 
ball and football. Bom: Phila., Pa., Aug. 7, 
1899. Son of William and Anna Elizabeth 
(Mason) Binns. Ed.: N. East H. Sch., 1917; 
B.S., Univ. of Pa., 1921. 

Record: 1916-17, mem., N. East H. Sch. Bskt. 
B., B.B. and soccer teams (capt. and mgr., 
soccer team, 1916 ; All-sch. Soccer team, 1916- 
17). 1917-20, mem., Univ. of Pa. Bskt.B. F.B. 
and soccer teams (I.C. soccer champ., 1919-20, 
capt., 1920). 1927-28, mem., Phila. Cricket Club 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman, Bell Tel. Co. 
Affiliations: Alpha Chi Rho ; Sphinx Senior 
Soc; Vet. Ath. of Phila.; "P" Club (Univ. of 




Pa.); Phila. Cricket Club; Atlantic City A.C. 
Hobby: Soccer. Office: 1835 Arch St., Phila., 
Pa. Home: 610 West Cambria St., Phila., Pa. 

BIRD, HAROLD E., Big Ten champion, 
(fancy diving), 1923-24. Born: Fairmont, Minn., 
Aug., 19, 1901. Son of Harry and Sophie (Rod- 
aniacher) Bird. Ed.: Fairmont H. Sell.; B.S., 
Univ. of Minn., 1925. 

Record: 1923, 1st place in fancy diving, 
(Minn-Wis. ; Minn.-Ia. ; Minn-Chicago). 1924, 
Isl place in fancy diving (Minn-Ill.; Minn- 
Mich.; Minn.-N.West. Univ.; Big Ten Conf. 
meet) ; champ. Minn. State fancy diving. 1925, 
lsl place in fancy diving (Minn.-Wis. ; Minn.- 
' Chicago; Minn.-Mich.). 

I 'res. Occupation: Civil engr. Affiliations: Al- 
pha Pi. Married: Dorothy A. Scott, Mar. 7, 
1928. Office: 920 8th St., San Diego, Calif. 
Hants: 1843 Dale St., San Diego, Calif. 

I 1 '. It. team, 1927. Bom: Louisville, Ky., April 7, 
1901. >S'o// of William J. and Anna (Scribner) 
P.irlenback. Ed.: Pasadena H. Sch. ; Univ. of 
Calif, at Los Angeles. 

Record: 1921-22-23, mem. Pasadena H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1925-26-27, mem., 
U.C.L.A., F.B. and B.B teams (capt. F.B„ 
1927). 1925, mem., U.C.L.A. Bskt.B. team. 
1920-27, mem., U.C.L.A. boxing team. 

Pros. Occupation: Student. Home: 2471 Rose 
Ave., Alledena, Calif. 

BISBEE, EDGAR C, football. Born-. Ma- 
delia, Minn., Mar. 15, 1871. Son of John and 
Ardelia (Small) Bisbee. Ed.: Madelia H. Sch. ; 
P.N., Univ. of Minn., 1894. 

Record: 1891-93, mem., Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
loam (West, champs.). 

I'rcs. Occupation: Pres., Bisbee Linseed Co. 
Affiliations: Phi Delta Theta ; Chamber of Com- 
merce. Clubs: Rotary; Neighborhood; Mfgr's ; 
Atlanta; Bala C.C. ; Downtown. Married: 
Millie May Arnold, May 19, 1897. Children: 
Helen, age 25; Arnold, age 22. Office: Drexel 
P.ldg., Phila., Pa. Home: Bala, Pa. 

BJORKMAN, HENRY BROR, coach Georgia 
School of Technology F.B. team, 1926-27. Born: 
Wall ham, Mass., Oct. 29, 1901. Son of Knute 
A. and Anne (Carlson) Bjorkman. Ed.: Wal- 
Minni 11. Sch.; Newton H. Sch.; Dean Acad.; 
U.S., Dartmouth Coll. 

Record: 1919, mem., Newton H. Sch. B.B. and 
F.B. learns. 1920, mem., Dean Acad. F.B. team. 
1921, mem., Dean Acad. B.B. team; capt., Dart- 
moulli Coll. freshman F.B. team. 1922, Dart- 
mouth Coll. freshman B.B. team. 1922-24, 
mem., Dartmouth Coll. varsity F.B. team (capt., 

1924). 1923-25, mem., Dartmouth ('(ill. varsity 
K.I!, team (capt., 1925). 1924, selected end on 
Walter Camp's 1st team. 1926-27, coach, Georgia 
Tech. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Stock brokerage, Smith, 
Graham & Rockwell. Affiliations: Phi Delta 
Theta; Sphinx Senior Soc. ; Atlanta A.C; Dart- 
mouth Club (N. Y.). Office: 50 Broadway, 
N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 24 East 38th St., N. Y. C, 
New York. 

BJORNBERG, GORDON O., mem., Univ. of 
Minn, swimming team, 1924-27. Born: Willmar, 
Minn., Aug. 14, 1905. Son of Bmil and Lena 
(Glarum) Bjornberg. Ed.: Willmar II. Sch.; 
Univ. of Minn. 

Record: 1921-23, mem., Willmar II. Sch. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. squad teams. 1923-27, mem., Univ. 
(if Minn, swimming team. 1923-24, holder of 
220 yds. 1925-26, won West. I.C. Conf. champ.; 
broke State Conf. and Univ. of Minn, record 
in 440-yd. swim. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Delta 
Kappa Epsilon; "M" Club (Univ. of Minn.).. 
Home: 520 E. 4th St., Willmar, Minn. 

BLACK, CHARLES T., football, basketball 
and baseball. Born: Alton, 111., Jan. 5, 1901. 
Sou of Hugh C. and Emma C. (Joesting) Black. 
Ed.: A.B., Kans. Univ., 1924. 

Record: 1921-23, mem., Kans. Univ. F.B. team, 
(capt., 1923). 1921-24, mem., Kans. Univ. 
Bskt.B. team (capt., 1923-24). 1922-24, mem., 
Mo. Valley champ. Bskt.B. team (capt., 1923- 
24). 1923, mem., Mo. Valley champ. P.P.. and 
F.B. teams (capt., F.B. team). 1923-24, mem., 
Kans. Univ. B.B. team. 1925-26, coach, Grinnell 
Coll. 1927-28, coach, Univ. of Nebr. Bskt.B. 

1'res. Occupation: Bskt.B. coach, Univ. of 
Nebr. Affiliations: Nat'l B.B. Coaches' Asso. ; 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lincoln C.C; Lincoln 
Rotary Club. Married: Dorothy E. Stokely, 
May 31, 1927. Office: Univ. Coliseum, Lincoln, 
Nebr. Home: 1144 S. 11th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

BLACK, CLINTON R., JR., football. Born: 
N. Y. C, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1894. Son of Clinton R. 
and Mary Ella (Prier) Black. Ed.: Barnard 
Sch.; Hotchkiss Sch.; Pawling Sch.; Yale. 

Record: mem., Barnard Sch. and Hotchkiss 
Sch. F.B. teams. 1912-13, mem., Phillips Ex- 
eter Acad. F.B. team. 1914, capt., Yale fresh- 
man F.B. team. 1915-16, mem., Yale varsity 
F.B. team (capt., 1916). 1917, capt., Navy F.B. 
team (Newport). 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. broker. Naval Service: 
U. S. Navy; on Pres. Lincoln when torpedoed 
off French Coast; rescued after IS hours in 
water; engaged in destroyer service after this. 



Affiliations: Petroleum Protective Asso., Inc. 
(pres.) ; Petroleum Iron Works (vice-pres.) ; 
Pa. Tank Line (vice-pres.) ; Petroleum Naviga- 
tion Co. (vice-pres.) ; Pa. Car Co. (vice-pres.). 
Clubs: Oakland G.C. ; West Side Tennis; Yale 
Club; Uptown Club. Hobby: Football and 
hockey. Harried: Katharine Armstrong. Chil- 
dren: Crawford A., age 4; Clinton R., 3rd, age 
1. Office: 25 W. 43rd St., N. Y. C. Home: 5 
Whitson St., Forest Hills, N. Y. 

BLACK, LESTER, mem., Denison University 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. Born: Alex- 
andria, Ohio, Sept. 20, 1890. Son of J. A. and 
Margaret Ella (Rugg) Black. Ed.: Newark H. 
Sch. (Ohio); B.S., Denison Univ., 1914; A.M., 
Columbia Univ., 1926. 

Record: 190608 mem., Newark H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1906-09, mem., Newark H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1907-09, mem., Newark H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team (capt., 1908). 1910-13, mem., Denison 
Univ. F.B. team (capt. and All-Ohio F.B. team, 
1913). 1911-14, mem., Denison Univ. Bskt.B. 
and B.B. teams (Ohio Bskt.B. champs., 1913- 
14) ; mem., All-Ohio Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Co. supt. of schs. Mil. 
Service: Army insp. of Ord., Nov., 1917-Jan. 3, 
1919. Affiliations: "D" Denison Asso.; Cen. 
District Bd. of Control; Ohio H. Sch. A.A. ; 
Kiwanis Club (Newark, Ohio) ; Cen. Star Lodge, 
No. 11, F. and A. M. ; Gamma Xi. Married: 
Ethel Margaret Southard, Oct. 30, 1915. Chil- 
dren: Lester James, age 8. Office: Court House, 
Newark, Ohio. Home: 567 Granville St., New- 
ark, Ohio. 

vard varsity hockey team, winning I.C. champ., 
1912. Born: Cambridge, Mass., Apr. 26, 1889. 
Son of Clarence H. and Emma (Murray) Black- 
all. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1912; B.S., M. I. T., 
1917; M.S., M. I. T., 1918. 

Record: 1908, mem., H. Sch. track, B.B. and 
hockey teams (Int.-Sch. champs.). 1910, 
mem., Harvard soccer team. 1910-11, mem., 
varsity sec. B.B. team, 1910-12; mem., varsity 
hockey team (I.C. champs. ; chosen I.C. Cover 
Point, 1912). 1911, varsity F.B. team. 1912, 
varsity track squad. 

Pres. Occupation: Architect. Married: Doro- 
thy Brewer, June, 1916. Children: Eleanor, age 
10; Elizabeth, age 4. Office: 29 Cen. St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. Home: 145 Adams St., Milton, Mass. 

Born: Omro, Wis., June 11, 1867. Son of Wil- 
liam Henry and Elizabeth (Brogden) Black- 
burn. Ed.: Omro H. Sch. ; Univ. of Wis. 

Record: 1885-87, mem., Omro H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1887, mem., Univ. of Wis. B.B. team. 

1889, mem. Univ. of Wis. F. B. team (helped or- 
ganize the first F.B. team at Univ. of Wis.). 
1891-98, mem., Denver A.C. F.B. team ; also took 
part in boxing and wrestling competitions in 
Denver A.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Mining engr., Treadwell Yu- 
kon Co., Ltd. (Mgr., Nevada Mines). Clubs: 
Commonwealth Club (Calif.) ; Engrs. Club (San 
Francisco). Hobby: Hunting, photography and 
radio. Married: Annette Sherwin, Aug. 26, 

1896. Children: Helen Blackburn Clark. Office: 
923 Crocker Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. Home: 
2737 Garber St., Berkeley, Calif. 

BLACKISTONE, WADE H., football and 
track. Born: River Springs, Md., Sept. 28, 1876. 
Son of Dr. R. P. and Martha (Morris) Black- 
stone. Ed.: Md. Univ., 1906. 

Record: 1894-96, mem., Md. Univ. F.B. and 
track teams, (best all-around ath.). 

Pres. Occcupation: Real estate, O'Bryan and 
Spignul Co., (Wash., D.C.). Married: Lilla 
Dent, Sept. 25, 1906. Children: Richard; Pat- 
tie ; Bessie ; Wade, Jr. ; John ; Betty. Office: 
1104 Vt. Ave., N.W., Wash., DC. Home: 3626 
10th St., N.W., Wash., D.C. 

BLACKWELL, ROY N., football. Born: 
Cleburne, Texas, July 4, 1892. Son of N. and 
Lula (Curry) Blackwell. Ed.: Amer. Sch. of 
Osteopathy, (Kirksville, Mio.) ; Sonth. Meth. 
Univ. (Dallas, Tex.) ; Baylor Med. Sch. (Dallas, 

Record : 1917, Asst. Coach Texas A. & M. Coll. 
F.B. team. 1918-19, coach, Allen Acad., (Bryan, 
Tex.). 1919, coach, Texas A.&M., F.B. team. 
1920, line coach, S.M.U. F.B. team 1921, coach, 
S.M.U. Bskt.B. and track teams. 1922-27, mgr., 
ath. and coach, S.M.U. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Affiliations: A. 
F.&A.M. Highland Pk. Lodge ; Phi Delta Theta ; 
Dallas A.C. ; Kansas City A.C. Married: Mar- 
ion Gardner. Children: Jemmie Lou, age 7; 
Roy N., Jr., age 3. Office: 1135 Ath. Club Bldg., 
Dallas, Texas. Home: 3406 Dartmouth St., Dal- 
las, Texas. 

BLAIK, EARL HENRY, mem. All-Amer. foot- 
ball team, 1919. Born: Detroit, Mich. Feb. 15, 

1897. Son of Margaret (Purcell) and Wm. D. 
Blaik. Ed.: Steele H. Sch. (Dayton, O.), 1914; 
A. B., Miami Univ. (Oxford, O.), 1918; U. S. 
Mil. Acad. (West Point, N.Y.), 1920; Cavalry 
Sch. (Fort Riley, Kan.), 1921. 

Record: 1915-16-17-18, mem. Miami Univ. F.B. 
and B.B. teams (Capt. B.B. 1918 and mem., All- 
Ohio mythical F.B. team, 1917-18). Mem., U.S. 
M.A., F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1919, mem., 
Walter Camp's All-Amer. F.B. team. 1920, 
awarded Army Ath. Council saber for all-around 


athlete. 1922, coach 1st Calvary Div. F.B. team. 

1926, asst. coacn, Univ. of Wis. 1927, asst. 
coach, U.S.M.A. 

Pres. Occupation: Builder ; W. D. and E. H. 
Blaik, Builders. Affiliations: Trustee, Dayton 
Y.M.C.A. ; Gyro Club ; Engrs. Club (Dayton, 
O.). Married: Merle McDowell, 1923. Children: 
Wm. McDowell, age 1. Office: 1050 Reibold 
Bldg., Dayton, O. Home: 949 Five Oaks, Day- 
ton, O. 

BLAIK, JOHN DAVIS, JR., football and base- 
ball. Born: Winsboro, S.C., Jan. 14, 1897. Son 
of John Davis, Sr., and Minnie (Scott) Blair. 
Ed.: Lebanon H. Sen., 1912; B. S., Clemson 
Coll., 1917; Mercer Univ., 1919. 

Record: 1913-14, mem. (sub.) varsity F.B. 
and B.B. teams, Clemson Coll. 1922-26, ath. dir. 
and coach F.B. team (State Champ.), Limer H. 
Sch., Macon, Ga. 1926, freshman coach F.B., 
Mercer Univ. 1927-28, varsity line coach, Mer- 
cer Univ. 

Pres. Occupation: Secy, and bu. mgr., B.B. 
Club (Macon) and coach at Mercer Univ. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted, June, 1918; Comm. 2nd. Lt. ; 
discharged, Dec. 24, 1918. Affiliations: Kappa 
Alpha. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Lucille 
Morgan, June 9, 1918. Children: John Davis, 
3rd, age 8 ; Marion, age 3. Office: Mercer Univ., 
Macon, Ga. Home: 207 Boulevard, Macon, Ga. 

BLAIR, TULLY DANIEL, amateur golf 

champ., N. and S. Carolina, 1927. Born: Greens- 
boro, N. Car., May 3, 1896. Son of Lee T. and 
Johnsie (Gillespie) Blair. Ed.: Greensboro H. 
Sch. ; Univ. of N. Car. 

Record: 1914-15, mem. Greensboro Y.M.C.A. 
state champ. Bskt. B. team (won 15 games, lost 
none). 1916, won Greensboro City tennis singles 
champ. 1924-25-27, golf champ., Greensboro 
C.C. 1926-27, golf champ., Sedgefield C.C. 

1927, Carolina's amateur golf champ., holder of 
course record, Greensboro C.C. (70, par 71) 
and amateur record, Sedgefield C.C. (70, par 

Pres. Occupation: Agency mgr., Pilot Life Ins. 
Co., Greensboro, N. C. Affiliations: Mason; 
K.T. Married: Jessie Wicker, 1918. Office- 
Pilot Life Ins. Co., Greensboro, N. Car. Home: 
Sedgefield, Greensboro, N. Car. 

BLAKE, GEORGE V., boxing. Born: Chi- 
cago, 111., March 4, 1881. Son of John and Mar- 
garet (Julian) Blake. Ed.: Chicago English & 
Manual Training Sch. 

Record: 1915,-16-17, Thacher Sch. Boxing 
instr. 1918-19-20, Army boxing instr. 1921-22- 
23-24-25, Los Angeles Ath. C. boxing instr. 1924, 
coached and instructed boxers who won the 

boxing section of the Olympic games for the 
U.S. 1925-26-27, mgr. of Fidel LaBarba, world's 
flyweight champ. 1920, coach for the four sol- 
diers who made the Olympic team and was sent 
with them to Antwerp. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. of professional box- 
ers. Affiliations: B.P.O. Elks Lodge No. 99; 
K. of C. ; Natl. Boxing Com., A.A.U. Clubs: 
Los Angeles A.C. ; Sea Breeze Beach C. ; Beach 
C. Hobby: Squash, hand-ball. Married: Flor- 
ence Lawlor, July 12, 1912. Home: 1015 S. 
Westlake St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

BLAKE, ROBERT EDWIN, football, base- 
ball, track and basketball. Born: Cuero, Tex., 
Jan. 31, 1885. Son of Daniel B. and Mary (Wel- 
don) Blake. Ed.: Bowen Prep. Sch., 1903; A. 
A.B., Vanderbilt Univ., 1908; A.B., Oxford 
Univ., 1911. 

Record: 1903-07, mem. Vanderbilt Univ. var- 
sity F.B. and Baskt.B. teams (Capt. F.B. team, 
1907); picked on All-S. F.B. team; 1904-08, 
mem. Vanderbilt Univ. varsity track team. 

1907, mem. Vanderbilt Univ. varsity B.B. team; 
chosen on All-Amer. F.B. team ; hon. mentioned 
by Walter Camp and Grantland Rice. 1909, 
mem. Oxford Univ. (England) track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Internat'l. Shoe Co. Affili- 
ations: Kappa Sigma ; Mason ; Civic A. A. ; Quo- 
dariva Hunting and Fishing Club (St. Louis, 
Mo.). Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Married: 
Dorothy Gaynor, July 24, 1912. Children: Rob- 
ert E., Jr., age 13 ; E. Gaynor, age 11 ; Gilbert 
S., age 8. Office: 1501 Wash. Ave., St. Louis, 
Mo. Home: 121 Plant Ave., Webster Grove, Mo. 

BLANCHARD, MARCUS, football. Born : 
Marshall, Mo., Jan. 24, 1873. Son of Geo. B. 
and Emmaline (Payne) Blanchard. Ed.: Mo. 
Valley Coll.; Stanford Univ. 

Record: 1891-92-93, mem. Mo. Valley Coll. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1896-98, mem. Stanford 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Realtor. Affiliations: San 
Jose Realty Bd. ; steward and trustee of M. E. 
Church South. Married: Edith O. Mumma. 
May 14, 1901. Office: 94 South 2nd St., San Jose, 
Calif. Home: 553 S. 7th St., San Jose, Calif. 

BLANKENAGEL, JOHN C, I. C. conference 
mile champion, 1908. Born: Germantown, Wis., 
Dec. 22, 1886. Son of August and Lucie (Beck- 
er) Blankenagel. Ed.: Univ. of Wis., B.A., 

1908, Ph.D., 1915; Univ. of Toulouse, 1919; 
Univ. of Chicago, 1920. 

Record: 1906-08, mem. Univ. of Wis. track 
team (I. C. conf. mile champ., 1908). 1907, 
mem. Univ. of Wis. cross-country team. 1908, 
mem. Univ. of Wis. 1-mile relay team. Hold 
Univ. of Wis. mile record (4 min. 28 1-5 sec). 





Pres. Occupation: Professor, Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ. (Delaware, Ohio). Mil. Service: En- 
listed 313th .Inf., 79th Div., 1917 ; discharged 
Sgt., 1919. 'Affiliations: Phi Gamma Delta ; 
Modern Language Asso. of Amer. ; Amer. Asso. 
of Univ. Professors ; Chicago A. A. Hobby: Mu- 
sic and sports. Married: Caroline Elizabeth 
Jesse, June 3, 1921. Children: Helen Elizabeth, 
age 2. Office: Ohio Wesleyan Univ., Delaware, 
Ohio. Home: 55 N. Wash. St., Delaware, Ohio. 

BLASE, ROLAND R., football. Born: St. 
Paul, Minn., May 3, 1887. Son of Ernst F. and 
Margaret C. (Bach) Blase. Ed.: A.B., Stanford 
Univ., 1914; C.E., 1915. 

Record: 1914-15, mem. Stanford F.B. team 
(Pacific Coast Conf. Champs.) ; All-Amer. Rug- 
by P.B. team. 

Prcs. Occupation: Civil engr. Affiliations: 
Minn. Highway Dept. ; Sigma Nu ; Mason. 
Hobby: Hunting and aths. Office: 1246 Univ. 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Home: North St. Paul, 

BLEICHNER, PAUL J., football. Born: 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 12, 1902. Son of Geo. J. 
and Anna (Soulier) Bleichner. Ed.: South H. 
Sell.; Univ. of Pittsburgh. 

Record : Mem. South H. Sch. F.B., B.B., Bskt. 
B., and track teams for four yrs. 1925, played 
pro. F.B. with Ormbsy, Valley-Strip (West. Pa. 
champs.), Pittsburgh Lyceum, and Bradley 
Eagles F.B. teams. 1927, refereed Bskt.B. 
games for Catholic Lyceum League (Pitts- 
burgh), Butler County League, Gazette Times 
League, and Commercial Industrial League. 
On P»d. of Governors of the Tri-State Officials 
Asso. Mem. Cen. Bd. of F.B. Officials. Coach, 
Carrick Odd. A. C. 

Prcs. Occupation: Notary public ; real estate 
and ins. agent. Affiliations: Carrick Aeria F. 
O. E. No. 1520; Maccabees; St. Michael's Ly- 
ceum ; St. Wendelin's Lyceum ; Carrick Vol. 
Fire Co. ; Ins. Federation of Pa. ; Knights of 
St. George; South High Alumnae A. A.; South 
Hills C. C. Hobby: Footbail and golf. Office: 
1804 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 1625 
Brownsville Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

State Univ. baseball team, 1914. Born: East 
Canton, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1891. Son of John A. 
and Champie (Streeby) Bliss. Ed.: B.S., Ohio 
State Univ., 1914 ; grad. work, Ohio State Univ., 
1915; Harvard, 1916; M.A., Columbia Univ., 
1925; Ph.D., N. Y. Univ., 1926. 

Record: 1912-13, mem. All-Ohio B.B. team. 
1912-14, mem. Ohio State Univ. Bskt.B. and 
B.B. teams (capt., B.B. team, 1914). 1918-19, 

dir. aths., 5th Div. U. S. regulars, France and 
Germany. 1919-20, dir. aths. and coach, Cen- 
tral H. Sch. (Akron, Ohio). 1920-24, dir. phys. 
ed. and B.B. and P.B. coach, Miami Univ. (Ox- 
ford, Ohio). 1922, associate coach of "Big Six" 
F.B. champs. ; founder of Summer Sch. for Ath. 
Coaches, Miami Univ. 1926-2S, dir. hygiene 
and phys. ed., track coach and mem. Ath. Bd., 
State Teachers' Coll. (West Chester, Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Prof, of hygiene and phys. 
sd., State Techers Coll. (West Chester, Pa.). 
War Record: Capt. Co. E. 331 Inf., Camp Sher- 
man; mem. A. E. F. ; pres. rank capt., Inf., O. 
R. C. Affiliations: Mason, Kappa Sigma; Gam- 
ma Phi ; Alpha Pi Upsilon ; Amer. Red Cross ; 
West Chester C. C. ; State Ath. Bd., Pa. Slale 
Teachers Coll. ; Ohio Conf. Officials Asso. 
Hobby: Fishing, hunting and writing. Mar- 
ried: Mary Mulby, Nov. 10, 1919. Children: 
Thomas Edward, age 7 ; Joan, age 5. Office- 
State Teachers Coll., West Chester, Ta. Home: 
424 Prince St., West Chester, Pa. 

BLISS, LAURENCE T., football and base- 
ball. Bom: N. Y. C, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1872. Son of 
Robert and Marie (Handy) Bliss. Ed.: Phillips 
Andover Acad.; Ph.B., Yale, 1893. 

Record: 1888-89, mem. Phillips Andover Acad. 
F.B. team (capt, 1889). 1889-90, mem. l'bil- 
lips Andover Acad. B.B. team. 1890, mem. 
Yale varsity F.B. team. 1891-92, mem. Yale 
varsity F.B. and B.B. teams. 1893, capt. 
Yale varsity B.B. team. 

Presi. Occupation: Wholesale coal. Affilia- 
tions: Thorne, Neale & Co., Inc., Phila. (Tresis. ) ; 
Dela. Trust Co., Wilmington (Dir.) ; Finance 
Com., Bd. of Ministerial Relief and Sustenla- 
tion, Presby. Church (Dir.) ; Yale Club (N. 
Y. C). Married: Anna Lovell, Dec. 19, 1903. 
Children: Laurence T., Jr., age 23 ; Preston 
S. Lovell, age 18; Robert, age 11. Office: Kith 
and Arch Sts., Phila., Pa. Home: 923 Van 
Buren St., Wilmington, Del. 

football teams, 1900-04. Born: Cincinnati, 
Ohio, Sept. 17, 1882. Son of James Frank and 
Ada (Bare) Bloomer. Ed.: St. Paul's Sch. 
(Concord, N. H.). 1898: Phillips Andover 
Acad., 1900; A.B., Yale, 1905. 

Record: 1896-98, mem. St. Paul's Sch. F.B., 
crew and track teams. 1899-1900, mem. Phil- 
lips Andover Acad. F.B. and track team 
(awarded Roberts Cup for best all-around 
player, 1899). 1900, chosen tackle, Walter 
Camp's All-Amer. F.B. team.„ 1900-04, mem. 
Yale F.B. team. 1903, chosen tackle, Casper 
Whitney's All-Amer. eleven ; mem. Yale crew. 
1905, coach Yale F.B. team. 





Pres. Occupation: Real estate and mining. 
Mil. Service: Comnd. 1st lieut. Air Service 
Aeronautics, 1917; commanding officer G19th 
Aero Squadron, Sept., 1917 ; discharged, Feb. 1, 
1918. Affiliations: Vice-pres., Howard Cole 
and Co.; vice-pres., Lake Shore Land Co.; 
vice-pres., Great West. Timber Corp. ; vice- 
pres., La Fortuna Mines Co. Affiliations: Al- 
pha Delta Phi. Clubs: Embassy (N. Y.) ; 
Sands Point (Port Wash., N. Y.) ; Yale (N. 
Y.) ; Garden City C. C. (Garden City, L. I.). 
Office: 551 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 
107 Nassau Blvd., Garden City, L. I., N. Y. 

BLOSS, EDWARD B., track. Born: Titus- 
ville, Pa., Oct. 21, 1870. Son of Henry and 
Sarach Ann (Mackie) Bloss. Ed.: Phillips 
Exeter Acad.; Harvard, B.A., 1894; L.L.B., 

Record: Mem. Phillips Exeter Acad, track 
team. 1890-93, mem. Harvard track team 
(new record jump, 21 ft. 10 in.). 1892, 
1)3, won llarvard-Yale dual track meet. 1895- 
90, won London A.C. and N.Y.A.C. track meets 
(all-around N.Y.A.C. champ., 1896). 

Affiliations: Mgr. clerk, Weeks, Battle and 
Marshall (N.Y.C., N.Y.) ; mgr. clerk, Battle 
and Marshall (N.Y.C., N.Y.) \ Pi Eta; Hasty 
Pudding Club (Harvard Univ.) ; "H" Club 
(Harvard, N.Y.) ; Boston A.C; N.Y.A.C. 
Married: Belle Brindley, Dec. 6, 1926. Chil- 
dren: Wm. Wentworth, age 14; Andrew Ma- 
ckie, age 12. Address: 137 Highwood Ave., Le- 
onia, N.J. 

Yale, 1922-23. Bom: Cleveland, Ohio, May 28, 
1891. Son of Henry S. and Leila (Stocking) 
Blossom. Ed.: Univ. Sch. (Cleveland, Ohio) ; 
Taft Sch. (Watertown, Conn.) ; A.B. Yale, 

Record: 1908-10, mem. Taft. Sch. F.B., B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams, (capt. B.B. 1910). 1911, 
mem. Yale freshman B.B. team. 1912-14, mem. 
Yale varsity B.B. team (capt. 1913-14). 1922- 
26, dir. of ath. Yale. 

Pres. Occupation: Broker. War Service: 
Comnd. Capt. Inf. Nov. 15, 1917, capt. Co. M. 
332nd Inf., Personnel Adj. 7th Army Corps ; 
mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Partner Murfey, Blos- 
som & Morris Co. (Cleveland, Ohio) ; vice-pres. 
The Blossom Lock Co. (Cleveland, Ohio). 
Clubs: Kirtland C.C. ; Pepper Pike C.C. ; The 
Tavern; Yale (N.Y.C., N.Y.). Married: Beryl 
Scott. Children: Beryl Jane, age 12 ; John T., 
Jr., age 11; Robert S., age 4. Office: 901 Kuar- 
dian Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. Home: 2939 
Glengary Rd. Shaker Heights, Cleveland, 

ELOTT, JACK LEONARD, assistant coach 
Univ. of Michigan. Born: Girard, Ohio, Aug. 
24, 1902. Son of Emery B. and Grace (Wil- 
liams) Blott. Ed.: Girard H. sch.; A.B., Univ. 
of Mich., 1924. 

Record: 1922-23, mem. Univ. of Mich. F.B. 
team (West. Conf. champs.). 1923-24, mem., 
Univ. of Mich. B.B. team (capt. 1924; West. 
Conf. champs.). 1923 mem. Walter Camp's 
1st mythical All-Amer. team. 1924, mem. 
Cincinnati Natl. B.B. League ; asst. coach 
Univ. of Mich. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. coach Univ. of 
Mich. Affiliations: Lamda Chi Alpha. Hobby: 
Fishing, hunting, handball and golf. Married: 
Helene Williams, Sept. 3 1925. Office: Admin. 
Bldg., Ann Arbor, Mich. Home: 1505 Morton 
Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Born: Magog, Province of Quebec, Canada, June 
12, 1879. Son of Francis Orpheus and Mary 
(Boylan) Blount. Ed.: St. Johnsbury, Vt., 
Acad.; A.B., Yale, 1900; N. Y. Law Sch. 

Record: 1898-1900, mem. Yale track team. 
1898, sec. place (50-yd. dash) Yale indoor meet; 
sec. place (100-yd. dash) Yale-Harvard dual 
track meet. 1899, 1st place (100-yd. dash) Yale 
spring meet (101-5 sec.) ; 1st place (100-yd. 
dash) Yale-Harvard dual meet (10 1-5 sec.) ; 
mem. Yale-Harvard track team which competed 
in England in 1899 against joint Oxford-Cam- 
bridge track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: 
Home guard (Overbrook, Pa.); Draft Bd. ; 
Legal Adv. Bd. of Phila. Co. Affiliations: Pres. 
Overbrook Club ; Amer. Bar Asso. ; Phila. Pat- 
ent Law Asso.; Law Asso. (Phila.) ; Art Club 
(Phila.) ; Yale Club (Phila.) ; Overbrook G.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Sara Smith. Children: 
Sara Frances, age 10. Office: 1500 Chestnut St., 
Phila., Pa. Home: 6429 Sherwood Rd., Over- 
brook, Pa. 

BLUE, LUZERNE A., professional baseball. 
Born: Wash., D. C, Mar. 5, 1897. Son of Charles 
and Ida May (Reamer) Blue. Ed.: M.A., 
Briarly Hall. 

Record; 1916-17, mem. Martinsburg, W. Va. 
pro. B.B. team. 1918, mem. St. Paul, Minn., 
pro. B.B. team. 1920, mem. Portland, Ore., pro- 
B.B. team (Pacific Coast League). 1921-28, 
played pro. B.B. with Detroit. 1922, voted most 
valuable 1st baseman in "Big Leagues." 1928, 
mem. St. Louis Browns pro. B. B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. B.B., also ins. broker. 
Mil. Service: Enlisted, 1918, U. S. Army, inf.; 
discharged, Feb., 1919. Affiliations: Mason: 
Burch Hill C.C. (Detroit). Hobby: Golf. Office: 
Care St. Louis Browns, St. Louis, Mo. Homt : 
2505 13th St. N.W., Wash., D. C. 



BLUEGE, OSWALD LOUIS, 3rd baseman 
Washington Baseball Club. Born: Chicago, 111., 
Oct. 24, 1900. Son of Adam and Olga (Goethe) 
Bluege. Ed.: Pub. Schs. (Chicago, 111.) ; Lu- 
theran Inst. 

Record: 1920-21, S.S. Peoria B.B. team (Three 
I League). 1922, reported to Wash. B.B. Club; 
Aug., 1922, farmed to Minneapolis Club of 
Amer. Asso. 1923, reported back to Wash. B.B. 
Club. 1923-28, played with Wash. B.B. Club as 
3rd baseman. Batting average, 1926, .271 ; 1927, 
.276. Fielding average, .950. 

Pres. Occupation: Third baseman Washing- 
ton B.B. Club. Affiliations: Wash. Bd. of Track; 
City Club. Hobby: Bowling and ice skating. 
Married: Margaret Heileg, Raleigh, N. C, Oct. 
2, 1926. Office: Griffith Stadium, Wash., D. C. 
Home: 3380 Stuyvesant PI. N.W., Wash., D. C. 

BLUME, CLINTON W., baseball. Born; 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1898. -Son of Ernest 
and Adelaide (Fairhurst) Blume. Ed.: Eras- 
mus Hall ; B.S., Colgate Univ., 1926. 

Record: Mem. Erasnius Hall B.B. and F.B. 

teams, 1922-26, mem. Colgate Univ. B.B. team 
(picked All- Amer. team, 1922). 1922-23, mem. 
N. Y. Giants (World's champs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate and ins. Naval 
Service: U. S. Navy. Affiliations: Delta Kappa 
Epsilon; "C" Club (Colgate Univ.); Trinity 
Club. Hobby: Handball. Office: 44 Court St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Home: 750 Kenmore PI., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

BLUMER, CHARLES, football. Born: Ellen- 
dale, N. Dak., July 29, 1899. Son of Fred and 
Margaret (Klee) Blumer. Ed.: State Normal 
and Industrial Sch. (Ellendale, N. Dak.) ; 
D.D.S., Univ. of Minn., 1923. 

Record: 1915, mem. State Normal and In- 
dustrial Sch. F.B. team. 1916-17, mem. State 
Normal and Industrial Sch. F.B. and Bskt.B. 
teams. 1918, mem. State Normal and Indus- 
trial Sch. Bskt.B. and track teams. 1919, 
Bskt.B. coach Drake (N. Dak.) H. Sch. 1921, 
mem. Univ. of Minn., F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Naval Service: 
U. S. Naval Air Service, Dec, 20, 1918. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; Amer. Legion; "M" Club (Univ. 
of Minn.) ; Xi Psi Chi. Married: Erna Risch- 
mille. Office: 700 Yeates Bldg., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Home: 2825 Park Ave., Minneapolis, 

BLUSTIN, SHOLLY SAM, football and bas- 
ketball. Born: Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 7, 
1905. Son of Abe and Ida (Evidon) Blustin. 
Ed.: North H. Sch. (Minneapolis) ; Univ. of 

Record: 1921-22, mem. North H. Sch. F.B. 
team (capt, 1922). 1922-23, mem. North H. 
Sch. Bskt.B. team. 1924, coached Junior Park 
League Bskt.B. team to champ. 1924-25, mem. 
Mercury A.C. Bskt.B. team (won Senior Ama- 
teur champ., Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1924; 
won Minneapolis champ., 1925). Mem. Univ. 
of Minn, freshman F.B. team. 1926-27, mem. 
Univ. of Minn, varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pharmacist. Affiliations: 
N. W. Nat'l Bank; Victory Pharmacy Co.; 
Alpha Beta Phi. ; Ta'u Delta Phi. ; Wulling Club 
(treas.) ; A.Z.A. (honorary mem.). Office: 2808 
W. Broadway, Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 1617 
11th Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

and basketball. Born: Lynchburg, Va., Feb. 13, 
1896. Son of Albert Sidney and Jean (Caruth- 
ers) Boatwright. Ed.: Lynchburg H. Sch. 
(Lynchburg, Va.) ; Univ. of Va. (Charlottes- 
ville, Va.). 

Record: 1912-14, mem. Lynchburg H. Sch. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (State champs., 1912- 
13). 1915, mem. Univ. of Va. F.B. team. 1923, 
mem. Inf. Sch. (Ft. Benning, Ga.) F.B. team. 
1925, coach Wofford Coll. (Spartansburg, S. C). 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Capt. U.S.A. War Record: 
Second lieut., comnd. capt., 11th Inf., U.S.A., 
5th Div., St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne offensives. 
Affiliations: Mason ; DeWitt Clinton Consistory, 
A.A.S.R. ; Saladin Temple, AA.O.N.M.S. (Grand 
Rapids, Mich.) ; Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials; S. Conf. 
Official; Spartanburg C.C. (Spartanburg, S. C). 
Married: Nancy Lloyd, Jan. 28, 1919. Children: 
John Reuben, Jr., age 8 ; Nancy Allen, age 6. 
Address: Care A.G.O., War Dept., Wash., D. C. 

BOCOCK, JAMES BRANCH, football. Born: 
Woodstock, Va., Nov. 10, 1884. Son of James 
B. and Rosalie (Hollyday) Bocock. Ed.: LL.B., 
Georgetown Univ., 1906. 

Record : 1903-04-05-06, mem. Georgetown Univ. 
varsity F.B. team (capt., 1906). 1904, mem. 
Georgetown Univ. varsity crew. 1905, coach 
Western H. Sch. (Wash., D. C). 1907-08, head 
coach Univ. of Georgia. 1909-10-12-16, head 
coach V.P.I. 1911, head coach Univ. of N. Car. 
1920-21, head coach L.S.U. 1924-25-26, head 
coach Univ. of S. Car. South. Conf. F.B. Offi- 
cial. F.B., Bskt.B., B.B. and track coach. 

Pres. Occupation: Farmer and lawyer. Mil. 
Service: Special agent, U. S. Dept. of Justice 
(Bureau of Investigation), 1917-20. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; Delta Chi; South. Conf. F.B. 
Officials' Asso. ; Amer. F.B. Coaches' Asso. 
Hobby: Athletics. Married: June Lyndon, Aug. 
21, 1910. Children: Mary Maclin, age 7; James 
Branch, Jr., age 13. Home: Blacksburg, Va. 





BODE, FRED A., coach Langley High School 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams, 1922-27. Born: 
Youngstown, Ohio, Dec. 18, 1894. Son of George 
and Anna (Fiehler) Bode. Ed.: S. H. Sch. 
(Youngstown, Ohio), 1913; Springfield Y.M.C.A. 
Coll., 1917. 

Record: 1912-13, mem. S. H. Sch. track team. 
1916-17, mem. Springfield Y.M.C.A. Coll. Soccer 
team. 1918, coach Connellsville, Pa., F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1922-27, coach Langley H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams (Pittsburgh, Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Langley H. Sch. 
Affiliations: Mason. Married: Katherine Bren- 
ner, Sept. 12, 1916. Children: Dana Jack, age 
7 ; Mary Anna, age 3. Office: Sheridan, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Home: Poplar St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

BOGERT, CHARLES A., trapshooting. Born: 
Sandusky, Ohio, June 19, 1881. Son of Jay and 
Mary (Diedrick) Bogert. Ed.: Sandusky H. Sch. 

Record: 1927, won Natl, trapshooting champ, 
of North America (high average, 9778) ; broke 
6698 of 6850 targets; continuous high run, 383 
straight ; had 18 continuous runs of 100 and 
over (only missed one in 555 targets). 

Pres. Occupation: Jewelry business. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; Elk; Cleveland Club (Cleveland, 
Ohio); Sandusky G.C. ; A.T.A. Hobby: Trap- 
shooting. Office: 140 Jackson St., Sandusky, 
Ohio. Home: 616 Jackson St., Sandusky, Ohio. 

BOGLEY, R. AUBREY, canoeing. Born: 
Wash., D. C, Oct. 12, 1900. Son of J. William 
and Annie (Fletcher) Bogley. Ed.: Central H. 
Sch., 1918; Georgetown Univ., LL.B. ; LL.M. 

Record: 1923, won senior four single blade 
race for Colonial Canoe Club ; competed Cana- 
dian Champ, senior single-blade four (repre- 
sented U. S. in Internat. race). 1924, won 
senior four single-blade races Potomac Boat 
Club. 1925, won double-blade four race Poto- 
mac Boat Club. 1923-24-25, won Tandem single 
and double blade race Potomac Boat Club. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: A.C.A. ; 
Potomac Boat Club ; Colonial Canoe Club ; 
Mason; Phi Mu Sigma. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Grace Roberds, April 9, 1926. Office: 902 Hibbs 
Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 3707 Woodley Rd. 
N.W., Wash., D. C. 

Born: Omaha, Nebr., Feb. 10, 1906. Son of 
Charles Bishop and Mary (Richardson) Bogue. 
Ed.: San Mateo Union H. Sch. (San Mateo, 
Calif.), 1923; Stanford Univ., 1927. 

Record: 1919-23, mem. San Mateo H. Sch. F.B. 
team (North Calif, champs., 1922). 1921, mem. 
San Mateo H. Sch. track team (held Peninsula 
Ath. League 220-yd. record; time, 23 sec. flat). 

1923, mem. Stanford freshman F.B. team, 1924- 
25-26, mem. Stanford varsity F.B. team (Pa- 
cific Coast Conf. champs., 1924 ; Nat'l champs., 
1926 — Dickenson rating). 1927, mem. Olympic 
Club F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. underwriter, Aetna 
Life Ins. Co. Affiliations: Skull and Snakes 
Soc. ; Honorary Ath. Soc. (Stanford) ; De Mo- 
lay; Olympic Club (San Francisco). Hobby: 
Football and rowing. Office: 333 Pine St., San 
Francisco, Calif. Home: 208 Peninsula Ave., 
Burlingame, Calif. 

Born: Reading, Pa. r Apr. 14, 1885. Son of John 
Allen and Susan (Mohn) Bohler. Ed.: B.S., 
Schuylkill Coll., Reading, Pa., 1907; Univ. of 
Neb., 1907-08; Lake Chautauqua Sch. of Phys. 
Ed. and Ath. 

Record: 1904-07, mem. Scuylkill Coll. F.B., 
Bskt.B., B.B. and track teams. 1906-07, capt. 
and center Reading's World Champ. Bskt.B. 
team (final series with De Neri Club at Phila., 
record 42 victories, no defeats). 1908-26, coach 
Wash. State Coll., coached the following : Jack 
Nelson (nat'l sprint champ., 1910), Eldon Jenne 
(pole vaulter, mem. of 1920 Olympic team), 
John Divinie (Nat'l Collegiate two-mile champ., 
1925) ; Pacific Coast Bskt.B. champ, teams, 
1909-16. 1918, West. Dist. Rep. Nat'l I.C.A.A. 
1915-25, sec. Pac. N.West. I.C. Conf. 1915-28, 
mem. Nat'l Collegiate Bskt.B. Rules Com. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. of Phys. Ed. and Ath. 
State Coll. of Wash., Pullman, Wash. War 
Record: Officers' Training Camp, Presido, sum- 
mer 1918, Phy. Ed. and Bayonet Sch., Prince- 
ton when Armistice was signed. Affiliations: 
Mason ; K. of P. ; Methodist ; Kiwanis ; C. of C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Ida Louise Hatz, Dec. 
29, 1909. Children: John Frederick, Jr., age 
16 ; Robert Allen, age 10. Office: Gym., Pullman, 
Wash. Home: 708 Campus, Pullman, Wash. 

and football. Born: Edwardsville, 111., Feb. 8, 
1894. Son of William H. and Emma H. C. 
(Smith) Bohm. Ed.: St. Charles Mil. Acad.; 
Mo. Mil. Acad. ; Castle Heights Mil. Acad. ; 
Univ. of Idaho ; D.O., Amer. Sch. of Osteopathy, 
1921, Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of 111.; Univ. of 
Wis. ; Univ. of Nebr. ; Phila. Coll. of Osteopathy, 
Kirksville Coll. of Osteopathy. 

Record: 1909-11, mem. St. Charles Mil. Acad. 
Bskt. B., B.B. and track teams (Mo. State 
Inter-Sch. B.B. champs.). 1911-12, mem. Mo. 
Mil. Acad. Bskt.B., F.B., B.B. and" track teams. 
1912-13, mem. Castle Heights Mil. Acad. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams (won S. Inter-sch. 
track champ., new record shot-put and discus- 
throw ; mem. All-S. Inter-sch. F.B. team. 1915- 






16, mem. Univ. of Idaho F.B. and track teams. 
1912-17, mem. Mo. A.C. track team. 1913, mem. 
Mo. A.C. F.B. team. 1917, won Nat'l Jr. A.A.U. 
champ, discus-throw. 1917-18, won St. Louis 
Municipal champ, shot-put and discus-throw. 
1917-21, mem. Amer. Sch. of Osteopathy F.B. 
and track teams (won Mo. Valley Conf. champ, 
shot-put and discus-throw, 1918-19). 1925-26, 
mem. 111. A.C. track team. 1926-28, ath. dir. 
and instr. phys. ed. Wash. State Coll. (Pull- 
man, Wash.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. Dir. and Instr. Phy. 
Ed. Wash. State Coll. Mil. Service: 159th De- 
pot Brigade, Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky. ; dis- 
charged sgt., Mar., 1919. Affiliations: Mason ; 
Shriner; Phi Delta Theta ; Izaak Walton 
League; Amer. Legion; Chamber of Commerce; 
Amer. Phy. Ed. Asso. ; Mo. A.C. ; 111. A.C. ; Atlas 
Club. Address: 1209 Kamiaker St., Pullman, 

BOHSTEDT, GUSTAV, rowing. Born: Gnis- 
sau, Holstein, Germany, June 22, 1887. Son of 
Henry A. and Anna (Rotermund) Bohstedt. 
Ed.: Univ. of Wis., B.S., 1915; M.S., 1916; 
Ph.D., 1925. 

Record: 1912, mem. freshman crew at Pough- 
keepsie I.C. Regatta. 1913-14, mem. Univ. of 
Wis. varsity crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Chief of the Animal Indus- 
try Dept., Ohio Agri. Expr. Station, Wooster, O. 
Affiliations: "W" Club; Kiwanis (Wooster, O.) ; 
Theta Chi; Sigma Xi ; Alpha Zeta (Univ. of 
Wis.). Hobby: Home decoration. Married: 
Ruth Conway, 1918. Children: Carl Conway, 
age 8 ; James Hunt, age 4. Office: Ohio Experi- 
ment Station, Wooster, O. Home: 921 Scovel 
Ave., Wooster, O. 

BOLDT, CLARENCE BEN, football and 
baseball. Born: Albion, Mich., July 3, 1905. Son 
of Herman and Martha (Nielson) Boldt. Ed.: 
Albion H. Sch.; Albion Coll. 

Record: 1920-22, mem. Albion H. Sch. F.B. 
and B.B. teams (F.B. team, undefeated, 1922). 
1920-23, mem. Albion H. Sch. Bskt. B. team 
(capt., 1922-23). 1923-25-26, mem. Albion Coll. 
B.B. team. 1923-25-26-27, mem Albion Coll. F.B. 
team (capt., 1925-27). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: "A" 
Club (Albion Coll.) ; Sigma Chi. Hobby: Golf 
and reading. Home: 911 N. Clinton St., Albion, 

coach. Born: Blanchester, Ohio, Sept. 9, 1883. 
Son of Wilson H. and Anna (Girton) Boles. 
Ed.: Blanchester (Ohio) H. Sch.; B.S., Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ. 

Record: 1906, F.B. coach, London Ohio. 1907- 
12, F.B. coach Fostoria (Ohio) H. Sch. (1912 
rated as one of four best H. Sch. teams in the 
country). 1913, F.BB. coach East High (Cleve- 
land) ;team won Senate champ, and Quadran- 
gle flag. 1915-28, ath. dir. Wooster Coll. 
(Wooster, Ohio) ; Bskt.B. team won Ohio Conf. 
champ. (1922). 

Pres. Occupation: Sec. Elmwood Realty Co. 
Affiliations: Mason F. and A. M. ; Rotarian; 
Phi Kappa Psi ; dir. Phys. Ed. Soc. ; Natl. I.C. 
Ath. Asso. ; Amer. F.B. Coaches' Asso. ; Wooster 
C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Lillian Cochran. 
Children: Carmen, age 18. Office: Wooster 
Coll., Wooster, Ohio. 

golfer. Born: Tampa, Fla., Mar. 20, 1898. Son 
of Frank and Mary (Jones) Bolesta. Ed.: 
Public Schs. of Tampa. 

Record: 1919-28, pro. golfer, Palma Ceia G.C., 
(hold course record, score 67, 1925). 1923, fin- 
ished in money in St. Augustine open champ. 
1925, finished in money in West Coast and Fla. 
open champs. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golfer. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted U.S. Army, Dec, 1917. Affiliations: 
Mason ; Shriner ; Amer. Legion ; Palma Ceia 
G.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Anna Grace Whit- 
comb, Aug. 8, 1920. Children: Winifred, age 6; 
Marcia, age — . Office: Palma G.C, Tampa, 
Fla. Home: 3001 Estrella St., Tampa, Fla. 

BOLEY, CHARLES C, archery. Born: 
LaCrosse, Wis., July 3, 1911. Son of Charles 
S. and Mary H (Mullally) Boley. Ed.: J. Ster- 
ling Morton H. Sch. 

Record: 1927, Midwest Archery Asso. junior 
champ, (shoot held in Chicago) ; runner-up in 
junior div., Natl. Archery Asso. tournament 
(held in Cambridge, Mass.) ; champ. West 
Suburban Council, B.S.A. (shoot held in River- 
side, 111.) ; won first place in a shoot held by 
Lincoln Park Archery Club at Medinah C.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Lin- 
coln Park Archery Club (Chicago) ; Natl. 
Archery Asso.; Morton Archery Club (Cicero, 
111.). Hobby: Archery. Address: 3515 Kenil- 
worth Ave., Berwyn, 111. 

BOLICH, MARION, football. Born: Saluda, 
N. O, June 12, 1906. Son of John A. and Sallie 
(McNeahon) Bolich. Ed.: Richard J. Reynolds 
H. Sch. (Winston-Salem, N. C.) ; Trinity Coll. 
(Durham, N. C.) ; Duke Univ. (Durham, N. C). 

Record: 1923-24, mem. Richard J. Reynolds 
H. Sch. F.B. team. 1925, mem. Trinity Coll. 
freshman F.B. team. 1926-28, mem. Duke Univ. 
F.B. team. 





Pres. Occupation: Student (Duke Univ.). 
Affiliations: Kappa Alpha; Beta Omega Sigma; 
Varsity Club (Duke Univ.)- Hobby: Swimming. 
Home: Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Willow River, Minn., July 3, 1899. Son of 
Henry Albert and Edith (Lewis) Bolles. Ed.: 
Billings Poly. Inst.; U.S.N.A., 1923; Rensselaer 
Poly. Inst. 

Record: 1919, mem. U.S.N.A. F.B. team. 1920, 
U.S.N, plebe crew; mem. Olympic Crew; mem. 
N. F.B. team. 1921-22, mem. U.S.N.A. F.B. 
team and crew (3 mi. I.C. crew record; won 
Stewards Challenge Cup race and Poughkeepsie 
Regatta). 1921, U.S.N.A. inter-class heavy- 
weight boxing. 1923, capt. U.S.N.A. crew; won 
Thompson, Trophy Cup. 1924, mem. N. Officers' 
Crew ; Amer. Henley Record. 

I'rcs. Occupation: Lieut. U.S.N., C.E.C. War 
Record: Enlisted U.S.N., 1917; served aboard 
U.S.S. Great Northern on transport duty during 
war. Affiliations: Army and Navy C. Married: 
Gene Crist, July 13, 1924. Office: Navy Yard, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Home: Alderwood Manor, 

New Prague, Minn., May 19, 1908, Son of A. G. 
and Mertie (Myrum) Bolstad. Ed.: East H. 
Sell. (Minneapolis, Minn.) ; Marshall H. Sch. 
(Minneapolis, Minn.), 1925; Univ of Minn. 

Record: 1924-25, mem. East H. Sch. and Mar- 
shall II. Sch. F.B., B.B., Bskt. B. and golf teams. 
1924, won Minn. State junior golf champ. 1925- 
20, won Minn. State Public Links golf champ. 
1020, won Natl. Public Links golf champ. 1927, 
won West. Conf. golf champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Minn.). 
Affiliations: Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Armour G.C. 
Hobby.: Golf. Home: 1100 12th Ave., S. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 


football. Born: Brooklyn, N. Y., June 20, 1892. 
Son of Louis E. and Natalie (Cantoni) Bomeis- 
ler. Ed.: Poly. Prep. Sch., 1909; B.A., Yale, 

Record: 1908, Greater N.Y. All-Sch. end 
(F.B.). 1909-10, mem. Yale freshman crew, 
and Bskt. B. and track teams. 1911-12, mem., 
Yale varsity F.B. team; chosen by Walter Camp 
as All-Amer. end. 1922-24-25, mem. Yale Club 
squash tennis team (champ., 1924). 

Pres. Occupation: Investment banker. Mil. 
Service: 1st Lieut., 306 F.A. 77th Div. ; mem. 
A.E.F. ; discharged, June, 1919. Affiliations: 
Merrill Lynch & Co. (N. Y. C.) ; dir. Sanitary 
Grocery Co. (Wash., D. C.) ; McCallum Hosiery 
Co. (Northampton, Mass.) ; Delta Kappa Epsi- 

lon ; Yale Club ; Engrs. C.C. ; Lunch Club ; Broad 
St. Club. Married: Dorothy Topping Douglas, 
14; Stuart Douglas, age 7; Douglass M., Jr., 
age 1. Office: 120 Broadway, N. Y. C. Home: 
48 W. 59th St., N. Y. C. 

BOND, JAMES, captain, first Univ. of Pa. 
varsity crew, 1877-80. Bom: Phila., Pa., Dec. 
18, 1856. Son of James and Ellen B. (Alex- 
ander) Bond. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Pa., 1877. 

Record: 1875-70-77, mem. Univ. of Pa. track 
team. 1875-80, mem. Univ. of Pa. Boat Club 
(capt. 1877-78-79-80) ; capt. and mem. first var- 
sity crew, Univ. of Pa. (won 1st Childs Cup 
race) ; won senior singles sculls (Wilkes-Barre 
Regatta, 1878). 1876, mem. first F.B. team, 
Univ. of Pa. 1877-81, mem. Phila. Fencing and 
Sparring Club. 1890-98, mem. Corinthian Yacht 
Club (Phila.). 1895-1904, served on rowing 
com. (Univ. of Pa.). 1897-99, mem. Beverly 
Yacht Club ; mem. Riverton Yacht Club. 1897- 
1900, coached Pa. charter crews. 1898-1914, 
1928, mem. Bachelors' Barge Club crews. 1828- 
1928, mem. Bachelors' Barge Club. 1921, 
coached Undine Barge Club for Middle States 
Regatta. 1922-27, mem. Undine Barge Club. 

Affiliations: Phi Kappa Epsilon ; Longport 
Civic Club ; Bachelors' Barge Club ; Longport 
Yacht Club (Pres. and Commodore). Hobby: 
Boats. Married: Mary G. Geise, Apr. 27, 1880. 
Children: James Bond, Jr., age 47 ; Edith Bond 
Lovett, age 43; Ethel G. (deed.) ; Dorothy Bond 
Lande (deed.) ; Florence (deed.). Office: 1640 
Ludlow St., Phila., Pa. Home: 21st Ave., 
Longport, N. J. 

BOND, JAMES, JR., crew. Born: Phila., Pa- 
Mar. 7, 1881. Son of James and Mary (Geise) 
Bond. Ed.: Pa. Charter Sch. (Phila., Pa.). 

Record: 1897-1900, mem. Penn Charter Sch. 
crew and F.B. teams (Inter-Sch. F.B. champs., 
1899). 1898, won Phila. Jr. double sculls re- 
gatta ; won Natl. Inter-med. double sculls re- 
gatta. 1900, second Passaic champ, singles ; 
won Asso. singles, Harlem regatta. 1902, won 
senior doubles. 1903, second champ, singles. 
1904, won Wash, senior doubles ; won second 
fours, Phila. A.R.A. 1906, won first fours, 
Phila. A.R.A. 1907, won senior 4 shells, Har- 
lem regatta ; second senior eights ; won senior 
4 shells, Phila. A.R.A. 

Pres. Occupation: Photography, Bond Bros. 
Clubss Bachelors' Barge; Phila. A.C. Hobby: 
Rowing and yachting. Married: Catherine 
Lewis, 1907. Office: 1640 Ludlow, Phila., Pa. 
Home: 426 Wash. Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. 

basketball. Born: Soddy, Tenn., July 4, 1903. 
Son of J. J. and Julia (Walker) Bond. Ed.: 
Soddy H. Sch., 1923; Milligan Coll. 






Record: 1919-23, mem. Soddy H. Sch. B.B. 
and Bskt. B. teams (champs., 1921-22). 1924- 
27, mem. Milligan Coll. F.B., Bskt. B. and B.B. 
teams (leading player, Spalding's Official F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach and teacher, Marion 
Co. H. Sch. (Jasper, Tenn). Office: Box A, 
Jasper, Tenn. Home: Box 14, Soddy, Tenn. 

BONDI, HOBART EDWARD, football. Born: 
Madison, Wis., May 21, 1894. Son of Edward 
and Dorothy (Morgensen) Bondi. Ed.: Madi- 
son (Wis.) Cen. H. Sch.; Univ. of Wis.; Pace 
and Pace, N. Y. 

Record: 1910-11-12, mem. Madison Cen. H. 
Sch. F.B. and track teams (capt. F.B., 1912). 
1910 and 1912, State Champ. (Mile Relay). 
1916-17, mem. Univ. of Wis. F.B. team (Ecker- 
sall's choice 2nd all confer, half-back). 1918, 
U. S. Army, Camp Taylor F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres., Bondi and Sachtjen, 
Inc. Mil. Service: Enlisted 1917 ; discharged 
1919. Affiliations: "W" Club (Univ. of Wis.) ; 
V. F. W. ; Res. Officers Asso. ; Masons ; Amer. 
Legion; Theta Nu Epsilon. Hobby: Hunting 
and Fishing. Married: Irene Stock. Office: 
1462 E. Wash. Ave., Madison, Wis. Home: 
Maple Bluff, Madison, Wis. 


football, basketball, baseball and track. Born: 
Miami, Mo., July 17, 1897. Son of Charles P. 
and Mildred Jane (Smith) Bondurant. Ed.: 
Keytesville H. Sch., 1915; Westminster Coll., 
1916; Univ. of Mo., 1921; Univ. of Okla., B.S., 
1922, M.D., 1924 ; Univ. of Vinana, 1927. 

Record: 1916, mem. Westminster Coll. F.B., 
Bskt. B., B.B. and track teams. 1917-27, offi- 
ciated Mo. Valley, Big Ten, Ind. State and Okla. 
State Coll. Conf. F.B., Bskt. B. and B.B. teams. 
1919-20, mem. Univ. of Mo., F.B. and track 
teams. 1923, officiated West. Asso. and S. West. 
League pro. B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Skin specialist. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Mem., S.A.T.C. Affiliations: Kappa Alpha ; 
Okla. State A.C. Hobby: Athletics. Office: 413 
Medical Arts Bldg., Okla. City, Okla. Home: 
216 West 32nd St., Okla. City, Okla. 

BONNIWELL, EUGENE C., Fonder and Pres., 
Veteran Athletes of Phila. Born: Phila., Pa., 
Sept. 25, 1873. Son of Evander Berry and Eliza- 
beth (Doherty) Bonniwell. Ed.: LL.B., Univ. 
of Pa„ 1893; Ph.B. (Hon.), Villa Nova Coll., 

Record: 1891, 125 lb. wrestl. champ. Philo- 
patrian Inst. 1892-23, Pole Vault champ. Univ. 
of Pa. 1894, 1 mi. handicap, Ridley Pk., Pa.; 
3 mi. handicap, Bank Clerks' A.A. ; Capt. Bank 
Clerks' A.A. F.B. team. 1895, 3 mi. Atlantic 
Div. A.A.U. Champ. 1896, Capt. South End 

Wheelmen (Bicycle Club) F.B. champs, of Phila. 
1900-02, Pole Vault champ., Cath. Archdiocesan 
Union of Phila. (record holder). Capt. 3 champ, 
teams, St. Anthony's Lit. Inst. 1909-11, Vet. 
Pole Vault champ. (10 ft. 6 in.). 1911, Vet. 
mile champ., 5 feet 10 inches (40 yrs. of age). 
Founder and Pres. (22 yrs.) Veteran Athletes 
of Phila. 

Pres. Occupation: Judge, Municipal Ct, Phila. 
Affiliations: Pres., Indus. Finance Service; 
Undergrad. Dir. Univ. of Pa. A.A.A. (1892) ; 
Capt. Bank Clerks' A.A. (1891-93) ; Pres. 
Athenian A.C. ; Pres. and Capt. St. Anthony 
Lit. Inst., Archdiocesan (1900-03) ; Pres. East. 
Bskt. B. League (1925-26) ; Philopatrian Inst.; 
Founder mem. Penn A.C, Phila. ; Life mem. 
Valley Brook C.C. ; B.P.O.E. No. 2; F.O.E. No. 
42; Moose No. 54; Past Chanc.-Gen. Natl. Soc. 
S.A.R. ; Natl. Secy. O. of L. ; Asst. Natl. Secy. 
O. of P. ; Natl. Dir. Amer. Flag Asso. ; Coun- 
cilor-State Secy. Sons of Vets. ; Soc. of War 
1812; Chevalier of Ord. of Crown of Italy; 
Comdr. of Ord. of Damlin of Montenegro ; Natl. 
Dem. C. of N. Y. Hobby: Sports. Married: 
Madeleine H. Cahill, June 5, 1900. Children: 
Eugene C, Jr., age 27; Robert B., age 25; 
John G., age 22; Bernard, age 19; Madeleine, 
age 18 ; Alfred, age 16 ; Eleanor, age 14. Office: 
690 City Hall, Phila., Pa. Home: 3311 Baring 
St., Phila., Pa. 

Board of Football Officials, 1925-27. Born: Wind 
Ridge, Pa., Dec. 22, 1885. Son of J. L. and 
Anna (Bristor) Booher. Ed.: B.S., Wash, and 
Jefferson Coll., 1907 ; L.L.B., Harvard, 1914. 

Record: 1903-07, mem. W. and J. Coll. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1907-10, ath. coach Greens- 
burg H. Sch. (Greensburg, Pa.). 1920-27, F.B. 
official. 1925-27, mem. Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at law. Affiliations: 
Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Helen Bair, 1916. Children: Vance E., Jr., age 
10; Edward Bair, age 9. Office: Irwin Gas 
Coal Bldg., Greensburg, Pa. Home: 571 N. Main 
St., Greensburg, Pa. 

BOONE, MARSHALL, boxing. Born: Balti- 
more, Md., Oct. 11, 1901. Son of W. Kennedy 
and Anne (Herbert) Boone. Ed.: Army and 
Navy Prep.; B.S., Stanford, 1926. 

Record: 1919, So. Atlantic breast stroke 
champ. 1919-22, mem. Army and Navy Prep. 
B.B., F.B., Baskt.B., track and swimming teams 
(capt. Bskt.B., 1921) ; (capt. track, 1922). 1921, 
So. Atlantic Swimming 440 yds. (Jr. champ.). 
1922, won heavyweight boxing champ, of Alaska. 
1922-26, mem. Stanford F.B., track and swim- 
ming teams. 1924, Balto. city champ. 16-lb. shot 
and discus. 1925, Nat'l Amateur heavyweight 
champ. ; 3rd place in Golden Gate swimming; 



meet. 1926, Pacific Coast A.A.U. heavyweight 
champ., 1927, S.A. Jr. shot-put champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Banker. Military Service: 
367 F.A., 82 Div. Pittsburgh, 1918-19. Affilia- 
tions: Gillett & Co.; So. Atlantic A.A.U. Assoc; 
Track, Field and Wrestling Comm., S.A.A.A.A. 
Clubs: Cross C.C., Balto. ; Olympic C, San 
Francisco ; Balto. A.C. ; Maryland C. ; Bachelors' 
Cotillon C. Hobby: Athletics: Office: Light 
and Redwood Sts., Baltimore, Md. Home: Lake 
Roland P. O., Baltimore, Md. 

BOONE, WILLIAM JAMES, mem. Univ. of 
Chicago "Big Ten" Conf. champ. F.B. team, 
1905. Bom: Hillsdale, Mich., July 17, 1897. 
Son of William and Mary Alice (Hinkle) Boone. 
Ed.: Mich. State Coll., 1898-99; A.B., Hillsdale 
Coll., 1904; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1906. 

Record: mem. Mich. State Bskt.B. team (4 
yrs.) ; mem. Hillsdale Coll. B.B., F.B., Bskt.B. 
and track teams (4 yrs.) ; mem. Univ. of Chi- 
cago F.B. team (2 yrs). 1905, mem. Univ. of 
Chicago "Big Ten" Conf. F.B. team. 1906, 
coach Hillsdale Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Boone Motor Co. 
Affiliations: Alpha Tau Omega; 111. A.C; Mid- 
lothian C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Mae M. 
Brough, 1908. Children: Daniel J., age 18; 
Virginia Mae, age 15. Office: 7733 Cottage 
Grove Ave., Chicago, 111. Home: 7130 Paxton 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

BOOS, GEORGE W., mem. Univ. of Minnesota 
hockey team, 1925-27. Born: Minneapolis, Minn., 
Jan. 15, 1905. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. 
Boos. Ed.: D.D.S., University of Minn., 1927. 

Record: 1925-27, mem. Univ. of Minn, hockey 
team (conf. hockey champs., 1926). 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Affiliations: Delta 
Chi ; Delta Sigma Delta ; Amer. Dental Asso. ; 
"M" Club (Univ. of Minn.). Office: 608 Nicallet 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 4848 Lake 
Harriet Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn. 

world's record relay teams. Born: Chicago, 111., 
Dec. 31, 1893. Son of Alfred Vernon and Ada 
(Bercry) Booth. Ed. Univ. Elementary Sch., 
Chicago, 111., 1907, Univ. H. Sch., Chicago, 111., 
1911, B. S., Univ. of Wis., 1915. 

Record: 1909-10-11, mem. H. Sch. B.B. and 
Bskt. B. teams. 1912-13-14-15, mem., Univ. of 
Wis. swimming team. 1914-15, mem., Univ. of 
Wis. track team. 1915, outdoor meets with 
Purdue, 111., and Minn., won two lsts and one 
2nd in 100 yd. dash (best time 10 sec. flat) ; 
outdoor conf. meet, placed 2nd in 220 yd. dash 
(time 21% sec). Ran No. 4 on mile relay (time 
49y 5 sec.) winning conf. champ. During Natl. 
A. A. U. meet (San Francisco, Calif., Aug. 5), 
ran No. 2 on 400 yd. and 800 yd. relay teams, 

winning world's records in both events. 1916, 
indoor (2nd Regiment) Armory handicap meet, 
won 440 from scratch (time 52% sec). 1917, 
U. S. Army Service Conf. meet (at San Diego, 
Calif.) won 50 yd. dash (time 5% sec) 100 yd. 
dash (time 10y 5 sec) and 220 yd. 22 flat in 
Service Conf. meet. 1918, Aviation Conf. meet, 
(Dallas, Tex.) Won 100 and 220 yd. dash 
(time 22% sec). 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman. Mil. Service: 
Univ. of Calif. Aviation Ground Sch., 1917, 
Rockwell Field, San Diego, Calif., Flying instr., 
1917, 1st Lt, R.M.A., Nov., 1917. 1918, student 
Call Field Wichita Falls, Tex., Nov., 1918. 
Affiliations: Amer. Bank Note Co.; Chi. A. C. : 
Lake Shore A. C. (life mem.) Chi., 111., "W" 
Club, Univ. of Wis., Knollwood C. C. ; Mason, 
Sigma Nu, Adventurers Club. Married: Bertha- 
may Kemp. Children: Alfred Bercry, Jr., age 
8, Constance Janet, age 5. Office: 118 E. 20th 
St., Chicago, 111. Home: 624 Garrett PL, Evans- 
ton, 111. 

BOOTH, VERNE H., track. Born: Sawyer, 
N. Dak., Oct, 27. 1899. Son of J. F. and Mary 
A. (Wilson) Booth. Ed.: Velva H. Sch., Velva, 
N. Dak. ; Univ. of Del., 1920-21 ; Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1924. 

Record: 1915, mem. Velva H. Sch. track team. 
1919, mem. Inter-Allied track team, Paris. 1921, 
mem. Del. Univ. track team (holder Del. mile 
record, 4:28, 2 miles, 9:48). 1921-22-23, mem. 
Johns Hopkins Univ. cross-country team (capt. 
1923-24, I.C.A.A.A.A. 2-mile champ, (outdoors), 
team (capt. 1924) ; holder Johns Hopkins 2- 
champ ; I.C.A.A.A.A. cross country champ, 
mile record, 9:351-5. 1923, N.C.A.A. 2-mile 
1923-23, I.C.A.A.A.A. 2-mile champ, (outdoors). 
1924, I.C.AAA.A. 2-mile champ (indoors) ; win- 
ner of 10,000-meter tryout (final) in Olympic 
tryouts; finished 7th in 10,000 meters in 1924 
Olympics; winner of 3-mile race British Em- 
pire vs. Amer., time, 14:351-5; mem. Millrose 
A.A. track team ; picked All-Amer. track team 
(5 miles). 

Pres. Occupation: Field repres. Longman's 
Green Co. War Record: Enlisted Signal Corps, 
1917; mem. A.E.F., 1918-1919, in 3rd Regt. Air 
Serv. Mechanics. Affiliations: Millrose A.A. ; 
Sigma Nu. Hobby: Track. Office: 55 Fifth 
Ave., N. Y. C, N Y. 

BOOTH, WILLIAM HENRY, football, Born: 
Texarkana, Ark., Dec. 25, 1902. Son of William 
Henry and Mary (Kelso) Booth. Ed.: A.B., 
Virginia Mil. Inst., 1922; B.S., Princeton, 1924. 

Record: 1920-21, mem. V. M. I. F.B. team. 
1921-22, mem. V. M. I. wrestling team. 1923, 
mem. Princeton F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Booth Furniture and 
Carpet Co., Inc. Affiliations: "Tiger Inn" Club; 


Sigma Nu ; Shreveport G. and C. ; Civic Club. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Mary Allen. Office: 
610 Texas St., Shreveport, La. Home: 577 
Oreonta St., Shreveport, La. 

Fawfield, 111., Nov. 1, 1907. Son of Dr. and 
Mrs. James L. Borah. Ed.: Phillips Andover 
Acad. ; Univ. So. Calif. 

Record: 1926, Natl. A.A.U. track meet 100 
yds., 9 4/5 sec. 1927, Natl. A.A.U. 220 yds., 
21 2/5 sec; I.C. A.A.A.A. 100 yds., 9 1/5 sec. 
and 220 yds., 20 9/10 sec. 1928, capt. Univ. So. 
Calif, track team ; mem. Olympic team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Club: Hollywood 
A.C. Address: 37 W. Lynwood St., Phoenix, 

BORDMAN, JOHN, mem. Harvard College 
track team. Born: Boston, Mass., Feb. 11, 1872. 
Son of John and Lois E. (Lawry) Bordman. 
Ed.: Harvard, A.B., 1894; L.L.B., 1897. 

Record: 1894-96, mem. Harvard track team. 
1891-97, mem. Mass. State Mil. Rifle team. 1896, 
won Middlesex 200-yd. offhand champ, (score, 
10 bullseyes). 1897, won Sumner individual 
200 and 500 yd. match, Nat'l Rifle meet (Sea- 
girt, N. J.) ; won Mass. Rifle Asso. mil. offhand 
champ. 1888-92, mem. Prep. Sch. F.B. and B.B. 
teams. 1906-17, mem. Independent B.B. team 
(Philippine Islands). 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. War Record: 
Capt. 1st Mass. Heavy Arty., Spanish war, 
1898; capt. and adj. 26th U. S. Inf., 1899; capt. 
Co. G, 26th U. S. Inf., 1900-01; awarded Con- 
gressional Medal of Honor ; appointed lieut.-col. 
Engr. Regt., 1918. Affiliations: Harvard A.A. ; 
Mason; Elk; Odd Fellows; United Spanish War 
Vet. ; Sons of Amer. Revolution. Clubs: "H" 
(Hnrvard Univ.); Army and Navy; Manila; 
Concord C.C. ; Manila Tennis; Iloilo. Hobby: 
Fishing. Married: Helen Irvin, 1925. Home: 
86 Monument St., Concord, Mass. 

BOSLEY, LESTER W„ football, track la- 
crosse. Bom: Baltimore, Md., Sept. 14, 1898. 
Son of Harry and Lillie (Lee) Bosley. Ed.: 
Tech. H. S., Wash., D. C, 1918; B.S., Univ. of 
Maryland, 1922. 

Record: 1916-17, mem. Tech. track team, (won 
high jump, both years, 5' 3"). 1916-18, mem. 
Tech. F.B. team (capt. 1918). 1918-22, mem. 
Univ. of Md. F.B. team. 1921-22, mem. lacrosse 
team, Univ. of Md. (mgr. 1922). 

Pres. Occupation: Mech. engr. McDowell 
Bros. Service Co. Mil. Service: S.A.T.C. Affili- 
ations: Sigma Phi Sigma; "M" Club (Univ. of 
Md.). Hobby: Football. Married: Anita W. 
Wasserman, Oct. 26, 1927. Office: 4201 Conn. 
Ave. N. W., Wash., D. C. Home: 2755 Macomb 
St. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

BOTHNER, GEORGE, lightweight champion 
wrestler. Born: New York City, New York, June 
5, 1867. Son of Carl and Charlotte (Kleinhans) 
Bothner. Education: Public Schools. 

Record: 1900-01, amateur 125 pound cham- 
pion. 1903, instructor New York Athletic Club. 
1905-06, instructor Princeton University. 1907, 
defeated Tom Riley of England for the Richard 
K. Fox belt, emblematic of professional light- 
weight championship of the world. 1908-18, took 
part in more than 400 wrestling contests ; de- 
feated Will Bingham of England and Paul La 
Ruhl of France, 1908; draw, Eugene Tremblay, 
of Montreal (8 hours, 17 minutes) ; won handi- 
cap match from Tom Jenkins, heavyweight 
champion of the world (Madison Square Garden. 
New York) ; defeated Higashi of Japan, mixed 
match "catch-as-catch-can," against Jiu-Jitsu 
style, three straight falls (4 hours, 16 minutes), 
Grand Central Palace, New York. At present 
conducting a gymnasium in New York City, 
New York. 

Present Occupation: Proprietor of gymnasium. 
Affiliations: Elks: Veterans' Pastime Athletic 
Club; Schnorer Club. Hobby: Billiards and 
bowling. Married: Elizabeth Miller. Office: 250 
West 42nd Street, New York, New York. Home: 
3057 Sedgwick Avenue, New York, New York. 

baseball player. Bom: Oglesby, 111., Apr. 23, 
1900. Son of John and Elizabeth (Carter) 
Bottomley. Ed.: Public Sch. (Nokomis, HI.). 

Record: 1922-28, mem. St. Louis Cardinal pro. 
B.B. team (driven in over 100 runs each year). 

Pres. Occupation: Professional baseball play- 
er. Affiliations: Ford Motor Co. (Nokomis, 
111.); Mason; Big Four A.A. (Mattoon, HI.). 
Hobby: Hunting and dogs. Office: Care St. 
Louis Cardinals, St. Louis, Mo. Home: No- 
komis, 111. 

em A.A.U. junior and senior hop, step and 
jump records (past 3 yrs.). Bom: New Or- 
leans, La., Jan. 6, 1903. Son of Leon J. and 
Sarah (Magee) Bourgeois. Ed.: Mater Doloraso 
Grammar Sch. ; Jesuits Coll. 

Record: For past 6 yrs. has competed in 100 
yds., 120 yd. high hurdles, 220 yd. low hurdles, 
running broad jump and hop, step and jump 
(rep. So. Pacific A.A., New Orleans). High 
point man in div. meet, 25 or 26 points ; holder, 
So. A.A.U. jr. and sr. hop, step and jump rec- 
ords (past 3 yrs.). Trained under Coach 
George Mike Ziegler of New Orleans. 

Pres. Occupation: Accountant. Affiliations: 
Algiers Bk. and Trust Co. ; Eureka Homestead ; 
Bd. of Govs., So. Pacific R.R. A.A. Married: 
Myrtle Marie Berniard. Children: Lloyd 
Henry, Jr., age 3; Dorothy Nell (infant). 


-:*t t-v 


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BOURRETTE, GOLDIE V., mem. Missouri 
Wesleyan College F.B. team. Born: Marysville, 
Mo., June 15, 1905. Son of Elmer and Minnie 
(Allen) Bourrette. Ed.: Maysville H. Sch., 
1924; A.B., Mo. Wesleyan Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1921-24, mem. Maysville H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams. 1924-28, mem. Mo. 
Wesleyan Coll. F.B. and track teams (capt. 
F.B. team, 1928) ; competed in K.C.A.C. indoor 
meet and K.U. relays and Drake relays ; sec. 
in State meet. 1925-26, mem. Mo. Wesleyan 
Coll. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. A ffiliations: Chem- 
istry Club; Adelphian Literary Soc. Hobby: 
Sports. Office: Mo. Wesleyan Coll., Cameron, 
Mo. Home: Maysville, Mo. 

of Chicago track team, 1920. Born: Chicago, 
111., Nov. 19, 1898. Son of Abraham and Eliza- 
beth (Scott) Bowers. Ed.: Hyde Pk. H. Sch. 
(Chicago, 111.), 1915; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 

Record: 1917, mem. Univ. of Chicago water 
Bskt.B. and swimming teams. 1919, high-point 
winner Amer. Legion track and field meet (Chi- 
cago, 111.) ; mem. Cen. A.A.U. cross-country 
champ, team 1920, mem. 111. relay West. I.C. 
indoor champ. 2-mile relay team. 1924, high- 
point winner, Y.M.C.A. (Chicago, 111.) track and 
field champ, meets. 1923-26, 4 times high-point 
winner, Amer. Inst, of Bk. (Chicago, 111.) track 
and field champ, meets. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment bk., Halsey, 
Stuart & Co. Mil. Service: Mem. R.O.T.C, 
1917 ; pvt. U. S. Air Service, Feb., 1918, to May, 
1919 ; 2nd lieut., Reserve Mil. aviator, Air Ser- 
vice Reserve Corps Squadron 63, S.M.A., Aus- 
tin, 1918; discharged, 1919. Affiliations: Sec. 
McClellan Storage and Van Co.; Alumni A.A. 
(Univ. of Chicago) ; Chicago A.A. ; Phi Gamma 
Delta; Boy Scouts of Amer. (asst. scoutmas- 
ter) ; Amer. Statistical Asso. ; City Club (Chi- 
cago, 111.) ; Investment Analysis Club (Chicago, 
111.) ; Dallas A.C. Hobby: Hiking and camp- 
ing. Married: Gertrude Cone, June 26, 1925. 
Children: Joy Anne, infant. Office: 319 N. 4th 
St., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 430 Miriam Ave., 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

Born: Lynn, Mass., Feb. 4, 1906. Son of Lewis 
E. and Sadie (Manning) Bowker. Ed.: Lynn 
H. Sch.; Tufts Coll. 

Record: 1923-24, mem. Lynn English H. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1924, mem. Lynn English H. Sch. 
crew and B.B. team. 1925, mem. Tufts Coll. 
freshman F.B. and B.B. teams. 1926, mem. 
Tufts Coll. varsity B.B. team. 1926-27, mem. 
Tufts Coll. varsity F.B. team (capt., 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student(Tufts Coll). Affili- 
ations: Delta Phi Sigma. Office: 106 Professors 
Row, Tufts Coll., Medford, Mass. Home: 127 
Timson St., Lynn, Mass. 

Born: Jacksonville, Fla., Sept. 9, 1910. Daughter 
of Merle and Rosalie (Cleveland) Bowlin. Ed.: 
Robert E.Lee H. Sch. (Jacksonville, Fla.), 1928. 

Record: 1924-25, capt. Kirby Smith Jr. H. Sch. 
swimming and water polo teams. 1925-26, capt. 
Sunshine H. Sch. swimming and water polo 
teams. 1926-27, capt. Duval H. Sch. swimming 
and water polo teams. 1927, capt. San Piper's 
swimming team ; high-point winner, Savannah, 
Ocala, Casino Nights and A.A.U. swimming 
meets. 1928, capt. Robert E. Lee H. Sch. swim- 
ming and water polo teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Sig- 
ma Theta Lambda. Hobby: Painting. Home: 
2240 Post St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

BOWMAN, HERBERT LEE, tennis. Born: 
N. Y., N. Y., Apr. 21, 1897. Son of Charles Lee 
and Marie (Lewis) Bowman. Ed.: Mt. Vernon 
H. Sch., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Cornell Univ. 

Record.' 1913-14, mem. Mt. Vernon H. Sch. 
F.B., tra( k and tennis teams. 1914, won first 
Junior Indoor tennis champ, ever held. 1915, 
won Cornell and Westchester County Inter- 
Sch. champs, in shot-put ; won County Inter- 
Sch. tennis champ. 1920-21, won Metro. Senior 
champ, in throwing javelin. 1922-23-27, won 
N. Y. State tennis champ. 1922-25-26-27, won 
N. J. State tennis champ. 1923-24-27, won At- 
lantic Coast tennis champ. 1924-26, won Ber- 
muda tennis champ. 1927, won East, clay court 
tennis champ. ; won the following three-year 
Challenge Bowls in tennis : N. Y.. State ; N. J. 
State ; Atlantic Coast ; Bermuda ; Quaker 
Ridge ; Old Dominion, and N. Y. Tribune Bowl. 

Pres. Occupation: Bookseller. Affiliations: 
Treas. and mgr., Union Library Asso. ; N. Y. 
A.C. (capt. tennis team) ; 7th Regt. Tennis C. 
(capt. tennis team); Phi Kappa Psi ; Book- 
sellers' League; Univ. C. (Mt. Vernon, N. Y.). 
Office: 118 E. 25th St., N. Y., N. Y. Home: 37 
Madison Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

BOWE4N, JOHN McENTEE, president of 
the United Hunts Racing Association. Born: 
Toronto, Canada, July 20, 1875. Son of John 
and Anne (McEntee) Bowman. Education: 
Public Schools. 

Record: President of National Horse Asso- 
ciation of America ; Havana-American Jockey 
Club ; honorary vice-president of Los Angeles 
National Horse Shows, Incorporated. 

Present Occupation: President of Bowman- 
Biltmore Hotels Corporation. Affiliations: New 
York Athletic Club ; Turf and Field Club ; Blind 





Brook Golf Club; Greenwich Country Club; 
Indian Harbor Yacht Club ; Aero Club ; Union 
League ; Republican Club ; Pilgrims Club ; ; Bo- 
hemian Club ; Lambs Club. Office: Hotel Bilt- 
more, New York City. Home: "Stonehedge," 
Port Chester, New York. 

hop-step-jump record, 49' 1", 1928. Born: 
Brookhaven, Miss., June 8, 1907. Son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Shepard Bowman. Ed.: Hammond 
H. Sch., 1928. 

Record: 1924-28, mem. Hammond H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B., B.B. and track teams. 1928, broue 
hop-step-jump record for La., 46' 6" ; broke »o. 
hop-step-jump record, 49' 1". 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Citi- 
zens Natl. Bk. ; Hammond State Bk. ; De Mo- 
lay. Address: Box 6, Hammond, La. 

BOYD, ALAN WDLSON, capt. Univ. of Mich, 
Bskt.B. team, 1918. Born: Indianapolis, Ind., 
Mar. 11, 1897. Son of John A. and Mabel (Con- 
duitt) Boyd. Ed.: Shortridge H. Sch. (Indian- 
apolis, Ind.) ; Univ. of Mich., A.B., 1918; J.D., 

Record: 1915-16-17, mem. Univ. of Mich. F.B. 
team. 1918, capt. Univ. of Mich. Bskt. B. 
team. 1919, intermediate sec. F.B. team, A.E.F. 
(competed in Paris). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Noel, Hickam, 
Boyd & Armstrong. War Record: Pvt., Co. G, 
11th Regt., U. S. M. C. ; mem. A.E.F. ; dis- 
charged, 1919. Affiliations: Delta Upsilon; Phi 
Delta Phi ; Order of the Coif ; State and Amer. 
Bar Asso. ; Indianapolis A.C. Married: Dor- 
othy Lee, 1923. Children: Alan Conduitt, age 
2. Office: 130 E. Wash. St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Home: 5136 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. 

BOYD, CLAUDE 0., Capt. football team, How- 
ard Payne Coll., 1927. Bom: Gustine, Tex., 
July 20, 1904. Son of John Norton and Lillie 
Mae (Toby) Boyd. Ed.: Wesley Coll,; Howard 
Payne Coll. 

Record,: 1924, mem. Wesley Coll. F.B. team. 
(Awarded silver loving cup.) Mem. Wesley 
Coll. B.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 1925-27, 
mem. Howard Payne Coll. F.B. team (capt., 
1927). 1926-27, chosen All-Texas Conf. h.b. 
Mem. Howard Payne Coll. Bskt.B. aad B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Address: Gustine, 

country champion, 1913. Born: Dedham, Mass., 
Oct. 20, 1890. Son of M. Gardner and Harriet 
(Wolcott) Boyd. Ed.: Phillips" Exeter Acad., 
1910; A.B.; Harvard, 1914. 

Record: 1911, mem. Harvard freshman crew 
and track team (won 2-mile champ., Harvard- 
Yale freshman meet). 1912-13, asst. mgr. Har- 
vard hockey team. 1913-14, mgr. Harvard 
hockey team. 1912-14, mem. Harvard var- 
sity track team (won 2-mile champ., Harvard- 
Yale dual meet, 1912-14 ; runner-up, Harvard- 
Yale cross-country race, 1912 ; won I.C. cross- 
country champ, and Harvard- Yale cross-country 
champ., 1913 ; runner-up, Harvard-Cornell cross- 
country race, 1913). 

Pres. Occupation: Broker Parkinson & Burr 
(Boston, Mass.). Mil. Service: 1st lieut., Co. 
A, 302nd Machine Gun Bn. ; 1st lieut., Co. A, 
146th Machine Gun Bn. Married: Elizabeth 
Bigelow, May 17, 1924. Office: 53 State St., 
Boston, Mass. Home: East Hingham, Mass. 

BOYDSTUN, QUINCE B., football, baseball 
and track. Born: Caddo, Okla., Dec. 8, 1898. 
Son of Robert Berry and A. R. (Massingill) 
Boydstun. Ed.: Caddo H. Sch., 1916; LL.B., 
Univ. of Okla., 1919. 

Record : 1912, mem. Caddo H. Sch. B.B. team. 
1913-14-15-16, mem. Caddo H. Sch. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1914-15-16, mem. Caddo H. Sch. 
track team (100 yds. in 10 sec. flat, 1915-16). 
1916-17, mem. Univ. of Okla. freshman F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1917-18, mem. Univ. of Okla. 
B.B. and F.B. teams. 1918-19, mem. Univ. of 
Okla. B.B. team. 1919-28, F.B. official, officiat- 
ing in coll. and H. sch. games. 1923, F.B. 
coach Fort Gibson H. Sch. (team runners-up 
in East. Okla. H. Sch. Conf.). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: Air 
Service, 1918. Affiliations: Mason; Amer. Le- 
gion; Izaak Walton League (sec.-treas.) ; Boy 
Scouts master ; Chamber of Commerce ; Musko- 
gee County Democratic Cen. Com. (sec.-chmn.) ; 
Phi Alpha Delta; S. West. Bd. F.B. officials. 
Hobby: Hunting and football. Married: Floy 
Lucille Clark. Children: Betty Ruth, age 3; 
Mary Lou, age 1. Home: Fort Gibson, Okia. 

BOYER, ROY V., professional golfer. Born: 
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 20, 1890. Son of Jacob 
E. and Jennie (Whitman) Boyer. Ed.: Kansas 
City public schs., 1903; Cen. H. Sch. (Kansas 
City, Mo.), 1907. 

Record: 1916-19, pro. Brakenridge G.C. (San 
Antonio, Tex.). 1920-28, pro. Ivanhoe C.C. 
(Kansas City, Mo.). 1925-26, participated in 
Mid- West P.G.A. tourn. (Kansas City, Mo.). 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golf. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted May, 1917; discharged Aug., 1917. 
Affiliations: Mason; Shriner; Scottish Rite; 
K.T. ; Mid- West P.G.A. (sec); Ivanhoe C.C. 
(Kansas City, Mo.). Hobby: Golf. Office: 
Ivanhoe C.C, Kansas City, Mo. Home: Same. 






BOYLE, PATRICK JAMES, baseball. Born: 
St. Cloud, Minn., Nov. 3, 1883. Son of M. and 
Hannah (Gallagher) Boyle. Ed.: Ind. Univ.; 
Univ. of Mich.; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1908. 

Record: 1902, mem. Univ. of Ind. B.B. team. 
1904, mem. Univ. of Mich. B.B. team. 1906-08, 
mem. Univ. of Minn. B.B. team. 1908, capt. 
Univ. of Minn. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Garage proprietor. War 
Record: Lieut, engrs., 1918. Affiliations: Elks; 
K.C. ; Eschquaguma Club. Married: Eleanor 
Patten. Children: Robert Patten, age 7; Pat- 
rick James, age 3. Office: 413-419 Grant Ave., 
Eveleth, Minn. Home: 709 Grant Ave., Eveleth, 

BOYLES, XAVIER P., holder pole vault rec- 
ord Univ. of Iowa, 1924. Born: Winamac, Ind., 
Oct. 14, 1903. Son of Edgar X. and Alice V. 
(Parris) Boyles. Ed.: la. City H. Sch., 1921; 
B.E., Univ. of la., 1927. 

Record: 1920-21, mem. la. City H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams (pres. holder Inter- 
Sch. pole-vault record). 1924-27, mem. Univ. 
of la. track team (holder pole-vault record, 
height, 12 ft. 4% in., 1924 ; 12 ft. 10y 4 in., 1926 ; 
13 ft. 3% in., 1927). 1926, joint holder indoor 
Big Ten pole-vault record. 1927, won pole-vault 
record Drake relays (12 ft. 9 in.) ; holder Mid- 
West, record (12 ft. 5 in.) ; joint holder Big 
Ten outdoor record. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. dist. engr. la. High- 
way Comn. Affiliations: Theta Tau. Office: 
Marengo, la. Home: 716 Bowery St., la. City., 

BOYLIN, JOHN PARKS, football. Born: 
Wadesboro, N. C, Oct. 3, 1898. Son of James 
G. and DeLuke (Blair) Boylin. Ed.: Wake 
Forest Univ., A.B., 1922; L.L.B., 1923. 

Record: 1919-22, H.B. Wake Forest Univ. F.B. 
team. 1920-23, catcher Wake Forest Univ. B.B. 
team. 1923-24-25, head coach High Point H. 
Sch. F.B. team (won F.B. and B.B. champs, of 
Dis., 1924-25). 1925-28, head coach High Point 
Coll. F.B. team. 1927-28, won champs. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Naval Service: 
Enlisted U.S.N., July, 1917; U.S.S. Maine and 
U.S.S. Worden and training stations Newport 
(R. I.) ; discharged Apr. 1919. Affiliations: 
Natl. F.B. Coaches' Asso. Hobby: Tennis and 
swimming. Office: High Point Coll., High Point, 
N. C. Home: Wadesboro, N. C. 

BOYNTON, BEN LEE, football. Born: Waco, 
Tex., Dec. 6, 1898. Son of Charles Albert and 
Laura (Young) Boynton. Ed.: Waco H. Sch., 
1916 ; B.S., Williams Coll., Williamstown,, Mass. 

Record: 1912-16, mem. Waco H. Sch. F.B., 
B.B., and Bskt.B. teams. 1916, capt. Williams 

Coll. freshman F.B. team. 1917, mem. varsity 
B.B., F.B. and Bskt.B. teams ; mem. of only un- 
defeated F.B. team ever put out at Williams 
Coll. ; picked by majority of sport writers of 
East as All-Amer. q.b. 1918, mem. varsity B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1918, enlisted Marine Avia- 
tion, sent to League Island ; mem. F.B. team 
there coached by Big Dickson. 1919, discharged, 
but did not go overseas; returned to coll. (capt. 
F.B. team). 1920, capt. F.B. and B.B. teams, 
mem. Bskt. B. team. Ran 110 yds. for touch- 
down in Williams vs. Hamilton (Nov. 6). Se- 
lected All-Amer. 3rd team by Walter Camp. 
Mem. "Big Bill" Edwards' Ail-Time All-Amer. 
team as h.b. 1921, mem. B.B. team. 1921-24, 
mem. pro. F.B., with Rochester-Buffalo, Frank- 
ford Yellow Jackets, Pottsville vs. Washington. 
1924, mem. pro. B.B. team with the N. Y.-Pa. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. State Mgr. of Stan- 
dard Accident Ins. Co. of Detroit, Mich. Mil. 
Service: Summer of 1918, Plattsburgh, enlisted 
in Marine Aviation, 1918 j discharged from 
Miami, Fla., 1919. Affiliations: S. West. Bd. of 
F.B. Officials ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Kappa 
Beta Phi ; Gargoyle at Williams Coll. ; Lubbock 
C.C. (Lubbock, Tex.) ; Spring Lake CO (Waco, 
Tex) ; Cedar Crest C.C. (Dallas). Hobby: Golf, 
hunting and refereeing F.B. games. Married: 
Katherine Darby, Oct. 27, 1922. Office: Dallas 
Natl. Bank Bldg., Dallas, Tex. Home: 1324 
Austin St., Waco, Tex. 

sical director. Born: Greenland, N. H., Oct. 3, 
1894. Son of Charles and Fannie Grackett. Ed: 
Phillips Exeter Acad., 1913 ; A.B., Univ. of N. H., 

Record: 1913, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. 
B.B. team. 1914-18, mem. Univ. of N. H. B.B. 
team. 1916-17, mem. Univ. of N. H. F.B. team. 
1918, capt. Univ. of N. H. B.B. team. 1919-24, 
played semi-pro. B.B. in Vt., Canada and N. Y. 

Pres. Occupation: Phy. Dir. City of Ports- 
mouth. War Record: Sgt. in Mil. Intelligence. 
Affiliations: Portsmouth A.C. ; Cen. Bd. Bskt. B. 
and F.B. Officials; Portsmouth CO; Kappa 
Epsilon Phi ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hobby: 
B.B. and golf. Married: Ruth C. Brackett. 
Children: Barbara, age 4; Ralph, Jr., age 2; 
Richard L., age 1. Office: Islington St., Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Home: 1412 South St.. Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

BRADEN, JOSEPH ROSS, capt. Stanford 
football team, 1916. Born: Santa Clara, Calif., 
Apr. 8, 1895. Son of Henry A. and Mary (Coyne) 
Braden. Ed.: Santa Clara H. Sch. ; L.L.B., Stan- 
ford, 1919. 



Record: 1909-10-11, mem. Santa Clara H. Sen. 
F.B. and B.B. teams, (capt. F.B. 1911). 1914- 
15-16, mem. Stanford F.B. team (capt. 1916). 
1916-17, mem. Stanford B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. Sales Mgr., Prattlow 
Preserving Co. Mil. Service: With 364th Inf., 
91st Div., present rank, Lt. Inf. Res. Clubs: 
San Jose G. and C.C. Home: 821 Univ. Ave., 
San Jose, Calif. 

record in mile run, 1908. Born: Ottawa, 111., 
Sept. 16, 1885. Son of Chas. L. and Frances 
Clarkson (Beem) Bradford. Ed.: Lewis Inst., 
1905; Stanford, 1909. 

Record: 1906-09, mem. Stanford track team 
(mile and half mile events). 

Pres. Occupation: Investment hanker. Affilia- 
tions: Pres. Bradford, Kimball & Co.; Bohe- 
mian Club; Menlo CO; Dir. Calif. Group I.B.A.; 
Phi Delta Theta. Hobby: Golf. Married: Anne 
Louise Perring, 1911. Children: Clarkson Beem, 
Jr., Perry-Jean. Office: 111 Sutter St., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. Home: 28 W. Santa Inez Ave., 
San Mateo, Calif. 

BRADFORD, SAMUEL W., baseball. Born: 
Baltimore, Md., Jan. 31, 1856. Son of Augustus 
W. and Elizabeth (Kell) Bradford. Ed.: A.B., 
Princeton, 1875. 

Record: 1875, mem. Princeton B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Chief clerk of Circuit Court 
for Harford County, Md. Affiliations: Mt. 
Ararat Lodge A.F. and A.M. (Maryland) ; Phi 
Kappa Sigma ; Soc. of Civil War ; S.A.R. ; Univ. 
Club (Baltimore, Md.). Hobby: Baseball. 
Married: Cornelia Norris, Aug. 19, 1881. Chil- 
dren: Smith N., Elizabeth K., Samuel. Office: 
Court House, Belair, Md. Home: Main St., Bel- 
air, Md. 

BRADLEY, HERBERT T., pitcher, Boston 
Son of Stephen and Amanda (Nelson) Bradley. 
Red Sox. Born: Agenda, Kansas, Jan. 3, 1904. 
Ed.: Agenda H.S.; Kansas Univ., 1924-26. 

Record: 1921-23, mem. Agenda H.S. B.B., 
Bskt. B. and F.B. teams. 1922-23, capt. Bskt. B. 

1926. mem. Topeka (Kan.) Club, S.W. League. 

1927, mem. Waterbury (Conn.) East. League. 
1927-28, played with Boston Red Sox (pitcher). 

Pres Occupation: Prof. Baseball. Affiliations: 
Boston Red Sox Club. Hobby: Baseball. Mar- 
ried: Anna Wurty, July 12, 1926. Office: Boston 
Red Sox Club, Boston, Mass. Home: Agenda, 

BRADLEY, HOWARD M., football. Born: 
East Orange, N. J., Dec. 2, 1882. Son of Charles 

and Margaret (Robinson) Bradley. Ed.: A.B., 
Princeton, 1904. 

Record: 1900, mem. Princeton freshman F.B. 
team. 1901-02-03, mem. Princeton varsity F.B. 
.team. 1904-05-06, mem. Watsessing B.B. Club 
team (Bloomfield, N. J.). 

Pres. Occupation: Banker, Amhere Bank, East 
Orange, N. J. (Vice-Pres. and Dir.). Affiliations: 
Chamber of Commerce of the Oranges ; Prince- 
ton Club (Montclair, N. J.) ; Princeton Club 
(Newark, N. J.). Married: Jennie Maigren, Oct. 
12, 1915. Children: Margaret A., age 11. Office: 
227 N. 18th St., East Orange, N. J. Home: 44 
Cleveland Terrace, Bloomfield, N. J. 

vaulting. Born: Nyack, N. Y., May 10, 1906. 
Son of Stephen Rowe and Katherine (Scott) 
Bradley. Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad., 1923; 
A.B., Princeton, 1927. 

Record: 1923, Harvard Inter-Sch. 2nd; Bow- 
doin Inter-Sch. 1st. 1924, Harvard '27 vs. 
Princeton '27 1st ; Yale '27 vs. Princeton '27 1st. 
1925, Penn. Relay Carnival triple tie for 1st; 
Harvard vs. Princeton 1st; Yale vs. Princeton 
1st; Outdoor I.C.A.A. A.A. 3rd; Oxford-Cam- 
bridge vs. Princeton-Cornell triple tie for 1st 
with Oxford and Cornell. 1926, Indoor I.C.A.A. 
A.A. 1st ; Penn. relays tie 1st ; Yale vs. Prince- 
ton 2nd; Harvard-Princeton 1st; Oxford-Cam- 
bridge vs. Princeton-Cornell tie with Cornell 
for 1st. 1927, Indoor I.C.A.A.A.A. tie 1st 
(equalled the I.C.A.A.A.A. indoor record) ; Penn. 
relays tie 1st; Cornell-Princeton 1st; Yale vs. 
Princeton 1st. 

Pres. Occupation: Student, Columbia Sch. of 
Engr. Affiliations: N.Y.A.C. Office: 2940 Broad- 
way at 116th St., N. Y. 0., N. Y. Home: North 
Broadway, Nyack, N. Y. 

BRADLEY, THOMAS C, crew, football and 
baseball. Born: Bradley, S. C, Sept. 9, 1883. 
Son of W. O. and Laura (Moffatt) Bradley. 
Ed.: East. H. Sch.; Columbia Univ. (D.C.) ; 
L.L.B. Geo. Wash. Univ. 1905. 

Record: 1899, mem. East. H. Sch. track team. 
1900-01, Pitcher Corcoran Cadet B.B. team; 
Runner up in Dis. League. 1900-04, Sparring 
partner of several prominent middle, light and 
heavy weight pugilists. 1901, mem. Primrose 
Dist. champs. F.B. team ; Guard East A.C. Bskt. 
B. team ; Runner up in Dis. League. 1902-03, 
mem. Potomac C. crew, undefeated these years. 
(Natl, champs., 1903). 1927, won golf Congres- 
sional C.C. champs, medal. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. War Service: 
Mem. Dis. draft and advisory Bd. ; Speaker in 
Liberty Loan Drives. Clubs: Bar Asso. (D.C.) ; 
Congressional C.C. Hobby: Horseback riding 
and golf. Married: Florence Bailey, Dec. 12, 





1908. Children: Florence, age 17 ; Thomas C, 
Jr., age 15 ; Donald C, age 13. Office: Evans 
Bldg., Washington, D. C. Home: Brookville 
Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. 

Born: Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 10, 1900. Son of 
William Edward and Mary Lawson (Hawkins) 
Bradley. Ed.: U. S. Naval Acad., 1921; A.B., 
Princeton, 1923. 

Record: 1919, mem. U.S. Naval Acad. "Plebe" 
crew. 1922, mem. Princeton junior varsity 
crew (winners of "New Eng. Cup" race at Amer. 
Henley at Phila.). 

Pres. Occupation: Coaching rowing. The 
Pomfret, Conn. Married: Cecile Thibault Rob- 
inson, June 11, 1926. Children: Frances Lee. 
Home: Pomfret Sch., Pomfret, Conn. 

Bralley. Ed.: Austin, Texas, H. Sch.; Denton, 
Texas, H. Sch. ; Texas Christian Univ. ; LL.B., 
Univ. of Texas, June, 1924. 

Record,: 1917, all-state center with Tex. 
Christian Univ. 1920-21, loving cup all-round 
center Univ. of Tex. 1921-22, Univ. of Tex. 
track team. 1921-23, mem. Univ. of Tex. F.B. 
team. 1923, all S. West . Conf. Center; mem. 
Univ. of Tex. undefeated F.B. team. 1924-28, 
mem. S. West. Conf. Bd. F.B. officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. War Record: 
Enlisted troop A, 5th Tex. Cavalry, Apr., 1918, 
discharged Dec, 1918, Sgt. Affiliations: S. 
West. Conf. Bd. F.B. Officials; Delta Kappa 
Epsilon; Mason; Knights of Pythias. Hobby: 
Football and hunting. Married: Elizabeth Jane 
Wheatley, Apr. 23, 1927. Office: 627-31 Amarillo 
Bldg., Amarillo, Tex. Home: 1911 Van Buren 
St., Amarillo, Tex. 

BRAGG, CALEB S., aviator and owner; 
driver of racing motor cars and motor boats. 
Bom: Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1886. Son of 
Calus C. and Eugenia (Hofer) Bragg. Ed.: B.A., 
Yale, 1908. 

Record: 1907-1915, automobile racing; com- 
peted in Vanderbilt Cup Race ; Grand Prix of 
Automobile Club of America ; 500-mile race at 
the Indianapolis Speedway (won the Grand 
Prix of Automobile Club of America, 1912). 
1914-1921, aviation racing : established several 
records ; won the Curtiss Marine Trophy, 1917. 
1923-27, motor boat racing : competed in the 
Gold Cup Race ; Dodge Memorial and Interna- 
tional Sweepstakes (won Gold Cup Race, 1923- 
25; won Dodge Memorial, 1925). 

Present Occupation: Bragg Kliesrath Corpo- 
ration (president). Military Service: Enlisted, 
United States Air Service ; commissioned, cap- 
tain ; promoted to director of flying for Engi- 
neering Division of United States Air Service, 
McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio. Affiliations: Aero 
Club of America ; National Aeronautic Associa- 
tion ; Automobile Club of America ; National 
Automobile Association ; American Powerboat 
Association. Clubs: New York, Larchmont, 
Seawanhaka and Columbia Yacht Clubs ; Rac- 
quet and Tennis, Yale, Army and Navy, Turf 
and Field, Oakland and National Golf Clubs of 
New York City ; Queen City, University and 
Cincinnati Country Clubs of Cincinnati ; Bath 
and Tennis, Oasis and Everglades Clubs of 
Palm Beach. Hobby: Gasoline sports. Office: 
Harold Avenue and Queen's Boulevard, Long 
Island City. Home: 135 East 74th Street, New 
York City, New York. 


Southwestern Conference Center, 1923. Born: 
Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas, Nov. 19, 
1898. Son of Francis Marion and Mary (Meade) 

BRANCH, LOUISE, golf. Born: N. Y. C., 
N. Y., Feb. 23, 1901. Daughter of J. K. and 
Beulah (Gould) Branch. Ed.: Westover, 1919. 

Record: 1927, qualified in East. Womens' At- 
lantic Champ. ; East Coast Women's Champ. ; 
Fla. State Women's Champ. ; Miami Beach 
Women's Champ. ; won Va. State Women's 
Champ. (Norfolk, Va., Oct., 1927) ; won Italian 
Women's Champ. (Florence, Italy). 

Clubs: Ridgewood C.C. ; C.C. of Va. Hobby: 
Golf. Home: 2501 Monument Ave., Richmond, 

BRANDES, FREDERIC G., track record 
holder. Born: Pine City, Minn., Apr. 23, 1900. 
Son of Henry and Catherine (Overmann) 
Brandes. Ed.: Pine City (Minn.) H. Sch.; Ham- 
line Univ., St. Paul, Minn. ; Univ. of Minn. 

Record: Capt. Pine City H. Sch. track team 
and mem. 4-man team winning State Inter, meet 
(Carleton Coll.) ; capt. La Moore H. S. (N. 
Dak.) track team and holder state half-mile 
record (Grand Forks). 1920, holder Class "B" 
half-mile record, Minn. ; winner 10y 2 mi. 
Y.M.C.A. Marathon, time 58:43 1-5 (St. Paul to 
Minneapolis). 1922, pres. holder of coll. mile, 
Minn.; capt. Hamline Univ. track team (mi. 
record, 4:29); held Mid- West coll. mi. and 2 
mi. record. 1923, third place in Nat. Coll. Meet 
(Chicago) ; won IO14 mi. marathon. 1924, 
mem. Univ. of Minn, cross-country team. 1925, 
won handicap race with Nurmi (Minneapolis). 

1926, coach track Bethel Acad. ( St. Paul, Minn. ) . 

1927, coach and ath. dir. Hutchinson, Minn. 
Pres. Occupation: Head Soc. Science Dept, 

Stillwater, Minn. Naval Service: 18 months' 
service Battleship Mass., coxswain. Affilia- 
tions: Kappa Gamma Chi; Cen. Y.M.C.A., St. 
Paul, Minn. ; Stillwater Golf Asso. Married: 
Geneva O. Therrien, Oct. 12, 1923. Address: 
814 W. Olive St., Stillwater, Minn. 



Born: Sharon, Pa., Dec. 30, 1899. Son of E. J. 
and Alice (Lewis) Brandt. Ed.: Sharon H. 
Sell. ; B.S., Bucknell Univ., 1921; Westminster 

Record: 1914-15-16, mem. Sharon H. Sch. 
P.B. team. 1917-18-19-20, mem. Bucknell Univ. 
F.B. team. 1918-19-21, mem. Bucknell Univ. 
tennis team (capt. undefeated team, 1921). 
1921, mem. Westminster Coll. F.B. team. 1922, 
coach Mercer H. Sch. 1923-26, F.B. and Bskt.B. 
official. 1927, mem. Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials; 
mem. N. West. Officials' Asso. 

Prcs. Occupation: Office mgr., W. R. Barr Co., 
Oil City, Pa. Mil. Service: Sgt., S.A.T.O, Buck- 
nell Univ. Affiliations: Phi Gamma Delta; F. & 
A.M. Hobby: Fishing and hunting. Married: 
Thelma Patterson. Office: Oil City, Pa. Home: 
110 W. 3rd St., Oil City, Pa. 

BRANDY, JOSEPH R., JR., mem. Notre 
Dame Univ. football and basketball team. Born: 
Ogdenslmrg, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1898. Son of J. R. 
and Georgianna (Cunningham) Brandy. Ed.: 
M.E., Notre Dame Univ., 1921. 

Record: 191718-20, mem. Notre Dame F.B. 
and Bskt. B. teams (capt. Bskt. B., 1920; All- 
Western team). 1921, ath. dir. and head coach 
St. Thomas Coll. (champ. F.B. team). 

Pros. Occupation: Printer and publisher. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted 1918. eommnd. 2nd Lieut, 
F.A., 37th Training Battery. Affiliations: Secy.- 
Treas. Ogdensburg Advance Co., Inc. ; Cen. Bd. 
F.B. Officials; Ogdensburg C.C. ; K.G. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Elizabeth Kelly, June 16, 1925. 
Children: Mary Elizabeth, Joseph R., Ill, infant. 
Office: Isabella St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. .Home: 
522 State St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

football team, 1915. Born: Warren. Pa., Feb. 28, 
1893. Son of James and Mary Brann. Ed.: 
Phillips Andover Acad. ; Ph.B., Yale. 

Record: 1910-11, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. 
F.B. team. 1912, mem. Yale freshman F.B. 
team. 1913-14, mem. Yale varsity F.B. team. 
1914. chosen by Walter Camp as end on sec. 
All-Amer. F.B. team. 1915, asst. coach Yale F.B. 
team. 1916, asst. coach la. State Coll. (Ames, 
Iowa ) . 

Naval Service: Naval aviation; discharged as 
ensign. Clubs: Univ. (Tulsa, Okla.) ; Cone- 
wango Valley C.C. (Warren, Pa.). Home: Univ. 
Club, Tulsa, Okla. 

Record: 1917, pitcher Mass. State Champs. 
H. Sch. B.B. team. 1920, trial with Rochester, 
N. Y., Internal!. League. 1926-27, ath. and phys. 
dir. Gloucester (Mass.) Schs. F.B., B.B. and 
Bskt. B. official. Coach Gloucester H. Sch. 
Girls' Bskt. B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Insurance. War Record: 
Private S.A.T.C, Boston Coll. (Boston, Mass.). 
Affiliations: New Eng. F.B. Official Asso. ; Cen. 
Bd.'F.B. Officials. Hobby,- Track and hunting. 
Married: Georginea M. Wilson, Sept. 27, 1922. 
Children: Marjorie S., age 4; Jean Frances, in- 
fant. Office: 6 Pleasant St., Maiden, Mass. 
Home: 58 Woodrow Ave., Medford, Mass. 

BRAXTON, GARLAND E., pitcher, Wash- 
ington Senators. Bom: Snow Camp, N. C, June 
10, 1900. Son of James W. and Martha (Buch- 
ner) Braxton. Ed.: Spring H. Sch., Snow 
Camp, N. C. 

Recordc 1920, mem. Greensboro (N. C.) pro. 
B.B. Club (Piedmont League). 1921-23, played 
with Boston Braves. 1923, played with Worces- 
ter (Mass.) pro. B.B. team (East. League) ; 
sold to Springfield Club. 1924-25, played with 
Springfield Club. 1925, sold to N. Y. Yankees. 
1926, played with N. Y. Yankees. 1927, farmed 
to Wash. Club. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. B.B. player. Wash- 
ington Club. Hobby: Hunting. Office: Griffith 
Stadium, Wash.. D. C. Home: 525 Aycock St.. 
Greensboro, N. C. 

BRAY, FRANK C, baseball. Bom: Cuba 
City, Wis., Mar. 4, 1878. Son of George and 
Anne (White) Bray. Ed.: Cuba City II. Sch., 
1896. Platteville (Wis.) Teachers' Coll., 1900; 
Univ. of Wis., Ph.B., 1903; M.A., 1925. 

Record,: 1894-96, mem. Cuba City II. Sch. 
B.B. team. 1895, mem. Cuba City H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1897-1900, mem. Platteville State Teach- 
ers' Coll. F.B. team. 1902-03, mem. Univ. of 
Wis. B.B. team (West. conf. champs., 1902). 
1906-07, coach La Farge (Wis.) H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1909-17, coach Galesville (Wis.) H. Sch. 
B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. of Sch., Fort Atkin- 
son, Wis. Affiliations: Isaak Walton League; 
Mason ; Modern Woodman ; Phi Delta Kappa ; 
Wis. Inter-Sch. A.A. ; "W" Club (Univ. of Wis.), 
Hobby: Athletics and fishing. Married: Ada 
Vincent, Aug. 15, 1906. Children: Helen Ruth, 
age 20. Office: 403 High St., Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Home: 312 S. Main St., Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

( Subscriber. ) 

Boston, Mass., June 14, 1899. Son of Edward 
M. W. and Margaret E. (Kelley) Brawley. Ed.: 
Medford H. Sch., 1917; Boston Coll. 

BREADON, SAMUEL, baseball. Born: N. Y. 
City, N. Y., July 26, 1880. Son of Witham and 
Jane (Wilson) Breadon. Ed.: Public Sch. (N. 
Y. C, N. Y.). 




Record: 1919, dir. St. Louis Cardinals Nat'l. 
B.B. League. 1919-28, promoter of sports. 
1920-28, pres. St. Louis Cardinals B.B. League. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. St. Louis Cardinals. 
Affiliations: Pres. West. Automobile Co. (St. 
Louis, Mo.) ; Normandy G.C. ; Sunset Hill C.C. 
Hobby: Baseball. Married: Rachael Wilson. 
Children: Francis, age 21. Office: St. Louis Car- 
dinals B.B. Club, St. Louis, Mo. Home: 4701 
Westminster PL, St. Louis, Mo. 

Amateur Foil Champ. Born: San Francisco, 
Calif., May 23, 1882. Son of Joseph Cabell and 
Louise L. (Dudley) Breckinridge. Ed.: Lafay- 
ette Coll. ; U.S. Mil. Acad. ; M.D., Georgetown 

Record: 1902-03, mem. I.C. champ, fencing 
(foils) teams. Tied for individual I.C. champ., 
1903. 1906-14, Nat. amateur foils champ, (indi- 
vidual). 1912, mem. Amer. Olympic fencing 
team. 1914, mem. Nat. amateur dueling sword 
champ, team. 1914-15, mem. Nat. amateur foils 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Mil. Service: 
Served successively as Capt, Major, Lieut.-Col. 
and Col. Medical Corps; mem. A.E.F. Hobby: 
History and use of arms and armor, particularly 
swords, pistols and rifles. Married: Gertrude 
Ashby Bayne, 1911. Children: John Bayne, age 
14 ; Scott Dudley, Jr., age 10 ; Gertrude Bayne, 
age 6. Office: 164 Market St., Lexington, Ky. 
Home: Russell Cave Pike, Lexington, Ky. 

BREDSTEEN, JOSEPH, track. Born: 
Staughton, Wis., Mar. 25, 1876. Son of Martin 
A. and Guri (Homey) Bredsteen. Ed.: B.L., 
Univ. of Wis., 1901. 

Record: 1898, mem. Univ. of Wis. freshman 
track team. 1899-1900, mem. Univ. of Wis. 
varsity track team. 1900, won mile walk 
A.A.A.A. indoor meet (Milwaukee, Wis.), 7 min., 
6 3-5 sec; won mile walk W.I.C.A.A.A. (Chi- 
cago, 111.) ; estab. West. I.C. record in mile 
walk (7 min.). 

Pres. Occupation: Newspaper publisher, East 
Bay Printing Co. (Oakland, Calif.). Affiliations: 
Union Label League ; Sons of Norway Lodge ; 
International Printing Pressmen's and Assts'. 
Union. Hobby: Editor of labor publications. 
Married: Britha Ness, June 1, 1907. Children: 
Martin Ness, age 19 ; Andrew Homme, age 17 ; 
Gertrude Ingeborg, age 15 ; Judith Bertha, age 
13. Office: 5823 Occidental, Oakland, Calif. 
Home: 715 S. Verdugo, Glendale, Calif. 

Fencing team, 1912 (capt., 1920) ; mem. Olym- 
pic Fencing team, 1924. Born: Louisville, Ky., 
June 14, 1876. Son of George H. and Eliza 
Thurston (Johnson) Breed. Ed.:H. Sch. (Louis- 

ville, Ky.), 1891; Allen Sch. (W. Newton, 
Mass.), 1893; Mass. Tech., 1895; B.S., Harvard, 

Record: 1898-99, mem. Harvard fencing and 
lacrosse teams (fencing team won I.C. champ., 
1899). 1911, U.S. Nat'l fencing champ, in foils 
and epee. 1912-20, capt. U. S. Olympic fencing 
team. 1924, mem. U. S. Olympic fencing team. 

Pres. Occupation: Architect. War Record: 
Com. capt., C.W.S., U.S.A., 1918; Hdqrs., C.W.S., 
Wash., D. C. ; Camp Humphreys, Va. ; Camp 
Hendrick, N J.; (discharged Hon. Hoboken, 
N. J., Nov., 1918). Affiliations: Mem. N. Y. 
Fencers' Club (former sec.-treas.) ; mem. Ama- 
teur Fencers' League of Amer. (pres. foreign 
sec.) ; Theta Delta Chi; Harvard Club (N. Y.) ; 
Fencers' Club (N. Y.). Hobby: Fencing. Mar- 
ried: Agnes I. G. Murray, July 6, 1920. Office: 
101 Park Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 155 E. 
54th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

baseball and basketball. Bom: Lewistovvn, Pa., 
Apr. 2, 1894. Son of John F. and Sarah S. 
(Swigart) Breininger. Ed.: Lewistown H. 
Sch.; A.B., Juniata Coll., 1917. 

Record: 1909-10-11, mem. Lewistown H. Sch. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1915, mem. Juniata Coll. 
varsity B.B. team. 1916 mem. Juniata Coll. 
varsity F.B. team. 1916-17, mem. Juniata Coll. 
varsity B.B. and Bskt. B. teams. 1917-18-19, 
B.B. and F.B. coach Kiskiminetas Springs Sch. 
1920-28, B.B. and F.B. coach Germantown 
Friends Sch. (Phila.). 1926-27, mem. Cen. Bd. 
F.B. Officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher and F.B. coach, 
Germantown Friends Sch. (Phila.). Affilia- 
tions: Progressive Ed. Asso. ; Izaak Walton 
League of Amer.; Varsity Club (Juniata Coll.). 
Hobby: Fishing. Married: Helen Herbster, 
June 18, 1921. Children: Barbara Jane, age 2 
years. Office: Germantown Ave. and Coulter St., 
Phila., Pa. Home: 6214 Homer St., Phila., Pa. 

Phila., Pa., Sept. 26, 1894. Son of Frederick L. 
and Ida (Rehfuss) Breitinger. Ed.: Chestnut 
Hill Acad. ; A.B., Univ. of Pa., 1916. 

Record : 1916, mem. Univ. of Pa. crew ; mem. 
Undine Barge Club crew in Royal Canadian 
Henley Regatta (St. Catherine, Ontario). 1919, 
mem. U. S. Army service crew, Henley Regatta. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Breitinger and 
Breitinger, Attorneys at Law (Phila., Pa.). War 
Record: 1st Lt. U. S. Cavalry; Army of occupa- 
tion, 1919; mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Psi Upsi- 
lon; Phila. Cricket Club. Hobby: Golf, riding 
and rowing. Married: Helen C. Haig, Oct. 21, 
1924. Children: Jane Carol, age 17. Office: 
1205 Franklin Trust Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: 
209 Avon Rd., Narberth, Pa. 






BKENNAN, WILLIAM D., track. Born: 
Malone, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1877. Son of Wm. D. and 
Laura (Smith) Brennan. Ed.: St. Paul's H. 
Sch.; Univ. of Minn.; Yale, 1900. 

Record: 1893-96, mem. St. Paul's H. Sch. 
F.B., B.B. and track teams. 1897, mem. Univ. 
of Minn, track team (won West. I.C. 880 yd. 
dash). 1898-99, mem. Yale track team (sec. 
880 yd. dash, Yale-Harvard meet, 1899). 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. Stagy Canon Br., 
Phelp Dodge Corp. Affiliations: Dir. Bank of 
Dawson. Office: Dawson, Mexico. 

nis. Bom: Richmond, Va., Oct. 20, 1893. Son 
of Richard Harrison and Verlinda (Fouke) 
Brent. Ed.: Baltimore City Coll.; Univ. of 
Md. Law Sch., 1916. 

Record: 1912, won Junior Md. State singles 
and doubles champ. 1915, won Middle Atlantic 
States singles champ. 1920, runner-up for N. C. 
State singles champ. 1923, won S. West. Tex. 
singles champ. 1923-24-25, won S. West. Tex. 
doubles champ. 1925, won S. West. Tex. mixed 
doubles champ, with Mrs. Brent. 1926-27, won 
open Tampa doubles champ. 1926-27-28, won 
open Tampa singles champ. 1927, won Dixie 
singles and doubles champ. (Davis Island) ; 
won Tampa open mixed doubles champ, with 
Mrs. Brent. Mem. Tampa tennis team that 
won West Coast Tennis League champ, with 10 
straight wins. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate broker. War 
Record: U. S. Army on Mexican border, 1916 ; 
comnd. 2nd Lt, 1917; comnd. Capt, 1918; dis- 
charged, Feb., 1919. Affiliations: Davis Islands 
Tennis Club; Baltimore C.C. ; U. S. L.T.A. 
Hobby: All sports. Married: Elizabeth Duncan, 
Nov. 8, 1924. Office: Tampa Terrace Hotel, 
Tampa, Fla. Home: 4215 North A. St., Tampa, 

BREWER, BROOKE, one of W. Camp's 50 

H.B., 1916-17, 1920-21. Born: Wash., D. C, 

Nov. 21, 1895. Son of J. Newton and Irene 

(Bailey) Brewer. Ed.: B.S. Md. Univ., 1921.. 

Record: 1913, picked all-high F.B. team. 
(Wash., D. C). 1914, broke So. Atlantic Sch. 
record 100 yd., time 9% sec. 1915, ran 100-yd. 
dash, time 9% sec. Won final heat from 
Howard Drew, world's champ., in 50 yd. 
dash. 1916-17-20-21, picked by Walter Camp as 
one of 50 best H.B. 1917, picked by Phila. N. 
Amer. as AU-Amer. H.B. 1918, coach Army 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman. War Service: 
Ambulance driver, 1917-18; 2nd Lt. F.A., 1918. 
Clubs: Racquet C, Wash., D. C. Married: Nan 
H. Blackmore, Dec. 2, 1924. Office: 1901 14th 
St., Wash., D. C. Home: 4503 Stanford St., 
Chevy Chase, Md. 

baseball and track. Born: Owosso, Mich., Nov. 
26, 1875. Son of Laselle C. and Nellie M. 
(Graves) Brewer. Ed.: Evansville H. Sch. 
(Evansville, Wis.); B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1899; 
Univ. of Mo. 

Record: 1895-97, mem. Univ. of Wis. varsity 
track and B.B. teams. 1896-97, mem. Univ. of 
Wis. F.B. team. 1898, coach Whitewater State 
Normal (Wis.) F.B. team. 1899-1903, coach 
and ath. dir. Albion Coll. (Mich.). 1903-10, 
ath. dir. and phy. ed. dir. Mich. State Coll. 
1910-17, ath. dir. Univ. of Mo. 1917-18, coach 
Comn. Training Camp activities and War Camp 
Community Service ath. 1918-22, ath. dir. Mich. 
State Coll. 1922-23, dir. phy. ed. Univ. of Calif. 
1923-28, ath. dir. and pro. of phy. ed. Univ. 
of Mo. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. of phy. ed. and ath. 
dir. Univ. of Mo. Affiliations: Dir. of Phy. 
Ed. Soc. ; Amer. Phy. Ed. Asso. ; Nat'l. Council, 
Amer. F.B. Coaches Asso. ; Mo. Asso. of Phy. 
Ed. ; Midwest Soc. of Phy. Ed. ; Vice-pres. Tiger, 
Inc. ; Pres. Highway Amusement Co. ; Mason ; 
K. T. ; Shriner ; Elk ; Chamber of Commerce ; 
Pres. Boy Scouts. Clubs: Kans. City A.C. ; 
Columbia C.C. ; Rotary ; Round Table ; Univ. 
Hobby: Golf and fishing. Married: Edna Gar- 
vin, 1919. Children: Eleanor M., age 23 ; Fran- 
ces F., age 21 ; Chester L., Jr., age 7. Office: 
Univ. of Mo., Columbia, Mo. Home: 215 S. 
Glenwood Ave., Columbia, Mo. 

Wash., D. C, Mar. 8, 1891. Son of Joseph and 
Irene (Bailey) Brewer. Ed.: Georgetown Prep. 
Sch. ; LL.B., Georgetown Univ., 1914. 

Record: 1906, mem. Georgetown Prep. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1912-13-14, mem. Georgetown Univ. 
track team (capt., 1914; equaled world's record 
in 50 yd. dash on two occasions). Wash, D. C. 
track official (scholastic meets). 

Pres. Occupation: Mortgage banking. Affllkir 
tions: Swartzell-Rheem-Hensey (2nd vice-pres.) ; 
Elks; Racquet Club; Wash. G. and C.C. Hobby: 
Golf and motor-boating. Married: Alva Black- 
burn, May 3, 1916. Children: Newton, Jr., age 
15 ; Blackburn, age 8 ; Patricia, age 5. Office: 
121 15th St., Wash., D. C. Home: 3223 Macomb 
St., Wash., D. C. 

and pistol shooting. Born: Roaring Ranch, Pa., 
Aug. 23, 1898. Son of T. E. and Verrena (Kis- 
singer) Bridgland. Ed.: S. Coll., 1917. 

Record: 1927, tied for state champ, in Amer. 
Legion, (score 95) ; competed in pistol matches 
Nat'l. Rifle Asso., (St. Petersburg, Fla.) ; estab. 
Sunshine Rifle and Pistol Club. 1928, won recre- 
ational league rifle and pistol matches, (pistol 
score, 98; rifle, 81). 






Pres. Occupation: Credit mgr. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted Medical Dept. U. S. Army, June, 1918, 
(Fort Screvene, Ga.) ; discharged Sept., 1919. 
Affiliations: N.R.A. ; Mason; K. of P.; Amer. 
Legion. Hobby: Pistol and rifle shooting and 
tennis. Married: Lola O. Ryan, June, 1925. 
Children: Martha Belle, age 9 ; T. Franklin, Jr., 
infant. Office: 301-331 Cen. Ave., St. Peters- 
burg, Fla. Home: 1116 34th Ave., N., St. Peters- 
burg, Fla. 

Record: 1917, mem. Princeton freshman 
crew. 1920-21, mem. Princeton varsity crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Librarian, Carnegie Li- 
brary, Nashville, Tenn. Mil. Service: U.S.N.R.F. 
O.T. Sch. Clubs: Rotary (Nashville) ; Chamber 
of Commerce (Nashville) ; Nashville Art Mu- 
seum ; Amer. Library Asso. Married: Rose 
Shuler, 1921. Children: Harold F., Jr., age 3V 2 . 
Office: Carnegie Library, Nashville, Tenn. Home: 
1720 Beechwood Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

BRIGGS, CHESTER E„ football. Born: 
Salem, Mass., Sept. 26, 1887. Son of George 
and Emma (Goldthewaite) Briggs. Ed.: Salem 
Classical H. Sch., 1906; Springfield Y.M.C.A. 

Record: 1904-05, mem. Salem H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1907-08, mem. Springfield Y.M.C.A. Coll. 
varsity F.B. team (capt., 1908), 1907-27, Bskt.B. 
and F.B. official. 1909-15, ath. dir. Shreveport 
A.A. (Shreveport, La.). 1916-23, mem. West, Pa. 
Intersch. Bskt.B. Com. 1916-28, ath. dir. Fifth 
Ave. H. Sch. (Pittsburgh, Pa.). 1924, chrmn. 
West. Pa. Intersch. Track Com. 1926, organized 
Tri-State Officials Asso. (Pittsburgh, Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and teacher. Affili- 
ations: Mem. Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials; W.P.I.A.L. 
(sch. rep.). Hobby: Camping and outdoor life. 
Married: Ruth Hathaway Bernard, 1912. Chil- 
dren: Bernard, age 14; Grace, age 12; Ida, age 
10; Chester, Jr., age 5. Office: 1800 Fifth Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 2779 Haveer Ave., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

basketball. Born: Rochester, N. Y., May 17, 
1892. Son of W. H. and Harriet (Aumock) 
Briggs. Ed.: West H. Sch. (Rochester, N. Y.) ; 
Lawrenceville Sch. ; Lit. B., Princeton, 1914. 

Record: 1911, mem. Princeton freshman 
crew. 1912-13, mem. Princeton varsity crew and 
Bskt.B. team. 1914, capt. Princeton varsity 

Pres. Occupation: Sales mgr. Lawyers Co-Op- 
erative Publishing Co. (Rochester, N. Y.). Naval 
Service: Enlisted U. S. Navy May, 1917; comnd. 
Ensign, Sept., 1917 ; Lt. Jr. Grade, 1918 ; award- 
ed Navy Cross. Affiliations: Univ. Club (Roch- 
ester, N. Y.) ; Rochester C.C. ; Amer. Legion; 
Rochester Ad Club. Married: Ruth Curtis. 
Children: William H., 2nd, age 9; Barbara H., 
age 7 ; Catherine Curtis, age 4. Office: Aque- 
duct Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. Home: 52 S. Main 
St., Pittsford, N. Y. 

BRILL, HARRY ELMORE, rifle and pistol 
marksman. Born: Pike County, Ohio, July 28, 
1886. Son of Henry E. and Cynthia J. (Gor- 
don) Brill. Ed.: Reynoldsburg Acad.; L.L.B., 
Oklahoma Univ. 1910. 

Record: 1922-25-27, mem. Inter-Nat'l small- 
bore rifle champ, team. 1923-27, Gov. U. S. Re- 
volver Asso. 1924, capt. Okla. civilian team. 
1924-27, mem. West, rifle team, (capt. in 1927). 
1926-27, sec.-treas. Okla. rifle asso., all-round 
rifle and pistol champ, of Okla. 1927-30, dir. 
Nat'l. Rifle Asso. 

Pres Occupation: Lawyer. War Record: Band 
leader of 142nd U.S.F.A., 1917-19, with eleven 
mos. service in France, discharged as 2nd lieut. 
Affiliations: Atty. for Employers Casualty Co.; 
sec. of Whitehall Petroleum Co. ; mem. Meth. 
Church ; Masonic and K.P. lodges ; life mem. 
Nat'l Rifle Asso. ; U.S. Revolver Asso. ; Scab- 
bard and Blade Frat. ; pres. Tulsa Rifle Club. 
Hobby: Music and firearms. Married: Opal 
Brooks, June 2, 1928. Office: Mayo Bldg., 
Tulsa, Okla. Home: Federal Dr., Tulsa, Okla. 

ball. Born: La Crosse, Wis., Nov. 28, 1883. Son 
of John and Adelaide (Willis) Brindley. Ed.: 
B.S. Univ. of Wis., 1906. 

Record: 1902, mem. Univ. of Wis. freshman 
F.B. team. 1903-05, mem. Univ. of Wis. varsity 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Vice-pres. and gen. mgr. W. 
A. Roosevelt Co. Mil. Service: F.A. Officers 
Training Camp, Camp Zachary Taylor, 1918. 
Affiliations: Chamber of Commerce (La Crosse, 
Wis.) ; vice-pres. La Crosse City Pk. Bd. ; Amer. 
Legion. Clubs: "W" (Univ. of Wis.) ; Old Col- 
ony; La Crosse; Elk; Rotary. Hobby: Golf 
and farming. Married: Agnes McCord, 1909. 
Children: John R., age 17 ; Elizabeth, age 15 ; 
James McCord, age 4. Office: Front and Vine 
Sts., La Crosse, Wis. Home: 1327 Cass St., La 
Crosse, Wis. 


Bom: Newark, N. J., May 25, 1897. Son of Wil- 
liam C. and Anna (Chapin) Brigham. Ed.: 
(Trenton, N. J.) ; A.B., Princeton, 1921; Library 
Sch. of N. Y. Public Library, 1922. 

BRISCOE, ALBERT HENRY, football, bas- 
ketball and baseball. Born: Cleburne, Tex., 
Jan. 12, 1898. Son of James A. and Mollie 
(Young) Briscoe. Ed.: Hollis H. Sch., (Okla. 
City, Okla.), 1915; A.B., Univ. of Okla., 1923. 





Record: 1916-17, mem. Univ. of Okla. varsity 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1919, mem. Univ. of 
Okla. varsity F.B. team. 1920, mem. Univ. of 
Okla. varsity Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1923, 
mem. Univ. of Okla. varsity B.B. team. 1923-24, 
coach Altus H. Sch. (Altus, Okla.). 1924-25, 
played pro. B.B. Decatur, 111. 3rd League. 1925, 
coach Chickasha H. Sch. (Chickasha, Okla.). 
1926, played pro. B.B. in Tex League (Waco, 
Tex.). 1927, played pro B.B. in Springfield, 111. 
3rd League. 1927-28, coach Capital Hill H. Sch. 
(Okla. City, Okla.). 

Pres. Occupation: B.B. coach. Mil. Service: 
Okla. Cavalry, Apr. 7, 1917 ; discharged Dec, 
1918. Affiliations: Sigma Nu; Mason; Shriner; 
Elks; Amer. Legion. Hobby: Golf. Office: Cap- 
ital Hill H. Sch., Okla. City, Okla. Home: 
Hollis St., Okla. City, Okla. 

BROADWELL, JANE, golf. Born: Detroit, 
Mich., Feb. 7, 1911. Datighter of Edward H. and 
Imogene (Gregory) Broadwell. Ed.: MacDuffie 
Sch. for Girls (Springfield, Mass.). 

Record: 1926, qualified in Shenacosset golf 
tournament; won a one-day invitation tourna- 
ment, Woodway Club ; medalist and runner-up, 
Westchester-Biltmore Club champ. 1927, quali- 
fied in North and South golf tournaments, Pine- 
hurst; won Longmeadow C.C. champ. (Long- 
meadow, Mass.) ; mem. Longmeadow team which 
defeated Shuttlemeadow, Highland and Sequin 
teams. State handicap "6." 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Clubs: Springfield 
C.C, Longmeadow C.C, Westchester-Biltmore, 
Women's G.C (Greenwich, Conn.). Hobby: Golf 
and horseback riding. Address: 1428 Long- 
meadow St., Longmeadow, Mass. 

basketball and baseball, Yale. Born: Clinton, 
Mass., Dec. 30, 1905. Son of Anton Francis and 
Louise (Eckestein) Brockelman. Ed.: Clinton 
H. Sch. ; Phillips Exeter Acad. ; Yale. 

Record: 1924, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. 
F.B. team. 1924, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams ; mem. Yale freshman 
F.B. team. 1926, mem. Yale freshman Bskt.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1927, mem. Yale varsity Bskt. 
B. and B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Phi 
Theta Psi; Delta Psi. Office: 133 Coll. St., New 
Haven, Conn. Home: 105 Prescott St., Clinton, 

Chicago gym. team, Big Ten Champ., 1921. Born: 
Chicago, 111., Sept. 26, 1896. Son of Herman 
Schneidenbach and Ida (Meinel) Schneidenbach. 
Ed.: U. of Chicago, Ph.B., 1922; A.M., 1925; 
Northwestern Univ.; C.P.A., U. of 111., 1927. 

Record: 1915-16-17, mem. Waller H. Sck. 
Bskt.B. team (capt. 1916). 1919-20-21-22, mem. 
U. of Chicago gym. team (capt. 1921 ; Big Ten 
Champs, 1920-21-22). 1920, U. of 111. sidehorse 
champ (West. I.C meet). 1921, runner-up in 
all- around champ. U. of Ind. (West. I.C. Meet). 
1922, 1st place at U. of Wis. all-around champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Certified Pub. Accountant, 
teaching. Affiliations: Pi Gamma Mu ; Order of 
the "C" ; Lincoln Turn Verein (Chicago, 111.). 
Hobby: Gymnastics and golf. Office: 2007 Or- 
chard St., Chicago, 111. Home: 2122 Berteau 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

BROOKE, CHARLES G., Maryland State 
single tennis champion, 1912. Born: Baltimore, 
Md., May 21, 1879. Son of Horace L. and Gay 
(Williams) Brooke. Ed.: New London Acad.; 
Univ. of Va., 1898. 

Record: 1899-1901, mem. Md. A.C. F.B. and 
B.B. team. 1890-1925, mem. Md. A.C tennis 
team (capt. 1915-25). 1912, mem. Md. State 
single tennis champ. 1913-16, mem. Md. State 
double tennis champ. 1914-16, runner-up Md. 
State single tennis champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Supvr. Baltimore Post Of- 
fice Dept. Affiliations: Pres. Baltimore Asso. 
Tennis League (1920-26) ; Mt. Wash. Club. 
Hobby: Tennis. Married: Elizabeth Gunther, 
Apr. 10, 1909. Children: Charles G., Jr., age 17; 
Fairfax Boiling, age 13. Office: Post Office Dept., 
Baltimore, Md. Home: 2634 Guilford Ave., Bal- 
timore, Md. 

BROOKE, GEORGE H., All-American full- 
back, 1894-95. Born: Brookeville, Md., July 9, 
1874. Son of Walter H. and Caroline (Leggett) 
Brooke. Ed.: B.S., Swarthmore Coll., 1893; 
Univ. of Pa., Ph.B., 1895 ; LL.B., 1898. 

Record: 1890-92, mem. Swarthmore Coll. F.B. 
team (capt. 1892). 1890-93, mem. Swarthmore 
Coll. B.B. team. 1893-95, mem. Univ. of Pa. 
F.B. team. 1894-95, chosen All-Amer. f.b. 1897, 
head coach Stanford Univ. ; refereed I.C.F.B. 
games. 1898-1911, head coach Swarthmore Coll. 
1904, amateur racquets champ. 1912-13, head 
coach Univ. of Pa. 1917, doubles champ. racquet. 
Won lawn tennis doubles champ, of Pa. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. Mil. Service: Mem. 
Battery H. (Phila., Pa.), Spanish-Amer. War. 
Clubs: Penn A.C; Pine Valley G.C; Phila. 
Barge; Gulph Mills G.C; Racquet. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Marie I. Gregg, 1908. Office: 
416 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: Green Hill 
Farms, Overbrook, Pa. 

and football. Born: Chicago, 111., Feb. 13, 1898. 
Son of Edwin T. and Caroline (Edgecomb) 
Brookfield. Ed.: Englewood H. Sch. (Chicago) ; 
A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1901. 





Record: 1896-97, mem. Englewood H. Sell. 
B.B., F.B. and track teams. 1897-99-1900, mem. 
Univ. of Mich, track and F.B. teams. 1901-02-03, 
coach Culver Mil. Acad. 

Pres. Occupation: Mfgr. Mil. Service: Capt. 
U.S. Army, 1918. Clubs: Rotary (Kansas City, 
Mo.) ; Mession Hills CC. (Kansas City, Mo.). 
Hobby: Tennis and golf. Married: Elizabeth 
Bush. Children: Knox, age 12 ; Dutton, age 10 ; 
Barbara, age 3. Office: 412-20 W. 8th St., Kansas 
City, Mo. Home: 21 E. Concord St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

pion, 100 and 220 yard dashes, 1882-84. Born: 
Chinest Camp, Calif., Aug., 1864. Son of Henry 
S. and Margaret (Armstrong) Brooks. Ed.: 
Yale, A.B., 1885, M.A. (honorary), 1918; LL.B., 
Columbia Univ., 1888. 

Record, 1882-85, mem. Yale track team (capt. 
18S3-84). 1882-83, champ, of Amer., 220 yd. 
dash (defeated Lon Myers; time 22 3-5 sec, 
1882; 22 1-5 sec, 1883). 1882-84, I.C. champ, in 
100 and 220 yd. dashes (broke I.C. record in 
220 yd. dash for two yrs.). Held Yale record 
in 100, 220, and 440 yd. dashes. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. vice-pres. Amer. Tel. 
& Tel. Co. ; dir. and operating vice-pres., 195 and 
205 Broadway Corps. Affiliations: Delta Kappa 
Epsilon; Skull and Bones; trustee and sec. The 
Boys' Club of N. Y. ; dir. and class agent, Yale 
Alumni Fund Asso. ; Westchester County Chil- 
dren's Asso. ; vestryman and clerk, St. Barnabas 
Church (Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y.) ; Ardsley 
Park Owners' Asso.; Yale Bd. of Control. Clubs: 
Lake Mitchell Trout (Sharon, Vt., dir. and sec.) ; 
Univ. Club; Y"ale Club; Down Town Asso.; 
Ardsley ; The Bath and Racquet ; Woodstock, 
Vt. C.C. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Clara 
Vail, May 27, 1902. Children: Henry, age 24; 
Margaret, age 21; Thomas, age 16; Gordon, age 
10. Office: 195 Broadway, N. Y. C. Home: 
Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

BERMAN, HARRY M., dir. aths. Born: 
Baltimore, Md., June 5, 1896. Son of Joseph 
and Estelle (Skop) Berman. Ed.: Charlotte 
Hall Mil. Acad. ; L.L.B., University of Md., 1919. 

Record: 1914-15-16, student coach Char- 
lotte Hall Mil. Acad. B.B. team (won Md. State 
champ., 1915-16). 1923-24, mgr. Y.M.H.A. 
Bskt.B. team. 1924, officiated in So. Atlantic 
track and field meets (Balto.). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: Dir. 
aths. Y.M.H.A., Balto., 1919; charmn. So. At- 
lantic Boxing Coram., 1928; Natl. A.A.U. Box- 
ing Coram., 1928 ; Olympic Boxing Comm., 1928 ; 
Natl. A.A.U. Assoc, 1925-28; Balto. Marathon 
Comm., 1924-28; Phi Alpha. Hobby: Aths. Ad- 
dress: Arundel Hotel, Balto., Md. 

pistol trainer. Bom: Scotland County, Mo., 
Feb. 2, 1869. Son of Abram Colar and Cynthia 
(Wildman) Brookhart. Ed.: Bloomfield H. Sch. 
(Bloomfield, la.), 1886; B.S., So. Iowa Normal, 

Record: 1898, began training in rifle and pis- 
tol marksmanship Spanish-Amer. War as 2nd 
lieut. Reorganized company in Natl. Guard 
after the war as capt. Found 18,000 rounds of 
unexpended ammunition issued to the old com- 
pany. Proceeded to expend it and had more 
sharpshooters in company than in all the rest 
of the regiment and almost as many as the four 
regiments in the whole State. Appointed colonel 
and Inspector Small Arms Practice for the 
State. 1907, trained the la. State rifle teams. 
Brought la. up from 24th place to near the top 
among the regular service teams. 1911, Charles 
King of my team won the military champ, of 
the U. S. ; Don A. Preuessner, the rapid-fire 
champ, of the U. S. 1912, capt. Amer. Palma 
team, which won the world champ, at Ottawa, 
Canada. The la. team also won the Herrick 
Trophy at long ranges with telescopic sight. 
1918, was chief instr. of Camp Perry Sch. which 
trained 7,000 officers and instrs. in marksman- 
ship for all divisions of the army during World 
War. Special instr. of three divisions, 88th, 
34th and 19th. First dir. of marksmansbip in 
Fort Benning, Ga., sch. Altogether trained 
over 10,000 officers, about 1,000 of them regulars, 
during World War service. 

Pres. Occupation: U. S. Senator! War Rec- 
ord: Served in la. Natl. Guard, 1894-1918 (with 
exception of 5 yrs.) ; Spanish-Amer. War, 2nd 
lieut. 50th la. Vol. Inf. Mexican border; maj. 
1st. la. Brigade ; World War, maj. and lieut. 
col. of inf. Affiliations: Mem. Natl. Bd. for the 
Promotion of Small Arms Practice; formerly 
pres. of the Natl. Rifle Asso. ; United Spanish 
War Veterans (Wash., la.) ; Amer. Legion, 
Leon Beatty Post, No. 29 (Wash., la.). Author: 
"Rifle Training in War." Married: Jennie 
Hearn, June 22, 1897. Children: Charles Ed- 
ward ; John R. ; Smith W., Jr. ; Florence H. ; 
Edith A.; Joseph W. Office: 131 Senate Office 
Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: Wash., la. Pres. 
Address: Hyattsville, Md. 


Born: Oskaloosa, la., Sept. 18, 1899. Son of 
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Brookins. Ed.: Oskaloosa 
H. Sch., 1921; B.A., Univ. of la., 1925. 

Record: 1917-20, mem. Oskaloosa H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. Conference and 
Natl. Coll. champ., 1922-23-24; N.A.A.U. champ., 
1923 and '25. 1922, won Natl. Coll. champ, 
around curves (new record 220-yd.l ow hurdles, 
23 sec). 1923, won Big Ten Conf. track and 
field meet (220-yd. low hurdles. .23 1-5 sec) ; 
won Natl. A.A.U. champ, (world's record, 220 





yd. low hurdles, 23 sec.) ; mem. I.C. 1-mile 
relay team (world's record, 3 min. 16 9-10 
sec). 1924, mem. Amer. Olympic team; com- 
peted 1-mile relay against Great Britain (Stan- 
ford Bridge, London, England). 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. track and field coach 
Univ. of la. Naval Service: Enlisted U. S. 
Navy, 1918, stationed Great Lakes. Hobby: 
Radio. Office: Field House, la. City, la. Home: 
Ath. Dept, la. City, la. 

ball and hockey. Bom: St. Faul, Minn., Apr. 
11, 1890. Son of L. L. C. and Mary (Har- 
baugh) Brooks. Phillips Andover Acad.; Ph.B., 
Yale, 1911. 

Record: 1909-10, mem. Yale hockey team (All- 
Collegiate point, 1910). 1910, mem. Yale F.B. 
team. 1911, asst. F.B. coach Yale. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. of sales Merchants' 
Trust Co. (St. Paul). War Record: Enlisted 
Aug., 1917 ; served with 338th FA. ; mem. 
A.E.F. ; discharged Jan. 20, 1919; capt. 338th 
F. A. Clubs; Univ. Club (St. Paul) Minn.; 
White Bear Yacht; Twin City Bond; St. Paul 
A. C. Married: Edith Wann. Children: Jane, 
age 14 ; Mary Elizabeth, age 11 ; Cynthia, age 3. 
Office: Fourth and Robert Sts., St. Paul, Minn. 
Home: 661 Fairmount Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

BROOKS, ULYSSES ROBERT, trap shooter. 
Born: Grovetown, Ga., June 3, 1880. Son of 
Ulysses Robert and Mary (Jones) Brooks. Ed.: 
Clemson Coll.; Univ. of S. Car. 

Record: Won (18 yd.) S. champ. Wash., 
D. C. 1922, won preliminary handicap (Pine- 
hurst, N. C.) ; tied class "A," G.A.H. (Cleve- 
land, Ohio) ; won S. Car. champ. (Spartan- 
burg, S. Car.) ; won handicap (Spartanburg, 
S. Car.); won all-around champ.; dir. S. Zone 
Div. Trapshooting team. 

Pres. Occupation: Electrical business. Affili- 
ations: Pres. Industrial Loan Bk. ; Ridgewood 
C.C. Hobby: Trap shooting and duck shooting. 
Married: Lynnie La Borde, 1913. Office: 1215 
Gervaid St., Columbia, S. Car. Home: 920 
Woodrow St., Columbia, S. Car. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., May 10, 1904. Son of Joseph 
R. and Matilda (Hansen) Broome. Ed.: Phil- 
lips Exeter Acad. ; A.B., Harvard, 1926. 

Record: 1922-23, mem. Harvard freshman 
track team (team won 1-mile relay against Yale 
in B.A.A. meet ; runner-up in same event at 
Penn. relays). 1923-25, mem. Harvard varsity 
track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Paper importing, Japan 
Paper Co. (109 E. 31st St., N. Y. C). Ckibs: 
Harvard Club (N. Y. C.) ; Port WaWshington 
Yacht C. Hobby: Sailing. Office: 109 E. 31st 
St., N. Y. C. Home: Port Washington, N. Y. 

BROPHY, JAMES S., professional golfer. 
Born: Cincinnati, Ohio, Mar. 4, 1897. Son of 
James and Rebecca (Dolan) Brophy. Ed.: 
Holy Redeemer Sch. (Portsmouth, Ohio), 1917. 

Record: 1918, golf pro. Ashland C.C. (Ash- 
land, Ky.). 1921, golf pro. Hillcrest C.C. (Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio). 1923, competed in Natl. Open 
champ, tournament (Innwood, Ohio). 1923-25, 
golf pro. Flaming G. C. (Miami Beach, Fla.). 
1924, competed in Natl. Open champ, tourna- 
ment (Columbus, Ohio). 1924-28, competed 
Ohio State Open champ, tournament. 1925, tied 
Natl. P.G.A. tournament (Springfield, Ohio). 
1927-28, competed Miami Open champ, tourna- 
ment ; golf pro. Ridgewood G.C. (Cincinnati, 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golfer. Affiliations: 
Sec. P.G.A. (Cincinnati, Ohio). Hobby: Box- 
ing. Married: Henrietta Bethke, 1923. Chil- 
dren: James J., age 4. Office: Ridgewood G.C. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Home: 448 E. 5th St., Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

BROWN, ARTHUR MILTON, football and 
track. Born: Troy, N. Y., Oct., 14, 1884. Son 
of Milton P. and Elizabeth (Gunnison) Brown. 
Ed.: Troy H. Sch.; A.B., Williams Coll., 1907. 

Record: Mem. Troy H. Sch. F.B., B.B. and 

track teams. 1903-07, mem. Williams Coll. 
varsity F.B. team. 1906, mem. Williams Coll. 
varsity indoor relay team. 1907, mem. Williams 
Coll. varsity track team. 1907-10, dir. phys. train- 
ing and aths. DePauw Univ. (Greencastle, Ind.). 
1910-13, dir. phys. training and aths. Grinnell 
Coll. (Grinnell, la.). 1913-18, dir. phys. ed. 
Trenton, N. J., pub. schs. 1918-28, prof, phys 
ed. and dir. aths. Middlebury Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof. phys. ed. and dir. 
aths. Middlebury Coll. Affiliations: Mason; Phi 
Sigma Kappa ; Amer. Phys. Ed. Asso. ; Coll. 
Phys. Dir. Soc. ; Amer. F.B. Coaches' Asso. ; 
Gargoyle. Married: Pansy Hull. Children: 
John Hull, age 10; Elizabeth Gunnison, age 15. 
Office: Gym., Middlebury, Vt. Home: 126 Main 
St., Middlebury, Vt. 

BROWN, CARL C, baseball. Bom: Clear 
Branch, Tenn., Feb. 11, 1889. Son of Andrew 
J. and Mary G. (Tilson) Brown. Ed.: Hotch- 
kiss Sch.; B.A., Yale, 1914. 

Record: 1907-08, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. F.B. 
team. 1907-09, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. B.B. team. 
1910, mem. Yale freshman B.B. team. 1910-13, 
mem. Yale varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins., Phoenix Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. Mil. Service: Enlisted July, 1917, 2nd 
officers' training camp (Leon Springs, Tex.) ; 
comnd. 1st lieut. inf., discharged N. Mex. as 
capt. Affiliations: Psi Upsilon ; Wolf's Head 
Soc. ; "Y" Club ; Miami Boat Club. Married: 
Myrtie Monson. Children: Marjorie Ann, age 





3 ; Jean Carson, age 1. Office: 701 Ingalls Bldg., 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Home: 1415 Yarmouth St., 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

BROWN, FLOYD B., mem. Yale track team, 
1926-27. Born: Saginaw, Mich., Mar. 23, 1901. 
Son of Marshall B. and Margaret J. (Hall) 
Brown. Ed.: Saginaw H. Sch. ; Roxbury Prep. 
Sen.; B.S., Yale, 1927. 

Record: 1917-18, mem. Saginaw H. Sch. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B. team, 1918). 
1919, mem. Saginaw H. Sch. track team. 1922, 
mem. Roxbury Prep. Sch. F.B. team. 1926-27, 
mem. Yale track team (Big Three champs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Engr. Affiliations: Y.M.C.A. 
(Milwaukee, Wis.) ; Sigma Delta Poi; Amer. 
Red Cross Life Saving Corps. Office: 736 Park 
St., Milwaukee, Wis. Home: Y.M.C.A., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

BROWN, FLOYD LUCIAN, coach and ath. 
dir. Born: Seaman, Ohio, Mar. 28, 1888. Son 
of William L. and Mary (Foster) Brown. Ed.: 
Peebles (Ohio) H. Sch., 1905; Ohio Univ., 1905- 
07; A.B., Miami Univ., 1910; B.P.E., Y.M.C.A. 
Coll. of Phys. Ed., 1915-17. 

Record: 1905-07, mem. Ohio Univ. F.B., Bskt. 
B. and B.B. teams. 1907-10, mem. Miami Univ. 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams (capt. Bskt.B., 
1908-09; capt. B.B., 1909; All-State tackle, 
1908). 1910-13, coach F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B., 
Kemper Mil. Sch. 1913-15, head coach and dir. 
phys. ed. Lombard Coll. 1916, head coach New 
Britain (Conn.) H. Sch. F.B. team (State 
champs, and won Yale Cup). 1917-20, dir. ath. 
and phys. ed. Lake Forest Acad. (B.B. team 
won West. Acad, champ., 1919). 1920-24, dir. 
Municipal Recreation, Lake Forest, 111. 1924- 
29, head coach and dir. phys. ed. Lake Forest 
Coll. Played as pitcher in pro. B.B. for 7 years 
(mem. Cincinnati Reds, Natl. League, 1912). 

Pres. Occupation: Head coach and dir. of 
phys. ed. Lake Forest Coll. Affiliations: Mgr. 
Coaches' Bureau, Clark and Brewer Teachers' 
Agency, Chicago, 111. ; Phi Kappa Tau ; Masons ; 
Kiwanis; Lake Bluff (111.) C.C. Hobby: Promo- 
tion of and lecturing on intramural ath. and 
social hygiene. Married: Marguerite Boggs, 
Aug. 14, 1912. Children: Marilynn, age 9; Car- 
ter, age 5. Office: 64 E. Jackson Blvd., Lyon & 
Healy Bldg., Chicago, 111. Home: 217 Trusdell 
Ave., Lake Bluff, 111. 

BROWN, HARRY E., football, baseball and 
track. Born: Le Roy, Minn., Aug. 8, 1897. Son 
of Allan and Lena Brown. Ed.: LeRoy H. Sch., 
1916; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1922. 

Record: 1920-21, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team. 1921, mem. Univ. of Minn, track team. 
1922, capt. Univ. of Minn. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Sales engr., Fairbanks 
Morse Co. Mil. Service: U. S. Army. Affilia- 
tions: Theta Xi; Masonic Lodge. Married: 
Cora Brown. Children: Jean, age 3 ; Donna, 
age 1. Office: 510 2nd St. N. E., Watertown, 
S. Dakota. 

BROWN, HENRY RENICK, mem. Univ. of 
Michigan F.B. team. Born: Chillicothe, Ohio, 
Aug. 10, 1878. Son of Austin Hough and Elea- 
nor (Burbridge) Brown. Ed.: Chillicothe H. 
Sch. ; Univ. of Mich. 

Record: 1894-96, mem. Chillicothe H. Sch. 
F.B. and track teams. 1898-1900, mem. Univ. 
of Mich. F.B. team. 1903, coach Chillicothe 
H. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician and surgeon. Mil. 
Service: Medical officer War Prison Barracks 
No. 2; discharged capt. Affiliations: Ross Co. 
Natl. Bk. ; Citizens' Natl. Bk. ; Mason; K.T. ; 
B.P.O.E. ; pres. Mt. Logan Tuberculosis Sana- 
torium ; Chillicothe A.C. ; Chillicothe G.C. 
Hobby: Golf, trap shooting and hunting. Mar- 
ried: Mabel Downs, Oct. 3, 1906. Children: 
Emma D., age 20 ; Henry A., age 19 ; Jane C, 
age 17 ; William B., age 15. Office: 68 E. Main 
St., Chillicothe, Ohio. Home: 68 E. Main St., 
Chillicothe, Ohio. 

BROWN, HOMER S., capt. Univ. of Iowa 
B.B. team, 1919. Born: la. City, la., Dec. 20, 
1897. Son of Curtis H. and Minnie (Speer) 
Brown. Ed.: Univ. of la., 1919; M.A., Columbia 
Univ., 1920. 

Record: 1912-15, mem. Traer, la., H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1917-18-19, mem. Univ. 
of la. B.B. team. 1918-19, mem. Univ. of la. 
Bskt.B. team ; All-Conf. mythical Bskt.B. team ; 
capt. All-State mythical Bskt.B. team. 1919, 
capt. Univ. of la. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Chief of Shop, Clerical Div., 
West. Electric Co. War Record: Received comn. 
2nd Lt. Inf. at Fort Sheridan, 111., Sept., 1918; 
personnel adj. training at Kans. City, Mo. ; 
army work at Springfield, Mo. until discharged 
Dec. 31, 1918. Affiliations: Viee-pres. and dir. 
of gym., Hawthorne Club of West. Electric Co. ; 
Phi Kappa Psi ; Amer. Legion ; Braidburn C.C. ; 
Masons. Hobby: Golf, bowling and B.B. Mar- 
ried: Helen Benjamin, Sept. 1, 1925. Office: 
Hawthorne Station, Chicago, 111. Home: 130 
Wash. Blvd., Oak Pk., 111. 

BROWN, JOHN H., JR., football, crew and 
track. Born: Canton, Pa., Oct. 12, 1S91. Son 
of John H. and Belle (Dartt) Brown. Ed.: 
Mercersburg Acad. ; U. S. Naval Acad. 

Record: 1907-09, mem. Mercersburg Acad, 
track and F.B. teams (capt., 1909). 1910-13, 
mem. U. S. Naval Acad, track, F.B. and crew 
teams. 1913, estab. shot-put record for U. S. 





Naval Acad. 1912-13, kicked 5 field goals 
against Army ; All-Amer. guard on Walter 
Camp's team ; mem. U. S. Naval Acad, record 
crew. 1914-15-16, line coach U. S. Naval Acad. 
F.B. team. 1924, coach submarine base F.B. 
team (New London, Conn.). 

Pres. Occupation: Lieut, comdr. U. S. Navy. 
Naval Service: Commanded Submarine C-2, At- 
lantic patrol duty, 1918. Hobby: Golf and ten- 
nis. Married: Nellie Janvier, Middletown, Del., 
Apr. 30, 1915. Children: Marianna, age 9 ; J. H., 
3rd, age 7. Office: Navy Dept, Wash., D. C. 
Home: 3210 Macomb St. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

Point, Fort Leavenworth and Fort Bliss cham- 
pionship polo teams. Born: Minneapolis, Minn., 
Aug. 13, 1885. Son of John Kipp and Pluma 
(Kimball) Brown. Ed.: Morgan Pk. Acad.; 
Mich. Mil. Acad. (Orchard Lake, Mich.) ; West 
Point Mil. Acad., 1908. 

Record: 190507, mem. West Point B.B. 
team. 1909, mem. Fort Des Moines Officers' 
Hockey team (won champ, of la.). 1917-1918, 
coach West Point polo teams. 1919, coach West 
Point polo teams ; mem. West Point Officers' 
team (won indoor polo champ, of U. S.). 1926, 
mem. Fort Leavenworth Officers' Polo team 
(won Inter-circuit and twelve goal champ, of 
U. S.). 1927, capt. Fort Bliss Officers' polo 
team (won twelve goal champ, of U. S.). 

Pres. Occupation: Maj. U. S. Army. Mil. 
Service: Senior instr. of Cavalry and Equita- 
tion West Point Mil. Acad., 1917-18-19. Affilia- 
tions: Army Ath. Asso. ; Army Polo Assoc. 
Hobby: Training polo ponies and hunters. Mar- 
ried: Lenora Biddle Ulrich, Jan. 26, 1910. Chil- 
dren: John K., Jr., age 16; Beverly Biddle, age 
12 ; Shirley Eloise, age 3. Home: First Cavalry 
Div., Fort Bliss, Tex. 

BROWN, LAWRENCE A., present holder 
world's record for 1,000 yds. Born: Seattle, 
Wash., Sept. 29, 1898. Son of Robert A. and 
Caroline (Schuyler) Brown. Ed.: Broadway 
H. Sch. (Seattle, Wash.) ; B.S., Univ. of Pa., 

Record: 1917-17, mem. Broadway H. Sch. 
track team (runner 440, 880 and 1 mile). 1919 
capt. Univ. of Pa. freshman track team. 1920, 
mem. Univ. of Pa. varsity track team (I.C. 
champs.). 1921, mem. Univ. of Pa. varsity 
track team ; broke world's record for 1,000 yds. 
(Phila., Pa.), time 2 min. 121-5 sec; team 
breaking world's 1-mile relay record (Phila., 
Pa.), time 3 min. 16 2-5 sec. 1922, capt. Univ. 
of Pa. varsity track team ; won I.C. champ. 880 
yds. (Cambridge, Mass.), time 1 min. 551-5 
sec. ; mem. team holding world's record in 2- 
mile relay, time 7 min. 49 2-5 sec. 1924, mem. 

Amer. Olympic team ; won 800-meter race 
(N. Y. C.) in Amer. Olympic trials (Amer. rec- 
ord), time 1 min. 53% sec. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment banking, Hal- 
sey-Stuart & Co., Phila., Pa. Mil. Service: En- 
listed Wash. Coast Arty., 1917 ; discharged, 

1917. Re-enlisted in S.A.T.C., 1918; discharged, 

1918. Affiliations: Penn A.C. (Phila., Pa.) ; 
Merion Cricket Club ; Delta Psi ; St. Elmo Club ; 
Varsity Club (Univ. of Pa.) ; Sphinx Senior 
Soc. (Univ. of Pa.). Hobby: Tennis. Married: 
Agnes T. Packard, Oct. 4, 1924. Children: Bar- 
bara T., age 2 ; Lawrence A., Jr., infant. Office: 
1410 Packard Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: Haver- 
ford, Pa. 

BROWN, RANDOLPH E., 100 and 220 yd. In- 
tercollegiate champ. Bom:.N. Y. C, N. Y., Jan. 9. 
1898. Son of Robert R. and Elizabeth (Turner) 
Brown. Ed.: Englewood H. Sch., Englewood, 
N. J., 1915; A.B., Princeton, 1920. 

Record: 1913-16, mem. track team, Englewood 
(N. J.) H. Sch.. 1916, mem. Englewood II. Sch. 
B.B. team ; capt. track team ; winner various 
inter-sch. records in No. N. J. in 100, 220, 300 
and 440 yd. dashes. 1917, mem. freshman track 
team, Princeton ; won 100 and 220 yard dashes 
in Princeton Caledonian Games. 1918, mem. 
track team Wissahickon Barracks, U.S.N.R.F. ; 
won 100 and 220 yd. dashes in Princeton Cale- 
donian Games ; won 100-yd. dash and placed in 
220-yd. dash in Columbia-Princeton Dual Meet 
and was sec. in 100-yd. dash in Yale-Harvard- 
Princeton Triangular meet. 1920, won 100 and 
220 yd. dashes in Princeton Caledonian games ; 
won 100 and 220 yd. dashes in Yale-Princeton 
Dual meet and won 100-yd. dash and was 
sec. in 220-yd. dash in Harvard -Princeton 
Dual meet ; established record of 10 sec. for 
Harvard-Princeton 100-yd. dash ; won 100 and 
220 yd. dashes in I.C.A.A.A. champs. (Phila- 
delphia) ; sec. in 220-yd. dash in British A. A. 
champs. (Stamford Bridge, London) ; won 100- 
yd. dash in Oxford-Princeton Dual Meet at 
Queen's Club, setting record of 10 sec, which 
still stands as record for this meet ; received 
internatl. blazer and champ, watch charm as 
mem. of champ. Princeton track team which 
defeated Yale, Harvard. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. and real estate broker. 
War Record: Enlisted U.S.N.R.F. (Q.M. 2nd 
class), 1918; served at Wissahickon Barracks, 
Cape May, N. J., and on U. S. S. C. 74 ; comn'd 
as ensign May, 1919. Affiliations: Pres. and 
treas. R. E. Brown & Co., Inc. ; viee-pres., sec. 
and treas. Brown & Crist, Inc. ; Phi Beta Kappa. 
Clubs: Princeton of N. Y. ; Princeton Terrace 
(Princeton, N. J.); Whitfield C.C. ; Sarasota 
C.C. Married: Johanna C. Powell, June 20, 
1923. Children: Elizabeth Johanna, age 4. 
Office: Edwards' Theatre, Sarasota, Fla. Home: 
929 Bryan St., Sarasota, Fla. 





baseball and basketball. Born: Wylam, Ala., 
May 15, 1896. Son of Angus R. and Catherine 
(Brodie) Brown. Ed.: Ensley H. Sch., 1916; 
Univ. of Ala., 1918; B.S., Ala. Polytecb. Inst, 

Record: 1916-17, mem. Univ. of Ala. varsity 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (hon. mentioned F.B., 
1916; picked 2nd All-S. Bskt.B. team). 1917- 
18, mem. Univ. of Ala. varsity B.B. team. 1918, 
coach Ensley H. Sch. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 
1920, mem. Ala. Polytech. Inst, varsity F.B. 
team. 1921, mem. Ala. Polytech. Inst, varsity 
B.B. team. 1921-22, coach Andalusia H. Sch. 
1922-23, coach Lenier H. Sch. F.B. and B.B. 
teams (Montgomery, Ala.). 1925-28, coach Ala. 
Polytech. Inst, freshman F.B., B.B. and Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. Affiliations: Pi 
Kappa Phi ; Mason ; Auburn C.C. ; Rotary Club. 
Hobby: Golf and hunting. Married: Virginia 
Atkeson, June 5, 1923. Children: Robert C, 
Jr., age 3; Angus A., age 1. Office: Ala. Poly- 
tech. Inst., Auburn, Ala. Home: 307 Gay St., 
Auburn, Ala. 

BROWN, ROBERT ROSWELL, football and 
baseball. Born: Joliet, 111., Nov. 28, 1879. Son 
of Roswell S. and Carrie (Clark) Brown. Ed.: 
Elgin, 111., H. Sch., 1898 ; Dartmouth Coll., 1902. 

Record: 1895-98, mem. Elgin H. Sch. B.B. 
and F.B. teams (capt. teams, 1898). 1900-01, 
mem. Dartmouth F.B. team. 1902-03, F.B. and 
B.B. coach, V. P. I. 1904, F.B. coach Univ. of 
N. Car. 1905, B.B. coach Wofford Coll. 1905- 
09, F.B. and B.B. coach Wash, and Lee Univ. 
(F.B. team defeated Va. for first time in its 
history in F.B.). 1909, F.B. coach Tulane Univ. 
1910, coach New Mex. Mil. Inst. 1911-14, offi- 
ciated F.B. games in South. 1915-19, ath. dir. 
New Mex. Mil. Inst. 1923-25, ath. dir. New 
Mex. A. & M. Coll. 1926-28, ath. dir. New Mex. 
Mil. Inst. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. New Mex. Mil. 
Inst. (Roswell, N. M.). Mil. Service: Entered 
O. T. Sch. ; State comn. as capt. ; at present 
taking work for comn. as reserve officer. Affilia- 
tions: Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Kiwanis Club 
(Roswell, N. M.). Hobby: Hunting and fishing. 
Office: New Mex. Mil. Inst., Roswell, N. M. 

BROWN, WRAY DOUGLAS, tennis. Born: 
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 29, 1900. Son of J. Douglas 
and Carrie (Dowd) Brown. Ed.: B.S., Univ. 
of Wash., 1922. 

Record: 1921-24-25-26-27, won Mo. Valley dou- 
bles champ. 1922, won Mo. Valley singles 
champ. ; runner-up in I.C. singles champ. 1922- 
25, won Central States singles. 1923-24-27, won 
Mo. Valley singles champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Commercial arrangements 
supvr. S.W. Bell Tel. Co. Affiliations: Kappa 
Alpha ; St. Louis A.A.A. ; St. Louis Tennia 
Asso. (treas.). Office: 1010 Pine St., St. Louis, 
Mo. Home: 3641 Shenandoah St., St. Louis, Mo. 

BROWNE, ALVIN LOWELL, football, base- 
ball and track. Born: Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 3, 
1888. Son of John William and Emma (Ab- 
bott) Browne. Ed.: Univ. of The South, 1910. 

Record: 1908-10, mem. Univ. of South F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1908-09, mem. Univ. of South 
Bskt.B. and track teams (capt. track, 1909). 
1909-10, All-S. q.b. (S. champs., 1909). 1910, 
All-S. l.f. 1916-17, ath. dir. Baylor Sch. 1919- 
20, asst. F.F. and head track coach Shattock 
Sch. (Faribault, Minn.). 1926-27, head track 
coach Univ. of Fla. 1927-28, dir. inter-mural 
sports, Univ. of Fla. 

Pres. Occupation: Inter-mural dir. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Enlisted, 1918, U. S. Army F.A. ; comnd. 
2nd lieut, 1918; discharged Dec, 1918. Affilia- 
tions: Mgr. Cen. Fla. Bakeries; exec. Ockla- 
waha Council; Kappa Elpha. Hobby: Boy 
Scouts. Married: Mary Dalton, Apr. 7, 1926. 
Children: Frank Mallory, infant. Office: Univ. 
of Fla., Gainesville, Fla. Home: Palm Terrace, 
Gainesville, Fla. 

rado Coll. Bskt.B. team, 1923-26. Born: Colo. 
Springs, Colo., Jan. 29, 1903. Son of G. N. and 
Letah (Stephens) Broyles. Ed.: Colo. Springs 
H. Sch.; A.B., Colo. Coll., 1926. 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Colo. Springs H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team. 1923-26, mem. Colo. Coll. Bskt.B. 
team (capt., 1925). 1925, All-Conf. forward 
(Rocky Mt. Conf.) 1925-26, mem. Colo. Coll. 
golf team. 

Pres. Occupation: Adv. business. Affiliations: 
Phi Delta Theta; "C" Club (Colo. Coll.). Office: 
410 Steel Bldg., Denver, Colo. Home: 2309 Ash 
St., Denver, Colo. 

BRUCE, WDLLIAM LAWSON, international 
free rifle champion of the world (prone posi- 
tion), 1927. Born: Cheyenne, Wyoming, Octo- 
ber 1, 1894. Son of William G. and Katherine 
(Lawson) Bruce. Education: Cheyenne Public 
Schools; Cheyenne Business College. 

Record: 1924, member of the International 
Small Bore team against England, Canada and 
Australia, Camp Perry, Ohio. 1924-27, high 
member of United States International Rifle 
team ; winner of the international free rifle 
championship of the world (established a new 
prone record, 389x400, range 300 meters), Rome, 
Italy. 1926, Union Pacific Railroad System 
champion (both large and small bore rifle). 

Present Occupation: Deputy Sheriff. Naval 
Service: Enlisted, United States Navy, August 






6, 1917, as apprentice seaman ; sub-chaser ser- 
vice ; discharged, July, 1919. Affiliations: Na- 
tional Rifle Association of America ; Interna- 
tional Rifle Association ; Cheyenne Rifle Club 
(secretary) ; Woodmen of the World. Hobby: 
Shooting. Office: Sheriff's OfBce, Cheyenne, 
Wyoming. Home: 417 East 23rd Street, Chey- 
enne, Wyoming. 

Tacoma Chapter, No. 4, R. A. M. ; Lodge 174, 
B.P.O.E. ; Kiwanis Club ; Tacoma Chamber of 
Commerce; Delta Upsilon. Married: Hazel 
Marion Landerdale. Children: John Arthur, 
age 18; Judy L., age 11; Marion Porter,' age 7; 
Robert Phillips, age 4. Office: 1104 Pacific Ave., 
Tacoma, Wash. Home: 1308 N. Yakima Ave., 
Tacoma, Wash. 


football and lacrosse. Born: Union City, N. J., 
Nov. 4, 1889. Son of Eduard Martin and Sadie 
Marie Theresa (Brandenburg) Brune. Ed.: 
Public Sen. (Union City, N. J.) ; Stevens Inst, 
of Tech. (Hoboken, N. J.). 

Record: 1916-21, mem. Stevens Tech Bskt.B. 
team (undefeated team, 1917-18). 1917-20, 
mem. Stevens Tech. F.B. team (undefeated 
teams). 1918-21, mem. Stevens Tech. lacrosse 
team (capt., 1921). 

Pres. Occupation: Power engr., Interborough 
Rapid Transit Co. (N. Y. C, N. Y.). War Rec- 
ord: Enlisted July, 1918; mem. A.E.P. ; dis- 
charged corpl., 1919. Affiliations: Beta Theta 
Pi; Tau Beta Pi; Khoda Soc. (Stevens) ; Gear 
and Triangle Soc. (Stevens) ; Amer. Soc. of 
Mech. Engrs. ; Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials; U.S.I.C. 
Lacrosse Asos. ; Union League Republican Club 
(Union City, N. J.). Married: Lillian Harriet 
Randall, Oct. 15, 1922. Children: Carlotta 
Jeanne, age 3. Office: 600 W. 59th St., N. Y. C, 
N. Y. Home: 511 40th St., Union City, N. J. 

BRUNNER, DONALD G., swimming. Born: 
Minot, N. Dak., May 17, 1901. Son of Arnold 
James and Lulu (Gress) Brunner. Ed.: Minot 
H. Sch., 1919; E.M., Univ. Minn., 1924. 

Record: 1921-22-23, mem. Univ. Minn, swim- 
ming team (mem. "Big Ten" Conf. champ, team, 
1922). Placed 1st Wis. at Minn, dual meet 
(1921) ; Northwestern at Minn, dual meet, Chi- 
cago at Minn. (1922) ; Northwestern at North- 
western dual meet (1923). 

Pres. Occupation: Mining engr., Empire Zinc 
Co. Affiliations: Theta Tau; Masons; "M" 
Club (Univ. of Minn.). Hobby: Swimming, 
tennis. Office: Gilman, Colo. Home: Minot, 
North Dakota. 

BRUSH, PERCY PORTER, football and bas- 
ketball. Born: Angus, Polk Co., Minn., Sept. 
12, 1880. Son of Arthur E. and Julia Elizabeth 
(Maginnis) Brush. Ed.: Macalester Acad., 
1897 ; A.B., Macalester Coll., 1901 ; LL.B., Univ. 
of Minn., 1907. 

Record: 1897-1900, mem. Macalester Coll. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1904-05, mem. Univ. of 
Minn. F.B. team (West, champs., 1904). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: 
Overseas service of Y.M.C.A., 1919. Affiliations: 
Ancient Lawmark Lodge, 268; F. and A. M. ; 

BRYANT, GEORGE W., football and track. 
Bom: Jersey City, N. J., June 9, 1873. Son of 
William and Caroline (Jeffries) Bryant. Ed.: 
Marshalltown (la.) H. Sch., 1890; A.B., Coe 
Coll., 1894; M.A., Princeton, 1897; D.D., Hast- 
ings Coll., 1918. 

Record: 1890-94, mem. Coe Coll. tennis team. 
1891-93, mem. Coe Coll. F.B. team (capt., 1892). 
1892-94, mem. Coe Coll. B.B. and track teams 
(capt. B.B. team, 1893; holder of Coe Coll. half- 
mile run 1:56, mile 4:26 2-5; capt. track team, 
1893-94). 1894-95, mem. Princeton F.B. team. 
1895-96, mem. Princeton B.B. team ; F.B. coach 
V. M. I. 1897, mem. Princeton track team. 
1897-1927, F.B., Bskt.B. and field meet official. 
1899-1925, ath. dir. and coach Coe Coll. Sec. 
la. Ath. Conf. for 10 yrs. 

Pres. Occupation: Professor Coe Coll. Affilia- 
tions: Associate sec, Promotion an I Expansion 
Dept., Coe Coll. ; Classical Asso. of Middle 
West; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Sigma Phi; Fac- 
ulty Ath. Com. (Coe Coll.) ; Mid- West Collegi- 
ate Ath. Conf. (sec.-treas.). Hobby: Tennis. 
Married: Mary Schermerhorn, July 22, 1897. 
Children: Grace Evelyn, age 22; Doris Elinor, 
age 15. Office: Coe Coll., Cedar Rapids, la. 
Home: 212 N. 13th St., Cedar Rapids, la. 

BUCHANAN, PAUL STUART, football offi- 
cial. Born: Los Angeles, Calif., Mar. 18, 3894. 
Son of E. L. and May (Smith) Buchanan. Ed.: 
Univ. of Ind. ; A.B., A.M., Wooster Coll. ; Univ. 
of West "Va. ; Princeton ; Univ. of Fla. 

Record: 1912-13, mem. Ind. Univ. varsity 
Bskt.B. team. 1915-17, mem. Ind. Univ. varsity 
F.B. team. 1918, mem. Army F.B. team. ; mem. 
pro. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (Canton, Ohio, and 
Steuben ville, Ohio). 1920, tennis champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher Univ. of Fla. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted, 1917 ; comnd. 2nd lieut., pro- 
moted capt. 2nd Div., Chateau Thierry, Argonne, 
1917-18. Affiliations: Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma 
Rho ; Tau Kappa Alpha ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Chi- 
cago Rotary Club. Hobby: Athletics. Married: 
Anna Hilditch. Children: Jean, age 6 ; Stuart, 
age 4 ; Thomas, age 3 ; Clifford, age 1. Office: 
Univ. of Fla., Gainesville, Fla. Home: Palm 
Way, Gainesville, Fla. 

BUCHANAN, SAMMY, pro. boxer. Born: 
Waycross, Ga., Apr. 19, 1910. Son of C. C, Jr., 
and Lillian Buchanan. Ed.: Waycross H. Sch. 





Record: 1927, defeated Dick Baker, Chas. 
(Kid) Martin ; draw Gene Wilchester, Cy Young, 
Dick Leonard, Jimmy Sawyer ; K. O.'d Jimmy 
Murphy, Pat O'Mally, Bobby Lee, Robert Pen- 
son, Eddie Cook, Skeet Biggs, Young Huggins, 
Kid Morgan, Estes Johnson. 1928, draw Pete 
Cole, Sailor Woods, Bob O'Hara ; defeated Irish 
Joe Maker, Baby Stribling; K. O.'d Morgan 
Bryant, Paul Reds ; no decision Boots Antley. 
Has never been knocked out. 

Present Occupation: Pro. boxer (under man- 
agement of Pat Boynton, Waycross, Ga. Affilia- 
tions: Y.M.C.A. ; Cotillon Club. Hobby: Box- 
ing, golf and swimming. Office: Y.M.C.A., Way- 
cross, Ga. Home: 508 Williams St., Waycross, 

ball, basketball and track. Born: Beardstown, 
111., Mar. 22, 1898. Son of Jacob C. and Anna 
(Ehnie) Buchheit. Ed.: Hillsdale Coll.; Univ. 
of 111., 1919; B.S., Univ. of Ky. 

Record: 1915-16, mem. Hillsdale Coll. F.B. 
team. 1915-16-17, mem. Hillsdale Coll. Bskt.B. 
team; mem. Hillsdale Coll. relay team (1917, 
selected all-around track champ.). 1918, mem. 
Univ. of 111. F.B. team. West. Conf. champ, 
picked by Walter Eckersall as end on All-Conf. 
2nd team. 1919, tied 1st place in conf. high 
point scores in 3 major dual meets. Was award- 
ed "Big Ten" Conf. scholarship and ath. medal. 
1919-24, asst. coach Univ. of Ky. F.B. team ; 
head coach Univ. of Ky. Bskt.B. and track 
teams. 1924-28, head coach Duke Univ. Bskt.B. 
and track teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. Affiliations: Chicago 
A.A.; Delta Tau Delta; Mason. Hobby: Golf. 
Office: Duke Univ., Durham, N. C. Home: Duke 
Univ., Durham, N. C. 

BUCHHOLZ, FREDERICK W., football and 
basketball. Born: N. Y. C, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1897. 
Son of Gus and Christine (Blank) Buchholz. 
Ed.: Charlotte Hall Mil Acad., 1915; LL.B., 
Georgetown Univ., 1924. 

Record: 1915, capt. Charlotte Hall Mil. Acad. 
Bskt.B. and F.B. teams. Donor many cups and 
prizes (Wash. Canoe Club) ; donor cups for 
horse shows. 

Pres. Occupation: Prop. Occidental Hotel 
(Wash., D. C). Naval Service: Enlisted U. S. 
N., 1918. Affiliations: Mason; Elk; Moose; 
Wash. A.C. ; Carroll Inst. A.C. ; Manor Club; 
Wash. Canoe Club. Hobby: Sports. Married: 
Dorothy Wilson, June 16, 1924. Children: 
Christine Louise, age 2. Address: 1411 Pa. 
Ave., Occidental Hotel, Wash., D. C. 

BUCK, EDWARD MOORE, baseball and bas- 
ketball. Bom: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Apr. 
14, 1905. Son of George E. and Ada (Beaty) 

Buck. Ed.: Lewis and Clark H. Sch. (Spokane, 
Wash.) ; Whitman Coll. (Walla Walla, Wash.). 

Record: 1923-24, mem. Lewis and Clark H. 
Sch. B.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt. Bskt.B.). 
1924-25-26-27-28, mem. Whitman Coll. Bskt.B. 
team (capt., 1926-27-28; All-N. West Conf. 
Bskt.B. guard, 1926-27). 1925-27, mem. Whit- 
man Coll. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Whitman Coll.). 
Affiliations: Phi Delta Theta ; "W" Club (Whit- 
man Coll.); Y.M.C.A. (Spokane). Hobby: 
Bskt.B. and B.B. Home: Phi Delta Theta 
House, Walla Walla, Wash. 

track team. Bom: Chicago, 111., Oct. 23, 1894. 
Son of Carl Darling and Clarinda Darling 
(Swazey) Buck. Ed.: Univ. H. Sch.; Phillips 
Andover Exeter Acad.; Yale, B.A., Ph.D., 1916. 

Record: 1912-16, mem. Yale track team. 1921, 
won pole-vault record Yale and Harvard Inter- 
Sch. meets. 1916, won pole-vault record Yale- 
Princeton and Yale-Harvard meets. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof. Mil. Service: Mem. 
Norton-Harjes ambulance section attached to 
French Army (Verdon), 1917; awarded Croix 
de Guerre Sept., 1917; lieut. Amer. Red Cross, 
1918. Affiliations: Alpha Delta Phi; Eliza- 
bethan Club. Hobby: Model ship-building. 
Home: 110 Wall St., New Haven, Conn. 

BUCKLEY, JAMES JOSEPH, football, base- 
ball and basketball. Bom: Manchester, N. H., 
Mar. 10, 1898. Son of William Joseph and 
Catherine (Ahern) Buckley. Ed.: Manchester 
H. Sch. ; Georgetown Univ. ; Catholic Univ. of 

Record: 1915-17, mem. Manchester H. Sch. 
F.B. and B.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1917). 1916- 
17, mem. Manchester H. Sch. Bskt.B. team; 
mem. All-New England Inter-sch. F.B. team. 
1918-19, mem. Georgetown Univ. F.B. and B.B. 
teams (scored 8 touch-downs in one game, 
1918; defeated Navy for 1st time, 1919). 1921, 
mem. Catholic Univ. F.B. team. Hon. mention 
on Walter Camp's All-Amer. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. broker. Naval Service: 
Enlisted U. S. Navy, placed on U.S.N.R.F., 
1918 ; discharged 1921. Affiliations: Employers' 
Liability Assurance Corp., Ltd. (London, Eng- 
land) ; sec. Manchester B.B. Club (N. E. 
League) ; Amoskea C.C. Hobby: Golf. Office: 
S39 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. Home: 736 
Maple St., Manchester, N. H. 

BUCKNER, ALLEN MARION, football. Bom: 
Mt. Sterling, Ky., Oct. 10, 1900. Son of Dr. 
M. G. and Mary Elsie (Cassidy) Buckner. Ed.: 
Ky. Mil. Inst. (Lyndon, Ky.), 1919; Vanderbilt 
Univ. (Nashville, Tenn.) ; B.S., Princeton Univ., 





Record: 1915-16-17-18, mem. Ky. Mil. Inst. 
F.B. team (capt., 1918). 1918-19, mem. Ky. 
Mil. Inst. B.B. team. 1919-20, mem. Vanderbilt 
Univ. freshman F.B. team. 1922-23, Princeton 
varsity F.B. team. 1923, mem. Princeton la- 
crosse team. 1927, coach John Harris H. Sch. 
(Harrisburg, Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Civil engr., Buckner-Laruo 
Co., Inc. (oil development), consulting engr. 
(civil and geological). Mil. Service: R.O.T.C, 
Ft. Sheridan, 111., 1918. Affiliations: Sigma Nu ; 
Campus Club (Princeton, N. J.) ; Princeton 
Club (N. Y. C.) ; Univ. Club (Harrisburg, Pa.) ; 
G. and C.C. (Owensboro, Ky.). Hobby: Golf. 
Office: 400 Fredrica St., Owensboro, Ky. Home: 
209 W. 8th St., Owensboro, Ky. 

BUCKWALTER, BRINTON, capt. Philadel- 
phia All-Scholastic Hockey team, 1898-99. Born: 
West Chester, Pa., Sept. 2, 1880. Son of Henry 
B. and Margaret (Taylor) Buckwalter. Ed.: 
Lawrenceville Sch. ; De Laucey Sch. ; Univ. of 
Pa.; Wharton Sch.; Yale. 

Record: 1898-99, mem. De Laucey Sch. F.B., 
B.B., track, hockey and cricket teams ; mem. 
Phila. All-Sch. hockey and B.B. teams (capt. 
hockey). 1898-09, mem. West Chester C.C. golf 
team. 1901, mem. Univ. of Pa. freshman F.B. 
team. 1901-02, mem. Univ. of Pa. tennis team 
(I.C. champ.). 1902, mem. Univ. of Pa. fresh- 
man track, cricket and varsity F.B. teams. 
1902-03, mem. Univ. of Pa. varsity B.B* and 
hockey teams. 1906-07, mem. Crescent A.C. 
B.B. team. 1908-11, mem. N. Y. Natl. Guard 
Polo team. 

Pres. Occupation: Stock broker. War Ser- 
vice: Comnd. capt. O.R.C., 1916 ; maj. U. S. Natl. 
Army. Affiliations: Delta Phi; Phi Alpha Delta. 
Clubs: West Side Tennis (Forest Hills, L. I.) ; 
Racquet; Yale; The Players; St. Elmo. Office: 
334 Madison Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 24 N. 
59th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

BUDD, OLIN JAMES, capt. Hobart College 
F.B. team, 1927. Born: Lodi, N. Y., Aug. 30, 
1904. Son of James Monroe and May (Cheese- 
man) Budd. Ed.: Lodi H. Sch.; Genesee Wes- 
leyan Sem. ; Hobart Coll. 

Record: 1919-21, mem. Lodi H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team. 1920-21, mem. Lodi H. Sch. B.B. team. 
1921-22, mem. Lodi H. Sch. track team (1st 
place in 100 and 220 yd. dashes; team won 
champ.). 1921-22, mem. Genesee Wesleyan 
Sem. soccer team (won champ, of Rochester 
and Vicinity Soccer League). 1921-23, mem. 
Genesee Wesleyan Sem. Bskt.B. team. 1922-23, 
mem. Genesee Wesleyan Sem. B.B. team (capt., 
1923). 1924, mem. Hobart Coll. freshman F.B. 
team. 1925, mem. Hobart Coll. freshman la- 
crosse team. 1925-27, mem. Hobart Coll. var- 
sity F.B. team (capt., 1927). 1926-27, mem. 
Hobart Coll. varsity lacrosse team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Lambda Pi; Genesee Wesleyan Soc. ; Mason, 
No. 345, F. and A. M. ; "H" Club (Hobart 
Coll.) ; Chimera Club; Medbery Mummers Club. 
Home: 601 S. Main St., Geneva, N. Y. 

BUECHNER, C. FRED, capt. Princeton water 
polo team, 1919-20. Born: N. Y. C, N. Y., Aug. 
31, 1898. Son of C. Fred and Louise (Schar- 
mann) Buechner. Ed.: Trinity Sch.; A.B., 
Princeton, 1920. 

Record: 1917, mem. Princeton freshman F.B. 
wrestling and water polo teams. 1918-20, mem. 
Princeton varsity water polo team (capt., 1919- 
20). 1919-20, mgr. Princeton F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant, Hill & Buechner. 
Mil. Service: Mem. U.S.N.R.F. Affiliations: "P" 
Club (Princeton). Married: Katherine Kuch, 
July 17, 1922. Children: James Frederick, age 
1. Office: 180 Madison Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Home: 17 E. 96th St., N. Y. O, N. Y. 

BUELL, BRUCE G., mem. Univ. of Michigan 
track team, 1918-19. Born: Birmingham, Ala., 
Feb. 12, 1898. Son of L. E. and Viola Buell. 
Ed.: Ann Arbor H. Sch.; Univ. of Mich.; B.S., 
1919; M.S., 1924. 

Record: 1918-19, mem. Univ. of Mich, track 
team, 1918 (2nd place half-mile dual meets with 
Notre Dame and Chicago.) 1919, 1st place half- 
mile dual meet with Notre Dame; 2nd place 
half-mile dual meet with Chicago. 

Pres. Occupation: Forester. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted U.S.N.T.C, Sept., 1918; discharged 
Jan., 1919. Married: Dorothea L. Bristol, June, 
1921. Children: Barbara Gene, age 4; David 
Lincoln, age 3. Home: 2014 Washtenaw, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

vard F.B. team, 1922. Born: Hartford, Conn., 
Jan. 21, 1900. Son of Robert Catlin and Eliza- 
beth (Goodrich) Buell. Ed.: Pomfret Sch. 
(Pomfret, Conn.) ; A.B., Harvard, 1923. 

Record: 1919, mem. Harvard freshman F.B. 
team. 1920, mem. Harvard freshman B.B. team. 
1920-22, mem. Harvard varsity F.B. team (capt., 
1922). 1921-23, mem. Harvard varsity B.B. team. 
1923, coach Harvard F.B. team. 1924-26, head 
coach Milton Acad. F.B. team. 1927, coach 
Harvard F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher. Mil. Service: Pvt. 
U. S. Marines, 1918. Clubs: "H" (Harvard of 
Boston) ; Milton. Office: Milton Acad., Milton, 
Mass. Home: 114 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

BULL, DR. A. E., rowing and football. Born: 
N. Y. C, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1867. Son of Charles 
and Ellen (Burke) Bull. Ed.: Wyo. Sem.; 
Mansfield State Normal Sch.; D.D.S., Univ. of 
Pa., 1896. 







Record: 1893, mem. junior, intermediate and 
senior crews Atlanta Boat Club, N. Y. C. (senior 
crew won New Eng. Regatta, Worcester, Mass. ; 
Middle States Regatta, Newark, N. J. ; Inter- 
nal. Regatta, Bell Isle, Detroit). 1894-95, mem. 
Univ. of Pa. varsity crew and F.B. team (capt. 
crew, 1895 ; selected All-Amer. center by Walter 
Camp, 1895). 1896, F.B. coach Univ. of la. 
1897, F.B. coach F. & M. Coll. 1898, coached 
and played F.B. Latrobe, Pa. 1899, F.B. coach 
Wyo. Sem. 1900, F.B. coach Georgetown Coll. 
(Wash., D. C). 1901, F.B. coach, Wyo. Sem. 
1902, F.B. coach Univ. of Pa. 1903-07, F.B. 
coach Lafayette Coll. 1908-10, F.B. coach Muh- 
lenburg Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Affiliations: K.C. ; 
Wyo. Valley G.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Mary 
E. MacDonald, Apr. 27, 1904. Office: 191 S. 
Wash. St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Home: Same. 

Yale track team, 1924-26. Born: New Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 7, 1904. Son of Henry Milton and 
Mary (Griswold) Bullard. Ed.: The Choate 
Sch. ; B.A., Yale, 1926. 

Record: 1922, mem. Choate Sch. track team 
(high and low hurdles). 1923, mem. Yale fresh- 
man track team (high and low hurdles). 1924- 
26, mem. Yale varsity track team (won I.C.A. 
A.A.A. outdoor champ., 1914). 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant. Affiliations: Sec. 
H. M. Bullard Co.; Alpha Delta Phi. Clubs: 
Elihu ; New Haven Lawn ; Sachem's Head 
Yacht. Hobby: Sailing. Office: 59 Elm St., 
New Haven, Conn. Home: 71 Coll. St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

vard varsity crew, 1895-96. Bom: Dedham, 
Mass., July 5, 1872. Son of John R. and Mary 
(Richards) Bullard. Ed.: Hopkinson's Sch.; 
Boston English H. Sch.; Mass. Inst, of Tech.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1896. 

Record: 1892-93, mem. Harvard freshman 
F.B. team. 1894-95-96, mem. Harvard varsity 
crew (capt., 1895-96). 1896, mem. Boston A.C. 
F.B. team. 1907-08, mem. Mendivia Polo Club 
(Havana, Cuba). 1912-16, capt. Jatibonico Polo 
Club (Jatibonico, Cuba). 

Pres. Occupation: Raw sugar mfgr., The Cuba 
Co. (vice-pres.). Clubs: Harvard Club (N. Y. 
C.) ; the Amer. Club (Havana, Cuba) ; the C. C. 
of Havana (Cuba) ; the Havana-Amer. Jockey 
Club (Cuba). Home: Jatibonico, Cuba. 

BULLOCK, MATTHEW W., mem. Darmouth 
Coll. F.B. and track teams, 1901-04. Born: 
Dabney, N. C, Sept. 11, 1881. Son of Jesse and 
Amanda (Sneed) Bullock. Ed.: Everett, Mass., 
H. Sch.; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 1904. LL.B., 
Harvard, 1907. 

Record : 1S96-97-98-99, mem. Everett, Mass., H. 
Sch. F.B., B.B. and track teams. 1899-1900, 
capt. Everett, Mass., H. Sch. F.B. B.B. and 
hockey teams. 1901-03, mem. Dartmouth Coll. 
F.B. and track teams. 1904, mem. Dartmouth 
track team (high and broad jump). 1904-07-08, 
coach Mass. Agri. Coll. F.B. team. 1905-06, 
coach Maiden H. Sch. F.B. team. 1909-12, 
coach Morehouse Coll. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer ; mem. Mass. Bd. 
of Parole. War Record: Phy. dir. A.E.F. ; 15 
months service in France. Affiliations: Mason; 
K.P. ; Omega Psi Phi. Married: Katherine 
Wright, Sept. 21, 1910. Children: Matthew W., 
Jr., age 7 ; Julia Amanda, age 6. Office: 39 
Court St., Boston, Mass. Home: 56 Windsor 
St., Boston, Mass. 

BULLWINKLE, BILLY, professional golfer. 
Born: Hastings, Eng., July 10, 1880. Son of 
Robert and Emile (Jones) Bullwinkle. Ed.: 
Dulwick Coll. (London), 1902. 

Record: 1918-23, pro. Cedarhurst C.C. (Cleve- 
land, Ohio). 1923-26, pro. Little Rock C.C. 
(Ark.). 1924, built first 18 holes of Cedarhurst 
C.C. 1926-28, pro. Gainesville G. and C. C. 
(Fla.). 1928, pro. Meadeville C.C. (Pa.) dur- 
ing summer; built Keystone G. and C. C. (Key- 
stone, Fla) ; built nine additional holes Gaines- 
ville G. and C. C. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golfer. War Record: 
Served in English Army in South Africa, 1900, 
Boer War. Affiliations: P.G.A. ; Gainesville G. 
and C. C. (Fla.) ; Dover Bay C.C. (Cleveland, 
Ohio) ; Kakawa C.C. (Erie, Pa.). Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Carmelita Willing, Aug., 1914. Chil- 
dren: Robert, age 12 ; Phoebe, age 8. Office: 
P. O. Box 692, Gainesville, Fla. Home: 741 N. 
Franklin St., Gainesville, Fla. 

BUNDY, DOUGLAS, capt. Stanford baseball 
team, 1921. Born: Santa Monica, Calif., Nov. 
5, 1898. Son of Chas. L. and Hallie (Loomis) 
Bundy. Ed.: Yale, 1917-18; A.B., Stanford, 1922. 

Record : 1918, mem. Yale freshman B.B. team. 
1919-20-21, mem. Stanford varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Geologist, Santa Monica 
Land and Water Co., Los Angeles, Calif. Mil. 
Service: Mem. Yale R.O.T.C. and S.A.T.C, 1917- 
18, FA. ; discharged, 1918. Clubs: Jonathan 
(Los Angeles) ; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Married: 
Phyllis Flowers, 1924. Children: Hallie Flowers, 
age 3. Office: 705 Pacific Natl. Bank Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Calif. Home: 215 25th St., Santa 
Monica, Calif. 

BUNDY, THOMAS C, United States Na- 
tional tennis champion, 1912-14. Born: Santa 
Monica, California, October 8, 1881. Son of 
Nathan and Harriet (Smith) Bundy. Educa- 
tion: Santa Monica High School. 





Record: 190&-08, won Southern California 
tennis championship (singles). 1907-08-10, won 
Coronada tennis championship (singles). 1909, 
wfon Ojai tennis championship (singles and 
doubles). 1909-10, won Pacific Coast tennis 
championship (doubles). 1910, won United 
States national open championship ; won Inter- 
mountain tennis championship (singles). 1912- 
14, won United States national tennis cham- 
pionship (doubles). Member of International 
Davis Cup team (3 times). 

Present Occupation: Investments. Clubs: Los 
Angeles Tennis ; Los Angeles Country ; Brent- 
wood Country. Married: May Sutton, Decem- 
ber 11, 1912. Children: Nathan, age 14 ; Thomas, 
age 12; Dorothy, age 10; William, age 8. Of- 
fice: 52YI Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, 
California. Home: 1018 Ocean Front, Santa 
Monica, California. 

BUNKER, EUGENE F., football. Born: 
Woodstock, 111., Feb. 4, 1888. Son of F. M. and 
Elizabeth (Johnson) Bunker. Ed.: Woodstock 
H. Sen. ; Morgan Pk. Acad.; LL.B., Univ. of 
Wis., 1912. 

Record: 1905, capt. Woodstock H. Sch. F.B. 
team (won 100-yd. dash, 220-yd. broad jump). 
1906, mem. Morgan Pk. Acad. F.B. team 
(claimed Prep. Sch. champ of U. S.). 1907, 
mem. University of Wis. freshman team. 1908- 
09-10, mem. Univ. Wis. F.B. team. 1911, asst. 
coach Univ. of Wis. F.B. team. 1912, coached 
Bozeman H. Sch. F.B. team to State champ. 
1913, coached Montana State Coll. F.B. team. 
1906-27, held record for 100-yd. dash in Wood- 
stock H. Sch. and county (10:2); held record 
at Morgan Pk. for 110-meter high hurdles. 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney at law. Affilia- 
tions: Security Bank & Trust Co., Bozeman, 
Mont. ; vice-pres. Bunker Bros., Inc. ; atty. 
Standard Construction Co.; atty. Brackett 
Creek Lumber Co. Clubs: Sigma Chi; Phi Delta 
Phi; Masons; Elks; Hammer and Tongs; Yel- 
low Helmet. Hobby: Sports. Married: Mariam 
Cooper, Dec. 27, 1913. Children: Mariam V., 
age 9; Elizabeth Frances, age 7. Office: Com. 
Natl. Bank Bldg., Bozeman, Mont. Home: 216 
S. 3rd Ave., Bozeman, Mont. 

BUNKER, PAUL GORDON, track and foot- 
ball. Born: Calumetville, Wis.., May 13, 1905. 
Son of Ernest I. and Lornene J. (Johnson) 
Bunker. Ed.: Grantsburg, Wis., H. Sch., 1922; 
Univ. of Minn., B.S., 1927; B.M., 1928. 

Record: 1920-21-22, mem. Grantsburg H. Sch. 
F.B., B.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 1923-24, 
mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. team. 1925-26, mem. 
Univ. of Minn, track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Affiliations: "M" 
Club (Univ. of Minn.) ; Alpha Kappa Kappa. 
Hobby: Athletics. Home: Grantsburg, Wis. 

BUNTA, EMIL, baseball- Born: Iiiau, Austria, 
Feb. 12, 1887. Son of Andrew and Sidonia 
(Kniha) Bunta. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1912; 
M.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1914. 

Record: 1C10-11, mem. Univ. of Wis. varsity 
B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Affiliations: Phi 
Chi; Siloam Lodge, No. 780, A. F. and A. M.; 
Chicago Med. Soc. ; 111. Med. Soc. ; Fellow Amer. 
Med. Asso. ; "W" Club (Univ. of Wis.). Hobby: 
Motoring. Married: Charlotte Marie Veverka, 
Dec. 14, 1918. Children: Emil Franklin, age 3. 
Office: 5400 Haddon Ave., Chicago, 111. Home: 

BURBAGE, JESSE SAMUEL, football and 
basketball. Born: Shelbyville, Ky., Feb. 22, 
1894. Son of Samuel William and Emma 
(Jesse) Burbage. Ed.: Alabama Poly. Inst, 
1918 ; Univ. of 111., 1920 ; Univ. of Notre Dame, 
1923; Duke Univ., 1925. 

Record: 1912-13, mem. Birmingham Cen. H. 
Sch. varsity F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 
1914-15-16-17, mem. Alabama Poly. Inst. Bskt.B. 
team. 1917, mgr. varsity Bskt.B. team; coach 
champ. A.P.I. 3 yrs. 1919-20, coach Birming- 
ham H. Sch. prep champ. F.B. and Bskt.B. 
teams. 1920-21-22, coach Georgia Mil. Acad. So. 
Prep, champ F.B. team; So. Prep, champ. 
Bskt.B. team. 1922-23-24, coach Duke Univ. 
1924, asst. F.B. ; head of Bskt.B. and track, act- 
ing as grad. mgr. 1925-26, coach and ath. dir. 
Marion Mil. Inst. (F.B. Jr. Coll. champ. 2 yrs., 
Bskt.B. Jr. Coll. champ. 2 yrs., B.B. 1 yr.). 1927, 
asst. F.B., head Bskt.B. and track Southern Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. War Record: Mem. 
A.E.F., disch. rank of capt., 1918. Grad. O.T.C. 
Affiliations: Natl. Coaches' Asso. Hobby: Foot- 
ball. Married: Gladys Roche, May 19, 1918. 
Office: Southern Coll., Lakeland, Fla. Home: 
318 E. Lake Blvd., Lakeland, Fla. 

BURBIDGE, EARL LEROY, capt. Univ. of 
Wis. B.B. team, 1928. Born: Chicago, 111., May 
30, 1906. Son of David A. and Ann Amelia 
(Grieg) Burbidge. Ed.: Tilden Tech. H. Sch., 
1923 ; B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1928. 

Record: 1920-21-22, mem. Tilden Tech. H. 
Sch., F.B. and B.B. teams. 1925-26-27, mem. 
Univ. of Wis. F.B. team. 1926-27-28, mem. 
Univ. of Wis. B.B. team (capt., 1928). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Pi 
Kappa Alpha ; Beta Zi ; Phi Epsilon Kappa. 
Hobby: Coach. Office: 661 Mendota, Madison, 
Wis. Home: 8139 S. Sangamon St., Chicago, 111. 

BURCH, BETTY, swimming. Born: Char- 
lotte, N. C, Mar. 22, 1910. Daughter of A. W. 
and Freda (Dotger) Burch. Ed.: Central H. 
Sch. (Charlotte, N. C). 





Record: 1925. competed in junior Natl. Med- 
ley (Memphis, Tenn.). 1926, runner-up in 
junior 100 and 50 yd. free style (Birmingham, 
Ala.) ; competed in Junior Natl. Swimming meet 
at Sesqui-Centennial (Phila., Pa.). 1927, won 
220-yd. free style swim (Charlotte, N. G.) ; 
runner-up in 440 free style and 100 yd. back 
stroke in Middle Atlantic meet ; won junior 100- 
yd. free style and senior 100-yd. backstroke, 
Mobile, Ala. ; runner-up in 50-yd. free style, 
Mobile, Ala. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: At- 
lantic A.C. ; AAA.; Charlotte C.C. (N. C.) ; 
East Lake C.C. (Atlanta). Hobby: Swimming. 
Home: 2100 E. 7th St., Charlotte, N. C. 

BURCH, JAMES W., crew. Born: Charles 
Co., Md., Nov. 7, 1886. Son of Thomas Alex- 
ander and Ella (Dement) Burch. Ed.: George 
Wash. Univ. 

Record: 1910-15, mem. Wash. Swimming C. 
(220 yds.). 1912-24, mem. Wash. Canoe C. team 
(won races in U. S. and Canada). 1914-15-16- 
17, mem. Wash. Canoe C. track team ; dir. aths. 
Wash. Canoe C. (several yrs.). 1924, dir. crew 
Potomac Boat C, Wash. (D. C.) ; won champs, 
in one-man single-blade. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. (Wash.) Prentice- 
Hall Ins. Co. Affiliations: Potomac Boat C. ; 
dir. crew T.M.C.A. ; Amer. Canoe Asso. ; Mason ; 
Potimist C. ; Sigma Nu. Hobby: Water sports. 
Married: Elsie Nickles, Apr. 19, 1917. Children: 
Betty, age 8; Marjorie, age 6; Jimmie, age 5. 
Office: 806 Munsey Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 
6627 Harlem PI. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

BURCH, ROBERT B„ capt. Tale football 
team, 1908. Born: Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 11, 
1886. Son of Wallace and Virginia (Richards) 
Burch. Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad., 1905; A.B., 
Yale, 1909; LL.B., Cincinnati Law Sch., 1911. 

Record, 1908, capt. Yale F.B. team. 1909-10- 
11, coach Univ. of Cincinnati F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. War Record: 
Formerly maj. of 1st Batallion, 332nd Inf. ; re- 
ceived Italian Mil. Medal, Croix de Guerre. 
Affiliations: Dir. Hyde Park Sav. Bank (Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio) ; sec.-treas. Whitaker Paper Co.; 
Psi Upsilon; Skull and Bones (Yale); Univ. 
Club. Married: Louise Whitaker, 1911. Chil- 
dren: Robert B., Jr., age 15; Frida Mary, age 
12 ; Richard W., age 6. Office: 338 Union Bldg., 
San Diego, Calif. Home: 4433 Hermosa Way, 
San Diego, Calif. 

B.B. team, 1913. Born: Lynn, Mass., May 6, 
1899. Son of Wallace B. and Mary (Upton) 
Burdett. Ed.: Swampscott H. Sch.; Phillips 
Exeter Acad. ; Yale, 1913. 

Record: 1908-10, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. 
B.B. team (capt., 1910). 1913, mem. Yale B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Shoe mfr. Affiliations: Ox- 
ford Club (Lynn, Mass.); Swampscott Club; 
Ionic Club (Swampscott, Mass.) ; Wayfarer's 
Lodge (Swampscott, Mass.). Married: Marion 
Munsey, Feb. 2, 1917. Children: Robert Mun- 
sey and John Damon, ages 7 ; Phyllis, age 5. 
Office: 278 Broad St., Lynn, Mass. Home: 56 
Elmwood Rd., Swampscott, Mass. 

BURDETT, HARRY H., world's fencing 
champion, 1891. Born: Newton Lower Falls, 
Mass., May 12, 1870. Son of William and Anne 
(Cotton) Burdett. Ed.: Harrow Sch.; Oxford 
Univ. (England), 1891. 

Record: 1889-90, mem. Oxford F.B. team. 
1890, mem. Oxford boxing team. 1891, mem. 
Oxford fencing team ; won world's fencing 
champ., Stockholm, Sweden. 1895, won British 
Army fencing champ., Aldershoop, England. 1907, 
coach boxing and fencing, Internatl. Phys. 
Training Coll. 1908-09-10, head coach boxing, 
fencing and saber, Stanford Univ. 1910-11-12, 
head coach fencing, boxing and saber, Univ. of 
Wis. 1912-13-14, head coach fencing, boxing 
and saber, Univ. of Mich. 1916-17, head coach 
fencing, boxing and saber, Trinity Coll. (Port 
Hope, Ontario). 1917-25, supervisor phys. ed. 
Montgomery, Ala. 1926-28, head coach fencing 
and gym., Univ. of Fla. 

Pres. Occupation: Head coach fencing and 
gym., Univ. of Fla. War Record: Enlisted 
Canadian Army, 1914 ; comnd. 1st rank capt., 
1916 ; comnd. maj., 1917 ; mem. A.E.F. ; received 
British World War Medal and British Mons 
Star. Hobby: Gardening. Married: Milda 
Zintcher, Dec, 1907. Children: Alice, age 19; 
Frances, age 17 ; Victoria, age 11. Office: Ath. 
Dept., Univ. of Fla., Gainesville, Fla. Home- 
Route 4, W. Univ. Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 

B.B. team, 1912. Born: Lynn, Mass., Sept. 19, 
1887. Son of Wallace B. and Mary (Upton) 
Burdett. Ed.: Phillips Andover, 1909; Ph.B., 
Yale, 1912. 

Record: 1907-09, mem. Phillips Andover B.B. 
team. 1908, mgr. Phillips Andover F.B. team. 
1909, capt. Phillips Andover B.B. team. 1911- 
12, mem. Yale B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Shoe mfg. Affiliations: 
Burdett Shoe Co. Clubs: Tedesco C.C. (Swamp- 
scott, Mass.) ; Oxford (Lynn, Mass.) ; Swamp- 
scott (Swampscott, Mass.). Married: Mildred 
Munsey, May 27, 1916. Children: Leonard Dean, 
age 10 ; Ruth Flint, age 8. Office: Burdett Shoe 
Co., Lynn, Mass. Home: 15 Hampden St., 
Swampscott, Mass. 







BURDETTE, ROBERT R„ football. Born: 
Grover Hill, Ohio, Mar. 14, 1898. Son of Guy 
C. and Ina L. (Jenkins) Burdette. Ed.: Spring- 
field, Ohio, H. Sen., 1916. Wittenberg Coll., 
1920; Univ. of 111. (coaching sch.), 1921; Univ. 
of Notre Dame (coaching sch.), 1925. 

Record: 1913-14-15, mem. Springfield H. Sch. 
F.B.and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B. team, 1924). 
1917-18, mem. Wittenberg Coll. F.B., Bskt.B. 
and B.B. teams (All-Ohio q.b., 1917). 1919-22, 
ath. dir. Harding H. Sch., Marion, Ohio (F.B. 
team won North Cen. Ohio League champ., 
1919). 1922-24, ath. dir. South H. Sch., Lima, 
Ohio. 1924-27, ath. dir. McClain H. Sch., Green- 
field, Ohio (F.B. team won South Cen. League 
champ., 1924). Ohio Conf. F.B. and Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. 147th Inf. A.C. 
Mil. Service: Comnd. 2nd lieut. of inf., July, 
1918; stationed at Camp Grant, 111., during 
World War. Affiliations: St. Andrew's, 619, F. 
and A. M. ; Greenfield C.C. ; 147th Inf. A.C. 
(Cincinnati, Ohio). Hobby: Golf, hunting and 
fishing. Married: R. Corrinne Smith, Nov. 18, 
1918. Office: 1419 Freeman Ave., Cincinnati, 
Ohio. Home: 3913 Isabella Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

BURG, ANTON BEHME, holder of impor- 
tant records in the running high jump. Born: 
Dallas City, 111., Oct. 18, 1904. Son of Frank 
Winchester and Sadie Hornby (Quinton) Burg. 
Ed.: Nicholas Senn H. Sch., Chicago, 1922; 
Univ. of Chicago, B.S., 1927; S.M., 1928. 

Record: 1922, mem. Nicholas Senn H. Sch. 
track and field team. 1925-27, mem. Univ. of 
Chicago track team (capt. of team, 1927). 1926, 
winner of running high jump 111. relay car- 
nival, height 6' 2 1 / £" ; winner of high jump in 
I.C.A.A. (Big Ten) indoor champ, meet, height, 
6' 3" ; winner of high jump in the Pa. relays 
(Phila.), height, 6' 3"; first in high jump, 
quadrangular meet (Wis.-Ohio-North western- 
Chicago) held at Columbus, Ohio, height, 6' 6" 
(new record) ; second in N.C.A.A. meet (Chi- 
cago, 111.), height, 6' 614". 1927, winner of 
high jump, indoor quadrangular meet, height, 
6' 3%" ; winner of high jump, 111. relay carni- 
val (2nd successive year), height, 6' 5%"; sec- 
ond in I.C.A.A. indoor champ, meet, height, 6' 
4"; first in high jump (Ohio State Univ. re- 
lays), height, 6' 5%" ; first in the high jump 
at the Pa. relays (2nd successive year), height, 
6' 4" ; winner of high jump I.C.A.A. outdoor 
champ., height, 6' 4%" ; tied for first N.C.A.A. 
champ, meet, height, 6' 5%" ; awarded conf. 
medal for proficiency in athletics and scholar- 
ship. 1928, winner at Millrose Games, height, 
6' 3" ; winner at I.A.C. handicap meet, 6' 3" ; 
winner of high jump, C.A.A., Univ. of la. dual 
meet, height, 6' 5 a /4"; became Natl. A.A.U. 
champ, in running high jump, height, 6' 2%". 

Pres. Occupation: Student of chemistry, Univ. 
of Chicago. Affiliations: Chicago A.A. Home: 
442 Deming PI., Chicago, 111. 

basketball. Born: Westerly, R. I., May 10, 
1891. Son of Fred N. and Mary (Barber) Bur- 
dick. Ed. : Westerly H. Sch., 1908 ; East Green- 
wich Acad., 1912 ; Springfield Coll ; Posse-Nis- 
sen Sch., 1915; N. Y. Univ. 

Record: 1907, mem. Westerly H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1910-11-12, mem. East Greenwich Acad. 
F.B., Bskt.B., B.B. and track teams, (champs. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams, 1911-12) (capt. F.B., 
1912). 1912-14, mem. Springfield Coll. F.B., 
Hockey, B.B., soccer and tennis teams. (All- 
around champ. Atlantic Beach, R. I., land and 
water carnival, 1914). 1915, mem. Posse-Nissen 
Sch. Bskt.B. team. 1916-17, Yacht C, Watch 
Hill (R. I.) Sailed Swampscott Dory "3" to 
victory for point cup and trophies 2 yrs.). 1917- 
18-19, Red Cross Life Saving Examiner Watch 
Hill Dist. 1919, Phys. dir. Hillside Jr. H. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Phys. dir. Mil. Service: 
Co. C. (Glen Ridge, N. J.). Affiliations: N. J. 
Physical Ed. Asso. ; Amer. Physical Ed. Asso. ; 
Cen. Bd. Bskt. B. Ofiicials ; Ex. Comm. No. 
Jersey Bd. Bskt.B.; Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. 
Hobby: Tennis. Married: Dorothy Elizabeth 
Purdy, Aug. 31, 1916. Children: Win. Edgar, 
age 11; John Frederick, age 7. Office: Hillside 
Jr. H. Sch., Montclair, N. J. Home: 57 Cumber- 
land Ave., Verona, N. J. 

BURDICK, USHER L., mem. Univ. of Minne- 
sota football team. Born: Owatonna, Minn., 
Feb. 21, 1879. Son of O. W. and Lucy (Far- 
num) Burdick. Ed.: L.L.B., Univ. of Minn., 

Record: 1903-04, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team, (champ, team, 1903). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: vice- 
pres. Combine Quack-Grass Digger and Tiller 
Co., (Fargo, N. Dak.); Mason; Kem Temple; 
Mystic Shrine ; Sons of the Amer. Revolution ; 
"M" Club, (Univ. of Minn.). Hobby: Hunting. 
Married: Emma C. Robertson, Sept. 7, 1901. 
Children: Quenton, age 19; Eugene, age 15; 
Eileen Rosemary, age 11. Office: 56 Broadway, 
Fargo, N. Dak. 

ball and baseball. Born: Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 
1, 1879. Son of Edmund Stevenson and Julia 
(Fritz) Burke. Ed.: Univ. Sch. (Cleveland, 
Ohio) ; A.B., Princeton, 1900. 

Record: 1894-96. mem. Univ. Sch. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1896, mem. Princeton freshman 
F.B. team. 1897, capt. Princeton freshman F.B. 








team. 1897-99, mem. Princeton varsity F.B. 
team, (champ, team, 1899). 1898-1900, mem. 
Princeton varsity B.B. team, (champ, team, 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. Cen. Nat'l. Bk. of 
Cleveland. Clubs: Racquet and Tennis, (N. Y.) ; 
N. Y. Yacht; The Recess, (N. Y.) ; "P" (N. Y.) ; 
Tavern ; Mayfield O.C. ; Chagrin Valley Hunt ; 
Kirtland C.C. ; Union ; Pepper Pike. Booty: 
Golf and yachting. Married: Josephine Chis- 
holm, Oct. 22, 1904. Children: Josephine Chis- 
holm, age 21 ; Parthenia, age 20 ; Stevenson, age 
18; Kathleen, age 14. Office: 1656 Union Trust 
Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. Home: 11125 Magnolia 
Dr., Cleveland, Ohio. 

BURKE, FRANKLYN E., JR., crew. Born: 
Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1899. Son of F. E. 
and Ina Mildred (Bantel) Burke. Ed.: Cornell 
Univ., 1922; B.S., Princeton, 1923. 

Record: 1918, mem. Cornell freshman champ, 
crew. 1921-23, mem. Princeton varsity crew 
(won N. England Challenge Cup and Childs 
Cup, 1922). 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. brokerage. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Enlisted Officers Training Camp, (Camp 
Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Ky.) ; discharged 
2nd lieut. R.O.T.C. Affiliations: Pres. Frank E. 
Burke, Jr. and Co.; "P" Club, (Princeton); 
Tiger Inn, (Princeton) ; Princeton Club. (N. Y.). 
Office: 85 John St., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 33 
Jewel St., Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. 

BURKE, HENRY PENN, president of the 
National Association of Amateur Oarsmen. 
Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 
28, 1876. Son of John and Louise (Vetterlein) 
Burke. Education: Franklin Institute. 

Record: 1891, member of several amateur 
football teams. 1898, member of Malta Boat 
Club, competing in several regattas. 1906, vice- 
commodore Schuylkill Navy. 1907, commodore 
Schuylkill Navy; member of executive commit- 
tee of National Association of Amateur Oars- 
men. 1908, president of Middle States Regatta 
Association. 1909, captain of Philadelphia Ath- 
letic Club and chairman of several regatta 
committees (inaugurated amateur inter-city 
bouts; played water polo). 1910-28, president 
of Malta Boat Club. 1920-29, member of Ameri- 
can Olympic Committee and chairman of com- 
mittee on Olympic rowing tryouts. 1923, man- 
aging director of the Penn Athletic Club. 1925- 
28, president of National Ascsociation of Ama- 
teur Oarsmen. 1927-28, managing secretary of 
Penn Athletic Club. 

Present Occupation: Managing secretary of 
the Penn Athletic Club. Affiliations: Penn Ath- 
letic Club ; Quaker City Gun Club ; Wissahickon 
Farms ; Malta Boat Club ; Undine Barge Club ; 

Masons. Hobby: Promotion of amateur row- 
ing; trapshooting. Married: Florence Harriett 
Kahn, January 31, 1911. Office: Penn Athletic 
Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Home: 5953 
Pulaski Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

BURKE, ROBERT J., professional baseball 
player. Bom: Joliet, 111., Jan. 23, 1907. Son 
of Bernard E. and Mary (Kavanaugh) Burke. 
Ed.: Joliet Township H. Sch. 

Record: 1926, pro. B.B. player, Little Rock, 
(Ark.) Club, S. League. 1927-28, pro. B.B. 
player, Wash. Senators. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. B.B. player. Affilia- 
tions: Wash, ball club. Office: Griffith Stadium, 
Wash., D. C. Home: 425 West Marion St., 
Joliet, 111. 

BURKE, WILLIAM H., mem. Amer. 1.0. As- 
so. Football Officials. Born: Kerry, Ireland, Apr. 
2, 1883. Son of Michael M. and Mary O'Sulli- 
van) Burke. Ed.: Worcester H. Sch.; Worces- 
ter Poly Inst, 1905; LL.B., Northeastern Law 
Sch., 1910. 

Record: Mem. Worcester H. Sch. F.B. , Bskt. 
B., track teams, (Jr. and Sr. yrs.) 1901-02-03- 
04, mem. Worcester Tech. varsity F.B. team 
(capt., 1904). 1905-06, coach Worcester Poly. 
Inst. F.B. team. 1907, appt. mem. Amer. I.C. 
F.B. qualified list of F.B. officials under Central 
Board. Official, N. Eng. and Amer. I.C. track 
meets for several years. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliation: Chrmn. 
K. of C. gymn. Comm. (Worcester) ; mem. 
East. Asso. F.B. Officials; mem. N. Eng. Asso. 
of F.B. Officials; dir. K. of C, R.E.C. & B. 
Asso. (Worcester) ; Alhambra Council A.A. 
(first pres. of same). Hobby: Football. Mar- 
ried: Clara L. Moore, Oct. 11, 1911. Children: 
William, Jr., age 14 ; Edmund, age 13 ; Lee, 
age 12 ; Robert, age 10 ; Philip, age 8 ; Mary, 
age 6 ; Ann, age 4 ; James, age 1. Office: 390 
Main St., Worcester, Mass. Home: 491 Pleas- 
ant St., Worcester, Mass. 

BURNETT, BRADY FRANK, football and 
track. Born: Corvallis, Ore., Sept. 24, 1875. 
Son of John and Martha (Hinton) Burnett. 
Ed.: B.S., Ore. Agrt. Coll., 1897; Stanford. 

Record: 1893-94-95-96, mem. Ore. Agri. Coll. 
F.B. team, (capt., 1893). 1896, mem. Ore. Agri. 
Coll. track team ; mem. M.A.A.C. track team 
(Portland, Ore.). N.W. champ, meet, first in 
mile and half-mile. 1897, mem. Stanford track 

Pres Occupation: Retired. War Record: mem. 
Co. M. sec. regular Ore. Vol. Inf. Spanish-Amer. 
War ; service in P. I. ; discharged Presidio, Calif., 
Aug. 7, 1899, as corporal. Affiliations: A.F. and 




A.M.; I.O.O.F. ; United Spanish War Veterans. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Susie Hopkins, Dec. 
25, 1906. Home: Oakland, Ore. 

BURNETT, DR. JOSEPH H., football. Born: 
East Boston, Mass., Oct. 24, 1892. Son of Thom- 
as L. and Margaret (Damery) Burnett. Ed.: 
A.B., Yale, 1916; M.D., Harvard, 1919. 

Record: 1909, mem. Boston Latin Sch. F.B. 
team. 1910-11, mem. Boston Latin Sch. crew. 

1911, mem. squad, Univ. of Maine F.B. team. 

1912, mem. Tale freshman F.Bfl team. 1915, asst. 
coach Yale freshman F.B. team. 1920-28, phy- 
sician to Boston High School players during F. 

B. season. 

Pres. Occupation: Surgeon. War Record: 
U.S.N.R., Harvard Medical Sch., 1917-21. Affili- 
ations: Boston Univ. Medical Sch., asst. in sur- 
gery ; Harvard Medical Sch., 1917-21; Cen. Bd. 
F.B. Officials ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Nu Sigma 
Nu ; Masons, A.F.&A.M. ; Harvard Club of Bos- 
ton; Tale Club of Boston. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Hazel Carpenter. Office: 520 Common- 
wealth Ave., Boston, Mass. Home: 281 Trapelo 
Rd., Belmont, Mass. 

BURNS, HOWARD WALTER, football, base- 
ball and track. Born: Boston, Mass., June 6, 
1904. Son of James and Minnie (Forbush) 
Burns. Ed.: Dorchester H. Sch. ; Phillips Ex- 
eter Acad. ; Huntington Sch. ; Harvard, 1928. 

Record: 1918-19, mem. Dorchester H. Sch. 
track team. 1920-21, mem. Dorchester H. Sch. 
track and B.B. teams (capt. B.B. team, 1920- 
21). 1921-22, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad F.B. 
team. 1922-23, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad, track 
and B.B. teams. 1923, mem. Huntington Sch. 
F.B. team. 1924, mem. Huntington Sch. track 
team (won Natl. Intersch. 70 yd. champ., time 
7.2 sec. ; mem., Natl. Intersch. Medley Relay 
champs.) ; mem. Harvard freshman B.B., F.B. 
and track teams (won 100 yd. dash, 10 sec. and 
220-yd. dash, 21 4/5 sec, Harvard-Tale fresh- 
man dual meet ; mem. I.C. freshman relay 
champs.). 1926-28, mem. Harvard varsity 
track and B.B. teams (capt. B.B. team). 1927, 
mem. Harvard varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Harvard). Clubs: 
Hasty Pudding, Inst, of 1770; Harvard Varsity. 
Address: 237 Columbia Rd., Dorchester, Mass. 

BURNS, JACK THOMAS, professional golfer. 
Born: St. Louis, Mo., June 1, 1901. Son of John 
and Margaret (Mee) Burns. Ed.: Public Schs. 
(St. Louis, Mo.). 

Record: 1921-22-23, asst. pro. Sunset Hills 
C.C. (Mo.). 1924-25, asst. pro. North Hills C. 

C. (Mo.). 1925, participated in West, open 
champ, tournament (Toungstown, Ohio). 1926, 
participated in West, open champ, tournament 

(Indianapolis, Ind.) ; participated in Mo. P. 
G.A. tournament (Joplin, Mo.). 1926-27-28, pro. 
Creve Coner G.C. (Creve Coner, Mo.). 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golf. Clubs: Creve 
Coner G.C. Hobby: Golf. Office: Creve Coner 
G.C, Creve Coner, Mo. Home: 5929 Wabada 
St., St. Louis, Mo. 

and basketball. Born: Selma, Ala., Mar. 13, 
1907. Son of W. M. and Mary (Donovan) Burna 
Ed.: Lanier H. Sch. (Montgomery, Ala.) ; Ala. 
Poly. Inst. (Auburn). 

Record: 1924, mem. Lanier H. Sch. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams (All-State guard, Bskt.B., 1924). 
1924-25, mem. Ala. Poly Inst, freshman F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1925-26-27, mem. Ala. Poly. 
1926, Spalding's Officfal Guide). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Sig- 
ma Nu. Married: Lucy Toung McEntyre, Sept. 
24, 1927. Home: Box 2003. Auburn, Ala. 
Inst. F.B. team (listed as outstanding F.B. «nd, 

BURR, BORDEN, football, baseball and track. 
Born: Talladega, Ala., Nov. 2, 1876. Son of Wm. 
H. and Sarah (Borden) Burr. Ed.: Talladega 
Public Sch., 1891; Webb Sch., 1894; A.B., Univ. 
of Ala., 1896; LL.B., Wash. Lee Univ., 1898. 

Record: 1894-96, mem. Univ. of Ala. varsity 
F.B., B.B., track and gym. teams. 1897-98, 
mem. W. and L. Univ. F.B. and B.B. teams. 
Officiated S.T.A.A. F.B. and B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at law. War Record: 
T.M.C.A. service, 167th Ala. Rainbow Div. ; 
mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Sigma Nu ; Phi Beta 
Kappa; B.P.O.E. ; B.A.C. ; T.M.C.A.; Birming- 
ham C.C. Hobby: Football. Married: Mammie 
Camp, Jan. 18, 1901. Children: Wm. H., age 24 ; 
Samuel H., age 8. Office: 1229031 Brown Marx 
Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. Home: 1060 S. 33rd 
St., Birmingham, Ala. 

BURR, DUDLEY HOLCOMB, football. Born: 
Durham, Conn., May 30, 1906. Son of Dr. 
James G. and Henrietta (Holcomb) Burr. Ed.: 
Windham H. Sch. (Willimantic, Conn.) ; Trin- 
ity Coll. (Hartford, Conn.). 

Record: 1920, mem. Windham H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1921-22-23, mem. Windham H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1921; 
capt. B.B., 1923). 1924, mem. Windham H. Sch. 
B.B. team ; capt., Trinity Coll. freshman F.B. 
team. 1925-26-27, mem. Trinity Coll. varsity 
F.B. team (high point scorer, 1925) ; ath. dir. 
T.M.C.A. summer camp for boys. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Trinity Coll.). 
Affiliations : Sigma Nu. Hobby: Politics. School: 
78 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. Home: 20 High 
St., Baltic, Conn. 



BURROWS, W. F., trapshooting. Born: 
Washington, D. C, Dec. 8, 1879. Son of John 
and Laura (Riley) Burrows. Ed.: Washing- 
ton Public Schools. 

Record: 1924, started trapshooting. 1925-26, 
shot in Grand Amer. Handicap (Dayton, Ohio). 
1926-27, won doubles champs., Wash. Gun Club, 

1927, won D. C. and Maryland handicap champ. 

1928, shot in Southern Handicap (Pinehurst, 
N. C.). Has been official at field trials since 
1922. Owner and breeder of several prize win- 
ning hunting dogs. 

Pres. Occupation: Meat merchant; pres. Natl. 
Hotel Supply Co. Affiliations: Masons, William 
R. Singleton Lodge ; Merchants and Mf rs. Asso. ; 
Chamber of Commerce. Clubs: Washington 
Gun ; Hebbsville Gun ; Atlantic Indian Gun ; 
City Club; Natl. Capital Field Trial (vice- 
pres.) ; Md. Field Trial ; Del. Setter and Pointer ; 
Page Valley Field Trial ; Amateur Trapshooters 
of Amer. (life mem.) ; Md. State Game Comn. 
Hobby: Trapshooting and field shooting. Mar- 
ried: Mary Curran, Wash., D. C, Apr., 1903. 
Children: Mildred, age 22; Joseph F., age 20; 
Martha, age 18. Office: Center Market, Wash., 
D. C. Home: 4535 Wis. ave. N. W., Wash, D. C. 

Mason; Elks; Amer. Legion; Zeta Psi. Hobby: 
Athletics and music. Office: 578 5th Ave., 
N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 69 W. 49th St., N. Y. C. 
New York. 

BURTNER, HARRY K., bowling. Bom: Har- 
risonburg, Va., Dec. 16, 1893. Son of George 
C. and Frances (Clatterbuch) Burtner. Ed.: 
Harrisonburg H. Sch. 

Record: 1913, capt. Grand Central team. 1917, 
won W. C. D. C. single tournament score, 385. 
1918-19-20, capt. Rathskeller team. 1922-25-26- 
27, mem. D. C. team. 1926, won all events 
match at Convocation Hall, record score 1,156, 
9 games ; co-holder doubles record score, 763 ; 
mem. King Pin team, estab. tournament record, 
score 1,809, 3 games, 5-man team ; mem. King 
Pin team set D. C. high record score, 1,877, 3 
games, 5-man team. 

Pres. Occupation: Bookkeeper, J. B. Kendall 
Co. Affiliations: D. C. League; Masons; In- 
dian Springs G.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Mildred Fulty, Apr. 17, 1917. Children: George, 
age 8; Mary, age 6; Harriet, (infant). Office: 
485 Mo. Ave. N. W., Washington, D. C. Home: 
5107 13th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

BURT, DAVID ALLAN, JR., football and 
swimming. Born: Wheeling, W. Va., Feb. 22, 
1903. Son of David A. and Elizabeth (Mc- 
Lain) Burt. Ed.: Salisbury Prep. Sch.; B.S., 
Yale, 1926. 

Record: 1921, mem. Salisbury Prep. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1922, mem. Yale freshman champ. F.B. 
team. 1924-26, mem. Yale I.C. champ, water 
polo team (capt., 1926). 1925, mem. Yale var- 
sity F.B. team. 1926, mem. Yale I.C. champ, 
swimming team. 

Pres. Occupation: Broker, Hazlett & Burt. 
Affiliations: Theta Xi ; Tau Beta Pi ; Yale Engr. 
Asso.; Wheeling C.C. ; Fort Henry Club; Steu- 
benville C.C. Hobby: Sports. Office: Hazlett & 
Burt, Steubenville, Ohio. Home: Echo Point, 
Wheeling, W. Va. 

BURT, HARRY A., football. Born: Taun- 
ton, Mass., Sept. 13, 1887. Son of D. Arthur 
and Lizzie T. (Williams) Burt. Ed.: Taunton 
H. Sch. ; A.B., Tufts Coll., 1910 ; Harvard Busi- 
ness Sch., 1911. 

Record: 1902-05, mem. Taunton H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1906-09, mem. Tufts Coll. F.B. team. 
1919, coach 101st Ammunition Train, 26th Div. 
F.B. team, France. 

Pres. Occupation: Adv. and purchasing agent, 
Gorham Co. War Record: Enlisted Mar., 1917; 
mem. A.E.F., discharged as sgt. Affiliations: 

BURTON, WARD COTTON, tennis. Born: 
Cambridge, Mass., Mar. 3, 1876. Son of Hazen 
James and Alice Gertrude Cotton (Whitney) 
Burton. Ed.: A.B. Harvard 1899. 

Record: 1904-05, won Wis. State champ, dou- 
bles. Won Minn. State champ, (singles). 1906 
and '07, with R. G. Hunt, ranked as 8th doubles 
team in the U. S. 1906-7-8-12-13-14-15-17 to 27, 
chrmn. regatta com. Minnetonka Yacht C. 1906- 
11-15, won Minn. State champ, (doubles). 1906- 
14-18, won N.W. champ, (doubles). 1908-9, vice- 
pres. West. L.T.A. 1908-20, pres. Minn. Tennis 
Court. 1909-10, vice-commodore Minnetonka 
Yacht C. 1910-11-12, won Minn, city champ, 
(singles). 1910-28, N. West. Del. U.S., L.T.A. 
1911-16, comdr. Minnetonka Yacht C. 1921, mem. 
crew, Amer. yacht "Bootlegger" (winner of Dug- 
gin Cup). 1920-23, dir. Inland Lake Yacht Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant, real estate. 
Affiliations: vice-pres. and treas. Plymouth 
Clothing House ; vice-pres. and treas. Hennepin 
Holding Co.; pres. and treas. Burton Co. Clubs: 
Minnetonka Yacht C. ; White Bear Yacht C. ; 
Beverly Yacht C. ; Minneapolis Tennis C. ; La- 
Fayette C. ; Minikahda C. ; Minneapolis C. ; 
Harvard C. ; S.C.W. Hobby: yachting, tennis, 
ice boating, skiing. Married: Ella Lindley, 
Sept. 1, 1917. Children: Alice Whitney, age 8 ; 
Gale Cotton, age 9 ; Lindley James, age 6 ; John 
Cotton, age 5. Office: Hennepin & Sixth St.. 
Minneapolis, Minn. Home: Deephaven, Minn. 





BUSER, ALFRED L., football. Born: Madi- 
son, Wis., Sept. 21, 1888. Son of John A. and 
Anna (Vorndran) Buser. Ed.: B.S.A., Univ. 
of Wis., 1912. 

Record: Mem. Univ. of Wis. F.B. and track 
teams for three yrs. (capt. F.B. team, 1911). 
Mem. All-West. F.B. team for three yrs. (capt. 
1911). 1911, mem. Colliers All- West F.B. 
team. Mem. Univ. of Wis. crew for two yrs. 
1917-24, dir. aths. and F.B. coach. 

Pres. Occupation: Employee of Montgomery 
Ward & Co. (St. Paul, Minn.). War Record: 
mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Iron Cross (Univ. of 
Wis.) ; Phi Sigma Kappa; Amer. Legion; Hais- 
ley Lynch Post, Gainsville, Fla. (charter mem.) ; 
"W" Club (Univ. of Wis., charter mem. and 
first pres.) ; Bd. of dirs. N. West. Officials Asso. ; 
dir. Midwest Sports Bureau. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Leita W. Mathews, Sept. 3, 1913. 
Children: Jerome A., age 13. Office: 1400 Univ. 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Home: 1431 W. Minne- 
haha St., St. Paul, Minn. 

BUSH, GEORGE TOME, football, bicycle, 
track and basketball. Born: Bellefonte, Pa., 
Sept. 24, 1867. Son of Daniel Griffen and 
Louise (Tome) Bush. Ed.: Swarthmore, 1888; 
Pa. State Coll., 1889. 

Record: 1887, mem. Pa. State track team, 
held hammer record (81 ft.). 1885, mem. 
Swarthmore freshman F.B. team. 1889-91, 
mem. Pa. State Coll. F.B. team. 1900, made 
bicycle tour thru Europe. 1892, coach Mich. 
A. A. F.B. team. 1894-96, coach Y.M.C.A. F.B. 
team. Mem. 1X3. Bd. of F.B. Officials since 

Pres. Occupation: Fire ins. and real estate. 
Mil. Service: Mem. Pa. Nat'l Guard. Affiliations: 
Chmn., rac. bd. L.A.W. ; chmn., recruiting com. 
L.A.W.; State and Nat'l. Bds, L.A.W. ; K.T.; 32° 
Mason; Shriner ; vice-pres. Pa. Nat'l Historical 
Soc. ; Amer. Philatelic Soc. ; Sons of Revolution ; 
Kiwanis Club (Bellefonte, Pa.) ; Acacia. Hobby: 
Sports and philately. Address: Bush Arcade, 
Bellefonte, Pa. 

BUSH, JAMES IRVING, basketball, base- 
ball and football. Born: Racine, Wis., Oct. 10, 
1884. Son of James E. and Belle (Addis) Bush. 
Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1906. 

Record: 1902, mem. Univ. of Wis. freshman 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1903-05, mem. 
Univ. of Wis. varsity F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. 
teams (capt. F.B. team, 1904-05), capt. Bskt.B. 
team, 1905). 1904, mentioned on Walter Camp's 
All- Amer. F.B. team; mem. AH- West. Conf. 
champ. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Vice-pres. Equitable Trust 
Co. of N. Y. Naval Service: Enlisted U. S. 
Navy, discharged Elnsign. Affiliations: Dir. M. 

K.T., R.R.; Dir. Madison Sq. Garden Corp.; 
Sigma Chi. Hobby: Golf and boxing. Children: 
Betty, age 11. Office: 11 Broad St., N. Y. C, N. 
Y. Home: 885 Pk. Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

S. Golf Asso. Born: Columbus, Ohio, May 15, 
1895. Son of Samuel Prescott and Flora (Shel- 
ton) Bush. Ed.: B.A. Yale, 1917. 

Record: 1911, runner-up, Ohio State champ. 
1915-16-17, mem. Yale B.B. team. 1915, mem. 
Yale golf team. 

Pres. Occupation: W. A. Harriman & Co., 
Inc. Mil. Service: Capt. F. A. ; mem. A.E.F., 
Meuse-Argonne, Army of Occupation. Clubs: 
Round Hill; Field (Greenwich, Conn.); Yale; 
The Lunch (N. Y.). Hobby: Golf, squash rac- 
quets. Married: Dorothy Walker, 1921. Chil- 
dren: Prescott Sheldon, Jr., age 5 ; Geo. Her- 
bert, age 4 ; Nancy, age 2. Office: 39 Broadway, 
N. Y. C. Home: Stanwich Rd., Greenwich, Conn. 

Born: Hurley, Wis., Aug. 23, 1892. Son of 
Thomas H. and Sophia (Ballard) Bushnell. 
Ed.: Shaw H. Sch. (Cleveland, Ohio) ; M.E., 
Univ. of Mich. 

Record: 1909-11, mem. Shaw H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team, (capt, 1911). 1910-11, mem. Shaw H. 
Sch. F.B. team. 1911, mgr. Shaw H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1912-14, mem. Univ. of Mich. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Comn. mgr. The Ohio Pow- 
er Co. (Lima, Ohio). Affiliations: Delta Kappa 
Epsilon ; Kiwanis Club ; Shoronee C.C. Mar- 
ried: Anne Adele Johnson, Oct. 3, 1913. Chil- 
dren: Jean Margaret, age 12; Mary Elizabeth, 
age 11. Office: 216 N. Elizabeth, Lima, Ohio. 
Home: 223 S. Kenilworth, Lima, Ohio. 


Born: N. Y. C, N. Y., July 27, 1893. Son of 
Frederick T. and Margaret Krebs (Shape) 
Busk. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1916. 

Record: 1914-16, mem. Harvard crew team. 
1914, won Amer. Henley and Childs Cup, (Phila., 
Pa.) ; won against Princeton- Annapolis. 1916, 
capt. Harvard No. 2 crew team, won against 

Pres Occupation: Broker. War Record: 
Capt. CO., Co. B., 310th Inf. 78th Div., Meuse 
Argonne. Affiliations: "H" Club (Boston, 
Mass.). Married: Harriet Lee Fessenden, June 
19, 1920. Children: Caroline Lee, age 4. Office: 
50 Congress St., Boston, Mass. Home: 12 Kings- 
bury Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Born: Akron, Ohio, July 31, 1894. Son of Wil- 
liam J. and Anna (Albrecht) Butcher. Ed.: 





Akron Cen. H. Sen., 1913; A.B., Heidelberg 
Coll. (Tiffin, Ohio), 1917; Univ. of Edinburgh 
(Scotland), 1919; Ohio State Coll., 1924. 

Record: 1912, mem. Akron Cen. H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1913-14-15-16, mem. Heidelberg Coll. F.B. 
team. 1917, mem. Regtl. F.B. team, 77th Div., 
Camp Upton (N. Y.). 1920-21-22, coach, ath. 
teams, Napoleon (Ohio) H. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Alumni sec. Heidelberg 
Coll. War Record: Mem. A.E.F., May, 1917, to 
Aug. 1, 1919; 1st Sgt. 305th Field Ambulance 
Co., Saumur Arty. Sch., Saumur, France; comnd. 
2nd It., Reserves F.A. Affiliations: Mason, Amer. 
Legion, Isaac Walton, "H" Asso. (Heidelberg) ; 
Ath. Com. of Heidelberg. Hobby: F.B., Bskt.B., 
and fishing. Married: Florence Burns, Mar. 6, 
1920. Children: Marjorie Ann, age 6. Office: 
Greenfield St., Tiffin, Ohio. Home: 285 Coe St., 
Tiffin, Ohio. 

BUTCHER, ELVIN OSCAR, football and 
basketball. Born: Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 9, 
1907. Son of Elvin O. and Minnie (Clems) 
Butcher. Ed.: Knoxville H. Sch., 1924; A.B., 
Univ. of Tenn., 1928. 

Record: 1923, mem. Knoxville H. Sch. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1925-26-27, mem. Univ. of 
Tenn. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (chosen by U. S. 
Press as All-Southern F.B. center, 1926; capt. 
Bskt.B. team, 1927.). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Sig- 
ma Chi. Home: 1223 Highland Ave.; Knoxville, 

football. Born: Boston, Mass., Apr. 21, 1866. 
Son of Edward Knowles and Frances E. L. 
(Pierce) Butler. Ed.: Mrs. Walker's Sch. 
(Jamaica Plain, Mass.) ; Miss Weston's Sch. 
(Roxbury, Mass.); Roxbury Latin Sch.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1888. 

. Record: 1883-84, mem. Roxbury Latin Sch. 
F.B. team. 1885, mem. Harvard freshman crew. 
1886-87, mem. Harvard varsity crew. 1887-88, 
mem. Harvard varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Headmaster Morristown 
Sch. (Morristown, N. J.). Mil. Service: Pvt., 
Morristown Bn., Home Guard. Affiliations: 
Wash. Asso. (Morristown, N. J.) ; Morristown 
Community Chest (div. capt.) ; Harvard Club 
(N. T. C.) ; Harvard Club (Boston). Hobby: 
Hiking. Married: Lydia Raguet Farnham. 
Children: Arthur P., Jr., age 19; E. Farnham, 
age 18. Home: Fernald Point Rd., S. West 
Harbor, Me. 

baseball, basketball and handball. Born: Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Mar. 17, 1892. Son of Michael E. and 

Kathryn E. Butler. Ed.: Poly. Prep. (Brooklyn, 
N. Y.), 1909. M.E., Cornell Univ., 1913. 

Record: 1908-09, mem. Poly. Prep. F.B., B.B., 
Bskt.B. and hockey teams. 1910-13, mem. Cor- 
nell Univ. F.B. team (kicked 53-yd. field goal, 
1911-12; capt. 1912). 1912-28, mem. Crescent 
A.C. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) B.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 
1923, won N. Y. State single wall H.B. champ. 
1923-28, coach Crescent A.C. B.B. and Bskt.B. 
teams. 1925, won nat'l single wall H.B. champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins., N. West. Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. Affiliations: Delta Upsilon ; K.C. ; 
Elks; Crescent A.C. (Brooklyn, N. Y.). Mar- 
ried: Marguerite Klauberg, Feb., 1927. Office: 
526 3rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bom: Bloomfield, N. J., April 4, 1891. -Son. of 
Nathaniel and Mary Louise (Bancroft) Butler. 
Ed.: Montclair H. Sch. 1910; B.S., Agr. Univ. 
of Wis., 1914. 

Record: 1908-09-10, mem. Montclair H. Sch. 
Bskt.B., F.B. and track teams (capt. track, 
1909). 1910-11, mem. Univ. of Wis. freshman 
F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 1911-12, mem. 
Univ. of Wis. varsity F.B., water polo and track 
teams. 1912-13, mem. F.B. and track teams. 
(All-Amer. selection by Walter Camp, '12) ; 
capt. water polo team. 1913, All-Amer. selec- 
tion by Walter Camp; All-West, selection ; All- 
Conf. selection. 1914, mem. Univ. of Wis. track 
team ; asst. coach O. Wesleyan Univ. F.B. 
team. 1915, asst. coach Univ. of Wis. F.B. 
team. 1916, I.C., F.B. official. 

Pres. Occupation: Owner and treas. Conti- 
nental Hatchery of Memphis. Affiliations: 
Delta Kappa Epsilon. Married: Lillian East- 
lund, Dec, 1918. Children: Helen Louise, age 5. 
Office: 2304 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Home: 
2304 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

BUTT, WILLIAM EDWARD, baseball, foot- 
ball. Born: Viroqua, Wis., Mar. 28, 1870. Son 
of Col. Cyrus M. and Margaret Elizabeth (Mc- 
Auley) Butt. Ed.: Univ. of Wis.; Hahnemann 
Med. Coll. 1895; Chicago Corr. Sch. of Law, 

Record: 1890-91, mem. Univ. of Wis. B.B. 
team. (Won Western Coll. pennants) (won 3 
prizes for longest throw) ; mem. Univ. of Wis. 
lacrosse team (won two champ.), mem. La 
Farge lacrosse team (won two champ.) ; mem. 
Univ. of Wis. F.B. team (won drop-kick prize) ; 
mem. Univ. of Wis. rifle team (tied for first 
place). 1927, mgr. Viroqua B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Retired physician. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; County Fair Asso. Married: 
Nellie M. Wagner. Children: Cyrus, age 18. 
Home: 725 N. Main St., Viroqua, Wis. 



BUTTERFIELD, HENRY W., football and 
baseball. Born: Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 18, 1900. 
Son of Henry and Kathrine (Lyons) Butter- 
field. Ed.: Winthrop H. Sen. ; Hollywood H. 
Sch. ; Phillips Andover Acad. ; Univ. of Pitts- 
burgh ; Boston Univ. 

Record: 1917-18, mem. Winthrop H. Sch. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1919, mem. Phillips Andover 
Acad. F.B. team. 1920, mem. Univ. of Pitts- 
burg F.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. mgr. Bureau of Edison 
Shops. Affiliations: Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials; 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Diomedian Club (N. Y.). 
Hobby: Camping and hunting. Office: Pearl 
and Willoughby, Brooklyn, N. Y. Home: 124 
Pierrepont, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Born: Union County, N. Car., Nov. 6, 1889. Son 
of Franklin and Nancy Byarm. Ed.: B.S., A. 
& M. Coll., 1911. 

Record: 1910-11, mem. A.&M. Coll. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams (mgr. and capt. F.B. team, 
1910-11). 1920-28, ath. coach, A. & T. Coll. 
(1927 F.B. team won C.I.A.A. champ.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. coach A. & T. Coll. 
War Record: Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop 
A.E.F. Married: Sudie D. Evans, June 14, 
1924. Home: 400 Beech St., Greensboro, N. Car. 

Record: 1922, mem. F.B. team, Colo. Sch. for 
the Deaf. 1925, mem. Gallaudet Coll. Bskt.B. 
team. 1925-27, mem. Gallaudet Coll. track 
team (capt. 1927; broke record in discus, 105 
ft., and shotput, 36 ft., 1925 ; high point scorer 
in interclass meet, 1927, 42 points). 1926-27- 
28, mem. Gallaudet Coll. F.B. team (capt. 

Press. Occupation: Student (Gallaudet Coll.). 
Affiliations : Gallaudet Coll. A.A. Address: Gal- 
laudet Coll., Wash., D. C. 

BYRNES, WILLIAM JAMES, professional 
golfer. Born: N. Y. C, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1899. 
Son of John J. and Mary (Bergin) Byrnes. Ed.: 
Waverly H. Sch. 

Record: 1915-16-17, asst. pro., Fairview C.C. 
(Tuckahoe, N. Y.). 1921-22-23, asst. pro. Hill- 
crest C.C. (Kansas City, Mo.). 1924-25-26-27- 
28, pro. Indoor Golf Sch. (Okla. City, Okla.). 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golf. Naval Service: 
U. S. Naval transport service, May, 1917 ; dis- 
charged May 4, 1921. Affiliations: P.G.A. 
(Okla.) ; Junior Chamber of Commerce (Okla.). 
Hobby: Teaching golf. Married: Mercedies 
Ryan, Nov. 7, 1927. Office: 135 W. Main St., 
Okla. City, Okla. Home: 1209 W. 44th St., 
Okla. City, Okla. 

BYERS, FRED, mem. Univ. of Minnesota 
hockey team. Born: Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 
18, 1906. Son of J. R. and Anne (Williams) 
Byers. Ed.: West. H. Sch.; B.A., Univ. of Minn, 

Record: 1923-24, mem. West. H. Sch. hockey 
team. 1926-28, mem., Univ. of Minn, hockey 
team. 1926, Big Ten champs. 1927, tied Univ. 
of Mich, for Big Ten champ. 1928, won Big 
Ten champ, (tied for Mid-West champ.). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Phi 
Kappa Psi; Tau Upsilon Kappa. Office: 1609 
Univ. S.E., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 3036 
James Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

BYOUK, LOUIS MARK, football, track and 
basketball. Born: Crested Butte, Colo., Apr. 
18, 1903. Son of Mark and Agnes (Ross) 
Byouk. Ed.: Colo. Sch. for the Deaf; Gallau- 
det Coll. (Wash., D. C). 

BYRON, CARL, football and basketball offi- 
cial. Born: Ilion, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1892. Son of 
Michael A. and Mary Anna (Carroll) Byron. 
Ed.: Cen. Coll.; B.S., Union Coll., 1915. 

Record: 1911-13, mem. Cen. Coll. F.B., B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1914-15, mem. Union Coll. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. Coached Union Coll. 
freshman F.B. team. Men. Cen. Bd. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. Officials. Officiated N. Y. State Bskt.B. 
League ; officiated N. Y. State I.C. F.B. League ; 
officiated Inter-Sch. and I.C. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Chemical engr. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Chemical warfare service ; student gas 
officer, 33rd Div. Affiliations: N. Y. State Lawn 
Tennis Asso. ; "C" Club (Cen. Coll.) ; "U" Club 
(Union Coll.); Chamber of Commerce; K.C. ; 
Ilion Tennis Club. Hobby: Tennis and golf. 
Married: Elizabeth M. Lewis, May 3, 1919. Chil- 
dren: Mary Ellen, age 5 ; Carl, Jr., age 2. Office: 
131 State St., Boston, Mass. Home, 185 Melrose 
St., Melrose, Mass. 







CABB, FRED RAYZAR, football. Born: 
Antelope, Tex., July 26, 1899. Son of James 
Rice and Sallie (Rayzar) Cabb. Ed.: Denton 
H. Sch. ; N. Tex. State Teachers' Coll. ; Ga. Sch. 
of Tech. ; Tex. Univ. ; S. Methodist Univ. 

Record: 1914-17, mem. Denton H. Sch. F.B. 
team (State champs., 1916-17). 1918, mem. 
N.T.S.T.C. champ. F.B. team. 1919-20, mem. 
East Tex. League B.B. team. 1919-22, mem. Ga. 
Tech. F.B. team. 1921-22, mem. S. Atlantic 
League B.B. team. 1922, mem. S.M.U. F.B. 
team. Ath. dir. McKinley H. Sch. (B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. Godwin Hotel, (Den- 
ton, Tex.). Mil. Service: Mem. S.A.T.C. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; B.P.O.E. ; Kappa Alpha; S. West. 
Bd. of Officials; McKinney C.C. Married: Edna 
Earl Reed, Sept. 8, 1925. Address: So. Locust 
St., Denton, Tex. 

CADWELL, LEWIS E., crew. Born: New 
Haven, Conn., July 11, 1867. Son of Charles K. 
and Helen C. (Hine) Cadwell. Ed.: Ph.B., 
Yale, 1886. 

Record: 1884-85-86, mem. Yale crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Sec. and dir. Sisal Co. of 
Amer. ; sec. and dir. T. H. Crisp & Co., Inc., 
Sarasota, Fla. Affiliations: Chamber of Com- 
merce; Bd. of Gov., Univ. Club of Sarasota; 
Yale Club of Sarasota. Hobby: Golf, fishing. 
Married: Edith D. Peckham, Sept. 7, 1891. 
Children: Winifred La Voy (Mrs. John Hal- 
ton) ; Murray Kirke; Gertrude Emerson. Office: 
246 Main St., Sarasota, Fla. Home: Arlington 
Ave., Sarasota, Fla. 

CADY, FRED AUSTIN, swimming coach, 
Los Angeles A.C. Born: Asbu/y Park, N. J., 
Oct. 31, 1885. Son of Ethelbert and Elizabeth 
(Patterson) Cady. Ed.: Phila. H. Sch.; Acad, 
of Fine Arts (Phila.). 

Record: 1904-08, swimming coach, Central 
Y.M.C.A., Phila. 1908-12, coach Phila. Swim- 
ming Club. 1915, Coached Gilbert Tomlinson 
(Natl, half-mile swim, N. Y.). 1918, coached 
the first Amer. girl to hold world's record in 
swimming, Olga Dorfner (100 and 220 yd. free 
style). 1918-20, supervisor Public Pools, Phila.; 
coach Meadowbrook Club, Phila. 1920-28, coach 
Los Angeles A.C. 1922, coached Tom Blake 
(ten-mile Natl, champ, swim). 1923-23-25, 
coached girls 200 yd. Natl, relay swim, team 
(L.A.A.C.). 1925, men's Natl. 880 yd. relay 
swim, Long Beach, Calif. 

Pres. Occupation: Swimming coach Los An- 
geles A.C. Affiliations: Phila. Lodge 444 F. and 
A.M. Married: Viola Hartman. Office: Seventh 
and Olive Sts., Los Angeles, Calif. Home: 732 
West Knoll Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

CADY, RICHARD GAY, football, hockey and 
crew. Born: Hartford, Conn., Jan. 11, 1907. 
Son of Ernest Hyde and Ruth (Gay) Cady. Ed.: 
Kent H. Sch.; Yale. 

Record: 1923-25, mem. Kent H. Sch. hockey 
and F.B. team (capt. F.B., 1925). 1924-25, mem. 
Kent H. Sch. crew team ; won Harvard Inter- 
Sch. crew race (Cambridge, Mass.). 1926, mem. 
Yale freshman F.B. squad ; capt. Yale freshman 
hockey team. 1927-28, mem. Yale varsity hockey 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Home: 693 Farm- 
ington Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

can (football). Born: DeRidder, La., May 1, 
1905. Son of Thomas J. and Laney (Worher) 
Cagle. Ed.: B.A., Southwestern Louisiana 
Inst, 1926. 

Record: 1922-23-24-25, mem. S. West. La. Inst. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1923-24-25, mem. 
S. West. La. Inst. B.B. team. 1922-23-25, mem. 
S. West. La. Inst, track team. 1925, world's 
record in completing forward passes. 1926-27, 
mem. U.S.M.A. F.B. team (picked as All-Ameri- 
can, 1927). 

Present Occupation: Cadet, U.S.M.A. Affilia- 
tions: Phi Kappa Alpha. Pres. Address: 
U.S.M.A., West Point, N. Y. Home: Merryville, 

CAHILL, DR. FRANCIS M., varsity football 
and track. Born: Worcester, Mass., Sept. 9, 
1894. Son of Michael P. and Ellen (Fleming) 
Cahill. Ed.: Worcester Classical H. Sch., 1911 ; 
A.B., Holy Cross Coll., 1915; D.M.D., Tufts 
Dental Coll., 1919. 

Record: 1907-11, mem. Worcester Classical 
H. Sch. F.B., track and crew teams. 1911-15, 
mem. Holy Cross Coll. F.B. team. 1912-15, mem. 
Holy Cross Coll. track team. 1913, during Har- 
vard vs. Holy Cross Coll. F.B. game was men- 
tioned by sports writer as "All-Amer." tackle. 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist, referee and umpire 
for Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. War Record: En- 
listed in Medical Corps, U.S.A., Fort Warren, 
Boston, Mass., Nov. 27, 1917; hon. discharged; 
re-enlisted in Tufts S.A.T.C, hon. discharged 
Dec. 11, 1918. Affiliations: Worcester Fish and 
Game Asso. ; Bancroft Automobile Club ; Cen. 
Bd. F.B. Officials; Alhambra Council, K. of C. ; 
Worcester Chamber of Commerce; Holy Cross 
Alumni; Tufts Dental Coll. Alumni; Amer. 
Legion ; Amer., Mass. and Worcester Dental 
Asso. Hobby: Swimming, fishing and tennis. 
Office: 22 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. Home: 
101 Gage St., Worcester, Mass. 





football team, Colorado Agricultural College, 
1927. Born: Loveland, Colo., Sept. 6, 1905. Son 
of Wm. Clarence and Clara M. (Steinhaus) 
Caldwell. Ed.: Loveland H. Sen. ; Colo. Agri. 

Record: 1921-23, mem. Loveland H. Sen. F.B. 
team (All-State B.B., 1923). 1921-24, mem. 
Loveland H. Sen. track team (representative to 
Natl, meet, Chicago, 1923). 1924, mem. Love- 
land H. Sch. Bskt.B. team. 1924, mem. Colo. 
Agri. Coll. freshman F.B. team. 1925, mem. 
Rocky Mountain Conf. champ. F.B. team. 1925- 
27, mem. Colo. Agri. Coll. F.B., Bskt.B. and 
track teams (capt. F.B. team, 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: "A" 
Club, Colo. Agri. Coll. ; Sigma Nu ; Forestry 
Club. Hobby: Coaching. Home: 714 Reming- 
ton, Fort Collins, Colo. 

CALLAHAN, ROY HANEY, capt. Univ. of 
Mich, cross-country team, 1925. Born: Mar- 
celine, Mo., July 7, 1904. Son of Wm. P. and 
Mel vina (Haney) Callahan. Ed.: Gibsland H. 
Sch. (Gibsland, La.), 1922; A.B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1928. 

Record : 1919-22, mem. Gibsland H. Sch. Bskt. 
B. and B.B. teams. 1923-26, mem. Univ. of Mich. 
cross-country and track teams. Mem. four 
mile relay team that won the Mike Mason Tro- 
phy (1925 and 1926) at the Univ. of 111. Relay 
Carnival. Capt. Univ. of Mich, cross-country 

Pres. Occupation: Law student and Univ. 
Lib. Asst. Clubs: "M," Univ. of Mich.; Adel- 
phi ; Sphinx ; Michigamua ; Trignon ; Scabbard 
and Blade; Phi Delta Phi. Pres. Address: 
Univ. Library, Ann Arbor, Mich. Home: 502 E. 
Madison, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Bom: Auburn, N. Y., June 27, 1874. Son of 
John Hamilton and Ellen (Hall) Calhoun. Ed.: 
Univ. of Chicago, B.S., 1908; Ph.D., 1902. 

Record: 1894-99, mem. Univ. of Chicago track 
team (capt., 1898) ; mem. Ath. Council Univ. of 
Chicago ; Dir. Ath. 111. Coll. 1904-15, track coach 
Clemson Coll. (team won the S.I.A.A. several 
times and also the A.A.U. meets at Birming- 
ham). Vice-Pres. 1st Dist. S.I.A.A. Pres. S.C. 
Div. S.I.A.A. Pres. Clemson Coll. Ath. Asso. ; 
chrmn. Faculty Com. on Ath., Clemson Coll. 
Chrmn. Ath. Council Clemson Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Geologist. Affiliations: Phi 
Delta Theta; Consulting Geologist Seaboard 
R.R. ; Prof. Geology and Mineralogy Clemson 
Coll.; Dir. Resident Teaching Clemson Coll., 
S.C. ; Fellow Amer. Asso. Advancement Science ; 
Fellow S.C. Acad, of Science; Fellow Geol. Soc. 
of Amer. Hobby: Gardening. Married: Grace 
Ward, 1904. Children: John Ward, age 14; 
Fred., Jr., age 10. Address: Clemson Coll., S. O. 

football, 1919-20. Born: Lawrence, Mass., Mar. 
29, 1895. Son of Timothy N. and Mary Ellen 
(Wagstaff) Callahan. Ed.: Phillips Acad., 
1915; Ph.B., Yale, 1921; New Coll., 1922. 

Record: 1913-14, mem. Phillips Acad. F.B. 
team (capt. 1914). 1916, mem. Yale F.B. team. 
1917, mem. U.S.N.R. F.B. team (service 
champs.) ; selected center on "Walter Camp's 
All-Service team." 1919-20, capt. Yale F.B. 
team. 1920, selected as All-Amer. guard on 
Walter Camp's F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. Naval Service: En- 
listed U.S.N.R., 1917; Comnd. ensign, U.S.N.R., 
Dec, 1918. Affiliations: Yale Club (N. Y. C). 
Office: 25 Broadway, N. T. C, N. Y. Home: 
4006 Gardiner, Bayside, L. I., N. Y. 

CALLAND, LEO BLAKELY, director of in- 
tramural athletics, head baseball coach and 
assistant football coach Univ. of S. California, 
1927-28. Born: St. Paris, Ohio, Feb. 24, 1901. 
Son of Lee and Anne (Bodie) Calland.. Ed.: 
Broadway H. Sch. (Seattle, Wash.) ; A.B., 
Univ. of S. Oalif., 1923. 

Record: 1916-17, mem. Broadway H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt. B. and track (capt. F.B., 1917). 1918, 
mem. Naval Training Station F.B. and Bskt.B. 
teams. 1919-12, mem. Univ. of S. Calif. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1922). 1923-25, 
freshman coach Univ. of S. Calif. 1925-27, 
dir. phy. ed. Whittier Coll.; F.B. and Bskt.B. 
coach Whittier Coll. 1927-28, dir. of intramural 
ath., head B.B. coach and asst. F.B. coach 
Univ. of S. Calif. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. intramural ath., head 
Bskt.B. coach and asst. F.B. coach Univ. of 
S. Calif. Naval Service: Naval Training Sta- 
tion, Seattle, Wash. Affiliations: Phi Kappa 
Psi ; Varsity Club. Married: Sarah Snow, Nov. 
27, 1923. Children: Patricia, age 3; Wm., age 
1. Office: 3551 Univ. Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home: 3032 Swift St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

hockey team, 1905. Born: Chicago, 111., Dec. 2, 
1882. Son of Samuel Rodger and Elizabeth 
(Ecclestone) Callaway. Ed.: St. Pauls Sch. 
(Concord, N. H.), 1901; A.B., Harvard, 1905; 
Sch. of Mil. Aeronautics, U. S. A., Princeton, 

Record: 1897-1901, mem. St. Paul's Sch. F.B., 
track and hockey teams (capt. hockey team, 
1901). 1904, mem. Harvard hockey team. 1905, 
capt. Harvard hockey team. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment banker. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted Feb., 1918; pvt. 1st class; 
pilot, Aviation Sec, U. S. Army ; apptd. Sch. 
of Mil. Aeronautics, Princeton, N. J. Discharged 




Mar., 1919. Affiliations: Callaway, Fish and 
Co. ; Ex. Com. and Dir. Taylor, Wharton Iron 
& Steel Co. ; Dir. Nat. Air Transport Co. ; Ex. 
Com. and Dir. Lombard Truck and Tractor Co. ; 
Trea. St. Pauls Sch. Alumni Asso. ; Delta Kappa 
Epsilon; Inst, of 1770; Hasty Pudding Club. 
Chios: Riding; Racquet and tennis; Harvard; 
Bankers (N. Y.) ; Rockaway Hunting (Long 
Island) ; Somerset Lake and Came (N. J.) ; 
Wianno (Cape Cod, Mass.) ; Raritan Valley 
C.C. (N. J.). Hobby: Sailing, riding, tennis, 
golf and hockey. Married: Elsie M. Kellogg. 
Children: Elizabeth, age 17 ; Trowbridge, Jr., 
age 15 ; S. Rodger, age 13 ; John M., age 12. 
Office: 37 Wall St., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 34 E. 
68th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

Born: Olympia, Wash., Aug. 9, 1890. Son of 
Edward and Hannah (Lewis) Callow. Ed.: 
Olympia H. Sch., 1909; A.B., Univ. of Wash., 

Record! : 1905-09, mem. Olympia H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1912, mem. Univ. of 
Wash, freshman crew. 1913-15, mem. Univ. 
of Wash, varsity crew (capt., 1915). 1922-27, 
coach Univ. of Wash, crew team. 1926-27, 
coach Havana Yacht Club crew team (Havana, 
Cuba). 1927-28, head coach Univ. of Pa. crew 

Pres. Occupation: Rowing coach, Univ. of Pa. 
Mil. Service: Enlisted U. S. Army, Spruce Div., 
1917-18, discharged 1918. Affiliations: Penn. 
A.C. ; Psi Upsilon ; Mason ; Knight Templar ; 
Shriner; Undine Barge Club. Hobby: Hand- 
ball. Married: Dollie McLean, July 3, 1919. 
Children: Gordon, age 6; Keith, age 3. Office: 
Care Council on Athletics, Univ. of Pa., Phila., 
Pa. Home: 5101 Overbrook Ave., Phila., Pa. 

Foils champ., 1927. Born: South Boston, 
Mass., Jan. 18, 1900. Son of Patrick and Helena 
(Crowley) Calnan. Ed.: English H. Sch., Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1915 ; U. S. Naval Acad., 1920 ; M.S., 
Mass. Inst, of Tech., 1923. 

Record: 1918, mem. U. S. Naval Acad, fencing 
team ; U. S. Naval Acad, dueling sword champ. 
1919, capt. U. S. Naval Acad, fencing team; 
U. S. Naval Acad, dueling sword champ. ; U. S. 
Naval Acad, foils champ. 1920, mem. Amer. 
Olympic team. 1922, New Eng. foils champ. ; 
amateur coach fencing, M.I.T. 1923, natl. duel- 
ing sword champ. ; amateur coach fencing, 
M.I.T. 1924, mem. Amer. Olympic team ; mem. 
Boston A.A. fencing team. 1925, natl. foils 
champ. ; mem. New York Fencers' Club team. 
1926, natl. foils champ. ; mem. Amer. Internatl. 
fencing team ; mem. New York Fencers' Club 
team. 1927, natl. foils champ. ; mem. New York 
Fencers' Club team. 

Pres. Occupation: Naval constructor U. S. N. 
War Record: Served as midshipman U.S.N, dur- 
ing World War, duty at U. S. Naval Acad, on 
board U.S.S. Rhode Island and U.S.S. Pennsyl- 
vania. Affiliations: Naval Acad. A.A. ; New 
York Fencers' Club (pres.) ; Graduate Advisory 
Com. of I.C. Fencing Asso. ; Bd. of Gov. of Ama- 
teur Fencers' League of Amer.; Catholic Club 
of N. Y. Hobby: Fencing. Office: U. S. Navy 
Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y. Home: 196 Maplewood 
St., Watertown, Mass. 

CAMERON, DAVID, football. Born: Port 
Glasgow, Scotland, July 3, 1904. Son of David 
and Catherine (McKay) Cameron. Ed.: Hib- 
bing (Minn.) H. Sch.; Hibbing (Minn.) Junior 
Coll.; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1926. 

Record: 1920-21, mem. Hibbing H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1922-23, mem. Hibbing Junior Coll. F.B. 
team (Minn. Junior Coll. champs., "Little Ten" 
Conf.). 1923, chosen All-State guard. 1922, 
mem. Hibbing Junior Coll. track team. 1925-26, 
mem. Univ. of Chicago F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach of F.B., dir. of In- 
tramural Ath. Lyons Twp. H. Sch.; La Grange, 
111. Affiliations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hobby: 
Boys' summer camps. Office: Lyons Twp. H. 
Sch., La Grange, 111. Home: 202 S. Bramard 
St., La Grange, 111. 

ball and basketball. Born: Manor, Pa., Apr. 22, 
1902. Son of A. P. and May (Roberts) Cam- 
eron. Ed.: Culver Mil. Acad., 1920; B.S., 
Wash, and Lee, 1924. 

Record: 1918-19, mem. Culver Mil. Acad. F.B. 
team. 1919-20, mem. Culver Mil. Acad. Bskt.B. 
team. 1921, mem. W. and L. F.B. team. 1922- 
23-24, mem. W. and L. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams 
(capt. F.B. team, 1923; capt. Bskt.B. team, 
1924). 1923, picked as All-S. Atlantic f.b. 1924, 
picked as All-Southern f.b. 1925, coached W. 
and L. Bskt.B. team ; coached Greenbrier Mil. 
Acad. F.B. team. 1926-27, asst. F.B. coach 
Duke Univ. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. coach. Affiliations: 
Phi Kappa Psi ; Monogram Club, W. and L. ; 
Omega Delta Kappa. Hobby: Football. Mar- 
ried: Nancy Timberlake, Oct. 19, 1924. Office: 
Duke Univ., Durham, N. C. Home: Same. 

Born: Stockton, Calif. Son of John F. and 
Hattie (Rogers) Campbell. Ed.: Univ. of Nev. ; 
B.A., Stanford, 1914. 

Record: 1911, mem. Olympic Club track team, 
(San Francisco, Calif.). 1912-14, mem. Stan- 
ford track team (100 yds. 10 sec, 220 yds. 
214-5 sec, 440 yds. 48 4-5 sec). 



Pres. Occupation: Oil production supt. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Clara Cram. Children: Jean, 
age 9 ; Robert, age 6 ; David, age 5. Office: 
Care Marland Oil Co., Big Spring, Tex. 

CAMPBELL, GORDON H., football. Bom: 
Waukeeney, Kans., Aug. 16, 1880. Son of Don- 
ald Kennedy and Margaret (McGilvray) Camp- 
bell. Ed.: Lake Forest Coll., 1900; Univ. of 
Chicago, 1901. 

Record: 1898-99, mem. Lake Forest Coll. F.B. 
team (capt., 1899). 1899-1900, mem. Lake For- 
est Coll. track team. 1901, F.B. coach South 
Chicago H. Sch. 1902, coach Pontiac (111.) H. 
Sch. 1910-28, officiated in important H. Sch. 
and coll. F.B. games in Arkansas. 1912-16, 
city tennis champ., Little Rock, Ark. 1916, 
South. Mo. tennis champ.; Ark. State tennis 
champ, (singles) and mem. champ, tennis team 

Pres. Occupation: General agent, Aetna Life 
Ins. Co. Affiliations: Vice-pres. Bankers' Trust 
Co. (Little Rock, Ark.) ; dir. Little Rock Branch 
Federal Reserve Bank ; Ark. Bldg. and Loan 
Asso. ; Retail Grocers' Ice Co. ; Rose City Cotton 
Oil Mill ; Roselawn Realty Co. ; Mason ; Shrine ; 
Consistory ; exec. com. State Y.M.C.A. ; Ark. 
Ath. Officials' Asso. (pres., 1922-27). Clubs: 
Rotary ; Little Rock C.C. Married: Alice Rob- 
inson, Oct. 14, 1908. Children: Robinson, age 
18 ; Margaret McGilvray, age 16 ; Laura Pem- 
berton, age 12 ; Elizabeth Kennedy, age 8. Office: 
Bankers' Trust Bldg., Little Rock., Ark. Home: 
2222 Gains St., Little Rock, Ark. 

CAMPBELL, HOWARD E., bowling. Born: 
Wash., D. C, Feb. 9, 1899. Son of George W. 
and Mary (Howard) Campbell. Ed.: Thomp- 
son Sch. (Wash., D. C). 

Record: 1914, mem. Natl. Capital Bowling 
League. 1916, won singles and all events tour- 
nament, W.C.D.A. (singles score, 393; all 
events, 1027, 9 games). 1918, bowled with 
Rathskeller team of Dist. League; bowled with 
Dist. Motor Co. team, Natl. Capital League 
(won league champ.). 1919, bowled with Rath- 
skeller team, Natl. Capital League, established 
record for 5-man team (score 666, one game). 
1924, rolled high set in Dist. League (score, 
424), also high game (score, 179). 1925, won 
doubles in W.C.D.A. tourney with Harry Burt- 
ner (score, 756). 1925-26, bowled with King 
Pin team, which was runner-up in Dist. champ. ; 
team won Natl. Capital League champ., 1926. 
1926, won in doubles with Wolstenholne against 
Baltimore, Brooklyn and Boston in all inter- 
city matches ; won all inter-city singles. 1927, 
rolled with King Pin team, defeating Baltimore. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. mgr. King Pin Bowl- 
ing Alleys, Inc. Naval Service: U. S. Navy, 
Atlantic Fleet, 1916-18. Affiliations: I.O.O.F. 

Hobby: Bowling. Married: Frances Coyle, July 
29, 1926. Office: 3330 14th St. N. W., Wash., 
D. C. Home: 1413 Girard St. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

Princeton crew. Born: Shushan (Wash. Co.), 
N. Y., Jan. 31, 1856. Son of Peter and Mary 
Jane (Mcintosh) Campbell. Ed.: Chapin's Col- 
legiate Sch. (N. Y. C), 1873. Hunt's Prep. Sch. 
(Wash., D. C.) ; Princeton, A.B., 1877; A.M., 

Record: 1873, mem. Princeton freshman B.B. 
nine. 1874, mem. Princeton freshman crew 
(won two flags and cup). 1875, mem. Prince- 
ton varsity F.B. and B.B. nine. 1876, mgr. 
track and mem. Princeton varsity crew. 1877, 
mem. Princeton varsity B.B. nine. 1878, mem. 
Analostan Four-oared Club crew (Wash., D. C). 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. The Trenton Potter- 
ies Co., Trenton, N. J. Affiliations: Chrmn. The 
Trenton Banking Co. ; vice-pres. Trenton Sav- 
ings Fund Soc. ; vice-pres. United N. J. Rail- 
road and Canal Co. (Trenton, N. J.) ; vice-pres. 
Dela. and Bound Brook R. R. Co. (Trenton, 
N. J.) ; dir. Prudential Ins. Co. (Newark, 
N. J.) ; pres. Free Public Library (Trenton, 
N. J. ) ; trustee Sch. of Industrial Arts ; pres. 
Soldiers and Sailors' War Memorial Com. ; pres. 
Bd. of Trustees, Prospect St. Church; Trenton 
C.C. ; pres. N. J. Senior Golf Asso. ; Trenton 
Club ; Carteret Club ; Nassau Club ; Princeton 
Club. Married: Fannie Cleveland, Oct. 30, 1879. 
Children: Fannie Cleveland, age 43. Office: The 
Trenton Potteries Co., Trenton N. J. Home: 
379 W. State St., Trenton, N. J. 

ford football team, 1923. Bom: San Francisco, 
Calif., July 14, 1901. Son of Stirling K. and 
Annie (Ruff) Campbell. Ed.: Lowell H. Sch., 
1920; B.C.E., Stanford, 1924. 

Record: 1917-18-19, mem. Lowell H. Sch. 
rugby, F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams (capt. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams, 1919). 1920, mem. 
Stanford freshmen F.B., track and Bskt.B. 
teams ; mem. Stanford varsity rugby team. 
1921-22, mem. Stanford varsity F.B., Bskt.B.; 
track and rugby teams. 1923, mem. Stanford 
F}B. and track teams (capt]. F.B.). 1924, 
Olympic Club quarterback F.B. team. 1925, 
Olympic Club quarterback on unbeaten Olympic 
Club team that broke 5 yr. winning streak of 
Univ. of Calif. 1926, Olympic Club quaterback 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Gen. contractor, Black and 
Campbell. Affiliations: Olympic Club; Alpha 
Delta Phi ; Jr. Chamber of Commerce of San 
Fran. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Edyth Mar- 
jorie Walker. Children: Grace Mary, age 2. 
Office: Call Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. Home: 
1220 Byron St., Palo Alto, Calif. 





CAMPBELL, LEON A., football. Born: New- 
port, N. J., May 13, 1888. Ed.: B. S., Colgate 
Univ., 1910. 

Record: 1907, mem. Colgate Univ. varsity B.B. 
team. 1908-09-10, mem. Colgate Univ. varsity 
B.B. and Bskt.B. team (capt. B.B. team 1910). 
1910, mem. Colgate Univ. varsity F.B. team; 
chosen All-Eastern guard (F.B.). Mem. Cen. 
Bd. of F.B. Officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Life ins. salesman. Affilia- 
tions: Phi Kappa Psi ; Kiwanis Club. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Mabel Wheelock, Nov. 28, 1912. 
Children Marjorie Shaw, age 13 ; David Joslin, 
age 11 ; Janet Wheelock, age 9 ; Leon, Jr., age 
4. Office: 1 Elm Row. New Brunswick. N. J. 
Home: 615 Abbott St., New Brunswick, N. J. 

CAMPBELL, LE ROY, track, football. Born: 
Cross Hill, S. C, Mar. 5, 1890. Son of Thos. 
A. and Sudie (Carter) Campbell. Ed.: Ander- 
son H. Sch. ; Univ. H. Sch. ; Phillips Exeter 
Acad. ; Univ. Chicago. 

Record: 1909-10, mem. Univ. H. Sch. F.B. and 
track teams, (won Intersch. 440 and 880 yd. 
dash champs.). Mem. Phillips Exeter track 
team. 1913-15, mem. Univ. Chicago track team 
(capt., 1914; I.C. Conf. % mi. champ, with new 
record, 1:53 3/5, 1915; won I.C. conf. 1 mi. 
indoor champ., Evanston, 1914). 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. War Record: 
Enlisted in U.S.A. Inf. ; served in A.E.F. ; hon. 
disch., Aug., 1919. Affiliations: Delta Tau 
Delta; W. Side Tennis Club. Hobby: Track 
and tennis. Married: Lucette Lannot, May 31, 
1922. Office: 32 Franklin St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Home: 105 E. 63rd St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

CAMPBELL, SAM W., high jump champ., 
Univ. of Minn. Born: Eveleth, Minn., Feb. 1, 
1902. Son of Frank R. and Mae (Gill) Camp- 
bell. Ed.: Univ. of Minn., B.A., 1925; L.L.B., 

Record: 1922, mem. Univ. of Minn track team 
(established new Minn, record in high jump. 5 
ft. 11 y 2 in.). 1923, mem. Univ. of Minn, track 
team (established new Minn, record in high 
jump, 6 ft. 1 in.). 1924, mem. Univ. of Minn, 
track team, (established new Minn, record in 
high jump, 6 ft. 3%in., still the record of Minn. 
Univ.) ; tied for 1st place in high jump Big 
Ten Conf. meet (Chicago). 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. Affiliations: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Phi Alpha Delta. Home: 
1107 7th St. S.E., Minneapolis, Minn. Office: 
826 1st Natl. Soo Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

CAMPBELL, THEODORE, JR., soccer. Born: 
Phila., Pa., Mar. 7, 1902. Son of Theodore and 
Frances (Moore) Campbell. Ed.: Haverford 
Prep. Sch. (Pa.), 1920; B.S., Univ. of Pa., 1924. 

Record: 1918-19-20, mem. Haverford Prep. 
Sch. soccer team. 1919-20, mem. Haverford 
tennis team ; mgr. Haverford soccer team. 
1920-21, mem. Univ. of Pa. freshman soccer 
team. 1922-23, picked for All-State soccer team 
by league coaches. 1922-23-24, mem. Univ. of 
Pa. varsity soccer team. 1924-25-26, played soc- 
cer for Merion Cricket Club ; mem. squash rac- 
quets and bowling teams of Overbrook G.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Insurance. Affiliations: 
Phi Delta Theta ; Overbrook G.C. (Phila.); 
Varsity Club (Univ. of Pa.). Hobby: Golf. 
Office: 1600 Arch St., Phila., Pa. Home: 6312 
Overbrook Ave., Phila, Pa. 

CAMPBELL, THOMAS, holder world's record 
for 500 metres, 1 :03 2/5. Born: St. Stephens, 
S. C, July 20, 1898. Son of Thos. and Sudie 
(Carter) Campbell. Ed.: Ph.B., Yale, 1923; 
LL.B., Columbia Law Sch., 1926. 

Record : 1918, mem. Univ. H. Sch. track team ; 
won Natl, and All-Amer. y 2 nii. champs. ; won 
West. y 2 mi. champ., estab. new record of 
1:57% (Great Lakes); won Central A.A.U. 
V 2 mi. champ, and cross country champ. ; mem. 
Interallied 1600 metre champ, relay team 
(Pnris). 1919, mem. Yale freshmen track and 
cross country teams (won freshmen I.C. cross 
country champ.; capt.). 1920-23, mem. Yale 
track team (won Amer. 2 mi. relay champ., 
1921 ; won Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale. 
Internat. y> mi. champ., estaD. new record 
1 :55 ; capt., 1923 ; holder, worlds record for 
500 metres, 1:03 2/5). 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. Mil. Service: 
Mem. S.A.T.C, Univ. Chicago ; mem. Light 
Arty., Camp Zachary Taylor. Affiliations: 
Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Psi ; Phi 
Delta Phi. Clubs: West Side Tennis; Manhat- 
tan ; Yale. Office: 115 Broadway, N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Home: 110 E. 84th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

CAMPBELL, WALTER, football and base- 
ball. Born: Boston, Mass., Sept. 6, 1889. Son 
of Robert and Elizabeth (Hopkins) Campbell. 
Ed.: Springfield Y.M.C.A. Coll.; Univ of Neb. 

Record: Mem. Springfield Y.M.C.A. Coll. F.B. 
squad and B.B. teams. 1916, freshman coach 
Univ. of Neb. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. professor of phy. ed., 
Univ. of Rochester; owner of Camp Contoocock, 
East Jaffney, N. H. War Record: Mem. A.E.F., 
discharged, 1918. Affiliations: East. Asso. of 
I.C. Officials; Mason. Hobby: Athletics. Mar- 
ried: Minerva Blanchard. Children: Lorna, age 
4; Walter, Jr., age 2. Office: Univ. Ave., Roch- 
ester, N. Y. Home: 81 McKinley St., Rochester, 
N. Y. 



CANAUSA, FRED CHARLES, professional 
golf. Born: Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Dec. 16, 1898. 
Son of Frank and Mary (DeLane) Canausa. 
Ed.: Waverly H. Sen. (Tuckahoe, N. Y.). 

Record: 1918-19-20, asst. golf pro. Oak Ridge 
G.C. 1920-28, golf instr. U. S. Mil. Acad. 
1920-21-22, qualified in Natl. open. 1921-22-23- 
24, competed in N. Y. State open. 1921-22-23- 
24-25-26-27, competed in Metropolitan open. 
Holds course record of Powelton G.C. (New- 
burgh, N. Y.) and Seabreeze G.C. (Daytona, 
Fla.), score 69. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. golf. Affiliations: 
P.G.A. (mem. tournament com.); K.C. ; mem. 
U. S. Army A.A. (West Point). Hobby: Golf. 
Office: West Point, N. Y. Home: 77 Highland 
Ave., Tuckahoe, N. Y. 

CANN, HOWARD G., mem. Olympic team, 
1920. Born: Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 11, 1895. 
Spn of Frank H. and Alice (Goodsell) Cann. 
Ed.: H. Sch. of Commerce; Dartmouth Coll.; 
B.S., N. Y. Univ., 1920. 

Record: Mem. H. Sch. of Commerce F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams for 3 yrs. Won P.S.A.L. 
champ, in shot put, hurdles and discus. 1914, 
mem. Dartmouth freshman F.B., Bskt.B. and 
track teams. 1915-20, mem. N. Y. Univ. varsity 
F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams (capt. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams, 1918.). 1919-20, mem. N. Y. 
Univ. Bskt.B., A.A.U. champs; awarded cup as 
most valuable player; I.C. champ, shot put. 
1919, mem. Olympic team (Antwerp), shot put. 
1921-28, coach Bskt.B. N. Y. Univ. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman, A. G. Spalding 
& Bros. Naval Service: U. S. Navy, rank of 
senior It. Affiliations: N.Y.A.C. ; Masons; Phi 
Gamma Delta; coach N. Y. Univ. Office: 105 
Nassau St., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 2305 Sedg- 
wick Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

CANTWELL, ALFRED W., football, basket- 
ball and track. Born: St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 29, 
1902. Son of Mark S. and Mary (White) Cant- 
well. Ed.: Webster Groves H. Sch., 1920; B.S., 
Wash. Univ., 1924. 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Wash. Univ. varsity 
Bskt.B. and track teams. 1921-23, mem. Wash. 
Univ. varsity F.B. team (capt. 1923). 1924, 
asst. F.B. coach Wash. Univ. 1926-27, coached 
F.B. in H. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. nat'l. dir. Amer. Red 
Cross, 1st Aid Life Saving. Affiliations: Sigma 
Chi; "W" Club, (Wash. Univ.). Hobby: Ath- 
letics. Married: Amy Hassall, Aug. 11, 1925. 
Children: Amy Hunt, infant. Office: Amer. Red 
Cross, 1709 Wash. St., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 
305 Baker Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. 

CANTWELL, THOMAS A., baseball. Born: 
Wash., D. C, Dec. 23, 1888. Son of James and 
Mary (Murphy) Cantwell. Ed.: Gonzaga 
(Wash., D. C), 1905; A.B., Univ. of Georgetown, 

Record: 1906-07-08-09, mem. Georgetown 
Univ. B.B. team (capt., 1908) ; played semi-pro. 
for Winchester, Va. 1909-10, mem. Cincinnati 
Nat'l. League, under Clark Griffith. 1910, sold 
on option to Milwaukee. 1911, mem. Evansville, 
Ind., team, Central League ; sold to Newark of 
Internatl. League. 1912, sold to Terre Haute, 
Ind. 1912-14, played for Terre Haute. 

Pres. Occupation: Jobber and mill rep. ; own- 
er of T. A. Cantwell and Co. Affiliations: Co- 
lumbia C.C. (Wash., D. C.) ; Indiansprings 
G.C; K.C; Kiwanis Club (Wash., D.O.) ; Elks; 
City Club (Wash., D.C) ; Bd. of Trade (Wash., 
D. C) ; Chamber of Commerce (Wash., D. C) ; 
Merchants and Mfgr. Asso. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Mary Quigley, June, 1916. Office: 480 La. 
Ave. N.W., Wash., D. C Home: 5801 16th St. 
N.W., Wash., D. O. 

CAPSHAW, FRED, football coach. Born: 
Norman, Okla., Dec. 5, 1891. Son of Dr. M. T. 
J. and Rebecca M. (Briggs) Capshaw. Ed.: 
Norman H. Sch., 1907; Univ. of Okla., A.B., 
1913, L.L.B., 1914. 

Record: 190507, mem. Norman H. Sch. F.B., 
track and B.B. teams. 1909-11, mem. Univ. of 
Okla. varsity F.B. team (capt., 1911; All Vic- 
torians Champs.) ; mem. All-S. West. F.B. team. 
1910, coach Norman H. Sch. 1912-13, asst 
F.B. coach Univ. of Okla. 1914-16, coached all 
sports, Okla. Univ. Prep. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Chrmn. of Okla. State Corp. 
Comn. Affiliations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi 
Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Mason, Shriner; 
Okla. G. and C.C; "O" Club, (Univ. of Okla.). 
Hobby: Athletics. Married: Leonard Light, Aug. 
8, 1923. Office: State Capitol, Okla. City, Okla. 
Home: 609 Eubauko St., Okla. City, Okla. 

CARBERRY, WILLIAM L., director of ath- 
letics Southern State Teachers' Coll. Born: 
Panora, la., Mar. 13, 1885. Son of James H. 
and Mary A. (Walsh) Carberry. Ed.: Guthrie 
Co. H. Sch. ; B.A., Univ. of la., 1909. 

Record: 1900-04, mem. Guthrie Co. H. Sch. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1905, mem. Univ. of la. 
freshman F.B. team. 1906-07, mem. Univ. of la. 
varsity track team. 1906-08, mem. Univ. of la. 
varsity F.B. team. 1907, All- West. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach and ath. dir. S.S. 
T.C Affiliations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Elks; 
K. of C Hobby: Athletics. Married: Agnes 
Brennan, June 17, 1917. Children: Margaret 
Jane, age 7. Home: Yankton, S. Dak. 


-Harold Stein 



CARBO, RALPH JOHN, football. Born: 
Kensington, Conn., May 17, 1894. Son of John 
and Isabel (Napolitano) Carbo. Ed.: New 
Britain, (Conn.) H. Sch. ; M.D., Georgetown 
Univ., 1919. 

Recordi: 1913-14, mem. Georgetown Univ. F.B. 
team ; sub. Georgetown Univ. Bskt.B. and B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Naval Service: 
N.R.F., 1917; discharged, 1919. Affiliations: 
' Georgetown Ath. Asso. ; Phi Beta Pi; A.M. A.; 
Wash. Medical So. ; Southern Medical Soc. 
Hobby: Tennis. Married: Claudia Lieutand, 
1918. Children: Ralph John, Jr., age 6; Claudia 
Louise, infant. Office: 1105 Buchanan St., 
Washington, D. C. Home: Same. 

CARGILE, NEIL HASTINGS, football. Born: 
Arkadelphia, Ark., Jan. 7, 1902. Son of J. S. 
and Mary F. (Jenkins) Cargile. Ed.: Kemper 
Mil. Sch!; A.B., Vanderbilt Univ., 1926; B.E., 
1927 ; Ovachita Coll., 1923 ; Mass. Inst, of Tech., 

Record: 1920, mem. Kemper Mil. Sch. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1920-23, mem. Oreochita B.B. 
and F.B. teams; mem. All-State Coll. F.B. 
team (Ark., 1922-23). 1923, capt. Mass. Inst, of 
Tech. freshman F.B. team. 1924-26, mem. Van- 
derbilt Univ. varsity F.B. team (capt., 1926). 
1925, mem. Vanderbilt Univ. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Engr., Allen Mfg. Co., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. Affiliations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; 
Exchange Club (Nashville, Tenn.) ; Junior 
Chamber of Commerce. Hobby: Hunting. Mar- 
ried: Eleanora Allen. Office: 10th and Union 
Sts., Nashville, Tenn. 

CARISS, WALTER L., baseball. Born: 
Ralston, Pa., Feb. 18, 1883. Son of Geo. H. and 
Frances (Kilner) Cariss. Ed.: Wilmington Acad. 
M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1906. 

Record: 1898-1902, mem. Wilmington Acad. 
B.B. and F.B. teams. 1902-05, mem. Univ. of 
Pa. B.B. team. 1906-07, mem. Wash., Pa., B.B. 
team. 1908, mem. Trenton, N. J., B.B. team 
(Tri-State League) ; mem. Wheeling W. Va. B.B. 
team (Cen. League). 1909-17 coach Univ. of Pa. 
freshman B.B. team. 1920-28, coach Univ. of 
Pa. varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Army Service: 
Comnd. Capt. Medical Corps base hospital, 
Camp Dix, N. J., 1918-19. Affiliations: Penn. 
A.C. (B.B. com.) ; Racquet Club (B.B. Com.) ; 
Phi Sigma Kappa ; Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Lans- 
downe O.C.; Rolling Green C.C. Hobby: B.B. 
and golf. Married: Marguerita Feldpauche, 
1909. Office: 2043 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: 
801 N. 41st St., Phila., Pa. 

CARLIN, PHILLIPS, broadcasting of sport- 
ing classics. Born: New York City, June 30, 
1894. Son of Wayland and Laura (Phillips) 
Carlin. Education: Public School, 165, 1908; 
DeWitt Clinton High School, 1912; A.B., New 
York University, 1916. 

Record: 1914-16, member of New York Uni- 
versity track and basketball teams. Broad- 
cast the following sporting classics: 1924, Ten- 
nis Championships, Forest Hills ; 1925-26, Army- 
Notre Dame and Yale-Army football games; 
1925-27. Yale- Princeton, Harvard - Dartmouth 
and Penn-Cornell football games; 1926, Har- 
vard-Princeton football game: 1926-27, Yale- 
Harvard football game and World's Series base- 
ball games (assisted) : 1927, Navy -Notre Dame 
and Princeton-Ohio State football games, Demp- 
sey-Sharkey and Dempsey-Tunney Champion- 
ship fights. (Co-operated with Graham Mc- 
Namee on some of the above events). 

Present Occupation: Assistant Eastern pro- 
gram director and announcer on special events 
and sports. Naval Service: Enlisted, United 
States Naval Reserve Forces, October, 1917 ; 
commissioned, ensign and lieutenant; dis- 
charged, June, 1919. Affiliations: National 
Broadcasting Company ; Delta Upsilon ; Phi 
Beta Kappa ; Letter Club of New York Univer- 
sity. Hobby: Fishing, golf and sports. Mar- 
ried: Claire Eugenie Wilhelm, 1921. Children: 
Virginia Claire, age 2. Office: 711 Fifth Ave- 
nue, New York City. Home: 118 Underhill Ave- 
nue, Brooklyn, New York. 

CARLSON, ARCHIE H., mem. Univ. of 
Minn, football team, 1916. Born: Willmar, 
Minn., Apr. 21, 1894. Son of Charles B. and 
Ellen (Rosenguist) Carlson. Ed.: Carleton Coll. 
(Northfield, Minn.) ; Ph.C, Univ. of Minn., 1917. 

Record: 1913-14, mem. Carleton Coll. F.B. 
team (won state champ.). 1915, mem. Carle- 
ton Coll. B.B. team. 1916, mem. Univ. of Minn. 
F.B. team (this team called by Dr. Henry Wil- 
liams as his greatest team in 23 years coaching 
at Univ. of Minn.). 1917, coach Univ. of Wash, 
freshman F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant, mem. Carlson 
Bros. Drugs. Mil. Service: Cade Air Service, 
Taylor Field, Ala. and Kelly Field, Tex. Affilia- 
tions: "M" Club (Univ. of Minn.) ; Green Lake 
C.C. ; Sigma Nu ; Amer. Legion. Married: Ge- 
neva Hess, July 27, 1919. Children: Mary El- 
len, age 6; Charles David, age 4. Office: 200 
Benson Ave., Willmar, Minn. Home: 320 9th 
St. S., Willmar, Minn. 

CARLSON, CLIFFORD H., basketball coach 
Univ. of Pittsburgh. Born: Murray, Ohio, July 
4, 1896. Son of Axel and Margaret (Bowen) 
Carlson. Ed.: Univ. of Pittsburgh, B.S., 1918, 
M.D., 1920. 





Record: 1914-17, mem. Univ. of Pittsburgh 
B.B. Bskt.B. and F.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1927). 
1922-27, coached Univ. of Pittsburgh freshman 
F.B. and varsity Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Affiliations: Dir. 
Community Home Saving Co. ; Carnegie Steel 
Co. ; Marcon Coal Co. ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Nu 
Sigma Nu ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Mason ; 
Shriner. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Mary 
Ethel Brown, Sept. 12, 1918. Children: H. Clif- 
ford, age 8; Mary Ruth, age 4. Office: 316 8th 
St., Braddock, Pa. Home: 801 Kirkpotock, 
Braddock, Pa. 

Tower, Minn., Mar. 15, 1897. Son of William 
John and Augusta (Johnson) Carlson. Ed.: 
The Stout Inst. (Menomonie, Wis.), 1917; B.S., 
Univ. of Wis., 1926. 

Record: 1916, mem. Stout Inst. Bskt.B. team. 
1922, mem. Univ. of Wis. varsity F.B. team. 
1925-26, mem. Univ. of Wis. varsity hockey 
team. 1926-27, coach freshman hockey team, 
Univ. of Wis. ; Madison City hockey team. 

Pres. Occupation: Civil engr. War Record: 
Enlisted Hq. Co., 5th Inf., 1917-20; 2nd lieut. 
308th heavy tanks. Affiliations: Pi Kappa 
Alpha. Married: Vera Gradler, 1922. Office: 110 
E. Wash. St., Madison, Wis. Home: 608 Mich. 
Ave., Crystal Falls, Mich. 


Bom: New York City, N. Y., June 28, 1892. 
Son of G. M. and Matilda G. (Goodridge) 
Carnochan. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1914. 

Record: 1913-14, mem. Harvard soccer team. 
1914, mem. Harvard hockey team (All Amer. 
goal). 1915-16, mem. St. Nicholas hockey 
team (All-Amer. goal). 1922, mem. Squadron 
A. indoor polo team. 1923-24, mem. N.Y.A.C. 
indoor polo team. 1923-25, mem. Oxridge Hunt 
Club polo team. 1925-26, mem. N. Y. Riding 
Club indoor polo team. 1926, sec. I.C. Polo 

Pres. Occupation: Stock broker. Naval Ser- 
vice: Ensign, U.S.N.R., F.C., 1918-19. Affilia- 
tion: Mem. Neilson Burrill & Co. Clubs: Es- 
sex Hunt ; Union ; Turf and Field ; Riding 
Hobby: Fox hunting. Married: Sibyll B. Bliss, 
Aug., 1927. Children: Eleanor, age 11 ; Gouver- 
neur, Jr., age 8. Office: Wall St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 
Home: New City, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

CAROTHERS, SAMUEL, football. Bom: 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 9, 1883. Son of James 
and Laura G. Carothers. Ed.: B.S., Princeton, 

Record: Mem. Princeton F.B. team, two 

Pres. Occupation: Broker. Mil. Service: In 
artillery training camp at Camp Zachary Tay- 
lor, Louisville, Ky., for three months in fall of 
1918. Clubs: Duquesne; Shannopin C.C. Mar- 
ried: Mae Osborne, Sept. 1, 1916. Children: 
Emily, age 10 ; Mae French, age 7 ; Laura Allen, 
age 5. Office: 1201 Union Bank Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

CARPENTER, CHARLES C. J., wrestling. 
Bom: Augusta, Ga., Sept. 2, 1899. Son of Rev. 
Samuel B. and Ruth Berrien (Jones) Car- 
penter. Ed.: Lawrenceville Sch. ; A.B., Prince- 
ton Univ., 1921; B.D., Va. Theological Semi- 
nary, 1926. 

Record: 1916, champ. Lawrenceville Sch. 
heavyweight boxing. 1919-20, mem. Princeton 
varsity track team (won varsity "P" in the 
hammer-throw) ; mem. Princeton varsity F.B. 
squad. 1919-20-21, mem. Princeton varsity 
wrestling team (won every bout during the sea- 
son and heavyweight champ, in the East I.C. 
Asso. ; capt. and won varsity "P," 1921 ) . 1922, 
coach Princeton freshman wrestling team. 1923, 
coach Princeton varsity wrestling team. 

Pres. Occupation: Episcopal minister, Grace 
Church, Waycross, Ga. Mil. Service: 2nd lieut. 
inf., Sept., 1918; Rutgers Coll., 1918; hon. dis- 
charge, 1918. Affiliations: Examining chaplain 
to the Bishop of Ga. ; Archdeacon of Ga. ; chap- 
lain Amer. Legion ; Waycross Welfare Bd. ; 
Princeton Varsity C. ; Princeton Quadrangle C. 
Office: Grace Church, Waycross, Ga. Home: 521 
Ware St., Waycross, Ga. 

Bom: Racine, Wis., July 11, 1897. Son of C. R. 
and Imogene (Hand) Carpenter. Ed.: A.B., 
Univ. of Wis., 1920. 

Record: 1916-17-19, mem. Univ. of Wis. F.B. 
team (capt., 1919). 1919, mem. Collier's All- 
Amer. F.B. team. 1921, line coach Stanford 
Univ. 1922-23, first asst. coach Univ. of Wis. 

Pres. Occupation: Sales mgr., Kiechifer Con- 
tainer Co., Calif, and Honolulu plant. Naval 
Service: U. S. Naval aviator, stations Key 
West, Miami, Pensacola ; discharged, Feb. 19, 
1919. Affiliations: Alpha Delta Phi. Married: 
Joy Shodboet, June 14, 1923. Children: Cynthia, 
age 2. Office: Hunter Oulen Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. Home: 2400 Divisadero St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

ball and baseball. Born: Monticello, la., Feb. 
21 1891. Son of Henry M. and Mary (Farwell) 
Carpenter. Ed.: Monticello H. Sch., 1907; Lake 
Forest Acad., 1909 ; Univ. of Chicago, 1913. 

Record: 1910-11-12, mem. Univ. of Chicago 
F.B. team (capt., 1912). 1911-12-13, mem. Univ. 
of Chicago B.B. team. 






Pres. Occupation: Cashier Monticello State 
Bank, Monticello, la. ; pres. Franklin Equip- 
ment Co., Monticello, la. Mil. Service: Officers' 
Training Camp, Fort Snelling ; 1st lieut. 36tb 
Inf. ; promoted to maj. 36th Inf. Married: Lou 
Densmore, June 10, 1915. Home: Monticello, la. 

track. Born: Newman, Ga., June 3, 1893. Son 
of Stanley V. and Glenn (Camp) Carpenter. 
Ed.: Newman H. Sen., 1909; Alabama Poly tech. 
Inst., 1910; Georgia Tech., 1917. 

Record: 1914-17,, mem. Georgia Tech. varsity 
F.B. and track teams. 1916-17, picked All-S. 
tackle. 1917, won natl. champ, with Pittsburgh. 

Pres. Occupation: Loan office, Mortgage and 
Guaranty Co. of Amer. 'War Record: Enlisted 
46th F.A., commnd. 2nd lieut. ; discharged Feb., 
1918. Affiliations: Phi Delta Theta; Mason. 
Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Married: Loreta 
Jackson, May 30, 1923. Children: Tom Glenn, 
age 2. Office: 902 Candler Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 
Home: 428 W. Ponce de Leon, Decatur, Ga. 

golf. Bom: Salem, Ohio, July 9, 1902. Son of 
William Parrish and Emma (Archibald) Car- 
penter. Ed.: Salem H. Sch. ; Phillips Andover 
Acad. (Andover, Mass.), 1921; A.B., Yale, 1925. 

Record: 1920, mem. Phillips Andover Acad, 
rifle, track and tennis teams. 1921, mem. Phil- 
lips Andover Acad, rifle and track teams. 1922, 
mem. Yale freshman track team (won 1st place 
in pole-vault in meets with Harvard and Prince- 
ton). 1923-24, mem. Yale varsity track team 
(runner-up in pole-vault, Harvard and Prince- 
ton meets, 1923). 1925, mem. Yale golf team. 
1926, low amateur in Lakeland Open golf, score 
298 ; qualified in Ohio amateur golf tournament 
(Cleveland). 1927, qualified in Ohio amateur 
golf tournament (Dayton), score 159; qualified 
in Cleveland Dist. champ., score 161 ; won invi- 
tation tournament (Camp Springs, Pa.), score 
145; course records, Madison G.C. (Cleveland), 
70; Salem G.C. (Salem), 72. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate. Affiliations: 
H. A. Stahl Co. (Cleveland, Ohio), asst. sales 
mgr. ; Zeta Psi ; Mason ; Cleveland Dist. Golf 
Asso. Clubs: Yale A.C. ; N.Y.A.C. ; Yale Musi- 
cal Clubs; Yale Club (N. Y. and Cleveland); 
Salem Golf (Salem, Ohio) ; Madison Golf 
(Cleveland, Ohio) ; Yale Golf (New Haven, 
Conn.). Hobby: Golf. Home: 7500 Euclid Ave., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

CARR, SARIN W., world's pole vault record, 
1927. Born: Dubuque, Iowa, Setember 4, 1904. 
Son of James T. and Helen (Sutherland) Carr. 
Education: B.A., Yale, 1928. 

Record: 1924-28, member of Yale track team 
(1924, established Interscholastic pole vault 
record at Yale and Princeton meets ; won New 
York section trials for Olympic games). 1925, 
established freshman meet vault record at 
Princeton ; member of Yale-Harvard team to 
compete with Oxford and Cambridge meet, 
establishing record of 13 feet. 1927, set world's 
indoor vault record at 13 feet 7 inches, Boston 
Athletic Association games. 1928, established 
new world's outdoor record for vault at Frank- 
lin Field; captain Yale track team). 

Present Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Yale Athletic Association ; Chi Psi. Address: 
Dubuque, Iowa. 

CARRIGAN, LAWRENCE, baseball. Born: 
Somerville, Mass., June 30, 1891. Son of Peter 
and (Crowley) Carrigan. Ed,: Boston Univ. 

Record: Catcher, New England B.B. League. 
Mem. St. Louis and Canadian B.B. Leagues. 
Managed Plattsburg team, won pennant in 
N. Y. State League. Coached N. Hamp., Win- 
chester and Lexington H. Sch. teams. 1921, 
played in East. League (Pittsfleld). Played 
for Douglas team (champs.), Blackstone Valley 
League. Mem. Boston Univ. F.B. and Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: State auditor. Mil. Ser- 
vice: U. S. accountant and lieut. Affiliations: 
Cen. Coll. Bd. ; New England Coll. Bd. ; B.A.A. ; 
B.P.O.E. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Pearl 
Pidgeon, 1912. Children: Pauline, age 13; 
Beulah, age 5 ; Barbara, age 2. Office: State 
House, Boston, Mass. Home: 8 Jean Rd., Arling- 
ton, Mass. 

track. Born: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 
Feb. 17, 1892. Son of Thomas and Sarah 
(Nash) Carroll. Ed: A.B.. Stanford, 1920. 
Oxford Univ., (England). St. Aloysius Coll., 
(Sydney, Australia). Royal Sch. of Mines, 
(London, Eng.). 

Record : 1908-09-10-11-12, played for N. S. W. 
and Australia in all interstate and internatl. 
Rugby games; won several champ, races (100 
to 440 yds.), New South Wales. 1908, won gold 
Olympic medal with Australian champ. Rugby 
team (London, Eng.). 1909 and 1912, visited 
Amer. with Australian Rugby teams. 1913-14- 
15-16, mem., Stanford Rugby team (capt, 1915) ; 
mem., Stanford soccer team. 1919, mem., Aus- 
tralian rep. Service Rugby team (British Empire 
tournament) ; mem., Stanford F.B. team. Won 
Olympic gold medal (Rugby) for U.S.A. at 
Antwerp, Belgium, as playing coach of U.S. 








Pres. Occupation: In charge lands and leases. 
Standard Oil Co., Mont, and Wyo. War Record: 
1st Lieut, and Capt. 364th Inf., U.S.A., mem., 
A.E.F., awarded Distinguished Service Cross. 
Affiliations: The Calif. Co., (operating subsidy 
of Standard Oil Co., of Calif, in U.S. Outside 
of Calif.). Clubs: Olympic (San Francisco) ; 
Press (San Francisco) ; Meadow Lark Golf 
(Great Falls, Mont). Hobby: Golf, handball, 
and books. Married: Helen Elizabeth Warden, 
Jan. 4, 1927. Home: Rainbow Hotel, Great 
Falls, Mont. 

Born: Miller, S. Dak., Aug. 20, 1896. Son of 
George Henry and Alice (Milbourn) Carroll. 
Ed.: Univ. of S. Dak. ; Univ. of Minn., B.A., and 
LL.B., 1922. 

Record: 1914-15, mem. Univ. of S.D. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1916, mem. Univ. of Minn, 
freshman F.B. team. 1917, mem. Univ. of Minn, 
varsity F.B. team. 1918, mem. U.S.N.R. F.B. 
team (Cleveland N.R. team). 

Pres. Occupation: Judge Municipal Court, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Naval Service: Enlisted in 
U.S.N.R.F., March, 1918; hon. discharged, Dec, 
1918. Affiliations: "M" Club (Minneapolis) ; 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. coach. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted 1918, U.S.A. Air service, comnd. 2nd 
Lieut., Oct., 1918, stationed Ellington Field, 
Houston, Tex., discharged Sept. 2, 1919. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; "F" Club (Furman Univ.). Hobby: 
Football. Married: Mae Jones, July 15, 1925. 
Address: Furman Univ., Greenville, S. Car. 

Born: Chicopee Falls, June 14, 1856. Son of 
Timothy W. and Eliza H. (Bayley) Carter. 
Ed.: Williston Acad., 1874; A.B., Yale, 1878; 
B.D., Andover Theology Sem., 1882 ; D.D., Mari- 
etta, 1917. 

Record: 1874, mem. Williston Acad. B.B. 
team. 1876-77-78, mem. Yale varsity B.B. team 
(pitcher). 1881-83, coached Andover Theo. Sem. 
gym. and B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Pastor. Affiliations: Hart- 
ford G.C. ; Mt. View G.C. (Greensboro, Vt). 
Hobby: Golf and the cello. Married: Harriet 
F. Herrick (deceased). Children: Thomas 
Walker (died in service) ; Dwight Herrick, age 
37 ; Lyons, age 36 ; Frederic Dewhurst, age 31. 
Home: 40 Kenyon St., Hartford, Conn. 

Elks ; Minneapolis Ath. Club ; Phi Delta Theta ; 
Phi Delta Phi. Office: Court House, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Home: 615 2nd Ave., So. Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Univ. of Michigan baseball team, 1903-05. Born: 
Balivar, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1882. Son of John H. 
and Anna A. (Snyder) Carrothers. Ed.: Toledo 
H. Sch. ; M.E., Univ. of Mich., 1907. 

Record: 1900-02, mem. Toledo H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1902, mem. Toledo H. Sch. Bskt.B. team. 
1902-05, mem. Univ. of Mich. B.B. team, (won 
West. Conf. champ., 1904-05). 

Pres. Occupation: Oil producer and broker. 
Affiliations: "M" club, Univ. of Mich.; Tulsa 
C.C. ; Mason; Elk; Phi Gamma Delta. Hobby: 
Golf and fishing. Married: Grace Lydia Neville. 
Children: Edgar M., Jr., age 9. Home: 1315 S. 
Norfolk St., Tulsa, Okla. 

Born: Saluda, S. Car., Aug. 9, 1897. Son of 
J. A. and Josephine (De Loach) Carson. Ed.: 
A.B., Furman Univ., 1921. 

Record: 1916-20, mem. Furman Univ. F.B. 
team. 1917-21, mem. Furman Univ. B.B. team. 
1919-20, mem. Furman Univ. Bskt.B. team (mgr., 
1920). 1921, asst. coach Furman Univ. 1922-27, 
head coach Gaffney H. Sch. (won Upper State 
F.B. champ., 1922-26). 1927-28, asst. varsity 
coach Furman Univ. 

CARTER, ERNEST N., mem. Olympic team, 
1928. Born: Globe, Ariz., Sept. 4, 1902. Son 
of Mrs. W. J. Dillon. Ed.: B.A., Occidental 
Coll., 1926. 

Record: 1921, won tri-city meet 1 mi. and 
half mi. race at Santa Barbara (Calif.) ; run- 
ner-up in State track meet at Univ. Calif. ; 3rd 
place, So. Calif. I.C. track meet. 1922, mem. 
Occidental Coll. freshman track team. 1923- 
26, mem. Occidental Coll. varsity track team. 
1922, runner-up in S.P. A.A.U. track meet at 
Patterson field. 1923, won all races in So. 
Calif. Conf. 1924, made new 1 mi. sch. rec- 
ord, 4:28; participated in Penn. and Kan. re- 
lays ; won S. West, tryouts 1500 meters. 1925, 
estab. new So. Calif. 1 mi. record, 4:19 4/10; 
participated in Kan. and Drake relays ; run- 
ner-up in Natl. I.C. meet at Chicago ; won Jr. 
Natl, champ, at San Francisco. 1927, defeated 
Edwin Wide for 1 mi. Pacific Coast record, 
4 :16 4/10. 1928, won all races except final try- 
outs ; 3rd place, Olympic team. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate broker. Affilia- 
tions: Phi Gamma Delta ; Los Angeles A.C. 
Offi.ce: 1016 State St., Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Home: 317 Encuial Ave., Santa Barbara, Calif. 

CARTER, FRED G., football. Born: West 
Lima, Wis., Feb. 28, 1888. Son of A. T. and 
Sarah (Hamilton) Carter. Ed.: A.B., Univ. of 
Wis., 1911; M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical Sch., 





Record: 1909-10, mem. Univ. of Wis. F.B. 
team. 1911-12, ath. dir. and coach La Crosse 
(Wis.) H. Sch. 1912-15, ath. dir. and coach 
La Crosse (Wis.) State Normal Sch. 1916-17, 
ath. dir. and coach Colo. Sch. of Mines (Golden, 
Colo.). 1917-18, asst. F.B. coach Univ. of Wis. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician, supt. and physi- 
cian and surgeon in charge Ancker Hospital, 
St. Paul, Minn. Mil. Service: Honorably dis- 
charged from army, 1917 ; re-enlisted, 1917 
(Medical Reserve Corps) ; transferred to S.A. 
T.C., 1918 ; honorably discharged, 1918. Clubs: 
Rotary. Hobby: Golf. Married: Ima Jean Wat- 
terson. Office: Ancker Hospital, St. Paul, Minn. 

Southern Conference team, 1926. Born: Hance- 
ville, Ala., Mar. 31, 1905. Son of J. W. and 
M. J. (Bridges) Carter. Ed.: Ala. Poly. Inst. 

Record: 1925, mem. Ala. Poly. Inst, freshman 
F.B. team. 1926-28, mem. Ala. Poly. 1st var- 
sity F.B. team, (won place on All-S. Conf. team 
as guard). 1927, mem. Ala. Poly. Inst, varsity 
track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: "A" 
Club, Ala. Poly. Inst. ; Tau Omega Chi. Hobby: 
Fishing and hunting. Home: Blountsville, Ala. 

CARTER, KEEFE, Western amateur golf 
champ., 1925. Born: Purcell, Okla., Mar. 26, 
1906. Son of Dorset and Anna (Johnston) Car- 
ter. Ed.: Central H. Sch. (Okla. City) ; Univ. 
of Okla. 

Record: 1924, Okla. amateur golf champ. 
1925, Western amateur golf champ. ; ranked 
No. 4 among U. S. amateur golfers by William 
Everett Hicks (Brooklyn Daily Times). 1926, 
Okla. amateur golf champ ; qualified in Natl. 
Open and Natl. Amateur. 

Affiliations: Lakeside G. and C. Club; Twin 
Hills Golf Course; Okla. City A.C. ; Phi Delta 
Theta. Office: 416y 2 W. 24th St., Okla. City, 

CARTER, MERLIN INGELS, capt. Univ. of 
la. swimming team, 1928. Born: Urbana, 111., 
Feb. 9, 1904. Son of Charles O. and Eva (Jame- 
son) Carter. Ed.: West Des Moines (Iowa) H. 
Sch., 1922 ; Univ. of la. 

Record: 1925-26-27, Midwest. A.A.U. breast 
stroke champ. (220-yd. breast stroke, 3:11:08, 
1926). 1926, West. Conf. champ, (record, long- 
course breast stroke, 200 yds) ; first place in 
West. Conf. swimming team in breast stroke 
and medley relay team ; mem. All-Amer. swim- 
ming team (3rd place in breast stroke). 1927, 
2nd place in West. Conf. swimming team breast 
stroke; mem. All-Amer. team (4th place in 
breast stroke) ; 2nd in Natl. C.A.A. swimming 
meet (breast stroke) ; 1st in Natl. C.A.A. swim- 

ming meet (medley relay team). 1928, capt. 
Univ. of la. swimming team. 

Pres. Occupation: Cadet, U. S. Air Corps. 
Affiliations: Dolphin Natl. Swimming Frat. 
(pres., 1928) ; Hawkeye Club; Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon; G. and C. Club (Des Moines, la.). Pres. 
Address: March Field, Riverside, Calif. Home: 
1233 25th St., Des Moines, la. 

Born: Minneapolis, Minn., July 28, 1901. Son 
of Clarence Wilson and Josie A. (Martin) Car- 
ter. Ed.: West H. Sch.; Univ. of Minn; Stan- 

Record: 1918, won high and low bd. diving 
champ. Univ. of Minn. 1919, won Univ. of 
Minn. White Bear champ, (high and low bd.). 
1920, won State of Minn, champ. 1921, 1st place 
(champ.) in C.A.A.U. junior high and low bd. ; 
2nd place in C.A.A.U. senior high and low bd. ; 
high and low bd. N.West. Internatl. champ. 
1923, won M.A.C. champ. 3-yr. trophy cup. 1926, 
mem. Univ. of Minn, champ, swimming team ; 
won Big Ten during champ. (Ann Arbor, 
Mich.) ; won 58 medals Univ. of Minn. 1927, 
mem. Stanford Olympic team. 

Pres. Occupation: Sec. and sales mgr., Carter- 
Strite Co. Affiliations: Minneapolis Ath. Club; 
Theta Chi. Married: Lucy Meeds. Children: 
Barbara Jean, age 4. Office: 513 S. 3rd St., 
Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 4016 Lake Rd. Ave., 
Robbinsdale, Minn. 

CARTER, WILLIAM P., football. Born: 
Phila., Pa., Nov. 1, 1898. Son of Frank M. 
and Addie M. (Price) Carter. Ed.: Northeast 
H. Sch., 1918; A.B., Swarthmore Coll., 1922. 

Record: 1914, mem. Northeast H. Sch. fresh- 
man B.B. team. 1915, mem. Northeast H. Sch. 
varsity B.B. team (champs. Inter-Sch. League). 
1916-17, mem. Northeast H. Sch. varsity F.B., 
soccer, B.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1918-19, mem. 
Swarthmore varsity B.B., F.B., Bskt.B. and 
soccer (1919) teams. 1920-21, mem. Swarth- 
more varsity B.B., F.B. and soccer teams (capt. 
B.B. both yrs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. agent Equitable Life 
Assurance Soc. of U. S. Mil. Service: S.A.T.C, 
Swarthmore Coll., Pa. Affiliations: Gamma Eta 
Kappa (Northeast H. Sch.) ; Kappa Sigma 
(Swarthmore); Book and Key (Swarthmore); 
Varsity Club (Swarthmore) ; Penn. A.C. (Phil- 
adelphia). Hobby: Football, baseball, golf and 
tennis. Office: 15 S. Pa. Square, Phila., Pa. 
Home: 3754 N. Bouvier St., Phila., Pa. 

coach Penn. State College. Born: Uniontown, 
Ky., Jan. 13, 1883. Son of John and Annan 
(Rodman) Cartmell. Ed.: Du Pont Manual 
Training H. Sch. (Louisville, Ky.), 1903; B.S., 
Univ. of Pa., 1908. 






Record: 1900-08, mein. Univ. of Pa. track 
team (won 100 and 220 yds. in I.C. champ.). 
1907-09, competed as an amateur abroad (Eng- 
land, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Ger- 
many, Austria, Denmark and Sweden (won 
English amateur 220-yd. champ. Stamford 
Bridge, England, 1909). 1908, mem. Olympic 
team (ran on winning relay team in Olympic 
Games, London, England). 1909, established 
new Irish record for 100 and 220 yd. runs at 
Belfast, Ireland; pro. in Liverpool, England; 
won 1st pro. match, defeating Arthur Postle of 
Australia for world's pro. 220-yd. champ, (es- 
tablishing a new curve track and new world's 
pro. record of 21% sec). 3909-10-11, competed 
as pro. in England. 1910, took Fred (Tex.) 
Ramsdell to England and won the 100 and 220 
yd. amateur champ, of England (Ramsdell was 
1st man to ever win the two events in one day). 
1912, retired pro. champ, of the world. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, developer, trainer 
Pa. State Coll., State College, Pa. War Record: 
Comnd. 1st lieut. Air Service, 1918; stationed 
Hazelhurst Field ; asst. flight surgeon Major 
Poole, Cooperstown Hospital, 1918; discharged 
1st lieut. A.S.A., Mitchel Field, Nov., 1919. 
Affiliations: Veteran Ath. of Phila. ; Univ. of 
Pa. Varsity Club ; Centre Hills G.C. ; State Coll. 
Rotary Club. Hobby: Sports. Home: Box 139, 
State College, Pa. 


champ, pole-vaulter. Bom: Belmont, N. Y., 
Sept. 7, 1869. Son of Alphonso G. and Lovia D. 
(Etheridge) Cartwright. Ed.: Belmont Union 
Sch. ; Phillips Andover, 1889 ; Yale, B.A., 1893 ; 
M.A., 1901; C.P.A., N. Y. State, 1916. 

Record: 1889, capt. Andover track team. 
1892-93, won Yale-Harvard firsts in pole-vault. 
1892, Am. I.C. champ, pole-vaulter. Coach Betts 
Acad. (Stamford, Conn.) and Taft Sch. (Water- 
town, Conn.). 

Pres. Occupation: Certified public accountant. 
Affiliations: Treas. Gasoline Producers' Corp. 
(N. Y. C.) ; Yale Club; AU-Univs. Club (N. Y. 
C.) ; Mason. Hobby: Sailing, naval architec- 
ture. Married: Harriet Garton, 1908. Chil- 
dren: Roger G., age 16. Office: 31 Nassau St., 
N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 29 Perryridge, Green- 
wich, Conn. 

CARY, JOHN C, football. Bom: Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich., Oct. 2, 1897. Son of Cornelius and 
Julia (Lynch) Cary. Ed.: Catholic Cen. H. Sch., 
(Grand Rapids, Mich.), 1915; Univ. of Mich., 
A.B., 1920; L.L.B., 1922. 

Record: 1912-13-14, mem. Catholic Cen. H. 
Sch. F.B. team. 1917-18-19, mem. Univ. of Mich. 
F.B. team. 1920-21-22, "Big Ten" Conf. hockey 
referee ; Univ. of Mich. Intramural sports offi- 
cial. 1920-28, coll. and H. Sch. F.B. official. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty., Norris, McPherson 
Harrington & Waer. Naval Service: U.S.N.R., 
rank C 2 M. (A) ; discharged, 1919. Affilia- 
tions: "M" Club, (Univ. of Mich.) ; Grand 
Rapids Bar Asso. ; Mich. State Bar Asso. ; Mich. 
Alumni Asso. ; Bd. of Gov., Grand Rapids Univ. 
of Mich. Alumni Asso. Hobby: F.B. officiating, 
skating and swimming. Harried: Helen Wren, 
1926. Children: John C, Jr., infant. Office: 1112 
G.R. Savings Bldg., Grand Rapids, Mich. Home: 
432 N. Coll. Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

CASEY, HUGH JOHN, mem. U. S. rifle team, 
won Palma International match, 1925. Born: 
Brooklyn, N. Y., June 7, 1898. Son of John J. 
and Margaret (Miles) Casey. Ed.: Manual 
Training H. Sch. (Brooklyn, N. Y.), 1914; 
Brooklyn Poly. Inst., 1915; U. S. Mil. Acad. 
(West Point), 1918; Engr. Sch. (Fort Hum- 
phreys, Va.), 1927. 

Record: 1917, mem. U. S. Mil. Acad, wrest- 
ling and F.B. teams. 1920-21, mem. 1st engrs. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1923-24, mem. U.S. 
Engr. rifle team (won Natl, team match, 1923). 
1925, mem. U.S. rifle team (won Palma Internatl. 
match). 1927, mem. U. S. Engr. pistol team; 
coach U. S. Engr. rifle team. 

Pres. Occupation: 1st Lt. U.S. Army Engr. 
Corps. Mil. Service: Cadet U.S. Mil. Acad, to 
June, 1918; instr. Engr. Officers' Train. Sch. to 
Aug., 1918 ; comdr. Co. F, 219th Engrs. to 1919 ; 
capt. Engr. Corps. Affiliations: Army A.A. ; 
Soc. of Amer. Mil. Engrs. Married: Dorothy 
Ruth Miller. Children: Patricia Adams, age 4 ; 
Hugh Boyd, age 2. Office: Keenan Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Home: 210 Hastings St., Pittsburgh, 

team Univ. of Wis. Born: Cherry Valley, 111., 
Sept. 14, 1905. Son of Henry T. and Jane 
(Buck) Cassidy. Ed.: Rockford (111.) H. Sch.; 
Univ. of Wis. 

Record: 1922, mem. Rockford H. Sch. track 
team; sec. in N.West. I. C. meet (4 min. 381-5 
sec). 1923-24-25, mem. Univ. of Wis. track 
team. 1923, won non-varsity cross-country 
race of 2 miles ; 4 min. 34 sec. in Mich.-Wis. 
Telegraphic meet. 1924, won lead off mile in 
111. relays (4-mile event, 4 min. 3 sec.) ; 2nd in 
Notre Dame-Wis. dual meet, South Bend, Ind. 
(4 min. 21 sec.) ; ran in Badger 4-mile team; 
2nd in Kans. relays; won Minn.- Wis. dual meet 
mile, Minneapolis, Minn. (4 min. 29 5-10 sec). 
1925, 2nd in Wis.-Mich. dual meet mile, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. (4 min. 26 sec). 

Pres. Occupation: Mem. Wis. News editorial 
staff. Affiliations: "W" Club (Univ. of Wis.) ; 
Theta Xi. Hobby: Law. Married: Margaret 





Lucille Remsburg, Nov. 21, 1925. Office: 15 
Mich. St., Milwaukee, Wis. Home: 437 40th 
St., Milwaukee, Wis. 


rifle. Born: N. Y. C, Sept. 17, 1877. Son of 
Joseph James and Mary Callaway (Martin) 
Casey. Ed.: N. Y. Public Schs. 

Record: 1899-1900-01-02-03-04-05, mem. 71st. 
Regt. N.Y.N.G. Rifle Team. 1901-02-03-04-05, 
mem. N. Y. State Rifle Team. 1902-07-08, won 
long range champ, of U. S. (Wimbledon Cup). 
1902-03-07-12-13, mem. U.S. Rifle Team (Palma 
Trophy). 1903, won Mil. Champ, of U.S. (Pres- 
ident's Cup). 1908, won Leech Cup; mem. 
U.S. Rifle Team (Olympic Games). 1909-10-11- 
12-13-14-15, mem. 2nd Regt., Pa. N.G. Rifle Team. 
1913, mem. U.S. Rifle Team (North Amer. Tro- 
phy). 1914, won Natl, individual rifle match 
(Northeastern Div.). 1923-24-25, mem. U.S. 
Rifle Team (Palma Trophy). 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. of sales Smokeless 
Powder Dept. Mil. Service: Pvt. Co. B, 71st 
N. Y. Vol., war with Spain, 1898. Affiliations: 
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. ; Natl. Rifle 
Asso. ; N. Y. State Rifle Asso. ; N. J. State Rifle 
Asso. ; Wilmington Music Sch. (Bd. of Dirs.) ; 
Wilmington O.C. ; Concord C.C. ; Du Pont C.C. 
Hobby: Rifle shooting ; golf; radio ; model engr. ; 
music. Married: Claudia Mae Jones, Sept. 17, 
1907. Children: John Gilbert Holder, age 19. 
Office: du Pont Bldg., Wilmington, Del. Home: 
Hotel du Pont-Biltmore, Wilmington, Del. 

CATES, JOHN MARTIN, track. Born: St. 
George, Me., Mar. 23, 1878. Son of Willard and 
Elizabeth (Martin) Gates. Ed.: Phillips And- 
over, 1903; L.L.B., Yale, 1906. 

Record: Mem. Phillips Andover track team 
(4 yrs.) and F.B. team (2 yrs.) ; capt. both, 
1902. 1904-05, mem. Yale world's record 2 mi. 
relay team. 1905, mem. Yale F.B. team ; mem. 
Yale track team, 3 yrs. (capt., 1906). 1906-07- 
08, coach Navy F.B. team. 1925-27, dir. ath. 
Bowdoin Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. ath. Yale Ath. Asso. 
Affiliations : Yale Univ. Ath. Asso. ; dir. Polk 
City C.C. (Polk City, Fla.) ; Yale Club of N. Y. 
Married: Mary A. Randall, 1910. Children: 
John M., Jr., age 16; Willard, age 14; Wirt 
Randall, age 12. Office: Yale Sta., Elm St., New 
Haven, Conn. Home: 97 Everit St., New Haven, 

CATLIN, MARK, Ail-American F.B. team, 
1905. Born: Aurora, 111., Nov. 12, 1881. Son of 
Ida (McDole) Catlin. Ed.: Ph.B., Univ. of Chi- 
cago; L.L.B., Univ. of Iowa. 

Record: 1902-03-04-05, mem. Univ. of Chicago 
F.B. team (capt., 1905). 1905, All-Amer. F.B. 
team; capt. W. Conf. Champs. 1903-04-05, won 

120 high hurdles (220 low hurdles, 1903). 1904, 
won high and low hurdles in Olympic Coll. 
games (St. Louis), 2nd in discus. 1909-15-18- 
24-27, coach F.B., Lawrence Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer ; coach Lawrence 
Coll. Mil. Service: Mem. U.S. Secret Service. 
Affiliations: Citizens' Natl. Bank (atty.) ; Ma- 
sons ; Elks ; K. of P. ; Moose. Hobby: Hunting 
and fishing. Married: Elizabeth Blanchard. 
Children: John, age 19; Mark, Jr., age 17; Tom, 
age 10; Elizabeth, age 8. Office: 107 W. Coll. 
Ave., Appleton, Wis. 

CATTELL, W. D., professional golfer. Born: 
Lossie Muth, Scotland, Apr. 20, 1905. Son of 
James T. and Elsie (Duncan) Cattell. Ed.: 
Lossie Muth Public Sch. 

Record: 1924, asst. pro. Westhampton Beach 
C.C. 1925-26, asst. pro. Pomonok C.C. 1927-28, 
asst. pro. Municipal G.C. (Jacksonville, Fla.). 

Present Occupation: Pro. golfer. Hobby: 
Golf. Office: Municipal Golf Links, Jackson- 
ville, Fla. 

CAY, JOHN EUGENE, golfer. Born: Charles- 
ton, S. C, Mar. 24, 1890. Son of John Eugene 
and Mary (Jennings) Cay. Ed.: Univ. of Ga., 

Record: 1905, mem. Western Carolina B.B. 
League (Waynesville, N. C). 1923-24-25-26, won 
Savannah G.C. champ. 1924-25, won Cotton Ex- 
change tournament (Savannah). 1925, won 
President's Cup tournament (Savannah). Hold 
amateur course record, Savannah G.C. (score 

Pres. Occupation: Insurance. Affiliations: 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Savannah G.C; Ogle- 
thorpe Club; Cotillon Club. Hobby: Golf and 
hunting. Married: Caro Palmer, Nov., 1913. 
Children: J. E., Jr., age 12; Armin, age 5. 
Office: 42 E. Bay St., Savannah, Ga. Home: 
2905 Atlantic Ave., Savannah, Ga. 

CERVINI, AUGUST PAUL, football. Born: 
New York City, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1904. Son of 
August P. and Theresa (Calamari) Cervini. 
Ed.: Xavier Prep. Sch.; A.B., Holy Cross Coll., 

Record: Mem. Xavier Prep. Sch. B.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams (Bskt.B. team won Intersch. 
Champ, of Greater N. Y., 1922). Mem. Holy 
Cross Coll. F.B. team for 3 yrs. (considered by 
coaching staff as greatest guard Holy Cross 
ever had). Mem. Holy Cross Bskt.B team two 
yrs. 1926, All-Amer. mention (right guard). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Holy 
Cross Ath. Asso.; K. of C. ; Vagabond Players 
(sec). Home: 35 Edson St., Corona, L. I., N. Y. 


; &sMi§2% 



CHADWICK, CHARLES, football, track, 
rowing and sports writer. Born: Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Nov. 19, 1874. Son of Charles Noyes and 
Alice Ann (Caruth) Chad wick. Ed.: Froebel 
Acad., 1887; Adelphi Acad., 1893; B.A., Yale, 
1897; N. Y. Law Sch., 1899. 

Record: 1893-97, mem. Yale F.B. team 
(chosen by sports writers as All-Amer. guard). 
1894-97, mem. Yale track team (won dual meet 
with Harvard and I.C. meet, 1894-96). 1897-99, 
hammer thrower in N.Y.A.C. ; won sec. in Natl, 
champ, (broke I.C. strength record, 1897). 1902, 
won annual regatta N.Y.A.C. jr. crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Author. Affiliations: Au- 
thors' League of Amer. Hobby: Piano playing, 
landscape painting and boat building. Married: 
Grace Southard Nugent, Aug. 31, 1925. Home: 
"Ferry Hill," Old Lyme, Conn. City Home: 21 
Lnion St., Charlestown, Mass. 

American F.B. team, 1900-02. Born: Brooklyn, 
N. Y., June 11, 1880. Son of Charles N. and 
Alice A. (Caruth) Chadwick. Ed.: A.B., Yale, 

Record: 1899, 1900-01-02, mem. Yale F.B. 
team (capt, 1902). Walter Camp and Caspar 
Whitney's choice of All-American half-back, 
1900-02. 1903, field coach Yale F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Author. Mil. Service: 
Chemical warfare service; capt. in Reserve 
Force. Home: Lyme, Conn. 

gren. Ed.: Minneapolis H. Sch.; Minnesota 

Record: 1925, mem. Cen. H. Sch. (Minne- 
apolis, Minn.) track team; won 1st place in 
440 in State meet of H. Sch., record time 53.6 
sec. (still record) ; mem. winning team in qt. mi. 
medley relay race at the Norse Amer. Ath. Meet 
(Norse Centennial). 1926, mem. Univ. of Minn, 
freshman track team. 1927-28, mem. Univ. of 
Minn, varsity track team ; 2nd place Drake 
relays, qt. mi. event. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: De 
Molay Order ; Sigma Phi Bpsilon ; Minnesota 
Alpha ; Minneapolis H. Sch. "C" C. Address: 
4021 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

CHAMBERLAIN, ALONZO A., football and 
crew, Univ. of Wisconsin. Born: Darlington, 
Wis., Oct. 18, 1874. Son of Albert O. and Phoebe 
(Ogden) Chamberlain. Ed.: Univ. of Wis., 
B.L., 1899, L.L.B., 1901. 

Record, 1898, mem. Univ. of Wis. boat crew. 
1898-1900, mem. Univ. of Wis. F.B. team (capt., 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: 
Gov. appeal agent, Beadle Co., S. Dak. Affilia- 
tions: Dir. Nat'l Bank of Huron; Mason; Elk; 
Kiwanis Club. Hobby: Politics. Married: 
Claudia Hall, 1902. Children: Carol, age 20; 
Ogden, age 13. Office: Nat'l Bank Bldg., Huron, 
S. Dak. Home: 503 Nebraska Ave., Huron, 
S. Dak. 

CHAFFEE, ADNA R., chairman, U. S. Army 
Central Polo Committee. Born: Jackson City, 
Kans., Sept. 23, 1884. Son of Lt. General Adna 
R. and Anna (Rockwell) Chaffee. Ed.: St. 
Luke's Sch. (Wayne, Pa.) ; U.S. Mil. Acad., 
1906 ; Cavalry Sch. of Amer., 1908 ; French Cav- 
alry Sch. (France), 1912. 

Record: 1906, mem. U. S. Mil. Acad, polo 
team ; has played on several regimental polo 
teams since 1906. 1911, mem. Amer. Mil. Riding 
Team (Olympics), London, Eng. 1916-17, coach 
U.S. Mil. Acad, polo team. 1919-28, has been 
organizing Army horse shows. 1921-22-24-26, 
judged Natl. Horse Show (N. Y.). 1928, ap- 
pointed chairman Army Central Polo Commit- 
tee (January). 

Pres. Occupation: Maj. U.S. Army. War Ser- 
vice: Col. of General Staff in France, 1918-19. 
Clubs: Army and Navy. Hobby: Polo and hunt- 
ing. Married: Ethel Warren Huff, Dec. 15, 1908. 
Children: Adna R., 3rd, age 17. Office: War 
Dept., Wash., D. C. Home: 3607 35th St., N.W., 
Wash., D. C . 

Born: Minneapolis, Minn., June 7, 1907. Son of 
Leonard Theodore and Dorothy (Payne) Chal- 

football team, 1898. Born: Dalton, Mass., Aug. 
21, 1877. Son of Ansel and Florence (Barker) 
Chamberlin. Ed.: Andover Acad., 1894; Ph.B., 
Yale, 1898. 

Record: 1895, mem. Yale freshman B.B. team. 
1896-98, mem. Yale F.B. team. 1896, chosen 
Bull's All-Amer. center. 1897-98, chosen Camp's 
All-Amer. tackle. 1899, coached Stanford F.B. 
team. 1900, coached Yale F.B. team. 1901-02, 
coached Univ. of Va. F.B. team. 1903, coached 
West Point F.B. team. 1904-07, coached U.S. 
N.A. F.B. team. 1910-13, Yale F.B. com. 1923- 
27, coached Yale F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Broker, Pynchon & Co. 
Mil. Service: Capt. Home Defense. Affiliations: 
Rumson C.C. ; Yale Club (N. Y. C, N. Y.). Mar- 
ried: Nellie Wilt. Children: Nancy, age 6; 
Mary Barker, age 4. Office: 334 Madison Ave., 
N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 1010 5th Ave., N. Y. C, 
N. Y. 


track and foxhunting. Born: Columbia, S. C, 
Nov. 27, 1874. Son of Hon. Daniel H. and Alice 
Cornelia (Ingersoll) Chamberlain. Ed.: A.B., 
Yale,1895; Columbia Univ., 1898. 


Record, 1893-94, mem. Yale track team. 1901- 
05, Hon. Whipper-in to Middlesex Draghounds. 
1904, acting Master of Hounds. 1908-09, holder 
of "Gentleman Rider" Certificate, N.S. and H.A. 
•Joint author with Maj. A. Henry Higginson, 
M.F.H. of "The Hunts of the United States and 
Canada" (1908), and "Hunting in the United 
States -and Canada" (1928). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: 
Maj. of Cavalry, 1917; transferred, Maj. F.A., 
May 15, 1917 ; Col. F.A., Sept., 1918 ; commanded 
83rd Eegt. F.A. 8th Div. Affiliations: Psi Up- 
silon ; Amer. Inst, of Architects ; Tale Club ; 
Army and Navy Club. Hobby: Foxhunting. 
Married: Elizabeth Borders, Dec. 15, 1917. Of- 
fice: 1 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. Home: 121 
Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

world altitude record for land and sea planes. 
Born: Savannah, Ga., Sept. 20, 1896. Son of 
Carleton Cole and Frances (Haywood) Cham- 
pion. Ed.: Charleston H. Sen., 1912; Univ. 
S. C. ; U. S. Naval Acad. 

Record: 1926, won Natl. Air Races speed and 
efficiency contest (Philadelphia, Pa.). 1927, es- 
tab. first U. S. altitude record for sea planes 
(33,745 ft.) ; estab. present altitude record for 
sea planes (37,995 ft.) ; estab. land plane alti- 
tude record. 

Pres. Occupation: Lt. U. S. Navy. Affiliations: 
Navy Ath. Asso. ; N. Y. Yacht Club. Married: 
Jean Andrews, Mar. 20, 1920. Office: Navy 
Dept., Washington, D. C. Home: U. S. Naval 
Acad., Annapolis, Md. 

ball. Born: Chicago, 111., Aug. 27, 1895. Son 
of Elmer E. and Mary (Saxe) Chandler. Ed.: 
Robert Waller H. Sch. (Chicago), 1914; B.S., 
Univ. of Wis., 1918. 

Record: 1916, mem. Univ. of Wis. track team. 
1916-18, mem. Univ. of Wis. Bskt.B. team 
(capt., 1918; All-Conf. center, 1916-18; team 
West. Conf. champs., 1916-18). 1919, mem. 
Great Lakes Training Station Bskt. B. team. 
1919-21, ath. dir. River Falls State Normal 
Sch. (River Falls, Wis.). 1921-28, head Bskt. B. 
and B.B. coach la. State Coll. (Ames, la.). 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. prof, of phys. ed. 
Naval Service: U.S.N., Apr., 1918, to July, 1919, 
Co. C, 6th Regt., Great Lakes Training Station. 
Affiliations: Mason; Delta Upsilon; N.C.A.A., 
Div. of the Natl. Joint Bskt.B. Rules Com.; 
Lions Club. Married: Viola E. Pleuss, Dec. 30, 
1919. Children: Caryl Louise, age 7 ; William 
Warren, age 5 ; Stanley Pleuss, age 3. Office: 
la. State Gym., Ames, la. Home: 801 Ridge- 
wood St., Ames, la. 

CHAPIN, CHARLES HALL, baseball and 
basketball. Born: Rochester, N. Y., May 17, 
1885. Son of Charles Terry and Emily (Emer- 
son) Chapin. Ed.: Phillips Acad. (Andover, 
Mass.), 1904; Ph.B., Yale, 1907. 

Record: 1905-06-07, mem. Yale B.B. team I.C. 
champs., 1905. 1906-07, mgr. Yale Bskt.B. team 
I. C. Champs. 1913, capt., mgr., Twin Fall, Ida. 
B.B. team ; Ind. State Champs. 

Pres. Occupation: Gen. Mgr. Rockwood Hall 
C.C., Tarrytown, N. Y. Mil. Service: Depot. 
Unit Cav., N. Y. State Guard. Affiliations: Phi 
Beta Chi; Yale Club (New York, N. Y.) ; Cold- 
stream C.C. (Hempstead, N. Y.) ; chmn. Green 
Com. and mem. Bd. Govs. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Dorothy Traill, June 4, 1910. Chil- 
dren: Charles Hall, Jr., age 17 ; Emily, age 15 ; 
Richard T., age 14. Address: Rockwood Hall, 
Tarrytown, N. Y. 

CHAPIN, VINTON, football and track. Born: 
Chateaux, Seine, France, April 17, 1900. Son of 
D. Amory and Annie (Dickinson) Chapin. Ed.: 
St. Marks Sch. ( Southborough, Mass.), 1919; 
A.B., Harvard, 1923. 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Harvard F.B. team. 
1922-23, mem. Harvard track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Foreign Service Officer. 
Mil. Service: Enlisted, Oct., 1918, U.S.M.C, dis- 
charged, Feb., 1919. Affiliations: Harvard C. 
(Boston) ; Tennis and Racquet C. ; Racquet C. 
(Wash., D. C). Office: State Dept., Wash., 
D. C. Home: 1929 Que St. N. W., Wash., D. C. 

Born: St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 18, 1902. Son of 
Walter L. and Susan W. (Sewall) Chapin. Ed.: 
Mechanic Arts H. Sch. (St. Paul, Minn.) ; A.B., 
Harvard, 1925. 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Harvard freshman 
track team (won 1st place, Harvard-Princeton- 
Yale meet). 1922-25, mem. Harvard varsity 
track team (capt., 1924-25). 1924, 1st place 
Penn. relays. 1924-25, 2nd place Harvard-Yale- 
Princeton meet. 1925, mem. 2-mile winning 
relay team, B.A.A. 

Pres. Occupation: Minn. Mutual Life Ins. Co. 
Clubs: "H" Harvard. Office: Commerce Bldg., 
St. Paul, Minn. Home: 631 Ashland Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

and football. Born: Franklin, N. H., June 3, 
1880. Son of Frank Hilton and Ella Frances 
(James) Chapman. Ed.: Franklin H. Sch.; 
Peekskill Mil. Acad. (N. Y.) ; Phillips Andover 
A.cad. ; Princeton ; A.B., Tufts Coll., 1902 ; LL.B., 
Harvard, 1905 ; Univ. of Calif., M.A., 1909, Ph.D., 



Record,: Played B.B. on all prep. sen. teams. 
1898-1906, played semi-pro. B.B. in White Moun- 
tains, northern Vt., Newport, N. H., Bellows 
Falls, Wliitinsville, Mass., and Fitchburg, Mass. 
(mgr. Whitinsville and Fitchburg). 1899-1900, 
mem. Princeton B.B. team. 1901, mem. Meriden 
B.B. team (Conn. State League). 1901-02. mem. 
Tufts Coll. B.B. team (capt, 1902). 1902, mem. 
Tufts Coll. F.B. team. 1903, B.B. coach Tufts 
Coll. ; mem. Haverhill B.B. team (New England 
League)). 1903-05, played semi-pro. F.B. 1905, 
mem. Manchester B.B. team (New Eng. League). 
1921-28, rep. St. Louis Natl. B.B. Club in Calif. 
1926-28, a year and a half in golf with a 67 
deduction in score so far, from 148 to 81. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof, of history, Univ. of 
Calif. Affiliations: Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Beta 
Kappa. Hobby: Golf, baseball, billiards, and 
horses. Children: Seville Dudley, age 15. Office: 
Box 17, Library, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, Calif. 

CHAPMAN, GILBERT W., track (440 yd. 
runner). Horn: Woodmere, L. I., N. Y., May 24, 
1902. Son of Henry Otio and Harriet (Mur- 
phey) Chapman. Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad.; 
B.S., Yale, 1924. 

Record: 1920, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. Be- 
lay team. I.C. Champ, of Amer. in mile and 
medley relays at Penn ; won 440 yd. dash. 1921- 
22-23-24, mem. Yale track team. 1921, won 
Yale-Princeton-Harvard freshman 440-yd. run ; 
runner-up Yale-Harvard-Oxford-Cambridge 440- 
yd. run at Boston, time 49 sec. 1922, won Yale- 
Harvard 440-yd. run, time 50 2-5 sec. ; runner-up 
Yale-Princeton meet, time 49 9-10 sec. ; I.C. 
trials 440-yd. run, time 501-10 sec. 1923, won 
Yale-Notre Dame 440-yd. run, time 49 3-5 sec. ; 
runner-up Indoor I.C. champ, one-mile relay, 
time 3 min. 23 sec. ; runner-up Yale-Princeton 
meet 440-yd. run, time 40 sec. ; won Yale-Har- 
vard 440-yd. run, time 49 4-5 sec. ; won Yale- 
Harvard-Oxford-Cambridge 440-yd. run ; ran 
against Stevenson at London, time 50 3-5 sec. 

1924, mem. Yale one-mile relay team, won I.C. 
champ., time 3 min 22 9-10 sec. ; won Yale-Har- 
vard 440-yd. run, time 51 2-5 sec. ; runner-up 
Yale-Princeton 440-yd. run, time 50 3-5 sec; 
runner-up Penn. Relay's, time 3 min. 19 1-5 sec. ; 
mem. Yale track team I.C. champ, of Amer. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. sec. Amer. Water 
Works and Elec. Co., Inc. Affiliations: Rocka- 
way Hunting Club; St. Anthony Club. Hobby: 
Shooting. Married: Katherine Bright, Mar. 21, 

1925. Child: Harriet W. (infant). Office: 50 
Broad St., New York, N. Y. Home: 92 Burton 
Ave., Woodmere, N. Y. 


track. Born: Marion, N. C, Dec. 3, 1891. 
Son of R. C. and Palestine (Wiseman) Chap- 
man. Ed.: A.B., Stanford, 1918. 

Record: 1915-10-17-18, mem. Stanford track 
team, (last Ath. to win letter in 4 consecutive 
years). 1915, broke Stanford 2 mi. record; 
have held the Stanford record ever since. 1917, 
estab. the present Stanford record in 3 mi. race 
which was the Pacific Coast record until broken 
by Hunter. 1917-18, won Stanford 1 mi. run in 
Dual Track meet. 1918, capt. Stanford varsity 
track team. (Holder of Stanford record in 2 
and 3 mi. run.) 

Pres. Occupation: Owner Burlington Lumber 
Townsite Co. Affiliations: Mason; Santa Rosa 
Consistory ; San Francisco Islam Temple. Mar- 
ried: Sarah Ophelia. Children: Martha Marion, 
age 12 ; Dorothy Ophelia, age 10 ; Virginia Kath- 
erine, age 8 ; Lawrence Lafayette, Jr., age 4. 
Office: 434 Fifth St., Eureka, Calif.; 112 Mar- 
ket St., San Francisco, Calif. Home: 1001 17th 
St., Eureka, Calif. 

CHAPMAN, WALTER LEE, football and 
basketball. Born: Clinton, la., Feb. 11, 1906. 
Son of Lee and Ada (Smith) Chapman. Ed.: 
West H. Sch. (Minneapolis, Minn.) ; Boone H. 
Seh. (la.) ; Carleton Coll., 1925; B.S., Univ. of 
Minn., 1928. 

Record: 1922-23, mem. Boone H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
and F.B. teams. 1923, mem. Boone H. Sch. 
track team. 1924, mem. West H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B., and track teams. 1925, mem. Carle- 
ton Coll. Bskt.B. team. 1927-28, mem. Univ. 
of Minn. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Sig- 
ma Delta Psi ; Delta Upsilon ; Alpha Sigma Pi. 
Hobby: Golf. Address: 803 Douglas Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

CHAREST, CLARENCE M., Tennis. Born: 
Los Angeles, Cal., June 9. 1884. Son of Luke 
and Jane (Curtis) Charest. Ed.: LL.M., Univ. 
of Md., 1906. 

Record: 1912, runner-up. So. Champ., (At- 
lanta, Ga.). 1914, runner-up Province Quebec 
singles. 1918, won Md. State singles. 1920-23, 
Middle Atl. doubles champ. 1920-23, won Md. 
State doubles. 1921-22 and '27, won D. C. singles. 
1921, Peninsula doubles. 1922. won Va. State 
singles and doubles ; Old Dominion singles. 
1922-24, won D. C. doubles (runner-up '27). 
1922-24, won Peninsula champ, singles. 1923, 
won Allegheny Mts. champ, singles and doubles ; 
Peninsula champ, doubles. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Gen. Counsel Bu., 
Internal Revenue. Affiliations: Pres. Dumbar- 
ton C. ; Pres. Middle Atl. Lawn Tennis Asso. ; 
vice-pres. Wash. Tennis Asso. ; Edgemore C. ; 
Bannockburn G.C. Hobby: Tennis. Married: 
Dorothy Berrall. Children: Miles, infant. Office: 
1734 New York Ave., Wash., D. C. Home: 4472 
Reservoir Rd., Wash., D. C. 




Bom: Millerton, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1903. Son of 
Elmer F. and Belle (Groff) Charles. Ed.: One- 
onta H. Sch. ; Amsterdam H. Sch. ; Colgate Univ. 

Record: 1924, first place inter-city champs, of 
Amsterdam 70 yd., 100, 220, 440 high jump and 
broad jump, (individual cup) ; 1926, I.C.A.A.A.A. 
4th place 100 yd. race ; 3rd place 220 yd. race ; 
Rochester A.C. champ. 100, 220 yd. race; Col- 
gate Univ. 100 yd. record 9.4 ; Colgate Univ. 
Melrose meet 40 yd. race 3 ; Colgate Univ. Mel- 
rose meet 60 yd. race 3 ; Colgate Univ. champ. 
40, 50, 60, 70 yd. races. Capt. Colgate Univ. 
freshman track and B.B. team. 1927-28, capt. 
Colgate track team. (Only man to be capt. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Military Service: 
C.M.T.C.F.A. 1922. Affiliations: Theta Chi, 
Hobby: Athletics. Office: 76 Broad St., Hamil- 
ton, N. Y. Home: 906 Springate, Utica, N. Y. 

Grantland Rice's All-American. Born: Briggs- 
ville, N. Adams, Mass., Oct. 13, 1902. Son of 
Mrs. Mary A. Charlesworth. Ed.: Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad. ; Roxbury Sch. ; Yale, 1929. 

Record: 1921-22-23-24, mem. Phillips Exeter 
Acad. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams, 1923-24). 1924-25, mem. Rox- 
bury Sch. F.B., Bskt. B. and B.B. teams. 1925- 
26, mem. Yale freshman F.B. and Bskt.B. teams 
(capt. Bskt.B. team). 1926-27-28, mem. Yale 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Office: 970 Yale 
Station, New Haven, Conn. Home: North 
Adams, Mass. 

CHASE, CHARLES WAYNE, rowing. Born: 
Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 16, 1901. Son of William 
Wayne and Edna (Thomas) Chase. Ed.: Ashe- 
ville Sch., 1919; B.S., Yale, 1923; Kans. State 
Agr. Coll. 

Record: 1919, mem. Asheville Sch. crew. 
1920, mem. Yale freshman crew and wrestling- 
teams. 1921, mem. Yale champ, crew. 1922, 
mem. Yale varsity crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Insurance. Affiliations: 
Chmn. Rollins Coll. rowing com. ; mem. Rollins 
Coll. ath. bd. Clubs: Colony, University and 
Hermit, (Cleveland, Ohio). Hobby: Live-stock. 
Offices 311 Orlando Bank and Trust Co. Bldg., 
Orlando, Fla. Home: Winter Park, Fla. 

CHASE, DANIEL, coach. Born: Baring, Me., 
Nov. 26, 1885. Son of Granville and Caroline 
(Polleys) Chase. Ed.: Hebron Acad.; A.B., 
Univ. of Maine ; M.S., Hamilton Coll. 

Record: 1901-02, mem. Baring H. Sch. B.B., 
F.B. and ice hockey teams. 1904, mem. Hebron 
varsity B.B. and F.B. teams. 1904-08, mem. 

Univ. of Me. B.B. team. 1903-03, mem. Univ. 
of Me. Bskt.B. team. 1905-07, Univ. of Me. 
varsity B.B. and F.B. teams. 1907-08, capt. 
Univ. of Me. hockey team. 1912-15, dir. of ath. 
Hamilton Coll. 1915-16, dir. of ath. Conn. State 
Coll. of Agr. (coach F.B., 1915) (coach B.B., 
1916). 1916-19, inspector physical training 
N. Y. State M. T. Comm. 1919-26, supervisor 
physical ed. and chief of Bureau of Physical 
Ed., N. Y. 

Pres. Occupation: Ex. secy, of the Sportsman- 
ship Brotherhood. Military Service: N. Y. State 
M. T. Comm. ; Cap. S.S. in R.O.C. Affiliations: 
N. Y. State P.H.S.A.A. ; Ath. Research Soc. ; 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Maine Alpha ; Phi Beta 
Kappa ; Mason ; Knight Templar ; Town Hall 
C. ; Ridgefield Tennis C. ; Kiwanis C. Hobby: 
Tennis and golf. Married: Alice Bearce, Jan. 31, 
1911. Children: Mary Caroline, age 15; Ira 
Thomas, age 8. Office: 342 Madison Ave., New 
York, N. Y. Home: 503 W. 121 St., New York, 
N. Y. 

CHASE, JOHN DENISON, member of Har- 
vard track team, 1922. Born: Saybrook, Conn., 
June 26, 1900. Son of John Henry and Katharine 
(Denison) Chase. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1922. 

Record: 1921, mem. Harvard relay team, 
(won against N. East. Univ.). 1922, won Har- 
vard vs. Univ. of Va. track meet, (1st place 
220 yd. dash, 22 sec.) ; 2nd place 220-yd. dash, 
Harvard-Annapolis-Univ. of Va. track meets; 
won Harvard vs. Mass. Inst, of Tech. meet, (1st 
place 100 yd. dash, 10 2/5 sec. and 220 yd. dash 
22 3/5 sec.) ; won Harvard vs. Yale track meet, 
(tied 1st place, 220 yd. dash, 21 4-5 sec.) ; mem. 
Harvard vs. Princeton track meet (2nd place, 
220 yd. dash). 

Pres. Occupation: Book publishing, Harcourt, 
Brace and Co. Naval Service: Mem. U.S.N.R.F. 
Clubs: "H", (Harvard and N. Y. C). Office: 
383 Madison Ave., N. Y. C. N. Y. Home: 215 
East 48th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

CHASE, JOHN PIERCE, captain of Harvard 
varsity hockey team. 1926-27. Born: Milton, 
Mass., June 12, 1906. Son of Philip P. and 
Anna (Wigglesworth) Chase. Ed.: Mil. Acad., 
1923; Phillips Exeter Acad., 1924; Harvard, 

Record: Mem. Mil. Acad, hockey and B.B. 
teams, (3 yrs. ). Mem. Phillips Exeter Acad, 
hockey and B.B. teams, (1 yr.). 1924, mem. 
Harvard freshman hockey and B.B. teams. 
1926-28, mem. Harvard varsity hockey team, (I. 
C. champs, and capt., 1926-27.). 1927-28, mem. 
Harvard varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Clubs: Hasty Pud- 
ding : Institute of 1770; Owl; "H", (Harvard). 
Address: 241 Highland St., Milton, Mass. 








Lyndon, Vt, May 15, 1884. Son of Henry and 
Sarah Weir (Robinson) Chase. Ed.: Lyndon 
Acad. ; Kimball Union Acad. ; Phillips Andover 
Acad.; A.B., Yale. 

Record: 1902, mem. Phillips Andover Acad, 
track team. 1903, mem. Yale freshman crew. 
1905-06, mem. Yale varsity crew. 1922, coach 
Mission H. Sch. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Principal, Bernal Sch., (San 
Francisco, Calif.). Affiliations: Mason. Mar- 
ried: Annie Crabbe, 1919. Office: Cortland and 
Andover, San Francisco, Calif. Home: 2426 
26th Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 

CHASE, STEPHEN, established world's rec- 
ord first 120 yd. hurdle, 1895. Born: Hanover, 
N. H., July 28, 1874. Son of Frederick and Mary 
(Pomeroy) Chase. Ed. B. S., Dartmouth Coll., 

Record: 1893, first 120 yd. hurdles N.E.I.A.A.; 
N.E.I.A.A. record in 120 hurdles (16% sec), 
runner-up 120 hurdle N.E.A.A.U. 1894, first 120 
hurdle N.E.I.A.A.; third, runnTng broad jump 
N.E.I.A.A. ; record 120 hurdle N.E.I.A.A. 16 sec. 
first 120 hurdle, Metro. A. A. U., runner-up 220 
yd. hurdle, Metro. A.A.A.U. ; first 120 yd. hurdle, 
A.A. Asso. of Canada ; first running high jump, 
A.A. Asso., Canada ; champ. 120 and hurdle, 
A.A.U. '(World's record 15% sec.) 1895, first 
in each, 120 and 220 yd. hurdle and running 
broad jump and Asso. record 120 yd. hurdle 
15% N.E.I.A.A. ; and running broad jump rec- 
ord, 22' 31/2" N.E.I.A.A.; first 120 and 220 yd. 
hurdle. Metro. A.A.A.U. ; champ. 120 yd. hurdle 
A.A.U. ; first 120 yd. hurdle, London Ath. Club 
vs. N.Y.A.C, world's record 15% sec. 1896, first 
120 yd. hurdle and 220 yd. hurdle and running 
broad jump N.E.I.A.A.; first 120 yd. hurdle 
I.C. A.A. A. 1896-97, Ath. Dir. Knox Coll., (Gales- 
burg, 111.). 

Pres. Occupation: Citrus Grower. War Rec- 
ord: Food Administration, Statistical Div., in 
charge of live stock and meats. July, 1917, to 
April, 1919, Wash. Affiliations: Pres., Palm 
Harbor Citrus Growers Asso. ; Dir. Pinellas 
Married: Helen Watts. Children: Stephen, Jr., 
age 24 ; Frederick, age 21 ; Mary Fuller, age 18. 
Home: 305 Edgewater Ave., Dunedin, Fla. 
County Citrus Sub. Exchange; Beta Theta Pi. 

CHAUNCEY, HENRY, baseball and football. 
Bom: Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1905. Son of 
Rev. E. F. and Edith (Jyft) Chauncey. Ed.: 
Groton Sch. (Groton, Mass.) ; A.B., Harvard, 

Record: 1925-26, mem. Harvard F.B. team 
(won against Brown Univ., Dartmouth Coll., 
Tufts Coll. and Yale). 1926-27, mem. Harvard 
B.B. team. 1927-28, B.B. coach and asst. F.B. 
coach Wm. Penn. Charter Sch. (Phila., Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher. Address: Wm. 
Penn Charter Sch., Phila., Pa. 

Southbridge, Mass., June 25, 1901. Son of Her- 
man Stanley and Mabel (Chapin) Cheney. Ed.: 
Phillips Andover Acad., 1920; B.S., Yale, 1924. 

Record: 1920, 1st place Harvard I.S. broad 
jump; 1st place Phillips Exeter Acad, meet 
broad jump. 1921-22-23-24, mem. Yale track 
team. 1927, 1st place Industrial Fed. meet low 
hurdles, high jump and broad jump. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. chief engr. Rockbestos 
Products Corp. Affiliations: Delta Phi; Sigma 
Delta Psi; Tau Beta Pi; St. Elmo Club, (New 
Haven, Conn.) ; Yale Club. (New York, N. Y.). 
Hobby: Aviation and athletics. Office: Nicoll 
and Canner, New Haven, Conn. Home: Laurel 
Ledge Farm, Southbridge, Mass. 

CHENOWETH, FRED MYER, all-state quar- 
terback, 1915-16. Born: Fairmont, W. Va.. 
Aug. 26, 1893. Son of J. F. and Frances (Mars- 
tiller) Chenoweth. Ed.: Broaddus Acad.; H. 
Sch., Philippi, W. Va. ; A. B. West Va. Univ. 

Record: Mem., Philippi H. Sch. F. B. team, 
one yr. Mem., Broaddus Acad. F.B. (4 yrs., 
capt. last 3 yrs.) B.B. (4 yrs.) and Bskt. B. (2 
yds.) teams. Mem., W. Va., Univ. F.B. (4 yrs.), 
B.B. (3 yrs.) and Bskt. B. (2 yrs.) teams. 
1915-16, picked as quarterback on the All-State 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. Dir. and coach, Broad- 
dus Coll. Mil. Service: Private in Marine 
Corps. Affiliations: Masons; Amer. Legion; 
Kiwanis Club; Beta Theta Pi; Y.M.C.A. Hobby: 
Ath. coaching. Married: Eula Criss, Aug. 30, 
1921. Home: Philippi, W. Va. 

CHESNUT, EDWARD T., football. Born: 
Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 1, 1887. Son of Alex- 
ander R. and Mary (Leoni) Chesnut. Ed.: 
Minneapolis South H. Sch. ; Univ. of Minn., A.B., 
1910, LL.B., 1911. 

Record: 1907, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B^ 
team (ran 102 yds. for touchdown against Carl- 
isle Indians). 

Married: Edna Burch, Aug. 21, 1913. Office: 
638 McKnight Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 
2649 James Ave., N. Minneapolis, Minn. 

CHESTON, J. HAMILTON, track. Born: 
Phila., Pa. Oct. 30, 1893. Son of James and 
Caroline Calvert (Morris) Cheston. Ed.: Univ. 
of Pa., A.B., 1915 ; LL.B., 1920. 

Record: 1912, mem. Univ. of Pa. 2nd Varsity 
soccer team. 1915, mgr. Univ. of Pa. track 
team. 1914-15, mem. I.C.A.A.A.A. Ex. Com., 
also mgr. 34th annual track and field meet. 






Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. War Record: 
O.T.C. 1917; mem. A.E.F. disch. 1st Lt. Affilia- 
tions: Asst. gen. solicitor Norf. and West. Ry. 
Co. ; instr. Finance Dept. Univ. of Pa. ; Delta 
Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Family Soc. of Phila. ; 
Home of the Merciful Saviour for Crippled Chil- 
dren; Bd. of Dir. Ath. Asso. Clubs: Univ. Barge 
C. ; Varsity C. ; Phila. C. ; M.O.F.W. ; White- 
marsh Hunt C. Hobby: Rowing and riding. 
Married: Cornelia Carter Leidy, Aug. 24, 1917. 
Office: 1201 Commercial Tr. Bldg., Phila., Pa. 
Home: Hartwell Ave., Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

CHEVES, JAMES P., football and basketball. 
Born: Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 25, 1898. Son of Isaac 
and Millie (Gilbert) Cheves. Ed.: Ga. Mil. Coll., 
1918 ; B.S., Univ. of Ga., 1922. 

Record: 1919-21, mem. Univ. of Ga. varsity 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams, (capt, 1921). 1920, 
hon. mention F.B. team. 1921, runner-up Bskt.B. 
tournament. 1922-28, officiated S.T.A.A. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate. Naval Service: 
Enlisted U.S.N., June, 1918, discharged Dec. 12, 
1918. Affiliations: Sigma Chi ; Atlanta A.C. ; 
East Lake C.C. Hobby: Hunting and fishing. 
Married: Elizabeth Chumbley, July 28, 1922. 
Children: James, Jr., age 4: Elizabeth Preston, 
age 2. Office: Adam Realty Co., Healey Bldg., 
Atlanta, Ga. Home: 40 Havenshaw Rd., N., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Born: Wooster, Ohio, July 24, 1884. Son of 
James and Elenor (Kammerer) Childs. Ed.: 
Yale, 1912; Columbia Univ. 

Record: 1910, mem. Yale F.B. team. 1911, 
mem. Yale wrestling team. 1912, capt. Yale 
track team ; mem. Olympic team ; hold German 
hammer record. 1914-16, coach Ind. Univ. F.B. 
and track teams. Chief ath. officer Amer. Em- 
barkation Center (France) ; ath. dir. Colombes 
Stadium, (Paris, France). 

Pres. Occupation: Industrial engr. War Rec- 
ord: Maj. 157th Inf., 37th div., mem. A.E.F. 
Clubs: N.Y.A.C. ; Nat'l. Press; Army and Navy, 
(Wash., D. C). Married: Zelia Sherrard. 
Children: Nancy, age 3. Address: 1221 Garrison 
St., Fremont, Ohio. 

legiate B.B. champ. Born: East Hartford, 
Conn., Nov. 5, 1861. Son of Seth Lee and Juliett 
(Wood) Childs. Ed.: Hartford Public H. Sch., 
1879 ; A.B., Yale, 1883 ; M.D., N. Y. Univ., 1887. 

Record: 1882-83, mem. Yale I.C. B.B. champ, 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Affiliations: 
Pres. Amer. Coll. of Radiology; pres. Colo. 
State Medical Soc; Colo. Yale Asso.; Amer. 

Medical G.A. ; U.S.G.A. ; Denver C.C; Denver 
Club. Hobby: Hunting, fishing and golf. Mar- 
ried: Henrietta Willett, Aug. 15, 1890 (de- 
ceased) ; second wife: Anne Starling, Sept. 2, 
1908. Children: John Wood, age 31; Samuel 
Beresford, Jr., age 18. Office: Metropolitan 
Bldg., Denver, Colo. Home: 930 Pearl St., 
Denver, Colo. 

ERICK, JR., football and crew. Born: Hono- 
lulu, T. H., Mar. 6, 1903. Son of Charles F. 
and Anna (Stratemeyer) Chillingworth. Ed.: 
U.S.N.A., 1925. 

Record: 1922, mem. U.S.N.A. freshman crew 
team (won I.C. champ, crew trophy). 1923-24, 
mem. U.S.N.A. varsity F.B. team. 1923-25, 
mem. U.S.N.A. varsity crew team (won I.C. 
senior champ. Poughkeepsie, N.Y.). 1925, mem. 
U.S.N.A. water polo team (won U.S.N.A. A.A. 
sword for personal excellence in athletics. 

Pres. Occupation: Naval officer. Clubs: Oahu 
C. C. Univ. Club. Hobby: Coaching. Address: 
U. S. S. Burns, No. 171, care P. M., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

sie races with Wis. Univ. crews. Bom: Meno- 
monee Falls, Wis., Mar. 23, 1878. Son of H. P. 
and Christine (Kraus) Christman. Ed. Univ. 
of Wis., 1903. 

Record: 1903-04, mem., Univ. of Wis crews 
at Poughkeepsie. 

Pres. Occupation: Farmer. Hobby: Music. 
Married: Helena Reddlien. Children: Vivian, 
age 26 ; Elvin, age 23 ; Lyle, age 18 ; Borothea, 
age 13; Winnefred, age 5. Home: Menomonee 
Falls. Wis. 

CHISHOLM, JULIAN FORD, trapshooting. 
Bom: Savannah, Ga., Aug. 12, 1876. Son of 
W. W. and Jesse (Fourke) Chisholm. Ed.: 
M.D., Univ. of Md., 1900. 

Record: 1926, competed in Grand Amer. Meet, 
(Dayton, O.). 1927, competed in Fla. State 
meet and in Gen. Oglethorpe Hotel shoot; in 
Waynesboro Gun Club shoot (average for '27, 

Pres. Occupation: E. E. N. and Throat Spec. 
Mil. Service: Comn'd. capt., M.O.R.C, June, 
1918; discharged, Mar. 1923. Affiliations: 
Pres. Forest City Gun C. ; Amateur Trapshoot- 
ing Asso. ; Oglethorpe C. ; Cattillion C. ; Motor 
Boat C. ; $ Tribes of So. Indians ; Amer. Coll. 
of Surgeons. Hobby: Hunting and golfing. 
Married: Nannie E. Levering, Oct. 15, 1903. 
Children: Julian F., Jr., age 23; Nancy, age 
16; Polly, age 14; W. W., 2nd, age 9. Office: 
512 Abercorn St., Savannah, Ga. Home: 201 
E. Gaston St., Savannah, Ga. 





CHISHOLM, RODERICK A., JR., football. 
Born: San Francisco, Calif., Apr. 1, 1905. Son 
of Roderick A. and Frances (Turner) Chisholrn. 
Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Santa Clara, 1928. 

Record: 1920-21, All-City guard, F.B. (San 
Francisco). 1920-22, mem. San Francisco A.L. 
F.B. team (All-City F.B., 1922). 1923, All- 
City and All-State F.B. ( San Francisco, Calif. ) . 
1924-26, mem. Univ. of Santa Clara F.B. team. 
1927, mem. second All-Coast F.B. team (honor- 
able mention by Glenn Warner, Tad Jones and 
Knute Rockne) ; honorable mention several AU- 
Amer. F.B. teams (Glenn Warner, Tad Jones 
and Knute Rockne). 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Santa 
Clara). Affiliations : Engr. Soc, Univ. of Santa 
Clara. Hobby: Engineering. Address: 240 
Euclid Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 

Univ. of Minn, in Natl. A.A.U. handball tour- 
nament, 1926. Born: Austin, Minn., May 2, 
1899. Son of Fred and Adeline (Vaneslow) 
Christgau. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Minn. 

Record : 1922, mem. Univ. of Minn, varsity 
F.B. team. 1923, mem. Univ. of Minn, varsity 
F.B., B.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1924, mem. 
Univ. of Minn, varsity F.B. and B.B. teams 
(only man in "Big Ten" to hit safely five con- 
secutive times in one game ; batting average, 
412) ;handball champ. Coll. of Agr., Univ. of 
Minn. 1925, Univ. of Minn, varsity B.B. team 
(capt.) ; chosen by Perry Holden on "Big Ten" 
all-conf. B.B. team ; handball champ., Coll. of 
Agr. 1926, handball champ., representing Univ. 
of Minn, in Natl. A.A.U. handball tournament. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach and ath. dir. St. 
Peter H. Sch., St. Peter, Minn. Mil. Service: 
Mem. Co. C, 124th Reg. Engrs. ; discharged 
priv. 1st class, Jan. 7, 1919. Married: Alice 
Erickson, June 22, 1927. Home: St. Peter, Minn. 
St. Peter, Minn. 

CHURCH, EDGAR M., track. Born: Phila., 
Pa., May 24, 1875. Son of William Augustus 
and Elizabeth (Inskip) Church. Ed.: A.B., 
Univ. of Pa. 

Record: 1888, capt. Univ. of Pa. F.B. team; 
mem. Univ. of Pa. varsity crew (won Childs 
cup) ; mem. Univ. of Pa. track team. 1890-91- 
92, mem. Univ. of Pa. freshman crew. 1892, 
mem. Univ. of Pa. track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Broker. War Service: Lt. 
Spanish Amer. War; special service Navy 
Dept. Clubs: Racquet C. ; Phila. C.C. ; Wissa- 
hicson Farms C. Hobby: Early Amer. ships 
and Whaling. Married: Alice Sands. Children: 
Edgar, Jr., age 17. Office: 1511 Walnut St., 
Phila., Pa. Home: 2046 Locust St., Phila., Pa. 

CHURCH, GEORGE MYERS, tennis. Born: 
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 21, 1891. Son of Samuel 
Christy and Georgia (Myers) Church. Ed.: 
L.L.B., Princeton, 1915. 

Record: 1908-10, runner up in Natl. I.C. ten- 
nis champ. 1911, won Natl. I.C. tennis champ. 
1912-14, mem. Princeton track and tennis 
teams (capt. tennis; placed second in Natl, 
[doubles] tennis ranking). 1915-16, Western 
tennis champ; Met. tennis champ.; placed 3rd. 
in Natl, single and double tennis ranking. 1917, 
Orient tennis champ. 1922, I.C. double tennis 

Pres. Occupation: Oil producer, Crane County 
Oil Field. War Service: Flying sergt. Hazel- 
hurst Field, Mineola (N. Y.), 1917; 1st. Lt. 
flying instr. McCook Field, Dayton (O.), 1918; 
airplane tester Ellington Field, Houston 
(Texas); night flying instr., 1918; officer in 
charge Barron Field, Fort Worth (Texas), 
1918; promoted to capt., 1918. Clubs: Racquet 
and Tennis C. ; West Side Tennis C. ; Fort 
Worth C. ; Riner Crest CO; Englewood (N. 
J.) C.C. Hobby: Geology. Married: Augusta 
Hani, July 21, 1926. Address: Fort Worth 
Natl. Bk. Bldg., Fort Worth, Texas. 

CHURCH, HARRY VICTOR, broad jump. 
Born: Allegan, Mich., June 9, 1871. Son of M. 
L. and Julia (Hawks) Church. Ed.: Coll of Em- 
poria; Ph.B., Univ. Chicago, 1899. 

Record: 1894, second place running broad 
jump, triangular meet; (Chicago, Northwest- 
ern, and Lake Forest). 1894, first place run- 
ning broad jump, 21 ft., West. I.C. meet. 1894, 
"C" from Univ. of Chicago. 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. J. Sterling Morton 
Secondary Schs. Affiliations: Blue Lodge; Scot- 
tish Rite ; Medinah Temple ; Dept. of Sec. Sch. 
Prin. of Natl. Ed. Asso. ; Berwyn Club ; Judd 
Club (sec). Hobby: Farming. Married: 
Katherine Edwards, Aug. 16, 1899. Children: 
Dorothy Church Weick, age 28; Phil. Edwards, 
age 26 ; Harriet Julia, age 21 ; John Mark, age 
15 ; Harry Victor, Jr., age 13. Office: Austin 
Blvd., Cicero, 111. Home: 312'9 Wenonah Ave., 
Berwyn, 111. 

CHURCH, HEYLIGER, football and la 
crosse. Born: Washington, D. C, Nov. 23, 
1893. Son of Melville and Sarah Heyliger 
(Durant) Church. Ed.: Western High Sch.: 
Phillips Exeter Acad. ; A.B., Yale. 

Record: Mem. Western H. Sch. F.B. team. 
1913, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. F.B. team; 
niein. Yale freshman F.B. team. 1914-15-16, 
mem. Yale champs. F.B. team ; mem. Yale la- 
crosse team. 




Pres. Occupation: Mgr. New Bus. Dept., First 
Natl. Bank. War Record: Commd. 1st Lt. Air 
Service, mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Conn. Golf 
Asso. ; New Haven C.C. ; Quinnipiack Club. 
Married: Adelaide Whitehouse Moffat. Chil- 
dren: Kilborn, age 2 ; Sarah Adelaide, infant. 
Office: First Natl.' Bank, New Haven, Conn. 
Home: 49 Autumn St., New Haven, Conn. 

CHURCHILL, ASAPH, football. Born: 
Wrentham, Mass., Aug. 18, 1S66. Son of Gard- 
ner Asaph and Ellen Brastow (Barrett) 
Churchill. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1888. 

Record: Mem. Harvard F.B. team (3 yrs.). 
mem. Boston A. A. F.B. team (2 yrs.). Mem. 
Harvard freshman crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Wholesale paper dealer. 
Affiliations: Hoosic Whisick G.C. ; Milton Ten- 
nis and Squash C. ; Badminton C. ; trustee, 
Milton Sav. Bk. ; vice-pres. and trustee Dor- 
chester Coop. Bk. ; treas. Rockwell and 
Churchill Press; Union C. ; Harvard C. (Bos- 
ton & N. Y.). Hobby: Golf and Badminton. 
Married: Helen Olivia French, June 14, 1900. 
Children: Olivia ; Asaph, Jr., and Barbara E. 
Office: 201 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. Home: 
247 Adams St., Milton, Mass. 

mlng. Born: Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 25, 1897. 
Son of Charles Noble and Katie (Chism) 
Churchill. Ed.: Miss Gardiner's Sch. ; Memphis 
Univ. Sch. ; Univ. of Nancy (France) ; Harvard. 

Record: 1914-16, mem. Memphis Univ. Sch. 
F.B., track and soccer teams. 1922-23, mem. 
Memphis C.C. swimming team. 1923-24, coach 
Charlotte (N. C.) Y.W.C.A. swimming team. 
1925-27, coach Memphis (Tenn.) Y.W.C.A. 
swimming team. Officiated: 1924, dlr. S.E.A. 
A.U. swimming champs. 1925, official timer, Wo- 
men's Natl. Senior A.A.U. swimming champs ; 
judge Natl, long-distance-team race (pres. Cool- 
idge Cup). 1926, official judge and mem. Rec- 
ords Com. Women's Natl, swimming champ. 
Sesqui-Centennial (Phila., Pa.). 1928, chrnin. 
Amer. Olympic Com. for Tenn.-Ky. 

Pres. Occupation: Cotton shipper and ex- 
porter. War Record: Enlisted, 1917 ; comnd. 
2nd lieut. inf., 1917; served 31st Div., trans- 
ferred 32nd Div. Meuse-Argonne offensive, pro- 
moted 1st lieut., Gen. Staff, 1st Army Hdqrs ; 
discharged, 1919. Affiliations: Partner S. B. 
Churchill & Co.; partner, Field & Churchill; 
Elks ; Memphis Swimming Asso. ; Bd. of Govs. 
U.S.A.A.U. ; Natl. Swimming Com. ; vice-pres. 
S.E.A.A.U.; S. Mfgrs'. Club; Revellers' Club; 
Memphis C.C. Hobby: Swimming, golf and 
hunting. Office: 48 S. Front St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Home: 1216 Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 


Bom: Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 18, 1900. Son of 
George Maynard and Grace (Hamilton) Chute. 
Ed.: Scott H. Sch., Toledo, Ohio; B.S., Univ. 
of Mich., 1922. 

Record: 1920-21, mem. Univ. of Mich, cross- 
country teams. 1921, first to win major cross- 
country "M" in West Conf. competition ; won 
Harpham Cross-Country Trophy. 1921-22, 2- 
mile on Univ. of Mich, track teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Elec. engr. Affiliations: 
Gen. Elec. Co. (Mich.). Married: Josephine 
LaSota, June 24, 1921. Office: 700 Antoinette 
St., Detroit, Mich. Home: 18532 Riopelle St., 
Detroit, Mich. 

ball. Born: Boston, Mass., July 14, 1898. Son 
of Herbert E. W. and Ella Naomi (Blodgett) 
Chutter. Ed.: Dorchester H. Sch.; Kimball 
Union Acad. ; Mt. Hermon Sch. ; B.S., Univ. of 
Vermont, 1922. 

Record: 1919-22, mem. Vermont Varsity track 
and F.B. teams. High-point scorer in track, 
1921-22; Tri St. Coll. record in shot-put, 1921. 
1922-23, coach of ath. Whitehall (N.Y.) H. Sch. 
1923-27, mem. Cen. Bd. of F.B. Officials; mem. 
Marbel Valley League Officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Industrial engr. Mil. Ser- 
vice: U.S.N.R.C, 1918-19; 1st lieut. 322nd 
Engrs., 97th Div. Affiliations: Vermont Marble 
Co. ; asst. supt. of Monumental Productions ; 
Kappa Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Univ. C. ; 
Rutland Co. Council B.S.A. ; Mason; Vermont 
Children's Aid Soc. ; Amer. Legion ; Reserve 
Officers' Asso. ; Sutherland C. Hobby: Tennis. 
Married: Ruth Mary Joslin, June 11, 1924. 
Children: Ruth Eleanor, age 2. Office: Care 
Vermont Marble Co., Proctor, Vt. Home: 11 
Holden St., Proctor, Vt. 

featherweight champ. Pacific Coast, 1919. Born: 
New York, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1900. Son of Morris 
and Rose (Cline) Claire. Ed.: Hoboken H. Sch. 

Record: 1920, won feather wt. amateur title 
of Pacific Coast from Charlie Kutter, K. O.'d in 
3rd round. Fought Abe Goldstein (former 
bantam champ.) and "Spud" Myers. Fifty-six 
bouts in 3 yrs. ; won 52 and lost to "Spud" My- 
ers. 1928, official timer Amer. Marathon at 

Pres. Occupation: Actor. Affiliations: Publix 
Corp. Hobby: Boxing, golf and hunting. Mar- 
ried: May Alexander, Newark, N. J., Feb., 1926. 
Office: Century Theatre, Balto., Md. Home: 
Kernan's Hotel, Balto., Md. 

CLANCY, JOHN WILLIAM, baseball. Born: 
Odell, 111., Sept. 15, 1902. Son of Charles and 
Mary (Danaher) Clancy. Ed.: St. Paul H. Sch. 
(Odell, 111.); A.B., St. Vista Coll., 1922. 



Record: 1919-22, mem. St. Vista Varsity B.B. 
team (won Champs, of I.I.A.C. each year). 
1922-23-24-25-26, mem. White Sox B.B. team. 
(Hit 290, 1923.) (Hit 340 and broke record by 
hitting 40 consecutive games, 1924.) (Hit 297, 
1925.) (Hit 340, 1926.) (Hit 300, 1927.) 

Pres. Occupation: Prof. Baseball. Affilia- 
tions: K. of C. ; Elks. Hobby: Hunting. Ad- 
dress: Odell, 111. 

baseball. Born: Chicago, 111., Dec. 17, 1900. 
Son of Jacob and Margaret Claney. Ed.: St. 
Ignatius Acad. (Chicago, 111.), 1920; Ph.B., 
Notre Dame Univ., 1925. 

Record : 1923-24, mem. Notre Dame Univ. B.B. 
team. 1923-24-25, mem. Notre Dame Univ. F.B. 
team (Natl, champs., 1924). 

Pres. Occupation: F.B. coach Univ. of N. C. 
Married: Gertrude Meilstrup, Jan. 21, 1926. 
Address: 1157 E. Calvert St., South Bend, Ind. 


hurdle champion and intercollegiate tennis 
champion. Born: Hudson, Wis., Sept. 9, 1881. 
Son of Newell H. and Sarah E. (Jones) Clapp. 
Ed.: A.B., Yale, 1904. Ph.D., Univ., Berlin, 

Record: 1900, capt., track team, St. Paul 
Central H. Sch., (winner of both hurdles and 
high jump and runner-up in quarter mile). 
1901-03-04, mem., Yale track team, (winner of 
high and low hurdles in I.C. ) . 1902, mem., Yale 
track team, (runner-up in high and low hurdles 
in I.C). 1903, tennis champ, with Frederick C. 
Colston in doubles. 1904, capt., Yale track 
team ; capt., Yale-Harvard track which beat 
Oxford-Cambridge in London, winner of high 

Pres. Occupation: Editorial writer, Hearst 
Newspapers. Affiliations: Elihi Club; Yale 
Club, N. Y. Hobby: Swimming and hiking. 
Married: Susanna Nelson, July 15, 1907. Chil- 
dren: Amy, age 18; Edwin, age 14. Office: 210 
South St., N.Y.C. Home: 35 Fifth Ave. N.Y.C. 

Helen Marie Yoss, Nov. 24, 1927. Office: Dow- 
ner and Kenwood, Milwaukee, Wis. Home: 
805 Maryland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

world's record pole vault (11 ft. 10% in.), 1898. 
Bom: Northampton, Mass., May 31, 1875. Son 
of Wyllys W. and Lucelia (Blood) Clapp. Ed.: 
Williston Sem.; Ph.B., Yale, 1899 ; M-.D., Keokuk 
Med. Coll., 1902. 

Record: 1894-95-96, mem. Williston Sem. F.B., 
track and tennis teams (all around champ.). 
1896, 1st place Natl. I.S. Ath. Asso. meet pole 
vault, height 10 ft. 7 in. 1897-98-99, mem. Yale 
varsity track and gym. teams (capt. gym. team, 
1899). 1898, tie 1st place East. I.C. Ath. Asso. 
pole vault ; 1st place Natl. A.A.U. and Canadian 
Champ, meet pole vault ; world's record pole 
vault, height 11 ft. 10y 2 in. 1899, 1st place East. 
I.C. Ath. Asso. pole vault; All-East. I. C. gym. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof, of phys. educ. Univ. 
Nebr. Affiliations: Home service-chmn., first 
aid com. and instr. in first aid, Lincoln chapter 
of A.R.C., 1916-19 ; Sec, acting chmn. Wrestling 
Rules Com. of Natl. Coll. Ath. Asso.; Theta 
Delta Chi ; A.M.A. ; Amer. Phys. Educ. Asso. ; 
Soc. of Phys. Educ. Dirs. in Colls. ; Amer. Asso. 
of Univ. Profs.; Univ. Club (Lincoln, Nebr.). 
Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Married: Anne 
Barr, Aug. 19, 1903. Children: Catherine Barr, 
age 18; Margaret Barr, age 16. Office: 207 
Coliseum, Univ. Nebr., Lincoln, Nebr. Home: 
2017 Washington St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

CLARK, ASA V., football. Born: Albion, 
Wash., Mar. 26, 1889. Son of Mary E. (Walk- 
er) and Girard Clark. Ed.: B.S., Wash. State 

Record: 1911-14-15, mem. Wash. State Coll. 
F.B. team. 1915, capt. ; won coast champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Rancher. Affiliations: Ma- 
sons; K.P. ; B.P.O.E. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Lillian M. McDonald. Children: Barbara Jean, 
age 9 ; Asa V., Jr., age 8 ; Girard, age 2%. 
Home: Albion, Wash. 

CLAPP, PERCY, football. Born: Roberts, 
Wis., Mar. 10, 1900. Son of Otis. F. and Con- 
stance (Sutherland) Clapp. Ed.: River Falls 
Normal; B.S., Univ. of Minn. 

Record: Mem. River Falls Normal F.B. team 
(3 yrs.). Mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. and wres- 
tling teams (2 yrs.). Track coach Milwaukee 
Normal (2 yrs.). 2nd place Wis. Normal Sch. 
meet. 1925-28, F.B. coach Milwaukee Normal 
(undefeated team, won Wis. Normal champ., 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. Dir. Milwaukee Nor- 
mal. Naval Service: Enlisted U. S. Navy. 
Affiliations: Sigma Phi Epsilon. Married: 

Born: Maryville, Mo., May 18, 1905. Son of 
Bertram T. and Corrie (Watkins) Clark. Ed.: 
Chillicothe H. Sch. (Mo.) ; Principia Junior 
Coll.; A.B., Univ. of Mo., 1928. 

Record: 1918-22, mem. Chillicothe H. Sch. 
Bskt.B., track and F.B. teams (All-State q.b., 
1921-22). 1922-24, mem. Principia Junior Coll. 
F.B., Bskt.B., B.B., track and golf teams. 1925- 
27, mem. Univ. of Mo. F.B. team (f.b., second 
All- Valley team, Kansas City Star's, 1925 ; high 
point scorer, Mo. Valley Conf., 1926; h.b. on all 
selections of first All-Valley teams, 1926; h.b., 
Rockne's All- West, team, 1926). 




Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Mo.). 
Affiliations: Beta Theta Pi; Q.E.B.H. (honor- 
ary senior soc, Univ. of Mo.). Address: New 
Leeper Hotel, Chillicothe, Mo. 

Born: Somerville, Mass., Feb. 15, 1898. Son 
of Charles Arthur and Ellen (Blake) Clark. 
Ed.: Milton Acad.; A.B., Harvard, 1919. 

Record: Mem. Milton Acad. F.B., B.B. and 

hockey teams. 1915-16, mem. Harvard fresh- 
man F.B., B.B., hockey and track teams. 1916- 
17, mem. Harvard varsity F.B., hockey and 
track teams. 1917, mem. Boston Navy Yard 
F.B. team. 1919, mem. Harvard varsity track 
and hockey teams. 1919-20, mem. Harvard 
Univ. varsity F.B., B.B. and track teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Stock broker. Naval Ser- 
vice: Enlisted in U.S.N.N.C. as Q.M., 1917; ap- 
pointed ensign Sept., 1917, and served on U.S.S. 
Salem. Affiliations: Babcock Rushton & Co.; 
Big Bro. Movement, Inc. ; Harvard C. ; Racquet 
and Tennis C. ; St. Nicholas Hockey C. Office: 
50 Broadway, N. Y. C. Home: 370 Park Ave., 
New York city. 

CLARK, CHARLES C, tennis, crew and foot- 
ball. Born: Wash., D. C, Mar. 6, 1875. Son 
of Ezra W. and Sylvia (Nodine) Clarke. Ed.: 
Cen. H. Sch., 1893; LL.B., Temple Coll. (Phila., 
Pa.), 1899; Columbian Coll., LL.M., 1900; 
D.C.L., 1901. 

Record: 1890-93, mem. Cen. H. Sch. tennis 
team (held singles champ, for 4 yrs.). 1891-93, 
capt. Cen. H. Sch. F.B. team. 1894-96, mem. 
Columbia A.C. F.B. team (capt., 1896). 1895- 
96, mem. Columbia A.C. crew (crew won junior 
and intermediate champs. Potomac Regatta, 
1896). 1900-01, f.b. and coach Columbian Coll. 
F.B. team. 1902-03, runner-up in District 
(Wash., D. C.) and South. Tennis tournaments. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. chief U. S. Weather 
Bureau. Clubs: Univ. Club. Hobby: Athletics, 
hunting and fishing. Married: Mary D. Swingle, 
July 12, 1905. Children: Charles, Jr., age 21; 
Duncan, age 19 ; Mary Elizabeth, age 15 ; Anita, 
age 12. Office: Weather Bureau, Wash., D. C. 
Home: 21 W. Irving St., Chevy Chase, Md. 

CLARK, C. SEWALL, squash racquet player. 
Born: Germantown, Pa., Feb. 11, 1893. Son of 
Clarence M. and Mary (Taylor) Clark. Ed.: 
Mil. Acad.; A.B., Harvard, 1916. 

Record: 1913, mem. Harvard freshman hockey 
and B.B. teams. 1916, mem. Harvard varsity 
hockey team. 1917, mem. Germantown Cricket 
Club squash racquet team. 1925, mem. Amer. 
squash racquet Inter-Sch. team (matches played 
in England) ; mem. several Amer. teams (com- 

peting against Canada, Lapham Cup matches). 
1926-27, runner-up Pa. State champ, matches. 

Pres. Occupation: Banker. Naval Service: 
Enlisted U. S. Navy, 1918; discharged lieut. Jr. 
Grade, 1919. Affiliations: E. W. Clark & Son. 
Clubs: Penn A.C; Pine Valley G.C. ; Phila. C. 
and Racquet; Germantown Cricket. Married: 
Marguerite Auzias de Turenne, July, 1919. 
Children: Stewart, age 6 ; Marie, age 3. Office: 
321 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: Indian 
Queen Lane, Phila., Pa. 

Born: Phila., Pa., Aug. 27, 1859. Son of Ed- 
ward White and Mary Todhunter (Sill) Clark. 
Ed.: A.B., Univ. of Pa. 

Record: 1881, won Natl, doubles champs. 
1881-86, active contestant in tennis events. 1883, 
defeated Amer. champs., Dwight and Sears; 
competed with English champs., Renshaw 
Bros.; secy. U.S.L.T.A. 

Pres. Occupation: Banker. Affiliations: Dir. 
of Commonwealth Power Corp. ; Portland Elec. 
Power Co. ; Elec. R.R. Security Co. ; dir. and 
vice-pres. North. Ohio Power Co. ; dir. Con- 
sumers' Power Co. ; Tenn. Elec. Power Co. ; 
Denver Tramway Corp. ; Nashville R.R. & Lt. 
Co. ; Germantown Trust Co. ; Saving Fund Soc. 
of Germantown ; Delta Psi ; dir. Playground & 
Recreation Asso. ; Union League. Clubs: Phila. 
C.C. ; Sunnybrook G.C. ; Germantown Cricket 
C. ; Congressional C.C. ; Ekwanok C.C. ; Equinox 
Links C. ; Univ. C. ; Engrs. C. ; Down Town C. ; 
Rittenhouse C. ; Univ. of Pa. C. (N. Y.) ; Arling- 
ton C. (Portland, Ore.); Santee C. ; Oakland 
C. ; Recess C. (N. Y.) ; Mountain City C. (Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn.). Hobby: Golf. Married: Mary 
Newbold Taylor, Nov. 13, 1884. Children: Ed- 
ward W., 3rd, age 42; Franklin T., age 39; 
C. Sewall, age 35. Office: 321 Chestnut St., 
Phila., Pa. Home: Queen La., Sta. Z, Phila., Pa. 

CLARK, DAVID BURNS, football. Born: 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 16, 1880. Son of Francis 
E. and Cassie (Burns) Clark. Ed.: A.B., Ohio 
State Univ., 1905; M.A., 1910; Columbia Univ., 
grad. work, 1914. 

Record: 1901-02-03-04, mem. Ohio State Univ. 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. Schs. Affiliations: 
Mason; Kiwanis Club; Ohio H. Sch. A. A. (sec.- 
treas.) ; Ohio State F.B. Officials' Asso. Mar- 
ried: Anna Clingan. Children: Francis, age 12; 
Mary, age 9; Helen, age 5. Office: H. Sch., 
Kenton, Ohio. Home: 729 N. Main St., Kenton, O. 

CLARK, FORRESTER A., football. Born: 
Boston, Mass., Feb. 20, 1906. Son of John 
Dudley and Cornelia (Andrew) Clark. Ed.: St. 
Mark's Sch.; A.B., Harvard, 1929. 






Record: 1922-23-24, mem. St. Marks Sch. F.B., 
hockey and crew teams (capt. crew, 1924). 1925- 
26, mem. freshman Harvard Univ. F.B., hockey, 
champ, crew and polo teams. 1927, mem. Har- 
vard Univ. varsity crew. 1927-28, mem. Har- 
vard Univ. polo and F.B. teams (All-College 
Polo team, 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Clubs: Harvard 
Varsity C. ; Union Boat C. ; Hasty Pudding C. ; 
Porcellin C. ; Stylus G. Hobby: Banker. Office: 
1324 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Mass. Home: 32 
Hareford St., Boston, Mass. 

CLARK, GEORGE, football and baseball, 
ball. Bom: Carthage, 111., Mar. 20, 1894. Son 
of Charles A. and Virginia Elizabeth (McCul- 
lough) Clark. Ed.: William and Vashti Coll.; 
B.S., Univ. of 111., 1916. 

Record: 1912, mem. Carthage H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt. B. and track teams. 1912-13, mem. Wil- 
liam and Vashti Coll. F.B., B.B., Bskt.B. and 
track teams. 1913-14, mem. Univ. of 111. fresh- 
man F.B., B.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 1914- 
15-16, mem. Univ. of 111. varsity champs. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1916-17, asst. Univ. of Kans. 
aths. 1917-18, mem. U.S.A. Camp Funston 
champs. F.B. and B.B. teams ; coach Bskt.B. 
team. 1918-19, mem. A.B.F. champs. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1919-20, asst. coach Univ. of 111. 
F.B. team ; head coach Univ. of 111. B.B. team. 
1920-21, mem. Mich. State varsity F.B. and B.B. 
teams. 1921-26, coach Univ. of Kans. varsity 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1926-27, asst. coach Univ. 
of Minn. F.B. and varsity B.B. teams. 1927, 
ath. dir. and coach Butler Univ. F.B. and B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. War Service: 
Enlisted May, 1917; 1st lieut. 342nd FA., 89th 
Div. ; discharged June, 1919. Affiliations: N.C. 
A.A. and Amer. F.B. Coaches' Asso. ; B.P.O.E. ; 
Mason ; Delta Upsilon ; Alpha Gamma Rho ; 
Tau Nu Epsilon ; Hoosier A.C. ; Isaak Walton 
League ; Indianapolis A.C. ; Columbia C. ; Kan- 
sas City A.C. Married: Janet Mahon, Dec. 25, 
1921. Children: Mary Virginia, age 5; Jane, 
age 3. Office: Ath. dept. Butler Univ., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Home: 5203 Julian Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Born: Wrangell, Alaska, Apr. 11, 1899. Son of 
Willoughby and Georgiana (Shoquette) Clark. 
Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad., 1918; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1923. 

Record : 1917, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. F.B. 
team. 1918, mem. Leland Stanford F.B. team. 
1921-22, mem. Harvard F.B. team. 1923, Har- 
vard freshman line coach. 1925, head coach 
Trinity Coll. 1926-27, asst. varsity coach Har- 

Pres. Occupation: Ph.D. candidate and asst. 
instr. of history Harvard Univ. Mil. Service: 
S.A.T.C. instr. Stanford Univ., 1918. Affilia- 
tions: Amer. Coaches' Asso.; Harvard C. (Bos- 
ton and N. Y.) ; asst. grad. treas. Harvard A.A. 
Married: Merle McClellan, Sept. 15, 1919. Chil- 
dren: Merle Rose, age 7 ; Joan Mary, age 4 ; 
Henry Wadsworth, Jr., age 3; Nancy Jane, in- 
fant. Office: Harvard A.A., Cambridge, Mass. 
Home: 13% Hilliard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

CLARK, HEZLEP W., football. Born: port 
Austin, Mich., July 22, 1882. Son of William 
F. and Frances Clark. Ed.: Shortridge H. Sch.; 
Indiana Univ. (Bloomington, Ind.) ; Winona 
Tech. Inst. (Indianapolis, Ind.). 

Record: 1899-1903, mem. Shortridge H. Sch. 
F.B. team (capt., 1903). 1000-04, mem. Short- 
ridge H. Sch. Bskt.B. and track team (won Ind. 
State champ, track meet, 1901). 1904-06, mem. 
Ind. Univ. F.B. team (selected All-State, All- 
West., All-Conf. and All-Amer. h.b., 1906). 1907, 
ath. dir. Indianapolis Marion Club. 1908, 
coached Rose Poly. Inst. (Terre Haute, Ind.) 
F.B. team. 1908-09, coached Battery A. Bskt.B. 
team (Indianapolis, Ind.), Independent State 
champs. 1909-11, ath. dir. Rose Poly. Inst. 
1911-21, coached Ind. Dental Coll. Bskt.B. team. 
1016, ath. dir. Great Lakes Training Station. 
1923-28, ath. dir. Rose Poly. Inst. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Affiliations: Ma- 
son ; Shriner ; Ind.-Ky. A.A.U. ; Kiwanis Club. 
Hobby: Swimming. Married: Eva M. Lowe, 
Apr. 12, 1911. Children: James C. W., age 15. 
Office: Rose Poly. Inst., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Home: 634 8th Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 

CLARK, JOHN FAIRLEY, golf. Born: Fay- 
etteville, N. C, Nov. 5, 1904. Son of Mr. and 
Mrs. N. D. M. Clark. Ed.: Fayetteville H. Sch.; 
Univ. of Ky., 1923. 

Record: 1924-26, golf pro. Lake Junaluska 
(N. C.) ; golf pro. Fayetteville C.C. 1926, run- 
ner-up N. and S. Car. open champ. 1927, quali- 
fied Natl. Open champ. (Atlanta, Ga.). 1927- 
28, golf pro. Park Municipal G.C. (Savannah, 
Ga.) ; hold course record Fayetteville C.C. 
(score, 66) ; hold course record Lake Juna- 
luska (score, 64) ; tied course record Biltmore 
Forest C.C. (score, 68) ; hold course record 
Rutherford C.C. (score, 30). 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Affiliations: 
Elks; P.G.A. ; Bacon Park Municipal G.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Office: City Hall, Savannah, Ga. 
Home: 18 E. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, Ga. 

CLARK, JOSEPH SILL, first intercollegiate 
tennis champ., 1883. Born: Phila., Pa., Nov. 
30, 1861. Son of Edward White and Mary T. 
(Sill) Clark. Ed.: Germantown Acad.; Bark- 






ers' Sch.; Rugby Acad.; Univ. of Pa., A.B., 
1881; M.A., 1884; LL.B., 1S85; A.B., -Harvard, 

Record: 1880-81-84-85, mem. Univ. of Pa. 
cricket team. 1882-83, mem. Harvard cricket 
team (capt., 1883). 1883, Harvard tennis 
champ. ; 1st I.C. tennis champ, of the U. S. 
(singles and doubles) ; participated in first In- 
ternal, tennis match at Wimbledon, England 
1885, wicketkeeper on U. S. Internatl. cricket 
team in annual match with Canada ; won Ca- 
nadian tennis champ, at Toronto (singles) ; won 
U. S. tennis champ, (doubles) with Richard D. 
Sears. 1909-12, mem. Exec. Com. and vice-pres. 
U.S.G.A. 1927-28, mem. Gen. Counsel U.S.G.A. 
Mem. Exec. Com. and pres. U.S.L.T.A. 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney-at-law ; Clark, 
Clark, McCarthy and Wagner. Affiliations: 
Delta Psi ; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Clubs: Hasty 
Pudding ; Rittenhouse ; Racquet ; Germantown 
Cricket; Harvard (Phila. and Boston); Phila. 
Cricket; Sunnybrook Golf; Links Club (N. Y.) ; 
Natl. Golf Links of Amer. (South Hampton, 
L. I.) ; Pineland (S. C). Hobby: Golf and shoot- 
ing. Married: Kate Richards Avery, Nov. 26, 
1896. Children: Joseph S., Jr., age 26 ; Avery 
B., age 24. Office: 1529 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. 
Home: Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. 

CLARK, MORRISON M., football, lacrosse 
and track. Born: Wash., D. C, Feb. 18, 1898. 
Son of J. S. J. and Julia (McDowell) Clark. 
Ed.: McKinley Tech. H. Sch.; Univ. of Mich.,, 
1920; C.E., Univ. of Md., 1922. 

Record : 1916-18, mem. McKinley Tech. H. Sch. 
track and F.B. teams. 1919, mem. Univ. of 
Mich. F.B. team. 1920-21, mem. Univ. of Md. 
F.B. team. 1921, mem. Univ. of Md. track team. 
1921-22, mem. Univ. of Md. lacrosse team (capt., 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman N. Amer. Cement 
Corp. Mil. Service: U. S. Marine Corps, 1918- 
19. Clubs: Indian Springs G.C. Office: 205 Colo. 
Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: Silver Springs, Md. 

CLARK, OLE BURTON, golf. Born: Bulling- 
ton, Kans., Dec. 7, 1904. Son of Jesse B. and 
and Rhoda (Moon) Clark. Ed.: Hutchison, 
(Kans.) H. Sch. 

Record: 1925-26, golf pro. Bellevue C.C. 
(Atchison, Kans.). 1926, competed Tex. open 
champ. (San Antonio, Tex.) ; competed Natl, 
driving contest (held by Pathe Radio and 
Phone Co.), 2nd in drive, 336 yds. 1927, golf 
pro. Colonial C.C. (Tulsa, Okla.) ; competed 
Okla. open champ. (Tulsa, Okla.) ; competed 
Okla. State P.G.A. tournament (Barttesville, 
Okla.) ; competed City freshman champ. (Oak- 
hurst C.C. (Tulsa, Okla.). 1928, golf pro. Hick- 
ory Hills C.C. (Springfield, Mo.). 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Affiliations: 
P.G.A.; Hickory Hills C.C. Hobby: Bridge. 
Office: Hickory Hills C.C, Springfield, Mo. 
Home: 1032 E. Elm St., Springfield, Mo. 

cricket team, 1894-96. Born: Phila., Pa., Aug. 
17, 1873. Son of Edward White and Mary Tod- 
hunter (Sill) Clark. Ed.: Germantown Acad.; 
DeLancey Sch.; A.B., Harvard, 1896; LL.B., 
Univ. of Pa., 1899. 

Record: Mem. Germantown 1st and 2nd 
eleven cricket teams. 1894-96, mem. Harvard 
cricket team (won George W. Childs bowling 
cup, Halifax Cup competition, Phila., Pa.). 
1896-1923, represented Phila. Inter-nat'l cricket, 
on all Phila. team. 1911, mem. Germantown 
Cricket Club team. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at law. Mil. Service: 
Me. Amer. Red Cross, 1st as Associate Dir. 
of Bureau of Camp service, 2nd as Dir. of 
Bureau of Camp service and 3rd as Associate 
Dir. Gen. of Mil. Relief. Affiliations: Dir. Ins. 
Co. of State of Pa. ; U. S. Acceptance Corp. ; 
mem. Exec. Com. and Bd. of Trustees of Bureau 
of Municipal Research ; mem. of Exec. Com. 
of Com. of Seventy ; Trustee of Harrison Foun- 
dation. Clubs: Germantown Cricket; Merion 
Cricket; Gulph Mills G.C; Racquet; Ritten- 
house ; Thomasville Shooting ; Bishops Head 
Fish, Gun; "H", (Harvard of N. Y. and Boston). 
Hobby: Golf, squash, tennis, cricket and fish- 
ing. Married: Elizabeth Roberts, Oct. 15, 1904. 
Children: Miriam R., age 23 ; Mary T., age 21 ; 
Percy H., Jr., age 20; George R., age 18; 
Thomas W., age 16; Wm. L., age 14; John R., 
age 12; David W., age 8. Office: 1529 Walnut 
St., Phila., Pa. Home: Belmont Ave., Cynwyd, 

Portland, Me., Oct. 15, 1883. Son of Frank B. and 
Annie (Smith) Clark. Ed.: Portland H. Sch.; 
A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1904 ; LL.B., Harvard, 1907. 

Record: 1901-03, mem. Bowdoin Coll. track 
team. 1906, mem. Harvard track team, (tied 
1st place, Harvard-Dartmouth meet; 2nd place, 
high jump, Harvard-Yale meet ; tied 2nd place, 
I.C. meet.). 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at law. Affiliations: 
Zeta Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; "H" club, (Har- 
vard). Hobby: Tennis. Married: Margaret 
Krentz-Wnchester, Oct. 9, 1911, (deceased). 
Children: Chesley Krentz, age 15 ; Margaret, age 
10. Office: U.S. Int. Revenue, Wash., D. C 
Home: Corcoran Courts Apt., Wash., D. O. 

CLARK, SYDNEY P., president of the United 
States Squash Racquets Association (1920-25, 
1926-27). Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 
March 31, 1891. Son of Edward W. and Lydia 




J. (Newhall) Clark. Education: Chestnut Hill 
Academy ; Pomfret School ; A.B., Harvard Uni- 
versity, 1914. 

Record : 1912-14, member of Harvard base- 
ball team. 1914, member of Harvard hockey 
team. 1920-26, member of Germantown Cricket 
Club Squash team. 1920-25, president of the 
United States Squash Racquets Association. 
1920-28, member of American teams in Inter- 
national matches ; president, Philadelphia Inter- 
Club Squash Racquets Association. 1925-26, vice- 
president of United States Squash Racquets 
Association. 1926-28, won Pennsylvania State 
tennis championship (singles, 1928; doubles, 
1926-27). 1927-28, member of Pennsylvania Ath- 
letic Club Squash team; member of the execu- 
tive committee of United States Squash Rac- 
quets Association. 

Present Occupation: Banker. Naval Service: 
Ensign, United States Navy; submarine-chas- 
ing fleet, Plymouth, England, 1917; commis- 
sioned Lieutenant, September 21, 1918; dis- 
charged September, 1919. Affiliations: Harvard 
Varsity Club ; Germantown Cricket Club ; Phila- 
delphia Cricket Club; University Barge Club; 
Harvard Club. Office: 321 Chestnut Street, 
Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Home: Chestnut 
Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

CLARK, THEODORE, track. Born: Spokane, 
Wash., June 28, 1895. Son of F. Lewis and 
Winifred (Wiard) Clark. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 

Record: 1916-17, mgr. Harvard track team. 
1916-17, ex. com. I.C.A.A.A.A. 

Pres. Occupation: Textile. Mil. Service: 1st 
lieut. C.W.S., Wash., D. C, 1917-18. Affilia- 
tions: Asst. to pres. Kendall Mills, Inc.; Milton 
& Hoosic Whisick C. Hobby: Golf and radio. 
Married: Dorothy Ayer, Nov.. 1917. Children: 
Dorothy, age 10 ; Lewis, age 6. Office: 80 Fed- 
eral St., Boston, Mass. Home: 576 Randolph 
St., Milton, Mass. 

CLARK, THOMAS B., golf. Born: Montrose, 
Scotland, Nov. 22, 1877. Son of James and 
Jane (Croll) Clark. Ed.: Public sch. (Mont- 
rose, Scotland), 1893. 

Record: 1901, golf pro. Portsmouth C.C. 
(N. H.). 1902, competed Natl. Open champ. 
1902-04, golf pro. Agawan Hunt Club (Provi- 
dence, R. L). 1905-08, golf pro. Wilmington 
C.C. (Wilmington, Del.). 1906, won Middle 
Atlantic golf tournament (Balto., Md.). 1907, 
competed Phila. open golf tournament. 1909-11, 
golf pro. Pittsfleld (Mass.) C.C. 1912-13, golf 
pro. Hutcheson (Kans.) C.C. 1914-28, golf pro. 
Blue Hills C.C. (Kans. City, Mo.). 1925, com- 
peted Mid-West P.G.A. golf tournament; com- 
peted Mid-West open Blue Hills C.C. tourna- 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. War Record: En- 
listed Royal Air Force, 1918 ; served Boer War 
1 yr. in Africa, discharged Dec, 1918. Affilia- 
tions: Mason ; Blue Hills C.C. Hobby: Golf and 
soccer. Married: Martha Stadheim, Nov. 1, 
1910. Children: Lloyd George, age 10; Thomas 
C, age 7. Office: Blue Hills C.C, Kans. City, 
Mo. Home: 5300 Harrison St., Kans. City, Mo. 

CLARK, WALTON, JR., crew. Born: Chi- 
cago, 111., July 4, 1887. Son of Walton and 
Louise (Beauvais) Clark. Ed.: Lit.B., Prince- 
ton, 1908; LL.B., Univ. of Pa. 

Record: 1907-08 and 11, pitcher Pa. Univ. B.B. 

team. 1908, Amer. Canoe Asso. Regatta (Sugar 
Island) ; won trophy 1-mile straightaway one- 
man paddle ; half-mile one-man double paddle ; 
half-mile two-man double paddle. 1913-15, 
mem. Phila. Barge C. crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. ^Yar Service: 
Capt. inf. and F.A. on Mexican border, 1916- 
17; capt. and maj. 108th F.A., 28th Div., 1917- 
19. Clubs: Phila. Barge C. Hobby: Aviation. 
Children: Betty Scott, age 11 ; Edith Graham, 
age 8. Office: 61 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Home: 71 Locust Ave., Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y. 

CLARKE, COURTLANDT C, football and 
crew. Bom: Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1855. Son 
of Byron W. and Adeline (Thompson) Clarke. 
Ed.: B.S., Princeton, 1878. 

Record: 1876-77, mem. Princeton class crew 
and F.B. team. 1877, mem. Princeton varsity 
F.B. team. 1878, mem. Princeton varsity B.B. 
team ; capt. Univ. crew. 

Clubs: Univ. Club (N. Y. C.) ; Racquet and 
Tennis (N. Y. C.) ; Petersham (Mass.) G. and 
C.C. Address: Univ. Club, N. Y. C. 

baseball. Born: Bellevue, Nebr., May 2, 1877. 
Son of Henry Tefft and Martha (Fielding) 
Clarke. Ed.: Omaha H. Sch.; Ph. B., Univ. of 
Chicago, 1899; B.L., Univ. of Texas, 1901. 

Record: 1894-95, mem. Omaha H. Sch. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1896-98, mem. Univ. of Chi- 
cago F.B. and B.B. teams. 1899-1900, coached 
Univ. of Tex. F.B. and B.B. teams. 1900-01, 
coach Wash. Univ. F.B. and B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Oil and real estate. Affilia- 
tions: Okmulgee C.C. Hobby: Golf and hunt- 
ing. Married: Elinor Norvel. Children: Ger- 
trude, age 23; Maurice Gordon, Jr., age 16. 
Address: 1127 E. Main St., Okmulgee, Okla. 

Statesville, N. C, Nov. 23, 1901. Son of Sol L. 
and Sara (Pinkus) Clarke. Ed.: Balto. City 
Coll., 1919; A.B., Johns Hopkins, 1922. 






Record: 1921, 3rd 100 and 220 yd. dashes, 
Middle Atlantic States Collegiate A.A. ; won 100 
and 220 yds., So. Atl. A.A.U. ; won 220-yd., run- 
ner-up 100-yd., Natl. Junior A.A.U. 1922, won 
100 and 220 yd. So. Atl. A.A.U. ; set new Hop- 
kins record, 21 1-5 for 220 yds. 1923, won 100- 
yd. (9 4-5, new record) and 220 yds. (213-5, 
new record) So. Atl. I.C. A.A. ; runner-up 100 
and 220 yds. Middle Atl. States Collegiate A.A. ; 
runner-up 100 yds. and 3rd, 220 yds. I.C. A.A. 
A.A. ; won 100-yd. (9 9-10, record time), and 
runner-up 100 yds. and 3rd 220 yds. I.C. A.A. 
100 and 220 yds. (new record, 100 yds., 9 4-5) 
So. Atl. A.A.U. ; runner-up 100 and 200 meters ; 
won on relay team (East vs. West) ; ran 220 
yds. for East team, Wilco A.A. meet, N. Y. (pre- 
Olympic). 1924, won 100 yds., 9 4-5 (estab. 
new world record), Hopkins-5th regular indoor 
meet; won Internatl. 220-yd. champ., 213-5 (de- 
feating English champ.) ; runner-up 100 yds. 
Univ. of Penn. Relay Carnival ; won 100 and 
220 yd. Middle Atl. States A.A. ; picked for 
U.S.A. Olympic track team ; estab. new world 
record for 400 meters (41 sec.) on winning U. S. 
relay team (Olympic Games, Paris, France). 
1926, won 440 and 880 yd. relay races on New- 
ark A.C. teams (estab. new records), Sesqui- 
Centennial Expos., Phila. 1927, won 100 meters 
(11 sec, record time) athletic meet, N. Y. City. 

Pres. Occupation: Research Chemist, Texas 
Oil Co., Bayonne, N. J. Affiliations: Newark 
A.C. ; Vet. Aths. of Phila. ; Phi Epsilon Pi. 
Hobby: Sports. Office: 405 W. Lombard St., 
Balto., Md. Home: Esplanade Apt., Balto., Md. 

CLARKSON, WALTER, baseball. Born: 
Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 3, 1879. Son of Thomas 
Gibson and Ellen (Hackett) Clarkson. Educa- 
tion : H. Sch., Cambridge, Mass., Harvard 
Coll., 1903. 

Record: 1896-1900. H. Sch. F.B., B.B., and 
Hockey. 1901-03, varsity pitcher on Harvard 
B.B., team. 1904-06, Pro. B.B., with Yankees. 
1907-08, Pro. B.B. with Cleveland Indians. 190S, 
retired from active athletics and took up golf. 

Present Occupation: Bond Salesman. Af- 
filiations: Vesper C.C., Chrmn. Greens Com. 
during 1916-17-1S ; Yorick Club. Hobby: Golf, 
xYutomobiling. Married : Frances Gillies, July 
24, 1905. Home : 60 Frnway, Boston, Mass. 

Born: Portsmouth, Va., Sept. 27, 1899. Son of 
Tbomas and Catherine (Cain) Clarleson. Ed.: 
Sacred Heart Convent. 

Record: 1922, pitcher. Columbia (S. C.) B.B. 
team. 1923, pitcher Galveston (Tex.) B.B. 
team. 1924, pitcher Greenville (S. C.) B.B. 
team. 1925, pitcher Norfolk (Va.) in Va. 
League B.B. team. 1926, pitcher Toledo (Ohio) 

in Amer. Asso. B.B. team. 1927-28, pitcher for 
N. Y. Giants in Nat. League B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pro. B.B. pitcher. Hobby: 
Baseball and hunting. Address: 304 Whitaker 
Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

CLARNO, LYLE, football and basketball. 
Born: Farmer City, 111., Dec. 18, 1896. Son of 
James T. and Maude (Bissell) Clarno. Ed.: 
Moores Township H. Sch. (Farmer City, 111.) ; 
Bradley Coll. (Peoria. 111.) ; Univ. of 111. 

Record: 191316, mem. Moores Township II. 
Sch. F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams (holder De- 
witt Co. vault record, 11 ft. 6 in. ; capt. F.B., 
1915-16 and Bskt.B., 1916).. 1918, mem. 28th 
Div. F.B. team (Old Country). 1919-21, mem. 
Bradley Coll. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (chosen 
All-Conf. h.b., 1920). 1925, mem. Paxton (111.) 
Fans pro. Bskt.B. team. 1926-27, mem. Kanka- 
kee Fans pro. Bskt.B. team. 1927-28, officiated 
Big Ten Conf. meet. 

Pres. Occupation: District mgr. Bankers' Life 
Ins. Co. (Des Moines, la.). War Record: En- 
listed 103rd Engrs. of the 28th Div., mem. 
A.E.F. ; lieut. Engrs. Reserve. Affiliations: Psi 
Delta Omega ; Sigma Phi ; 111. Officials' Asso. ; 
pres. Com. B.B. League ; Amer. Business Club ; 
Elks ; Champaign C.C. Hobby: Athletics. Mar- 
ried: Birdsell Clarno, Jan. 31, 1925. Children: 
Shirley Jean, age 1. Office: Givens Bldg., Pax- 
ton, 111. Home: 412 E. Patton St., Paxton, 111. 

CLAY, ROBERT ALVA, football and base- 
ball. Bom: Monroe, Ga., Sept. 20, 1888. Son 
of Adolphus P. and Sarah (O'Kelly) Clay. Ed.: 
Monroe H. Sch.; Emory Coll.; B.S., Georgia 
Tech. Univ., 1915. 

Record: 1906, mem. Emory Coll. F.B. team. 
1911-12-13-14, mem. Ga. Tech. Univ. B.B. and 
track teams. 1912-13-14-15, mem. Ga. Tech. 
Univ. F.B. team. 1915-16, asst. coach Ga. Tech. 
Univ. F.B. team. 1916-17, asst. coach Ga. Tech. 
Univ. B.B. team. 1920-28, head coach Ga. Tech. 
Univ. B.B. team. 1921-23-26, won B.B. South, 
champs, (team never finished below 2nd place). 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. War Service: En- 
listed, 1917; 1st lieut. Oct., 1918; served 15 mo. 
in France ; discharged July, 1919. Affiliations: 
Atlanta A.C. ; Delta Tau Delta ; City C. ; East . 
Lake C.C. Hobby: Football and baseball. Office: 
Ga. Tech. Univ., Atlanta, Ga. Home: 256 Daniel 
Ave., East Lake, Atlanta, Ga. 

Oakland, Calif., Apr. 4, 1901. Son of Newton 
and Agnes (Morley) Cleaveland. Ed.: A.B., 
Stanford Univ.. 1924. 

Record: 1922-23-24, H.B. Stanford F.B. team. 
(Pacific Coast champs., 1924). 1924, mem. 
Amer. Olympic rugby team (champs, at Paris). 





1925, h.b. Olympic C. F.B. team (broke Calif. 
5-yr. string of victories) ; h.b. All-Amer. West. 
F.B. team (played in Honolulu). 1926, mem. 
Stanford rugby team. 1927, h.b. British Colum- 
bia Olympic C. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Mech. engr. Yuba Mfg. Co. 
Mil. Service: First lieut. F.A.Res. Affiliations: 
Sigma Chi ; Amer. Soc. of Mech. Bngrs. ; San 
Francisco Chamber of Commerce ; Olympic C. 
Hobby: Athletics and aviation. Office: 351 
Calif. St., San Francisco, Calif. Home: 2532 
Cedar St., Berkeley, Calif. 

football and boxing. Born: Augusta, Ga., Sept. 
7, 1903. Son of W. Connor and Cora (Davis) 
Cleckley. Ed.: Univ. of Ga., B. S., 1924; M.D., 
1929; B.A., Oxford, 1926. 

Record: 1922-23, mem. Univ. Ga. F.B. team. 
1923-24, mem. Univ. Ga. track team (capt., 
1924) ; record for 100-yd. dash, time 10 sec. flat; 
co-holder So. East. A.A.U. 100-yd. dash, time 
10 sec. flat. 1924, Univ. Ga. track team State 
champs. 1925, mem. Oxford track and boxing 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: "G" 
Club; Archilles Club; Chi Psi; Phi Beta 
Kappa ; Augusta C.C. Hobby: Hunting. Office: 
Univ. Ga. Med. Sch., Augusta, Ga. Home: 1304 
Monte Sano Ave., Augusta, Ga. 

Seward, 111., Aug. 27, 1889. Son of Albert W. 
and Fransula (Rugg) Cleveland. Ed.: A.B. 
Univ. of Wis. 1912. 

Record: 1910-11-12, mem. Univ. of Wis. track 
team (events, 880 yd., 2:01; mi., 4:27 3/5; 2 
mi., 9:53). 1910, team won West. Conf. champ, 
in 2 mi. run ; won individual champ. West. 
Conf. cross country meet ; West. Conf. cross 
country meet (team won 2nd. place). 1912, 
won indoor West. Conf. Champ, in mi. run ; 
mem. Univ. of Wis. 4 mi. relay team which 
broke record at Drake Relay games ; coach 
Univ. of Wis. cross country team (won Conf. 
champ.). 1916-20, coach Univ. of N. H. track, 
cross country and relay teams (won N. Eng. 
I.C. champ., 1920). 1924-25-26, coach Purdue 
Univ. freshman track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Entomologist, Standard 
Oil Co. Military Service: Instr. S.A.T.C., N. H. 
Coll. Affiliations: Lambda Chi Alpha; Scien- 
tific Soc. ; Amer. Asso. for Advancement of 
Science ; Amer. Asso. of Economic Entomolo- 
gists ; Crop Protection Inst. ; Sigma Chi ; Hor- 
ticultural Soc. Married: Helen West, Oct. 5, 
1912. Children: Fransula Elaine, age 14; 
Clarence, age 11 ; Edward DeWayne, age 6. 
Office: 9105 Mich. Ave., Chicago, 111. Home: 
318 Gladville Ave., Homewood, 111. 

CLOTHIER, ISAAC H., 3RD., polo. Born: 
Phila., Pa., Oct. 30, 1903. Son of Isaac H. and 
Melinda (Ammear) Clothier. Ed.: St. Paul's 
Sch.; Princeton, 1926. 

Record: Mem. St. Pauls Sch. F.B. and hockey 
teams. 1923, mem. Princeton freshman hockey 
team. 1925-26, capt. Princeton polo team. 1927, 
won Valley Hill Plate at Pickering Hunt Club 
meet. 1928, mem. 1st Phila. City troop indoor 
polo team. Has ridden several winners in N. 
Y. horse show, Bryn Mawr horse show, Devon 
horse show, and Phila. indoor horse show for 
the past ten yrs. 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant, Strawbridge & 
Clothier. Mil Service: 1st troop, Phila. City 
Cavalry. Clubs: Racquet; Ivy (Princeton); 
Gulph Mills G.C. ; Radnor Hunt. HobJby: Rid- 
ing. Office: 8th & Market Sts., Phila., Pa. 
Home: Radnor, Pa. 

hibitor and rider at horse shows. Born: Sharon 
Hill, Pa., Nov. 12, 1875. Son of Isaac Hallo- 
well and Mary Clapp (Jackson) Clothier. Ed.: 
M.A., Swarthmore, 1896. 

Record: 1895, mem. Swarthmore F.B. team. 
1896, capt. Swarthmore track team. 1915-28, 
exhibitor and rider at horse shows of Bryn 
Mawr, Devon, Phila. Indoor Show, Natl. Horse 
Show of Amer., N. Y., and Royal Winter Fair 
Show (Toronto). Important winnings: heavy- 
weight champ, /for eix consecutive yrs. on 
"King Daly," Natl. Show of Amer. (N. Y.) ; 
middleweight champ, for three consecutive yrs. 
on "Judge" and "Sir Linsin," Natl. Show of 
Amer. (N. Y.). 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant. Affiliations: 
Dir. Phila. Natl. Bank ; trustee, Swarthmore 
Coll. and The Williamson Sch.; The Valley 
Forge Park Comn. ; Radnor Hunt Club ; Pick- 
ering Hunt Club ; Racquet Club ; Univ. Club ; 
Union League. Hobby: Riding and hunting. 
Married: Melinda Knight Annear, June, 1903. 
Children: Isaac H., 3rd. age 25 ; Catharine B., 
age 20. Office: 801 Market St., Phila., Pa. 
Home, Radnor, Pa. 

CLOTHIER, WILLIAM J., National singles 
tennis champion, 1906. Born: Sharon Hills, 
Pa., Sept. 27, 1881. Son of Isaac Hallowell and 
Mary (Clapp) Clothier. Ed.: Haverford Coll. 
Grammar Sch. ; Swarthmore Coll. ; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1904. 

Record: 1897-99, mem. Haverford Coll. Gram- 
mar Sch. F.B., B.B. and hockey teams (capt. 
hockey). 1900-01, mem. Swarthmore Coll. 
F.B., B.B. and hockey teams (capt. hockey). 
1900-03, mem. All-Phila. hockey team (Quaker 
City). 1902, East, singles tennis champ. 
(Longwood, Mass.). 1902-03, mem. Harvard 





F.B., hockey and tennis teams (won I.C. sin- 
gles and doubles champ.). 1903, runner-up 
Natl, singles tennis champ. 1905-09, mem. 
Davis Cup tennis team. 1906, Natl, singles 
tennis champ.; East, doubles champ. (Long- 
wood, Mass.). 1906-09, won Natl, singles all- 
comers. 1911-28, master of fox hounds, Pick- 
ering Hunt. 1913, won East, doubles champ. 
(Longwood, Mass.). Pa. State singles tennis 
champ. (5 yrs.). Pa. State doubles tennis 
champ. (3 yrs.). Won Seabright Invitations 
singles and doubles champ. (2 yrs.). Won 
Southampton Invitation singles and doubles 
champ. (3 yrs.). Won Nahant Invitation sin- 
gles and doubles champ (2 yrs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Coal merchant. Affilia- 
tions: Pres. and dir. Boone Co. Coal Corp. ; 
dir. George B. Newton Coal Co. ; dir. Phila. 
Charity Ball, Inc. ; dir. Phila. Polytechnic Hos- 
pital. Clubs: Bryn Mawr Polo; Phila. Down 
Town ; Rittenhouse ; Merion Cricket ; Radnor 
Hunt; Pickering Hunt; "H" (Harvard, Phila., 
and N. Y. ) ; N. Y. Racquet ; Seabright, Long 
Island. Married: Anita Porter, Jan. 21, 1906. 
Children: Anita Porter, Jr., age 19; Augusta, 
age 17 ; Wm. Jackson, 2nd., age 12 ; Carolyn, 
age 5. Office: 133 S. 4th St., Phila., Pa. Home: 
Vally Forge, Pa. 

baseball and track. Born: Gorham, Me., Oct. 
22, 1877. Son of Eugene and Emma (Wingate) 
Cloudman. Ed.: Gorham H. Sch., 1896; A.B., 
Bowdoin Coll., 1901 ; M.D., Univ. of Vt, 1905. 

Record: 1897-98-99-1900, mem. Bowdoin Coll. 
Varsity F.B. team. 1898-99-1900-01, mem. Bow- 
doin Coll. B.B. team. 1899-1900-01, mem. Bow- 
doin Coll. varsity track and relay teams (capt. 
track, 1901). 1901, coach Bowdoin Coll. F.B. 
team. 1902-03-04, coach Univ. of Vt. F.B. and 
track teams. 1902-05, ath. dir. Univ. Vt. 1902- 
28, officiating F.B. 1904-08, coach Univ. Vt. 
track team. 1909-10-11-12, coach Okla. City H. 
Sch. track team ; ath. dir. Okla. City Schs. ; 
officiating state track meets (made record for 
I.C. 100 yd. dash, 9 4-5 sec, still stands). 1909- 
10-11 coach Okla. City F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Service: 
Capt. M.C., Sept., 1918; Disch. Jan., 1919. 
Affiliations: Kappa Sigma ; Alpha Kappa 
Kappa ; Mason ; K.T. ; Sons of Amer. Revolu- 
tion. Hobby: Aths. Married: Maebelle Bur- 
nett, Sept., 1902. Children: Vena, age 24; Olin 
B., age 21; Harry H., Jr., age 10. Office: 711 
Medical Arts Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Home: 721 E. 11th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

CLYDE, JOHN PEET, champion distance run- 
ner, Grinnell Coll. and Yale track teams. Born: 
Waucoma, la., Sept. 18, 1869. Son of Alexander 
and Florence (Peet) Clyde. Ed.: Waucoma H. 
Sch. ; Upper la. Univ. Acad. ; Ph.B., Grinnell 

Coll., 1894; B.D., Yale, 1899; M.A., Columbia 
Univ., 1899. 

Record : 1890, 1st place Upper la. Univ. Acad, 
one. mile run. 1892-93-94-95, mem. Grinnell Coll. 
track team (capt., 1894-95). 1899, 1st place 
Yale 4 mile relay winning team Penn. Relays ; 
runner-up Yale-Harvard dual track meet one 
mile run. Best time one mile run 4 :28 2-5 ; 
half-mile 1 :59 3-5. 

Pres. Occupation: Pastor Fairmont Cong. Ch. 
Mil. Service: Ex. sec. Y.M.C.A. war service at 
Camp Riley, 1918. Affiliations: Masons; Odd 
Fellows. Hobby: Mountain climbing and boat- 
ing. Married: Bessie Robert, June 28, 1899. 
Children: Dorothea, age 26 ; Alexander, age 23 ; 
Elizabeth, age 18; John Paul, age 15; W. Ray- 
mond, age 13. Address: 5033 42nd Ave. S. W., 
Seattle, Wash. 

COAKLEY, ANDREW J., baseball. Born: 
Providence, R. I., Nov. 20, 1882. Son of Michael 
and Annie (Sullivan) Coakley. Ed.: Holy Cross, 

Record;: 1901-02, mem. Holy Cross B.B. team. 
1902, mem. Phila. Aths. pro. B.B. team. 1907- 
08, mem. Cincinnati Reds pi^o. B.B. team. 
1909, mem. Chicago Cubs pro. B.B. team. 1911, 
mem. N. Y. Yankees pro. B.B. team. 1911-12, 
head coach, Williams Coll. B.B. team. 1914-28, 
head coach, Columbia Univ. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dept. mgr., U. S. Mortgage 
and Trust Co., N. Y. C, N. Y. Affiliations: Elks. 
Hobby: Golf and baseball. Married: Martha 
Gray, July 16, 1908. Office: 45 Cedar St., 
N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 145 W. 86th St., N. Y. C, 
N. Y. 

versity of Pennsylvania track team, 1895. Born: 
Phila., Pa., Mar. 24, 1874. Son of James H. and 
Elizabeth (Potts) Coates. Ed.: Haverford Sch. ; 
Univ. of Pa., A.B., 1894, M.D., 1897. 

Record: 1890, mem. Haverford Sch. track 
team. 1891-92, established Pa. State I.C. record, 
2 mile bicycle race. 1891-95, mem. Univ. of Pa. 
track team (capt., 1895; mgr., 1896). 1893, estab- 
lished new 2-mile bicycle record, Pa.-Cornell 
meet. 1894-96, mem. Univ. of Pa. cross-country 
team. 1895, established Middle Atlantic Asso. 
of A.A.U. 2-mile bicycle record. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Record: 
Maj. Army Med. Corps., Sept. 1917, lieut. col., 
Sept. 1918, commanding officer Base Hospital 
No. 56, mem. A.E.F. Hon. discharged May, 1919. 
Affiliations: Phi Gamma Delta ; Alpha Mu Pi 
Omega ; Laryngological Soc. ; Amer. Coll. of 
Surgeons "P" Club (Univ. of Pa.) ; Barge Club; 
Whitelands Hunt Club. Hobby: Tennis. Mar- 
ried: Mildred A. Hodge, Nov. 17, 1910. Children: 
Elizabeth G., age 13; George W., age 7. Ad- 
dress: 1721 Pine St., Phila., Pa. 


COATES, HENRY TROTH, track. Born: 
Bryn Mawr, Pa., Jan. 29, 1878. son of Joseph 
Hornor and Elizabeth (Potts) Coates. Educa- 
tion : Haverford Sch., Univ. of Pa., Cornell 
Univ., 1900. 

Record: 1892-93-94, mem. of Haverford Sch. 
track team. 1893, mem. of Haverford Sch. 
football team. 1895-96-97, mem., of Univ. Pa. 
track team. 1898, mem., Cornell cross-country 
team. 1899, mem., Cornell bicycle team. 

Present Occupation: Engr. Affiliations: 
Dairymen's League Co-op. Assn., Inc. ; Montclair 
A.C. ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Phila. Zoological Assn. ; 
Amer. Acad, of Pol. and Soc. Sci. ; A. S. M. E. ; 
Natl. Geo. Soc. ; Nat. Assn. of Purchasing 
Agents ; Univ. of Pa. Varsity Club. Married : 
Florence Thomas, Dec. 1, 1900. Children: 
Mrs. Jos. Hemphill, 3rd, age 24; George M., 
Barbara H., and Roger M. Office: 120 West 
42nd St., N. Y., N. Y. Home: 6 Marion Ed., 
Upper Montclair, N. J. 

COBB, FRANK COLLINS, varsity football 
and baseball, Univ. of Me. Bom: Farming- 
dale, Me.. Aug. 3. 1890. Son of Charles S. and 
Maria (Collins) Cobb. Education : A.B., Univ. 
of Me., 1911. 

Record: 1904-05-00-07. mem., Gardner, Me., 
H. Sch. F.B. and B.B. teams. 1908-09, "All Me." 
halfback. 1908-09-10-11, mem., varsity F.B. and 
B.B. teams, Univ., Me. (capt., varsity B.B. 
team, 1911). 1909-10, "All Me." 3rd base. 
1911, pro. B.B. with Internatl. League. 1917, 
coached Naval Dist. F.B., Portland, Me. 1918, 
war F.B., Camp Devons (chosen all service 
guard). 1921-28, mem., Cen. Bd., F.B. Officials. 
1920, won club golf champ., Vestal Hills C.C., 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Present Occupation : Scout Exec, Boy 
Scouts of Amer. Mil. Service: Served U.S. 
Inf., 1907-08; Grad., Inf. Sch., Camp Lee, 
Va. Comn. Lieut. U.S.A. Affiliations: Exec. 
Monmouth Council, Boy Scouts of Amer. ; Cen. 
Bd., Officials ; former chairman, Life Saving 
Div. Amer. Red Cross ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; 
Senior Skulls ; Diomedians ; Masons ; Scout 
Exec. Alliance. Clubs : Kiwanis ; Vestal Hills 
C.C. ; "M" Club; N.J. Scout Exec. Club. Mar- 
ried: Fannie Read, June 27, 1913. Office: 
131 Pearl St., Red Bank, N.J. Home: Fair 
Haven, N. J. 

Born: Weston, Mass., Apr. 10, 1899. Son of 
Wm. Herbert and Maud (Fairbairn) Coburn. 
Ed.: Weston H. Sch.; Noble Greenough Sch.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1923. 

Record: Mem. Noble and Greenough Sch. 
F.B., track and crew teams, (F.B. champs., 1917, 
crew champs., 1918) . 1921-23, mem. Harvard F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Industrial engr. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Mem. S.A.T.C. Affiliations: Pi Eta Club; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Institute of 1770 ; Hasty 
Pudding Club; "H" Club, (Harvard). Address: 
Church St., Weston, Mass. 

COCHRANE, EDWARD W., football, track 
and boxing. Bom: Rome, Mich., July 22, 1890. 
Son of Henry F. and Coral McKee (Wtay) 
Cochrane. Ed.: Kalamazoo Coll. 

Record: Has competed in track, B.B., F.B., 
trapshooting, hockey, hunting, golf and bowling, 
(competed in Mo. Valley Golf District tourna- 
ments). 1913-28, refereed 375 important F.B. 
games, Mo. Valley conf., S. West, conf., Kans. 
conf., Mo. conf., and Okla. conf. Refereed 150 
coll. track meets. Refereed 650 boxing contests, 
including world's champs. (Jack Dempsey, 
Benny Leonard. Harry Greb, Bill Brennan and 
Billy Miske.). 

Pres. Occupation: Sports Editor, Journal and 
Post (Kans. City, Mo.). Affiliations: Mid-West 
P.G.A. ; Mo. Valley Conf. F.B. officials ; S. West. 
F.B. Officials. Clubs: Meadow Lake; Hillcrest; 
Mission Hills ; Milburn ; Swope ; Park ; Shaw- 
nee; Indian Hills G.C. ; Kans. City A.C. Hobby: 
Golf. Office: 2'2nd and McGee St., Kans. City, 
Mo. Home: K.C.A.C, Kans. City, Mo. 

ball. Born: Bridgewater, Mass., Apr., 6, 1903. 
Son of John and Sarah (Campbell) Cochrane. 
Education: Boston Univ. 

Record: 1920-24, mem., Boston Univ. F.B., 
B.B., Bskt. B., hockey, and boxing teams, (capt. 
B.B. team, 1923). Won ten letters in athletics: 
F.B. 4, B.B., 3, Bskt. B., 1, and hockey 1, and 
boxing 1. 1924, organized B.B. Portland Pac. 
Coast League, (hit 336). Purchased by Connie 
Mack for $50,000.00 and five players. 1925, B.B., 
Phila. Athletics, (hit 330 in 134 games). Equal- 
ed world's record, (3 home runs in one game) 
Phila. vs St. Louis. 1926, B.B., Phila., (hit 273 
'in 117 games). 1927, B.B., Phila. 

Present Occupation: Pro. B.B. player. Affilia- 
tions: Lambda Chi Alpa ; Elks; Fellowship 
Lodge, A. F. and A. M. ; Asso. Pro. Ball Players. 
Hobby: Hunting, golf, and radio. Married: 
Mary Bohr, Mar. 25, 1924. Children: Gordon 
Stanley, Jr., age 2y 2 . Office: Shibe Park, 
Phila., Pa. Home: 299 Pleasant St., Bridge- 
water, Mass. 

Edinburgh, Scotland, Oct. 29, 1882. Son of 
Thomas and Jessie (Michie) Cochrane. Ed.: 
Edinburgh H. Sch. 

Record: Mem. Edinburgh Hibernian champ, 
water polo team (all-star right wing for 4 yrs.) ; 
won champs, of Edinburgh Roseberry S. C. 





4 yrs. in succession. 1905, won open champs. 
Toronto, Canada ; broke record across Toronto 
Bay. 1906-07, coach Toronto (S. C). 1907, 
coach Hampton H. Sch. (. Va.) ; won all meets 
for 3 yrs.; coach Martial Van Schelle (Bel- 
gium) ; won England and Belgium champs. 4 
yrs. ; coach Pa. A.C. ; won all Middle Atlantic 
champs, for the last 2 yrs. 

Pros. Occupation: Swimming coach. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Charge of all officers at school at Fortress 
Monroe. Affiliations: Loyal Order Moose. Of- 
fice: 18th and Rittenhouse St., Phila., Pa. 

COFALL, STANLEY, football. Born: Cleve- 
land, Ohio, May 5, 1894. Son of Fred and Ida 
(Bingham) Cofall. Ed.: East H. Sch.; LL.B., 
Notre Dame Univ., 1917. 

Recard: 1910-11-12-13, mem. East H. Sch. 
F.B., B.B., track and ice hockey teams (capt. 
ice hockey, 1911-12). 1911-12, capt. Cleveland 
A.C. junior ice hockey team (Junior Natl, 
champs., 1912). 1912, mem. C.A.C. senior ice 
hockey team (Natl, champs.). 1913, capt. 
Notre Dame Univ. freshman F.B. team. 1914- 
15-16, mem. Notre Dame F.B. team (capt., 
1916). 1916, mem. Notre Dame B.B. team. 
1917, capt. Massillon Tigers' F.B. team. 1919, 
mgr. and capt. Massillon Tigers' pro. F.B. team. 
1920, capt. Cleveland Tigers' F.B. team. 1920- 
21, mem. Pa. Quakers' F.B. team. 1922-23, 
coach Pottsville (Pa.) Maroons. 1922-23-24, 
ath. dir. Roman Cath. H. Sch., Phila. 1925-26- 
27, ath. dir. Loyola Coll. 1928, ath. dir. Wake 
Forest Coll. (N. C). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. War Service: 
Tank C. Instr. Officers' Training Sch., Gettys- 
burg, 1918. Hobby: Football. Married: Irene 
Held, Nov. 16, 1920. Children: Stanley, Jr., age 
6; Jack, age 2; Blossom, infant. Office: Wake 
Forest Coll., Wake Forest, N. C. Home: Same. 

COFF, CLARENCE, golf. Bom: St. Louis, 
Mo., Aug. 14, 1903. Son of Clarence and Pauline 
(Keenher) Coff. Ed.: Cen. H. Sch. (St. Louis, 
Mo.), 1916. 

Record: 1914-23, asst. pro. Club Master, Tri- 
ple A. G.C. (St. Louis, Mo.). 1922, competed 
Mo. open champ. 1923-24, golf pro. Jackson 
C.C. (Carbondale, 111.). 1924, golf pro. Lay- 
ton's Indoor Golf Sch. (St. Louis, Mo.). 1925- 
27, golf pro. Clarksville C.C. 1926, competed 
Memphis open champ. 1926-27, competed S. 
East. P.G.A. tournament. 1928, golf pro. Triple 
A. G.C. (St. Louis, Mo.). 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Clubs: Triple A. 
G.C; P.G.A. Hobby: Golf. Office: Triple A. 
G.C, St. Louis, Mo. Home: "4373 Papin St., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

COFFIN, ALBERT R., football and crew. 
Born: Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 28, 1881. Son 
of Albert W. and Maria (Reeves) Coffin. Ed.: 
A.B., Cornell Univ., 1904. 

Record : 1901, mem. Cornell Coll. freshman 
crew. 1900-03, mem. Cornell Coll. varsity F.B. 
team. 1902-04, mem. Cornell Coll. varsity crew, 
(capt, 1904.). 

Pres. Occupation: Life ins. underwriter. Affili- 
ations: Phi Delta Tbejta ; Indianapolis A.C 
Married: Kathryne Peyton. Children: Albert 
P., age 16; Donald R., age 14. Office: 607 Con- 
tinental Bank Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. Home: 
971 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

COFFIN, EDMUND, crew. Born: N. Y. C, 
N. Y., Nov. 8, 1844. Son of Edmond and Sarah 
(Lambden) Coffin. Ed.: Yale; Columbia Coll. 

Record: 1864-66, mem. Yale crew team (won 
Yale-Harvard meet, 1864-65.). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations : Alpha 
Sigma Phi ; Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Metropolitan Club; "Y" Club, (Yale); 
Shinnecock Hill)-; G.C; N. Y. Hiding Club. 
Children: Henry Sloane, Wm. Sloane. Office: 
153 East 46th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 110 
East 71st St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

COFFEY, JOHN FRANCIS, baseball and 
football. Born : New York, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1888. 
Son of Michael and Elizabeth (Bulger) Coffey. 
Education : A.B., and LL.B., Fordham Univ. 

Record: 1905-06-07-08, mem., Fordham Univ. 
F.B. team. 1906-07-08-09, mem., Fordham Univ. 
B.B. team. 1909, pro. B.B., Boston N.L. ; F.B. 
coach, Fordham Univ. 1910, pro. B.B., India- 
napolis (Amer. Asso.). 1911-12-13-14-15, pro. 
B.B., Denver W. L. 1913, B.B. coach, Fordham 
Univ. 1916, pro. B.B., San Francisco P.C.L. 
1917-19-20-21, pro. B.B., Des Moines W.L. 1918, 
pro. B.B., Detroit A.L. and Boston A. L. 1920. 
coached Des Moines Univ. B.B. and F.B. teams. 
1922, pro. B.B. Hartford E. L. 1923, pro. B.B., 
Macon and Charleston S.A.L. 1924, pro. B.B.. 
Decatur and Peoria I.I.I. League ; coached Ford- 
ham Univ. F.B. and B.B. teams. 1925-26, scout 
for Cincinnati N.L. 1925, coached Fordham 
Univ. B.B. and F.B. teams. 1926-27, coached 
Fordham Univ. B.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Graduate mgr. of ath- 
letics, Fordham. Affiliations: F.B. Coaches 
Asso. ; Asso. of Pro. Ball Players of Amer. ; 
Elks; Fordham Univ. Club, (vice-pres.). Hob- 
by: Remembering birthdays. Office: Fordham 
Univ., N. Y. C. Home : 2301 Lyon Ave., N.Y.C 

COGGINS, IRVING, football, baseball, track 
and lacrosse. Boim: Wash., D. C, Nov. 20, 
1893. Son of Harry and Emma (Hammack) 
Coggins. Ed.: Tech. H. Sch., 1911 ; Univ. of 
Md., C.E., M.E. 





Record: 1915-17, mem. Md. Univ. F.B. and la- 
crosse teams (capt. lacrosse, 1916). 1916-17, 
mem. Md. Univ. track team (mgr., 1917). 1924- 
27, coach Cen. H. Sen. (Wash., D. C.) Bskt.B. 
team (won champ.) ; runner-up Penn. tourna- 
ment (won Penn. tournament, 1926-27). 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher. Affiliations: Ma- 
son. Hobby: Golf. Married: Eleanor Sison, 
Oct. 27, 1917. Address: 4324 18th St. N. W., 
Wash., D. C. 

COHILL, PAUL A., football and baseball. 
Born: Wash., D. C. Feb. 2 1895. Son of George 
A. and Emma V. (Dulin) Cohill. Ed.: East. 
H. Sch. George Wash. Univ. 

Record: 1910-12, mem. East. H. Sch. F.B. 
team (capt., 1912). 1911-13, mem. East. H. Sch. 
B.B. team. 1914-20, semi-pro. F.B. and B.B. 
1916, mem. George Wash. Univ. F.B. team. 1919- 
23, coach Mohawk A.C. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Accountant. Affiliations: 
Mason ; Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials ; B.B. Umpirers' 
Asso., (Wash., D. C. ). Hobby: Sports. Mar- 
ried: F. Myrtle Lewis, Feb. 17, 1917. Children: 
G. Alvin, age 10; Paul W., age 6. Office: 401 
S. Ry. Co., Wash., D. C. Home: 236-12th St. 
S.E., Wash., D. C. 


Born: New Britain, Conn., Sept. 29, 1885. Son 
of Dr. M. J. and Grace (Markley) Coholan. Ed: 
New Britain H. Sch.; Ph.B., Yale, 1907. 

Record: 1903, capt. New Britain H. Sch. 
track team (won 1st place in quarter-mile Inter- 
Sch. meet at Wesleyan ; won 1st place in 100, 
220 and 440 yd. dashes, high jump, broad jump 
and pole vault in dual meet with Meriden H. 
Sch.). 1905, mem. Yale 1-mile relay team 
(team won coll. champ, of Amer. at Pa. relays; 
won 1st place in quarter-mile Yale-Princeton 
dual meet) ; mem. Yale Bskt.B. team. 1906, 
mem. Yale 1-mile indoor relay team (won 1st 
place in 440-yd. dash Yale-Princeton dual 
meet) ; mem. Yale Bskt.B. team; mem. N.Y.A.C. 
1-mile outdoor relay team. 1907, mem. Yale 1- 
mile indoor and outdoor relay teams (won 1st 
place in 440-yd. dash at Yale-Princeton and 
Yale-Harvard dual meets ; runner-up in 440-yd. 
dash at I.C. meet, Cambridge, Mass. ; runner-up 
150-yd. dash A.A.U. indoor champ ; estabd. new 
record for Yale in 440-yd. dash (491-5 sec.) ; 
capt. class Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Gen. sales mgr., steel dept., 
the Stanley Works (New Britain, Conn.) ; gen. 
sales mgr. Amer. Tube & Stamping Plant 
(Bridgeport, Conn.). Affiliations: Yale Club 
(N. Y. C.) ; K.C. ; Shuttle Meadow Club, Inc. 
(New Britain, Conn.) ; Shuttle Meadow Golf 
Club. Hobby: Golf and figure-skating on Ice. 
Married: Dorothy Colling, 1918. Children: Dor- 

othy Ann, age 6 ; Catherine Markley, age 3 ; 
William T., Jr., age 1. Office: Lake St., New 
Britain, Conn. Home: 617 Lincoln Rd., New 
Britain, Conn. 

Born: Marengo, la., Jan. 6, 1874. Daughter of 
Edwin and Frances (Barrows) Tucker. Ed.: 
A.B., Stanford Univ., 1899. 

Record: 1896-1900, mem. Stanford Women's 
Bskt.B. team (capt., 1898-99) ; bus. mgr., 1897- 
1900. 1900-01, dir. Fallbrook (Calif.) Bskt.B. 
and tennis teams. 1902-04, dir. Placentia (Cali- 
fornia) girls' Bskt.B. and tennis teams. 1904- 
07, dir. El Monte (Calif.) Bskt.B. and tennis 
teams. 1908-10, dir. Imperial (Calif.) Bskt.B. 
and tennis teams. 1912-13, dir. Wheatland 
(Calif.) girls' Bskt.B. and tennis teams. 1913- 
15, dir. Boulder Creek (Calif.) girls' Bskt.B. 
and tennis teams. 1915-16, dir. Eureka (Calif.) 
girls' Bskt.B. and tennis teams. 1916-18, dir. 
Patterson (Calif.) girls' Bskt.B. and tennis 
teams. 1923-25, dir. Truckee (Calif.) girls' 
Bskt.B. and tennis teams. 1925-26, dir. Julian 
(Calif.) girls' Bskt.B. and tennis teams. 

Pres. Occupation: H. sch. teacher. AffiliOr 
tions: A.R.C. ; mgr. Amateur Ath. League; Im- 
perial Valley Amateur Ath. League; Constitu- 
tional Comm. ; San Diego Art Guild ; Woman's 
C, Julian; Eastern Star. Hobby: Art, journal- 
ism and athletics. Married: Franklyn Edward 
Colburn. Office: Box 23, Julian, Calif. Home: 
Boulder Creek, Calif. 

COLE, REX, tennis. Born: Steubenville, 
Ohio, Nov. 3, 1901. Son of G. A. and Mary J. 
(Hardesty) Cole. Ed.: St. Petersburg (Fla.) 
H. Sch. 

Record: 1923-27, runner-up Dixie double 
champ. (Tampa, Fla.). 1923-28, won city 
singles champ. (St. Petersburg). 1927-28, won 
Central Fla. doubles champ. 1928, won Dixie 
doubles (Tampa) ; won Tampa city doubles 
champ. ; runner-up Dixie singles champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate broker J. B. 
Greene Realty Co. Affiliations: Jungle C.C. 
(St. Petersburg) ; Sunshine City Tennis C. 
Hobby: Tennis. Married: Bernice Stecker, Nov. 
22, 1922. Children: Rex, Jr., age 4y 2 ; Ruth 
Ann, age 1%. Office: 651 Central Ave., St. 
Petersburg, Fla. Home: 1664 17th Ave., South, 
St. Petersburg, Fla. 

COLEBANK, JASPER H., football, basket- 
ball and baseball. Born: Evansville, W. Va., 
Feb. 28, 1887. Son of James Q. and Louise 
(Deahl) Colebank. Ed.: Fairmont State Nor- 
mal Sch. ; West Va. Univ. ; Fairmont State 
Coll., 1925. 




Record: 1912-14, mem. Fairmont State Nor- 
mal Sch. F.B. team. 1913-14, mem. Fairmont 
State Normal Sch. Bskt.B., B.B. and track 
teams. 1914, mem. West Va. Univ. Bskt.B. 
team. 1914-15, mem. West Va. Univ. F.B. team. 
1916-24, coached H. Sch. (West Va.) ath. teams. 
1924-28, ath. dir. Fairmont State Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach and ath. dir. Mil. 
Service: F.A. Training Sch., Camp Taylor, 
Louisville, Ky. Affiliations: Delta Tau Delta; 
Amer. Legion. Married: Fay Esther Sturm, 
Apr. 6, 1917. Children: Ida Louise, age 8; Es- 
ther Irene, age 7. Office: Fairmont Coll., Fair- 
mont, W. Va. Home: 1126 Lowell St., Fair- 
mont, W. Va. 

COLEE, OTTO LEONARD, capt. Tulane Uni- 
versity football team, 1918. Born: Audubon, la., 
Dec. 4, 1895. Son of C. A. W. and Sara (Hayes) 
Colee. Ed.: Cen. H. Sch., (St. Paul, Minn.) ; 
D.D.S., Tulane Univ., 1919. 

Record: 1914-15, mem. Cen. H. Sch. F.B. and 
track teams, (capt. track, 1915, Minn. State H. 
Sch. discus record). 1916-18, mem. Tulane Univ. 
F.B. team, (All-S. tackle, 1917, capt, 1918). 
1917-19, mem. Tulane Univ. track team. 1921- 
22-24-25-26, coach Magnolia H. Sch. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Mil. Service: Mem. 
M.R.C., Dec, 1917. Affiliations: Mason; S. Conf. 
F.B. Officials; Delta Sigma Phi; Psi Omega; 
Kappa Delta Phi. Address: Magnolia, Miss. 

COLEMAN, GEORGE C, football. Born: 
Phila., Pa. Sept. 18, 1894. Son of Frederick 
Henry and Josephine (Schaub) Coleman. Ed.: 
N.E. H. Sch. ; Brown Prep. Sch. ; Muhlenburg 
Coll. ; Temple Univ. 

Record: Mem. N. East. H. Sch. F.B. and 
track teams. Mem. Brown Prep. F.B., Bskt.B. 
and track teams. 1916, All-Scholastic H.B. in 
Phila. Dist. 1919-20-21, played prof. F.B. 1922- 
28, officiated F.B. and track meets. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman, A. G. Spalding & 
Bros. Affiliations: Veteran Aths. (Phila.) ; Cen. 
Bd. of Officials; Phila. Officials C. ; Frater C. 
(Phila.) ; Pyramid C. (Phila.) ; Phi Sigma Chi. 
Office: 1210 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: 
2900 N. 16th St., Phila., Pa. 

Born: Menomonie, Wis., Nov. 3, 1869. Son of 
Eldwin C. and Isabella J. (Cuscaden) Coleman. 
Ed.: Hamline Univ., 1886-91; Univ. of Wis., 
1891; M.D., Univ. of Minn., 1897. 

Record: 1880-86, sprinter and jumper. 1886- 
87-88-90-99, mem. Hamline Univ. F.B. team. 
(Capt., 1890). 1890, mem. Hamline Univ. track 
team (won 100 yds. in 10 1-2). 1891, mem. 
Univ. of Wis. F.B. team. (Longest run on rec- 
ord for touchdown for several years). 1895, 

County Fair Glenwood, (Wis.), won bicycle 
race. 1896, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Surgeon. War Service: En- 
listed 1917 ; Fort Riley then transferred to 
Camp Lewis ; mem. of the Neuro-psychiatric 
Comn. of First draft, Nov., 1917; transferred to 
362nd, Reg. Inf. as CO. ; Tuberculosis Examin- 
ing Bd. Fort D. A. Russell, 1919. Affiliations: 
Stockholder State Bank of Hillsdale (Wis.) ; 
Dir. North. Bd. & Investment Co. ; Surgeon of 
The Barron Clinic, Barron (Wis.) ; Maj. 
R.O.T.C. Comn. man. C.M.T.C. ; Wis. T.B. Asso. ; 
Polk, Sawyer, Burnette and Washburn, (Me.) 
Med. ; Amer. Med. and Inter-State Med. Soc. ; 
Mason ; K. of P., Barron ; Amer. Legion, Barron, 
(Wis.) ; Part Owner Barron Clinic (Wis.) ; 
Shrine; Barron Civic C. Hobby: Fishing and 
hunting. Married: Bessie Post, June 8, 1898. 
Children: Edwin DeWitt, age 29; Harry Clark, 
age 17. Office: Bank of Barron Bldg., Barron, 
Wis. Home: LaSalle and 2nd St., Barron, Wis. 

of Pa. track and football teams. Born : Elmira, 
N.Y., Feb. 7, 1902. Son of William T. and 
Mary (Espey) Coleman. Education: Elmira 
Acad., B.S., Univ. of Pa., 1925. 

Record: 1923-24, mem., Univ. of Pa. track 
and football team, (East. Champ.) 1925, mem., 
Univ. of Pa. track team. 1926, mem., Phila. 
Quakers Pro. football team, (Amer. League 

Present Occupation: Life Ins. Affiliations: 
Special agent, Union Cen. Life Ins. Co.; (Cin- 
cinnati) N.Y.A.C. (Life Membership) Veteran 
Ath. Asso Phila.; Psi Upsilon. Hobby: Golf. 
Office: Second and Baldwin Sts., Elmira, N.Y. 
Home: 485 W. First St., Elmira, N.Y. 

COLES, MARK FENTON, mem. All-Amer. 
swimming team, 1924. Born: Baltimore, Md., 
May 1, 1904. Son of George F. and Rosa 
(Adams) Coles. Md.: Central H. Sch., Wash., 
D. C; Ph.B., Brown Univ., 1926. 

Record: 1922, mem. Cen. H. Sch. swimming 
team ; won 100 and 450 yd., time, 57 sec. and 
25 sec, Intersch. So. Atl. meet ; won 100 yd., So. 
Atl. meet. 1923-26, mem. Brown Univ. swim- 
ming team (capt., 1926). 1923, N. Eng. I.C. 
champs. 1923-25, mem. N. Eng. I.C. champ re- 
lay team. 1923-25, mem. All-N. Eng. I.C. swim- 
ming team. 1924, qualified in preliminary Olym- 
pic try-outs ; mem. All-Amer. swimming team. 
1924-26, mem. All-N. Eng. I.C. swimming team. 

Pres. Occupation: Life insurance, Phoenix 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. Affiliations: Phi Gamma 
Delta; capt. Wash. Swimming Club; Y.M.C.A. ; 
secty.-treas. Brown Univ. Alumni C, Washing- 
ton, D. C. Office: 930 Woodward Bldg.. Wash- 
ington, D. C. Home: 2026 Pierce Mill Rd., 
Wash., D. C. 






COLLETT, ELMER, water polo. Born: San 
Francisco, Calif., Mar. 19, 1903. Son of Charles 
W. and Henrietta (Driscoll) Collett. Ed.: A.B., 
Stanford, 1925; LL.B., Univ. of Calif., 1927. 

Record: 1922-23-24-25, mem. Stanford water 
polo team (Natl. Jr. champs., 1922) (Natl. Sr. 
champs.. 1923) (Olympic polo team, 1924). 
1926, 2nd. Natl. Sr. champs. 1927, All-Hawaiian 
champs. 1928, capt. Olympic C. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty. at Law. Affiliations: 
Delta Tau Delta ; Phi Delta Phi ; San Francisco 
Jr. Chamber of Commerce ; Stanford C. ; Elks ; 
Olympic C. Hobby: Piano. Office: 220 Mont- 
gomery Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. Home: 
1201 Water St., San Francisco, Calif. 

COLLIFLOWER, JAMES E., basketball. 

Bom: Wash., D. C, Aug. 7, 1884. Son of Charles 
Ernest and Annie M. (Castell) Colliflower. Ed.: 
Gonzaga H. Sch. ; Georgetown Univ., A.B., 1900 ; 
L.L.M., 1911. 

Record: 1900-02, mem. Gonzaga H. Sch. B.B., 
Bskt.B. and F.B. teams. 1906-10, mem. George- 
town track team (capt., 1906). 1908-10, mem. 
Georgetown Univ. varsity Bskt.B. team. 1912- 
14, coach Georgetown Univ. Bskt.B. team. 1916- 
17, coach U.S.N. A. Bskt.B. team (champs., 1917). 
1922, coach Cen. H. Sch. (Wash., D. C.) Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Coal merchant. Affiliations : 
Treas. and gen. mgr. James E. Colliflower Co., 
Inc. ; Treas. Outside Arch. Inc. ; K.C. ; Elks ; 
Phi Alpha Delta ; Pres. Cosmopolitan Club ; 
Racquet Club; Manor Club; Wash. A.C. Hobby: 
Basketball, married: Grace D. Lynch, July 14, 
1914. Children: Grace Mary, age 12; Rose D., 
age 9. Office: 1001 15th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. 
Home: 1127 East Capitol St., Wash., D. C. 


basketball and baseball. Born: Wash., D. C. 
Dec. 11, 1883. Son of Charles E. and Annie M. 
(Castell) Colliflower. Ed.: Georgetown Univ., 

Record: Mem. Georgetown Univ. B.B. and 
Bskt. teams. Mem. Wash. (D. C.) B.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams (5 yrs.). Umpired H. Sch. League 
B.B. teams (3 yrs.). Umpired City League 
B.B. teams (5 yrs.). Umpired Md. Univ. B.B. 
team (1 yr.). Refereed Bskt.B. (D. C, 15 yrs.). 

Pres. Occupation; Sec. J. EL Colliflower Co., 
Inc. Affiliations: K.C. ±slarried : Louise O'Brien, 
Oct. 5, 1909. Children: Mary Louise, age 17; 
Charles E., age 16; Joseph F. X., age 13; Ger- 
trude Rita, age 8. Office: 1001 15th St., Wash., 
D. C. Home: 1112 Buchanan St., Wash., D. C. 

States National golf champion, 1922-25. Born: 
New Haven, Connecticut, June 20, 1903. Daugh- 

ter of George II. and Adah (Wilkinson) Collett. 
Education: Lincoln School (Providence, Rhode 

Record: 1921, won Rhode Island State golf 
championship ; won Massachusetts State golf 
championship. 1921-26, won Shenneceosett In- 
vitation championship. 1921-22-24-20, medalist 
in United States golf championship. 1922-24, 
won Palm Beach golf championship. 1922-25, 
won United States National golf championship. 
1922-23-24-27, won Eastern and North and South 
golf championship. 1923-24, won Canadian ladies 
open championship ; won Buffalo Invitation golf 
tournament. 1925, won French ladies open cham- 
pionship. Won following golf championships : 
Belleair, Florida ; Ormond Beach, Florida ; 
Mountain Lake, Florida. Won following course 
records : Brae Burn Country Club, 76 ; East 
Course, Westchester-Biltmore, 72 ; St. Augustine 
Country Club, 74 ; Rhode Island Country Club, 
77 ; St. Louis Country Club, 75. 

Hobby: Writing. Address: 20 Upton Avenue, 
Providence, Rhode Island. 

COLLINS, ARTHUR WORTH, football and 
track. Bom: Chieng Mai, Siam, Asia, Sept. 26, 
1890. Son of Rev. D. G. and Ada Florence 
(Pinkerton) Collins. Ed.: Wooster Acad., 1909; 
Wooster Coll., 1913 ; Univ. of Mich., 1924 ; Univ. 
of Notre Dame, 1927. 

Record: 1910-12, mem. Wooster Coll. F.B. 
team. 1911-13, mem. Wooster Coll. Bskt.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1913, mem. Wooster Coll. track 
team. 1913-14, phy. dir. Ohio State Blind Sch. 
1914-16, ath. dir. Geneva H. Sch. (Geneva, 
Ohio). 1917-18, ath. dir. Painesville H. Sch. 
1918-24, ath. dir. Lorain H. Sch. (won Ohio 
State Bskt.B. champ.). 1924, ath. dir. Baldwin 
Wallace Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Baldwin Wallace 
Coll. Affiliations: Mason; Alpha Tau Omega; 
Berea G. and C.C. Hobby: Athletics. Married: 
Josephine La May Posiey, Oct. 4, 1916. Chil- 
dren: Elvira Mary, age 11. Office: Baldwin 
Wallace Coll., Berea, Ohio. Home: 102 E. 
Grand St., Berea, Ohio. 


Baseball and golf. Born: York, Me., Nov. 10, 
1866. Son of Rev. John and Laura Smith 
(Home) Collins. Ed.: Fryeburg Acad. (Frye- 
burg, Me.) ; B.S., Mass. Inst. Tech. 

Record: 1883, mgr. Fryeburg Acad. B.B. 
team. 1884, mgr. and capt. Kezar Falls B.B. 
team. 1885, mgr. and capt. Chebeague Is. B.B. 
team. 1886-87, mgr. and capt. S. Portland B.B. 
team. 1888-92, mgr. and capt. Peaks Is. B.B. 
team. 1890-93, mem. M.I.T. B.B. team (won 1st 
place fence vault, 6ft. 7%in., 2nd place, 16-lb. 
shot-put, M.I.T.A.C. meet, 1890). 1895-96, capt. 





Chicago Y.M.C.A. B.B. and Bskt.B. teams. Mem. 
•Chicago Y.M.C.A. F.B. team. Mem. M.I.T. F.B. 
team. 1907-08, won Newton Centre Bowling 
Club champ. ; capt. Stone & Webster bowling 
teams. 1913, won B.B. champ, cup ; won golf 
champ. 1925, won Chestnut Hill G.C. swatfest 
champ. 1926, won Great Chebeague G.C. Zaugg 
Cup champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Spray Engr. Co., Boston, 
Mass. Naval Service: Ensign U.S.N., Spanish- 
Amer. War, 1898; div. officer U.S.S. Scorpion, 
with Sampson's fleet, Santiago, Cuba ; lieut. 
comdr. U.S.S. Dorothea training cruise, League 
Island, 1901. Affiliations: U.S.N.L. ; Amer. Soc. 
Mech. Engrs. ; N. W. Asso. (M.I.T.) ; Boston 
Tech. Club ; Chicago Tech. Club ; Chicago Naval 
Reserve Club; Chestnut Hill G.C; Great Che- 
beague G.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Katherine 
Greer, June 20, 1900. Children: Dorothea, age 
26; Katharine, age 24; Sallie, age 18. Office: 
60 High St., Boston, Mass. Home: 18 Athel- 
stane Rd., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Born: Chicago, 111., Aug. 27, 1903. Son of James 
P. and Loretta (Hanley) Collins. Ed.: St. Igna- 
tius H. Sch. (Chicago, 111.), 1921; LL.B., Notre 
Dame Univ., 1925. 

Record): 1922-24, mem. Notre Dame Univ. F.B. 
team (Natl, champs., 1924). 1925, line coach 
Univ. of Chattanooga F.B. team. 1926-27, head 
coach Univ. of N. C. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. Affiliations: K.C. 
Office: Chapel Hill, N. C. Home: 714 Gunder- 
son Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

COLLINS, EDWARD T., baseball. Born: 
Millerton, N. Y., May 2, 1887. Son of John R. 
and Mary (Trowbridge) Collins. Ed.: Irving 
H. Sch. (Tarrytown, N. Y.) ; A. B., Columbia 
Univ., 1907. 

Record: 1904-07, mem. Columbia Univ. F.B. 
and B.B. teams (capt. B.B. team, 1907). 1906- 
14, mem. Phila. Ath. B.B. team. 1910-11-13, 
mem. Phila. Aths., won 3 World Series. 1915- 
26, mem. Chicago White Sox. Won World Se- 
ries, 1917. 1925-26, mgr. Chicago White Sox 
B.B. team. 1927-28, mem. Phila. Aths. B.B. 
team. (Holds various Amer. League records for 
base running, hitting, etc.) 

Pres. Occupation: Prof. B.B. player. War 
Record: Enlisted U.S.M.C., 1918; discharged, 
1919. Affiliations: Veteran Ath. of Phila. ; Penn. 
A.C. ; B.P.O.E; Beta Theta Pi; Mason; Aroni- 
mink Golf C. Hobby: Hunting. Married: Mabel 
Doane, Nov. 3, 1910. Children: Paul D., age 
16 ; Edward T., Jr., age 11. Office: Phila. Ath- 
letics, Phila., Pa. Home: 341 Owen Ave., Lans- 
downe, Pa. 

coach. Born: Lothrop, Mo., May 21, 1894. Son 
of Frank and Mary (Evans) Collins. Ed.: B.S., 
Mo. Univ., 1921. 

Record: 1916-19, mem. Mo. Univ. Varsity F.B. 
team. 1921-22, head coach Liberty (Mo.) H. 
Sch. 1923-25, coach Mo. Wesleyan Coll. 1926- 
27, coach William Jewell Coll. (Liberty, Mo.). 

Pres. Occupation: Track coach and asst. F.B. 
coach William Jewell Coll., Liberty, Mo. War 
Record: Enlisted June, 1917; mem. A.E.F. 1 yr. ; 
discharged July, 1919. Affiliations: Phi Kappa 
Psi ; Masons; Shriners. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Cornelia Darby, Aug. 8, 1925. Children: Wil- 
liam N., Jr., age 2. Office: William Jewell Coll., 
Liberty, Mo. Home: Liberty, Mo. 

COLLIS, LLOYD, track. Born: Phila., Pa., 
July 4, 1870. Son of Chas. H. and Septima 
(Maria) Collis. Ed.: Columbia Univ. 

Record: 1889-92, mem. Columbia Univ. track 
team (capt., 1892; mi. walk, I.C. champ., time 
7:5 4/5). 1890-95, Jr. mem. N. Y. A.C. track 
team (estab. relay record for mi. walk). 1895, 
mem. 7th Regt. track team (holder y 2 mi. 
walking record, time, 3:19 1/5). 

Pres. Occupation: Consulting engr. War Rec- 
ord: Lt. Col., Q.M.C., A.E.F., 1917-19; awarded 
French Legion of Honor. Affiliations: Colum- 
bia Union A.A. ; Psi Upsilon ; Col. Univ. Club. 
Married: Frances Williamson, Jan. 14, 1922. 
Office: 4 W. 43rd St., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 
50 W. 45th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

COLLOM, SAMUEL H., president of the 
United States Lawn Tennis Association. Born: 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 19, 1876. 
Son of Benjamin L. and Helen (Harper) Col- 
lom. Education: Drexel Institute, 1895. 

Record : 1888, member of Belfield Tennis Club. 
Member of Germantown Cricket Club tennis 
team (played in inter-city matches). 1907-09, 
won Pennsylvania State doubles championship. 
1910, captain of Huntington Valley Club tennis 
team (won Philadelphia inter-club champion- 
ship). 1922-26, delegate-at-large and vice-presi- 
dent of United States Lawn Tennis Association. 
1926-27, chairman of the tennis committee and 
member of the board of governors, Huntington 
Valley Country Club ; vice-president and chair- 
man of the tennis committee, Germantown 
Cricket Club. 1928, president of United States 
Lawn Tennis Association. 

Present Occupation: Manufacturer. Affilia- 
tions: Pennsylvania Metallic Tubing Company ; 
Union League. Clubs: Pennsylvania Athletic; 
Racquet; Corinthian Yacht. Hobby: Tennis, 
golf and yachting. Married: Florence Buchnor, 
April 17, 1900. Children: Samuel H., Jr., age 
24. Office: Northeast corner of Broad and Race 







1903-10, mem. Bachelor Barge Club crew team. 
Streets. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Home: 
School House Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

COLTAKT, FRANK H., golf. Bom: Kinross, 
Scotland, July 23, 1883. Son of James and 
Sarah (Maxted) Coltart. Ed.: Perth (Scot- 
land) Public Sch. 

Record: 1900-02, won Perth-Artisan G.C. open 
champ. 1900-07, golf pro. King James VI G.C. 
1907-11, golf pro. Birstall G.C. 1909, won Mid- 
land champ, medal (P.G.A.), Birmingham, Eng- 
land ; represented Scotland against England ; 
represented Scotland against England in Prin- 
cess. 1921-28, golf pro. Phila. C.C. 1923, run- 
ner-up Phila. champ. 1925-28, golf instr. Rac- 
quet Club. 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Clubs: Phila. 
C.C. Married: Annie Powrie, Apr., 1906. Chil- 
dren: Rodney, age 20 ; Bruce, age 18 ; Ian, age 
15. Office: Phila. C.C, Phila., Pa. Home: Her- 
mit Lane, Wissahickon, Pa. 


of Calif. F.B. team, 1927. Bom: Chicago, 111., 
Aug. 1, 1903. Son of Charles Wilkins and Lotta 
(Castle) Coltrin. Ed.: Austin H. Sch. (Chi- 
cago, 111.) ; Univ. of Calif. 

Record: 1919-20-21-22. mem. Austin H. Sch. 
F.B. and track teams (capt., 1922). 1924, capt. 
2'7, mem. varsity F.B. team (capt., 1927; Grant- 
land Rice's All-American F.B. squad, 1927). 
Honorable mention on Warner-Jones-Rockne All- 
Amer. F.B. team, 1925. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Phi 
Kappa Psi. Address: 2625 Hearst Ave., Berke- 
ley, Calif. 

Bom: Paris, France, Apr. 25, 1898. Son of 
John Charles and Sarah Benton (Brant) Col- 
well. Ed.: St. John's Mil Sch.; Lit.B., Prince- 
ton, 1917. 

Record: 1912-13, mem. St. John's Sch. track 
team. 1914, mem. Princeton Univ. freshman 
track team. 1915-16-17, mem. Princeton Univ. 
varsity track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. mgr. Foreign Dept, 
Guaranty Trust Co. War Record: R.O.T.C. 
Fort Myer, Va., 1917; A.E.F., 1917-19; duty 
with the Ainer. Comm. to negotiate peace, Hotel 
Crellon, Paris, 1918-19; discharged 1st lieut. 
inf., 1919. Affiliations: Pilgrims of Amer. Acad, 
of Political Science; Princeton C. Married: 
Catherine E. M. Law, July 6, 1926. Office: 140 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. Home: "Bewlay," 
Blue Mill Rd., Madison, N. J. 

Born: Providence, R. I., Oct. 12,, 1878. Son of 
Richard Steere and Emily (Hartshorn) Colwell. 
Ed.: A.B., Denison Coll., 1899; Harvard, A.M., 
1902; Ph.D., 1906. 

Record: 1898, Denison Coll. I.C. mi. and half 
champ, (number 1st places in half mi., mi., and 
2 mi. events Harvard). 1902, half mi. from 
scratch in 1 :58 4-5 min. 1903, Harvard-Yale 
dual meet 1st place in 2 mi. and 2nd in mi. ; 
I.C. at N. Y. 1st place in mi. and 4th in 2 mi. 
1904, mem. Harvard-Yale track team which won 
against Oxford-Cambridge in London. 

Pres. Occupation: Professor. Affiliations: 
Terrace-Kings County Tennis C. Hobby: Sail- 
ing; tennis. Married: Martha Ford, 1914. Chil- 
dren: Martha Reynolds, age 12 ; Abby Kerr, age 
10; Elizabeth Arnold, age 2. Office: Adelphi 
Coll., Brooklyn, N. Y. Home: 303 Caton Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

COMBS, LEE OSHER, JR., track. Born: 
Valley City, N. Dak., Nov. 25, 1905. Son of Lee 
and Mabel (Osher) Combs. Ed.: Shattuck Sch.; 
A.B., Harvard, 1926; Univ. of S. Calif. 

Record: 1922-23, mem. Harvard freshman 
track team. 1923-26, mem. Harvard varsity 
track team, (pole vault indoor record, 1926). 
1925-26, awarded George Guest Haydock Me- 
morial Cup. 1928, mem. Amer. Olympic com. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Chmn. 
I.C. Finance Com. ; S. Calif. Olympic Com. ; Phi 
Delta Phi; "H" Club (Harvard). Hobby: Law. 
Office: 215 West 6th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Home: 2501 East 1st St., Long Beach, Calif. 

COMERFORD, WALTER A., capt. Boston 
College football team, 1921. Bom: Worcester, 
Mass., Jan. 25, 1899. Son of Thomas and Ann 
(Gray) Comerford. Ed.: Ph.B., Boston Coll., 

Record: 1919-23, mem. Boston Coll. F.B. and 
B.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1921). 

Pres. Occupation: Bond salesman and F.B. 
coach. War Record: U. S. Marine Corps, 2 yrs., 
mem. A.E.F., discharged corpl. Affiliations: Vet. 
Ath. Asso. (Phila., Pa.). Hobby: Football. 
Married: W. A. Sullivan. Children: Katherine, 
infant. Office: 30 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 
Home: 43 Wallington Rd., Brighton, Mass. 

CONARD, HORACE P., crew. Bom: Phila., 
Pa., Nov. 24, 1884. Son of Dr. Thomas E. and 
Anna (Stratton) Conard. Ed.: Cen. H. Sch. 
(Phila., Pa.) ; Drexel Inst, 1902. 

Record: Mem. Cen. H. Sch. Bskt.B. team. 
1900, mem. Drexel Inst. Bskt.B. team (Inter-sch. 
champs.). 1902-28, mem. Schuylkill Navy crew 
team (won Amer. Henley on Schuylkill River, 
1907; established record for race, 1907-27). 





Pres. Occupation: Advertising. War Record: 
Enlisted Troop "A", Pa. Cavalry, 1917, comnd. 
2nd lieut. 111th Inf., 28th Div., mem. A.E.F. ; 
discharged, 1919. Affiliations: Amer. Legion ; 
Poor Richard Club ; Penn A.C. Hobby: Rowing. 
Address: Penn A.C, Phila., Pa. 

CONCANNON, JOSEPH, professional billiard 
player. Born: Woodbridge, N. J., Mar. 19. 

Record: 1904-08, won state champ, billiards 
(N. J.). 1916, 4th place world's billiard champ. 
(Chicago, 111.). 1918-19, won N. Y. State 
champ. "(Brooklyn, N. Y.). 1919, 4th place, bil- 
liard champ, tournament (Phila., Pa.). 1921, 
won match with Ralph Greenleaf, world's 
champ. (Saratoga Springs, N. Y.). 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. Arcade Billiard Hall. 
Office: Arcade, 14th and Park Rd. N. W., Wash., 
D. C. Home: 2121 N. Y. Ave. N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

CONGELTON, EARLE, crew and basketball. 
Born: Phila., Pa., Aug. 22, 1891. Son of Osborn 
and Annie M. (Darby) Congelton. Ed.: Hack- 
ensack (N. J.) H. Sch., 1909; Princeton, 1913. 

Record: 1907-09, mem. Hackensack H. Sch. 
midget Bskt.B. team (mgr., 1908-09). 1909-10, 
mem. Princeton freshman crew. 1910, mem. 
Crescent A.C. (coxswain of one of their crews). 
1912-13, mem. Princeton varsity crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Mfr. ; Phoenix Mills, Inc., 
Little Falls, N. Y., and Statesville, N. C. (asst. 
mgr.) ; Beacon Mills, Inc., Little Falls, N. Y. 
(sec). Affiliations: Mason; Exchange Club 
(Herkimer, N. Y.) ; Little Falls C.C. (N. Y.). 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Ruth E. Douglas, Feb. 
21, 1918. Children: Ruth Nancy, age 9; Doug- 
las Metcalf, age 7. Office: 3S9 S. Second St., 
Little Falls, N. Y. Home: 536 Renwick Ave., 
Herkimer, N. Y. 

Born: Cooperstown, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1902. Son 
of Sidney Seaburn and Augusta (Jennings) 
Conger. Ed.: Haverford Sch. ; B.S., Princeton, 

Record: 1919-20, mem. Haverford Sch. soccer, 
Bskt.B., gym. and track teams. 1921, mem. 
Princeton freshman track team. 1922-24, mem. 
Princeton varsity track team. 1922, mem. 1-mile 
relay team which won indoor I.C.A.A.A.A. 
champ., estabd. record 3 :22 ; mem. relay team 
which won Junior Natl, champ, medley relay ; 
mem. track team which won Yale-Harvard- 
Princeton champ; mem. track team which won 
2nd place in I.C.A.A.A.A. champ. 1923, mem. 
relay team which won Metropolitan 1-mile re- 

lay champ. ; mem. track team which won 2nd 
place in I.C.A.A.A.A. champ. 1924, won three- 
quarter mile handicap in Samaclar meet ; mem. 
of relay team which won 2nd place in Metro- 
politan medley relay champ. Best time in 
quarter-mile, 50 1-5 sec. ; half-mile, 1 :56 ; mile, 
4 :20 1-5. 

Pres. Occupation: Traffic mgr. N. J. Bell Tel. 
Co. Affiliations: Princeton Varsity Club; 
Princeton Elm Club ; Alumni Asso. of the 
Oranges. Married: Alice Crosby, Oct., 1925. 
Office: 1060 Broad St., Newark, N. J. Home: 
210 S. Burnet St., East Orange, N. J. 

Bom: Manchester, Mich., Apr. 12, 1888. Son 
of Abraham Benjamin and Elizabeth (Mills) 
Conklin. Ed.: Ann Arbor H. Sch.; M.D., Univ. 
of Mich. ; U. S. N. Med Sch. ; Fellowship Amer. 
Coll. Surgeons. 

Record: 1906, capt. Ann Arbor H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1908, capt. Ann Arbor H. Sch. track 
team. 1909-10-11, mem. Univ. of Mich. F.B. 
team (capt.. 1911). 1909-10 defeated Univ. of 
Minn. (East. Conf. champs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Lieut, comm. M.C.U.S.N. 
War Record: Served in the P. L, Japan and 
Russia. Affiliations: Mason; Phi Beta Pi; "M" 
Club, Univ. of Mich. ; Winchester C.C. Married: 
Delphine Sellers, Mar. 9, 1921. Office: U.S.N. 
H.S., Boston, Mass. Home: Same. 

vard baseball team, 1922. Born: Woburn. Mass., 
Dec. 10, 1898. Son of Mr. Patrick D. and Mary 
A. Conlon. Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad., 1918; 
Harvard, 1922. 

Record: 1917, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad. 
F.B., B.B. and hockey teams. 1919, mem. Har- 
vard freshman B.B. and F.B. teams (capt. B.B. 
team). 1920-21, won Barrett Wendell Trophy, 
Harvard. 1920-22, mem. Harvard varsity B.B. 
team (capt., 1922). 1921, mem. Harvard var- 
sity F.B. team. 1922, won Dana Wingate Cup. 
Harvard. 1923, mem. Boston Natl. League B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. Public Service Stock 
and Bond Co. Naval Service: Mem. U.S.N.R.F. 
Clubs: "H" (Harvard of Boston, Mass.). Mar- 
ried: Miriam P. O'Callaghan, July 5, 1924. Chil- 
dren: Arthur J., Jr., age 2. Office: 53 State St., 
Boston, Mass. Home: 30 Everton St., Dor- 
chester, Mass. 

CONNELL, JOHN H, mem. Cen. Bd. of Offi- 
cials. Born: New York, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1S92. 
Son of John H. and Eliza J. (Walker) Connell. 
Ed.: Trinity Sch.; Stuyvesant H. Sch.; Colum- 
bia Univ., 1916. 



Record: 1908-11, rnem. Stuyvesant H. Sch. 
rifle team. 1910-11, mem. Stuyvesant H. Sen. 
F.B. team. 1911, mem. soccer, hockey, swim- 
ming and track teams. 1912-28, Boy Scouts of 
Amer. 1913-28, Public Sch. iAth. League official. 
1920-27, mem. Cen. Bd. of Officials. 1923-24, 
coach Y.M.A.C. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Broker. Military Service: 
Mem. Co. G. 7th Reg. N.Y.S.G. Affiliations: 
Y.M.A.C. (Cresskill, N.J.) ; Dir. Cresskill Bldg. 
and Loan Asso. ; Welfare League ; Beta Theta 
Pi ; F.&A.M. ; R.A.M. ; Columbia Univ. C. ; Kisco 
River G.C. Hobby: Hunting, fishing and dogs. 
Married: Gertrud H. Kappes, Apr. 25, 1917. 
Children: Barbara Walker, age 9. Office: 44 
Wall St., New York, N. Y. Home: Chappaqua, 
N. Y. 

tumbling champion. Born: Mt. Vernon, Ind., 
Feb. 15, 1903. Son of Otto J. and Nora (Gano) 
Conner. Ed.: B.S., U. of Chicago, 1926. 

Record: 1926, mem. U. of Chicago Natl, 
champ, gymnasium team ; placed 1st, dual meet 
with Naval Acad., dual meet with U. of Pa. ; 
Conf. champ, in, tumbling. 

Pres. Occupation: Cnemist, Sinclair Refining 
Co. (E. Chicago, 111.). Affiliations: Delta Chi; 
Order of the "C". Hobby: Golf. Address: 8266 
Langley Ave., Chicago, 111. 

(doubles) ; won Nutley Tennis Club champ, 
(singles). 1884, won Orange Tennis Club 
champ, (singles) ; won Far and Near Tennis 
Club, Hastings-on-Hudson, invitation tourna- 
ment (singles). 1885, won Orange Tennis Club 
champ, (singles). 1908-09-10, won tennis champ, 
of North. Mich., Alpena C.C. (singles). 1918, 
won New Port Richey, Fla., local tournament 

Hobby: Horticulture. Married: Cornelia Fitz- 
hugh, Sept. 11, 1895. Children: Carroll Fitz- 
hugh, age 32; Helen Field, age 30; Alida Van 
Rensselaer, age 28. Address: New Port Richey, 

CONRAD, IRVIN LLOYD, capt. Bluffton 
Coll. football team, 1927. Bom: Flanagan, 111., 
Mar. 10, 1905. Son of John D. and Emma (Oren- 
dorft) Conrad. Ed.: Stone Sch. (Jordan, 111.) ; 
Sterling H. Sch. ; Bluffton Coll. 

Record: 1920-21-22-23, mem. Sterling H. Sch. 
track team. 1922-24, mem. Sterling H. Sch. F.B. 
team (mem. half-mile relay team, 1923). 1924- 
25-26-27, mem. Bluffton Coll. track team, North- 
western Ohio Conf. champ. 1924, 1st place Conf. 
track meet. 1925-27, mem. Bluffton Coll. F.B. 
team (capt., 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: "S" 
Club ; "B" Club ; Y.M.C.A. Office: Lincoln Hall, 
Bluffton, Ohio. Home: R.F.D No. 2, Sterling, 

Born: New York, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1900. Son of 
A. Edward and Irene (Boynton) Conover. Ed.: 
Peekskill Mil. Acad., 1917; C.E., Princeton 
Univ., 1921. 

Record: 1917, mem. Peekskill Mil. Acad. 
Bskt.B. team. 1918, mem. Princeton Univ. fresh- 
man track team. 1920, won 600 (novice) Mill- 
rose A.A. meet. 1921, won 880 Harvard-Prince- 
ton dual meet. (1:59 min. ). 

Pres. Occupation: Mechanical engr. Affilia- 
3, 1924. Office: 15 Park Row, New York, N. Y. 
Belt Co. ; Montclair Ath. C. ; Scoutmaster ; 
Cloister Inn C. Married: Margaret Gabel, Jan. 
tions: Development engr. Robins Conveying 
Home: 282 N. Fullerton Ave., Montclair, N. J. 

Born: South Amboy, N. J., Nov. 20, 1858. Son 
of Francis Stevens and Helen (Field) Conover. 
Ed.: St. Pauls Sch. (Concord, N. H.) ; A.B., 
Princeton, 1880; LL.B., Columbia Coll., 1882. 

Record: 1882, won New Brighton, Staten 
Island, tennis champ., N. Y. and vicinity (singles, 
doubles and mixed doubles). 1883, won Orange 
Tennis Club champ, (singles, doubles and mixed 
doubles) ; won Seabright Tennis Club champ. 

CONRAD, VERNON FLOYD, football and 
track. Born: Flanagan, 111., Mar. 10, 1905. Son 
of John and Emma (Orendorft) Conrad. Ed.: 
Sterling Township H. Sch. ; Bluffton Coll. (Bluff- 
ton, Ohio). 

Record: 1920-21, mem. Sterling Township H. 
Sch. track team. 1922-23, mem. Sterling Town- 
ship H. Sch. track and F.B. teams (capt. track 
team ; mem. relay team which was runner-up in 
State meet, 1922 ; high point man in every meet, 
1923). 1924-28, mem. Bluffton Coll. F.B. and 
track teams (high point man in every track 
meet. Little Ohio Conf. for 4 yrs.). 1926-27, All- 
Conf. h.b. 1926, runner-up 100-yd. dash, Ohio 
relays; best marks: 100-yd. dash, 10 sec; 220- 
yd. dash, 22 :3 sec. ; broad jump, 21 ft. 8 in. ; high 
hurdles, 15 :3 sec. ; low hurdles, 25 :4 sec. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Bluffton Coll.). 
Affiliations: Natl. A.A.U. ; Varsity "B" Club 
(Bluffton Coll., pres., 1927-28); Varsity! "S" 
Club, Sterling, 111. Hobby: Coaching track. 
School: Bluffton Coll., Bluffton, Ohio. Home: 
Sterling, 111. 

CONROY, JOHN IRVING, football and la- 
crosse. Born: Brooklyn, NY. Aug. 26 1894. 
Son of John J. and Anne (Meehan) Conroy. 
Education: Boys H. Sch., Brooklyn, N.Y. Ph. 
B., Yale, 1916. 





Record: 1909-10-11, mem., Boys H. Sch. F.B. 
and lacrosse teams. 1912, mem., Yale freshman 
B.F. team. 1914, mem., varsity F.B. and La- 
crosse teams, Yale. 1915, capt., lacrosse team, 

Present Occupation : Sales Mgr. Naval Ser- 
vice : Capt. U.S. Marines, Ret, Croix de guerre 
and two citations. Clubs : Yale ; Army and 
Navy. Married: Mary Hayes. Office: 159 
49th St., N.Y.C., N.Y. Home : 151 E. 79th St., 
N.Y.C., N.Y. 

CONROY, OWEN R., capt. R. I. State Coll. 
F.B. team. Born: Newport, R. I., May 30, 1905. 
Son of Michael J. and Annie (Duffy) Conroy. 
Ed.: Rogers H. Sch. (Newport, R. I.), 1924; 
B.S., R. I. State Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1920-23, mem. Rogers H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1924-27, mem. R. I. State Coll. F.B. team. 
1926-28, mem. R. I. State Coll. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Lamb- 
da Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. Hobby: 
Coaching. Office: Lambda Chi Alpha House, 
Kingston, R. I. Home: 9 Slocum St., Newport, 
R. I. 

CONROY, WILLIAM F., baseball. Born. 
Chicago, 111., Jan. 9, 1899. Son of Michael and 
Ellen (Trichy) Conroy. Ed.: St. Patrick's Sch. 

Record: 1916-17, mem. Canadian league 
(Winnipeg, Canada) B.B. team. 1919, mem. 
White Sox B.B. team ; mem. Niescn's C. B.B. 
team. 1920, mem. West. League (St. Joseph, 
Mo.) B.B. team. 1921-22, mem. Amer. Asso. 
(Wash., D. C.) B.B. team. 1922-25, mem. So. 
League (Birmingham, Ala.) B.B. team. 1927, 
mem. Newark (N. J.) B.B. team (made 30 con- 
secutive hits). 1928, mem. Reading (Pa.) B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof, baseball. Affiliations: 
K. of C. ; Maccabees. Hobby: All sports. Mar- 
ried: Marguerite McGuan, Sept. 19, 1927. Of- 
fice: Care Reading B.B. Club, Reading, Pa. 
Home: 9830 Ave. H, Chicago, 111. 

ball. Born: Boston, Mass., Mar. 15, 1905. Son 
of Cyrus Holmes and Gertrude (Stafford) Con- 
verse. Ed.: Springfield Tech. H. Sch., 1923; 
Worcester Polytech. Inst. 

Record: 1923, mem. Springfield Tech. H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B., track and soccer teams (holder 
of 120-yd. low hurdle record, 1923-26, time 14 2-5 
sec). 1924, mem. W.P.I freshman F.B. and 
track teams (capt. F.B. team). 1925,^ mem. 
W.P.I. F.B. and B.B. teams (1925 awarded sil- 
ver trophy presented by "Skull" to outstanding 

freshman W.P.I. ; chosen by Boston Herald All- 
N.E. h.b., 1925). 1926, mem. W.P.I. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1927, co-capt. W.P.I. F.B. team. 
Pres. Occupation: Student ( W.P.I. ). Mil. 
Service: Mass. Natl. Guard, Co. A. 104th Inf.; 
honorary discharge, Oct. 18, 1926. Affiliations: 
Phi Sigma Kappa ; W.P.I. A.A. School: 11 
Dean St., Worcester, Mass. Home: 220 Oak 
St., Springfield, Mass. 


Park, 111., Dec. 19, 1877. Son of Edwin Staple- 
ton and Sarah Judson (Rogers) Conway. Ed.: 
Pub. schs. (Oak Park, Inn.) ; B.S., Yale, 1899. 

Record: 1887-89, mem. Yale track team. 
Awarded "Y" (major sports) for these years. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Continental Can Co., 
Inc., and pres. Conway Co. Affiliations: Dir., 
mem. Ex. Com. Continental Can Co., Inc., Con- 
way Co., Vulcan Detinning Co. ; Yacht Club ; 
Racquet Club (Chicago, 111.) ; Round Hill CO.; 
Sleepy Hollow C.C. ; Riding Club ; University 
Club. (N. Y.) ; University Club (Pittsburgh, 
Pa.) ; Yale Club. Married: Sylvia Norton, Dec. 
11, 1900. Children: Sylvia Conway Robertson, 
age 26 ; Norton, age 23 ; Cotter, age 21 ; Cynthia, 
age 17. Office: 100 E. 42nd St., New York, N. Y. 
Home: 1107 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 

CONWAY, JOHN THOMAS, JR., football, 
basketball and baseball. Born: New Bedford, 
Mass., Jan. 25, 1904. Son of John T. and Lottie 
(Taber) Conway. Ed.: New Bedford H. Sch., 
1922; Cushing Acad., 1924; Univ. of Vt, 1928. 

Record: 1919, mem. New Bedford H. Sch. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1920-21, mem. New 
Bedford H. Sch. F.B., B.B. and Bskt.B. teams 
(capt. F.B., 1921). 1922, mem. New Bedford 
H. Sch. B.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt. B.B.) ; 
mem. Cushing Acad. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams; 
All-New Eng. Coll. q.b. 1923, mem. Cushing 
Acad. F.B., B.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt. 
F.B.). 1924, mem. Cushing Acad. B.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams (capt. B.B.). 1924-27, mem. 
Univ. of Vt. F.B. team. 1925-28, mem. Univ. of 
Vt. B.B. team (capt., 1928). All-State back 
three yrs. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Vt.). 
Mil. Service: Capt. R.O.T.C., Univ. of Vt. Affil- 
iations: Sigma Phi; Boulder, Senior Soc. (Univ. 
of Vt.) ; Key and Serpent, Junior Soc. (Univ. 
of Vt.) ; Scabbard and Blade; Kappa Phi 
Kappa ; Student Senate, Univ. of Vt. (vice- 
pres.). Address: 389 Reed St., New Bedford, 

COOGAN, JAMES EDWARD, football. Born: 
New Haven, Conn., Feb. 20, 1892. Son of Ed- 
ward and Elizabeth (Moffett) Coogan. Ed.: 
Phillipsburge Acad., 1910; Navy, 1912-13. 







Record: 1910, H.B. Phillipsburge Acad. F.B. 
team. 1912-13, H.B. U.S.N. F.B. team. 1914, 
H.B. Buffalo All Stars F.B. team. 1916, H.B. 
Washington Glee C. N. Eng. champs. F.B. team. 
1920, H.B. Washington Glee C., N. Eng. champs. 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. of Recreation, Tur- 
ner's Falls (Mass.). Affiliations: Conn. A.A.U. ; 
Nat. A.A.U. ; Cen. Bd. of F.B. Officials ; Cen. Bd. 
of Bskt.B. Officials ; Rotary C. ; Turner's Falls ; 
K. of C., New Haven (Conn.). Married: Mary 
Lonergan, May 2, 1916. Children: Marie, age 
10 ; Frances, age 6 ; Rita, age 3 ; Rosemary, age 
1. Office: Town Hall, Turner's Falls, Mass. 
Home: 17 1-2 Marshall St., Turner's Falls, Mass. 

Pierce City, Wash., Apr. 9, 1887. Son of Wil- 
liam and Katherine (Tiedeman) Cooil. Ed.: 
B.A., Wash. State Coll., 1912. 

Record: 1907, mem. Wash. State Coll. track 
team. Won 1st 2 mi. run in N. W. Coll. history, 
setting record 11 :23. 1909, reduced record in 2 
mi. to 10:22. Set new coll. and N. W. Conf. 
record in mile, 4 :33. Won 880, Natl. A.A.U. Jr. 
meet, Seattle. Participated in 1st Marathon 
held in N. W. (Seattle). 1910, capt. Wash. 
State Coll. track team. Reduced record in mile 
to 3 :30 2-5. Broke N. W. Coll. record, 880 yd., 
1 :59 2-5. 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. of Schools. Mil. Serv- 
ice: Mem. Natl. Grd. (Colfax, Wash.). Affilia- 
tions: Seattle A.C.; A.T.O. Frat.; Masonic Frat; 
secy. Mullan G.C. Hobby: Salesmanship. Mar- 
ried: Zoe Catherine Bean. Children: Bruce 
James, age 13 ; Dian Jane, age 10 ; Marian June, 
age 5. Office: Park St., Mullan, Idaho. Home: 
330 Park St., Mullan, Idaho. 

COOK, ALBERT CAIRNS, capt. Mass. Agr. 
Coll. F.B. team, 1927. Born: Cambridge, Mass., 
June 3, 1902. Son of Joseph E. and Jane E. 
(Cairns) Cook. Ed.: Belmont H. Sch., 1921; 
B.S., Mass. Agr. Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1919-20-21, mem. Belmont H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B., and hockey teams (mgr. B.B. 
team, 1920.). 1925-26-27, mem. Mass. Agr. Coll. 
F.B. team (capt, 1927.). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Mil. Service: Sgt. 
U.S.A. Reserve. Affiliations: Varsity Club 
(Mass. Agr. Coll.) ; Phi Sigma Kappa; Masons; 
Adelphia. Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Ad- 
dress: 29 Irving St., Waverly, Mass. 

COOK, GEORGE E., Natl, pistol champ. 
Born: Phila., Pa., June 26, 1875. Son of Wil- 
liam and Mary (Earle) Cook. Ed.: Rugby 
Acad. ; Swarthmore Coll. ; Univ. of Va. : M.D., 
Balto. Univ., 1896. 

Record: 1896, won distinguished rifle medal. 
1894-95-1903, won Hayes medal match. 1902, 
won Pres. match trophy for Mil. champs, of 
Amer. 1902-03, mem. Amer. internatl team. 

1904, won Leech cup match * won Wimbledon 
cup long range (1.000 yds.) champs, of Amer. 

1905, won rapid fire stage of Natl, pistol match. 
1916, won Natl, pocket pistol champs; won 
Natl, army automatic pistol champs ; won 45 
army automatic pistol world record for service 
arm. 1917, won Natl, target revolver champs. ; 
won Natl, slow fire champs. U.S.RA. diamond 
medal ; won Natl, rapid fire champs. U.S.R.A. 
diamond medal. 1923, won distinguished pistol 
shot medal by U.S. Govt. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician (retired). War 
Service: Capt. of ordnance, 1917; small arms 
inspector Camp Meade. Affiliations: Mason. 
Hobby: Fishing and boating. Married: Mary C. 
Abert, July 30, 1896. Office: W. B. Hibbs Co., 
Hibbs Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 510 Ritten- 
house St., Wash., D. C. 

COOK, ARCHIE B., rugby. Born: Santa 
Barbara, Calif., Nov. 8, 1888. Son of Isaac 
Newton and Lillian (Magee) Cook. Ed.: A.B., 
Stanford Univ., 1910. 

Record: 1906-07-08-09, mem. Stanford Varsity 
rugby team (Pacific Coast champs., 1908). 

Pres. Occupation: Civil engr. Affiliations: 
Pres. Cook Engineering & Constr. Co. Married: 
Florita Dainron. Children: Lillian Eleanor, 
age 13 ; Alice Kathleen, age 10. Office: 374 17th 
St., Oakland, Calif. Home: 100 Greenbank Ave., 
Piedmont, Calif. 

COOK, EDWARD TIFFIN, track. Born: 
Chillicothe, Ohio, Nov. 27, 1S88. Son of Isaac 
Scott and Rossena (Nye) Cook. Ed.: Cornell 
Univ., 1910. 

Record: 1904-05-06, mem. Chillicothe H. Sch. 
F.B. and track teams. 1905, mem. Mich. I.C. 
meet, won pole-vault (10 ft. 6 in.) ; high jump 
(5 ft. 1% in.) ; broad jump (22 ft. 7% in.) ; 
4th place 100-yd. dash ; won 3rd place in meet. 
1906, mem. Mich. I.C. meet, won 100-yd. dash 
(10 sec.) ; 2nd place in high jump (6 ft. % in.) ; 
1st place in broad jump (23 ft. 5y 2 in.) ; won 
pole-vault (11 ft.) ; won 3rd place in meet; 
won 220-yd. dash (213-5 sec.) ; won 120-yd. low 
hurdles (12 2-5 sec); won high jump (6 ft. 
2 in.); mem. Cen. A.A.U. champs.; won high 
jump and broad jump ; mem. Cincinnati A.C. ; 
won senior champs. 100-yd dash (10 sec.) ; won 
high jump (6 ft.) ; won broad jump (23 ft. 
2% in.) ; won 220-yd. low hurdles. 1907, 
mem. Metropolitan A.A.U. champs ; won high 
jump, broad jump and won 3rd place in pole- 
vault (11 ft. 3 in.) ; mem. Irish A. P. handicap 
meet, Altic Park; won pole-vault (12 ft. 3 in.) ; 
mem. Jamestown Games ; won junior and senior 




champs, in pole-vault and broad jump; 2nd place 
in pole-vault. 1908, mem. I.C., won broad 
jump and made the Olympic team; in Paris 
won pole-vault (12 ft. A.y 2 in.) ; won 2nd place 
in broad jump, high jump, 120-yd. high hur- 
dles (won most points in the meet). 1909, 
mem. East. I. C. (won the broad jump). 1911, 
mem. Cleveland A.C. meet; won pole-vault (12 
ft. 3 in.) ; won broad jump (12 ft. 10 in.) ; 1st 
place in 20-yd. high huddles (15 3-5); mem. 
Natl, champs; won pole-vault (12 ft. 6 in.). 

Pres. Occupation: Farmer. Affiliations: Dir. 
1st Natl. Bk. Chillicothe ; ath. dir. in Oakwood 
schs. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hobby: Training 
young boys in aths. Married: Mary Virginia Wil- 
son. Children: Edward Tiffin, Jr., age 12; Vir- 
ginia Wilson, age 10. Office: 50 Ivanhoe Ave., 
Dayton, Ohio. Home: Willow Branch Farm, 
Chillicothe, Ohio. 

COOK, HAROLD THOMAS, ath. dir. Born: 
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 8, 1901. Son of Leon A. 
and Minnie (Gorman) Cook. Ed.: Brementon 
(Wash.) H. Sch., 1919; B.A., Wash. State Coll., 

Record: 1915-18, mem. Brementon H.S. F.B. 
team; mem. Brementon town B.B. team (semi- 
pro, champs., 1917-18). 1919, trial with L. A., 
Pac. Coast League (pro. B.B.). 1920, mem. 
Wash,'. State Coll. freshman F.B. and B.B. 
teams (N.W. Conf. F.B. champs.). 1922-23, mem. 
varsity F.B. team. 1922-24, mem. Wash. State 
Varsity B.B. (1924, capt. N.W. Conf. champs.). 
1924, athl. coach Mt. Vernon, Wash., H. S. city 
F.B. champs. 1925-27, athl. coach Ellensberg 
(Wash.) H. Sch. (1925 Yakima Valley F.B. 
champs, and Valley title in B.B., undefeated). 
1925-26, catcher Aberdeen, Wash., Timber 
League champs. 1927-2S, mgr. Aberdeen, Tim- 
ber League champs. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher and athl. dir. El- 
lensburg, Wash. Mil. Service: Second lieut. 
383rd Inf., Organ. Res. Corp. Affiliations: 
Lambda Chi Alpha ; Delta Sigma Psi ; Com- 
merce Frat, Wash. State Coll. ; Scabbard and 
Blade; B.P.O.E. ; Kiwanis ; Chamber of Com- 
merce. Hobby: Baseball. Married: Florence 
M. Champlin, Aug. 26, 1925. Office: Dept. of 
Physical Ed. and Athl., High School, Bllens- 
burg, Wash. Home: 804 E. 3rd St., Ellensburg, 

COOK, ROBINSON, track. Born: Hartford, 
Conn., Apr. 12, 1890. Ed.: Hartford H. Sch., 
1909; B.A., Yale, 1914. 

Record: 1909, track records, high jump and 
pole vault, Hartford H. Sch. 1912-14, mem. Yale 
track team, (broad jump). 1920-26, Hartford 
G.C. champ. 1927, Wampanoag C.C. champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Corp. Service Co. 
Affiliations: Sec. treas., dir. Corp. Service Co. ; 

University Club, Hartford, Conn. ; "Y" Club ; 
Hartford G.C; Yale Club, New York, N. Y. ; 
Wampanoag C.C. Hobby: Golf. Office: 36 Pearl 
St., Hartford, Conn. Home: 11 Highland St., 
W. Hartford, Conn. 

COOKE, RUSSELL, track and baseball. 
Born: Manchester, N. H., Feb. 14, 1887. Son 
of Henry E. and Esther C. (Russell) Cooke. Ed: 
Warren (Ohio) H. Sch.; Univ. Sch. (Cleve- 
land, Ohio); Phillips Andover Acad.; B.S., 
Princeton, 1911. 

Record: 1905, mem. Warren H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1906, mem. Univ. Sch. of Cleveland B.B. 
and track teams. 1907, mem. Phillips Andover 
Acad, track team. 1908, mem. Princeton fresh- 
man track team. 1910-11, mem. Princeton var- 
sity track team (won 100 and 220 yd. dashes 
against Yale, 1908-10-11). 1911, mem. Princeton 
varsity soccer team. 1925-26-27-28, mem. Deep- 
haven hockey team of Minneapolis (team was 
runner-up for Minneapolis amateur champ., 
1926). Play handball with Minneapolis A.C. 
and sail a racing "C" class boat in the fleet of 
the Minnetonka Yacht Club. 

Pres. Occupation: Vice-pres. The Elliott Fuel 
Co. Affiiliations: Minneapolis Civic and Com- 
merce Asso. ; Monday Night Dancing Club 
(treas.); Minneapolis A.C; Minnetonka Yacht 
Club. Hobby: Sailing and handball. Married: 
Alice Reeve Kelsey, June 19, 1912. Children: 
Russell, Jr., age 15 ; James Y., age 13 ; Alice R., 
age 11; Jay, age 7. Office: 120 Fifth St., So., 
Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 2542 Blaisdell Ave., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 


football. Born: Chicago, 111., Oct. 13, 1894. 
Son of Charles A. and Julia (Shepley) Coolidge. 
Ed.: Groton Sch.; Harvard, A.B., 1917; LL.B., 

Record: 1914-15-16, mem. Harvard Varsity 
F.B. team. (Champ. 1914) (2nd. All-Amer. 
team, 1916). 1919-20, end coach Harvard var- 
sity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. War Record: Cap. 
303 Mach. Gun Bn., 76th Div. U.S.T.C, 1917; 
mem. A.E.F. ; Disch., 1919. Affiliations: Dir. 
Compagnia Azucarera Soledad ; Dir. Home for 
Aged Men ; Dir. A. & N. Service Comm. Inc. ; 
Tavern C ; Somerset C Married: Alison Jones, 
June 14, 1922. Children: Charles A., 3rd, age 3 ; 
Daniel Jones, age 5. Office: 50 Federal St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. Home: 567 Concord Ave., Belmont, 

Born: Concord, Mass., Oct. 14, 1894. Son of 
Henry Dingley and Rose (Cutter) Coolidge.. 
Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1916. 






Record: 1915-16, mem. Harvard B.B. team. 
(Claimed I.C. champ, of the East). 

Pres. Occupation: Cotton Manufacturer. Mil. 
Service: Lt. Field Artillery. Affiliations: Sec. 
& treas. Durfee Mills ; Mason. Hobby: Golf and 
tennis. Married: Florence Brayton, June 25, 
1921. Children: Frank P., Jr., age 5 ; Dana 
Brayton, age 4. Office: Pleasant St., Fall River, 
Mass. Home: 572 High St., Fall River, Mass. 

COOK, JAMES RUSSELL, football. Born: 
Boswell, Ind., Aug. 17, 1895. Son of Wm. Henry 
and Hanna Anna Cook. Ed.: Ind. State H. 
Sch. ; De Pauw Univ. ; A.B., Cen. Normal Coll., 

Record: Mem. Ind. State H. Sch. track 
team (won Ind. State pole vault meet; won 
Natl, pole vault meet, 1913). Mem. De Pauw 
Univ. F.B., track and Bskt.B. teams (hold I.C. 
A.L. pole vault record, 12', 1915, capt. track, 
1916). 1918, mem. Great Lakes Naval Train- 
ing Station track, Bskt.B. and F.B. teams. 
1922-28, ath. dir. Cen. Normal Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and coach. Naval 
Service: Mem. U.S.N.T.S. Affiliations: Phi 
Gamma Delta ; Mason ; Shriner ; Commandry 
and Scottish Rite ; Lions Club ; Indianapolis 
Ath. and Canoe Club; 111. A.C. Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Louise Lockridge. Office: Wayne St., 
Danville, Ind. Home: Tenn. St., Danville, Ind. 

football. Bom: Brooklyn, N. Y., Apr. 1, 1887. 
Son of Jno. J. and Laura (Sampson) Cooney. 
Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad.; A.B., Yale, 1910. 

Record: 1907-09, mem. Yale F.B. and track 
teams (All-Amer. F.B. c, 1909; hold Yale 
hammer throw record). Mem. Yale Club squash 
racquets team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lumber merchant. Affilia- 
tion: Mem. Cooney, Eckstein Co. Hobby: Mu- 
sic and squash racquets. Married: Bilnie Bossert. 
Children: John Russell; Carroll T., Jr.; Rob- 
ert Bossert. Office: Woolworth Bldg., N. Y. C, 
N. Y. Home: 1301 President St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

COOPER, ROLAND S., baseball. Born: 
New York. N. Y., Sept. 14, 1896. Son of George 
A. and Grace (Stevens) Cooper. Ed.: B.S., 
Univ. of Mich., 1919. 

Record: 1918-19, mem. Univ. Mich. Varsity 
B.B. ("Big Ten" Conf. Champs). 

Pres. Occupation: Sales and engineering. Affil- 
iations: The Superheater Co.; "M" C, Univ. 
of Mich. ; Trigon, Univ. of Mich. ; Tau Beta Pi ; 
A.S.M.E. ; Palestine Lodge (Detroit, Mich.); 
Mich. Sovereign Consistory ; Moslem Temple ; 
Colonial C. ; Brookwood C.C. (Addison, 111.). 
Married: Margaret Walker, June, 1920. Chil- 

dren: Nancy E., age 7; George R., age 3. Office: 
801 Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago, 111. Home: 408 
So. Maple St., Oak Park, 111. 

ball. Bom: Walla Walla, Wash., Sept. 1, 1894. 
Son of Wallace R. and Augusta (Kaseberg) 
Copeland. Ed.: Walla Walla H.S., 1913; B.S., 
Wash. State Coll., 1920. 

Record: 1912-13, capt. Walla Walla H.S. 
Bskt.B. team (picked as All-State Guard). 1913, 
mem. H.S. F.B. and track teams. 1914, mem. 
Wash. State Freshman Bskt.B. team. 1915-16, 
mem.. Wash. State Varsity Bskt.B. team. (N.W. 
and Pac. Coast champs. ; chosen guard, All-N. 
W. team). 1918, coach and player, U.S.N. Air 
Sta. team. 1920, capt. Wash. State Varsity 
Bskt.B. team (chosen All-N.W. guard). 1922, 
mem. local Natl. Guard Bskt.B. team (champ. 
Pac. N.W. Amateurs). 1925-26, mem. "Hill- 
yards" Bskt.B. team (St. Joe, Mo.), placed 
3rd, Natl, champ, meet, Kansas City. 

Present Occupation: Farmer. War Record: 
U.S.N. Air Force; Foreign Service, June, 1918- 
Nov. 1918; attached Royal Air Force (Eng.) 
Aug., Sept., Oct., 1918. Affiliations: Y.M.C.A. ; 
G. and C.C; Farm Bu. (Walla Walla) ; Sigma 
Nu ; Masons; Whitman Lodge No. 49. Hobby: 
Designing farm implements. Office: Route No. 
3, Walla Walla, Wash. Home: 302 Whitman 
St., Walla Walla, Wash. 

COPELAND, DR. EDMUND, football and 
basketball. Born: Wabash, Ind., Jan. 1, 1896. 
Son of Marcus E. and Sarah (Heavenridge) 
Copeland. Ed.: Winona Coll. (Winona Lake, 
Ind.) ; Jamestown Coll. (Jamestown, N. Dak.) ; 
D.D.S., Univ. of Minn., 1925. 

Record: Mem. H. Sch. Bskt.B. team for four 
yrs. Mem. 319th Engrs. tug of war team, Camp 
Fremont, Calif. Mem. Co. D. 319th Engrs. 
Bskt.B. team. 1919, mem. U.S. Inter-Allied tug 
of war team, Pershing Stadium, Paris 
(champs.). 1920-21, mem. Univ. of Minn, 
freshman F.B. team. 1921-23, mem. Univ. of 
Minn, varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. and prof, of phys. ed. 
listed Feb., 1918, Co. D. 319th Engrs., Camp 
Fremont, Calif. ; mem. A.E.F. ; discharged, 
corporal, Aug. 1, 1919. Affiliations: Mason ; Al- 
pha Sigma Phi. Hobby: Golf. Married: Bernice 
Boyer, June 3, 1927. Address: Jamestown, N. 

COPELAND, LILLIAN, American women's 
champion in shot-put, discus, and javelin. Born: 
New York, N.Y., Nov. 25, 1904. Daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Copeland. Education: 
Los Angeles H. Sch. Univ. of Southern Calif. 
x\t present, Univ. of Southern Calif. Law Sch. 








Record : 1925, U. S. champ., shot-put ; Pac. 
Coast champ., shot-put ; Southern Pac. champ., 
shot-put, discus, 50 yd. dash, and javelin. 1926. 
U.S. champ., shot-put, discus, and javelin ; 
Southern Pae. champ., shot-put, discus, javelin, 
and 50 yd. dash. 1927, U.S. champ., shot-put, 
discus ; Southern Pac. champ., shot-put, discus, 
javelin, and 50 yd. dash. 1928, set new world's 
discus record, ( 115 ft. 8% in. ) , ran 1st lap on 
World's record 440 yd. relay, (50 sec. flat). 
Present holder of : Amer. and World record 8th 
shot-put, (40 ft. 414 in.) ; Amer. and World 
record discus, (115 ft. 8% in.) ; World and 
Amer. record javelin, (125 ft. 8% in.). 

Present Occupation : Law student at Univ. of 
Southern. Calif. Affiliations: Women's A.A., 
Univ., South. Calif; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Delta 
Psi Kappa ; Torch and Tasell. Clubs : Chevy 
Chase G. and C.C. ; Pasadena A. and C.C. 
Hobby: Art and athletics. Home: 312 South 
Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

CORBETT, JOHN, football and baseball. 
Bom: Boston, Mass., Nov. 14, 1869. Son of 
Augustus Oliver and Eleanor (Comfrey) Cor- 
bett. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1894; M.Ped. Ohio 
Univ., 1910 ; Sargent Normal of Phys. Ed., 1911. 

Record: 1890-94, mem. Harvard F.B. team. 
(Camp's All-Amer., 1890). 1S90, mem. Harvard 
Frosh B.B. team. 1891-94, mem. Harvard Var- 
sity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. and prof, of phys. ed. 
War Record: Spanish-Amer. War, 1898 ; Bay- 
onet and Phys. Tr. Sch., Princeton, N. J. Affilia- 
tions: Mason. Married: Mary Crandall Kings- 
ley. Children: John Kingsley ; Nelson Park- 
hurst ; Raymond A. ; Helen I. ; Eleanor Liver- 
more. Office: Univ. of Wyo., Laramie, Wyo. 
Home: Laramie, Wyo. 

CORBIN, JOHN, track. Born: Chicago, 111., 
May 2, 1870. Sow of Calvin Rich and Caroline 
(Fairfield) Corbin. Ed.: Harvard, A.B., 1892; 
A.M., 1893; Oxford Univ., 1894-95. 

Record: 1891-92-93, 1st in half-mile run, Har- 
vard Champs. 1892, runner-up in half-mile run, 
I.O. Champs. 1892-93, 1st in dual meet, Yale- 
Harvard ; 1893, half-mile run, I.C. Champs ; 
1895, 1st in half-mile run, Oxford. 

Address: 166 E. 66th St., New York, N. Y. 

CORBIN, MIKE, football. Born: Groom, 
Tex., Sept. 28, 1904. Son of W. H. and Nannie 
(Hill) Corbin. Ed.: Claude H. Sch.; Clarendon 
H. Sch. (Clarendon, Tex.); Clarendon Coll.; 
McMurray Coll. (Abilene, Tex.). 

Record: 1920-23, mem. Claude H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1923-24, mem. Clarendon H. Sch. F.B. 
team (All-Panhandle q.b.). 1924-27, mem. Clar- 
endon Coll. F.B. team (capt., 1927). 1928, mem. 
McMurray Coll. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (McMurray Coll.). 
Address: Clarendon, Tex. 

CORKRAN, B. WARREN, golf. Born: 
Baltimore, Md., Oct. 16, 1886. Son of Benjamin 
W. and Anna (Loyd) Corkran. Ed.: Boys' Latin 
Sch. (Baltimore, Md.) ; LitB., Princeton, 1907; 
L.L.B., Harvard 1910. 

Record: 1906-07, mem. Princeton golf team. 
Held Md. Amateur champ. ; held Md. open 
champ. ; held Middle Atlantic amateur champ. ; 
qualified Natl, golf tournament. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment bonds, E. H. 
Rollins and Sons. War Record: 1st lieut. 110th 
F.A., 29th Div., mem. A.E.F. Clubs: Baltimore 
C.C; Baltimore Club; Md. Club. Hobby: Golf. 
Address: 803 Md. Trust Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 

CORLEY, KARL C, football. Born: Victor, 
La., Sept. 1, 1873. Son of Joseph E. and Ida 
(Ferris) Corley. Ed.: A.B., la. Wesleyan Univ., 
1896 ; M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1903. 

Record: 1896, mem. la. Wesleyan Univ. F.B. 
team. 1900-03, mem. Univ. of Pa. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Record: 
Corpl. U. S. Inf., Spanish Amer. War. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; Phi Delta Theta ; Alpha Kappa 
Kappa ; D.C. Med. Soc. ; S. Med. Asso. Hobby: 
Tennis. Married: Ida Hill, Oct. 11, 1905. Chil- 
dren: Karl C, Jr., age 21; Joseph E., age 16. 
Adda-ess: 5649 West Ave., Chevy Chase, D. C. 

CORLISS, JOHN HARRY, football and 
track. Born: Chatfield, Minn., Mar. 24, 1867. 
Son of Eben E. and Elizabeth (Tucker) Cor- 
liss. Ed.: Carleton Coll., 1886; Univ. of Minn., 
1891; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1892. 

Record: Mem. Carleton Coll. F.B. team for 
two yrs. ; mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. team for 
two yrs.; mem. Univ. of Minn, track team (rec- 
ord for 100-yd. dash, 10:6 sec). 

Mil. Service: Corporal Co. F, First Minn. 
Natl. Guards, 1884-89, Affiliations: Vice-pres. 
West. Wash. Fair Asso. ; dir. Puyallup and 
Tumner Fruit Growers' Asso. Hobby: Farm- 
ing. Married: E. Estelle Wilkins, Jan. 2, 1893. 
Children: Robert, age 34; Tine, age 27; Eliza- 
beth, age 23; Clinton, age 16. Address: Sum- 
ner, Wash. 

CORNELL, ANSON B., football and baseball. 
Born: Eugene, Ore., Mar. 20, 1890. Son of Tru- 
man V. and Jessica M. (Black) Cornell. Ed.: 
Wash. H. Sch. ; A.B., Univ. of Ore., 1916. 

Record: 1906-10, mem. Wash. H. Sch. F.B. 
team (capt., 1908). 1912-15, mem. Univ. of Ore. 
F.B. team (All-N.West. q.b., capt., 1915). 1913- 
16, mem. Univ. of Ore. B.B. team (capt., 1916). 
1916-28, coach Idaho Coll. F.B. team. 




Pres. Occupation: Ath. coach. War Record: 
Mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Kappa Sigma; Friars' 
Club; Elks; "O" Club (Univ. of Ore.). Mar- 
ried: Florence Ulrich, Dec. 17, 1921. Address: 
Caldwell, Idaho. 

natl. Rifle team. Born: Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 
3, 1883. Son of Charles W. and Anna (Ernst) 
Corsa. Ed.: Pratt Inst. 

Record: 1920-21-22-23-25-26, mem. U. S. Inter- 
nal. Rifle team. 1923, U. S. small-bore rifle 
champ. ; Met. rifle champ. ; small-bore, 500-shot 
world's record at 100 yds. ; small-bore, 100-shot 
world's record at 100 yds. 1925, Empire State 

Pres. Occupation: Valuation engr. E. L. Phil- 
lips & Co. Mil. Service: Production engr. Ord. 
Dept., U. S. A., July 20, 1918, to July 20, 1920 ; 
1st lieut. Ord. Res. Affiliations: Thirteenth Regt. 
Vets. Rifle Club ; Farmington Rifle Club ; Mah- 
wah Rifle Club ; Natl. Rifle Asso. Hobby: Rifle 
shooting. Married: S. Marie Johnson, Aug. 3, 
1915. Children: Preston J., age 9; Virginia A., 
age 7 ; Catherine A., age 6 ; Charlotte M., age 
4; Lawrence P., age 2. Office: 50 Church St., 
New York, N. Y. Home: 9122 85th Rd., Wood- 
haven, N. Y. C, N. Y. 

CORTRIGHT, ION JOHN, football. Bom: 
Charlotte, Mich., Jan. 29, 1889. Son of John 
A. and Belle (Ellis) Cortright. Ed.: Mason 
(Mich.) H. Sch., 1907 ; B.S., Mich. St. Coll., 1911. 

Record: Mem. Mason H. Sch. F.B., B.B. and 

track teams. 1907-10, mem. Mich State Coll. 
F.B. team (capt, 1910). 1908-09, mem. Mich. 
State Coll. track team. 1910-11, mem. Mich. 
State Coll. B.B. team (Capt., 1911). 1911-12- 
13-18, asst. dir. and coach Mich. State Coll. 
1914-15, ath. dir. and coach Univ. of S. Dak. 
1916-17, ath. dir. and coach Univ. of Cincinnati. 
1924-28, ath. dir. and coach N. Dak. State Coll. 
Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and coach. War 
Record: Lieut. F.A., U.S.A. ; mem. A.E.F. Affili- 
ations: Elks; Masons; Rotary Club. Hobby: 
Fishing. Married: Anna K. Cellarius, Oct. 4, 
1919. Children: Mary Inez, age 6; Charles Ellis, 
age 3. Office: N. Dak. State Coll., Fargo, N. 
Dak. Home: 1002 7th St. N., Fargo, N. Dak. 

track. Bom: Meriden, Connecticut, November 
9, 1891. Son of Patrick H. and Catherine (Mes- 
kill) Costello. Education: St. Rose's Parochial 
School (Meriden, Connecticut) ; Meriden High 
School; LL.B., Georgetown University. 

Record: 1905-09, member of Meriden High 
School football, baseball and track teams (win- 
ner of State Y. M. C. A. high jump, 1908; 
broke the following high school records : 100- 
yard dash, 10 1/5 seconds, Hanover Park, 1908 ; 

high jump, 3 feet 11% inches, Charter Oak 
Park, Hartford, Connecticut, 1909). 1910- 
13, member of Georgetown University football 
and track teams (chosen All- South Atlantic 
team, 1910-13; All-Eastern choice of Glenn 
Warner, 1913). 1911, member of Irish-Ameri- 
can Athletic Club track team, New York City 
(broke the following records: high jump, 6 feet 
1% inches, Hibernian games, Charter Oak 
Park ; pole vault, 12 feet 1 inch, Celtic Park, 
Long Island ; broad jump, 22 feet 3 inches, 
Waterbury, Connecticut ; 100-yard dash, 10 1/5 
seconds, and 220-yard dash, 22 1/5 seconds, 
Waterbury, Connecticut). 1914, roller polo 
player ; assistant football coach, University of 
South Carolina. 1915 and 1916, head football 
coach, University of Detroit. Western repre- 
sentative of Walter Camp from 1916 until his 
death ; member of professional football team, 
Canton Bulldogs (world's professional cham- 
pions). 1917, member of Camp Custer football 
team, Camp Custer, Michigan (chosen second 
quarterback, All-Service team by Walter Camp). 
1919, member of professional football team, 
Detroit Heralds. 

Present Occupation: Sports writer. Military 
Service: First Officers' Training Camp, Fort 
Sheridan, Illinois ; member of A. E .F. ; com- 
missioned, 1st lieutenant ; citations, British 
Military Cross, Russian Cross of St. Anne. 
Married: Mary Elizabeth Kitchen, May 11, 1917. 
Office: Detroit Times, Detroit. Michigan. Home: 
5150 Webb Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. 

COTTON, LARRY R., track. Born: Balti- 
more, Md., Sept. 4, 1892. Son of Godfrey L. 
and Frances (Rosenberg) Cotton. Ed.: Balto, 
Jr. H. Sch.; Balto. City Coll.; Strayers Busi- 
ness Coll. 

Record: 1913-28, officiated at So. Atlantic 
track, field and cross-country meets. 1915-16, 
mgr. Mondawmin A.C. track team. 1917-22, 
mem. Balto. Cross-Country Club team. 1918, 
mgr. Unit Hampton Roads B.B. team. 1919, 
mgr. Muir Naval Post Amer. Legion B.B. team. 
1921-22, mgr. Balto. Cross-Country Club team. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman John Mawson 
Haircloth Co. Naval Service: Enlisted U.S.N. 
R.F. Hampton Roads (Va.), 1918. Affiliations: 
Mem. Bd. of Dir. So. Atlantic AAA., 1927-28; 
mem. Balto. Marathon Comm., 1922-28; chrmn. 
Balto. Marathon Comm., 1927-28 ; S.A.A.A.A. long- 
distance comm., 1926-28; A.A.U. long-distance 
comm., 1928; A.A.U. So. Atlantic track and 
field comm., 1926-28 ; Bd. of Governors Emory- 
wood A.C, Balto., 1928. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Minnie Gusdorff, July 9, 1917. Chil- 
dren: Dorothy Mae, age 7. Office: 100 N. Eu- 
taw St., Balto., Md. Home: 2 Evergreen PI., 
Pimlico, Balto., Md. 









•<•;■•- ' —-- 




COULON, GEORGE A., football, wrestling 
and boxing. Born: New Orleans, La., Feb. 14, 
1891. Son of George A. and Cecelia M. Coulon. 
Ed.: St. Johns Coll. (Wash., D. C.) ; LL.B., 
Georgetown Univ., 1915. 

Record : 1909-10, mem. St. Johns Coll. F.B. 
and track teams. 1912-15, mem. Potomac Boat 
Club crew. 1914-15, mem. Georgetown Univ. 
F.B. and track teams. 1914, won South Atlan- 
tic heavyweight champ, (boxing). 1916, toured 
the U.S. as amateur wrestler, meeting all com- 
ers (was undefeated on this tour). 1917, 
started boxing with N.Y.A.C. Boxed exhibition 
bouts with such men as Willard, Palzer, Ken- 
nedy and Moran. Regarded by James J. Cor- 
bett as one of the leading heavyweight amateurs 
in the U.S. Has been breeder of Great Dane 
dogs for several yrs., winning innumerable Natl, 
champs. 1918, boxing instr., Camp Meade, Md. 
fancier. Clubs: Amer. Kennel; Wash. Kennel. 
Hobby: Dogs. Address: 4929 Ashby St., N.W., 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate broker; dog 
Wash., D. C. 

Perth Amboy, N. J., Mar. 15, 1895. Son of 
George M. and Susan Jane (Simonson) Coutts. 
Ed.: Pratt Inst.; Springfield Coll.; Yale Coll. 

Record: 1913-14, phys. dir. Perth Amboy Y. 
M.C.A. 1915-16, phys. dir. Poughkeepsie (N. Y.) 
Y.M.C.A. 1916-17, phys. dir. Yonkers (N. Y.) 
Y.M.C.A. Mem. Pratt Inst. Bskt.B. and B.B. 
teams. 1918-19, coach and asst. commandant 
Stuyvesant Mil. Acad., Warrentown (Va.). 
1919-20, phys. dir. Morristown (N. J.) Y.M.C.A. 
1920-22, dir. health and recreation industries, 
New Haven. 1923-24, coach Yale Bskt.B. team. 
1926-27, coach and owner semi-prof. Bskt.B. and 
B.B. teams (1st place in Cen. Conn, league). 
Organizer and dir. Industrial Recreation Fed- 
eration controlling ath. welfare and recreative 
interest for 79 industries of New Haven 
(Conn.). Author of handbook on Industrial and 
Commercial Recreation. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. of industrial rela- 
tions. Military Service: Enlisted R.O.T.C, 
1918; Inf.; Disch., 1919. Affiliations: Mem. fac- 
ulty Arnold Phys. Ed. Coll.; Cen. Bd. of F.B. 
Officials ; Comnr. for Gym. and Track for 
A.A.U. ; examiner for A.R.C. Life Guards ; secy.- 
treas. New Haven Amateur Golf Asso. ; Lions 
Internatl. ; Home C, Inc.; Y.M.C.A.; Meadow 
Brook C.C. Hobby: Aths. Married: Beatrice 
Helen Muchmore, 1921. Children: Robert Lloyd, 
Jr., age 5. Office: State St., Meriden, Conn. 
Home: Trumbull St., Meriden, Conn. 

Bom: Los Angeles, Calif., June 25, 1904. Son 
of J. H. and Flossy B. (Mills) Coverley. Ed.: 
Hollywood H. Sch. ; Univ. of Ariz. ; Stanford 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Hollywood H. Sch. 
track team. 1924, mem. Univ. of Ariz, track 
team ; mem. Univ. of Ariz, varsity track team : 
So. West, track and field meet 100 yd. mark at 
10 ; broke 220 yd. mark in 22 :1 ; broke quarter 
mi. mark 51 :1 ; won relay team 220 yd. race. 
1926, mem. Stanford relay team (100 and 220). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations : Delta 
Upsilon; Hollywood Ath.C. Home: 1826 N. 
Kingsley Dr., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Born: Hobart, N. Y., July 12, 1863. Son of Hec- 
tor and Helena (Rich) Cowan. Ed.: A.B., 
Princeton, 1888; Princeton Sem., 1891. 

Record: 1885-89, mem. Princeton F.B. team 
(capt., 1888; was chosen tackle on Walter 
Camp's first All-Amer. F.B. team). 1886-87, 
mem. Princeton lacrosse team. 1892-96, F.B., 
B.B., and Bskt.B. coach Univ. of Kansas. 1904- 
06, F.B., B.B. and Bskt.B. coach State Nor- 
mal Sch. (Potsdam, N. Y.). 

Affiliations: County Farm Bureau (dir. for 
nine yrs.) ; pres. local Dairyman's League for 
twelve yrs. Married: Annie Smith, June 30, 
1892. Children: Hector Edmond, age 34; Wal- 
ter Griffin, age 32; Helen Leete, age 30; John 
Mark, age 28; Frances Pettit, age 26; Anne, 
age 22; William Howard, age 19. Address: 
Hobart, N. Y. 

COWDIN, J. CHEEVER, member of the 
International polo squad, 1927. Bom: New York 
City, New York, March 17, 1889. Son of John 
Elliott and Gertrude (Chewer) Cowdin. Edu- 
cation: St. Paul's School. 

Record: 1904-28, member of the Rockaway 
Hunting Club. 1921, played on the Rockaway 
Hunting Club Polo Team (won senior cham- 
pionship). 1925, played on the Orange County 
Polo Club team (won open championship). ]927, 
played on the Sands Point polo team (won open 
championship) ; member of the International 
polo squad. 

Present Occupation: Vice-president of Blair 
and Co. Military Service: Major in the United 
States Air Service, 1917-19. Clubs: Rockaway 
Hunt ; Brook ; Sands Point Polo ; Meadowbrook ; 
Racquet and Tennis. Hobby: Polo. Office: 24 
Broad Street, New York City, New York. Home: 
111 East 80th Street, New York City, New York. 

COWDIN, JOHN ELLIOT, member of Inter- 
national Polo team, 1902. Born: Boston, Massa- 
chusetts, March 22, 1858. Son of Elliot C. and 
Sarah (Waldron) Cowdin. Education: A.B., 
Harvard, 1879. 

Record: 1878-79, member of Harvard football 
and track teams (won Intercollegiate 120-yard 
hurdle championship, time 181-5 seconds, 1879). 
1883-1907, member of Rockaway Hunting Club 




and Weschester Polo teams. 1890, one of the 
founders and first officers of United States Polo 
Association. 1902, member of International 
Polo team. 1904, played in first open polo cham- 
pionship held in United States (team consisted 
of L. Waterbury, J. M. Waterbury, C. R. Snow- 
den, J. E. Cowdin ; team won championship). 
Present Occupation: Insurance. Affiliations: 
Pennacle Agency. Affiliations: Racquet and Ten- 
nis Club; Turf and Field Club; Tuxedo Club; 
Jockey Club. Hobby: Golf. Married: Madeline 
Knowlton, June 27, 1912. Children: Elliot C. ; 
Ethel Cowdin Morgan ; J. Cheever ; Thomas 
Knowlton. Office: 16 East 42nd Street, New 
York City. Home: Tuxedo Park, New York. 

COWELL, WARREN C, basketball and base- 
ball. Born: Clay Center, Kan., Dec. 5, 1899. Son 
of J. G. and Effie (Russell) Cowell. Ed. B.S., 
Kan. Agr. Coll., 1922. 

Record: 1918-19-20-21-22, mem. Kan. Agr. 
Coll. Bskt.B. team (capt., 1922). 1920-21-22, 
mem. Kan. Agr. Coll. B.B. team. 1922-23-24, 
head coach Iola H. Sch. 1924-28, head coach 
Fla. Univ. Bskt.B., freshman F.B. team won 
So. Freshman Champ. 

Pres. Occuption: Ath. coach. Mil. Service: 
S.A.T.C, 1917-18. Affiliations: Kappa Delta Tau 
Delta. Hobby: Fishing. Married: Cornelia 
Copening, Aug., 1926. Office: Ath. Dept., Univ. 
Fla., Gainesville, Fla. Home: 415 S. 9th St., 
Gainesvile, Fla. 

COWELL, WILLIAM H., football. Born: 
Lynn. Mass., July 21, 1899. Son of Wm. F. and 
Ella M. (Bickford) Cowell. Ed.: Clyde (Kans.) 
H. Sch., 1907; B.S., Univ. of Kans., 1911; Univ. 
of 111. ; Univ. of Pittsburgh. 

Record: Mem. Clyde H. Sch. F.B. and B.B. 

teams, (4 yrs.). Mem. Clyde H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team (3 yrs.). 1907, mem. Univ. of Kans. 
freshman F.B. team. 1908. mem. Univ. of Kans. 
freshman B.B. team. 1909-10, mem. Univ. of 
Kans. varsity F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1911. 
mem. Univ. of 111. F.B. team. 1912, mem. Univ. of 
111. B.B., swimming and water polo teams. 1913, 
mem. Univ. of Pittsburgh varsity F.B. team. 
1913-14, mem. Univ. of Pittsburgh varsity Bskt. 
B. team. 1914-15, asst. coach Haskell Inst. 
1915-16, coach Univ. of 111. 1915-28, head coach 
and ath. dir. Univ. of N. H. 

Pres. Occupation: Head coach and ath. dir. 
Mil. Service: 2nd lieut. F.A., Camp Taylor, 
Louisville, Ky., 1918-19. Affiliations: Sigma Nu; 
Mason ; Shriner ; Natl. Coll. Track Rules Com. ; 
Amer. F.B. Coaches' Asso. Hobby: Fishing. 
Address: Univ. of N. H., Durham, N. H. 

COXE, FRANK, pitcher Yale baseball team. 
1919-20-21. Born: Asheville, N. C, Sept. 7, 1899. 

Son of Tench Charles and Sarah (Potter) Coxe. 
Ed.: The Asheville Sch.; A.B., Yale, 1921; U. of 

N. C. 

Record: 1915-16, mem. The Asheville Sch. 
F.B. team. 1915-17, mem. The Asheville Sch. 
B.B. team (capt., 1917). 1917, mem. The Ashe- 
ville Sch. Bskt.B. team. 1919-21, mem. Yale B.B. 
team. 1922, coach, U. of N. C. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Real Estate and Ins., The 
Frank Coxe Co. Mil. Service: 2d lieut. of F.A. 
Affiliations: Dir. Wachovia Bank and Trust 
Co., Biltmore Industrial Bank, Grove Stone and 
Sand Co., Chimney Rock Mountains, Inc. ; mem. 
bd. of govs., Biltmore Forest C.C. ; Asheville 
G. and C.C. Office: 20 Government St., Ashe- 
ville, N. C. Home: Nodoneyo, Asheville, N. C. 

COXE, TENCH CHARLES, JR., track, ten 
nis and baseball. Born: Asheville, N. C, April 
1, 1901. Son of Tench C. and Sarah (Potter) 
Cose. Ed.: Asheville Sch. for Boys; A.B., Yale, 
1921; Univ. N. C. 

Record: 1915-16-17, mem. Asheville Sch. for 
Boys track and B.B. teams. 1918, mem. Yale 
freshman track team. 1919-20-21, mem. Yale 
track team. 1921, mem. Yale 2-mile relay team 
won at Penn. Relays. 1921, mem. Yale-Harvard 
vs. Oxford-Cambridge (Eng.) track team. 1922- 
23, mem. Univ. N. C. tennis team (capt, 1923; 
So. Coll. Champs.). 1923, mem. U. N. C. track 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: R.O. 
T.C. Yale Btty. at Camp Jackson. Affiliations: 
Psi U. ; Order of Gemghoul. Married: Frances 
Huger. Child: Tench C, 3rd, age 2. Office: 
Jackson Bldg., Asheville, N. C. Home: Box 474, 
Biltmore, N. C. 

COY, SHERMAN LOCKWOOD, football, base- 
ball and tennis. Born: Andover, Mass., Aug. 26, 
1879. Son of Edward G. and Helen (Marsh) 
Coy. Ed.: Hotchkiss Sch. (Lakeville, Conn.) ; 
A.B., Yale, 1901. 

Record: 1896, placed 2nd Yale Inter-Sch. 
Tennis tournament ; mem. Hotchkiss Sch. F.B. 
team. 1896-97, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. B.B. team. 
1897-1900, mem. Yale F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lumber mfr., mgr. Cloquet 
Lumber Co. Hobby: Tennis and golf. Married: 
Kate Rising, June 12, 1906. Children: Edward 
Dwight, age 19 ; Elizabeth Camp, age 16 ; Mary 
Augusta, age 12. Office: Cloquet Lumber Co., 
Cloquet, Minn. Home: 416 Park Place, Clo- 
quet, Minn. 

F.B., 1910. Born: Haddonfield, N. J., Nov. 24, 
1888. Son of Lee Edmond and Lida (McVeigh) 
Cozens. Ed.: Haverford Sch.; B.S., Univ. Pa., 






Record: 1905-06, capt. Haverford Sch. B.B. 
and F.B. teams. 1908-09-10, mem. Univ. Pa. 
F.B. team (capt., All-Amer. center, 1910). 1912- 

13, asst. coach Carnegie Tech. F.B. team. 1913- 

14, coach Shadyside Acad. (Pittsburgh, Pa.). 
1922-28, grad mgr. Univ. of Pa. aths. 

Pres. Occupation: Graduate mgr. aths. Univ. 
of Pa. Affiliations: Phi Kappa Sigma; Pa. Ath. 
Club; Univ. of Pa. Club (New York, N. Y.). 
Married: Amelia Schmertz. Children: Ernest 
B., Jr., age 10 ; Amelia, age 6 ; William Ed- 
mund, age 3; Lee Edmund (infant). Office: 
33rd and Locust St., Phila., Pa. Home: Nar- 
berth, Pa. 

CRAFTS, LEO MELVILLE, football and 
baseball. Born: Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 3, 
1863. Son of Maj. Amasa and Mary J. (Henry) 
Crafts. Ed.: B.L., Univ. of Minn., 1886; M.D., 
Harvard, 1890; Boston City Hospital, 1891. 

Record: 1882-85, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team. 1884-85, mem. Univ. of Minn. B.B. team. 
1885, mem. Univ. of Minn, track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician, specializing in 
neuropsychiatry. Mil Service: Mem. Com. 
Amer. Physicians on Med. Preparedness ; Dist. 
Med. Advisory Bd., Sp. Neuropsychiatric Bd. ; 
examining command. Camp Funston, 1918; 
neuropsychiatrist part time U. S. Veterans' 
Bureau, 1920-25. Affiliations: Phi Rho Sigma, 
Pi Gamma Mu ; Natl. Conservation Asso. ; Amer. 
Forestry Asso. ; Natl. Geographic Soc. ; S.A.R. ; 
Sulgrave Inst. Minn. Historical Soc. ; Univ. of 
Minn. Alumni Asso. ; Harvard Medical Sch. 
Alumni Asso. ; Automobile Club, Minneapolis ; 
A.A.A. ; Amer. Legion ; Minneapolis A.C. ; "M" 
Club (Univ. of Minn.) ; Bloomington G.C. Hob- 
by: Writing (recognized in "Who's Who Among 
North American Authors"), architectural design 
and drafting, horticulture, vacation outings in 
the wilderness. Married: Amelia I. Burgess, 
Sept. 4, 1901. Office: 608 Phys. & Surgs. Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 610 S. E. Fifth St., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Detroit, Mich., Mar. 11, 1893. Son of William 
and Alice (Blodgett) Craig. Ed.: A.B., Univ. 
of Mich., 1914. 

Record: 1909, mem. Cen. H. Sch. F.B. team. 
1909-10, mem. Cen. H. Sch. track team. 1911- 
12-13, mem. Univ. of Mich. F.B. team; selected 
All-Amer. champs, h.b. 1912, winner 220 low 
hurdles East. I.C. ; selected All-Amer. I.C. track 
team low hurdles. 1913, champs. All-Amer. 
h.b. 1915, coach Mercersburg Acad. F.B. team. 
1919, coach Univ. of Ark. F.B. team. 1920, 
coach Univ. of Ark. track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dairy farm. War Service: 
Second Officers' Training Camp, Fort Sheridan, 
111. ; 1st lieut. F.A. ; Reg. operations officer 
315th F.A. 80th Div. ; overseas 13 months, St. 

Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne. Affiliations: Rotary; 
Barton Hills C.C. ; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Mar- 
ried: Ruth Thrasher. Children: John Thrasher, 
age 7 ; Mary Blodgett, age 5. Office: P. O. Box 
107, Ann Arbor, Mich. Home: Bonnie Brace 
Farm, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

CRAIG, RALPH COOK, track. Born: Be 
troit, Mich., June 21, 1889. Son of William and 
klice (Blodgett) Craig. Ed.: Detroit Cen. H. 
Sch. ; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1911. 

Record: Mem. Detroit H. Sch. track, F.B. 
and hockey teams. 1909-11, mem. Univ. of Mich, 
track team. 1912, mem. Olympic track team, 
track team. 1912, mem. Olympic track team 
(won both 100 and 200 meter events). Holder 
of Coll., I.C.A.A.A.A. and world's track records 
for the 100 and 220 yds. Owner and breeder of 
prize-winning Cocker and Springer Spaniels. 

Pres. Occupation: Mfg. ex. Affiliations: G. W. 
Van Slyke & Horton, production mgr. Clubs: 
Dir. Albany Univ. C. ; Albany C.C. ; Deeper 
Hudson Kennel C. ; Troy Dog Fanciers' Asso. ; 
Amer. Spaniel C. ; Hunting Cocker Spaniel C. 
Hobby: Breeding dogs. Married: Elizabeth 
Spies, 1913. Children: Elizabeth Talbert, age 
12 ; Bruce Campbell, age 4. Office: 452 Clinton 
Ave., Albany, N. Y. Home: 53 N. Pine Ave., 
Albany, N. Y. 

CRAIG, SAMUEL G., football. Born: De- 
Kalb County, 111., June 1, 1874. Son of Andrew 
and Elizabeth M. (Swan) Craig. Ed.: Tarkio 
Coll. (Mo.) ; Princeton, A.B., 1895; M.A., 1900; 
B.D., Princeton Theological Sem. ; Univ. of Ber- 
lin, 1910-11; D.D., S. West. Coll., 1923; D.D., 
Grove City Coll., 1923. 

Record: 1897-99, mem. Princeton F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Editor Presbyterian Pub. 
Co., Phila., Pa. ; editor-in-chief of its publica- 
tion, The Presbyterian; dir. Princeton Theo- 
logical Sem. Married: Carrie Hays, Dec. 1, 
1909. Children: Charles Hays, age 16. Office: 
1217 Market St., Phila., Pa. Home: 73 Stock- 
ton St., Princeton, N. J. 

GRAIN, NED FINESS, football and basket- 
ball. Born: Carterville, 111., Sept. 5, 1906. Son 
of Finess and Frances (Armstrong) Crain. Ed.: 
Cen. Wesleyan Coll. (Warrenton, Mo.). 

Record: 1925-28, mem. Cen. Wesleyan Coll. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1927) ; hon- 
1927. 1927-28, mem. Cen. Wesleyan Coll. track 
1927). 1927-28, mem. Cen. Wesleyan Coll. track 
team (won mile run Mo. Coll. A. U., 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Cen. Wesleyan 
Coll.). Affiliations: Pres. "W" Club (Cen. Wes- 
leyan Coll.) ; pres. Garfield Literary Soc; 
Y.M.C.A. Hobby: Athletics and chemistry. Ad- 
dress: Warrenton, Mo. 



CRANE, AARON ROSS, football. Born: 
Livingston, N. J., Sept. 26, 1890. Son of Isaac 
S. and Amanda G. (Ross) Crane. Ed.: Cen- 
tenary Collegiate Inst., 1909; Lafayette Coll., 
1911; D.D.S., Univ. of Pa., 1914. 

Record: 1906-09, mem. Centenary Collegiate 
Inst. F.B. and track teams (capt. F.B., 1908). 
1911, capt. Univ. of Pa. freshman F.B. team. 
1912-13, mem. Univ. of Pa. varsity crew and 
F.B. team ; won club champ, in golf at West 
Chester. 1927, runner-up in golf champ, at 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Mil. Service: First 
lieut. Dental Corps, 1917, Camp Lee, Va. ; capt. 
Dental Corps ; U.S.A. General Hospital, No. 1, 
N.Y.C., in charge of dental service, 1918-19 ; 
maj. Dental Corps, 1919. Affiliations: Phi Delta 
Theta ; Friar Senior Soc. (Univ. of Pa.); Pa. 
State and Natl. Dental Soc. Clubs: Univ. of 
Pa. General Alumni ; West Chester G. and C.C. ; 
Tredyffrin C.C. (mem. Bd. of Governors and 
chrmn. greens com.). Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Mary Jardine, Nov. 28, 1914. Children: Mar- 
garet Ross, age 10. Office: Medical Arts Bldg., 
16th and Walnut Sts., Phila., Pa. Home: 100 
W. Va. Ave., West Chester, Pa. 

Honolulu, T. H., April 22, 1901. Son of Charles 
S. and Hazel (Jennings) Crane. Ed.: Punahou 
Acad., Honolulu ; Univ. of Hawaii ; A.B., Univ. 
of Wis., 1924. 

Record: 1917-19, mem. Punahou Acad. F.B., 
track and B.B. teams (capt. B.B., 1919). 1919, 
H.B. Univ. of Hawaii F.B. team (Champs.). 
1920, mem. Univ. of Hawaii Bskt.B. and track 
teams. 1923-24, mem. Univ. of Wis. water Bskt. 
B. team (Champ.) ; mem. Univ. of Wis. track 
team. 1924-25, mem. Wanderers C. B.B. team 
(Champs). 1925-26-27-28, coach Punahou Acad. 
B.B. team ; Hawaiian Officials' Asso. F.B .and 

Pres. Occupation: Sports Editor and Writer, 
The Advertiser Publishing Co. Mil. Service: 
Served with R.C. 1918; 2d. lieut. Inf. Reserve. 
Affiliations: Beta Theta Pi; Elks; Knights of 
Pythias ; Bd. of Governors, Hawaii Br. A.A.U. ; 
vice-pres. Spalding Barefoot F.B. league ; Out- 
rigger Canoe C. ; Oahu C.C. ; Myrtle Boat C. ; 
Representatives O. Hon. ; Univ. of Wis. "W" C. 
Hobby: Golf and tennis. Married: Erma Tarle- 
tdn, Feb. 19, 1925. Office: Advertiser Bldg., S. 
King St., Honolulu, T. H. Home: Ocean View 
Ave., Honolulu, T. H. 

CRANE, PAUL HOWARD, swimming, foot- 
ball, baseball and basketball. Born: Montclair, 
N. J., Oct. 17, 1897. Son of Ira Seymour and S. 
Maud W. (Priest) Crane. Ed.: Montclair H. 
Sch. ; Phillips Andover Acad. ; B.A., Yale, 1922. 

Record: Mem. Montclair H. Sch. F.B., B.B. 
Bskt.B., swimming and tennis teams. Mem. 
Phillips Andover Acad. F.B., B.B., hockey, 
swimming teams. (165-lb. boxing champ.). 1919, 
mem. Yale F.B. team. 1920, mem. Yale Bskt.B. 
team. 1920-22, mem. Yale B.B. team. 1921-22, 
mem. Yale swimming team (I.C. champ.). 1922, 
chosen best all-around ath., Yale. 

Pres. Occupation: Banker, Bankers Trust Co. 
swimming and wrestling teams (165 lb. boxing 
Army Motor Transport Corps, U. S. Air Service, 
2nd lieut. 341st Aero Squadron, 5th Pursuit 
Group, 1917-19. Affiliations: Delta Kappa Epsi- 
lon ; Bd. of Govs. ; First Reserve Aero Squad- 
ron Asso.; Montclair A;C. ; "Y" club (Yale). 
Married: Helen Russell, Oct. 2, 1925. CMldren: 
Paul H., Jr., age 1. Office: 501 5th Ave., N. Y. C, 
(N. Y. C, N. Y.). Mil. Service: Corpl. French 

CRANE, ROY ELWOOD, high jumper. 
Born: Waltham, Mass., Sept. 5, 1884. Son of 
Franklin H. and Louis (Daly) Crane. Ed.: S.B., 
Harvard, 1905. 

Record: 1903-05, mem. Harvard track team. 
1904-05, mem. Harvard Bskt.B. (2d) team. 1905, 
tied for 2d place in high jump, Yale Meet and 
I.C. Meet at Phila. (N.E. champ.). 

Pres. Occupation: Amer. Tel. & Tel. Co. 
Affiliations: Soc. Mayflower Descendants ; Ma- 
sons. Married: Jean Barrick, March 18, 1916. 
Office: 195 Broadway, N. Y. Home: 103 Duncon 
Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

CRANE, THEODORE POOLE, football and 
track. Born: Birmingham, Ala., July 3, 1901. 
Son of John and Catherine (Willoughby) Crane. 
Ed.: Cen. H. Sch. (Birmingham, Ala.), 1920; 
E.E., Ala. Polytech. Inst., 1926. 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Ala. Polytech. track 
team. 1923-26, mem. Ala. Polytech. F.B. team. 
Semi-pro,, Official Inter-City Park F.B. League 
(Birmingham, Ala.). 

Pres. Occupation: Dupont Products Co. Affilia- 
tions: Pi Kappa Alpha. Hobby: Athletics. Office: 
601 Brown Marx Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. Home: 
1412 N. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

CRAPSER, A. LASTER, dir. aths. Born: 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1893. Son of Ethelward 
and Mary Crapser. Ed.: Stuyvesant H. Sch.; 
B.P.E., Springfield Coll., 1918; M.P.E., 1926. 

Record: 1917, mem. Springfield Coll. F.B. 
team. 1918, mem. Springfield Coll. B.B. team. 
1917-18, mem. Springfield Coll. Bskt.B. team. 
1918-22, coach Poughkeepsie (N. Y.) H. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B., B.B. and track teams (Bskt.B. 
champs., 1921). 1926, coach Springfield Coll. 
junior varsity Bskt.B. team. 1927, Normal 
Schs. Pa. State champs. 1927-28, coach East 
Stroudsburg State Teachers' Coll. Bskt.B. team. 







Pres. Occupation: Coach. Affiliations: N. Y. 
Public H. Sen. Ath. League; dir. of Health Ed. 
Bast Stroudsburg State Teachers' Coll. ; dir. 
Physical Ed. and Aths. Scranton (Pa.) ; Bd. 
of Control I.C. Ath. Asso. ; pres. Pa. I.C. Ath. 
League ; pres. Cen. Hudson Valley I.C. Ath. 
League ; sec. and treas. N.East. Pa. Bd. Bskt.B. 
Officials ; mem. Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials ; ex. secy. 
Dist. 2, Pa. State Teachers' Coll. Ath. Asso.; 
Amer. Physical Ed. Asso. ; Red Cross Life Sav- 
ing examiner ; secy .-treas. East. Pa. F.B. Offi- 
cials' Asso. ; Mason ; Amer. Public Health Asso. 
Married: Marian L. Magoon, June 12, 1919. 
Children: Stuart, age 7 ; Theodore, age 2 ; Mary, 
infant. Address: State Teachers' Coll., East 
Stroudsburg, Pa. 

basketball. Born: Dahlgren, 111., Feb. 17, 1907. 
Son of Charles L. and Cannie (Carr) Cravens. 
Ed.: Dahlgren H. Sch. ; Cen. Wesleyan Coll. 

Record: 1924, mem. Dahlgren H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team. 1924-25, mem. Opdyke H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team. 1925-26, mem. Dahlgren A.C. Bskt.B. 
team (named All-Star guard). 1926-27, mem. 
Cen. Wesleyan Coll. Bskt.B. team ; 3rd place in 
Conf. 1927-28, capt. Cen. Wesleyan Coll. Bskt.B. 
team ; mem. Cen. Wesleyan Coll. F.B. and var- 
sity Bskt.B. teams (2nd place in Bskt.B., 1928). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Cen. 
Wesleyan "W" Club. Hobby: Touring. Home: 
R.F.D., No. 1, Dahlgren, 111. 

Born: Bloomfield, Ind., Feb. 21, ( — ). Son of 
George E. and Olive V. Cravens. Ed.: Occi- 
dental Coll.; Stanford Univ. 

Record: Mem. So. Pasadena H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1917-18, mem. Occidental Coll. F.B. 
team. 1919, mem. Stanford freshman F.B. team. 
1920, mem. Stanford varsity F.B. team. 1921, 
asst. coach Stanford freshman F.B. team. 1922- 
23, mem. Stanford varsity F.B. team (hon. 
mention on All-Amer.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. broker, Cass & Johan- 
sing Co. Mil. Service: One year ; discharged, 
1919. Affiliations: Beta Psi ; Univ. Club (Los 
Angeles); Pacific Coast Club; Fhutridge C.C. 
Hobby: Football. Married: Melba Wood, Apr. 
4, 1925. Office: 323 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, 
Calif. Home: Box 29, R. No. 2, Pasadena, Calif. 

ball. Born: Society Hill, S. C, Jan. 28, 1903. 
Son of James G. and Sally (Evans) Crawford. 
Ed.: A.B., Davidson Coll., 1923. 

Record: 1920-21-22-23, mem. Davidson Coll. 
B.B. team (capt., 1923). 1921-22, mem. David- 
son Coll. F.B. team. 1921-22-23, mem. Davidson 

Coll. Bskt.B. team (capt., 1922). 1924, pro. 
B.B. Charlotte, N. C. 1924-27, head coach Gas- 
tonia H. Sch. 1925-28, pro. B.B. Greenville, 
S. C. (So. Atlantic champs., 1926-27). 1926-27, 
selected Ail-So. Atlantic 3rd base. 1928, head 
coach Guilford Coll. ; report to N. Y. Giants in 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Affiliations: Ma- 
sons; Phi Gamma Delta; O.D.K. Hobby: Base- 
ball. Office: Guilford Coll., N. C. Home: Sum- 
ter, S. C. 

CRAWFORD, FRANK, football and baseball. 
Born: Colebrook, N. H., Mar. 12, 1870. Son of 
Francis B. and Susan J. (Randall) Crawford. 
Ed.: A.B., Yale, 1891; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 

Record: 1891, coach Univ. of Mich. F.B. 
team. 1892, mem. Univ. of Mich. B.B. team ; 
coach Baker Univ. F.B. team (won pennant). 
1S93, capt. Univ. Mich. B.B. team (won pen- 
nant in its league) ; coach Univ. of Neb. F.B. 
team. 1894, coach Univ. Neb. F.B. team (won 
pennant). 1895, coach Univ. of Texas F.B. 
team (won pennant). Mgr. and owner of ama- 
teur B.B. team at Omaha, Neb. 

Pres. Occupation: Amer. lawyer in Paris, 

France. Hobby: Book collecting. Address: 4 

Ohemin des Vallieres, Ville d'Avroy (S&O) 


track. Born: Rye, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1895. Son of 
Robert L. and Mabel (Earle) Crawford. Ed.: 
A.B., Princeton, 1917. 

Record: 1913, mem. Princeton freshman track 
team. 1914-17, mem. Princeton varsity track 
team. 1915, point winner in low hurdles at I.O. 
meet, 1916, junior Metro, champ., representing 
N.Y.A.C., estabd. new record in low hurdles. 
1919, high point scorer, 89th Div. track meet, 
Germany ; point winner in hurdles, Army of 
Occupation meet, Germany. Best performances 
in competition : 220 yd. low hurdles, 24 4/5 sec. ; 
120 yd. high hurdles, 15 sec. 1920-23, coached 
and directed track aths. for United Neighbor- 
hood Houses, N. Y. C. 

Pres. Occupation: Broker, J. R. Williston & 
Co. (N. Y. C). War Record: Enlisted April, 
1917; mem. A.E.F., S9th Div. Army of Occupa- 
tion, Nov. 1918 to June 1919; comnd. 2d lieut. 
F.A. Aug., 1917; 1st lieut. F.A. Jan., 1918; capt. 
F.A. Mar., 1919; discharged June, 1919. Affilia- 
tions: Pres. Okieford Realty Corp. ; dir. Furver- 
ing Realty Co. Clubs: Union; The Lunch Club; 
Princeton ; Quadrangle. Married: Catherine 
Okie, April 30. 1925. Children: Robert L., 4th, 
age 2 ; John Everett, infant. Office: 5 Nassau 
St., N. Y. C. Home: 4 E. 8Sth St., N. Y. C. 


basketball, baseball and track. Born: Knox- 
ville, Tenn., Oct. 6, 1881. Son of S. V. and 
Martha (Eckle) Crawford. Ed.: Culver M. 
Acad., 1901; Univ. of Tenn., 1902. 

Record: 1901-02, mem. Univ. of Tenn. varsity 
F.B. team (chosen All-South., '02). 1902-03, 
mem. Univ. of Tenn. varsity F.B. team. 1905, 
coach Univ. of Tenn. F.B. 1907, coach North 
Ga. Agr. Coll. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Vice-Pres. Cruse Crawford 
Mfg. Co. Mil. Service: Enlisted Sept., 1918, O. 
T.C.; discharged Nov., 1918. Affiliations: Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon ; Rotary ; Cherokee C.C. ; Bir- 
mingham C.C. ; Roebuck C.C. Hobby: Football. 
Married: Mary Kirkpatrick, Mar. 29, 1913. 
Children: Saxton, Jr., age 12 ; Katherine, age 
10; Douglas, age 7. Office: 2200 Ave. B., Bir- 
mingham, Ala. Home: 1047 Caldwell Terrace, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Born: Lawrence, Mass., Apr. 21, 1880. Son of 
James A. and Catherine T. (Foran) Crawford. 
Ed.: Lawrence H. Sch. ; A.B., Villanova Coll., 

Record: 1898-1901, mem. Villanova Coll. F.B. 
team. 1S99-1900, coach Villanova Prep. F.B. 
team. 1910-28, officiating H. Sch., Prep., Coll., 
semi-prof, and prof. F.B. and track teams. 
1910-16 and 1920-23. coach Villanova Coll. semi- 
prof. F.B. team. 1916-22-23, coach Villanova 
local champ, F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Clerk Public Property 
Dept. ; Ex. Sec. Recreation Dept. Affiliations: 
Asso. of N. Eng. F.B. Officials; Bd. of Mgrs. 
N.E.A. of A.A.U. ; Villanova Coll. Ath. Advisory 
Bd. ; K. of C. ; Deputy Commr. N. Essex Council, 
Boy Scouts of Amer. Hobby: Boys' Welfare 
work; Aths. Married: Helen B*. Delligen, June 
19, 1907. Children: William V., Jr., age 19; 
M. Eileen, age 12. Office: 202 City Hall, Law- 
rence, Mass. Home: 3 Park St., Lawrence, 

CROFOAT, EDWIN TOAD, football. Born: 
Holly, Colo., Mar. 22, 1906. Son of E. H. and 
Martha (Boldger) Crofoat. Education: Mason 
City, la. H. Sch. Defiance Coll., Defiance, 
Ohio. Univ. of Wis. 

Record: Mem., Mason City (Iowa) H. Sch. 
F.B. team (4 yrs.), Bskt. B. team (3 yrs.), track 
team (2 yrs.). Capt., freshman F.B. team, 
Univ. of Wis. Mem., Univ. of Wis. varsity F.B. 
team (3 yrs.), capt., 1927. 

Present Occupation: Mgr., Southern Wis. Ac- 
ceptance Co. Affiliations: B. E. Buckman & 
Co., (bond house) ; Kappa Sigma (president). 
Clubs: Iron Cross; White Spader (President) ; 
Tumas. Office: Beaver Bldg., Madison, Wis. 
Home : 124 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

CROOKS, GUY ALLEN, golf. Born: Tren- 
ton, Mo., Aug. 17, 1882. Son of Samuel and 
Elizabeth (Walker) Crooks. Ed.: Colo. Springs 
H. Sch. 

Record: 1900-05, asst. golf pro. Town and 
Gown G.C. 1906-16, golf pro. Cheyenne Mt. C. 
C. 1917, golf pro. Ft. Worth C.C. (Ft. Worth, 
Tex.). 1918-20, golf pro. McAllister C.C. (Mc- 
Allister, Okla.). 1922-25, golf pro. Lakeside C. 
C. (Okla. City, Okla.). 1922-28, golf pro. Shaw- 
nee C.C. (Shawnee, Okla.). 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Affiliations: Ma- 
son ; Shriner ; Odd Fellows ; Natl, and Okla. 
State P.G.A. Hobby: Teaching golf. Married: 
Emma Benedict, May 7, 1904. Address: 24 W. 
Rosa St., Shawnee, Okla. 

CROSBY, JOSEPH, football. Born: Bos- 
ton, Mass., Jan. 15, 1904. Son of Joseph P. and 
Nellie (Cotter) Crosby. Ed.: Boston Latin Sch.; 
Phillips Exeter Acad., 1924; A.B., Harvard, 1928. 

Record: 1920-22, Boston Latin Sch. F.B. and 
track teams (1922, track capt.). 1923, Phillips 
Exeter F.B. team. 1924, Harvard Freshman F. 
B. and track teams. 1925-27, Harvard Varsity 
F.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Har- 
vard A.A. ; Hasty Pudding C. ; Dicky C. ; Inst. 
1770 C. ; Pi Eta C. ; Varsity C. ; Kappa Epsilon 
Pi. Hobby: Football. Office: Harvard Varsity 
Club, Cambridge, Mass. Home: 24 Prince St., 
Jamaica, Mass. 

giate all around gymnastic champion, 1916. 
Bom: Haverford, Pa., April 14, 1896. Son of 
Edward N. and Elizabeth (Buddy) Crosman. 
Education: The Haverford Sch., 1914. B.S., 
Haverford Coll., 1918. 

Record: Mem., Haverford Coll. F.B., B.B., 
gym., cricket, and swimming teams, (capt, F.B. 
gym., and cricket teams). 1916, I.C. all-round 
gymnastic champ. Mem., squash racquets, 
soccer, and cricket teams at Merion Cricket 
Club. 1921, mem., "Gentlemen of Phila." 
cricket teams touring England ; athletic coach, 
Haverford Sch. 1922, athletic dir., Pawling Sch. 
1923, mem., "Gentlemen of Phila." cricket 
teams touring Canada and Bermuda. 

Present Occupation : Advertising, N.W. Ayer 
& Son, Phila. War Record: 2nd Lieut. F.A., 
balloon observation (service in France). Clubs: 
Merion Cricket (Haverford, Pa.) ; Incogniti 
Cricket Club (London, honorary mem.). Mar- 
ried : Sara Pyle, June 3, 1926. Children : John 
Marshall, age 8 mo., Sara Elizabeth, age 8 mo. 
Office: 308 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: 
30 Jenmore Rd., Haverford, Pa. 







Minneapolis, Minn., Apr. 17, 1895. Son of Norton 
Murdock and Martha (Ankeny) Cross. Ed.: Cen. 
H. Sch. (Minneapolis) ; A.B., Univ. of Minn., 
1917; LL.B., Harvard, 1922. 

Record: 1911-13, mem. Cen. H. Sen. track 
team (City indoor half-mile record holder since 
1912). 1914-16, mem. Univ. of Minn, cross coun- 
try team (West. Conf. champs., 1914). 1915-17, 
mem. Univ. of Minn, track team (won N. West. 
A.A.U. cross country race, 1916, at St. Paul, 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. Mil. Service: 
Vol. Norton Harjes Ambulance Corps S.S.U. 61 
with Amer. Red Cross, 1917 ; 2d lieut. 27th Aero 
Squadron 1st Pursuit Group, A.S.A., U. S. A., 
1917-19. Affiliations : Sec. The Morris T. Baker 
Co. (Minneapolis, Minn.) ; "M" Club (Univ. of 
Minn.); Chi Psi ; Natl. Aeronautic Asso. (Min- 
neapolis) ; Issak Walton League (Minn.) ; Univ. 
Club (Minneapolis) ; Superior G.C. (dir.). 
Married: Harriette Nevin Hill, June 15, 1922. 
Children: Henry Hollis, age 5 ; Ann, age 1. 
Office: 330 Baker Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Home: 1726 Irving Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. 

and track teams. Born: Wakefield, R. I., Sept. 
29, 1873. Son of Elisha Watson and Frances 
Cooper (Wright) Cross. Ed.: St. Paul's Sch., 
Concord, N. H. ; A.B., Yale, 1896; LL.B., Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1900. 

Record: 1893-96, mem. Yale track team (de- 
feated Cambridge track team, 2d in hammer 
throw). 1895, mem. Yale F.B. team. 1898, 
rowed on Harvard eight. Mem. N. Y. Ath. C. 
track team which defeated London Ath. track 
team (2d in hammer). (2d in hammer Amer. 
champ. ) . 

Pres. Occupation: lawyer. AffiMa-tions: Indus. 
Trust Co. (dir.) ; Providence Journal Co. (dir.) ; 
Builders Iron Foundry (dir.) ; Cheapside Land 
Co. (dir.); Y.M.C.A. (served abroad); Psi U; 
Elihu Root Club ; R. I. Bar Asso. ; Yale Asso. 
of R. I. ; Harvard Law Asso. ; Town Criers ; 
R. I. Soc. Prevention of Cruelty to Children 
(Pres.); Trustee Lincoln Sch.; mem. Stajte 
House Comm. ; Providence Music League 
(Treas.). Clubs: Akawam Hunt; Hope C. ; 
Turks Head C. ; Squantum Asso. ; Providence 
Art C. ; Yale C. ; Knickerbockker C. (N. Y) ; 
Somerset C. ; Newport Fishing C. ; Clambake C. 
Hobby: tennis, horseback riding, shooting. 
Married: Virginia Cammel. Children: Larania 
Carrington Welsh ; Harry King ; Frances King ; 
Hope Gammel ; Virginia ; Eliza A. H. Office: 
15 Westminster, Providence, R. I. Home: 234 
Wayland Ave., Providence, R. I. 

football. Born: S. Orange, N. J., June, 1874. 

Son of R. J. and Matilda (Redmond) Cross. 
Ed.: Groton Sch.; B.A., Yale, 1896. 

Record: Capt. Groton Sch. F.B. team and 
crew. 1892-95, mem. Yale F.B. team and crew. 

Affiliations: Dir. of Fed. Ins. Co., Atlas Ins. 
Co., U. S. Radium Co. ; Amer Geographical Soc. ; 
ex. comn., N. Y. Zoological Soc. ; treas. Boone 
and Crockett Club. Hobby: Shooting. Married: 
Julia Newbold. Children: Five. Office: 31 Pine 
St., New York, N. Y. Home: Morristown, N. J. 

ing. Born: Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa., Oct. 17, 
1887. Son of Stevenson and Alice P. (Morris) 
Crothers. Ed.: Chestnut Hill Acad. 

Record: 1921, won clay-target shooting 
champs, of Pa. (196 out of 200). 1922, won 
clay-target shooting champs, of Pa. (197 out of 
200) ; won (doubles) clay-target shooting 
champs, of Pa. (49 out of 25 pair). 1925, won 
clay-target shooting champs, of Pa. (198 out of 
200) ; won clay-target shooting champs, of No. 
Amer. (200 out of 200). 1926, won clay-target 
shooting champs, of Pa. (197 out of 200) ; high 
average on 4000 more registered targets (shot 
at 5100, broke 5001, average 98.05%). 1925, 
won the 500 target match Jorklin Gun C. (496 
out of 500). 1927, won the 500 target match 
Jorklin Gun C. (496 out of 500). 

Pres. Occupation: Farmer. War Service: En- 
listed Dec, 1917; 841st, 827th and 165th Aero 
Squadron ; France 1 yr. ; disch., 1919. Affilia- 
tions: Amateur Trapshooting Asso. Hobby: 
Trapshooting and hunting. Married: Elizabeth 
Cheston, Dec. 16, 1908. Children: Alice P., age 
16. Address: Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. 

CROUCH, JAMES T., football, basketball, 
baseball, boxing and tennis. Born: Rome, Ga., 
July 4, 1896. Son of James T. and Lillie (Mc- 
Ginnis) Crouch. Ed.: Mt. St. Mary's Prep. Sch. ; 
LL.B., Univ. of S. Car., 1921; George Wash. 
Univ., 1922. 

Record: Mem. Mt. St. Mary's Prep. Sch. 
Bskt.B., B.B. and F.B. teams. 1915-16, welter- 
weight boxing champ., Univ. of S. Car. 1915- 
20, mem. Univ. of S. Car. F.B. and tennis teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: 1st 
Lieut. R.R. transportation, Camp Jackson, S. 
Car., 1917-19. Affiliations: Sigma Nu; Cosmos 
Club; City Club (Wash., D. C). Hobby: Dogs. 
Married: Katherine P. Parish, Nov. 27, 1922. 
Office: Natl. Press Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 
Ambassador Apts., Wash., D. C. 

CROUCH, JOEL ELMER, track. Born: 
Jacksonville, 111., Dec. 3, 1899. Son of Dr. El- 
mer L. and Mary (Hawkins) Crouch. Ed.: 
Jacksonville H. Sch., 1916; B.S., 111. Coll., 1920; 
B.S., Yale, 1923. 






Record: 1919-20, mem. 111. Coll. track teams. 
1923, mem. Yale Univ. champ, track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Engr. Edge Moor Iron Co. 
Mil. Service: Joined S.A.T.C, July, 1918; dis- 
charged prvt, Dec. 1918; now 2d It, Engr., 
O.R.C. Affiliation: Sigma Chi; Tau Beta Pi. 
Married: Jessie Froude Davie, Sept. 26, 1925. 
Children: Joel Elmer, Jr., infant. Address: E. 
M. Iron Co., Edge Moor, Del. 

basketball and tennis. Born: Phila., Pa., June 
20, 1907. Son of Barnett L. and Lena (Win- 
throp) Creamer. Ed.: Jenkintown (Pa.) H. 
Sch. ; Univ. of Dela. 

Record: 1924-28, mem. Univ. of Dela. varsity 
F.B., Bskt.B. and tennis teams (capt. Bskt-B. 
and tennis, 1927-28). 1926, runner-up, Middle 
States I.C. tennis champ. 1927, won singles 
and doubles champs, of public courts, Wilming- 
ton, Dela. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Dela.). 
Mil. Service: Mem. R.O.T.C. Affiliations: Druids 
(natl. sophomore honorary soc). Derelicts (lo- 
cal senior honorary soc). Hobby: Tennis. 
Office: Box 17 M. J. Dela., Newark, Dela. Home: 
231 Wymote Rd., Jenkintown, Pa. 

CRIPE, RAY ALLEN, mem. U. of Chicago 
Western Conference championship gymnastic 
team, 1920-21. Bom: July 3, 1897. Son of 
Frank B. and Clara V. (Self) Cripe. Ed.: Ph.B., 
U. of Chicago, 1921. 

Record: 1919-21, mem. U. of Chicago Gym. 
team, "Big Ten" Conf. champs. ; 1st place, dual 
meet with U. of 111., side horse, dual meet, U. 
of Wis., side horse. 1919-20, placed 1st, "Big 
Ten" Conf. meet, U. of 111., side horse. 1920-21, 
"Big Ten" Conf. meet at U. of Ind., side horse. 

Pres. Occupation: Sales mgr., Burdick Corp. 
War Record: Mem. A.E.F. Ordnance Dept., 
U.S.A. ; rank of sergt. ; attached to Amer. Peace 
Commn., Paris, sec. capacity. Married: Ruth 
Marie Norris, Dec. 20, 1924. Office: Burdick 
Corp. Home: Box 773, Milton, Wis. 

CRISP, HENRY GORHAM, football. Born: 
Crisp, N. C, Dec. 10, 1896. Son of Sellers Mark 
and Annie (Gorham) Crisp. Ed.: B.S., Va. 
Poly. Inst. 

Record: 1915-16, mem. Hampden-Sidney F.B. 
team. 1917, mem. V.P.I. F.B. and Bskt.B. 
teams. 1917-18-19, capt. and quarterback All- 
South Atlantic F.B. team. 1918-19-20, mem. 
V.P.I. F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Head Bskt.B. coach, Univ. 
of Ala. Affiliations: Theta Chi. Hobby: Fish- 
ing. Married: Kathryn Kendall, 1921. Office: 
Gymnasium, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Home: 815 17th 
Ave., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Anderson, Ind., Dec. 2, 1890. Son of Dale J. 
and Effie (Daniels) Crittenberger. Ed.: Ander- 
son H Sch. ; West Point Prep. Sch., 1907 ; U.S. 
Mil. Acad., 1913; The Cavalry Sch., 1924. 

Record: 1913, mem. U. S. Mil. Acad, polo 
team. 1919-23, competed in East, horse shows, 
including Natl, horse show. 1920-23, sec. West 
Point Horse Show Asso. 1922-23, sec. West 
Point Polo Club. 1927-28, sec. Army Cen. Polo 
Com. and War Dept. Polo Asso. Has judged 
in Oxridge Hunt Club, Gadney Farms, and other 
horse shows. 

Pres. Occupation: Maj., U.S. Army. Mil. Ser- 
vice: Adj., Camp Lee, Va., 1918-19. Clubs: 
Army and Navy ; Army, Navy and Marine Corps 
C.C. Hobby: Polo and riding. Married: Jose- 
phine Frost Woodhull, June 23, 1917. Children: 
Willis D., Jr., age 9 ; Townsend W., age 3 ; Dale 
J., age 1. Office: War. Dept., Wash., D. C. 
Home: 3000 Conn. Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. 

CRITSER, WILLIAM DALE, football, bas- 
ketball and baseball officiate. Born: Wichita, 
Kans., Jan. 6, 1896. Son of William L. and 
Gold A. (Russell) Critser. Ed.: Wichita H. 
Sch., 1914; Friends' Univ., 1917. 

Record: 1914-15, mem. Friends Varsity F.B. 
team (picked All-Kan. Conf. F.B., 1914). 1915- 
17, mem. Friends' varsity Bskt.B. team (capt., 
1917). 1915-16, mem. Friends' varsity B.B. 
team. 1919-20, coached Bskt.B. and asst. F.B. 
coach Friends Univ. 1921-28, officiating Conf. 
F.B. and Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Auditor 4th Natl. Bank, 
Wichita, Kan. War Record: Enlisted April, 
1917; mem. A.E.F. 22 mos. ; discharged April, 
1919. Affiliations: Masons; Shriners; Civicton 
Club. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Helen Cane, 
Aug. 4, 1927. Office: Fourth Natl. Bank, Wich- 
ita, Kans. Home: 2505 E. Douglas St., Wichita, 

CROCKER, NEAL A., swimming. Born: 
Minneapolis, Minn., June 15, 1908. Son of R. A. 
and Florence (Acker) Crocker. Ed.: West H. 
Sch. (Minneapolis) ; Univ. of Minn. 

Record.: 1925, won state (Minn.) champ. 100 
yd. medley and 100-yd. free style swim ; won 
N. West. Inter-Sch. champ. 100-yd. free-style and 
runner-up in 40-yd. dash ; won State Inter-Sch. 
champ. 40-yd. dash and runner-up in 100-yd. 
dash; mem. West. H. Sch. record-breaking re- 
lay quartet ; mem. All-N. West, and All-State 
teams 100-yd. and 40-yd. dashes and relay; 
mem. West. H. Sch. swimming team three yrs. 
1926, capt. Univ. of Minn, freshman swimming 
team (runner-up in State champ. 50-yd. dash). 
1927-28, mem. Univ. of Minn, varsity swimming 
team (mem. record-holding Univ. of Minn, re- 
lay quartet, Natl. I.C. champs., la. City, la., 



1927 ; mem. Univ. of Minn, relay team, State 
champs., 400-yd. relay, 1928 ; runner-up 100- 
meter open champ., Minneapolis A.C., 1928 ; won 
junior C.A.A.U. 100-yd. free-style champ., 1928). 
1928-29, capt.-elect, Univ. of Minn. Swim. team. 
Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of Minn.). 
Affiliations: Delta Tau Delta. Hobby: Athletics. 
Address: 4819 Thomas Ave. S., Minneapolis, 


Bom: N. Y. C, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1905. Son of 
John Ryckman and Mary (Stewart) Crofts. 
Ed.: Mt. Vernon H. Sch. (Mt. Vernon, N. Y.) ; 
A.B., Williams Coll., 1926. 

Record: 1924, mem. N.Y.A.C. track team. 
1924-25, mem. Williams Coll. track and cross- 
country teams ( capt. cross-country team, 1925 ; 
cross-country team won New England I.C. title, 
1924 ; holder of 2-mile record, Williams-Wes- 
leyan dual meet, 1925, time 9:51). 1925, mem. 
Williams Coll. winter sports team (team won 
coll. cup, Lake Placid Club and Dartmouth 
Winter Carnival) ; mem. Buffalo Cen. Y.M.C.A. 
track team. 1927, mile champ., N. Y. Cen. R.R. 
track meet. 

Pres. Occupation: Traveling car agent N. Y. 
Cen. R.R. Affiliations: Phi Sigma Kappa; Wil- 
liams Club of N. Y. ; N. Y. A.C. Office: 466 
Lexington Ave., N. Y. C. Home: 225 Rich Ave., 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Born: Jersey City, N. J., Dec. 16, 1876. Son of 
Walter F. and Martha (Gurney) Crolius. Ed.: 
Tufts Coll.; B.L., Dartmouth Coll., 1899. 

Record: 1893, mem. Boston Ath. F.B. Asso. 
1894-95, mem. Tufts Coll. B.B. team. 1895-96- 
97-98, mem. Dartmouth Coll. F.B. team (capt., 
1898). 1898, mem. Wadsworth Geneseo All- 
Amer. B.B. team. 1899, coach Bowdoin Coll. 
F.B. team. 1900, coach Mass. F.B. team ; mem. 
F.B. Officials. 1901, mem. Boston Natl. League 
B.B. team ; asst. coach Harvard Univ. B.B. 
team ; mem. Homestead L.A.C. F.B. team. 1902, 
mem. Homestead L.A.C. F.B. team; mem. Pitts- 
burgh Natl. League B.B. team. 1903, coach 
West Univ. of Pa. F.B. team. 1906, coach Villa- 
nova Coll. F.B. team. 1907, asst. coach West 
Point Mil. Acad. F.B. team. 1908, asst. coach 
Syracuse F.B. team. 1909-10-11, coach Villa- 
nova Coll. F.B. team. 1912-27, mem. F.B. Offi- 

Pres. Occupation: Consulting engr. and tech- 
nical editor, Centrifix Corp. Affiliations: Psi 
Upsilon; Casque and Gauntlet; West Pa. Eng. 
Soc. ; I. & S. Elec. Bngrs. Hobby: Experimen- 
tation in physical and chemical sciences. Mar- 
ried: Ethel Tucker, Dec. 23, 1901. Children: 
Laurence, age 19 ; Newell Tucker, age 6. Office: 
342 Second Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 323 
Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, Pa. 

Born: Phila., Pa., Jan. 29, 1884. Son of W. 
Gardner and Anna (Gano) Crowell. Ed.: 
Swarthmore Prep. Sch. ; Swarthmore Coll. 

Record: 1900-01-02, mem. Swarthmore Prep. 
F.B. team. 1903-04-05, mem. Swarthmore Coll. 
F.B. and Lacrosse teams. 1906, head coach 
George Wash. Univ. (Wash., D. C). 1907-08, 
asst. coach Swarthmore Coll. F.B. team. Head 
coach Swarthmore Coll. lacrosse team. 1907- 
28, mem. Cen. Bd. Officials. 1909-10-11, head 
coach Cen. Manual Training Sch. (Phila.) F.B. 
team ; head coach Lehigh Univ. lacrosse team. 
1912-13, head coach West Phila. H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1914-15-16, head coach and ath. dir. La- 
Fayette Coll. (Easton, Pa.) F.B. team. 1915-16, 
head coach LaFayette Coll. B.B. team. 1917- 
24-25-26-27, head coach Haverford Sch. F.B. 
team. 1923-24-25-26, vice-pres. East. Asso. I.C, 
F.B. Officials. 1926-27, head coach Haverford 
Sch. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. Affiliations: Chrmn. 
F.B. Com. ; Pa. Ath. C. Married: Kathrine 
Cressman, Feb. 22, 1919. Children: W. Gardner 
2nd, age 17 ; Robert H., age 10. Office: Haver- 
ford Sch., Haverford, Pa. Home: 626 Mont- 
gomery Ave., Narbeth, Pa. 

CROWLEY, JAMES H., Bskt.B. and track. 
Born: Boston, Mass., Jan. 5, 1888. Son of Pat- 
rick and Mary (Connor) Crowley. Ed.: Fitton 
Sch. ; East Boston H. Sch. ; Posse Normal Sch. 
of Phys. Ed. 

Record: 1904-05, capt. E. Boston H. Sch. 
Bskt.B., B.B. and track teams. (Held world's 
record in single game of Bskt.B., 47 bskts. 1905 ; 
track team estab. shot put record for Boston). 
Capt. Normal Sch. Bskt.B. team., mem. East 
Boston A.A. Bskt.B. team. Coach Winthrop 
(Mass.) Bskt.B. team. Coach Winchester 
(Mass.) Bskt.B. team. Coach Boston Coll. 
freshman and varsity BsktB. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. dir. phys. ed. dept. 
Boston Schs. Military Service: 1st Lt. O.R.C. 
Affiliations : Phys. dir. Boys C, Boston ; super- 
visor playground, Boston ; dir. playground Che- 
laca ; dir. Winthrop Cath. Boys C. ; Cen. Bd. 
F.B. (Mass.); Bskt.B. Asso. of Officials; Vol- 
unteer Corp. Bk., Boston ; Columbia Trust Co. ; 
K. of C. ; Boston Council Asso. ; Millstream 
A.A. ; Filton Alumnae A.C. ; Posse Alumni 
Asso ; Economic League of Teachers. Hobby: 
Golf, swimming, squash and tennis. Married: 
Eva Lillian Stockwell, 1911. Children: James, 
Jr., age 16; Frances, age 14; Claire, age 12; 
Nathaniel, age 10 ; Lucille, age 5 ; Mary, age 1. 
Office: Beacon 15, Boston, Mass. Home: 19 
George St., Winthrop, Mass. 

CROWLEY, JAMES HAROLD, football and 
hockey. Born: Chicago, 111., Sept. 10, 1902. 
Son of Jiramiah and Agnes (Sweeney) Crow- 





ley. Ed.: East Green Bay H. Sen., 1921; Notre 
Dame Univ., 1925. 

Record: 1922, mem. Notre Dame Univ. varsity 
hockey team (West, champs.). 1922-24, mem. 
Notre Dame Univ. varsity F.B. team (All-Amer. 
h.b. and mem. All-West, team, 1924). 1925-27, 
F.B. coach, Univ. of Ga. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. Affiliations: K.C. ; 
Green Bay C.C. ; Athens C.C. Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Helen Mae Cleary, Aug. 24, 1926. 
Office: Univ. of Ga., Athens, Ga. Home: 115 S. 
Jackson St., Green Bay, Wis. 

Record: 1917, mem. Pa. State Coll. champ, 
track and F.B. teams. 1922-24, mem. Princeton 
F.B. team (Natl, champs., 1922). 1924-28, ath. 
dir. and coach, George Wash. Univ. (Washing- 
ton, D. C). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and coach George 
Wash. Univ. Mil. Service: Mem. S.A.T.C. Affil- 
iations: Phi Sigma Kappa; Mason; Amer. F.B. 
Coaches' Asso. ; Cannon Club (Princeton). 
Married: Margaret Ruth Thompson, 1924. Chil- 
dren: John Thompson, age 1. Office: 2010 H 
St. N. W., Wash., D. C. Home: 3028 Porter St. 
N. W., Wash., D. C. 

Bom: Fargo, N. Dak., Apr. 25, 1906. Son of 
Mrs. Kathryn E. Crowley. Ed.: West H. Sch. 
(Minneapolis, Minn.) ; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 

Record: 1922-23, mem. West. H. Sch. F.B. 
team. 1923-24, mem. West H. Sch. track team. 
1925, mem. Univ. of Minn, freshman track team 
1926-28, mem. Univ. of Minn, varsity track 
team. Minn. sch. record in pole vault, 12' 5%". 

Present Occupation: Student (Univ. of 
Minn.). Affiliations: Phi Kappa Psi. Hobby: 
Fishing. Address: 1609 Univ. S. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

CRUIKSHANK, PHILLIP H., football and 
track. Born: Decatur, 111., Jan. 24, 1901. Son 
of Frank W. and Leda (Mueller) Cruikshank. 
Education: Decatur, 111. H. Sch. Hotchkiss 
Sch., Lakeville, Conn. A.B., Yale, 1923. 

Record: 1916-17-18-19, mem., Hotchkiss Sch. 
F.B., swimming, and track teams (capt., track 
team, 1918-19) ; awarded enp for excellence in 
athletics. 1919-20, mem., Yn3o freshman F.B. 
and track teams. 1920-21, mem., Yale varsity 
F.B. and track teams ; competed as hammer 
thrower on Yale-Harvard track team which 
met combined Oxford-Cambridge team, July 
1921. 1921-22-23, mem., Yale F.B. and track 
teams. Generally chosen on All-American F.B. 
teams as published by sports writers. 

Present Occupation: Mgr. (Pottery Division) 
Mueller Co., Decatur, 111. Affiliations: Chi- 
cago A.C. ; Decatur Club ; Decatur C.C. ; Pres- 
byterian Church. Hobby: Hunting and golf. 
Married: Gertrude Parke, May 24, 1924. Chil- 
dren: Gertrude Parke, age 2 ; William Mont- 
gomery, age 11 mos. Office: 512 W. Cerro Gordo, 
Decatur, 111. Home: 145 S. Woodlawn, Deca- 
tur, 111. 

CRLM, HARRY WATSON, football and 
track. Born: Derry, Pa., July 10, 1899. Son 
of Philip E. and Maude L. (Campbell) Crum. 
Ed.: Derry H. Sch.; Pa. State Coll., 1917; B.S., 
Princeton, 1924. 

CUFF, RAYMOND LEE, crew. Born: Hor- 
tonville, Wis., Oct. 13, 1888. Son of C. R. and 
Frances Margaret Cuff. Ed.: Little Wolf H. 
Sch., 1908; B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1914. 

Record: 1904-08, mem. Little Wolf H. Sch. 
ath. teams. 1910, mem. Univ. of Wis. freshman 
crew. 1912-13, mem. Univ. of Wis. varsity crew. 
1913, stroked 4 on Univ. of Wis. crew ; mem. 
Univ. of Wis. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Live stock comnr., Kansas 
City Live Stock Exchange, Stock Yds. Co. Affil- 
iations: Shriner; Kansas City Tuberculosis 
Soc. ; Swope Park G.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Gertrude Lundberg, Sept. 6, 1916. Office: Live 
Stock Exchange, Kansas City, Mo. Home: New- 
bern Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. 

CUHEL, FRANK JOSEF, track. Born: 
Sept. 23, 1904. Son of Rudolph and Frances 
(Halva) Cuhel. Ed.: Wash. H. Sch. (Cedar 
Rapids, la.) ; Univ. of la. 

Record: 1922-23-24, mem. Wash. H. Sch. 
track and F.B. teams ; State Inter-Sch. champ, 
in low and high hurdles ; State record holder 
in low hurdles, high hurdles and 100-yd. dash. 
1924, capt. Wash. H. Sch. track team; All-State 
and All-Amer. end on Natl, champ. H. Sch. F.B. 
team; Natl. Inter-Sch. champ. 440 and 220 low 
and high hurdles (Stagg's meet). 1926-27, mem. 
Univ. of la. F.B. team. 1926-27-28, mem. Univ. 
of la. track team (capt., 1928; "Big Ten" Conf. 
champ. 220-yd. low hurdles, 1926-27; 70-yd. in- 
door champ., 1928; runner-up senior low hur- 
dles A.A.U. meet, Phila., 1926). Natl. Inter- 
Sch. record holder in 220-yd. low and 120-yd. 
high hurdles. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Univ. of la.). 
Mil. Service: Col. la. Regt., R.O.T.C. Affilia- 
tions: Phi Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; 
Hawkeye Club ; A.F.I. Hobby: Golf and shoot- 
ing. Address: 1400 Ind. Ave., Cedar Rapids, la. 

CULLEN, THOMAS HENRY, JR., basketball. 
Born: Brooklyn, N. Y., July 18, 1900. Son of 
Thomas Henry and Teresa E. (Torley) Cullen. 
Ed.: Christian Bros. Acad. (Albany, N. Y.) ; 




Polytech. Prep. Sch. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) ; B.S., 
Dartmouth, 1923; LL.B., Brooklyn Law Sch., 

Record: 1915-16, mem. Christian Bros. Acad. 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1917-19, mem. Poly- 
tech. Prep. Sch. Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1920, 
mem. Dartmouth freshman Bskt.B. team. 1921- 
23, mem. Dartmouth varsity Bskt.B. team 
(capt., 1923; runner-up, individual scoring, 
East. I.C. League, 1921 ; All-League forward, 
1921-23). 1926-27, mem. Brooklyn Law Sch. 
Bskt.B. team ; mem. Exec. Com. East. I.C. 
Bskt.B. League; mem. Advisory Rules Com. on 
Bsk.B., N.C.A.A. 

Pres. Occupation: Law clerk. Affiliations: 
Sigma Delta Psi ; Beta Theta Pi ; Casque and 
Gauntlet Senior Soc. ; Phi Delta Phi; Dart- 
mouth Club (N. Y.). Office: 51 Willoughby St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Home: 215 Congress St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

CUMINGS, THAYER, hockey. Born: New 
York City, Mar. 17, 1904. Son of John Bradley 
and Florence (Thayer) Cumings. Ed.: St. 
Marks Sch.; A.B., Harvard, 1916. 

Record: 1924-25-26, mem. Harvard Varsity 
hockey team (capt. Harvard I.C. Hockey 
Champs, of Amer., 1926). At present mem. St. 
Nicholas A.C. (N. Y. C.) hockey team. 

Pres. Occupation: Advertising writer, George 
Batten Co. Clubs: Harvard C. ; Mt. Kisco G.C. ; 
Midtown Lunch C. ; St. Nicholas A.C. Hobby: 
Writing ragtime music. Office: 383 Madison 
Ave., New York, N. Y. Home: 1105 Park Ave., 
New York, N. Y. 

Bom: Boston, Mass., Sept. 25, 1870. Son of 
Charles Amos and Margaret (Kimball) Cum- 
mings. Ed.: Roxbury Latin Sch.; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1893; Mass. Inst. Tech. 

Record: Won various prizes in track at Rox- 
bury Latin Sch. ; mem. of freshman F.B. team 
at Harvard; 1890-93, mem. of Harvard varsity 

Pres. Occupation: Architect and trustee. War 
Record: Lt. in U.S.N. Reserves. Affiliations: 
Trinity Church ; Boston Museum of Fine Art ; 
Boston Athenaeum. Clubs: Somerset ; Harvard. 
Married: Lyvia Pame. Children: Francis H., 
age 28 ; Charles K., Jr., age 25 ; Eyhel F., age 
23; Evelyn, age 21; Margaret, age 17. Office: 
8 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. Home: 6 Joy St., 
Boston, Mass. 

Born: Newton Center, Mass., Mar. 28, 1903. 
Daughter of Louis C. and Luise (Sinclair) 
Smith. Ed.: Brimmer Sch.; Bradford Acad.; 
A.B., Boston Univ., 1926. 

Record: 1913-14, won Jr. Archery Medal (Co- 
lumbia). 1919-21-22-24-25-26, Natl, archery 
champ. 1920-21-22-23-24-25-26, Eastern Archery 
Asso. Champ. 1925-26, open champ. Metropoli- 
tan Archery Asso. 

Affiliations: Nat. Archery Asso.; Eastern 
Archery Asso. ; Boston City Woman's C. Hobby: 
Archery. Married: Henry S. C. Cummings. 
June 27, 1927. Address: 36 Druce St., Brook- 
line, Mass. 

Bom: Boston, Mass., Dec. 17, 1890. Son of Ed- 
ward and Frances Elizabeth (McCarthy) Cum- 
mings. Ed.: Boston Coll. H. Sch., 1907; A.B., 
Boston Coll., 1911 ; M.D., Harvard, 1915 ; Amer. 
Coll. of Surgeons, 1922. 

Record: 1909-10, mem. Boston Coll. F.B. and 
track teams. 1924, coach U. S. Hospital Ship 
Relief F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lieut. U.S.N. Naval Ser- 
vice: Enlisted N.R., Dec, 1917; Lieut. Med. 
Corps, active duty, Naval Hospital (Wash., D. 
C), Jan., 1918; transferred U.S. Hospital Ship 
Relief, 1922. Affiliations: K.C. ; Naval A.A.; 
Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials ; S. Conf. Official. Hobby: 
Tennis. Married: Helen Elizabeth Donovan, 
Nov. 27, 1919. Children: Edward Joseph, Jr., 
age 7. Office: Naval Dispensary, Wash., D. C. 
Home: 3020 Porter St., N.W., Wash., D. C. 

vard track team, 1913. Born: Fall River, Mass., 
June 19, 1889. Son of John W. and Mary 
(Brennan) Cummings. Ed.: Harvard, A.B., 
1913; LL.B., 1916. 

Record: 1910, mem. Harvard freshman track 
team. 1911-13, mem. Harvard varsity track 
team (capt., 1913). 1911, 3rd in low hurdles. 
1913, 3rd in high hurdles; I.C.A.A.A.A. track 
meet ; N. England indoor champ. (45-yd. high 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: First 
lieut. 302nd Inf. from Aug. 30, 1917, to Nov. 1, 
1918; 1st lieut. 163rd Inf. from Nov. 2, 1918, 
to Feb. 21, 1919. Clubs: Fetherdic Tennis ; Fall 
River C.C. ; "H" (Harvard of Boston, Mass.). 
Married: Chloe Calhoun. Office: 56 N. Main 
St., Fall River, Mass. Home: 392 Langley St., 
Fall River, Mass. 


football and basketball. Born: Nashville, Tenn., 
July 9, 1886. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cun- 
ningham. Ed.: Vanderbilt Coll., 1907; B.L., 
Univ. of Ga., 1913; Univ. of Mich., 1913. 

Record: 1904-07, mem. Vanderbilt Coll. B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1905-07, mem. Vanderbilt 
Coll. F.B. team. 1907-08, ath. coach S. Ky. CoJl. 
1909-17, ath. coach Univ. of Ga. 1917-18, coach 
82nd Div. F.B. team. 1919-22, ath. dir. Inf. Sch. 



Pres. Occupation: Capt. Inf., U.S.A. War 
Record: Capt. 321st Machine Gun Bn. ; 82nd 
Div., 1917-19, participated in British defensive, 
1918, St. Mihiel ; Meuse-Argonne ; awarded Dis- 
tinguished Service Cross, Croix de Guerre, Ital- 
ian Cruce Di Guerro. Discharged maj. inf. 
Affiliations: Sigma Chi; Mason; Elks; K. of P.; 
Kiwanis Club ; Sojourners Club ; West End 
G.C.; Chattahoochee G.C. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Jane Cowles, 1918. Children: William 
A., age 17 ; Flora E., age 16 ; Jane, age 6 ; Flor- 
ence, age 3. Address: Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. 

Fayettville, N. C, Feb. 23, 1902. Son of D. B. 
and Katherine Lee (Mc Arthur) Currie. Ed.: 
Antioch H. Seh., 1922; Davidson Coll., 1929. 

Record: 1925-29, Davidson College track 
team ; holder world record 440-yd. relay at Lin- 
coln, Nebr., for Newark A.C., time 41 sec. ; 
holder State record 100 yds., time 9 3-5 sec. ; 
220 yds., time 21 4-5 sec. ; holder tie with 
Charles Paddock, 100 yds., time 9 3-5 sec. for 
world record. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Hobby: Bird 
hunting. Office: Davidson Coll., Davidson, 
N. C. Home: R.F.D., No. 3, Fayettville, N. C. 

Harvard F.B. team. 1927, won Novice singles 
sculling race regatta, New Eng. Amateur Row- 
ing Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: 
Joined N.R.F.C. Apr., 1917; discharged Lt. 
(senior grade). Affiliations: Masons; dir. Fam- 
ily Welfare Soc. ; Somerset, Tennis and Rac- 
quet, and Union Boat Clubs ; Harvard Clubs 
(Boston; N. Y. C). Office: 53 State St. Home: 
464 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

CURTIS, WILLIAM J., JR., crew. Born: 
Summit, N. J., Mar. 23, 1891. Son of William 
J. and Lena (Riley) Curtis. Ed.: Lit. B., Prince- 
ton, 1914. 

Record: 1911, mem. Princeton freshman crew. 
1912-13, mem. Princeton varsity crew. 1916, 
mem. Union Boat C. crew (Boston). 

Pres. Occupation: Yacht broker. Naval Rec- 
ord: Lt. U.S.N, destroyer service (Queenstown, 
Ireland). Affiliations: Partner Linton Rigg & 
Co. Clubs: Princeton C. ; Univ. C. ; Amer. 
Yacht. C. ; Cruising C. of Amer. Hobby: Sail- 
ing. Married: Caroline Porter, 1917. Children: 
Thomas K., age 8; Todd P., age 6; Caroline C, 
age 4. Office: 11 E. 44th St., New York, N. Y. 
Home: Pleasant Ridge, Harrison, N. Y. 

CURTIS, ARTHUR HALE, football. Born: 
Portage, Wis., May 20, 1881. Son of Henry 
Hale and Madsnia (McNown) Curtis. Ed.: 
Madison H. Sch., 1898; B.S., Univ. of Wis., 
1902; M.D., Rust Med. Univ., 1905. 

Record: 1895-98, mem. Madison H. Sch. B.B. 
F.B. and track teams. 1898-1901. mem. Univ. of 
Wis. B.B. team (capt. 2nd and 3rd yrs.) ; mem. 
Univ. of Wis. F.B. team (capt., 1901; won team 
of Conf.). 1902, coach Kansas Univ. F.B. team. 
1903-04, coach Univ. of Wis. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: War Service: Capt. Med. 
C. Children: Mary, age 9; Arthur Hale, Jr., 
age 2. Office: 104 S. Mich. Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 2706 Lincoln St., Evanston, 111. 

CURTIS, JAMES F., golfer. Born: Man- 
chester, Mass., Aug. 16, 1878. Son of Greely S. 
and Harriet (Appleton) Curtis. Ed.: A.B., 
Harvard, 1899; LL.B., 1903. 

Record: 1898, won I.C. golf champ. 1898-99, 
capt. Harvard golf team. 

Office: 61 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

CURTIS, LAURENCE, 2ND., football, hockey 
tennis and rowing. Born: Boston, Mass., Sept. 
3, 1983. Son of Louis and Fanny L. (Richard- 
son) Curtis. Ed.: Harvard A.B., 1916; LL.B., 

Record: 1913-15, mem. Harvard tennis team, 
1915, finalist, Natl. I.C. tennis doubles. 1914- 
15, mem. Harvard hockey team. 1915, mem. 

Yale varsity crew, 1878. Born: Fairfield, Conn., 
Aug. 29, 1858. Son of Henry T. and Mary E. 
(Beardslee) Curtiss. Ed.: Hopkins Grammar 
Sch. (New Haven, Conn.) ; Yale Univ., A.B., 

Record: 1877-78-79, mem. Yale class crew. 
1878, mem. Yale varsity crew. 1898-1901, 
chrmn. Yale-Harvard Regatta Com. 1901-11, 
grad. coach, Yale crew. 1919-27, referee, I.C. 
regatta. Mem. Bd. of Stewards, Amer. Rowing 
Asso. Treas. Amer. Olympic Com. for twenty 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. A. G. Spalding & 
Bros.; dir. West Conn. Title Mortgage Co. 
Affiliations: Pres. Yale Club (1906-07) ; pres. 
Greenwich Y.M.C.A. (1914-24) ; chrmn. Green- 
wich Sch. Com. (1920-28) ; mem. Conn. Bd. of 
Ed. (1919-28) ; pres. Hardware Club (1924-27) ; 
Yale G.C; Round Hill G.C; pres. Greenwich 
C.C. Hobby: Golf and rowing. Married: Mary 
Case. Children: Jean Curtise Gibbons, age 46; 
Mary Curtiss Pease, age 43. Office: 105 Nassau 
St., N. Y. C Home: Oak Farm, Lake Ave., 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Buffalo, N. Y., July 15, 1899. Son of Harlow 
C. and Ethel (Mann) Curtiss. Ed.: A.B., Prince- 
ton, 1921. 

Record: 1918, mem. freshman Princeton polo 
team ; mem. 2d freshman Princeton crew. 1919- 
20, mem. Princeton Jr. varsity crew. 1921, mem. 





Princeton varsity crew (rowed against Navy 
and Harvard, Yale and Cornell and Univ. of 
Calif., winning all 3 races). 

Pres. Occupation: Rancher. Married: Edna 
Co., Inc., Bankers. Affiliations: Dir. Farmers 
Sutter, Sept. 21, 1925. Address: R.F.D. No. 5, 
Phoenix, Ariz. 

CURRIER, EDWARD P., baseball. Born: 
Wellesley Hills, Mass., Oct. 9, 1886. Son of 
Henry M. and Alice (Taylor) Currier. Ed.: A.B., 
Harvard, 1909. 

Record: 1906-09, mem. Harvard varsity B.B. 
team (catcher). 1909, capt. 

Pres. Occupation: Vice-pres. Field, Glore & 
Loan & Tr. Co., N. Y. ; Staten Island Edison 
Corp. ; Owens Bottle Co. ; Italian Superpower 
Co., Uless & Co. ; Antill Sugar Co. ; Beattie 
Sugar Co. ; Union C, N. Y. ; Harvard C, N. Y. ; 
Univ. C. (Boston) ; Chevy Chase C. (Wash., D. 
C.) ; Megantic Fish and Game C. (Maine) ; 
Union Interallied C. (Paris), Married: Dorothy 
Fletcher, Nov. 11, 1911. Children: Edward P., 
Jr., age 15; David F., age 13. Office: 38 Wall 
St., N. Y. Home: Scarborough, N. Y. 

Conference 1 mile champ., 1925. Born: Chicago, 
111., Mar. 29, 1903. Son of James Joseph and 
Eileen (Fitzgerald) Cusack. Ed.: St. John's 
Mil. Acad. (Delafield, Wis.) ; Ph.B., Univ. Chi- 
cago, 1928. 

Record: 1922, Natl. Acad. 440 yd. and 880 yd. 
champ. ; mem. St. John's Mil. Acad. F.B. team. 
1922-23, mem. St. John's Mil. Acad. Bskt.B. 
team (capt, 1923). 1923, capt., mem. St. John's 
Mil. Acad. Natl. Champ, track team won y 2 - 
mile and 1-mile relays at Kan. Drake Marquette 
Relays ; won Natl. Acad. Champ. 220, 440 and 
880 yds. at Stagg I.S. track meet ; chosen All- 
Amer. Prep. Sch. ath. 440 and 880 yd. dashes; 
chosen 1 of 3 best all-around prep. schs. aths. ; 
estabd. Natl. Acad, records, 440 yds., time 48 
4/5 sec. ; 8S0 yds., time 1 :55 3/5 ; 600 yds., time 
1:12 3/5; 1,000 yds. (indoors), time 2:15; 300 
yds. (indoors), time 31 3/5 sec; 600 yds. (out- 
doors), time 1:11 1/5; broad jump, distance 23' 
8V2" ; unofficial world's I.S. record broad jump, 
distance 23'11" ; Junior Natl. A.A.U. 880 yd. 
champ. ; mem. Natl. A.A.U. champ. 2-mile relay 
team. 1924, broke world's indoor record 600 
yd. dash at I.A.C. meet in Chicago, time 1 :12 
2-5 sec. ; runner-up 800 meter Middle West. 
Olympic trials at Ann Arbor, Mich., time 1 :52 
1/10. 1925, West I.C. 1 mile champ. ; mem. 
Univ. Chicago Indoor West. Oonf. Champ. 1- 
mile relay team. 1926-27, capt. Univ. Chi- 
cago track team. 1927-28, mem. I.A.C. Central 
A.A.U. Champs. 1 7/8 mile medley team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 111. 
Ath. Club ; "C" Club ; Bankers Club ; Owl and 

Serpent ; Phi Kappa Psi ; Phi Delta Phi ; Iron 
Mask ; Skull and Crescent ; Kemper Club ; Old 
Boy's Soc. of St. John's Mil. Acad. Hobby: Law. 
Office: 5555 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. Home: 
7128 Emerald Ave., Chicago, 111. 

CUSIC, WAYNE N„ football, baseball and 
basketball. Bom: Griggsville, 111., Apr. 19, 1905. 
Son of Henry F. and Lillie (Norred) Cusic. 
Ed.: B.S., 111. Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1925, mem. 111. Coll. B.B., F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1927, capt. 111. Coll. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliation: Gam- 
ma Nu. Address: 604 W. College St., Jackson- 
ville, 111. 

St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 17, 1903. Son of Fred- 
erick Richard and Zoa (Ritter) Cutcheon. Ed.: 
Bordentown Mil. Acad. ; Phillips Exeter Acad., 
1921; B.S., Harvard, 1925. 

Record: 1922, mem. Harvard freshman track 
team (1st place, Harvard-Yale freshman track 
meet). 1923-25, mem. Harvard varsity track 
team (2nd I.C. cross-country meet). 1923, 1st 
place, Harvard-M.I.T. track meet ; 1st place, 
Harvard-Yale track meet. 1924, 1st place, Har- 
vard-Va. track meet ; 1st place Harvard-M.I.T. 
cross-country run ; 1st place, Harvard-Dart- 
mouth-Cornell indoor meet (new record, 2 mile 
run, 9 min. 52 sec). 1925, 1st place, 2 mile 
run, Harvard-Princeton meet. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Kappa 
Sigma; "H" Club (Harvard). Hobby: Reading 
and writing. Married: Ora Mimi Dodd, Dec. 
17, 1926. School: Harvard Sch. of Architec- 
ture, Cambridge, Mass. Home: 31 Concord 
Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

football and hockey. Born: Winchester, Mass., 
July 19, 1904. Son of Howard A. and Edith (Mc- 
Keen) Cutler. Ed.: Phillips Andover Acad.; 
B.A., Yale. 

Record: 1920-22, mem. Phillips Andover Acad, 
hockey team. 1921-22, mem. Phillips Andover 
Acad, track team. 1922, mem. Yale freshman 
F.B. squad. 1922-23, mem. Yale freshman 
hockey team. 1923, mem. Yale freshman track 
team. 1923-25, mem. Yale varsity F.B. team. 
1923-26, mem. Yale varsity hockey team. 1924- 
26, mem. Yale varsity track team. 1926, won 
Johnny Mack Pentathlon Cup (shotput, broad 
jump, high jump, 40 yd. and 300 yd. dashes). 
1927, mem. Hollywood A.C. track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Actor. Affiliations: Pi Al- 
pha Epsilon ; Beta Theta Pi. ; Scull and Bones ; 
"Y" Club (Yale); Yale A.A. ; Hollywood A.C. 
Hobby: Music. Office: 120 E. 38th St., N. Y. C, 
N. Y. Home: 9 Abbot St., Andover, Mass. 






CUTLER, ELI NICHOLS, football. Born: 
Niagara Falls, N. Y., Mar. 25, 1899. Son of 
John W. and Winfred (Nichols) Cutler. Ed.: 
Randolph Macon Acad.; Phillips Exeter Acad.; 

Record: 1914-15, mem. Randolph Macon Acad. 
F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1918-19, mem. 
Phillips Exeter Acad. F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. 
teams. 1919-20, mem. Yale freshman F.B., 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1920, mem. Yale var- 
sity F.B. team. 1923, asst. coach, Phillips 
Exeter Acad. 

Pres. Occupation: Mnfr. Mil. Service: Pvt. 
U. S. Marine Corps. Affiliations: "Y" Club (Yale, 
N. Y. C, N. Y.). Office: 19 Mill St., Waterbury, 
Conn. Home: 43 Cen. Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 

CUTLER, ELLIOTT CARR, capt. Harvard 
crew, 1909. Bom: Bangor, Me., July 30, 1888. 
Son of George Chalmers and Mary (Wilson) 
Cutler. Ed.: Woekmann Sch. (Boston, Mass.) ; 
A.B., Harvard, 1909; M.D., Harvard Med. Sch., 

Record: 1902-03, prizes in swimming, golf, 
diving and rowing. 1904-05, mem. Woekmann 
Sch. F.B. team and crew. 1908-09, mem., Har- 
vard crew (capt, 1909). 

Pres. Occupation: Surgeon, prof, of surgery, 
Western Res. Univ. ; dir. surgery, Lakeside 
Hosp., Cleveland, Ohio. War Record: Enlisted 
Apr., 1917; mem. A.E.F. ; discharged maj., Apr., 
1919; now Lt. Col., Med. O.R.C. Affiliations: 
A.M.A; Mass. State, Ohio State Med. Soc. ; 
Amer. Surgeons Asso. ; Clinical Surgery Soc. ; 
A.A.A.S. ; Harvard Clubs (Boston; N. Y. C. ; 
Cleveland) ; Mayfield Club. Hobby: Books, 
fishing. Married: Caroline Parker, May 24, 
1919. Children: Elliott C, Jr., age 3; Thomas 
Pollard, age 6; David, age 5; Marjorie, age 3; 
Tarrant, infant. Office: Lakeside Hospital. 
Home: 2260 Harcourt Dr., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Born: Amherst, Nova Scotia, April 11, 1874. 
Son of William Freeman and Abbie Ann (Tre- 
fry) Cutten. Ed.: Acadia Univ., A.B., A.M., 
LL.D.; Yale, A.B., B.D., Ph.D.; D.D., Colgate 
Univ.; D.D., McMaster Univ. 

Record: 1892-96, mem. Acadia Univ. F.B. 
team (capt., 1896). Mem. Acadia Univ. track 
and B.B. teams. 1897-98, mem. Yale varsity 
F.B. team. 1899, mem. Yale varsity track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Colgate Univ. Mil. 
Service: Capt. and comdr. D. Co., 219th Bn. 
C.E.F., Feb., 1916-Sept., 1916, maj. and 2nd 
comdr. 246th Bn. Sept., 1916-Dec. 1916; Chief 
Recruiting Office, Mil. District No. 6, Hdqrs., 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dec, 1916-Sept., 1917. 
Affiliations: Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Gamma 
Delta. Married: Minnie Warren Brown, July 
7, 1898. Children: Marguerite Joy, age 26 ; 

Muriel Grace, age 24 ; Claire, age 22 ; William 
Francis, age 20. Address: Hamilton, N. Y. 

CUTTING, JOE, football. Born: Sleepy Eye, 
Minn., Jan. 20, 1885. Son of Charles P. and 
Rose Ann (McGowan) Cutting. Ed.: Ph.C, 
Univ. of Minn., 1906 ; N. Dak. Agri. Coll. 

Record: 1904-06, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team. 1907, mem. N. Dak. Agri. Coll. F.B. 
team. 1908-10, asst. F.B. coach Univ. of Wash. 
(Seattle). 1916-21, F.B. coach, Williston (N. 
Dak.) H. Sch. (State champs., 1917-20). 1922, 
F.B. coach, N. Dak. Agri. Coll. (Fargo, N. 
Dak.). 1923-28, F.B. coach Williston (N. Dak.) 
High School. 

Pres. Occupation: Retail drug business, Wil- 
liston, N. Dak. Hobby: Golf, hunting, baseball 
and football. Married: Luceile Hildreth. Chil- 
dren: F. H. "Tad." Office: 207 Main St., Wil- 
liston, N. Dak. Home: 610 Main St., Williston, 
North Dakota. 

CUTTS, FRANK BRYANT, baseball. Bom: 
Providence, R.I., Aug. 15, 1907. Son of Dr. 
William B. and Florence (Budlong) Cutts. 
Education: Moses Brown Sch. A.B., Harvard, 

Record: 1926, mem., Harvard B.B. team, 
(relief work throughout season; finished both 
games against Yale getting credit for the first 
victory). 1927, mem., Harvard B.B. team (re- 
lief and regular pitching assignments; finished 
both games against Yale with credit for win- 
ning both). 

Present Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Harvard Varsity Club; Hasty Pudding Club; 
Alpha Sigma Phi (pres., chapter, 1927-28). 
Home: 370 Broad St., Providence, R.I. 

Bom: Wash., D. C, Apr. 5, 1890. Son of James 
Madison and Mary E. (Wheeler) Cutts. Ed.: 
West. H. Sch. (Wash., D. C.) ; Research Univ. 
(Wash., D. C). 

Record: 1910, won medal, Wash. Post mara- 
thon. 1911, won S.A.A.A.U. 50-yd. dash champ. ; 
mem. 160-yd. champ, relay team, S.A.A.A.U. 
meet ; runner-up 100-yd dash S.A.A.A.U. meet. 
1911-12, won Wash (D. C.) champ. 100-yd and 
50-yd. dashes. 1913, won 100-yd. champ. S.A. 
A.A.U. meet ; mem. 160-yd. champ, relay team, 
S.A.A.A.U. meet. 1914, won all-around swim- 
ming champ., Memphis, Tenn. ; won public links 
golf champ., Memphis, Tenn. 1915, runner-up 
1-mile champ., S.A.A.A.U. meet. 1916, Wash. 
(D. C.) long-distance swimming champ. (3 mi.). 

Pres. Occupation: Accountant, Govt. Acct. Of- 
fice, U. S. Govt. Mil. Service: Sgt. Sanitary 
Detach. Med. Corps, 1918-19. Affiliations: Ma- 
son; Wash. C.C. ; Wash. Swimming Club (capt., 
1921) ; Nautilus Swimming Club (Wash.) ; 




Wash. Canoe Club; Y.M.C.A. Hobby: Golf and 
swimming. Married: Amy Sedonia Pumphrey, 
Aug. 10, 1917. Children: James Madison, age 
5. Office: Arlington Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 
109 E. Underwood St., Chevy Chase, Md. 

CUTTS, OLIVER FROST, right tackle on 
All-Amer., 1901. Bom: No. Anson, Me., Aug. 
6, 1873. Son of William and Almeda Wyman 
(Paine) Cutts. Ed.: Bates Coll.; LL.B., Har- 
vard, 1903. 

Record: Bates Coll. F.B., B.B. and track 
teams; 1896-1900, coached Haverford Sen. F.B. 
team. 1901, mem. Harvard F.B. team. 1903- 
04, coached Purdue F.B. team. 1905, coached 
Wash. Univ. F.B. team. 1905-07, mem. Seattle 
Ath. Club. 1915-19, ath. dir. Purdue. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof. phys. ed. Bates Coll. 
Married: Eugenia Ayer, June 30, 1909. Chil- 
dren: Jeanette, age 18 ; Charlotte, age 15. Office: 
Bates College. Home: 352 College St., Lewis- 
ton, Maine. 

dividual Rifle champ. Born: Mare Island Navy 
Yard, Calif., Jan. 9, 1903. Son of Col. Richard 

Malcolm and Margaret Marie (Pitts) Cutts. 
Ed.: Friend's Sch. (Wash., D. C.) ; Punahou and 
Honolulu Mil. Acad. ; New Orleans Acad. ; St. 
Johns Manlius (Manlius, N. Y.) ; U. S. Naval 
Acad., 1923. 

Record: 1917, won St. Johns Manlius cup 
rifle shooting. 1922, mem. Naval Acad, rifle 
team. 1925-26-27, mem. Marine Corps rifle 
team. 1925, won N.R.A. 200-yd. (two-man 
team) ; N.R.A. Leech Cup medal ; 2nd place N.R. 
A. 200-yd. any rifle match. 1926, won Sesqui- 
Centennial Natl. Individual champ. ; won U.S. 
M.C. West. Div. rifle match ; 2nd place Sea Girt 
champ. 1927, won Natl. Individual champ. ; won 
Natl. Rapid Fire champ. ; won Cummings United 
Services match New Eng. States ; Foote Trophy 
and gold medal ; won Coast Artillery United 
Services New Eng. match ; Natl, team match 
medal ; N.R.A. Roumanian trophy match medal ; 
Hayden match United Services New Eng. medal ; 
U.S. M.C. distinguished marksman gold medal. 

Pres. Occupation: Lieut. U.S.M.C. Affilia- 
tions: Natl. Rifle Asso. ; Naval Acad. Ath. Asso. ; 
Army and Navy Club; Amer. Soc. Mil. Engrs. 
Hobby: Ordinance developments, shooting and 
engineering. Office: Marine Barracks, Quantico, 
Va. Home: 3101 34th St. N.W., Wash., D. C. 







DADMUN, HARBIE H., football. Born 
Cambridge, Mass., June 25, 1894. Son of N. 
Frank and K. (Whitney) Dadmun. Education: 
Arlington H. Sen., 1912. Tufts Coll., 1914. B.S., 
Harvard Univ., 1917. 

Record: 1909-10-11, mem. Arlington High 
School football team. 1913, mem. Tufts Coll, 
football team. 1915-16, mem.. Harvard football 
team (eapt. in 1916). All-Arner. guard, 1916, by 
Walter Camp. 

Present Occupation: Investment Banking. 
Affiliations: Wise, Hobbs & Arnold (sales 
mgr.). War Recotd: Headed Harvard Ambu- 
lance Unit to France, 1917, Enlisted U.S.N.R.F., 
1918, Comn. Lieut., U.S.N.R.F., March, 1919; 
Chairman of com. on sports Middlesex, Sports- 
man Asso. ; Zeta Psi, D.K.E. Club Harvard. 
Clubs : Hasty Pudding, Phoenix, Boston City. 
Hobby : Fishing, tennis, and golf. Married : 
Rita Goodwin, July 23, 1920. Children : Harrie 
H., Jr., age 5 ; Patricia Ann, age 3. Office: 15 
Congress St., Boston, Mass. Home: 56 Robbins 
Rd., Arlington, Mass. 

DAILEY, EDWARD JOHN, football and bas- 
ketball official. Born: Corning, N. Y., Apr. 13, 
1894. Son of John B. and Mary (Moran) 
Dailey. Education: Northside H. Sch., Corn- 
ing, N. Y., Syracuse Univ. 

Record: 1908-09-10-11, mem. H. Sch. B.B. 
team (champ, of S. Tier in 1911) ; 1909-10-11, 
mem. H. Seh. Bskt. B. team; 1913, mem. Syra- 
cuse Univ., freshman B.B. team; 1920-21-22, 
managed and played on Ingersoll-Rand B.B. 
team (winners, 1921-22). Officiated at F.B. 
and Bskt. B. for past ten years. 

Present Occupation: Production engr. Affilia- 
tions: Ingersoll-Rarid Co.; Ingersoll-Rand Ath. 
Asso. (chairman of advisory com.) ; Elks, 
Knights of Columbus, Corning Country Club. 
Hobby: B.B., golf, officiating F.B., and edvance- 
ment and betterment of H. Sch. athletics. 
Married: Kathryn Walter, 1923. Children: Mary 
Alice, age 3. Office: c/o Ingersoll-Rand Co., 
Painted Post, N. Y. Home: 52 E. Pulteney St., 
Corning, N. Y. 

DAILY, JOHN R., basketball and football. 
Bom: Peoria, 111., Dec. 23, 1897. Son of John 
Ryan and Margaret Daily. Ed.: Manual Train- 
ing H. Sch. (Peoria, 111.), 1915; Bradley Poly. 
Tech. (Peoria, 111.), 1917; George Wash. Univ., 
A.B., 1922, LL.B., 1923. 

Record: 1911-15, mem. Manual Training H. 
Sch. F.B. team. 1912-15, mem. Manual H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team. 1915-16, mem. Bradley Poly. 
Tech. F.B. team. 1915-17, mem. Bradley Poly. 
Tech. Bskt.B. team. 1919-23, mem. G.W.U. 
Bskt.B. team. 1920-22, mem. G.W.U. F.B. team. 

1923, asst. F.B. coach, G.W.U., 1924-25, varsity 
Bskt.B. coach, G.W.U. 1925-27, freshman Bskt. 

B. coach, Catholic Univ. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: Beta 
Sigma Nu ; Phi Delta Phi ; Kappa Sigma ; Pyra- 
mid Honor Soc. (G.W.U.) ; G.W. Club (G.W. 
U.) ; Cen. Bd. Bskt.B. Officials. Hobby: Bas- 
ketball. Office: 710 14th St., N.W., Wash., D. 

C. Home: 1644 Columbia Rd., N.W., Wash., 

D. C. 

DADLY, ROY THOMAS, football. All-Ohio 
center, 1926. Born: Greentown, Ohio, July 19, 
1904. Son of Thomas and Clara (Ditzler) 
Daily. Ed.: B.E., Akron Univ., 1927. 

Record: 1924-25-26, mem. Akron Univ. F.B. 
team (All-Ohio center, 1926; won recognition 
as one of best defense men in Ohio ) . 1925-26- 
27, mem. Akron Univ. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Phys. dir. Crouse Sch., Ak- 
ron, Ohio. Affiliations: Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi 
Epsilon Kappa; "A" Asso. (Akron Univ.). 
Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Office: 227 Car- 
roll St., Akron, Ohio. Home: Greentown, Ohio. 

DALE, DAVID, football. Born: Lemont, Pa., 
Feb. 26, 1876. Son of Jared Y. and Matilda 
(Allport) Dale. Ed.: B.S., Pa. Coll. (Gettys- 
burg, Pa.), 1900; M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1904. 

Record: 1896-99, mem. Pa. Coll. F.B. team, 
(eapt, 1897-99). 1897-1900, mem. Pa. Coll. B.B. 
team. 1901-02, mem. Univ. of Pa. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Record: Pvt. 
Co. H. 5th Regt. Inf., ^panish-Amer. War, 
1898; 1st Lieut. M.R.C., active duty, 4th Prov. 
Regt. C.A., Laredo, Tex., 1916; M.O.T.C, Camp 
Greenleaf, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., 1917; discharged 
eapt. Affiliations: Mason; Elks; Nittany C.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Anna McPherson, Oct. 
24, 1906. Children: Anne Dods, age 14. Ad- 
dress: Belief onte, Pa. 

DALGLEISH, JAMES, golf. Born: Berk- 
shire, Scotland, Apr. 4, 1865. Son of William 
and Elizabeth (Reeden) Dalgleish. Ed.: Pub. 
schs. (Berkshire, Scotland), 1879. 

Record: 1896-1901, mgr. A. G. Spaulding golf 
dept. 1902-03, golf pro. Hyde Manor G.C. 1903, 
mgr. London Br. A.G. Spaulding golf dept. 1903- 
15, golf pro. Earnston G.C. (Kan. City, Mo.). 
1915-23, golf pro. Hill Crest G.C. (Kan. City, 

Pres. Occupation: Golf course owner and su- 
pervisor. Affiliations: Y.M.C.A. ; pres. St. An- 
drews G.C. (Kan. City, Mo.) ; Vistory Hills 
G.C, Inc. (Kan. City, Kan.).; Mason (32°); 
Scottish Rite; East. Star. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Mary Ann Royce, June 2, 1898. Children: 





William Royce, age 28 ; Jessie M., age 26 ; Edith 
May, age 23. Office: St. Andrews G.C., Kansas 
City, Mo. Home: 7328 Washington St., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

DALLENBACH, KARL M., football and 
track. Bom: Champaign, 111., Oct. 20, 1S87. Son 
of John J. and Anna C. (Mittendorf) Dallen- 
bach. Ed. : Champaign H. Sch. ; A.B., Univ. of 
111., 1910 ; M.A., Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1911 ; Ph.D., 
Cornell Univ., 1913. 

Record: 1902-05, mem. Champaign H. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1903-06, mem. Champaign H. Sch. 
track team. 1906, mem. Champaign H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team. 1908-09, mem. Univ. of 111. F.B. 
team. 1908-10, mem. Univ. of 111. track team. 
1910, mem. Univ. of Pittsburgh F.B. team. 1911, 
mem. Univ. of Pittsburgh track team. 1913-14, 
line coach Univ. of Ore. varsity F.B. team. 
1915-28, mem. Gen. Bd. F.B. Officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof, of psychology, Cornell 
Univ. ; Editor, "The American Journal of Psy- 
chology." Mil. Service: Capt. Sn.C. U. S. A., Feb. 
7,1918-Aug. 4, 1919; chief psychologist, Camp 
Sheridan, Montgomery, Ala., May, 1918-Dec, 
1918; U. S- Gen. Hospital 29, Fort Snelling, 
Minn., Dec., 1918~Aug., 1919. Affiliations: Sigma 
Xi ; Delta Upsilon ; Acacia ; Phi Delta Kappa ; 
Nu Sigma Nu ; Rotary Club ; Town and Gown 
Club (Ithaca, N. Y.). Hobby: Pistol shooting and 
chess. Married: Ethel Douglas, Aug. 22, 1914. 
Children: John Wallace, age 9; Elizabeth Ann, 
age 6 ; Frederick Douglas, age 3. Office: Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca, N. Y. Home: 111 Dela. Ave., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

DALLY, KENNETH H., wrestling. Born: 
Algona, la., Aug. 7, 1903. Son of Henry M. and 
Lyda (Grose) Dally. Ed.: LL.B., Univ. of 
Minn., 1927. 

Record: 1924-26, mem. Univ. of Minn, wrest- 
ling team (capt., 1926). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Address: Owa- 
tonna, Minn. 

DALY, CHARLES, football, basketball and 
track. Born: Eureka, Calif., Sept. 17, 1902. 
Son of Cornelius and Anne (Murphy) Daly. 
Ed. : Santa Clara Univ. ; A.B., Stanford, 1924. 

Record: 1918-19, mem. Eureka H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams. 1922-24, mem. Stan- 
ford F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 1922, won 
880 yd. dash, Stanford-Calif, track meet; quali- 
fied S.C.4's 880 yd. dash. 1923, mem. winning 
mi. relay team, Stanford-Calif, track meet. 
1924, won 2nd pi. 880 yd. dash, Pac. Coast I.C. 
track meet. 

Pres. Occupation: Merchandise mgr., Daly 
Bros. Dept. Store. Clubs: Humboldt G. and C.C. 
Address: 4th and F Sts., Eureka, Calif. 

DALY, LEO JAMESON, football and base- 
ball. Born: Boston, Mass., July 9, 1880. Son 
of John Charles and Margaret (Wilton) Daly. 
Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 1903. 

Record: 1902, mem. Harvard F.B. team. 
1902-03, mem. Harvard B.B. team. 1905-06, asst. 
F.B. coach, Harvard. 

Pres. Occupation: Wool buyer, Draper & Co., 
Inc. (Boston, Mass.). Mil. Service: Enlisted, 
Aug., 1917 ; comnd. 1st. It., 63rd Inf., Dec, 1917 ; 
capt. 63rd Inf., July, 1918; discharged, Dec, 
1918. Clubs: Harvard (Boston). Married: 
Marguerite Enochs, July 20, 1927. Office: 281 
Summer St., Boston, Mass. Home: 250 1 Com- 
monwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

DALY, MAURICE FRANCIS, football, la- 
crosse and hockey. Bom: Hartford, Conn., 
June 20, 1901. Son of Michael and Mary (Long) 
Daly. Ed.: Hartford H. Sch., 1918; B.S., Conn. 
State Coll., 1923; U.S. Mil. Acad., 1927. 

Record: 1920-23, mem. Conn. State Coll. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1923). 1923- 
24, mem. U.S.M.A. F.B., Bskt.B. and lacrosse 
freshman teams. 1924-27, mem. U.S.M.A. F.B., 
hockey and lacrosse teams. 1927, awarded Army 
Ath. Asso. sabre as best all-round ath. 

Pres. Occupation: 2nd Lt. Air Corps U. S. 
Army. Affiliations: Tex. Officials Asso. Office: 
Brooks Field, San Antonio, Tex. Home: 47 
Green St., Hartford, Conn. 

Bom: Foster, Ohio, May 5, 1879. Son of Hor- 
ace Perry and Emma (Butterworth) Danforth. 
Ed.: A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1903. 

Record: 1901-03, capt. Univ. of Mich, tennis 
team (West. Coll. singles tennis champ.). 

Pres. Occupation: Mdse. broker. Affiliations: 
Sigma Chi. Married: Ruth Jarvis, Feb. 9, 1922. 
Children: Thomas M. Office: 1609 Fisher Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. Home: 6507 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 

DANIELS, JOHN M. t football. Bom: Blairs- 
ville, Pa., Aug. 31, 1897. Son of John J. and 
Elizabeth (O'Brien) Daniels. Education: Free- 
port (Pa.) H. Sch., 1915. Kiski Prep. Sch., 1916. 
B. S., Univ., Pa. Univ., Pittsburgh, 1922. 

Record: Mem., Freeport (Pa.) H. Sch. F.B., 
B.B., and Bskt. B. teams ; mem., Kiski Prep. 
Sch. B.B. and Bskt. B. teams; 1916, mem., Free- 
port B.B. club (Champs. Allegheny Valley) ; 
1917-18, mem., Univ. of Pa. freshman Bskt. B. 
team; 1919-20, mem., Univ. of Pittsburgh B. B. 
and Bskt. B. teams. Approved official for F.B. 
and Bskt. B. (4 yrs.). 

Present Occupation: Instr., Carnegie Inst, of 
Tech. Mil. Service: U.S.N.R.F., Univ. of Pa. 
and Univ. of Pittsburgh units. Affiliations: Ma- 



sons, Shriners, Phi Delta Theta, Theta Xi, 
Theta Tau. Married: Alice Jones. Children: 
Joyce, age 6 mos. Office: Box 171, Carnegie 
Tech., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

ficial. Born: Wash., D. C, Mar. 7, 1887. Son 
of William S. and Elizabeth (Duvall) Daniels. 
Ed.: George Wash. Univ. ; Georgetown Univ. 
LL.B., 1911; M.L., 1912. 

Record: 1906, Q.B. George Wash. Univ. 
freshman F.B. team ; mem. George Wash. Univ. 
freshman relay team. 1908, mem. Georgetown 
Univ. F.B. team; mem. Official F.B. 1909, mem. 
Analostan Boat C. Jr. 8 Wash. Post Regatta. 
(2nd place). 1916, mem. Cen. Bd. F.B. Offi- 
cials. 1920-27, mem. So. Conf., have worked 
many important champs. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: So. 
Conf. Asso. ; East. F.B. Officials Asso. ; Bd. Dir. 
Merchants Bk. and Trust Co. ; Dry Ginger Ale 
Co. ; counsel for Iroquois Refrigeration Co. ; Bd. 
Dir. Natl. Wmesett Bk. Corp. ; gen. counsel 
Riggs Market Development Co. ; Mason ; Citi- 
zens Asso. ; Layneens Asso. ; Univ. 0. ; Natl. 
Press C. ; Racquet C. ; Chevy Chase C. Hobby: 
Football, golf and squash. Married: Dorothy 
Gamblett, Feb. 21, 1924. Children: Richard 
Gamblett, age 2. Office: 409 Kellogg Bldg., 
Wash., D. C. Home: 3705 Military Rd. N.W., 
Wash., D. C. 

DANN, CARL, JR., golf. Born: Orlando, 
Fla., May 13, 1909. Son of H. Carl and Louise 
(Giles) Dann. Ed.: Orlando H. Sch. 

Record: 1925-26-27, mem. St. Joseph's Acad. 
B.B. team (state champ., 1927). 1926-27, mem. 
St. Joseph's Acad. F.B. team, 1927, won Cen- 
tral Fla. pro. amateur tournament at Orlando 
C.C. 1928, runner-up Orlando C.C. amateur 
champ. ; won challenge matches for I.S. champ. ; 
mem. Orlando H. Sch. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Or- 
lando C.C, ; Mt. Plymouth C.C. ; Dulesdread 
C.C. Address: 603 E. Hillcrest Ave., Orlando, 

Born: Westfield, N. J., Aug. 21, 1906. Son of 
Walter R. and Jennie (Fowler) Darby. Ed.: 
A.B., Princeton, 1927. 

Record: 1925-26, mem. two championship 
"Big Three" elevens. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher and coach. Affilia- 
tions: Westfield Y.M.C.A. ; Echo Lake C.C; 
Princeton Club of New York. Home: 111 E. 
Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J. 

Born: Morristown, Minn., July 24, 1894. Son 
of John and Lulu Maude (Crawford) Dargavel. 

Bd.: St. Thomas Coll. H. Sch., 1912; Univ. of 
Minn., 1915. 

Record : 1914, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. team. 
Mem. Minn, semi-pro. B.B. team ; mgr. Morris- 
town semi-pro. B.B. team (three yrs). 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Dargavel Drug Co. 
Affiliations: Mason ; Scottish Rite ; Shriner ; 
sec. Minn. State Bd. of Pharmacy ; Minneapolis 
A.C. ; Bloomington G.C. ; Calhoun Beach Club. 
Hobby: Baseball and golf. Married: Frankie 
Mildred Correll, 1917. Children: Jean Correll, 
age 5. Office: 4000 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Home: 4300 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, 

Born: N. Y. C, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1904. Son of 
Charles F. Darlington. Ed.: A.B., Harvard, 
1926; Oxford, 1927. 

Record: 1923, mem. Harvard freshman crew. 
1924, mem. Harvard junior varsity crew. 1925- 
26, mem. Harvard varsity crew. 1927, mem. 
Oxford Univ. Trial Eights. 

Pres. Occupation: With 'J. P. Morgan & Co. 
(N. Y. C). Clubs: Delphi Club (Harvard); 
Harvard (N. Y.) ; Leander Club (Eng.) ; Sons 
of the Revolution. Office: 23 Wall St., N. Y. C. 
Home: 944 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. 

DARNALL, C. ROBERT, swimming. Born: 
Washington, D. C, June 7, 1904. Son of Col. 
C. R. and Annie (Major) Darnall. Ed.: Cen. 
H. Sch.; Punahou Acad., Honolulu (T. H.) ; 
Univ. of Mich., 1928. 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Cen. H. Sch. swim- 
ming team. 1922-23, mem. Punahou Acad, 
swimming team. 1925-28, mem. Univ. of Mich, 
swimming team (capt., 1928). 1927, Univ. of 
111. 100 yds., time 53 4-5 sec. ; winner and holder 
of Natl. I.C. 100-yd. champs. (Iowa City) ; win- 
ner of 50 yd. and 100 yd. West. Conf. champs. 
(25-26); team won Natl. I.C. champs; men- 
tioned All-Amer. swimming team in 4 events. 
Established West. Conf. 

Pres. Occupation: Student, Univ. of Mich. 
Med. Sch. Affiliations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Drinds. Hobby: Swim- 
ming. Office: 1408 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Home: 1816 Lamont St. N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

champ, track team, 1896. Born: Germantown, 
Pa., Mar. 12, 1876. Son of William, Jr., and 
Edith R. (Aertsen) Darrach. Ed.: Yale, A.B., 
1897; hon. M.A., 1920; Columbia A.M.; M.D., 
1901 ; LL.D., St. Andrews, 1928. 

Record: 1895-96-97, mem. Yale track team. 
1st place Yale-Princeton meet. 1896, mem. Yale 
I.C. champ, track team. 



Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Record: 
Base Hosp. No. 2, A.E.F. ; capt. M.R.C. ; commd. 
col. M.C. ; discharged, 1919. Affiliations: Prof, 
of clinical surgery, dean of med. faculty, Co- 
lumbia Univ ; Round Hill Greenwich C.C. ; 
Greenwich Field Club ; Manursing Island Club. 
Married: Florence Borden. Children: Edith, 
age, 20 ; William 4th, age 18. Office: 632 W. 168th 
St., New York, N. Y. Home: Greenwich, Conn. 

DARROUGH, PAUL G., tennis. Born: Okla- 
homa City, Okla., Feb. 24, 1892. Son of W. H. 
and Lina (Burford) Darrough. Ed.: Willie 
Halsell Coll. (Feneda, Okla.), 1909; Epworth 
Univ., 1911; Okla. Univ., A.B., 1913; LL.B., 

Record: 1910-11, mem. Epworth Univ. varsity 
B.B. and tennis teams. 1912-15, mem. Okla. 
Univ. tennis team (capt., '13-'14) ; won state 
champ. (I.C.). 1915, runner-up, Central States 
tennis tournament (St. Louis) ; played semi- 
finals, S.W. tennis tournament. 1915-17 and '21, 
State singles tennis champ. 1915-17-19-20-26- 
27, State double tennis champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. Affiliations : Okla. 
City Tennis C. ; Masons ; Sigma Nu ; Phi Delta 
Phi; Cooperative C. ; "O" C. ; Univ. C. Hobby: 
Tennis and golf. Married: Margaret Arch- 
deacon, May 17, 1922. Children: Paul, Jr., age 
5; Margaret Ann, age 7 mos. Office: 1st Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. Home: 1507 
W. 19th St., Okla. City, Okla. 

DATER, ALFRED WARNER, rowing. Born: 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1872. Son of J. 
Henry and Adda H. (McMurray) Dater. Ed.: 
Ph.B., Yale, 1895. 

Record: 1893, mem. Yale freshman crew. 
1894-95, mem. Yale undefeated varsity crews. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Stamford Gas and 
Elec. Co. Affiliations: Pres. Stamford Savs. 
Bk., Morewood Realty Co. ; mem. Natl. Ex. Bd. ; 
pres. Stamford Council, B.S.A. ; vice-pres., 
Stamford Childrens Home ; dir. Chamber of 
Commerce, First Natl. Bk., West. Conn. Title 
and Mfr. Co., Nazareth Cement Co., Stamford 
Water Co. ; chmn. ex. com. Stamford Mfrs. 
Asso. Clubs: Yale (New York, N. Y.) ; Fishers 
Island ; Woodway C.C. ; dir. Suburban ; Stam- 
ford Yacht. Married: Grace Carroll Ferguson, 
Nov. 23, 1898. Children: Walter Ferguson, age 
28; Alfred W., Jr., age 25; Philip, age 22. 
Office: Atlantic St., Stamford, Conn. Home: 
Strawberry Hill, Stamford, Conn. 

DAUBER, RAY G., capt. Iowa University 
track team. Born: Superior, Wis., Oct. 24, 
1903. Son of George and Mary Dauber. Ed.: 
la. H. Sch. ; B.A., Univ. of la. ; West. Reserve 
Law Sch. 

Record: Mem. la. H. Sch. Bskt.B., F.B. and 
track teams (All-State teams, senior yr.). 1922, 
capt. la. Univ. freshman track team. 1923-25, 
mem. la. Univ. varsity F.B. team. 1923-26, 
mem. la. Univ. varsity track team (capt, 
1926). 1924, won Ohio relay record shot put, 
44' 10". 1925, won state record shot put, 46' 6" ; 
won Mid-West A.A.U. shot put record, 46' 5". 
1926, won conf. champ, meet. 1926-27, coached 
West. Reserve Univ. F.B. and track teams (won 
4 out of 5 meets). 1927-28, coach Miss. A. & M. 
Coll. (Bskt.B. champs., 1927). 1928, coach, Miss. 
A. & M. Coll. track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. Affiliations: Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Yellow Dogs. Ad- 
dress: Miss. A. & M. Coll., Miss. 

DAVID, NELSON BINKLEY, capt., Stanford 
basketball team, 1927. Born: Cotulla, Tex., Apr. 
5, 1906. Son of Aiken L. and Bonnie B. (Bink- 
ley) David. Education: Alhambra H. Sch. (Al- 
hambra, Calif.), A. B. Stanford, 1927. 

Record: 1920-21, mem., Alhambra H. Sch. 
Bskt. B. and B.B. teams ; 1922-23, mem., Alham- 
bra H. Sch. B.B. and F.B. teams; mem., Al- 
hambra H. Sch. Bskt. B. team (Southern 
Calif. Champ.) ; 1924, mem., Stanford freshman 
soccer, Bskt. B. and B.B. teams; 1925-26-27, 
mem., varsity Bskt. B. team Stanford (capt. of 
team), 1927. 

Present Occupation: None (planning to travel 
for several years). Affiliations: Phi Delta 
Theta, Phi Phi, Skull and Snakes, Quadrangle 
Club (Stanford). Home: 112 S. Curtis St., Al- 
hambra, Calif. 

DAVIDSON, DAVE, golf. Born: Elie, Scot- 
land, Jan. 4, 1888. Son of James and Jesse 
(Kirkalay) Davidson. Ed.: Public Sch. (Elie, 

Record: 1914-18, golf pro., Orlando C.C. (won 
Cen. Fla. pro-amateur tournament, Orlando, 
Fla.). 1918-20, golf pro. Quincy C.C. (111.). 
1920-22, golf pro. Watertown C.C. (Watertown, 
N. Y.). 1922-26, golf pro. Pocono Manor Hotel 
(Pa.). 1927, golf pro. Maplewood C.C. (hold 
course record, score, 68). 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Affiliations: Ma- 
son ; Shriner ; P.G.A. ; Orlando C.C. ; Maplewood 
C.C. Hobby: Sports. Married: Louise Watson, 
April, 1924. Children: Dorothy, infant. Office: 
Orlando C.C, Orlando, Fla. Home: 106 Grainsda 
Court, Orlando, Fla. 

Born: Melrose, Mass., Nov. 10, 1890. Son of 
Herbert Eldridge and Sarah (Coolidge) David- 
son. Ed.: Browne and Nichols Sch.; Harvard. 

Record: 1910, runner-up to Robert Hunter of 
Yale in I.C. golf champ. Essex County C.C, 
Manchester, Mass. (beaten 1 down in 39 holes) ; 



mem. Mass. Leslie Cup golf team which won 
team champ, from N. Y. and Pa. 1912, I.C. 
golf champ., defeated J. N. Stearns, Princeton 
(1 up in 37 holes, Ekwanok, Manchester, Vt.) ; 
mem. Mass. Leslie Cup golf team, Huntington 
Valley C.C. (Phila., Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Statistician for Stevenson, 
Harrison & Jordan, management engrs. Clubs: 
Harvard (N. Y. C). Married: Marguerite 
Brunke. Children: Frances, age 9; Ruth, age 
7 ; Frederick Coolidge, Jr., age 5 ; John Coolidge, 
age 2. Office: 19 W. 44th St., N. Y. C. Home: 
386 N. Y. Ave., Union City, N. J. 

Univ. Pa. F.B. team, 1901. Born: Leicester, 
Mass., June 30, 1879. Son of Alonzo B. and 
Jennie (Home) Davidson. Ed.: Leicester Acad. ; 
Univ. of Pa., 1902. 

Record) : 1894-95-96-97, mem. Leicester Acad. 
F.B., B.B. and track teams. 1899-1900-01, mem. 
Univ. of Pa. F.B. team (capt., 1901). 1902, 
mem. Ath. F.B. Club (Phila., Pa.). 1903, coach 
Univ. of Md. F.B. team. 1904, coach, mem. Pa. 
R.R. Y.M.C.A. 1905 thru 1927, F.B. Official; 
mem. Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. chief elk. Account- 
ancy Dept. Pa. R.R. Affiliation: Masons, 
Hobby: Athletics. Married: Bessie Violet Rose. 
Children: Herbert A., age 22; Dorothy, age 20; 
Grace, age 18. Office: 15 32nd St., Phila., Pa. 
Home: 33 E. Chestnut Ave., Merchantville, N. J. 

DAVIS, ARTHUR PAUL, football. Born: 
Bridgeport, Conn., Mar. 28, 1897. Son of Wil- 
liam Henry and Florence (Duckworth) Davis. 
Ed.: Phillips Andover Acad., 1917; Princeton, 
A.B.; 1917; M.F.A., 1925. 

Record : 1915-16, mem. Phillips Andover Acad. 
F.B. team. 1919-20, mem. Princeton F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1921-22, mem. Princeton coach- 
ing staff. 1923-27, head freshman coach Prince- 

Pres. Occupation: Architect. War Record: 
Enlisted 1918, comnd. 2nd lieut. C.A., 1918, sta- 
tioned 41st Regt. Mem. A.E.F., discharged 2nd 
lieut., 1918. Clubs: Nassau (Princeton, N. J.) ; 
"P" (Princeton, N. Y. C.) ; Univ. (N. Y. 
C). Hobby: Coaching football. Office: First 
Natl. Bank Bldg., Princeton, N. J. Home: Nas- 
sau Club, Princeton, N. J. 

Born: Pittsfield, Mass., Aug. 28, 1903. Son of 
Col. Charles E. and Mary Horton (Scott) Davis. 
Ed.: St. Paul's Sch. (Concord, N. H.), 1922; 
B.A., Princeton, 1927. 

Record: 1920-22, mem. St. Paul's Sch. hockey 
team (champ, team, 1921; capt., 1922). 1921-22, 
mem. St. Paul's Sch. F.B. and B.B. teams. 

1922-23, mem. Princeton freshman soccor and 
hockey teams (capt., hockey). 1923-24, mem. 
All-East. I.C. hockey team. 1923-27, mem. 
Princeton varsity hockey team (capt., 1926-27). 
1924-25, asst. coach, Princeton freshman hockey 

Pres. Occupation: Passenger agent, Matson 
Navigation Co. (N. Y. C, N. Y.). Affiliations: 
Dir., The Sunny Southland Co., Ltd. (Hono- 
lulu, T.H.) ; mem. Princeton Bd. Ice Hockey 
Control ; Reserve Officers' Asso. ; Amer. Red 
Cross ; Princeton Ivy Club ; Outrigger Canoe 
Club (Honolulu, T.H.). Office: 535 5th Ave., 
N. Y. O, N. Y. Home: 129 East 45th St., N. 
Y. O, N. Y. 

DAVIS, CHARLES M., football and basket- 
ball. Born: Winston-Salem, N. C, Dec. 19, 
1901. Son of C. U. and Jessie (Welbon) Davis. 
Ed.: B.S., Davidson Coll., 1924. 

Record: 1921-24, end, Davidson Coll. F.B. 
team (capt, 1924). (Selected All-State end 
and guard, 1923.) 1921-23, center Davidson 
Bskt.B. team (capt, 1923). (Selected All-State 
guard, 1922.) 1923-24, mem. Davidson Coll. 
track team. (Ran 440.) 

Pres. Occupation: Gen. Ins. Affiliations: Part- 
ner Davis Loyd Co., Winston-Salem ; Y.M.C.A. ; 
Davidson Coll. "D" C. ; Kappa Sigma ; O.D.K. ; 
Civitan C. ; Westover G.C. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Elizabeth Griffin, Aug. 10, 1926. Office: 
214 W. 5th St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Home: 
645 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

DAVIS, CHESTER EARL, polo. Born: Love- 
land, Colo., Oct. 24, 1890. Son of William C. 
and Mary (Davies) Davis. Ed.: Colorado Coll.. 

Record: 1910-11-12, mem. Loveland H. Sch. 
B.B., F.B. and track teams. 1912-24, held Colo. 
Intersch. high hurdle record. 1914-15-16, mem. 
Colo. Coll. F.B., B.B. and track teams. 1917, 
capt. Colo. Coll. track team. 1915-16, was All- 
Rocky Mountain q.b., F.B. team. 1916-25, held 
Rocky Mountain I.C. high hurdle record. 1920, 
won 1st. place in high hurdles Army Olympic 
try outs St. Louis. 1926, mem. 8th Cavalry 
Polo team. (Won 1st cavalry div. polo tourna- 
ment; mem. Fort Bliss polo team.) 1927, mem. 
Fort Bliss polo team ; won Natl. 12 goal champs, 
at Narragansett Pier, R. I. 1928, mem. Fort 
Bliss polo team. (Won So. West, circuit and 
elimination tournaments.) 

Pres. Occupation: Army officer. War Ser- 
vice: 2nd Lt. Cavalry, 1917 ; served with the 
13th Cavalry on the Mexican border through 
the war. Affiliations: Phi Gamma Delta. 
Hobby: Horses. Married: Kathryn L. Potter. 
Children: Chester Earl, Jr., age 4. Address: 
Fort Bliss, Texas. 









DAVIS, DWIGHT FILLEY, tennis (donor of 
the Davis Cup for International championship). 
Born: St. Louis, Missouri, July 5, 1879. Son 
of John Tilden and Maria (Filley) Davis. Edu- 
cation: Smith University, St. Louis, Missouri 
(preparatory school) ; A.B., Harvard, 1900; 
LL.B., Washington University, 1903 ; Honorary 
Degrees: LL.D., Washington University (St. 
Louis, Missouri) ; University of Missouri (Co- 
lumbia, Missouri), and Pennsylvania Military 
College (Chester, Pennsylvania) June, 192G. 

Record: 1898, runner-up to Malcolm D. Whit- 
man in national singles championship, New- 
port, Rhode Island ; placed fourth in national 
singles ranking. 1899-1901, national doubles 
championship with Holcombe Ward. 1899- 
1900-1902, won Middle States doubles cham- 
pionship with Holcombe Ward. 1899, won na- 
tional intercollegiate singles championship ; 
won national intercollegiate doubles champion- 
ship with Holcombe Ward ; won Eastern dou- 
bles championship with Holcombe Ward. 1900- 
28, donor of the Davis Cup for international 
championship. 1901/, won English all-comers 
doubles championship with Holcombe Ward at 
Wimbleton. 1914, won national doubles cham- 
pionship racquets with Joseph W. Wear. 1922, 
won Veterans' national doubles championship 
with Holcombe Ward. 1923, won squash rac- 
quets championship, Washington, D. C. 

Present Occupation: Secretary of War. War 
Record: Drafted into Federal service August 5, 

1917, at St. Louis, Missouri, as captain com- 
manding Company L, Fifth Infantry, Missouri 
National Guard, subsequently designated 138th 
Infantry, 35th Division. While serving with 
Headquarters Company, 35th Division, at Camp 
Doniphan, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, as Assistant to 
the Chief of Staff, was promoted major, Na- 
tional Guard, March 27, 1918, and assigned to 
duty as Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3, 35th Divi- 
sion. Sailed from the United States April 21, 

1918, and following a course of instruction at 
the Army General Staff College in France, was 
assigned to duty as adjutant, 69th Infantry 
Brigade, 35th Division, in September, 1918, and 
participated in the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Ar- 
gonne offensives. Assigned to duty at the divi- 
sion headquarters October 9, 1918, as Assistant 
Chief of Staff, G-3, and promoted to lieutenant 
colonel, infantry, November 3, 191S. Returned 
to the United States, arriving at Newport News, 
Virginia, April 20, 1919, and proceeded to Camp 
Funston, Kansas. Was honorably discharged 
April 29, 1919. Awarded the Distinguished 
Service Cross March 3, 1923. At present is 
colonel, Staff Specialist-Officers' Reserve Corps. 
Affiliations: Resigned directorship of corpora- 
tions, banks and companies when appointed 
Secretary of War ; United States Lawn Tennis 
Association (former president) ; American Le- 
gion ; Military Order of the World War ; Army 

and Navy Legion of Valor ; Junior Chamber of 
Commerce of St. Louis. Clubs: City, Noonday, 
Racquet, St. Louis Country, Harvard, and 
Round Table (St. Louis, Missouri) ; Metropoli- 
tan, Racquet, Chevy Chase, Burning Tree, Har- 
vard, National Press (Washington, D. C.) ; 
Harvard and University (New York City, New 
York) ; Tennis and Racquet, Algonquin (Bos- 
ton, Massachusetts). Married: Helen Brooks, 
November 5, 1905. Children: Dwight F., Jr., 
age 21 ; Alice Brooks, age 19 ; Cynthia, age 18 ; 
Helen Brooks, age 14. Office: War and Navy 
Building, Washington, D. C. Home: 1520 Twen- 
tieth Street, Washington, D. C. 

DAVIS, EVERETT D., football and base- 
ball. Born: Elizabeth, J. J., Jan. 18, 1892. Son 
of Frank H. and Mary (Van Deroeer) Davis. 
Ed.: Pingry Sch., 1909; Hotchkiss Sch., 1910; 
lale, 1914. 

Record: 190608, mem. Pingry Sch. F.B. team 
(capt., 1907). 1907-09, mem. B.B. team (capt., 
1909). 1909, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. F.B. team. 
1910, mem. Hotchkiss champ. B.B. team. 1912, 
Yale class champ. B.B. team ; asst. mgr. Yale 
F.B. team. 1913, pres. mgr., Yale F.B. Asso. 

Address: 3 Beverley St., Rochester, N. Y. 

DAVIS, HARRY RANSOM, track. Born: 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 28, 1901. Son of Harry 
Phillips and Agnes (Taylor) Davis. Ed.: Phil- 
lips Exeter Acad., 1919; A.B., Harvard, 1923. 

Record: 1919, mem. Phillips Exeter Acad, 
track team. 1920, mem. Harvard freshman 
track team. 1921-22-23, mem. Harvard varsity 
track team (as a member of the 1922 team, 
coached by "Bill" Bingham, participated in 
Harvard "miracle" victory over Yale). 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate agent. Affilia- 
tions: Harvard Varsity Club; Harvard Club of 
Boston; Worcester Club (Worcester, Mass.). 
Office: 438 Main St., Worcester, Mass. Home: 
770 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

DAVIS, JOHN E., football, baseball and 
track. Bom,: Correctionville, la., Sept. 18, 1891. 
Son of John H. and Emma (Tegmeyer) Davis. 
Ed.: Correctionville H. Sch., 1911; A.B,, Univ. 
of la., 1918. 

Record: 191516, mem. Univ. of la. Var. B.B. 
team. 1915-17, mem. Univ. of la. Var. F.B. team 
(picked All- West., 1916 (capt., 1917). 1917, 
mem. Univ. of la. track team. 1918-19, coach 
and athl. dir., all sports, Newton (la.) H. Sch. 
1920, coach and athl dir., all sports, Kan. Wes- 
leyan Univ. 1920-28, coach F.B., B.B. and track 
Wash. Univ. (St. Louis, Mo.). 

Pres. Occupation: Coach Wash. Univ. Affilia- 
tions: Phi Gamma Delta. Hobby: Athletics. 
Married: Helena Trundy, June 30, 1918. Chil- 




dren: Emma Lou, age 9; Helena, age 7. Office: 
Wash. Univ., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 1714 Crest 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

DAVIS, JOHN EAYRES, football, basketball 
and track. Born: Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 4, 1891. 
Son of B. C. and Annie (Ellis) Davis. Ed.: 
Barton Acad. (Mobile, Ala.), 1906; B.S., Ala. 
Poly. Ins., 1911. 

Record: 1908-09-10-11, mem. Ala. Tech. Var- 
sity F.B. team (capt., 1910; chosen all-south., 
1910-11). 1908-10, mem. South, champs. F.B. 
Ala. Tech. 1908-09-10-11, mem. Ala. Tech. var- 
sity track team (held South, pole vault record, 
height 11 ft. 2 in., 1910). 1910-11, played Ala. 
Tech. varsity Bskt.B. 1911-12, played on Benn- 
inghan A.C. Bskt.B. team (South, champs.). 
1927-28, chmn. Ala. Tech. Ath. Advisory Com. 

Pres. Occupation: Architect. Affiliation: Pi 
Kappa Alpha. Hobby: Football. Married: Es- 
telle Schuessler, Oct. 18, 1915. Child: John 
Eayres, Jr., age 11. Office: 1603 Empire Bldg., 
Birmingham, Ala. Home: 2209 14th Ave. S., 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Born: Melrose, Mass., June 3, 1900. Son of 
Ernest Carl and Jennie Putnam (Pike) Davis. 
Ed.: Saugus H. Sch., 1917; LL.B., Boston Univ., 

Record: 1913-17, mem. Saugus H. Sch. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Mil. Service: U. S. 
Army. Affiliations: Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials (New 
Eng.) ; Asso. F.B. Officials. Married: Helen 
Graves, Sept. 15, 1926. Office: 25 Cen. Sq., 
Lynn, Mass. Home: 321 Cen. St., Saugus, Mass. 

DAVIS, MELVIN CLYDE, capt., William and 
Mary football, basketball and track teams, 1927. 
Born: Norfolk, Va., Feb. 17, 1903. Son of 
Charles R. and Alice (McHerney) Davis. Ed.: 
Maury H. Sch. (Norfolk, Va.) ; William and 
Mary Coll. 

Record: 1924-25-26-27, mem. William and 
Mary F.B. team (capt, 1927; All-South Atlan- 
tic, 1925-26). 1924-25-26, played F.B. all-state 
end. 1925-26, mem. William and Mary Bskt.B. 
team (capt, 1927). 1924-25-26, mem. William 
and Mary track team (capt., 1927). Holder 
William and Mary record for 220 low hurdles. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Sig- 
ma Delta Psi ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Omicron 
Delta Kappa. Hobby: Swimming. Address: 
Ocean View, Va. 

DAVIS, MERWIN, mem. Exec. Com. 

I.C. A.A.A.A., 1920-21. Bom: Bloomington, 
111., Jan. 24, 1900. Son of Louis B. and Jessie 

(Davis) Merwin. Ed.: Choate Sch. (Conn.) ; 

Record: 1920-21, mem. Exec. Com. I.C.A.A.A.A. ; 

mgr. Harvard track team. 1921, mgr. I.C. at 
Harvard Stadium. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. and gen. mgr. The 
Daily Pantagraph ( Bljoomington, 111.). Mil. 
Service: In U. S. Marine Corps, Harvard Univ., 
later at 1st Naval Hosp. (Chelsea, Mass.) ; 
trans, to Charlestown Navy Yard; disch., Jan., 
1919. Affiliations: Treas. Bloomington Open 
Forum ; dir. Bloomington Asso. of Commerce. 
Clubs: Harvard varsity; Harvard- Yale- 
Princeton (Chicago). Hobby: Cartooning. 
Married: Josephine Underwood, Jan. 31, 1925. 
Office: 301 W. Washington St., Bloomington, 
111. Home: 1108 E. Monroe St., Bloomington, 

DA VIES, OTTO NELLSLON, football. Born: 
Mo. Valley, la., Aug. 20, 1881. Son of James 
Nelson and Haidee Emma (Kastner) Davies. 
Ed.: Winona (Minn.) H. Sch.; LL.B., Univ. of 

Record: 1901-04, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliation: Delta 
Chi; Zeta Psi; Minikahda Club; "M" Club 
(Univ. of Minn.) ; Minneapolis A.C. Hobby: 
Golf. Office: 1040 Builders' Exchange, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Home: Leamington Hotel, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

DAVIS, PARKE HLLL, football. Born: 
Jamestown, N. Y., July 16, 1871. Son of Josiah 
H. and Susan (Hill) Davis. Ed.: A.B., Prince- 
ton ; A.M., Univ. of Leipzig. 

Record: 1889, mem. Princeton Tug of War. 
1890, mem. Princeton varsity F.B. team. 1892, 
tackle Princeton varsity F.B. team. 1893, tackle 
Princeton varsity F.B. team. Founded F.B. Univ. 
of Wis. ; coach of all teams. 1894, coach Am- 
herst F.B. team. 1895-96-97, coach Lafayette 
F.B., B.B. and track teams. 1909-15, as mem. 
of rules com., originated the uarter periods; 
numbers on the players ; end zones ; abolition of 
interlocked interference ; and numerous other 
features of the game. Author of the articles on 
football in the Internatl. Encyclopedia and the 
Encyclopedia Britannica ; author of the Glos- 
sary of football terms in the Encyclopedia Bri- 
tannica ; author of the "Football" I.C. game. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. Affiliations: Ma- 
son ; Princeton Gym. Asso. ; Princeton Track 
Asso. ; Princeton A.A. ; ex. com. I.C.A.A.A.A. ; 
F.B. Rules Com.; former dis. atty. of North- 
ampton Co. (Pa.). Hobby: History and records 
of Amer. I.C. football. Married: Edith Det- 
willer, June 29, 1898. Children: Elizabeth; 
Katharine ; John ; Cynthia. Office: 14 So. Third 
St., Easton, Pa. Home: 241 Spring Garden St., 
Easton, Pa. 




DAVIS, RALPH T., mem. All-America n foot- 
ball team. Born: Blossburg, Pa., Apr. 25, 1885. 
Son of George and Sarah (Tipton) Davis. Ed.: 
Mansfield (Pa.) State Normal; Phillips Andover 
Acad.; B.S., Princeton, 1904. 

Record: Mem. Mansfield (Pa.) State Nor- 
mal F.B. and B.B. teams. Mem. Phillips Andover 
Acad. F.B. and B.B. teams (capt. F.B., 1900). 
Mem. Princeton F.B. and B.B. teams (capt. 
F.B., 1902). 1901, chosen All-Amer. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Sec, Ind. Wholesale Groc- 
ers' Asso. Hobby: Golf. Married: Grace Peters. 
Children: Betty Jean, age 17. Office: 908 Fletcher 
Savings & Trust Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Home: 3269 Cen. Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

racing. Born: Paducah, Ky., Jan. 8, 1901. Son 
of William A. and Sarah Kathrine Davis. Ed.: 
Public Schs. 

Record: Won following races (Bruno Class 
B) : Daytona Beach, won 2nd cup Dec. 14; St. 
Augustina, won 1st cup Dec. 17 ; Sarasota, won 
1st cup Dec. 28; Gainesville, won 1st cup Jan. 
10 ; made world's record 28.3 M.P.H. in follow- 
ing: Mt. Dora, won 1st cup Feb. 25; Miami, 
won 1st Biltmore trophy Feb. 16; West Palm 
Beach, won 1st cup Feb. 18 ; West Palm Beach, 
won 1st cup Feb. 22; Pass-a-Gutle, won 1st 
cup Feb. 28; Miami, won 1st cup, Mar. 17; 
Clearwater, won 1st cup Apr. 7 ; Sarasota, won 
1st cup Mar. 10. 

Pres. Occupation: Boat builder, Fla. Flyer 
Boat Co. Military Service: Coast Guard duty. 
Affiliations: Amer. Bank and Trust Co. Hobby: 
Racing. Married: Margaret Daisy Fleming. 
Office: 237 7th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Home: 4895 West Central St., St. Petersburg, 

DAVIS, THURBER P., baseball. Born: 
Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 26, 1883. Son of Mathew 
H. and Rachel (Phillips) Davis. Ed.: Univ. of 

Record: 1899-02, mem. Toledo H. Sen. B.B. 
and track teams (capt. B.B., 1901-02). 1903, 
mem. Univ. of Mich. B.B. team. 1903-04, mem. 
City Semi-Pro. B.B. team. Mem. St. Paul Amer. 
Asso. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Prin. Business Coll. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; Toledo Consistory, A.A.S.R. ; 
Toledo Rotary Club ; Toledo Commercial Club ; 
"M" Club (Univ. of Minn.). Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Ila Lenore Andrews, Nov. 13, 1905. Chil- 
dren: Ruth Lenore, age 18. Address: Davis 
Business Coll., Toledo, Ohio. 

DAVIS, WENDELL, crew. Born: N. Y. C, 
N. Y., Sept. 10, 1898. Son of Howland and 
Anna E. (Shippen) Davis. Ed.: Pomfret Sch. 

(Conn.), 1917; A.B., Harvard, 1921; LL.B., 
Harvard, 1923. 

Record: 1916, mem. Pomfret Sch. F.B. team. 
1917, mem. Pomfret Sch. 2nd crew. 1918, mem. 
Harvard freshman crew. 1919-20, mem. Har- 
vard varsity crew (capt., 1920). 1921, mem. 
Union Boat Club crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Shattuck Bangs & 
Winant (N. Y. C). Mil. Service: S.A.T.C, 
Plattsburg, 1918; F.A.C. D.T.S., Camp Taylor, 
Ky. ; 2nd Lt. F.A. (unassigned) ; discharged 
Dec. 28, 1918. Clubs: Harvard Varsity; West 
Side Tennis. Hobby: Tennis, squash. Office: 
42 Broadway, N. Y. C. Home: 885 Park Ave., 
N. Y. C. 

DAVIS, WILLARD L., football. Born: Cort- 
land, N. Y., Jan. 21, 1902. Son of Ralph H. and 
Virginia (Collins) Davis. Ed.: Belief onte Acad. ; 
A.B., Union Coll., 1926. 

Record: 1917-20, mem. Belief onte Acad. FJB. 
and Bskt.B. teams (champ. Prep. Sch. F.B. 
team, 1920). 1921, mem. Union Coll. freshman 
F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B. team). 
1922-25, mem. Union Coll. track team (capt., 
1925). 1923-26, mem. Union Coll. varsity F.B. 
team. 1926, mem. Union Coll. varsity B.B. 
team. 1926-28, F.B. official. 

Pres. Occupation: Gen. works mgrs. staff, 
Amer. La France-Foamite Corp. Mil. Service: 
Mem. Junior O.T.C. Affiliations: Psi Upsilon; 
Tau Kappa Alpha ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Century 
Club. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Helen Kulp, 
Oct. 4, 1926. Office: Amer. La France-Foamite 
Corp., Elmira, N. Y. Home: 677 W. Clinton St., 
Elmira, N. Y. 

DAVISON, HERBERT M., JR., football and 
track. Born: Rutland, Vt, July 10, 1904. Son 
of Herbert M. and Vesta (Dexter) Davison. 
Ed.: Rutland H. Sch., 1923 ; B.A., Yale, 1927. 

Record: 1922-23, mem. Rutland H. Sch. F.B. 
and track teams. 1923-26, State I.S. javelin 
champ. 1925-27, mem. Yale track team. 1925, 
won Willisbrook cup javelin throw, distance 
174 ft. 1925-26, mem. "Big Three" champ, team. 
1926, Yale-Harvard meet javelin record, dis- 
tance 187 ft. ; runner-up I.C.A.A.A.A. javelin 
throw, distance 194 ft. 4 in. 

Pres. Occupation: Instructor, flsst. coach. 
Affiliations: "Y" Club. Office: Tamalpain Sch., 
San Rafael, Calif. Home: 41 Ave. C, Rutland, 

Born: El Paso, Texas, Apr. 30, 1904. Son of 
R. E. and Lilly (Walters) Dawson. Ed.: B.S., 
So. Meth. Univ., 1927. 



Record: 1925-26, mem. So. Meth. Univ. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. team. (Capt. runner-up in So. 
West. Conf., 1926). 1927, capt. So. Meth. Univ. 
F.B. team; guard Dallas Ath. C. champ. So. 
A.A.U., F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Dal- 
las Ath. C. ; So. Meth. Univ. Ath. C. ; Sigma Al- 
pha Epsilon. Hobby: Aths. Address: 3017 
Alamogordo St., El Paso, Tex. 

Bom: Kingfisher, Okla., Mar. 1, 1900. Son of 
Ellis and Ella (Donaldson) Dawson. Ed.: 
Kingfisher H. Sch. ; Cen. H. Sch., 1918; Wash, 
and Lee Univ., 1920; B.S., Univ. of Chicago, 

Record: 1920, mem. Wash, and Lee Univ. 
track team. 1921-22, mem. Univ. of Chicago 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Geologist, Roxana Petrol- 
eum Corp. Address: Box 1266, Okmulgee, Okla. 

DAY, DONALD McCAIN, mem. Stanford 
University baseball team, 1913-15. Born: Butte, 
Mont., Sept. 18, 1894. Son of Myron H. and 
Carrie (McCain Day) Wells. Ed.: Long Beach, 
(Calif.) H. Sch.; Stanford. 

Record: 1910-12, mem. Long Beach H. Sch. 
B.B. team. 1911-12, mem. Long Beach H. Sch. 
F.B. team. 1913-15, mem. Stanford B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. New Orleans Refin- 
ing Co. Naval Service: Lieut. U.S.N., 1917-18. 
Affiliations: Dir. St. Rose Bank (St. Rose, La.). 
Married: Gertrude Smith. Children: Donald 
McLain, Jr., age 3. Address: Sellers, La. 

DAYHOFF, HARRY OSCAR, football. Born: 
Gettysburg, Pa., May 25, 1896. Son of James 
W. and Alice (Diehl) Dauhoff. Ed.: Steelton 
H. Sch., 1917; A.B., Bucknell Univ., 1923. 

Record: 1913-17, mem. Steelton H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams (capt. all three teams, 
1917). 1918, played F.B. with service team in 
Navy. 1919-23, mem. Bucknell Univ. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams (capt. both teams, 1922). Holder 
220 yd. low hurdles, Bucknell Univ. (25 sec). 
1923-24, played pro. F.B. with Frankford Yel- 
low Jackets. 1925, played pro. F.B. with Potts- 
ville. 1926-28, played pro. F.B. with Lancaster. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. clothing store. Affilia- 
tions: Sigma Chi Y.M.C.A. (Harrisburg) ; Elks; 
Colonial C.C. ; P.I.A.A. ; Cen. Bd., F.B. Officials. 
Married: Marion Cleora Sprow. Office: 19 N. 
3rd St., Harrisburg, Pa. Home: 201 N. Front 
St., Steelton, Pa. 

DAYTON, WILLARD L., track and cross 
country. Born: Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 18, 
1897. Son of Reuben C. and Mary (Steketee) 

Dayton. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1921; M.B.A., 
Harvard, 1925. 

Record: 1916-17-20, mem. Univ. of Wis. cross 
country teams. 1917 and 20, mem. Univ. of 
Wis. track teams (mile and 2 mi. runs). 

Pres. Occupation: Statistician, Hudson Motor 
Car Co., Detroit, Mich. Naval Service: U.S. 
N.R.F., radio elec, 1st class. Married: Florabel 
Ellis, June 18, 1925. Children: Irving Eugene, 
age 1. Office: Hudson M.C.Co., Detroit, Mich. 
Home: 620 S. Eastlawn, Detroit, Mich. 

Born: Harrisburg, Pa., Jan. 25, 1904. Son of 
George Peterson and Mary (Yargey) Deacon. 
Ed.: Hill Sch., 1923; B.S., Yale, 1927. 

Record: 1920-21-22-23, mem. Hill Sch. track 
team (All-Amer. scholastic track team, high 
jump, 1923). 1925-26-27, mem. Yale track team. 
1925, mem. Yale-Harvard track team vs. Oxford- 
Cambridge (high jump). 1927, mem. Yale-Har- 
vard track team vs. Oxford-Cambridge, Stam- 
ford Bridge, Eng. (broad jump). 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman, Consol. Coal Co. 
Affiliations: Phi Gamma Delta ; Vernon Hall ; 
Sigma Delta Psi; Ath. Club (New York, N. Y.). 
Office: 67 Wall St., New York, N. Y. Home: 54 
S. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. 

DEAN, ARTHUR FULLER, track. Born: 
Chicago, 111., Aug. 15, 1908. Son of Arthur Ran- 
dall and Emma (Fuller) Dean. Ed.: North 
Shore Country Day Sch. (Winnetka, 111.) ; 
A.B., Yale. 

Record: 1926, mem. Yale freshman swimming 
and track teams. 1927, mem. Yale varsity 
track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student (Yale). Affilia- 
tions: Sigma Delta Psi; Alpha Delta Phi. 
Hobby: Sketching of architectural subjects. 
School: 25 Yale Station, New Haven, Conn. 
Home: 441 Willow Rd., Winnetka, 111. 

DEAN, EVERETT STERLING, baseball, bas- 
ketball and football. Born: Salem, Ind., Mar. 
18, 1898. Son of William F. and Cora (Bowles 
Dean. Ed.: A.B., Ind. Univ. 

Record: 1917, mem. Ind. Univ. B.B., Bskt.B. 
and F.B. teams. 1919, mem. Ind. Univ. varsity 
B.B., Bskt.B. and F.B. teams. 1920-21, mem. 
Ind. Univ. Bskt.B. and B.B. teams (All-West. 
Conf. center in Bskt.B., 1921; awarded Conf. 
medal for scholarship and aths., 1921). 1922-24, 
head Bskt.B. and B.B. coach, and asst. F.B. 
coach Carleton Coll., Northfield, Minn. (Bskt.B. 
team won State champ., 1923 ; B.B. team placed 
2nd in State champ., 1923 ; Bskt.B. team won 
Mid-West champ., 1924). 1925-28, head Bskt.B. 
and B.B. coach Ind. Univ. (Bskt.B. team placed 




2nd in "Big Ten" champ., 1925 ; B.B. team won 
"Big Ten" champ., 1925 ; Bskt.B. team tied for 
"Big Ten" champ., 1926; placed 2nd, 1927). 

Prcs. Occupation: Bskt.B. and B.B. coach Ind. 
Univ. Mil. Service: Officers Training Sen., Camp 
Gordon, Ga., 1918. Affiliations: Alpha Tau 
Omega ; Kiwanis Club ; Chamber of Commerce ; 
chrmn. Natl. Bskt.B. Coaches' Asso. of Amer. 
Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Married: Lena 
Graves, Sept: 1, 1922. Children: Carolyn Lou, 
infant. Office: Ind. Univ., Bloomington, Ind. 
Home: 715 E. 8th St., Bloomington, Ind. 

DE BACK, NORMAN JOHN, tennis. Born: 
Courtland, Calif., Sept. 3, 1901. Son of J. A. 
and Minnie (Myers) De Back. Ed.: Lowell H. 
Sch. ; A.B., Standford, 1924. 

Record: 1920, won S.F.A.L. double tennis 
champ. 1921, won singles and doubles Stanford- 
Calif, freshman tennis matches. 1922-24, mem. 
Stanford varsity tennis team. 1923-24, won 
Stanford-Calif, doubles tennis match. 1924, 
toured Australia with Stanford tennis team (won 
6 out S matches). 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant, De Back and Co. 
Affiliations: Delta Tau Delta; Mason; Cham- 
ber of Commerce ; Calif. Development Asso. ; 
Calif. Tennis Club; Olympic Club. Hobby: 
Tennis. Married: Helen Fites, Sept. 24, 1927. 
Office: 400 Davis St., San Francisco, Calif. 
Home: 3101 Clay St., San Farncisco, Calif. 

DEERING, ROBERT L., mem. University of 
Minnesota basketball team, 1907-08. Born: Bur- 
lington, Vt., July 25, 1887. Son of Wm. A. and 
Alice (Chapman) Deering. Ed.: Univ. of Minn., 
A.B., 1908 ; M.F., 1910. 

Record: 1905-08, mem. Univ. of Minn. Bskt.B. 
team (tied Chicago-Wis. for West. conf. champ., 
1906-07; All-conf. forward). 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. Dist. Forester U.S. 
Forest Service. War Record: Mem. A.E.F. ; 
served 1st lieut. 10th Engrs., capt. 20th Engrs., 
July 1917-Feb. 1919; discharged capt., 1919. 
Affiliations : Amer. Foresters Soc. ; Common- 
wealth Club of Calif. Married: Jean E. Hubbs, 
June 5, 1917. Office: Ferry Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. Home: 1590 Sacramento St., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

DEEDS, RUSSELL BIRD, football and track. 
Born: St. Louis, Mo., Mar. 4, 1898. Son of 
George Edward and Helen (Switzer) Deeds. 
Ed.: Univ. of 111., 1918; Wash. Univ. (St. Louis), 

Record: 1917-18, mem. Univ. of 111. freshman 
varsity F.B. team. 1918-20, mem. Wash. Univ. 
varsity F.B. team (picked as All-Valley guard, 
'20) . 1921, mem. Wash. Univ. track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Prop. Deeds Auto Body Co. 
Mil. Service: S.A.T.C. (Wash. Univ.), 1918. 
Affiliations: Y.M.C.A. ; Masons; Kappa Sigma; 
Univ. C. Hobby: Handball. Office: 106 So. 12th 
St., St. Louis, Mo. Home: 3123 Eads St., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Born: St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 27, 1899. Son of 
James Merle Newton and Anna Tracy (Ken- 
nedy) De Forest. Ed.: Dulutb Cen. H. Sch.; 
Univ. of Minn. 

Record : 1919-20, mem. Calhoun Commercial 
Club hockey team (Minneapolis League 
champs.). 1920-22, capt. Phi Sigma Kappa 
hockey team. 1922-23, mem. Univ. of Minn, var- 
sity conf. champ, hockey team. 

Pres. Occupation: Sales engr. Standard Con- 
veyor Co. War Record: Mem. A.E.F. ; sgt. Bat- 
tery C, 125 F.A., Apr. 1917-Feb. 1919. Affilia- 
tions: Phi Sigma Kappa; pres. Minn. Hockey 
Asso., 1920-22; "M" club (Univ. of Minn.) ; Mill- 
brook C.C. Hobby: Golf, shooting and bridge. 
Address: 420 Lexington Ave., N.Y.C., N. Y. 

coach and director of physical education, Menlo 
Junior College. Born: Chicago, 111., Nov. 20, 
1899. Son of Edward Burton and Sarah (Pills- 
bury) De Groot. Ed.: Stanford, A.B., 1923, 
M.A., 1929. 

Record: 1914, mem. New Trier H. Sch. swim- 
ming team (Natl. Inter-Sch champs.). 1915, 
mem. Poly H. Sch. F.B., Bskt.B. and swimming 
teams (capt., swimming). 1916, mem. San 
Diego H. Sch. F.B. team (State champs.). 1917, 
Pac. Coast A.A.U. swimming champ. (150 
yds. backstroke). 1917-18, mem. Sequoia H. 
Sch. F.B., Bskt.B., B.B., track and swimming 
teams (capt., swimming, F.B. and Bskt.B. 
teams, 1918). 1919, mem. Stanford freshman 
F.B., Bskt.B., swimming and water polo teams. 
1920-22, mem. Stanford varsity F.B., Bskt.B., 
water polo and swimming teams (capt. F.B., 
1922). 1921, mem. All-Pac. Coast F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1922-23, All-Amer. I.C. back- 
stroke swimming champ. 1922, mem. All-Pac. 
Coast and All-Amer. F.B. teams. 1924, mem. 
U.S. world's champ, rugby F.B. team (Olympic 
games, Paris). 1925, mem. U.S. rugby F.B. 
team (played series Inter-Natl. matches, Canada, 
British-Columbia. 1926, mem. Stanford All- 
Star Rugby F.B. team (played series, Canada, 
British-Cblumbia). 1926-28, head coach and 
ath. dir., Santa Barbara State Coll. (Santa 
Barbara, Calif.). 

Prcs. Occupation: Coach and teacher. Mil. 
Service: Enlisted U.S.A. Air Service, comnd. 
1st Lieut., 447th F.A. Affiliations: Phi Beta 
Kappa: Phi Delta Kappa; Phi Phi; Sigma Nu ; 
Scabbard and Blade. Hobby: Ornithology. Mar- 




ried: Alice Caroline Roth. Children: Nancy 
Lynn, age 2; Dudley Edward, infant. Office: 
Menlo Jr. Coll., Menlo Park, Calif. Home: 
Menlo Park, Calif. 

DE HART, JAMES, athletic director, Duke 
University. Born: Reynoldsville, Pa., Aug. 25, 
1893. Son of Mrs. Mary (Smather) de Hart. 
Ed.: Univ. of Pittsburgh. 

Record: 1914-15-16-19, mem. Univ. of Pitts- 
burgh F.B. team (capt., 1919). 1915-16, mem. 
Univ. of Pittsburgh track team. 1915-16-17, 
mem. Univ. of Pittsburgh B.B. team (capt. elect, 
1917). 1917, mem. Univ. of Pittsburgh Bskt.B. 
team. 1920-21, coach, Univ. of Ga. 1922-25, 
coach, W. & L. 1925-26, coach, Duke Univ. 
First four "letter" athlete, Univ. of Pittsburgh. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir., Duke Univ. Mil. 
Service: Lt., R.M.A., May, 1919 to Jan. 4, 1919. 
Affiliations: Phi Gamma Delta. Office: Duke 
Univ., Durham, N. C. Home: Wash. Dyke Ho- 
tel, Durham, N. C. 

DELA, RONALD B., football. Born: Dogden, 
N. D., Oct. 23, 1905. Son of C. W. and Lotta 
Lee (Wagrunder) Dela. Ed.: Pratt H. Sch. 
Friends Univ. Michita (Kans.). 

Record : 1922-23, mem. Pratt H. Sch. F.B. and 
tennis teams. 1924, mem. Friends Univ. wrest- 
ling team. 1924-26, mem. Friends Univ. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Business mgr. of sch. pa- 
per. Affiliations: Friends Univ. Q Frat. ; Alpha 
Kappa Tau. Office: 1616 Univ. Ave., Wichita, 
Kans. Home: R.F.D. No. 4, Pratt, Kans. 

DELAPLAINE, ROY WELTY, football. Born: 
Waynesboro, Pa., Jan. 4, 1886. Son of I. Frank- 
lin and Ida A. (Welty) Delaplaine. Ed.: 
Swarthmore Prep. Sch. ; A.B., Swarthmore, 
1913; grad. student, Temple Univ. and Univ. 
of Pennsylvania. 

Record: 1907-08, mem. Swarthmore Prep. Sch. 
F.B., Bskt.B., bowling, B.B. and track teams 
(awarded the scholarship and "All Around 
Ath." medals, 1908). 1908-12, mem. Swarth- 
more Coll. F.B. team. 1909, capt. Swarthmore 
Coll. freshman Bskt.B. team. 1909-12, mem. 
Swarthmore Coll. track team. 1913-16, dir. 
aths., Wilmington Friends Sch. (Bskt.B. team 
champs., 1916). 1915, F.B. line coach, Swarth- 
more Coll. (under Bill Roper). 1916-17, dir. 
aths. Frankford H. Sch. (Phila., Pa.). 1919-20, 
track coach, N. East. H. Sch. 1919-26, asst. 
F.B. coach, Swarthmore Coll. 1921-26, head 
of dept. phys. ed. and dir. aths., West Phila. 
H. Sch (won Morrison trophy, 1922-23-24). 
1926-28, head of dept. phys. ed., Cen. H. Sch., 
Phila., Pa. 

Pres. Occupation: Head of dept. phys. ed., 
Cen. H. Sch. War Record: 1st Lt. Inf., Mar. 
10, 1917; promoted to capt. Inf., machine gun 
section, Aug. 15, 1917 ; mem. A.E.F. ; commanded 
Co. A. 311th Machine Gun Bn. Affiliations: 
Kappa Sigma ; Phi Delta Kappa ; Mason ; So- 
journers Club (Phila.) ; Amer. Legion (com- 
mander Post 336, Pa., 1922-24) ; Amer. Phys. 
Ed. Asso. ; Officials' Club (Phila.); Cen. Bd., 
F.B. Officials. Hobby: Painting. Married: 
Ellen Watson, May 1, 1917. Children: John 
Watson, age 8 ; Robert Welty, age 6 ; Richard 
Piatt, age 3. Office: Cen. H. Sch., Phila., Pa. 
Home: 106 Cornell Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. 

DE LONE, LOUIS S., tennis. Born: Harris- 
burg, Pa., May 8, 1884. Son of Louis and 
Sarah (Martin) De Lone. Ed. : Notre Dame 
Prep ; Univ. of Notre Dame, 1903 ; B.S., Univ. of 
Penn., 1905. 

Record: 1901, mem. soph, crew, Notre Dame 
Univ. 1910 and '27, won tennis champ., Over- 
brook G.C. 1919, won Beach Haven singles and 
doubles tennis champ. 1923, won Cynwyd C. 
mixed doubles champ. 1924, won 1st doubles 
champ., Penn A.C. 1926, won Overbrook G.C. 
squash racquets champ. 1927, won Phila. CO. 
squash racquets champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Building News 'Pub. 
Co. Affiliations: Secy, and treas. Phila. Inter- 
Club Lawn Tennis Asso. ; treas. Middle States 
Tennis Asso. ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Phi Kappa 
Beta Jr. Soc. ; Friars Sr. Soc. ; Rotary ; Poor 
Rich. C. ; Union L. ; Overbrook G.C. ; Phila. C.C. 
Hobby: Tennis, squash racquets. Married: 
Helena Long. Children: Louis S., Jr., age 16; 
H. Francis, age 12; Helene, age 5. Office: 1530 
Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: 6419 Drexel 
Rd., Phila., Pa. 


marathon champion. Born: Madena, Ohio, June 
7, 1888. Son of George Washington and Caro 
Davidson (Abbott) De Mar. Ed. : Farm and 
Trade Sch. (Boston) ; Maple Lawn Acad. (Vt.) ; 
Univ. of Vt. ; Univ. Extension, A.A., Harvard, 

Record: 1910, runner-up Boston Marathon. 
1911, won 1st place Boston marathon. 1911-22, 
made record for old course, Boston. 1917, won 
1st place Brockton marathon (made new Brock- 
ton record). 1922-24, won 1st place Boston mara- 
thon. 1924, won 3rd place Paris Olympic mara- 
thon ; made new course record, Boston. 1925, 
runner-up Boston marathon and Port Chester 
marathon. 1926, won 1st place in Baltimore, 
Port Chester and Sesqui-Centennial marathons. 
1927, won 1st place in Boston and Baltimore 
marathons ; runner-up in Buffalo. 1928, won 1st 
place in Boston marathon ; Providence to Bos- 
ton, 44 mi. (new record for 44 mi.). 




Pres. Occupation: Compositor. War Record: 
In service from May, 1918, to Aug., 1919 ; mem. 
A.E.F., Co. E., 301st Inf. Affiliations: Amer. 
Legion (Chaplain, Melrose Post No. 90) ; First 
Baptist Church (Melrose) ; Typographical Union 
No. 13 ; Scoutmaster in Boy Scouts ; Odd Fel- 
lows. Address: 43 Union St., Melrose High- 
lands, Mass. 

DEMPSEY, JAMES F., rowing. Bom: Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., Sept. 27, 1S72. Son of John and 
Mary (Cannon) Dempsey. Ed. : Pub. Schs. 
(Philadelphia, Pa.) ; Phila. Manual Training 

Record: 1879-1900, mem. Pa. Barge Club crew. 
1879-98, won junior and intermediate single 
sculls (New York, N. Y.). 1897-1901, mem. Natl, 
regattas 4 and 8 oared crews. 1899, stroked 
crew world record 1% miles with turn (Boston, 
Mass.). 1900-02, mem. Vesper Boat Club crews. 
1903-04-05, coach Vesper Boat Club "8" (won 
Olympic regatta, 1904). 1903-19, coach Univ. 
Barge Club. 1924, asst. crew coach Penn. A.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate. Hobby: Row- 
ing. Married: Elizabeth G. O'Brien, Nov. 7, 
1899. Children: Joseph, age 25 ; Katherine, 
age 23. Office: 27 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Home: G20 W Phil Ellena St., Germantown, Pa. 


former heavyweight boxing champion of the 
world. Born: Manassa, Colorado, June 24, 1895. 
Son of Hiram and Celia (Smoot) Dempsey. 

Record: Knockouts: 1915-1G, Kid Hancock, 
Billy Murphy, Chief Gordon, John Person, 
A.namas Campbell, Joe Lyons, Fred Woods, 
George Copelin, Andy Malloy, Two-Round Gil- 
lian, Jack Downey, Boston Bearcat, Battling 
Johnson, George Christian, Jack Koehn, Joe 
Bonds, Dan Ketchel, Bob York; 1917, Al Nor- 
ton, Charlie Miller; 1918, Homer Smith, Jim 
Flynn, Bill Brennan, Bull Sadee, Tom Riley, 
Dan Ketchel, Arthur Pelky, Kid McCarthy, Bob 
Dever, Porky Flynn, Fred Fulton, Terry Keller, 
Jack Moran, Battling Levinsky, Porky Flynn, 
Carl Morris, Gunboat Smith; 1919, Big Jack 
Hickey, Kid Harris, Kid Henry, Eddie Smith, 
Tony Drake, Jess Willard (for heavyweight 
championship) ; 1920, Billy Miske, Bill Bren- 
nan ; 1921, Georges Carpentier ; 1923, Luis 
Firpo ; 1927, Jack Sharkey. Knocked Out By: 
1917, Jim Flynn. No Decisions: 1918, Billy 
Miske. Draiv: 1915-1G, Jack Downey, Johnny 
Sudenberg, Andy Malloy ; 1917, Willie Meehan. 
Lost: 1915-16, Jack Downey; 1918, Willie Mee- 
han; 1926, Gene Tunney (lost title) ; 1927, Gene 
Tunney. Won From: 1915-16, Johnny Suden- 
berg, Terry Keller, Andre Anderson, Wild Burt 
Kenney, John Lester Johnson; 1917, Willie 
Meehan, Bob McAlister, Gunboat Smith, Carl 
Morris; 1918, Carl Morris (foul); 1923, Tom 

Present Occupation: Realtor and sportsman. 
Married: Twice married. Maxine Cates, Farm- 
ington, Utah, November 9, 1916 ; Estelle Taylor, 
San Diego, California, February 7, 1925. Ad- 
dress: Barbara Hotel, Los Angeles, California. 

Chicago, 111., Mar. 25, 1888. Son of Charles 
Henry and Leonnelle (Wilson) Dennis. Ed. : 
Univ. of 111., 1907; A.B., Harvard, 1911. 

Record: 1910-11, mem. Harvard track team 
(runner-up, high jump, Harvard-Yale meet, 

Pres. Occupation: Farmer. Affiliations: Pres. 
Edgar County Natl. Farm Loan Asso. ; dir. Ed- 
gar County Farm Bureau Supply Co., vice-pres. 
Edgar County Farm Bureau ; Phi Kappa Psi ; 
Pi Eta; Paris C.C. Married: Dorothy Samruy, 
1915. Children : Barbara, age 11 ; Herbert, age 
9; Dorothy, age 3; Elizabeth, age 3. Address: 
R.F.D. No. 1, Paris, 111. 

DENNY, COLLINS, football. Born: Win- 
chester, Va., May 28, 1854. Son of William R. 
and Margaret Ann (Collins) Denny. Ed.: 
Shenandoah Valley Acad., Winchester (Va.) ; 
Princeton A.B., 1876; A.M., 1879; LL.B, Univ. 
of Va., 1877; 1891, grad. in schs. of English 
and philosophy. 

Record: 1872-76, mem. Princeton F.B. team. 
(Capt., 1876). 

Pres. Occupation: Bishop of the M.E. So. 
Church. Military Service: Mem. of the Va. 
State Council of Defense ; mem. of the Va. War 
History Comm. Affiliations: Phi Kappa Psi; 
Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. Married: 
Lucy Chase Chapman, 1881. Children: Mar- 
garet, age 46; Elizabeth, age 44; William, age 
40; Edith Allan, age 38; Lucy Chase, age 35. 
Address: 1619 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

DEPEW, GANSON, mem. exec. comm. U. S. 
Golf Asso. Bom: Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. 6, 1866. 
Son of Wm. B. and Helen (Ganson) Depew. 
Ed.: Public Sch., Central H. Sch., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Record: 1885-90, Western N. Y. singles and 
doubles tennis champ. 1902-06, mem. European 
champ, curling team (St. Moritz, Switzerland). 
1920, pres. Buffalo Dis. Golf Asso. 1922-28, 1st 
v. pres. N. Y. State Golf Asso. 1928, mem. 
exec, comm., U. S. Golf Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Retired. Affiliations: Buf- 
falo A.C; N. Y. State Golf Asso.; U. S. Golf 
Asso. ; Buffalo Dis. Golf Asso. ; League of Lower 
Lakes (hon. life pres.); Masons; Shrine; Ro- 
tary; East Aurora C.C. (hon. life mem.) ; Buf- 
falo Golf C. ; Springville G.C. ; Tri-county G.C. ; 
C.C. of Buffalo ; Park C. ; Buffalo Saturn ; Wa- 
nakah C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Carrie Gor- 
don Ransom, Sept. 30, 1915. Children: Mrs. 






Bdw. de Cernea. Office: 1524 Marine Trust 
Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. Home: 165 Summer St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Born: Lemont, 111., Feb. 13, 1892. Son of Syl- 
vester Otis and Emogene (Robinson) Derby. 
Ed.: Univ. of 111., 1915. 

Record: 1911, mem. Univ. of 111. freshman 
F.B. team. 1912-13-14, mem. Univ. of 111. var- 
sity F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (mem. "Big Nine" 
cbamp. F.B. team, 1914). 1915-16, ath. dir. 
Lombard Coll. 1916-17, atb. dir., Benton Harbor 
H. Scb. 1918, ath. dir. Nantucket Section, U.S. 
Navy. 1919-21, atb. dir. Lake Forest Univ. 
1919-28, F.B. and Bskt.B. official. 1921-22, F.B. 
and track coacb, Univ. of Dela. 1922-23, mem. 
Public Ath. League Staff, Baltimore, Md. 1922- 
25, umpire-in-chief, East. Shore B.B. League 
(umpire Five States Series, 1923-24). 1923-24, 
ath. dir. Laurel H. Sch. 1926, umpire, N. Y.-Pa. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman. Naval Service: 
Enlisted U.S. Navy, 1917; comnd. ensign U. S. 
N.R.F., 1918; routing officer, Martha's Vine- 
yard Island ; commanding officer U.S.C.D. No. 
94 ; commanding officer U.S.S. Wm. F. Green ; 
commanding officer, U.S. submarine chasers No. 
138 and 232. Affiliations: Standard Collegiate 
Supplies Co. (Sec); Natl. F.B. coaches Asso. ; 
Cen. Bd., F.B. and Bskt.B. Officials; Mason; 
Illus (Unif. of 111.). Office: 224 E. Wash. St., 
Syracuse, N. Y. Home: 1013 Westcott St., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

DERING, GUY VARNUM, trap shooting. 
Born: Columbus, Wis., Sept. 28, 1872. Son of 
Oscar M. and Sarah Jane (Vance) Dering. Ed.: 
St. Johns Mil. Acad. (Delafield, Wis.) 1892. 

Record: Won Wis. State Shoot (6 yrs.). 1910, 
won U. S. amateur champ., Grand Amer. handi- 
cap (Chicago). 1916, won U.S. doubles champ. 
(Chicago). 1927, won "B" class champ, (broke 
200 straight) ; won U. S. amateur champ. (200 
straight, run of 455 straight), Grand Amer. 
handicap (Vandalia, O.). 

Pres. Occupation: Coal, grain and bldg. ma- 
terial. Affiliations: Pres. and life mem. Ama- 
teur Trapshooters Asso. of U. S. and Canada; 
dir. 111. and Wis. Coal Merch. Asso. ; dir. farm- 
ers and Merch. Union Bk. (Columbus, Wis.) ; 
Columbus Gun C. ; Milwaukee Gun C. ; Lincoln 
Pk. Gun C. (Chicago); Masons (32°); K.P. 
Office: Columbus, Wis. Home: Columbus, Wis. 

Record: 1920-24, Cen. St. Marys Prep. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1924-25, Cen. St. Mary's Coll. 
F.B. and B.B. teams. 1925-26, Cen. Loyola Coll. 
F.B. team; mem. Loyola Coll. B.B. team (AU- 
Md. Cen. F.B.). 1926-27, Cen. Loyola Coll. F.B. 
and B.B. teams; mem. All-East. F.B. team (All- 
Md. Cen. F.B.). 1927-28, capt. Loyola F.B. team. 

Pres. Ocupation: Student. Affiliations: Loyola 
Ath. Asso. ; Loyola Varsity C. ; George Jenkins 
Debating Soc. ; Loyola Literary C. ; The Latin 
C. ; The Circle. Address: 317 E. 12th St., Ches- 
ter, Pa. 

hockey and football. Born: Charlotte, Vt., July 
2, 1894. Son of Moses J. and Agnes (Duhamel) 
Desautels. Ed.: Nazareth Sch. (Burlington, 
Vt.) ; St. Ann's (Fall River, Mass.) ; St. Laurent 
(Montreal, C.) ; Durfee H. S. (Fall River) ; 
D.M.D., Tuft's Coll. Dental Sch., 1916. 

Record: Mem. H.S. and Industrial League B.B. 
teams. 1910-11, mem. St. Laurent Coll. hockey 
team. 1911-13, mem. Durfee H.S. hockey team. 
1912-13, mem., Durfee H.S. F.B. team. 1913-15, 
mem. Tuft's Coll. hockey team. 1914-16, F.B. of- 
ficial H.S. and Prep. Schs. 1921-25, F.B. coach 
St. Michaels Coll. (Winooki, Vt.). 1924-27, Cen- 
tral Bd. F.B. official (referee Univ. Vt.). 1928, 
coach Univ. of Vt. hockey team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dentist. War Record: En- 
listed 1st Lt, D. C, 1917 ; mem. A.E.F. ;' 6 Vic- 
tory Medal clasps ; discharged, 1919 ; rank maj. ; 
D.O.R.C. Affiliations: State and Natl. Dental 
Socs. ; K.C. ; B.P.O.E. Hobby: Football and mil. 
training. Married: Abbie Blanche Limoges. 
Children: Bernard Noel, age 7; Claire Barbara, 
age 6. Office: 4 E. Allen St., Winooki, Vt. 
Home: 65 E. Spring St., Winooki, Vt. 

DEVEREUX, ALVIN, pres. I.C. Polo Asso. 
Born: Glenwood Springs, Colo., Dec. 11, 1889. 
Son of Walter B. and Mary (Gregory) Dever- 
eux. Ed.: Lit.B., Princeton, 1912; LL.B., Har- 
vard Law Sch., 1915. 

Record: 1910-12, mem. Glenwood (Colo.) Polo 
Club team. 1923-28, pres. Princeton Univ. Polo 
Asso. 1924-28, pres. I.C. Polo Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. War Record: 
Served as major, 304th F.A., 77th Div., A.E.F., 
1918. Affiliation: Mem. Shattuck, Bangs and 
Winant. Clubs: Rockaway Hunting; Prince- 
ton ; Down Town ; Racquet and Tennis. Mar- 
ried: Virginia W. Hagen, June 26, 1922. Office: 
42 Broadway, N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 125 E. 
81st St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

Born: Chester, Pa., Aug. 21, 1904. Son of 
Daniel P. and Katherine (Kelly) Desmond. Ed. : 
St. Mary's Prep ; St. Mary's Coll. ; Loyola Coll., 
Balto. ; A.B., Loyola Coll., Balto., 1928. 

DE SD30UR, HENRI L. J., mem. basketball 
and baseball teams Yale Univ. Born: Wash., 
D. C, Dec. 26, 1899. Son of J. H. and Mary 
(Clagett) de Sibour. Ed.: St. George's Sch. 
(Newport, R. I.), 1919; Yale, 1923. 




Record: 1915-19, mem. St. George's F.B., B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1919, mem. Yale freshman 
B.B., Bskt.B. and F.B. teams. 1920-21-22, mem. 
Yale varsity Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1923, 
mem. Yale varsity B.B. teams (champs.). 1924- 
25-26-27, mem. Racquet Club squash team( capt., 

Pres. Occupation: Builder ; pres. de Sibour 
Construction Co. War Record: Student flight 
officer U.S.N.R., stationed at Great Lakes, 111. 
Affiliations: Yale A.C. ; Psi Upsilon; Wolf's 
Head (Yale). Clubs: Yale; Racquet; Chevy 
Chase (Wash., D. C). Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Mary Bickers. Children: Marie Helen, infant. 
Office: Investment Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 
Woodside Pk., Wash., D. C. 

DE SIBOUR, JULES HENRI, football. Born: 
Paris, France, Dec. 23, 1872. Son of Count and 
Mary L. (Johnson) de Sibour. Ed.: A.B. Yale, 


Record: Mem. St. Paul's Sch. F.B. team. 1926, 
mem. Yale track team ; pres. of Yale Navy ; with 
Yale crew at Henley (Eng.). Mem. Chevy Chase 
G.C., competing in Middle Atlantic tournaments. 
Mem. Paul Smith's B.B. team (3 yrs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Architect, De Sibour Constr. 
Co. Naval Service: Consulting architect Bureau 
of Yds. and Docks, additons and alterations 
U.S.N. Acad. Affiliations: Yale Ath. Asso. "Y" 
C. ; Psi Upsilon; Beta Chapter (Yale); Skull 
and Bones. Clubs: Pres. Racquet C. (Wash., 
D. C.) ; Chevy Chase C; Metropolitan C. ; Alibi 
C. ; Burning Tree C. ; Yale C. (N. Y.) ; Racquet 
C. (N. Y.). Married: Margaret M. Clagett. 
Children: Henri L. J., age 26; Jacques Blaise, 
age 23 ; Jean Raymond, age 16. Office: 1107 In- 
vestment Bldg., Wash., D. C. Home: 1529 29th 
St., Wash., D. C. 

quarterback, 1921. Born: Des Moines, la., Nov. 
21, 1897. Son of Wm. Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Forman) Devine. Ed.: West H. Sch. (Des 
Moines, la.); Univ. of la., A.B., 1922; LL.B., 

Record: 1916-17, mem. West. H. Sch. F.B. 
team (All-State h.b.). 1919-21, mem. la. Univ. 
F.B. team. 1919, All-State q.b. 1920-21, high 
scorer, Big Ten F.B. conf. (won Big Ten medal, 
1921). 1921, All-Amer. q.b. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, Univ. of S. Calif. ; 
atty. Naval Service: Enlisted U.S. Marines, 
June, 1918; discharged Jan., 1919. Affiliations: 
Sigma Nu ; Phi Delta Phi ; Elks ; Mason ; Holly- 
wood A.C. ; Los Angeles A.C. ; Girard C.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Catherine Hamilton, 
Oct. 7, 1922. Children: Betty Jeanne, age 4, 
Aubrey Alvin, Jr., age 2. Office: 420 Hollings- 
worth Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. Home: 481 S. 
Los Robles, Pasadena, Calif. 

DEVINE, GLENN D., mem. Iowa State Univ. 
football team West, and Big Ten champ. Born: 
Des Moines, la., Oct. 22, 1895. Son of W. M. 
and E. V. (Foreman) Devine. Ed.: B.A., la. 
State Univ., 1922. 

Record: 1919-20-21, mem. la. State Univ. F.B. 
team; mem. first All-State F.B. teams. 1921, 
mem. la. State Univ. West, and "Big Ten" 
Champ. F.B. team. 1922-27, coach Parsons 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. War Record: Gun- 
nery sergt., U.S.M.C, 1918-19. Affiliations: 
Sigma Nu ; Internat. Rotary ; Natl. Coaches 
Asso. ; la. Conf. Asso. Hobby: Fishing. Mar- 
ried: Marion E. Kerr, June 30, 1920. Children: 
George Kerr, age 6; Glenn Daniel, Jr., age 4. 
Office: Parsons Coll., Fairfield, la. Home: 910 
S. Fourth St., Fairfield, la. 

DEVORE, LELAND S., mem. Walter Camp's 
All-American football team, 1911-12. Born: 
Wheeling, W. Va., Jan. 9, 1889. Son of James 
H. and Ada (Swarts) Devore. Ed.: U.S.M.A. 

Record: 1908-09-10-11-12, mem. U.S.M.A F.B. 
team (capt., 1912). 1911-12 mem. Walter 
Camp's All-Amer. F.B. teams. 1908-09-10-11-12- 
13, mem. U.S.M.A. B.B. team. 1912-13, won 
U.S.M.A. boxing champ.; won U.S.M.A. wrest- 
ling champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Maj. U.S. Army. War Rec- 
ord: Regular Army, 1908-28; Mex. border ser- 
vice, 1914-16 ; Pershing Punitive Expdn. in 
Mex., 1916-17; A.E.F., 1917-19. Affiliations: 
Masons (32°); Shrine; Sigma Nu. Hobby: 
Motors. Married: Genevieve Welty, June 25, 
1913. Child: Leland S., Jr., age 14. Address: 
A.G.D., U.S.A., Washington, D. C. 

DEWAR, DR. HERBERT, football. Born: 
Huston Run, Pa., Nov. 27, 1888. Son of Wil- 
liam R. and Martha L. Dewar. Education: 
Calif. Normal, W. & J. Coll., University of 

Record: 1910-11, mem., Univ. of Pittsburgh 
football team ; 1910, picked as all-state quarter- 
back; 1911, picked as all-state halfback; 1920, 
class champ at Pa. state shoot (Harrisburg). 
Won many bowling, golf and trap shooting 

Present Occupation: Dentist. War Record: 
Mem., A.E.F., served 21 mons. overseas; dis- 
charged as Capt. 80th. Div. Affiliations: I.O.O.F. 
Maltas, Amer. Legion, 40 & 8 (pres.) Boro 
Council, Loughiogheny C. C. Hobby: Bowl- 
ing, hunting, trapshooting and bird dogs. Mar- 
ried: Margaret Wylie, July 9, 1920. Home: 
Elizabeth, Pa. 

DEWHURST, EDWARD B., tennis. Born: 
Sydney, Australia, Apr. 7, 1870. Son of Ar- 
thur and Emma (Owen) Dewhurst. Ed.: Univ. 



of Sydney (Australia) ; D.D.S., Univ. of Pa., 

Record: 1895, doubles tennis champ, of Aus- 
tralia. 1903-05, U.S.A. I.C. singles champ. 1904- 
07, Pa. state singles tennis champ. 1904-08, 
Pa. state doubles tennis champ. 1905, Me. 
state tennis champ ; Ohio state tennis champ ; 
indoor Natl, tennis champ, mem. Univ. of Pa. 
golf and cricket teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Dental surgeon. Affilia- 
tions: Bd. of Govs.; Art Club; Huntingdon Val- 
ley C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Ethel Grannan, 
1910. Office: 1906 Chestnut St., Phila., Pa. 
Home: 2050 Pine St., Phila., Pa. 

DE WINDT, HEYLIGER, football. Bom: 
Chicago, 111., Aug. 3, 1890. Son of Heyliger 
Adams and Bertha (Mandell) de Windt.. Ed.: 
Milton Acad. (Milton, Mass.) ; Harvard, 1912. 

Record:- 1908, mem. Milton Acad. F.B., B.B. 
and hockey teams (mem. All-Boston Private 
Sch. F.B. team). 1909, mem. Harvard freshman 
hockey and track teams ; mgr. Harvard fresh- 
man F.B. team. 1910-11, mgr. Harvard varsity 
F.B. team. 1911-28, F.B. official in Middle West 
and East. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. War Record: Enlisted 
in Tank Corps ; mem. A.E.F. ; discharged as sgt. 
Affiliations: Cen. Bd., F.B. officials. Hobby: 
Golf and philately. Married: Clara Swigart. 
Office: Great Barrington, Mass. Home: 15 
Castle Hill Ave., Great Barrington, Mass. 

throwing record, 164'10". 1903, holder I.C. 16- 
lb. hammer-throwing record, 168'4". 1904, coach 
Princeton F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant. Affiliations: 
Pres, Natl. Bag Corp. (N. Y.) ; dir. Trion Co., 
Trion (Ga.) ; dir. Ware Shoals Mfg. Co., Ware 
Shoals (S. C.) ; Univ. C. (N. Y.) ; Princeton C. 
(N. Y.) ; Union League C. (N. Y.) ; Fairfield 
C.C., Fairfield (Conn.). Married: Elise Casey, 
Nov. 15, 1915. Office: 271 Madison Ave., New 
York, N. Y. Home: Fairfield, Conn. 

DE WITT, LESLIE, tennis. Born: Lyons, 
Kan., May 14, 1894. Son. of B. W. and Lizzie 
(Stoddard) D^ Witt. Ed.: Wichita H. S., 1913. 

Record: 1913, won Wichita Handicap Tourna- 
ment (tennis). 1916-19, 1921-27, won Wichita 
City Tennis Tournament. 1919-25, won Open 
Kan. tennis doubles. 1921-23, won West. Kan. 
tennis champ, tournament. 1922-23, won West. 
Kan. doubles. 1923-27, won Kan. State tennis 
tournament. 1924 and '27, in semi-finals Colo- 
rado State tennis tournament. 1926, runner-up 
Kan. Open tennis tournament. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. store. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted May, 1918; discharged Dec, 1919. 
Hobby: Tennis. Married: Melba Dodd. Dec. 1, 
1924. Children: Leslie, Jr. Office: 2226 E. 
Douglas St., Wichita, Kan. Home: 2821 E. 
Kellogg St., Wichita, Kan. 

DEWITT, CARLTON ELRA, football. Bom: 
Waukon, Iowa, Feb. 9, 1904. Son of Carl C. and 
Mable (Jones) DeWitt. Ed.: Waukon H. Sch.; 
Coe Coll. 

Record: Capt. Waukon H. Sch. F.B. team in 
Jr. yr. Mem. Coe Coll. freshman F.B. team. 
Mem. Coe Coll. varsity F.B. team. 1926, tackle 
Eckersall's 2nd All- West. F.B. team ; All-Amer. 
mention by Eckersall. 1926-27, made Mid-West. 
Conf. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: "W" 
C, Waukon (la.) ; Clan of C, Coe Coll. ;Phi Alpha 
Pi. Hobby: Reading good literature. Married: 
Harriett Hayward May, Aug. 6, 1927. Office: 
1113 2nd Ave. E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Home: 
Waukon, Iowa. 

DEWITT, JOHN RIEGEL, football and ham- 
mer thrower. Born: Phillipsburg, N. J., Oct. 29, 
1881. Son of Silas W. and Ella E. (Riegel) 
DeWitt. Ed. : Lawrenceville Sch., Lawrenceville 
(N. J.) ; A.B. Princeton, 1904. 

Record : 1898-99, capt. Lawrenceville Sch. F.B. 
team. 1901-02-03, mem. Princeton F.B. team 
(capt. 1903). 1901-04, mem. Princeton track 
team. 1902-03, chosen by Walter Camp All- 
Amer. guard. 1902, holder I.C. 16-lb. hammer 

Born: Ellen ville, N. Y., Apr. 19, 1895. Son of 
George and Nora (Bates) Deyo. Ed.: Peddie 
Inst., 1912; Lit.B., Princeton, 1916; Harvard 
Univ., 1917. 

Record: 1911-12, pitcher Peddie Inst. B.B. 
team. (Won I.C. champs.). 1913, pitched 
Princeton freshman B.B. team. (Estab. record 
for unbeaten freshman team). 1914-15, pitched 
Princeton varsity B.B. team ; pitched every 
Yale and Harvard game played. 1916, coach 
Princeton freshman B.B. team. 1917, coach 
Harvard battery B.B. team ; camp ath. officer. 
1918-19, pitched A.E.F. B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Sec. treas. and gen. mgr. 
Anniston Foundry Co., Anniston (Ala.). War 
Service: 1st Lt. 49th Inf. overseas, June, 1918, 
Mar. 1919. Clubs: Princeton C. (N. Y.) ; Annis- 
ton C.C. Hobby: Golf and baseball. Married: 
Anne Tyler. Children: William Tyler, age 9. 
Address: Box 78, Anniston, Ala. 

Born: Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 30, 1898. Son of 
Joseph and Fannie (Matheis) Diamond. Ed.: 
Peabody H. Sch.; Univ. of Pittsburgh; A.B., 
Yale, 1920. 




Record: 1914-15-16, mem. Peabody H. Sch. 
B.B. team (all-Scholastic 1st baseman). 1919- 
20, mem. Yale varsity B.B. team (team "Big 
Three" champs., 1919 ; All-East. 1st baseman, 
1920). Mem. Yale boxing team. 1921, B.B. 
coach Shady Side Acad. (Pittsburgh, Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant ; sec.-treas. J. Dia- 
mond Co., optical merchants. Mil. Service: 
Mem. Yale training unit; comnd. Lt. F.A., Sept. 
5, 1918, Camp Jackson, S.C. Affiliations: Pi 
Lambda Phi. Hobby: Baseball. Married: 
Blanche Florence Wiener, Apr. 27, 1922. Chil- 
dren: Edward Joseph, age 4. Office: 537 Pa. 
Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 6451 Monitor St., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Born: Springfield, Mo., Oct. 16, 1899. Son of 
Samuel Thomas and Jennie (Harrington) Dick- 
ens. Education: Lacrosse H. Sch., Lacrosse, 
Wis., 1916; Chestnut Hill Acad., Chestnut Hill, 
Pa., 1917; Ph. D. Yale, 1921. 

Record: 1916, mem., Chestnut Hill Acad. 
F.B. team, champ, of Phila. district ; 1917, mem., 
Chestnut Hill Acad. Bskt. B. and B. B. teams; 
mem., Yale freshman F.B. team ; 1918, mem., 
Yale water polo team ; 1919, honorable mention, 
Walter Camp's "All-American" team ; 1920, third 
team, Walter Camp's "All- American" ; placed on 
first teams of several prominent sports writers; 
1919-20, mem. Yale F.B. team "Outing" Maga- 
zine "Roll of Honor") ; 1921, coach, Yale fresh- 
men F.B. team; 1922-23-24-25, coached Law- 
renceville Sch. F.B. and Bskt. B. teams. These 
teams were the N. J. state champs, in F. B., 

Present Occupation: Mem., Personnel Depart- 
ment, Pure Oil Co., Chicago, 111. Mil. Service: 
Yale R.O.T.C., 1917; Yale S.A.T.C., 1918. Affil- 
iations: Amer. F.B. Coachers' Asso., Theta Xi, 
Yale Clubs of N. Y. and Evanston, 111. Mar- 
ried: Isabella Maddock, Nov. 22, 1927. Office: 
35 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. Home: 1311 
Chicago avenue, Evanston, 111. 

DICKERMAN, GILBERT K., track. Born: 
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 30, 1903. Son of Charles 
K. and Mabel P. (Stone) Dickerman. Ed.: 
Hotchkiss Sch., 1921; B.S., Princeton, 1925. 

Record: 1921, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. track 

team. 1922, mem. Princeton freshman track 

team. 1923-25, mem. Princeton varsity track 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. Consolidated Water 
Power and Paper Co. Affiliation:: Supt. Biron 
Paper Mill; Quadrangle Club (Princeton). 
Address: Box 173, Wis. Rapids, Wis. 

Bom: Phila., Pa., Dec. 14, 1898. Son of David 
Stephen and Hennrietta (French) Dickenson. 
Ed.: Wyo. Sem. ; A.B., Princeton, 1923. 

Record): 1919-22, mem. Princeton F.B. team, 
(champ, team, 1912). 1919-23, mem. Princeton 
Bskt.B. team (eapt, 1921-22). 1923, asst. 
coach, Princeton freshman F.B. team. 1924, 
asst. coach, Princeton varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. sec. Prudential Ins. 
Co. Naval Service: U.S.N.R., 1917, discharged, 
ensign. Clubs: "P" (Princeton); Nassau; 
Tiger Inn ; Springdale G.C. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Sarah Christy, Apr. 7, 1923. Children: 
Irene Christy, age 3 ; Melville Pierce, infant. 
Office: Bank St., Newark, N. J. Home: West- 
cott St., Princeton, N. J. 

Austin, Tex., Dec. 7, 1870. Son of Patrick and 
Eliza (Robinson) Dickerson. Ed.: Univ. of Chi- 
cago, B.S., 1897, M.D., 1901. 

Record: 1894-95, mem. Univ. of Chicago track 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Record: 
1st. Lt., M.C., 8th 111. N.G. ; Mexican Border 
service, 1916; Capt, M.G., 370th Inf., U.S.A. ; 
mem. A.E.F. ; at present, Maj. M.C. 8th Inf., 111. 
N.G. Affiliations: Kappa Alpha Psi ; Appomatox 
Club (Dir.) ; Chicago Assembly (Pres.) ; Wa- 
bash Ave. Y.M.C.A. (mem. Bd. of Management) ; 
N.A.A.C.P. (Chicago; mem., Bd.) ; Grace Pres- 
byterian Church (Pres., Bd., Trustees) ; Staff 
of Provident and Daily Hospitals ; Natl. Med. 
Asso. ; Chicago Med. Soc. ; Amer. Med. Asso. ; 
Order of "C" (Univ. of Chicago). Hobby: Out- 
door recreation. Married: Daisy Hunter. Office: 
3601 S. State St., Chicago, 111. Home: 3727 S. 
Parkway St., Chicago, 111. 

DICKEY, WILLIAM JAMES, football. Born: 
Oakland, Calif., May 10, 1903. Son of W. J. and 
Marchise (Smith) Dickey. Ed.: Pottes Sch. 
(San Francisco, Calif.) ; Madera Union H. Sch.; 
A.B., Stanford ; Harvard. 

Record : 1921, mgr. Stanford F.B. team ; mem. 
Pac. Coast conf. champ. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Lib- 
erty Bank, (Pala Alto, Calif.) ; Zeta Psi. Ad- 
dress: Livermore Sanitarium, Livermore, Calif. 

football. Born: Cambridge, Mass., Mar. 29, 
1871. Son of Alexander and Elizabeth (Jag- 
gart) Dickinson. Ed.: Cambridge Latin Sch.; 
Harvard, 1894; Harvard Law Sch. 

Record: Mem. Cambridge Latin Sch. F.B. and 
B.B. teams. 1891, mem. Harvard freshman B.B. 
team. 1892, played B.B. with Boston A. A. (dur- 
ing summer). 1892-93-94, mem. Harvard varsity 
B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer ; London & Lanca- 
shire Indemnity Co. (claims attorney) ; Toplis 
& Harding, Inc. (claims attorney). Clubs: Seat- 
tle G.C; Seattle Tennis; Seattle Coll. Club; 




Harvard Club (Seattle) ; Seniors' N. West. Golf 
Asso. Hobby: Golf. Married: Juliet Wylie, Sept. 
3, 1920. Office: 911 Lowman Bldg., Seattle, 
Wash. Home: 12S Harvard Ave., N., Seattle, 

DICKSON, RAY C, football and track. Born: 
Deta, la., July 23, 1897. Son of E. M. and Jennie 
(Athearn) Dickson. Ed.: A.B., Univ. Fla., 1922; 
Phys. Ed., Columbia, 1923. 

Record: 1921, mem. Univ. Fla. B.B., Bskt.B. 
and track teams ; made place kick of 54 yd. 
against N.C. State. 1921-22, mem. Univ. Fla. 
F.B. team ; held I.S. punting record. 2 yrs., 
head coach and ath. dir., Cotner Coll. 1926, 
backfield and punting coach, Univ. Fla. 1927-28, 
ath. dir., coach, Andrew Jackson H. Sch., (Jack- 
sonville, Fla.) ; H. Sch. won State champ. 

Pres. Occuption: Ath. dir. Mil. Service: En- 
listed 1917 U.S. Army Inf.; dischrged 1919. 
Affiliations: Sigma Nu ; Alpha Phi Epsilon ; Pi 
Kappa Delta; "F" Club. Hobby: Football. 
Office: Andrew Jackson H. Sch., Jacksonville, 
Fla. Home: 38 E. 25th St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

DIDDEL, WILLIAM H., golf. Born: India- 
napolis, Ind., June 7, 1888. Son of Andrew J. 
and Jane (Hickman) Diddel. Education: Man- 
ual Training Sch., Indianapolis, A. B. Wabash 
Coll., 1908 (Crawfordsville, Ind.). 

Record: 1904-08, mem., Wabash Coll. B.B., 
team ; 1905, mem., Wabash Coll. indoor track 
team; 1906-07-08, mem., Wabash Coll. Bskt. B. 
team (this team defeated all colls, played from 
1905-08 with the exception of Purdue in 1906) ; 
1905-06-07-10-12, amateur champ. Ind. Golf 
Asso.; 1909-10-11-27, champ. Highland Golf and 
Country Club (Indianapolis) ; 1910-16, mem., 
West Conf. Bskt. B. Officials; 1912-13, champ. 
Riverside Golf Club; 1915-16, champ. Cen. Golf 
Asso., grad. mgr., athletics, Wabash Coll. ; 1927, 
champ. Indianapolis Country Club and Meridian 
Hills Country Club. 

Present Occupation: Golf architect. Affilia- 
tions: Rotary Club (Indianapolis), Meridian 
Hills C. C, Indianapolis C. C, Highland G. and 
C. C. Married: Kathryn Brubeck. Children: 
Jane, age 13; Judith, age 8. Office: 206 Hume 
Mansur Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. Home: 4114 
Carrollton Ave., Indianapolis., Ind. 

Red Wing, Minn., Nov. 25, 1892. Son of Mr. 
and Mrs. W. J. Diepenbrock. Ed.: Red Wing H. 
Sch., 1910; B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1916. 

Record : 1908-10, mem. Red Wing H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 1909, mem. Red Wing H. Sch. F.B. team. 
1913-14, mem. Univ. of Minn, cross-country 
team, (Big Ten conf. champ., 1914). 

Pres. Occupation: Supt. of Schs. Affiliations: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Zeta; "M" club, 
(Univ. of Minn.). Married: Florence Ulm, Aug. 
31, 1917. Children: John, age 5. Office: Henning, 
Minn. Home: Red Wing, Minn. 

DIETZE, CARL EDGAR, baseball. Born: 
Wausau, Wis., Dec. 20, 1886. Son of M. M. and 
Alvina (Puis) Dietze. Ed.: Univ. of Wis., A.B., 
1913; LL.B., 1915; C.P.A., 1917. 

Record: 1906, capt. H.S. B.B. team. 1908, 
Mgr. Mayville B.B. team. 1911-15, Official of 
wt. events at track meets, Univ. of Wis. 1912- 
13, mem. Athl. Bd. and chrmn. Intermural 
Sports Com., Univ. of Wis. 1913, Mgr., Univ. 
of Wis. B.B. team. 1913-14, mem. Summer Sch. 
B.B. team. 1914, Mgr. and player, Law Sch. 
B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney and C.P.A. Mil. 
Service: Cost Acct, Federal Trade Comn., Claim 
Adjuster, War Dept. Affiliations: Vice-pres., 
Burleigh Realty Co.; Wis. Investment Co.; Phi 
Alpha Delta Bldg Corp., ( Secy-Treas. ) ; Ma- 
sons ; Milwaukee City C ; Phi Alpha Delta ; Beta 
Gamma Sigma ; Milwaukee Accts. Soc. ; Wis. Soc. 
C.P.A. ; Amer. Soc. C.P.A. ; Milwaukee Cty. and 
State Bar Asso.; Milwaukee "W" C, (Treas.) ; 
Mayville H. S. Alumni Asso., (Pres.). Hobby: 
Baseball, Golf and Walking. Office: 209 Wis. 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Home: 561 Bradford 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

York, Pa., Feb. 22, 1901. Son of Harry and Car- 
rie (Knour) Diffenbaugh. Ed.: Towson H. Sch. 
(Baltimore, Md.). 

Record : 1919, started playing golf. 1924, won 
P.G.A. golf champ. (Baltimore, Md.) ; runner- 
up in Md. State tournament. 1926-27, won P.G.A. 
champ. (Adirondack Mts.) ; asst. pro., Saranac 
Inn., G.C., N. Y. 

Pres. Occupation: Golf instr. Clubs: Saranac 
Inn. G.C. Hobby: Golf and riding. Office: Arca- 
dia, 14th and Park Rd., N.W., Wash., D. C. 
Home: 222 7th St., N. W., Wash., D. C. 

DIGGES, REID W., football and golf. Born: 
Richmond, Va., Dec. 19, 1898. Son of Isaac and 
Elizabeth (Watlington) Digges. Ed.: Richmond 
Acad., 1916 ; Univ. of Richmond, 1918 ; Univ. of 
N. C, 1921 ; Univ. of Va., 1923 ; George Wash. 
Univ., 1924. 

Record: 1917, mem. Univ. of Richmond F.B. 
team. 1927, won Town and C.C. golf tourna- 
ment (score, 71) ; runner-up in Sherwood For- 
est invitation tournament ; tied for 2nd place, 
Md. C.C. golf tournament; Indian Springs Club 
champ. ; Dist. of Columbia amateur golf champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman. Mil. Service: 
Pvt, Battery C, 35th Regt. Coast Arty.; 1918- 
20; Affiliations: Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa 



Psi; Indian Springs G. and C.C. Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Margaret Russel. Children: Reid W., 
Jr. Office: 1406 4% St., S.W., Wash., D. C. 
Home: 2551 17th St., Wash., D. C. 

Paris, Tenn., Nov. 7, 1888. Son of Robert A. and 
Anna (Sauls) Diggs. Ed.: Epworth Univ., 1910; 
LL.B., Yale, 1913. 

Record: 190609, mem. Epworth Univ. F.B. 
team (capt., 1909). 1912-13, mem. Yale varsity 
track team (won 1st place, broad jump, Yale- 
Princeton meet, 1912 ; runner-up, broad jump, 
Yale-Harvard and I. C. meets, 1912 ; runner-up, 
broad jump, Yale-Harvard meet, 1913). 

Pres. Occupation: Mfgr., Vice-Pres., Walroven 
Book Cover Go. ; Dir., Walroven Bros., Co. Mil. 
Service: Entered 2nd O.T. Camp, Leon Springs, 
Tex., Aug., 1917; comnd. 1st Lt, Co. A. 360th 
Inf., Nov., 1917; comnd. Capt., Inf. U.S.A., May 
1918; discharged, Mar. 1919. Affiliations: Ma- 
son; K.T. ; Shrine; Kildeer C.C. (Chicago, 111.). 
Married: Alice Thomas Muse, Nov. 7, 1919. Chil- 
dren: Helen Howard, age 6; Marshall R., Jr., 
age 2. Office: 1509 Caruth St., Dallas, Tex. 
Home: 702 N. Glasgow Dr., Dallas, Tex. 

DIGNAN, THOMAS S., football and baseball. 
Born: Yonkers, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1902. Son of 
Thomas H. and Margaret (Casker) Dignan. Ed. 
Yonkers H. Sch. ; Mercersburg Acad. ; B.S., 
Princeton, 1926. 

Record: 1924-25, mem. Princeton F.B. team. 
1924-26, mem. Princeton B.B. team, (capt., 
1926). 1926-28, head coach Lawrenceville Sch. 
F.B., Baskt.B. and B.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach, Lawrenceville Sch. 
Affiliations: Tiger Mu ; "P" club, (Princeton); 
Lake Placid Club; Springdale G.C. Hobby: 
Horses. Married: Helen Mard, July 29, 1926. 
Children: Thomas S., Jr., age 1. Office: Law- 
renceville Sch., Lawrenceville, N. J. Home: 
24 Murray PI., Princeton, N. J. . 

DIKEMAN, EDWIN JAY, JR., track. Born: 
Goshen, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1905. Son of E. J. and 
Henrietta (Coleman) Dikeman. Ed.: B.S. 
Princeton, 1927. 

Record: 1924, mem. Princeton freshman track 
team. 1925, mem. Princeton varsity track team. 
1926, broke Princeton broad jump record, 23 ft. 
7% in. ; 1st place in Yale-Harvard meets in 
broad jump; 3rd place I.C. broad jump; 1st 
place in Oxford - Cambridge - Princeton - Cornell 
broad jump, Stamford Bridge (London) ; 1st 
place in Paris champs, broad jump; 2nd place 
in Internatl. meet at Paris broad jump. 1927, 
1st place in Jr. Metropolitan champs, broad 
jump, broke record for this meet, 23 ft y^-in. 

Pres. Occupation: Bond Salesman, Bankers 
Trust Co. Mil. Service: 2nd Lt. Reserve Corps. 
Clubs: N.Y.A.C. ; Princeton C. (N.Y.). Hobby: 
track. Office: 16 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 
Home: 108 Greenrich Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Basketball, Baseball and Tennis. Born: Spring- 
held, Mo., Nov. 2, 1890. Son of Geo. E. and Sa- 
rah G. (McGuity) Dillard. Ed.: Drury Prep. 
Sch., 1909 ; B.S., Drury Coll., 1913. 

Record: 1908-12, mem. Drury Coll. varsity 
Baskt.B. team, (capt., 1912). 1909-12, mem. 
Drury Coll. varsity F.B. team, (picked All-State 
in F.B., '11 and '12; capt. of team, '12) ; mem. 
Drury Coll. varsity tennis team. 1911-13, Drury 
Coll. varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Owner, Dillard Service Sta- 
tions. Affiliations: "D" C, (Drury Coll.) ; Kap- 
pa Alpha. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Arpha 
Smith, Aug. 18, 1915. Children: Frank A., Jr., 
age 11 ; Dorothy, age 4. Office: 312 Brownville 
Ave., Springfield, Mo. Home: 595 E. Walnut 
St., Springfield, Mo. 

DIMPERIO, PETER PAUL, football. Born: 
Pittsburgh, Pa., Apr. 14, 1905. Son of Joseph 
and Mary (Minadeo) Dimperio. Ed. Fifth Ave. 
H. Sch.; Calif. Normal Sch.; Thiel Coll. 

Record: 1921-22-23-24, mem. 5th Ave. H. Sch. 
F.B. team (Capt. 1924). 1925, mem. Calif. Nor- 
mal Sch. F.B. team. 1926-27, mem. Thiel Coll. 
F.B. and Boxing teams ; mem. Tri-State Conf., 
1926; Recreation leader in Pittsburgh. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: The- 
ta Kappa Nu. Hobby: Coaching Aths. Address: 
119 Tecumseh St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Univ. Varsity Crew. Born: Odell, 111., Dec. 28, 
1887. Son of Augustus E. and Katherine (Mc- 
Allister) Dinet. Ed.: A.B., Univ. of Wis., 1909. 

Record: 1906, mem. Univ. of Wis. freshman 
crew. 1907-09, mem. Univ. of Wis. varsity crew, 
(capt., '09). 

Pres . Occupation: Merchant, Dinet & Co., 
(Treas.), Joliet, 111. Naval Service: Enlisted 
U.S.N., 1918; S.2C; discharged Jan. 1919. Affil- 
iations: Univ. C, (Chicago) ; Rotary. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Edna Mathias. Children, Bar- 
bara, age 7; Eugene, Jr., age 5. Office: Joliet, 
111. Home: 1004 Western Ave., Joliet, 111. 

DINWIDDIE, MARCUS W., rifle shooting. 
Bom: Washington, D. C, August 27, 1906. Son 
of William Walter and Pauline (Wright) Din- 
widdie. Education: Central High School (Wash- 
ington, D. C), 1924; University of Virginia. 



Record: 1924, captain of Central High School 
rifle team (High School rifle champion of United 
States) ; member of United States Olympic rifle 
team ; won individual small bore re-entry match 
at the International Matches in Rheims, France. 
1925, winner of National Rifle Association Free 
Rifle championship, Camp Perry, Ohio ; won life 
membership in the National Rifle Association 
offered to the college student making high score 
in the President's match. 1925-27, rifle cham- 
pion of the Virginia National Guard. 1926, 
member of the Dewar International small bore 
team ; winner of the National Rifle Association 
Postal match. 

Present Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Alpha Chi Sigma. Hobby: Rifle shooting. Ad- 
dress. • 109 East High Street, Charlottesville, 

DIPUIS, GLADU JOHN, capt., Southwestern 
La. Inst, football team, 1927. Born: Carancro, 
La., Oct. 2, 1905. Son of Charles and Helen 
(Prejean) Dipuis. Ed.: B.S., Southwestern Lt. 
Inst., 1928. 

Record: 1921-22, capt. Carancro H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team. 1924, won Southwestern La. Inst, 
champ, tournament. 1925-26-27, mem. South- 
western La. Inst. F.B. team, (capt., 1927). 1925- 
26, mem. Southwestern La. Inst. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Sigma 
Pi Alpha; Demeater Club; Neumon Club; 
S.I.A.A. Office: Southwestern La. Inst., Lafay- 
ette, La. Home: 1024 St. John St., 

New York, N. Y., Mar. 19, 1902. Son of William 
H. and Josephine (Williams) Dixon. Educa- 
tion: Eton Coll., Eng., 1915-21., A. B. Harvard, 

Record: 1923-24, mem., Harvard tennis team. 
1923-24-25, mem., Harvard squash racquets 
team (capt., 1924-25) ; 1924, Mass. state squash 
racquets champ; 1925-26, squash racquets 
champ., U.S.A. 

Present Occupation: Investment banking, 
J. Henry -Schroder Banking Corp. Clubs: Rac- 
quet and Tennis (N. Y.) ; Rockaway Hunting 
(Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y.) ; Harvard Club, 
(N. Y.) Married: Theodora Thorpe. Office: 27 
Pine St., N.Y.C. Home: 829 Park Ave., N.Y.C. 

DOAK, CHARLES GLENN, baseball. Born: 
Greensboro, N. C, Oct. 7, 1884. Son of James 
W. and Emily (Watson) Doak. Ed.: Guilford 
Coll., (N.C.), 1910. 

Record: 1904-05, mem. Guilford Coll. F.B. 
team. 1907-10. mem. Guilford Coll. B.B. team, 
(capt., '08-'09). 1908-14, mem. Greensboro prof. 
B.B. team. 1909-10, mem. Guilford Coll. Baskt. 
B. team. 1911-13, Coach, B.B. and Bskt.B., Guil- 
ford Coll. 1914-15, mem. Charlotte prof. B.B. 

team, (Carolina Asso.) ; Coach, B.B. and Bskt. 
B., Univ. of N. C. 1916, mem. Charleston (S.C.) 
prof. B.B. team (So. Atl. League). 1916-20, 
Coach, Bskt.B., B.B. and Track, Trinity Coll. 
1924-28, Coach, B.B., N.C. State Coll. 1925-28, 
Asst. Instr. Phys. Ed. ; asst. coach, Freshmen 
F.B., N.C. State Coll. (1926). 

Pres. Occupation: Athletic Coach. Hobby: 
Baseball. Married: Frances Renfrow, Dec. 26, 
1913. Children: Eleanor Douglas, age 10; 
Charles Wilson, age 7 ; Robert Renfrow, age 6. 
Office: State Coll. Sta., Raleigh, N. C. Home: 
305 Calvin Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Council Bluffs, la., Oct. 28, 1889. Son of Charles 
and Alma (Jennings) Dodge. Ed.: A.B., Stan- 
ford, 1913. 

Record: 1912-13, mem. Stanford track team. 

1912, 2nd place, 2 mi. race, Stanford-Calif, meet ; 
won 4%-mi. cross-country run, 25 min. 6% sec. 

1913, won 2-mi. race, 10 min. 7 sec, Stanford- 
Univ. S. Calif, meet ; hold record 2-mi. race, 10 
min., Stanford meet. 

Pre$. Occupation: EJlectrical engr., The Pac. 
T. and T. Co. Affiliations: Amer. Inst, of Elec- 
trical Engrs. Clubs: Commonwealth ; Union 
League; Commercial. Married: Elizabeth G. 
Fisher, 1916. Children: Elizabeth Avery, Mar- 
gery Bayliss. Office: 140 New Montgomery. 
San Francisco, Calif. Home: No. 1, The Circle, 
Berkeley, Calif. 

decathlon champ. Born: Detroit, Mich., May 
16, 1905. Son of Corbett W. and Elizabeth 
(Rennie) Doherty. Ed.: A.B., Coll of City of 
Detroit ; Univ. Mich. 

Record: 1926-27, placed 2nd in 111. all-around 
relays. 1926, placed 4th in Penn relays decath- 
lon. 1928, placed 2nd in Penn relays decathlon; 
won final in Olympic tryouts and A.A.U. champ, 
in decathlon. Records in competition : 75 yd. 
dash (time, 8 sees.) ; 100 yd. dash (time, 
10.3 sees.) ; 100 meter dash (time 11.7 sees.) ; 
400 meter dash (time, 52.3 sees.) ; 880 yd. run 
(time, 2:12); 1500 meter run (time, 4:52); 
75 yd. high hurdles (time, 9.4 sees.) ; 120 yd. 
high hurdles (time, 15.8 sees.) ; 220 yd. low 
hurdles (time, 25.8 sees.) ; high jump (6' 1") ; 
pole vault (11' 4") ; hop, step and jump (44' 
10") ; broad jump (22' 8") ; discus throw 
(136') ; shotput (41' 11") ; and javelin throw 
(191' 3"). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Kappa Chi ; Cadillac A.C. Hobby: Reading. 
Address: 1409 23rd St., Detroit, Mich. 

DOHERTY, ROGER, football and baseball. 
Born: Boston, Mass., Feb. 19, 1902. Son of 
Michael and Mary (Sullivan) Doherty. Ed.: 




Cushing Acad., 1918; Boston Latin Sen., 1921; 
A.B., Harvard, 1926. 

Record: 1918, mem. Cushing Acad. F.B. team. 
1919-20, mem. Boston Latin Sen. F.B. team 
(capt, 1920; chosen all-scholastic f.b. by Boston 
newspapers, 1920). 1919-21, mem. Boston Latin 
Sch. B.B. team (chosen all-scholastic out-fielder 
by Boston newspapers). 1921, played B.B. with 
all-scholastic team made up of Boston school 
boys (during summer) ; mem. Harvard fresh- 
man F.B. team. 1922, mem. Harvard freshman 
B.B. team. 1922-25, mem. Harvard varsity F.B. 
team. 1923, mem. Harvard varsity B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Sales rep., Proctor & Gam- 
ble Distributing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Clubs: 
Harvard Varsity; Harvard Club (Boston); 
Hasty Pudding (Inst, of 1770) ; Burlington C.C. 
(Burlington, Vt). Hobby: 189 Church St., Bur- 
lington, Vt. Home: 45 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut 
Hill., Mass. 

DOHMEN, ERWIN J., track. Born: Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Jan. 29, 1889. Son of Henry and 
Antoinette (Hoeger) Dohmen. Ed.: B.A., Univ. 
of Wis. 

Record : 1906, capt. West. Div. H.S. track team 
and winner of mile record (Staggs Meet, Chi- 
cago), and mile record (Wis. Intersch. Meet). 
1908, Capt., Univ. of Wis. Freshman track team. 
1909-11, mem. Univ. of Wis. Varsity track team 
(capt., '10). 1909, winner, West. Conf. mi. event. 
1910, records : y 2 mi. run, 1 :59 ; mi. run, 4 :21 ; 
2 mi., 9 :45. 1911, winner, I.C. Conf. cross coun- 
try run (with 5 mi. cross country conf. record, 

Pres. Occupation: Wholesale Druggist, Treas., 
F. Dohmen Co. Mil. Service: Sgt, M.C. ; O.T.C. 
Affiliations: Vice-Pres., Sterling Finance Co. ; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Gamma Sigma. 
Hobby: Gardening. Married: Olive Netzow, Oct. 
23, 1920. Children: Edythe, age 3; Erwin J., 
Jr., age 1. Office: 267 E. Water St., Milwaukee, 
Wis. Home: 1624 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, 

DOLE, KENNETH L., football. Bom: Kapaa 
Kavai, Hawaii, June 14, 1888. Son of George H. 
and Clara (Rowell) Dole. Ed: A.B., Stanford, 
1912; M.D., Harvard, 1915. 

Record: 1907, mem. Stanford freshman F.B. 
team. 1908, me. Stanford freshman crew team. 
1908-11, mem. Stanford Varsity F.B. team (capt., 
1910). 1909, mem. Stanford varsity crew. 1910, 
mem. Stanford track team ; vice-capt, Amer. 
Rugby team (touring Australia and New Zea- 
land). 1919, vice-capt., Amer. Rugby team 
(touring France). 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Record: 
Base Hospital No. 55, France, discharged Capt., 
M.C. Clubs: Redlands C.C. Married: Anne 
Van Winkle, Aug. 20, 1921. Children: Margaret, 

age 5 ; Anne, age 4 ; Rachel, age 2 ; Kenneth Van 
Winkle, infant. Office: 47 E. Vine St., Redlands, 
Calif. Home: 351 Cajon St., Redlands, Calif. 

DOLE, NORMAN DORSET, football and 
track. Born: Redlands, Calif., Aug. 14, 1903. 
Son of Walter Sanford and Miriam (Dreiar) 
Dole. Ed.: Santa Monica H.S., 1918; Riverside 
H.S., 1921; A.B. (Civil Eng.), Stanford, 1925. 

Record: 1918-21, mem. Riverside H.S. F.B., 
BsktB., track and tennis teams; (capt., F.B. 
and track teams) ; won Cross Country trophy, 
'20, '21. 1921-22, mem. Stanford freshman F.B. 
and track teams. 1922-24, mem. Stanford var- 
sity F.B. team. 1923-25, mem. Stanford varsity 
track team ; won % mi., '23 ( Stanf ord-Cal. 
Meet) ; won high hurdles, '24 (Pac. Coast Conf. 
Meet) ; won P.A.A. 400-meter hurdle champ. 
(54:4), '24; mem. Bd. Athl. Control, '24, '25; 
in hurdles ( Stanf ord-Cal. Meet), and mem. 
Stanford champ, team (Pac. Coast Conf. Meet, 
Seattle), '25. 1925-26, mem. Olympic C. F.B. 
team. 1926-27, mem. Olympic C. track team 
(capt, '27). 

Pres. Occupation: Engineer, Pac. Gas & Elec. 
Co. Affiliations: Olympic C. ; Pac. A.A. ; Beta 
Theta Pi. Married: Janice Manning. Children: 
Janice Evelynna, age 3. Office: 245 Market St., 
San Francisco, Calif. Home: 912 Sausalito 
Blvd., Sausalito, Calif. 

DOLE, NORMAN ELIOT, held world's record 
in pole vault, 1904. Born: Kapaa, Kauai, Ter. 
of Hawaii. Son of George H. and Clara (Rowell) 
Dole. Ed.: Riverside H. Sch. (Calif.) ; Stanford 
Univ., A.B., 1904, Chem. Engr., 1905. 

Record: 1897-98, mem. Riverside H .Sch. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1900-04, mem. Stanford Univ. 
track team. 1903, received Stanford Univ. Club 
medal for breaking Coast record in pole vault, 
11 ft. 7% in. 1904, broke world's record in pole 
vault, 12 ft. 13% 00 in.; won 1st place in pole 
vault and tied for 2d in high jump, Conf. meet 
at Chicago, 111. ; tied for 1st place in pole vault, 
Olympic Coll. champ, games, St. Louis. 1911-13, 
won high point medal for San Francisco Y.M.C.A. 
in the pentathlon. 1915-16, won high point 
medal in the Natl. Hexathlon. 1916, won high 
point medal in track and field meet, Natl. Guard 
of Calif. 

Pres. Occupation: Sugar refining ; Supt., West- 
ern Sugar Refinery, San Francisco, Calif. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; Amer. Inst, of Chem. Engrs. ; 
Sigma Xi ; Capuchino G. and C.C. Married: 
Dorothy Wheelock. Children: Norman E., Jr., 
age 15; Janet D., age 12; Charles W., age 9. 
Office: 23d and Louisiana Sts., San Francisco, 
Calif. Home: 1415 Floribunda Ave., Burlin- 
game, Calif. 





Born: Sioux Falls, S. D., Nov. 30, 1900. Son of 
Dennis and Cora (Muench) Donahoe. Ed.: 
A.B., Columbus Coll. 

Record: 1924-25, mem. Columbus Coll. (conf. 
cbamps.) F.B. team (leading scorer in conf. and 
picked All-State-All-conf. f.b.). 1926-28, mem. 
Columbus Coll. track relay and medley teams 
(holding State records) ; capt., '26. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations : Mono- 
gram C. ; Pres., '26, C.B.C. Club, Vice-Pres., '27. 
Hobby: Law and athletics. Home: 409 So. 2d 
Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 

coach. Born: County Kerry, Killarney, June 4, 
1879. Son of John D. and Mary (Theehan) 
Donahue. Ed.: A.B., Yale, 1904 

Record: F.B, coach for nineteen yrs. Ala. Poly. 
Inst, (won four South, champs., one tie and 
never rating lower than fourth in South. Conf. ) . 

Pres. Occupation: F.B. coach, Ala. Poly. Inst. 
Affiliations: Natl. Asso. of F.B. Coaches ; K.C. ; 
Phi Kappa Phi ; Baton Rouge G. and C.C. ; West- 
dale C.C. Hobby: Golf and fishing. Married: 
Rosalie Boudreau, Aug. 16, 1906. Children: 
Eileen, age 19 ; Donald and Julian, age 17 ; 
Rosalie, age 14 ; Mike, Jr., age 12. Address: 
La. State Univ., Baton Rouge, La. 

forward in basketball, 1915-16. Born: South 
Bend, Ind., Jan. 29, 1897. Son of Clarence and 
Ida (Wideman) O'Donnell. Education: South 
Bend H. Sch., Springfield Coll. 

Record: 1914-17, mem., South Bend H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team (capt., 1915-17) ; mem. South 
Bend H. Sch. F.B. team; 1915-16, Ind. all-state 
forward in Bskt. B. (honorary capt., 1916) ; 
1917-21, mem., Springfield Coll. Bskt. B. team 
(capt., 1921) ; 1918-21, mem., Springfield Coll. 
F.B. and track teams ; 1921-23, track coach and 
asst. F.B. coach, Medford H. Sch., Medford, 
Mass. (track team was undefeated for two yrs. 
and held 11 of the 18 indoor and outdoor rec- 
ords) ; played pro. Bskt. B. and coached Med- 
ford Armory team; 1922-23, Bskt. B. coach, 
Tufts Coll., Medford, Mass.; 1923-28, asst. var- 
sity F. B. coach, Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, 
N. Y., also varsity Bskt. B. and track coach ; 
co-dir., Intramurals ; supervisor of Phy. Ed., 
asst. dir. of athletics. 

Present Occupation: Coach and Phys. Ed. 
Dir., Rensselaer Poly. Inst. Mil. Service: Camp 
Lee, Va., O.T.C., 1918. Affiliations: Cent. Bd. 
of Bskt. B. Officials (sec. and treas., district 
board); Nat'l Asso. Bskt.B. Coaches; Capitol 
Dist. F.B. Asso.; Mason. Married: Pamelia 
Weyant, Mar. 20, 1923. Office: R.P.L., Troy, 
N. Y. Home: 2200 14th St., Troy, N. Y. 

DONALDSON, WHARTON L., football and 
crew. Bom: Atlantic City, N. J., June 26, 1880. 
Son of Capt. Francis A. and Mary (Landell) 
Donaldson. Ed.: Pa. Charter Sch. ; Univ. of Pa., 

Record: 1895-1900, mem. F.B., track, cricket 
and crew teams. (Capt. track, 1900; Capt. F.B., 
1899 ; Capt. crew, 1898-99. ) 1901-02, mem. Univ. 
of Pa. F.B. team. 1895-02, mem. Batchalors 
Barge C. crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Manf. Representative, Moh- 
mob Aslestos Slate Co. Affiliations: Beta Theta 
Pi. Married: Rachel Hannum, Apr., 1913. Chil- 
dren: Wharton L., Jr., age 13 ; Mark H., age 10 ; 
John B. H., age 6. Office: 630 Real Estate Trust 
Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: 14th and Walnut Sts., 
Chester, Pa. 

DONNELLAN, ALBERT J., baseball, football 
and hockey official. Born: West Medford, Mass., 
April 13, 1896. Son of Edward F. and Margaret 
(Gibbons) Donnellan. Education: Medford H. 
Sch., Holy Cross Coll., Naval Pay Sch., Prince- 

Record: 1913-14-15, mem., Medford H. Sch., 
F.B., B.B. and hock, teams; 1915-16, mem., Holy 
Cross Coll. F.B. team; 1916-17, mem., Holy 
Cross Coll. F.B. and B.B. teams; 1918, mem., 
Naval Pay Sch. F.B. team; 1920-27, mem., Cen. 
Bd. F.B. Officials. 

Present Occupation: Real estate broker. Mil. 
Service: U.S.N.R.F., 1917-19, Ensign Pay Corps. 
Affiliations: Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials, New Eng. 
Bd. F.B. Officials, Univ. A. C, Detroit; K. of C. 
Married: Althea Hayes, July 3, 1921. Children: 
Alice May, age 6; Althea Theresa, age 3. Office: 
1640 1st Natl. Bank, Detroit, Mich. Home: 14030 
Ind. Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

and baseball. Born: West Medford, Mass., Aug. 
18, 1898. Son of Edward F. and Margaret E. 
(Gibbons) Donnellan. Ed.: Medford H. Sch., 
1918; Georgetown Univ., 1919; Boston Coll., 

Record: 1915-18, mem. Medford H. Sch. F.B., 
B.B. and hockey teams (capt., B.B. and hockey 
teams, 1918; mem. Boston All-Scholastic teams, 
1917-18; F.B. and B.B. teams won New Eng. 
champ., 1918). 1919, mem. Georgetown Univ. 
varsity B.B. team (South Atlantic champs.). 
1921-22, mem. Boston Coll. varsity F.B. and 
hockey teams. 1922-23, played B.B. with Med- 
ford Twilight League. 1924-25, asst. F.B. coach, 
Medford H. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. Mil. Service: S.A.T.C., 
Georgetown Univ. ; Cen. Officers Training Sch., 
Camp Lee, Va., 1918. Affiliations: New Eng. 
Bd., F.B. Officials; I.O. Bd., F.B. Officials; 
Mem., Bd. of Aldermen, 1927-28 (Medford) ; 
K.C; Amer. Legion; Medford Boat Club; West 


Medford A.C. Offices 474 High St., W. Medford, 
Mass. Home: 47 Pitcher Ave., W. Medford, 

DONNELLY, EDWIN J., football, basketball 
and track. Born: Boston, Mass., Apr. 25, 1885. 
Son of Samuel B. and Mary (O'Connor) Don- 
nelly. Ed.: Boys' H. Sch. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) ; 
Trinity Coll. (Conn.) ; B.S., Columbia Univ., 
1908; Brooklyn Law Sch. 

Record: 1902-03, Regt. champ, record holder, 
obstacle race, 13th Regt., H.A.N.G., N.Y. 1903, 
capt, L.I. Intersch. handball team ; capt, L.I. 
Intersch. Bskt.B. team ; mem. Boys' H. Sch. F.B. 
team (East, champs.) ; mem. Natl. A.C. Bskt.B. 
team. 1904-05-06-07, mem. Trinity Coll. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams (1907, capt. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams). 1906-07, mem. Trinity Coll. 
B.B. team. 1907, mentioned by Walter Camp 
and Casper Whitney as tackle on All-Amer. F.B. 
team. 1908, F.B. coach, Asheville Sch., N.C. 
( South. Intersch. champs. ) . 1908-27, South, and 
West. F.B. Official. 1909, coach, Boys' H. Sch. 
(Brooklyn champs.). 1910, coach, Erasmus Hall 
H. Sch. 1923, dir., East. I.C. F.B. Officials Asso. 
1926, advisory F.B. coach, Trinity Coll. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment banker. Clubs: 
Willimantic C.C. ; Shenecossett C.C. ; Conn. 
Affiliated Exchange Clubs (State Pres.). Mar- 
ried: Lillian Dahill, Aug. 30, 1910. Children: 
John Dahill, age 16; Mary Elizabeth, age 14. 
Office: 66 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. Home: 
Willimantic, Conn. Subscriber. 

track and crew. Bom: Buffalo, N.Y., Jan. 1, 
1883. Son of Timothy P. and Anna (Lennon) 
Donovan. Ed.: Columbia Univ., A.B., 1905, 
LL.B., 1907. 

Record: 190305, mem. Columbia Univ. varsity 
F.B. team. 1904-05, mem. Columbia Univ. var- 
sity squad. 1906, mem. Columbia Univ. cross- 
country team. 

Pres. Occupation: The Asst. to the Attorney 
Gen. of the U.S. War Record: Capt., troop 1, 1st 
N.Y. Cavalry ; Capt.-Asst. Chief Staff, 27th Div. ; 
Maj.-Brig. Adjut, 51st Brigade, 27th Div. ; Maj.- 
165th Inf. (Old 69th, N.Y.) 42nd Div.; Lt. Col. 
and then Col., 165th Inf., 42nd Div. ; one of three 
men who hold all three of the following : D.S.M. 
(Distinguished Service Medal) ; D.S.C. (Distin- 
guished Service Cross) ; C.M.H. (Congressional 
Medal of Honor). Affiliations: Donovan & 
Raichle (law firm, Buffalo, N.Y.) ; Phi Kappa 
Psi; Phi Delta Phi. Clubs: Buffalo A.C; Rac- 
quet (N.Y. and Wash., D.C.) ; Univ. Club (N.Y.). 
Married: Ruth Rumsey, July 15, 1914. Children: 
David Rumsey, age 12 ; Patricia Rumsey, age 10. 
Office: Dept. of Justice, Wash., D.C. Home: 
742 Dela. Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 

quarterback, 1925. Born: W. Union, la., Dec. 
31, 1904. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford E. 

Record: 1920-21-22-23-24, mem. E. Waterloo 
Upper la. Univ., 1928. 

Dooley. Ed.: H. Sch. (E. Waterloo, la.) ; B.A., 
H. Sch. F.B. team (capt, All-State F.B., 1923- 
24). 1922, State H. Sch. wrestling champ. 
1922-23-24, mem. E. Waterloo H. Sch. track team. 
1924-25-26-27, mem. Upper la. Univ. F.B. team. 
1905, All-la. Conf. q.b. ; leading scorer of Conf. 
1925-26-27-28, mem. Upper la. State Bskt.B. and 
won prize of best student ath. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Hobby: Coaching. 
Office: Fayette, la. Home: 227 Independence 
Ave., Waterloo, la. 

DOOLITTLE, JAMES H., won Schneider in- 
ternational seaplane race, 1925. Born: Alameda, 
Calif., Dec. 14, 1896. Son of Frank H. and Rosa 
(Shepherd) Doolittle. Ed.: A.B., Univ. of Calif., 
1922; Mass. Inst, of Tech., M.S., 1924, D.Sch., 
1925; Aeronautical Engr., Mass. Inst, of Tech., 

Record: 1912, Pacific Coast amateur bantam 
weight boxing champ. 1916, West Coast I.C. 
middleweight boxing champ. 1922, one-stop 
flight from Jacksonville, Fla., to San Diego, 
Calif, (time 22 hrs. 30 min.). 1925, won Schnei- 
der Internatl. seaplane race (232 mi. per hr.) ; 
held world's speed record for seaplanes (245 
mi. per hr., since beaten). 

Pres. Occupation: 1st Lt., Army Air Corps. 
Mil. Service: Pilot in Army Air Corps from 1917 
to 1928 ; flying instr. during World War. Mar- 
rided: Josephine Daniels. Children: James H., 
Jr., age 7; John P., age 5. Address: Wright 
Field, Dayton, Ohio. 

Born: Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 8, 1883. Son of John 
Joseph and Margaret (Gardiner) Doonan. Ed.: 
Holy Cross Coll., 1903. 

Record: Played F.B. and Bskt.B. and B.B. 
Holy Cross Coll. 1902, mem. Atlanta Y.M.C.A. 
Bskt.B. team. 1907-28, Chrmn. Ath. Comm, At- 
lanta A.C. 1921, promoted So. Coll. Bskt.B. 
tournament ; Vice. Pres. S.E., A.A.U. ; Former 
Vice-Pres. Natl. A.A.U. ; Former mem. Bskt.B. 
Joint Rules Comm. 

Pres. Occupation: Real Estate. Affiliations: 

A.A.U. ; Atlanta A.C. ; K. of C. ; East Lake C.C. 
Hobby: Aths. Office: 615 Forsyth Bldg., Atlanta, 
Ga. Home: 886 Myrtle St., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

DORAIS, CHARLES E. f football. Born: 
Chippina Falls, Wis., July 2, 1892. Son of Da- 
vid and Melvina Dorais. Ed.: LL.B., Notre 
Dame, 1914; M.A., Columbia Coll. 



Record: 1912-13, All- West. q.b. 1913, All- 
Amer. on majority of selections. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir., Univ. of Detroit. 
War Record: Mem. A.E.F., Lt. during World 
War. Address: 16253 Petoshey St., Detroit, 

DOUGAN, TREVER C, Big 10 indoor Champ. 
440 yd. dash, 1927. Born: Oregon, Wis., April 5, 
1904. Son of W. J. and Eunice (Trevor) Dou- 
gan. Education: Beloit H. Sch., 1923 A. B. 
Univ. of Wis., 1928. 

Record: 1922-23, mem., Beloit H. Sch. F.B. 
team ; 1926, mem., Univ. of Wis. track team ; 
individual events, 1st in 440, indoor dual meet 
with Notre Dame, 1st in 440, outdoor dual meet 
with Minn., 1st in 440, outdoor quadrangular 
meet with N. West. Univ., Ohio State and Chi. ; 
1926-27, winner of "W" ; winner of trophy as 
fastest quarter-miler at Wis. ; 1927, Big Ten 
champ. (440-yd. dash) ; Big Ten champ, (indoor 
track meet). 

Present Occupation: Wis. Power & Light Co. 
Affiliations: Delta Upsilon. Hobby: Track. 
Married: Bernice Marion. Home: 1938 Kendall 
Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Bom: Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 15, 1896. Son 
of F. Herman and M. Mary (Loveland) Dowd. 
Minn., B.S., 1917, C.E., 1920. 

Record: 1915-17, mem. Univ. of Minn. Bskt.B. 
team (capt. and West. Conf. champ., 1917). 

Pres. Occupation: Sales mgr., N. West. Ter- 
minal Co. War Record: Mem. A.E.F., Capt. 
F.A., discharged 1919. Clubs: Minneapolis A.C. ; 
Gyro Club (Minneapolis, Minn.). Married: 
Frances Marion. Children: Addison Harvey, 
age 6 ; Barbara Lou, age 3. Office: 300 Oneida 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: Interlachen 
Pk., Hopkins, Minn. 

State Agr. Coll. football team, 1927. Born: 
Burlington, Kan., Aug. 26, 1903. Son of Robert 
and Alice Ema (Watt) Douglass. Ed.: B.S., 
Kan. State Agr. Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1925-26-27, mem. Kan. State Agr. 
Coll. F.B. team (capt., 1927). Chosen on all- 
Kan, team; capt., third all-Mo. Valley team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliation: Kappa ; 
Delta Tau Delta. Hobby: Golf. Address: Bur- 
lington, Kan. 

Yale track team, 1924. Bom: Castine, Me., Aug. 
22, 1897. Son of Frank Avery and Susan 
(Daniels) Douglas. Ed.: Phillips Exeter Acad. ; 
B.S., Yale, 1924. 

Record: 1916, mem. Phillips Exeter track 
team (won B.A.A. 1 mi. handicap). 1919, mem. 
Inter-Allied track and field team (team won 
Inter-Allied Armies champ, at Pershing Stadium, 
Paris, France). 1920-24, mem. Yale track team. 

1920, mem. Yale freshman cros-country team 
(team won cross-country champ.; won individ- 
ual 1st place, New Haven, Conn.) ; selected for 
All-Amer. Intersch. track team (1 mi. event). 

1921, mem. combined Yale-Harvard track team 
which defeated combined Oxford-Cambridge 
team in Cambridge, Mass. (won 2 mi. run in 
this meet, breaking Yale record; time, 9:32 1 / 6). 
1922-23-24, won three 2nd places in I.C.A.A.A.A. 
indoor and outdoor meets. 1923, mem. combined 
Yale-Harvard track team which met Oxford- 
Cambridge team in Wembly Stadium, London. 
1924, capt. Yale track team (team won I.C.A. 
A.A.A. champ., Cambridge, Mass.) 

Pres. Occupation: Mfgr., Amer. Radiator Co. 
(asst. mgr., 111. plant, Springfield, 111.) War 
Record: Enlisted in Marine Corps, Apr., 1917 ; 
mem. A.E.F., 4th Brigade Marines, 2nd Div. ; 
in Army of Occupation; twice decorated with 
Croix de Guerre. Hobby: Work and golf. Mar- 
ried: Frances Elliott, Nov. 20, 1924. Office: 1901 
S. 11th St., Springfield, 111. Home: 731 S. Grand 
St. W., Springfield, 111. 

DOUGHERTY, DAN B., B.B. Bom: Mason 
City, la., Nov. 11, 1883. Son of Patrick John 
and Anna (Walsh) Dougherty. Education: A. 
B., W. and J. Coll. ; Univ. of Chicago Law Sch. 

Record: 1903, mem. Duquesne Univ. (Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.) B.B. team; 1905-06, mem., W. and J. 
Coll. F.B. team; 1907, mem., Univ. Chicago 
F.B. team; 1908, coached St. Ignatius' Coll. 
(Chicago, 111.) ; mem. Marquettes Semi-Pro. 
B.B. (Chicago City League) ; 1909, coached 
F.B. and B.B. Grinnell Coll. (Grinnell, la.) ; 
mem. Spalding (Chicago City League) ; 1910, 
coached N. W. Mil. Acad. (Highland Park, 111.) 
F.B., Bskt. B. and B.B. teams; won state prep. 
Bskt. B. champ.; 1911, mem. Gary Steel team 
(Gary, Ind.) ; 1912-14, coached Freeport (111.) 
H. S. F.B., Bskt. B. and track teams ; 1914-15, 
won State H. S. champ, in Bskt. B. ; 1915, won 
Cornell Coll. H. S. track meet ; 1917, umpired 
B.B. during summer ; Pres. W. Pa. Bskt. B. 
Officials; Pres. Pittsburgh Chapter E. I. C. 
Asso. F.B. Officials, 1918-22; Pres. Pa. State 
Board of Approved Bskt. B. Officials, 1927; 
mem. Nat. Rules Com. ; Joint Rules Com. Bskt. 
B., 1927-28 ; officiated ten W. Conf. F.B. games ; 
writer for F.B. column known as "Tales of a 
Referee" for one of the Pittsburgh daily papers. 

Present Occupation: Dan B. Dougherty Co. 
(wholesale butter). Affiliations: Kiwanis Club 
(Pittsburgh, Pa.), Borough Council (Dormont, 
Pa.). Hobby: Officiating in all branches of 
athletics. Married: Faith Closson, Jan. 3, 1910. 
Office: 301 Ferry St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 
1365 Ark. Ave., Domont, Pa. 





DOWD, HEMAN LAWRENCE, football and 
track. Bom: Orange, N.J., Nov. 28, 1887. Son 
of F. Heman and M. Mary (Loveland) Dowd. 
Ed.: Newark Acad., 1905; A.B., Princeton, 1909; 
M.D., Columbia Univ., 1913. 

Record: Mem. Newark Acad. F.B. team, (3 
yrs.). 1905, mem. Newark Acad, track and gym. 
teams (Intersch. champ., gymist. ) ; mem. Prince- 
ton freshman F.B. team. 1906-08, mem. Prince- 
ton varsity F.B. team. 1906-09, mem. Prince- 
ton gym. team (runner-up I.C. all-around gym. 
champ., 1909). 1909, won 100-yd. dash and 
broad jump, Caledonian games ; mem. Princeton 
varsity track team ; fancy diver, Princeton 
swimming team. 1909-11, coach Princeton 
freshman F.B. team. 1910-12, coach Stevens 
Coll. (Hoboken, N.J.) F.B. team. 1913, coach 
W. and L. Univ. (Lexington, Va.) F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. War Record: 
1st Lieut., M.R.C., mem. A.E.F., 1918; Capt., 
1919. Affiliations: Fellow of Amer. Med. Asso. ; 
N.Y. Acad, of Med.; Co. and State Med. Soc. ; 
Speedwell Soc. ; Child Ed. Foundation ; Cup and 
Town Club (Princeton) ; "P" Club (Princeton). 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Alice Richard, May 24, 
1917. Children: Audrea, age 9. Office: 116 East 
58th St., N.Y.C., N.Y. Home: 168 East 74th St., 
N.Y.C., N.Y. 

DOWD, THOMAS BERNARD, football. Born: 
Worcester, Mass., Sept. 14, 1901. Son of James 
F. and Mary (Brown) Dowd. Ed.: St. John's 
Prep. Sch. ; A.B., Holy Cross Coll., 1923. 

Record: 1915-16-17-18, mem. St. John's Prep. 
Sch. varsity F.B. and Bskt. B. teams. 1921-22, 
mem. Holy Cross Coll. varsity F.B. team. 1924- 
25, scout for Providence Coll. and Steamrollers 
of same city (Pros.) ; mem. Purple Collegians 
pro. Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Prof, of physics (Holy Cross 
Coll.). Affiliations: Cen. Bd., F.B. Officials. 
Hobby: Swimming. Office: Holy Cros Coll., 
Worcester, Mass. Home: 510 Millbury St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

DOWLING, ROBERT W., marathon swim- 
mer. Bom: N. Y. C, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1895. Son 
of Robert E. and Minnetta (Linck) Dowling. 
Ed.: Cutler Sch. (N. Y. C). 

Record: 1913-28, mem. Spring Lake Bathing 
and Tennis Club swimming team. 1916, swam 
26 mi: in Hudson river, Battery to Yonkers ; 
first man to swim around Manhattan Island, 
a distance of 36 mi. in 13 hr. 45 min. 1918-28, 
mem. N. Y. A.C. swimming team. 1920-28, mem. 
Crescent A.C. and N. Y. A.C. handball teams. 
1926-28, chrmn. Long Distance Swimming Com. 
A.A.U. Swam in N. Y. Tribune marathon .swim, 
N. Y. to Sandy Hook. 

Pres. Occupation: Real estate. Naval Ser- 
vice: Coxswain, U. S. Navy, Pelham Bay, N. Y., 

1917-18. Affiliations: Vice-pres., N. Y. Dock 
Co. and Benenson Co. Clubs: Sprink Lake 
Bathing and Tennis ; N. Y. A.C. ; Crescent 
A.C. ; Downtown A.C. Hobby: Swimming. 
Married: Ethel Robertson, June 2, 1921. Office: 
165 Broadway, N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 375 Park 
Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

football. Born: Chittenango, N. Y., July 9, 
1856. Son of Abner P. and Harriet (Hamblin) 
Downer. Ed.: A.B., Yale, 1878. 

Record: 1876-77, mem., Yale B.A. and F.B. 

teams (capt., F.B. team, 1877). 1878, mem., 
Yale B.B. team (capt., 1877-78). 1882, mem., 
Crescent A.A. F.B. team, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; mem., 
Staten Island A.C. B.B. team. 

Present Occupation: Grain Commission. Af- 
filiations: Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scroll and 
Key, Yale. Hobby: Billiards and checkers. 
Married: Helen French, June 16, 1885. Chil- 
dren: Huntington and Hobart French Downer. 
Office: 15 Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Home: 111 Anderson PL, Buffalo, N. Y. 

DOWNEY, FRANK E., track. Born: Milwau- 
kee, Wis., Feb. 21, 1892. Son of William K. 
and Mary Jane (Coughlin) Downey. Ed.: B.S., 
Univ. of Wis., 1920. 

Record: 1913, mem. Univ. of Wis. relay track 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. and mgr. Downey 
Supply Co., Milwaukee, Wis. Naval Service: 
1st Lt. C.A.C. Office: 613 Clybourn St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. Home: 1188 Prospect St., Milwaukee, 

DOWNING, JAMES LeROY, ath. mgr. Born: 
Butler, Mo., Sept. 15, 1890. Son of Henry E. 
and Florence (Noland) Downing. Ed.: Eureka 
Kansas H. Sch. 

Record: Former heavyweight boxer and 
wrestler. 1923, mgr. Tommy Gibbons training 
camp for fight with Dempsey. Managed Big 
Ben Pound and Big Bill Middlekauf heavy- 
weight champs, and former coll. stars. 1925-28, 
handled all boxing matches in Tampa. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. 116 F.A. Military 
Service: More and Scott Ship Yard as mechanic, 
1918-19. Affiliations: Tampa A.C; Elks; Tem- 
ple Terrace C.C. Hobby: Hunting and baseball. 
Married: Nancy Lee, July, 1924. Office: Box 
3951, Tampa, Fla. Home: Temple Terrace Es- 
tates, Tampa, Fla. 

DOWNS, JAMES C, officiated at Natl. A.A.U. 
Born: St. Marys Co., Md., Nov. 26, 1882. Son of 
George J. and Catherine (Knott) Downs. Ed.: 
St. Marys Co. Public Schs. 




Record: 1923-28, officiated at So. Atlantic 
A.A.U. meets ; ath. dir. and instr. in firearms, 
Balto. police dept. 1925, organizer Balto. police 
dept. revolver team ; competed in natl. matches. 
1926, officiated Natl. A.A.U. champ meet Phila. ; 
Seagert champs. 1927, won revolver champs, of 
Md. ; officiated at 1st Inter-Natl. police games. 

Pres. Occupation: Lt. police dept. Affiliations: 
Dir. Balto. Police A.A. ; A.A.U. boxing comm. ; 
Natl. Rifle Asso. ; U.S. Revolver Asso. ; Press C. 
Hobby: Shooting and firearms. Married: Anna 
Enrich, Sept. 16, 1905. Children: James A., age 
21. Office: Police Dept., Balto., Md. Home: 61 
Mallow Hill Ave., Balto., Md. 

champ. 1911, ranked number 5 in U. S. doubles. 
1916, finalist in Natl, clay court champ., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 1917, won Middle Atlantic sectional 
tennis champ. ; selected by Natl. Lawn Tennis 
Asso. to rep. East in East-West tennis matches 
at Los Angeles, Calif. 1920, retired undefeated 
Middle Atlantic tennis champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Agronomist, U. S. Dept. of 
Agri. Clubs: Columbia C.C. (life mem.) ; Chevy 
Chase C.C; Argyle C.C. (Md.). Hobby: Golf. 
Married: Regina Sheckles, June 8, 1907. Chil- 
dren: Frederick Bartling, age 19; Helen Louise, 
age 16. Office: U. S. Dept. of Agri., Wash., D. 
C. Home: 641 Quebec PI. N.W., Wash., D. C. 

DOYAL, ROY LANCE, football and track 
Born: Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 20, 1899. Son of 
P. M. and Katie M. (Hogue) Doyal. Ed.: Tech. 
H. Sch., 1917 ; B.S., Ga. Tech Univ., 1921. 

Record: 1918-19-20, mem. Ga. Tech Univ. var- 
sity F.B. team. 1919, mem. Ga. Tech. Univ. 
varsity track team. 1921-22, asst. coach Tech. 
H. Sch. F.B. team. 1923-24, head coach Bass H. 
Sch., Atlanta, (Ga.) F.B. team. 1925-26-27, 
coach Boys H. Sch. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. War Service: En- 
listed U.S.M., Sept. 1918; disch. Jan., 1919. 
Affiliations Theta Chi; Phi Psi; Mason. Hobby: 
Aths. Married: Nell E. Paille, Oct. 11, 1923. 
Children: Nell E., age 3; Roy L., Jr., infant. 
Office: Boys H. Sch., Atlanta, Ga. Home: 939 
Pechmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

DOYLE, BERNARD J., basketball and base- 
ball. Born: N. Y. C, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1885. Son 
of Thomas and Ellen E. (Barry) Doyle. Ed.: 
St. France (Brooklyn, N. Y.), 1904. 

Record: 1905, coached Atlantic Fleets win- 
ning track team (U.S.S. Ky.). 1906-07, mem. 
U.S.S. Louisiana crew. 1908, mem. U.S.S. Va. 
crew and capt. F.B. team. 1909-27, mem. Seaman 
Gunners (Wash., D. C.) F.B. team. 1923-28, 
sec.-treas. Wash. D. C. B.B. Umpirers' Asso. ; 
mem. Cen. Bd. Bskt.B. Officials. 

Pres. Occupation: Supervisor U. S. Naval Gun 
Factory. Affiliations: Elks. Hobby: Baseball. 
Married: Ida R. Bateman, Dec. 26, 1908. Chil- 
dren: Dorothy Ellen, age 17 ; Virginia Elizabeth, 
age 15; Edna Frances, age 11. Office: Navy 
Yard, Wash., D. C. Home: 739 6th St., S.E., 
Wash., D. C. 

Wash., D. C, Aug. 12, 1884. Son of Staughton 
S. and Mary (Palmer) Doyle. Ed.: Tech. H. 
Sch. (Wash., D. C.) ; George Wash. Univ. 

Record: 1903 to 1906, 1908 to 1910, held Wash., 
D. C. tennis champ. 1906-12, held Middle Atlan- 
tic tennis champ. 1909-11, All-South, tennis 
champ. 1910-11, won South, sectional doubles 

University Baseball team, 1924-26. Born: Wind- 
sor, Mo., Nov. 16, 1905. Son of Dr. C. A. and 
Martha (Stark) Draper. Ed.: Palo Alto H. 
Sch.; A.B., Stanford, 1926; M.B.A., Harvard, 

Record: 1920-21, mem. Palo Alto H. Sch. B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1924-26, mem. Stanford B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Zeta 
Psi; Phi Phi; Staplers' Club (Boston, Mass.). 
Office: 1616 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Mass. Home: 
731 Univ. Ave., Palo Alto, Calif. 

Born: Fresno, Calif., Oct. 14. 1906. Son of 
Alfred Henry and Martha (Zimmerman) Dres- 
sell. Ed.: Lindsay H. Sch., 1924; Wash. State 
Coll., 1925. 

Record: 1921-24, mem. Lindsay H. Sch. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1923-24, mem. Lindsay H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team. 1925, mem. Wash. State Coll. 
freshman F.B. team. 1926-27, mem. Wash. State 
Coll. varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Sigma 
Nu; Gray "W" Club (Wash. State Coll.). 
Hobby: Football and coaching. School: 510 
Montgomery St., Pullman, Wash. Home: 489 N. 
Elemwood Ave., Lindsay, Calif. 

DRESSER, HENRY OWEN, baseball. Born: 
Manhattan, Kans., Oct. 2, 1891. Son of Milard 
F. and Alice J. (Sharp) Dresser. Ed.: Man- 
hattan Public Sch. ; B.S., Kans. State Agr. Coll., 
1914; B.P.E., Springfield Coll., 1917; Harvard, 

Record: 1910-14, organizer and mgr. Manhat- 
tan (Kans.) semi-pro. B.B. team (State semi- 
pro, champs., 1913-14). 1911-14, mem. Kans. 
State Agr. Coll. B.B. team, (capt., 1914). 1912- 
14, mem. Kans. State Agr. Coll. varsity F.B. 
team -(State champs., 1912). 1914-15, coach 
Abilene H. Sch. F.B. and B.B. teams (won H. 
Sch. League champ.). 1915-16, mem. Springfield 
Coll. F.B. team. 1916, mem. Goodland (Kans.) 



pro. club B.B. team. 1916-17, mem. Springfield 
Coll. varsity B.B. team. 1917, coach Englewood 
H. Sch. F.B. team. 1920-24, ath. dir. and coach, 
Springfield Tech. H. Sch. (N. England Bskt.B. 
champs., 1921; N. England B.B. champs., 1922- 
23). 1924-28, head B.B. coach and asst. F.B. 
coach, Univ. of Vt., (Burlington, Vt.). 

Pres. Occupation: Head B.B. coach Naval 
Service: Enlisted naval aviation, U.S.N.F.G., 
1918, station Seattle, Wash. Affiliations: Elks; 
Wabanokie G.C. Hobby: Golf, hunting and fish- 
ing. Married: Hazel Merlin Cooley, May 25, 
1918. Children: Henry Owen, Jr., age 8. Office: 
Gym. Bldg., Burlington, Vt. Home: 1906 S. 
Union St., Burlington, Vt. 

DRETCHKO, AL L., baseball. Born: Gay- 
lord, Minn., Jan. 21, 1886. Son of Wm. and 
Louisa (Korth) Dretchko. Ed.: Univ. of Minn., 
Ph.C., LL.B. 

Record: 1907, mem. Univ. of Minn, champ. 
B.B. team. 1909, mem. Alexandria, Minn. B.B. 
team. 1910, mem. St. Paul A.A.C., Seattle A.A.C. 
and N. West. League B.B. teams. 1911, mem. 
Colgary Club B.B. team (West. Can. League 
champs.). 1912, mem. Aberdeen, S. Dak. League 
B.B. team. 1912-26, mem. semi-pro. B.B. teams 
throughout Minn. State. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty-at-law. Affiliations: 
Elks; Mason; Scottish Rite; Shriner; Phi Del- 
ta Chi ; pres. Minneapolis Amateur B.B. Asso. ; 
treas. Hennepin Co. Bar Asso. Hobby: Base- 
ball and amateur athletics. Office: 654 Mc- 
Knight Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 1115 
West Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

municipal tennis champion, 1924-27. Bom: Han- 
nibal, Mo., Sept. 29, 1897. Bon of Rev. Chris- 
topher F. and Laura (Motz) Drewes. Ed.: 
Yeatman H. Sch., St. Louis, Mo., 1916; Wash. 

Record: 1914-15, mem. Yeatman H. Sch. 
Bskt.B. team, (St. Louis H. Sch. champs.). 
Pres. holder St. Louis H. Sch. scoring record in 
one game (32 points). 1914-15-16, Yeatman H. 
Sch. tennis team, (St. Louis H. Sch. champ.). 
1916-18-21-24-25-26-27-28, St. Louis municipal ten- 
nis champ. 1917-18-19-20-21-24-25, St. Louis city 
tennis champ. 1917-19-22, Cen. States tennis 
champ. 1918-19, Mo. State tennis champ. 1921, 
Mo. Valley tennis champ. 1924-25-26-27, nat. 
municipal tennis champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Sports writer and ins. 
Naval Service: Naval unit of S.A.T.C., Wash. 
Univ. Affiliations: The St. Louis Star Travelers 
Ins. Co. ; O'Fallon Park Tennis C. ; Municipal 
A.A. (St. Louis, Mo.). Hobby: German shepherd 
dogs. Married: Mildred Schafer. Children: 
Dorothy Rae, age 6; Marjorie Elma, age 3; 

Theodore Raymond, Jr., infant. Office: St. Louis 
Star, St. Louis, Mo. Home: 3723 Salome Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

DRISCOLL, EGBERT G., track. Born: St. 
Paul, Minn., Feb. 20, 1897. Son of Arthur 
Brown and Helen (Gotzian) Driscoll. Ed.: 
Hotchkiss Sch. ; A.B., Yale, 1920. 

Record: 1919-20, mem. Yale track and relay 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. sec, Indianapolis Life 
Ins. Co. Mil. Service: 2nd Lt. air service ; flying 
instr. at time of discharge. Clubs: Woodstock. 
Married: Mary Cumming. Office: Indianapolis 
Life Ins. Co., Indianapolis, Ind. Home: 4425 
Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

DRIVER, JAMES GLENN, coach. Born: 
Harrisonburg, Va., Aug. 10, 1889. Son of A. B. 
and Fannie (Curry) Driver. Ed.: William and 
Mary Coll.; Univ. of Va., 1911. 

Record: 1906-09, mem. William and Mary 
Bskt.B. team (capt., 1909) ; mem. William and 
Mary track team (capt., 1909) ; mem. William 
and Mary B.B. team (capt, 1909). 1907-09, H. 
B. William and Mary F.B. team (capt., 1909) ; 
picked All-State H.B., 1909. 1910, H.B. Univ. 
of Va. F.B. team. 1910-11, mem. Univ. of Va. 
Bskt.B. team. 1911, mem. Univ. of Va. track 
and B.B. teams. 1911-12-13, dir. Univ. of S. C. 
Aths. 1916-17, coach 81st Div. Camp Jackson 
F.B. team; head coach Newberry Coll. (S. C.) 
F.B. team. 1919-23, dir. and head coach William 
and Mary Aths. 1924-28, dir. Univ. S. C. Aths. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. Dir. War Service: En- 
listed 1918 ; U.S.A.I. ; O.T.C. 1918 ; Capt., 1918 ; 
Instr. Aths. Phys. Training and Bayonet Fight- 
ing; Disch. Capt. July, 1919. Affiliations: Natl. 
F.B. coaches Asso. ; Kappa Sigma ; Phi Delta 
Kappa ; Cottillion C. ; Tarrentella C. ; Forest 
Lake C.C. (S. C.) ; Ridgewood C.C. (S.C.). 
Hobby: golf. Office: Univ. of S. C, Columbia, 
S. C. Home: Beaver Dam, Va. 

DRIVER, WILLIAM LLOYD, football and 
basketball. Born: Sarcoxie, Mo., Nov. 7, 1884. 
Son of William Jackson and Dean (Eads) 
Driver. Ed.: A.B., Univ. of Mo., 1909 ; Univ. of 
Miss. Med. Coll.; Univ. of Calif, (summer sch.) ; 
Harvard (summer sch.) ; Univ. of 111. (summer 
sch. ) . 

Record: 1906-07-08, mem. Univ. of Mo. F.B. 
team (All-Valley end, 1907-08). 1907-08, mem. 
Univ. of Mo. Bskt.B. team. 1908, mem. Univ. of 
Mo. track team. 1909-10, coach Cen. H. Sch. 

(Kansas City, Mo.). 1910-13, ath. dir. and head 
coach, Washburn Coll. (Topeka, Kans.). 1913- 
15, ath. dir. and head coach Univ. of Miss. 

(Oxford, Miss.). 1915-20, ath. dir. Texas A. & 





M. Coll. 1920-22, ath. dir. and head coach Texas 
Christian Univ. 1923-28, ath. dir. and head 
coach Calif. Aggies. 

Pres. Occupation: Head coach Calif. Aggies. 
Affiliations: Elks; Mason; Kappa Sigma; Mysti- 
cal Seven. Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Mar- 
ried: Sarah Scudder, Nov. 6, 1919. Children: 
Margaret Celete, age 1. Office: Gym., Davis, 
Calif. Home: 4625 P St., Sacramento, Calif. 


pole vaulting, 1928 Olympic team. Born: Chi- 
cago, 111., Oct. 7, 1906. Son of Herman L. and 
Marie (Walhl) Droegemueller. Ed.: Morgan 
Prep. Mil. Acad. ; B.S., Northwestern Univ., 

Record: 1924, mem. Northwestern Univ. fresh- 
man F.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 1925-26, 
mem. Northwestern Univ. varsity track team 
(placed 3rd Big Ten outdoor meet, pole vaulting, 
12 ft. 6 in.). 1926-27, won pole vault champ. Big 
Ten outdoor meet, est. new record, 13 ft. 3 ins. ; 
won Natl. Collegiate meet pole vault champ, 13 
ft.; est. new pole vaulting record, 111. relays, 13 
ft. 3/4 in. ; won pole vault, Big Ten indoor 
meet, est. new record, 13 ft. 2y 2 ins. (also new 
world's record) ; est. new Central A.A.U. rec- 
ord, 13 ft. Tied for vault champ. Kans. and 
Drake relays, 13 ft. 6% ins., Madison-Quad- 
rangle meet ; placed 2nd in I.C. meet ; placed 
2nd, Natl. A.A.U. champ., Olympic tryouts, 
pole vault, 13 ft., 9 ins. 

Pres. Occupation: Medical Student. Affilia- 
tions: Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Rho Sigma ; 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Sigma Xi. Address: 531 
Oakdale, Chicago, 111. 

DRLRY, CLIFTON M., capt. Chicago Y.M.C.A. 
Coll. football team, 1927. Born: Girard, Pa., 
Apr. 9, 1898. Son of Lee and Zaldei (Lawdey) 
Drury. Ed.: Chicago Y.M.C.A. Coll. 

Record: 1925-26-27-28, mem. Chicago Y.M.C.A. 
Coll. F.B. team (capt, 1927). 1924, mem. Chi- 
cago Y.M.C.A. Coll. freshman Bskt.B. team. 
1925-26-27, mem. Chicago Y.M.C.A. Coll. Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Mil. Service: 
Hdqrs. Co. 14th F.A. April 6, 1918; discharged 
May 4, 1920 at Fort Sill, Okla. as Regt. Sergt. 
Maj. Affiliations: Sigma Delta Alpha ; "A" Club ; 
Gamma Tau Kappa ; "C" Club. Hobby: Collect- 
ing Butterflies. Office: 5332 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 
111. Home: Girard, Pa. 

DRUMM, DONALD DAVID, football, basket- 
ball and baseball. Born: Marietta, Ohio, Oct. 
24, 1887. Son of David and Susan (Wolf) 
Drumm. Ed.: Marietta Acad., 1911; B.A., Mari- 
etta Coll., 1915. 

Record: 1906-11, mem. Marietta Coll. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams (capt., 2 yrs.). Mem. 
Canton Pro. champ. F.B. team. Played pro B.B. 
(10 yrs.). 1912-17, head coach and ath. dir. 
Marietta Coll. (won Tri-State Bskt.B. champ., 
1915-16) . 1919-20, head coach and ath. dir. W. Va. 
Wesleyan. Capt. and mgr. several Pro. B.B. 
teams. Won canoeing- and swimming prizes. 
OfQciating F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. Ohio Conf. 
and W. Va. schs. and colls. (15 yrs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman Remington-Rand 
Business Corp. War Record: Enlisted 1917, 
comnd. 1st lieut. 89th Div., Camp Funsten, Kan- 
sas, 1918 ; mem. A.E.F., discharged 1919. Affilia- 
tions: Mason; K.T. ; Shriner ; Elk; Amer. 
Legion ; Alpha Tau Omega ; Ohio Asso. of F.B. 
Officials; Agonis Club; "M" Club (Marietta 
Coll.). Hobby: Swimming,' hunting and canoe- 
ing. Office: 10 East Lynn St., Columbus, Ohio. 
Home: 707 8th St., Marietta, Ohio. 

ball and hockey. Bom: Waterville, Me., Sept. 
14, 1907. Son of Albert Foster and Josephine 
(Prince) Drummond. Ed.: Colburn Classical 
Inst.; Colby Coll. 

Record: 1921-22, mem. Colburn Classical Inst. 
B.B. team. 1921-24, mem. Colburn Classical Inst. 
F.B. team (selected All-Me. h.b., 1923-24). 1922- 
24, mem. Colburn Classical Inst, hockey team 
(capt. and state champs., 1923-24). 1924-27, 
mem. Colby Coll. F.B. and track teams (All-Me. 
f.b.). 1924-28, mem. Colby Coll. hockey team 
(capt., 1927-28). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Delta 
Kappa Epsilon. School: Delta Kappa Epsilon 
House, Waterville, Me. Home: 66 Burliegh St., 
Waterville, Me. 

DUANE, MORRIS, tennis player and official 
U.S.L.T.A. Bom: Philadelphia, Pa., Mar. 
20, 1901. Son of Russell and Mary (Morris) 
Duane. Ed.: The Protestant Episcopal Acad. 
(Philadelphia) ; St. George's Sch. (Newport, 
R. I.) ; A. B. Harvard, 1923; Univ. of Pa. Law 
Sch.; LL.B., John B. Stetson Univ. Law Sch., 

Record: Mem., St. George's Sch. B.B., Bskt. 
B. and tennis teams (Capt. tennis, 1918-19). 
1920, Capt. Harvard freshman tennis team. 
1921-22-23, mem., Harvard tennis team (Capt. 
1922-23) ; mem., winning Harvard-Yale Internat. 
Tennis teams in matches against Oxford and 
Cambridge (Capt. 1923) Titles held: 1918, N. J. 
State Jr. Champ. ; 1920, Berkshire Champ. ; 
Merion Cricket Club Jr. Champ; 1921-22, Har- 
vard Champ. Competed Newport Invitation, 
Southhamption Invitation, U. S. Nat. Champ. 
Tournaments. 1924-25-26, mem., T. C. Com. 
U.S.L.T.A. 1924-25-26-27, mem., Internatl. I. C. 
Com. U.S.L.T.A. 1927, Chrmn. Special I. C. 
Com. U.S.L.T.A. 







Present Occupation: Lawyer, Duane, Morris 
and Heckscher Law Firm. Affiliations: Dir. 
Natural Farm Products Co. ; Merion Cricket 
Club ; Harvard Varsity Club ; Delta Psi ; First 
City Troop of Phila. ; Soc. Descendants of Sign- 
ers Declaration of Independence. Hobby: Ten- 
nis. Married: Maud S. Harrison, June 11, 1927. 
Office: 1617 Land Title Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: 
357 Lancaster Ave., Haverford, Pa. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman Pacific Mills. Mil. 
Service: French Army, May 1917 to Dec. 1917 ; 
U. S. Naval Aviation, Aug. 1918 to Nov. 1918; 
discharged Chief Q.M. Clubs: Amakassin (Yon- 
kers, N. Y.) ; Yale (N. Y. C). Hobby: Tennis 
and golf. Married: Dorothy Reed Gilbert. Chil- 
dren: Anne Gilbert, infant. Office: 24 Thomas 
St., N. Y. C. Home: 72 Kensington Rd., Bronx- 
ville, N. Y. 

Marquette, Mich., July 10, 1869. Son of Walton 
and Ann (Dalliba) Duane. Ed.: A.B., Har- 
vard, 1892. 

Record,: 1892, mem. Harvard track team (low 
hurdles, pole vault, and broad jump). 

Pres. Occupation: Retired ; formerly vice-pres. 
Bankers Trust Co., N. Y. Married: Ethel Phelps, 
May 30, 1902. Address: Santa Barbara, Calif. 

DUDGEON, MATHEW S., baseball and ten- 
nis. Born: Madison, Wis., June 18, 1871. Son of 
Richard and Dilla (Ball) Dudgeon. Ed.: A.B., 
A.M., Baker Univ. (Kan.) ; LL.B., Univ. of Wis. 

Record: Mem. Baker Univ. (Kan.) Varsity 
B.B. and Tennis teams (I. C). Mem. Univ. of 
Wis. Varsity B. B. team (I. C). 

Pres. Occupation: Librarian, Milwaukee Pub. 
Library. War Record: Pvt. Spanish Amer. War ; 
Mgr. Camp Libraries, World War; mem. A.E.F. 
Affiliations: Dir. Wis. Life Ins. Co. ; past pres. 
Madison and Milwaukee (Wis.) Kiwanis C's. ; 
Milwaukee City C. Hobby: Golf, baseball and 
football. Married: Mabel Cunningham, 1900. 
Children: Lucile, age 23; Edith, age 16. Office: 
814 Wis. Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Home: 724 Hac- 
kett Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Born: Guilford, Conn., Aug. 25, 1880. Son of 
James A. and Emaline (Griswold) Dudley. Ed.: 
B.A., Stanford, 1908; Yale, 1909. 

Record: 1905-06, mem. Stanford B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Fruit growing. Affiliations: 
Delta Upsilon ; Chamber of Commerce ; mem. 
Regional Council of Calif. Development Asso. ; 
Amer. Foresters Soc. ; Dir-sec. Mayflower Fruit 
Asso. Hobby: Forestry and conservation. Mar- 
ried: Helen Annette Lewis, July 7, 1909. Ad- 
dress: Mineral King Highway, Exeter, Calif. 

DUDLEY, HENRY LEWIS, JR., track. Born: 
N. Y. C, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1898. Son of H. L. and 
Annie Cumming (Wood) Dudley. Ed.: Phillips 
Andover Acad., 1916; A.B., Yale, 1920. 

Record : 1915-16, mem. Phillips Andover cross 
country and track teams (capt, cross country 
team, 1916). 1917, mem. Yale freshman cross 
country team (runner-up in Yale-Harvard race). 
1919-20, mem. Yale varsity cross country and 
track teams. 

DUFF, HARRY, golf. Born: St. Andrews, 
Scotland, Dec. 14, 1881. Son of David and Grace 
Duff. Ed.: Public Sch. (St. Andrews, Scotland). 

Record: 1914-21, golf pro., Louisville C.C. 
1916, competed West, open golf tournament (Mil- 
waukee, Wis.). 1921, qualified Natl, open golf 
tournament (Columbus, Ohio.). 1922-24, golf 
pro. Englewood C.C. (Nashville, Tenn.). 1924- 
28, golf pro. Idle Hour C.C. (Macon, Ga.). 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Affiliations: Ma- 
son ; Shriner ; Scottish Rite ; Idle Hour C.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Catherine Cunningham, 
Dec. 15, 1911. Address: Idle Hour C.C, Macon, 

ton baseball nine, 1879-87. Born: Princeton, 
N. J., Aug. 16, 1859. Son John T. and Sarah 
Elizabeth (Green) Duffield. Ed.: A.B., Prince- 
ton, 1881. 

Record: 1879-80-81-86-87, mem. Princeton 
B.B. team (champs., 1880). 

Pres. Occupation: Treas., Princeton. Affilia- 
tions: Dir. 1st Nat'l. Bank, (Princeton N. J.) ; 
pres. Nassau Bldg. and Loan Asso., (Princeton, 
N. J.); chmn., Princeton Community Trust; 
mem. borough council, (Princeton, N. J.) ; 
Princeton A.A. ; Princeton Adv. Com. on Ath. ; 
pres. Nassau Club. Hobby: Baseball and foot- 
ball. Married: Florence Morrell, Nov. 8, 1899. 
Children: Susan C, age 27 ; Daniel M., age 24 ; 
Florence E., age 17 ; Henrietta G., age 15 ; Cor- 
nelia J., age 13. Office: Univ. Campus, Prince- 
ton, N. J. Home: 130 Library PI., Princeton, 
N. J. 

DUFFY, JAMES P. B., crew. Born: Roches- 
ter, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1878. Son of Walter B. and 
Theresa H. (O'Dea) Duffy. Ed.: A.B., George- 
town Univ., 1901 ; LL.B., Harvard, 1904. 

Record: 1897-98, mgr. Georgetown Univ. F.B. 
team. 1899-1900, mgr. Georgetown Univ. track 
team. 1900-01, mem. Georgetown Univ. varsity 
crew. 1902, mem. Harvard Law Sch. crew (es- 
tabd. record for the Charles River of 9 min. 
15% sec). 1903-04, mem. Harvard varsity crew. 
1905, mem. crew of Harvard men (crew won the 
senior eight-oared shell 4th of July Annual Re- 
gatta, Phila.,). Pa. 








Affiliations: Natl. Bank of Rochester (dir.) ; 
Duffy Powers, Inc., Dept. Store (pres., treas. 
and dir.) ; Fitzhugh Land & Bldg. Corp. (pres., 
treas. and dir.) ; Terminal Bldg. Inc. (dir.) ; 
Lafayette Hotel Co., Buffalo (vice-pres. and 
dir.); K.C. ; Rochester Chamber of Commerce 
(Trustee) ; Rochester Community Chest, Inc. 
(dir.) ; mem. Rochester Bd. Ed. Clubs: Genesee 
Valley; Univ. Club (Rochester); Georgetown 
(Rochester; pres.); Harvard (Rochester; 
pres.) ; Harvard (N. Y.) ; Harvard Varsity 
(Boston); Rochester A.C. ; C.C. of Rochester; 
Oak Hill C.C; Brook-Lea C.C; Rochester 
Yacht. Hobby: Books and photography. Office: 
1012 Union Trust Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. Home: 
Hotel Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. 

DUFFY, WILLIAM M., football. Born: 
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 24, 1888. Son of M. J. and 
Maria (Corbett) Duffy. Ed.: Louisville Male H. 
Sch. ; Central Coll., A.B. and LL.B. 

Record: 1904-07, mem. Louisville Male H. 
Sch. F.B. team (capt, 1906). 1906-07, capt. 
Louisville Male H. Sch. B.B. team. 1908-10, 
mem. Central Coll. F.B. team (capt., 1909), 
1911, capt. Central Coll. B.B. team. 1911-14, 
head F.B. coach, Louisville Male H. Sch. 1915- 
16, head F.B. coach Univ. of Louisville. 1919-28, 
officiated in F.B. games in Ky. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, State Senator of 
Ky. Mil. Service: Enlisted in light arty., 26th 
training battery, Camp Taylor and Camp Knox. 
Affiliations: Amer. Legion; Ky. F.B. Officials 
Asso. ; South Park Fishing Club. Hobby: Offi- 
ciating in F.B., fishing. Married: Jeannette 
Bennett, Apr., 15, 1914. Children: Annabelle, 
age 11; William M., Jr., age 8. Office: 808 
Realty Bldg., Louisville, Ky. Home: 4143 
Beavy St., Louisville, Ky. 

DUGGAN, JOSEPH B., basketball. Born: 
Chicago, 111., Mar. 21, 1902. Son of Bernard D. 
and Nellie (Doyle) Duggan. Ed.: Univ. of Chi- 
cago, Ph.B., 1924, J.D., 1926. 

Record: 1922-24, mem. Univ. of Chicago 
Bskt.B. team (West. Conf. champs., 1924). 
1924-28, F.B. official. Coach, St. Reta H. Sch., 
Chicago, 111. 

Pres. Occupation: Attorney. Affiliations: Sig- 
ma Chi ; Phi Delta Phi ; Ath. Officials Asso. of 
Amer. Hobby: Golf. Married: Norma Harney, 
Oct. 1, 1927. Office: 33 S. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 
Home: 7710 S. Shore Drive, Chicago, 111. 

DUNCAN, ALEC, professional golfer. Born: 
Aberdeen, Scotland, Nov. 9, 1886. Son of George 
and Isabel (Taylor) Duncan. Ed.: Broomhill 
Sch. (Aberdeen). 

Record: 1893, started playing golf, Public 
Links of Aberdeen, at age of seven yrs. 1908-09- 
10, asst. golf instr, Hanger Hill G.C, Ealing- 

Landas, Eng. 1911-16, golf instr. Phila. Cricket 
Club. 1917-23, golf instr. Chicago G.C, Wheaton, 
111. 1924-28, golf pro. Phila. Cricket Club. 1925- 
28, golf pro. Penn. A.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Golf pro. Penn. A.C. and 
Phila. Cricket Club. Affiliations: Pro. Golfers' 
Asso. Married: Louise Day, Dec. 6, 1914. Chil- 
dren: Freda, age 13. Office: Phila. Cricket Club, 
Phila., Pa. Home: 358 W. Mt. Airy Ave., Phila., 

Savona, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1903. Son of Robert and 
Helene (Moore) Duncan. Ed.: Mount Hermon 
Sch., 1921; A.B., Princeton, 1925; M.A., Prince- 
ton Graduate Coll., 1926; Ph.D., Princeton 
Graduate Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1920, mem. Mount Harmon Sch. 
cross country team. 1921-22, mem. Princeton 
freshman track team. 1923-24-25, mem. Prince- 
ton track team (team held "Big Three" champ., 
defeating Yale and Harvard). 1925, competed 
as mem. Princeton-Cornell track team in Inter- 
natl. track meet with Oxford-Cambridge. 1927- 
28, coach Princeton cross country team. 

Pres. Occupation: Graduate student. Clubs: 
Arbor Inn (Princeton). Hobby: Cross country 
coaching. Office: Graduate Coll., Princeton, N. 
J. Home: Cleverdale on Lake George, N. Y. 

track. Born: Davenport, la., June 23, 1903. Son 
of Henry and Louise (Richter) Dunker. Ed.: 
Davenport H. Sch.; Phillips Exeter Acad.; A.B., 
Harvard, 1925 ; Harvard Grad. Sch. of Business 

Record: 1922-24, mem. Harvard F.B. team. 
1923-24-25, mem. Harvard track team (capt., 
1925 ; mem. combined Harvard-Yale track team 
vs. Oxford-Cambridge, 1923-25). 1924-25, mem. 
Com. of Regulation of Ath. Sports, Harvard. 
1926, asst. track coach, Harvard. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment Banking. Clubs: 
Harvard Varsity. Married: Elizabeth Dennison, 
June 23, 1926. Children: Elizabeth, age 1. Office: 
Lee Higginson & Co., 70 Federal St., Boston, 
Mass. Home: 55 Harvard St., Newtonville, Mass. 

DUNLAP, DAVID LEWIS, football and track. 
Born: Hazel Green, Dela. Co., la. Son of James 
Bruce and Clara Margaret (Combsbock) Dun- 
lap. Ed.: B.S., Lenox Coll. (la.) ; M.D., Univ. 
of Mich. 

Record: 1902-05, mem. Univ. of Mich. F.B. 
team. 1903-06, mem. Univ. of Mich, track team, 
(won shot put, West. conf. meet, 1905-06; won 
shot put Cen. A.A.U. champ, meet, 1906). 1906, 
ath. dir. and coach, Kenyon Coll. (Ohio). 1907, 





ath. dir. and coach, Mich. Mil. Acad., (Orchard 
Lake, Mich.). 1908-12, ath. dir. and coach, 
Univ. of N. Dak. 1912, ath. dir. and coach, Alle- 
gheny Coll. (Meadville, Pa.). 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Office: 508 
Kresge Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Home: 81 Davison 
St., Highland Pk., Mich. 

DUNN, W. L., football. Born: Canastota, 
N. Y., Mar. 1, 1898. Son of Nelson J. and Min- 
nie (Humphrey) Dunn. Education: M. E., 
Southwestern Normal Sch., 1915 ; Westminster 
Coll. ; B. S., Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1920. 

Record: 1913-14, mem., S. West. Normal Sch. 
F.B. (capt. 1914) and Bskt. B. teams; 1914-15, 
mem., S. West. Normal tennis and B.B. Capt. 
1915) teams; capt. S. West, Normal F.B. team; 
1916-17, mem., . Westminster Coll. F.B. and 
Bskt. B. teams; 1917, mem., Westminster Coll. 
B.B. team; 1917-18, mem., Westminster Coll. 
Bskt. B. and tennis team. 

Present Occupation: Sec.-treas. Lutz & 
Schramm Co. Affiliations: Sec. Schleihauf Bros. 
Co., Cen. Bd. F.B. Officials; Samuel Hamilton 
Lodge No. 746, F. & A. M. ; Ancient Accepted 
Scottish Rite; Syria Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. 
(Pittsburgh, Pa.) ; Wilmas Club (Wilkinsburg, 
Pa.). Hobby: Officiating F.B. and Bskt. B., 
golfing and tennis. Married: Ethel Miller. Chil- 
dren: W. Robert, age 6; Samuel J., age 2. 
Office: 1412 River Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Home: 
304 Biddle Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

DUNNE, MAURICE F., football and baseball. 
Born: River Forest, 111., Mar. 12, 1895. Son of 
Edward F. and Elizabeth (Kelly) Dunne. Ed.: 
LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1917. 

Record: 1914-15-16, mem. Univ. of Mich, 
varsity F.B. team. 1916-17, mem. Univ. of Mich, 
varsity B.B. team. (All- Western end, 1916). 

Pres. Occupation: Foundry business. War 
Record : 1917-18, 1st Lt. C.A.C. ; 5th batty. C.A.O. ; 
1918-19, 45th. regt. C.A.C. Batty. D. France. 
Affiliations: Phi Kappa Psi; Univ. C. (Chicago) ; 
Chicago Yacht C. Married: Janet Pyott. Chil- 
dren: Janet, age 5; Maurice F., Jr., age 1. 
Office: 328 N. Sangamon St., Chicago, 111. Home: 
649 Buena Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Born: Bryn Mawr, Pa., Mar. 6, 1881. Son of 
John Myers and Jeannette H. (Danley) Dur- 
borow. Ed.: Merion H. Sch. (Ardmore, Pa.). 

Record: 1910, swam Dela. River, 34 mi., 12 
hrs. 44 min. ; swam Schuylkill River, 10 mi., 7 
hrs. 59 min. 1911, swam mouth of Great Egg 
Harbor Bay, 12 mi., 5 hrs. 53 min. 1912, swam 
Atlantic Ocean and Dela. Bay, 42 43/100 mi., 14 
hrs. 15 min. 1913, swam Boston Harbor, 13 
mi., 8 hrs. 12 min. 1914, swam Dela. River, 
32% mi., 12 hrs. 52 min. ; swam N. Y. Harbor, 

22 mi., 8 hrs. 46 min. 1916, swam Dela. River, 
26 mi., 9 hrs. 8 min. ; swam Atlantic Ocean, 22 
mi., 8 hrs. 42 min. ; swam Dela. River, 36% mi., 
13 hrs. 30 min. 

Pres. Occupation: Banker and real estate. 
Affiliations: Pres. Chas. B. Durborow Co. (Phila. 
Pa.) ; pres., Durborow Marqua (Miami, Fla.) ; 
chmn. Penn A.C. Swimming Com. ; pres. Bur- 
lington Countians. Hobby: Swimming. Mar- 
ried: Louisa Shinn, Mar. 6, 1907. Children: 
Henrietta J., age 10; Louisa Charlotta, age 3. 
Office: 1418 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. Home: The 
Larches, Edgewater Pk., N. J. 

Born: Tuckahoe, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1889. Son of 
Charles and Jean B. (Merritt) Dusenberry. 
Ed.: Princeton Prep. Sch.; C.E., Princeton, 

Record: Mem. Princeton Prep. Sch. F.B., B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams (capt. Bskt.B., 1905-06). 
1907-10, mem. Princeton track team (partici- 
pated in 120 yd. and 220 yd. low hurdles, 120 
yd. high hurdles, high and broad jumps and 100 
yd. dash). 1910, ran hurdles and sprints for 
N. Y. A.C. 

Pres. Occupation: Contractor ; pres. United 
Fireproofing Co. (N. Y. C). Mil. Serice: En- 
listed, Apr., 1918, Construction Div., U. S. 
Army; comnd. maj., Dec, 1918; discharged, 
Dec. 31, 1918. Clubs: Univ.; Princeton; Can- 
non (Princeton); Nassau; Westchester-Bilt- 
more C.C. ; Princeton A.A. Hobby: Golf and 
swimming. Married: Anna B. Couzens, Jan. 
17, 1912. Children: Charles 4th, age 16 ; James 
D., Jr., age 12; Anna B., age 3. Office: 8 W. 
40th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 1049 Park 
Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

DUTTON, TOM WHITED, football and track. 
Born: Arcadia, La., Mar. 22, 1893. Son of John 
Franklin and Ida (Monzingo) Dutton. Ed.: B. 
A., La. State Univ., 1914. 

Record: 1911-12, mem. La. State Univ. var- 
sity F.B., varsity track, rifle and tennis teams. 
1912-13, mem. La. State Univ. F.B. and rifle 
teams ; capt. La. State Univ. tracck team ( So. 
Coll. champs.) ; Broke S.I.A.A. record shot put; 
Broke A.A.U. record shot put (So.). 1913-14, 
capt. La. State Univ. varsity Ail-So. F.B. team ; 
capt. La. State Univ. varsity track team (Ail- 
So. Coll. champs.) ; Broke S.I.A.A. records for 
shot put and discus throw ; Sectional All-Amer. 
pick for F.B. 1914-15, coach Gulf Coast Mil. 
Acad. Ath. teams ; Turned out champs, prep, 
sch. team of La. and Miss ; represented S.A.A.U. 
in Natl, champs, in San Francisco and won 56 
weight; 2nd in discus. 1915-16, Broke So. rec- 
ords for shot put and discus throw New Orleans 
(shot put record still stands). 1917, won trophy 






as highest individual scorer for 6 consecutive 
yrs. in A.A.U. meets in So. 1919, capt. La State 
Univ. varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Real Estate. Naval Service: 
Naval aviation H.T.A. ; student officer when 
disch. Affiliations: Pres. Baton Rouge Ath. C. ; 
Young Men's Gym. C. ; Mason ; Westdale C.C. ; 
Baton Rouge G. and C.C. Hobby: Aths. Mar- 
ried: Thelma Opdenweyer, May 8, 1917. Office: 
Third St., Baton Rouge, La. Home: Westdale, 
Baton Rouge, La. 

Olympic and Intercollegiate pole vault records. 
Born: Chicago, 111., Nov. 27, 1878. Son of Frank 
E. and Antonia (Hrdlicka) Dvorak. Ed.: A.A., 
Lewis Inst. (Chicago, 111.), 1899; Univ. of Mich., 
A.B., 1901 ; LL.B., 1904. 

Record: 1900-03, mem. Univ. of Mich, track 
team (won pole vault record West. l.C. meet 
1900-01-03; capt.. 1902). 1900, won 2nd place 
Olympic pole vault (Paris, France). 1901. won 
A.A.U. champ, pole vault record (Buffalo, N. 
Y.). 1903, won A.A.U. champ, pole vault record 
(Milwaukee, Wis.). 1904, won Olympic pole 
vault record (St. Louis, Mo.). 1920-28, ath. dir. 
Roosevelt H. Sch. (Seattle, Wash.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Roosevelt H. Sch. 
Married: Rose Veronica Doyle, Apr. 2, 1917. 
Children: Ralph Ferrandini, age 21 ; Robert 
Larry, age 10. Office: 66th and 15th Sts. N.E., 
Seattle, Wash. 

DWIGHT, MAITLAND, mem. Princeton Uni- 
versity trac team 1909-11. Born: London, Eng- 
land, July 31, 1889. Son of Franklin B. and 
Eliza Lenox (Maitland). Ed.: Lawrenceville 
(established high hurdle record, 15 2/5 sec, 
Sch. ; A.B., Princeton, 1911 ; Columbia Univ., M. 
A., LL.B., 1914. 

Record: 1909-11, mem. Princeton track team 
1919; low hurdles, 24 4/5 sec, 1911; capt. 
champ, team, 1911). 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Prentice, Collins 
& Dwight. Naval Service: Enlisted Great Lakes 
Naval Training Station, Sept., 1918; comnd. En- 
sign U.S.N.R.F., Dec. 16, 1918. Affiliations: Pres. 
Edward Smith & Co. ; dir. Garrison Fire Detect- 
ing System, Inc.; Down Town Asso. (N. Y.) ; 
Metropolitan Club (Wash., D. C.) ; "P" Club 
N(. Y. C.) ; Univ. Club. Hobby: Tennis and fish- 
ing. Married: Lydia Coit Butler. Children: 
Maitland, Jr., age 13; Jacqueline Lydia, age 9; 
Robert Lenox, age 6. Office: 55 Liberty St., 
N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 123 E. 78th St., N. Y. C, 
N. Y. 


track. Born: St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 30, 1901. Son 
of Wm. and Amelia (Jackson) Dye. Ed.: Manual 

Arts H. Sch. (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1921; B.S., 

Univ. of S. Calif., 1926. 

Record: 1920, mem. Manual Arts H. Sch. 
track team (City high hurdles champs.). 1924- 
26, mem. Univ. of S. Calif, track team (S. Pac 
Asso. A.A.U. high hurdles record holder ; Pac 
Coast high hurdles record holder). 1925-26, l.C. 
high hurdles champ. 1926, Araer. high hurdles 
champ. ; Natl. A.A.U. high hurdles champ. ; 
Natl. A.A.U. record holder. 

Pres. Occupation: U. S. Bldg. and Loan Asso. 
Affiliation: Theta Psi ; Hollywood A.C. Hobby: 
Golf and swimming. Office: 735 W. 7th St., Los 
Angeles. Calif. Home: 735 W. 49th PL, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

DYER, LOUIS ANTHONY, football. Born: 
Denver, Col., Nov. 22, 1908. Son of John and 
Rose Mary (Scalise) Dyer. Ed.: Colorado Sch. 
for Deaf (Col. Springs), 1926; Gallaudet Coll. 
(Wash., D. C). 

Record: 1926, mem. Colorado Sch. Bskt.B. 
team. 1926-27, mem. Gallaudet Coll. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams and B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Gal- 
laudet Coll. A.A. Hobby: Sports. Office: Gal- 
laudet Coll., Wash., D. C. Home: 3816 Mariposa 
St., Denver, Col. 

DYER, GAY KIMBALL, mem. Stanford Uni- 
versity track team, 1926-28. Born: Ogden, Utah, 
Nov. 3, 1907. Son of H. T. and Louise (Kim- 
ball) Dyer. Ed.: Placer H. Sch.; Stanford. 

Record : 1923-24, mem. Placer H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
and track teams. 1926-28, mem. Stanford track 
team (5th place I.C.A. meet, 24' 1", 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliation: Sigma 
Nu ; Phi Phi ; Olympic Club. Address: Auburn, 

DYER, HUGH THOMAS, baseball. Born: 
Alvarado, Calif., May 8, 1868. Son of E. H. and 
Olive (Ingalls) Dyer. Ed.: Stanford, 1895. 

Record: 1894-9, mem. Stanford B.B. team 
(capt., 1895). 

Pres. Occupation: Sugar engr. Affiliations: 
Dir. 1st Natl. Bank (Auburn, Calif.) ; Dir. Cen. 
Bank (Cailf.) ; S.A.R. ; Placer Co. C.C. Hobby: 
Athletics. Married: Louise Kimball. Children: 
Marion G. ; Guy Kimball. Address: Auburn, 

DYER, SAM TEVIS, football and baseball. 
Bom: Morgan City, La., June 30, 1905. Son of 
Joseph M. and Alice (Matili) Dyer. Ed.: St. 
Edwards Univ. 

Recordi : 1924, mgr. amateur F.B. team in 
Houston, Tex. 1925, AU-Tex. I.C.A.A. h.b. 1925- 
26, mem. St. Edwards Univ. B.B. team. 1926-27, 
mem. St. Edwards Univ. F.B. team. 





Pres. Occupation: Student (St. Edwards Record: 188891, mem. St. Marks Sen. F.B. 

Univ.). Clubs: St. Edwards Monogram Club and B.B. teams (capt. F.B. team, 1890). 1891, 

(sec.-treas.). Hobby: Hunting. Office: St. Ed- mem. Yale freshman F.B. team. 1891-92, mem. 

wards Univ., Austin, Tex. Home: 1935 Creswell Tale varsity F.B. team (sub.). 1897-98, coach 

St., Shreveport, La. Yale freshman F.B. teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Farmer. Clubs: Univ. Club 

DYER, THOMAS, football. Born: Chicago. (Springfield, Mass.); Grad. Club (New Haven, 

111., July 23, 1872. Son of Clarence H. and Conn.). Married: Florence Hawkins, June 16, 

Esther E. (Rutter) Dyer. Ed.: St. Mark's Sch., 1898. Address: Kingake Farm, Springfield, Mass. 

1891. A.B., Yale, 1895. 







EACHO, HARRISON C, football. Born: 
Richmond, Va., Nov. 15, 1897. Son of Charles 
L. and Ida (Augusta) Eacho. fid,.: L.L.B., Univ. 
of Richmond. 

Record: 1920, mem. Univ. of Richmond fresh- 
man F.B. team. Capt. Richmond Light Inf. 
Blues F.B. team. 1921, mem. Semi-Pro. B.B. 
team (Lawrenceville, Va.). 1923-28, Officiat- 
ing F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty.-at-law. Affiliations: 
Bond and Mortgage Co. (Richmond, Va.) ; Cen. 
Bd. F.B. Officials; Lamda Chi Alpha; Va. Boat 
Club. Hobby: Football. Married: Doris Roper. 
Children: Harrison, Jr., age 1. Office: 15 N. 
11th St., Richmond, Va. Home: 33 Augusta St., 
Richmond, Va. 


track. Born: New Britain, Conn., Nov. 18, 1902. 
Son of Clarence Alexander and Mabel (Harrop) 
Earl. Ed.: Hotchkiss Sch. (Lakesville, Conn.) ; 
Ph.D., Yale, 1925. 

Record: 1920, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. track 
team. 1921, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. track and 
F.B. teams. 1922, mem. Yale freshman track 
and F.B. teams. 1923-24, mem. Yale varsity 
track team (won first place hammer throwing, 
139 ft., Harvard-Yale meet, 1923; team won 
I.C.A.A.A.A. meet, 1924; von first place hammer 
throwing, 145 ft. 11% in., Harvard-Yale meet, 
1924). 1923-25, mem. Yale varsity F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Dist. mgr. Warren-Nash 
Motor Corp. Affiliations: Yale A.A. ; Hale Club ; 
Psi Upsilon; Elihii Club. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Mary Arden Schroeder, Jan. 23, 1928. 
Office: Broadway at 133rd St., N. Y. C. Home: 
111 E. 80th St., N. Y. C. 

Bryn Mawr Polo team, 1926-27. Born: Devon, 
Pa., Dec. o, 1890. Son of George Howard, Jr., 
and Catharine Hansell (Freud) Earle. Ed.: 
De Lancey, 1909; Harvard, 1913. 

Record: 1923, mem. Penllgn team winner 12 
goal U.S. champ. ; mem. All-Philadelphia team, 
defeating E. Indian Tigers. 1922-27, mem. Bryn 
Mawr team (capt., 1926-27). 1925, mem. Prin- 
cess team in open champ. ; winner New Eng. 
Circuit Champ. ; winner Herbert Herbert Me- 
morial Cup. 

Pres. Occupation: Sugar refiner. War Record: 
2nd lieut. 2nd Pa. Inf., Mex. Border, 1916; 
U. S. Navy, 1917-19; awarded Navy Cross by 
President of U. S., 1918. Affiliations: Pres. 
Flamingo Sugar Mills ; vice-pres., dir. Pa. Sugar 
Co. ; dir. Tradesmen's Natl. Bk. ; capt. Bryn 
Mawr Polo; Philadelphia C.C. ; Racquet Club; 
Leach Club. Hobby: Dogs, fishing and antiques. 

Married: Huberta Frances Potter, Jan. 20, 1916. 
Children: Geo. H., 4th, age 11; Hubert Potter, 
age 9; Laurence Washington, age 5. Office: 
939 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Pa. Home: 
Grays Lane, Haverford, Pa. 

EARLE, GEORGE N., track. Born: St. Clair, 
Mich., Sept. 27, 1897. Son of Sylvester A. and 
Elizabeth Margaret (Smith) Earle. Ed.: St. 
Clair H. Sch. ; A.B. Univ. of Mich., 1920. 

Record: 1912-15, mem. St. Clair H. Sch. track, 
tennis and B.B. teams. 1916, mem. Univ. of 
Mich, freshman tennis and track teams. 1917- 
18, mem. class B.B. team, Univ. of Mich. 1919- 
20, mem. Univ. of Mich, varsity cross-country 
and indoor and outdoor track teams. 1920, 
mem. medley relay team at Ohio carnival and 
111. relays. 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman, William P. Pur- 
field & Co., Ann Arbor, Mich. Mil. Service: 
S.A.T.C., Univ. of Mich.; O.T.C., Ft. Sheridan; 
Phi Mu Alpha ; Mich. A.A. ; Ann Arbor Alumni 
discharged Dec. 12, 1918. Affiliations: Mason ; 
Asso., Univ. of Mich.; Mich. Union (life mem.) ; 
Y.M.C.A. Hobby: Golf. Office: 123 E. Liberty 
St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Home: 514 Thompson 
St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

ing. Born: Thorp Springs, Tex., July 11, 1891. 
Son of Aaron Campbell and Claudia (Miller) 
Easley. Ed.: B.S., Tex. Agri. and Mech. Coll., 

Record: 1910-16, mem. Tex. rifle team. 1920- 
27, mem. U. S. Inf. rifle team (won Nat'l rifle 
team match). 1924, estab. Army qualification 
course record (343 shots out 350). 1927, won 
Scott and Farns worth trophies (Nat'l rifle 
matches ) . 

Pres. Occupation: Capt. U. S. Army. Mil. 
Service: 1st lieut. Tex. Inf., 1916-17; commd. 
Hobby: Rifle shooting. Married: Inez Wickline, 
capt. 37th U. S. Inf., 1917. Affiliations: Mason. 
Oct. 13, 1917. Children: Claudius Miller, Jr., 
age 9. Office: Ft. Benning, Ga. Home: 321 N. 
8th St., Waco, Tex. 

EASTER, STEPHEN S., "Big Ten" light- 
weight wrestling champ., 1926. Born: St. Vin- 
cent, Minn., Mar. 25, 1905. Son of William H. 
and Hilda A. (Munro) Easter. Ed.: H. Sch. 
(Humboldt, Minn.), 1921; Univ. of Minn., B.S., 
1927; M.S., 1928. 

Record: 1924, mem. Univ. Minn, freshman 
wrestling team. 1925-26-27, mem. Univ. Minn, 
varsity lightweight wrestling team (capt., 1927). 




1926, "Big Ten" champ. 1927, runner-up; un- 
defeated in dual competition. 1928, candidate 
for Olympic team. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Alpha 
Gamma Rho ; Alpha Chi Sigma. Hobby: 
Wres'tling. Address: Univ. Minn., Minneapolis, 

niata Coll. football team, 1926. Born: Oxford, 
N. C, July 21, 1905. Son of Cameron Herndon 
and Carrie (Skinner) Easton. Ed.: Oxford H. 
Sch. ; Juniata Coll. 

Record : 4 yrs. mem. Oxford H. Sch. F.B. team 
(capt., 4th yr.). 2 yrs. mem. Oxford H. Sch. 
Bskt. B. team. 4 yrs. mem. Oxford H. Sch. B.B. 
team. 3 yrs. mem. Oxford H. Sch. track team 
(capt. senior yr.). Chosen all-state H.B., 1923. 
1924-25-26, mem. Juniata Coll. F.B. team (capt., 
1926). 1925-27, mem. Juniata Coll. track team 
(100 and 220 yd. dashes and broad jump; best 
record for 100 yd., 10 flat). 1928, mem. Juniata 
Coll. relay team ; placed first at Penn. relays. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. and real estate dealer. 
Affiliations: Nat'l Bk. of Granville ; Travelers' 
Ins. Co. ; Granville Real Estate and Trust Co. ; 
"J" Club. Hobby: Physical culture and coach- 
ing. Office: 12 Main St., Oxford, N. C. Heme: 
10 W. Front St., Oxford, N. C. 

Born: Wash., D. C, Feb. 6, 1899. Son of Edward 
H. and Emma (Simpson) Eaton. Ed.: Tech. 
H.S. (Wash.) ; K. of C. Sch. 

Record: 1921, won Colonial Canoe C. Jr. 4 
(quad.) single blade. 1922, mem. of Yapawei 
Canoe C. team, winning regatta. 1923, mem. 
Wash. S. team, winning 4 single blade (record 
time), Canada (Toronto) Internatl. Meet; mem. 
gig, winning So. Rowing Asso. Regatta (Shrine 
Meet). 1924, mem. Potomac C. team, winning 
Phila. Canoe C. Meet; *4 mi. champs. (Belmar, 
N. J.); sf. double blade champ.; mem. y 2 mi. 
team, winning Middle State Canoe Rowing 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. investigator Bu. of 
Internal Revenue. Mil. Service: U.S.M.C, phys. 
instr. Paris Is., 1918-19. Affiliations: Masons; 
Colonial Canoe C. ; Potomac Boat C. Hobby: 
Duck shooting. Married: Bertha Schrepper, 
Dec. 24, 1920. Office: Treasury Dept, Wash., 
D. C. Home: 761 Princeton PI., N. W., Wash., 
D. C. 

Bom: Revere, Mass., Feb. 27, 1879. Son of 
Charles William and Emma (Tapley) Eaton. 
Ed.: B.S., Harvard, 1902. 

Record: 1898-99-1900, mem. Harvard varsity 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Wholesale and retail gro- 
cer, S. S. Pierce Co. Affiliations: Harvard Club 

(Boston, Mass.); Masons; Winchester C.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Edith Shurtleff, 1908. 
Children: Alice, age 18; Charles Shurtleff, age 

17. Office: 133 Brookline Ave., Boston, Mass. 
Home: 3 Foxcroft Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

EBERTS, BERNARD L., football and basket- 
ball. Bom: Columbus, O., May 21, 1901. .Son 
of Christian and Margaret (Leonard) Eherts. 
Ed.: Aquinas H. S. (Columbus), 1918; A.B., 
Catholic Univ. (Wash., D. C), 1924. 

Record: 1914-18, mem. Aquinas H. S. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 1917-18, mem. Mythical 
All H. S. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1920-24, mem. 
Cath. Univ. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams (capt. F.B., 
'23) ; 1922-23, mem. Mythical All So. Atl. Col- 
legiate Bskt.B. team. 1924, mem. Cath. Univ. 
B.B. team. 1925, mem. Wash. Prof. F.B. team; 
mem. Wash. Prof. League Bskt.B. team. 1926- 
27, mem. Central Bd. Bskt.B. Officials (Coll. 
and Prof.). 1927, mem. Central Bd. F.B. Offi- 

Pres. Occupation: Accountant, Union Labor 
Life Ins. Co. Affiliations: Mem. (Wash. Dist.) 
Bskt.B. Officials Soc. Hobby: Golf. Office: 
1701 Conn. Ave., Wash., D. C. Home: 35 Girard 
St. N. E., Wash., D. C. 

EBY EARL, track. Born: Chicago, 111., Nov. 

18, 1894. Son of Ira C. and Sarah (Penrose) 
Eby. Ed.: Calumet (Chicago) H.S., 1914; Univ. 
of Penn., 1921. 

Record: 1910-14, mem. Calumet H. S. F.B. and 
Bskt. B. teams. 1914, mem. Calumet H.S. track 
team. 1917, mem. Univ. of Penn. track team 
(broke world's freshmen relay record, which 
still stands (Phila.) ; Avon Nat'l 600-yd. run 
champ. (N. Y.). 1919, Inter-allied 440-yd. 
1919, won A.E.F. 440 and 880 yd. champs.; 
runner-up Olympic 800-meter run (Antwerp, 
Bel.). 1920-21, Nat'l Indoor 600-yd. champ. 
1920-21, won I.C. 880-yd. (Cambridge, Mass.) ; 
mem. Unv. of Penn. track team, breakng world's 
1-ini. relay record, 3:16 2-5, which still stands 
(Phila.). 1923, Nat'l Indoor 600-yd. champ. 
(Buffalo, N. Y.). 

Pres. Occupation: Newspaper, Evening Bulle- 
tin. War Record: Enlisted U. S. Infantry, June, 
1917; comn'd 1st lieut, 1918; mem. A.E.F., 
July, '18-Sept., '19; discharged Sept., 1919. 
Affiliations: Chicago A.A. ; Lake Shore A.C. ; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon. Hobby: Swimming. Mar- 
ried: Beatrice E. Holm, Sept., 1923. Children: 
Charlotte Ann, age 2%. Office: Evening Bulle- 
tin, Phila., Pa. Home: 723 Madison St., Ches- 
ter, Pa. 

EBY, MORAY LEON, football. Born: Adair 
Co., Iowa.,. Oct. 15, 1877. Son of Robert K. and 
Martha A. (Rogers) Eby. Ed.: Iowa State 
Univ. B.S., 1899; LL.B., 1901. 




Record: 1897-1900, mem. la. Univ. F.B. team, 
(capt., 1899). 1900, won West. Conf. champs.; 
mentioned on All-West, mythical F.B. team. 
1901, coach Woodbine Normal F.B. team. 1908, 
coach West Liberty H. Sch. F.B. team. 1909-13, 
coach la. Univ. as asst. to Hawley, F.B. team. 
1914-24, coach Coe Coll. F.B. team. 1924-28, 
ath. dir. and dir. Coe Coll. F.B. team (team has 
never been below 500 per cent) ; (won 70 out of 
91 games). 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. of aths. and F.B. dir. 
Coe Coll. Affiliations: Shriner ; Phi Delta Phi ; 
C.C. ; Nat'l A.A.U. Hobby: Aths. Married: 
Phi Delta Theta ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Cedar Rapds 
Pearl Nichols. Children: Frances Louise, age 
12; Robert Nichols, age 9. Office: Coe Coll., 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Home: 1956 First Ave., 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 


hockey. Born: New Bedford, Mass., Jan. 28, 
1896. Son of Thomas H. and Grace (Weed) 
Eckfeldt. Ed.: Andrew's Prep. Sch. (Concord, 
Mass.) ; A.B., Harvard, 1917. 

Record: 1916-17, mem. Harvard varsity hockey 

Pres. Occupation: Transportation, Crocker, 
Barbank & Co. Asso., paper mfrs. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted July, 1918, F.A. ; discharged, rank of 
capt., Aug., 1919. Affiliations: Harvard Varsity 
C. Hobby: Outdoor sports. Married: Ruth 
Carter Grant. Children: Thomas H., 3rd, age 
8 ; Grant, age 6 ; Rosamond, age 4 ; John M., age 
2. Office: 545 Westminster St., Fitchburg, Mass. 
Home: 62 Bond St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

EDDELMAN, WILLIAM S. JR., track. Born: 
Marysville, Mont., Aug. 2, 1898. Son of Wm. S. 
and Mary E. (Currey) Eddelman. Ed.: Alham- 
bra Union H. >ch. (Martinez, Calif.) ; A.B., 
Stanford, 1922. 

Record: 1914-17, mem. Alhambra Union H. 
Sch. F.B. Bskt. B. and B.B. taems (Bskt. B. 
champs.). 1916, mem. Contra Costa Co. Ath. 
Bskt. B. League team. 1919-20, mem. Stanford 
cross-country team. 1920-22, mem. Stanford 
track team (1 mi., 4.37 min. ; 2 mi., 10 min.). 

Pres. Occupation- Mining engr., Nev. Quick 
silver Mines, Inc. Mil. Servce: Gen. Inf. Officers 
Traning Sch., Camp MacArthur, Waco, Tex. 
1918. Affiliations: Mason; Amer. Inst, of Min 
ing and Metallurgical Engrs. Hobby: Sports 
Office: Care of Nev. Quicksilver Mines, Inc. 
Lovelock, Nev. Home: 1488 Alice St., Oakland 

EDDY, CALEB FRANCIS, football and base 
ball. Born: Wellesley Hills, Mass., May 12, 1901 
Son of Frank Stetson and Martha. (Deming) 
Eddy. Ed.: Phillips Andover Acad.; A.B., Tale, 


Record: 1918-19, mem. Andover Acad. F.B. 
1918-19, mem. Phillips Andover Acad. F.B. and 
B.B. teams (capt, B.B.). 1921-23, mem. Yale 
varsity B.B. team (capt., 1923; chosen r.f. 
on All-East Coll. team by Coach Slattery of 
Harvard, 1922 ; team won "Big Three" champ., 
1923). 1922, mem. Yale varsity F.B. team (hon- 
orable mention on "All-Amer." team). 1923, 
mem. London B.B. team (team won amateur 
champ, of Europe). 

Pres. Occupation: Salesman, C. F. & G. W. 
Eddy, Inc., Boston, Mass. Clubs: Wellesley C.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Virginia Palmer, Aug. 
23, 1924. Office: 177 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 
Home: 69 Woodlawn Ave., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

EDDY, EDWIN M., baseball and football. 
Born: Alpena, Mich., May 8, 1877. Son of Elwyn 
and Cornelia (Hall) Eddy. Ed.: Laurenceville 
Sch., 1896 ; Yale, 1899. 

Record : 1895-96, mem. Laurenceville Sch. B.B. 
and F.B. teams. 1898, mem. Yale varsity B.B. 
and F.B. teams. 1899, mem .Yale varsity B.B. 
team. 1927, runner-up North. Calif, senior golf 

Pres. Occupation: Broker. Affiliations: Sec. 
Tumbador Oil Co. ; pres. Eiddy Bros. & Co. ; sec. 
Eddy Mines Co.; treas. The Selwyn Eddy Co.; 
pres. North. Calif. Golf Asso.; dir. Calif. Golf 
Asso. Clubs: Pacific Union ; San Francisco G.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Nellie Fisher. Children: 
Selwyn, 2nd, age 24; Katharine F., age 19. 
Address: 2602 Pacific St., San Francisco, Calif. 

(TRUDY), first woman to swim English Chan- 
nel. Born: New York City, N. Y., October 23, 
1906. Daughter of Henry John and Gertrude 
(Haberstroth) Ederle. Educated: Public School 
of New York. 

Record: 1922, won Joseph P. Day cup; 1924, 
member Olympic team ; 1925, won Hook Swim — 
Battery Park (New York to Sandy Hook — 21 
miles) ; 1926, holds the William Randolf Hearst 
cup (most popular athlete in 1926), also swam 
English Channel, August 6th (23 miles in 14 
hours 30 minutes). Established following rec- 
ords : 200 meters, 2 minutes 45 seconds, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., April 4, 1922 ; 400 meters, 5 minutes 
53 1/5 seconds, Indianapolis, August 4, 1922; 
440 yards, 5 minutes 54 3/5 seconds, Indian- 
apolis, August 4, 1922 ; 500 yards, 6 minutes 
4 1/5 seconds, Indianapolis, August 4, 1922; 
500 meters, 7 minutes 22 1/5 seconds, Indian- 
apolis, August 4, 1922; 400 yards, 4 minutes 
23 4/5 seconds, Brighton Beach, September 4, 
1922 ; 220 yards, 2 minutes 41 1/5 seconds, Buf- 
falo, March 21, 1924; 300 yards, 3 minutes 45 
seconds, Miami, February 28, 1925 ; 150 yards, 
1 minute 41 seconds, Long Beach, June 14. 


-Underwood & Underwood 




Present Occupation: Professional swimmer. 
Athletic Organizations: Women's Swimming As- 
sociation (New York) ; Honorary President, 
Capitol Athletic Club (Washington, D. C). 
Member Delta Psi Kappa. Hobby: Ice skating 
and all sports. Office: 1560 Broadway, New 
York, New York. Home: 1349 Stadium Avenue, 
New York, New York. 

EDGAR, ROBERT L., baseball. Born: Iron- 
ton, Mo., Apr. 20, 1900. Son of William R. and 
Sarah (Whitwatt) Edgar. Ed.: Ironton H. 
Sch., 1918 ; U.S.M.A. ; LL.B., Wash. Univ., 1925. 

Record: 1914-15-16-17, Ironton H. Sch. B.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams. 1921, mem. Wash. 
Univ. B.B. team ; mem. Mo. Valley Conf. Champ. 
B.B. team ; chosen All-Mo. Valley short stop ; 
played pro. B.B. St. Louis Cardinals; played 
with Syracuse, N. Y., through season. 1922, 
played Fort Smith, Ark. West. Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. So. Surety Co. Affil- 
iations: Sec. Lon W. Harbour and Co., Inc.; 
Kappa Alpha ; Delta Theta Pi ; Masons. Hobby: 
Athletics. Office: 104-5-8 N. 4th St., St. Louis, 
Mo. Home: 6820 Delmar St., St. Louis, Mo. 

EDGREN, HARRY D., football, basketball 
and baseball. Born: Chicago, 111., Dec. 20, 1899. 
Son of Charles and Lena (Lendahl) Edgren. 
Ed.: Bowen H. Sch.; North Western Coll; 
Y.M.C.A. Coll.; B.P.E. Univ. of Chicago, 1924. 

Record: 1916-17, mem. Bowen H. Sch. Bskt.B., 
B.B., F.B. and track teams. 1918, mem. North- 
western Univ. F.B. team. 1920-23, mem. Chicago 
"Y" Coll. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1921-24, mem. 
Chicago "Y" B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach and Instr. Chicago 
"Y" Coll. Military Service: S.A.T.C. North- 
western Univ. Affiliations: Sigma Delta Alpha. 
Married: Helen Hammerstrom. Office: 5315 
Dreiel St., Chicago, 111. Home: 7811 S. Howard 
St., Chicago, 111. 

basketball and track. Born: Willis, Tex., Apr. 
22, 1894. Son of Henry S. and Mary A. (Conell) 
Edler. Ed.: Janesville H. Sch.; Beloit Coll.; 
Univ. of Wis.; U. S. Mil. Aero. (Urbana, 111.). 

Record: 1910-13, mem. Janesville H. Sch. F.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams (state champs., 1913). 1913- 
14, mem. Janesville Cardinals, Semi-Pro. Bskt.B. 
team ; mem. Beloit Coll. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 
1915, mem., Beloit Coll. track team, (won conf. 
meet). 1916, mem. Univ. of Wis. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1916-17, mem. Univ. of Wis. B.B. 
team. 1919, coach and ath. dir. Kenosha (Wis.) 
H. Sch. 1920-21, head coach, N. West. Univ. 
track and Bskt.B. teams. 1920-22, asst. coach, 
N. West. Univ. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant, H.S. Edler and 
Son. War Record: Pilot U. S. Air Service, 1917, 
mem. A.E.F., discharged Lieut. Affiliations: 
Mason; Elk; Chippewa C.C. Hobby: Coaching. 
Married: Elizabeth Sarah McManus. Children: 
Sarah Susan, age 2. Address: Chippewa, Wis. 

EDMONDS, LESLIE E., football and basket- 
ball. Born: Emporia, Lyon Co., Kans., May 12, 
1894. Son of Charles M. and Edith (Thomas) 
Edmonds. Ed.: Coll. of Emporia; Emporia 
State Teachers Coll. ; Kans. Univ. ; A.B., Ottawa 

Record: 1911-12, mem. Coll. of Emporia F.B. 
team (All-State end, 1912). 1915, mem. Ottawa 
Univ. F.B. team. 1916, mem. Ottawa Univ. 
Bskt.B. team. 1921-28, referee Nat'l A.A.U. 
Bskt.B. tournament. 1925-28, referee, Kans. 
Conf. and Mo. Valley Conf. F.B. and Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Sec. Kans. Boxing Comn. 
on Officials, Kans. Conf. ; and sports writer. 
War Record: Comnd. 1st Lieut., 1917 ; promoted 
Capt., 1917; mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Kans. 
Boxing Comn. ; Amer. Legion ; Y.M.C.A. Clubs: 
Kans. City A.C. ; Topeka Press ; Univ. ; Jay- 
hawker. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Mary My- 
ers, June 6, 1920. Children: Charles Myers, age 
6 ; Mary Elizabeth, age 3. Office: 512 Natl. Res. 
Bldg., Topeka, Kans. Home: 303 Woodlawn, 
Topeka, Kans. 

ming. Born: Wash., D. C, Oct. 3, 1906. Son 
of Carol A. and Catherine (Van Fant) Edmon- 
ston. Ed.: Cen. H. Sch., 1925; George Wash. 

Record: 1921-25, mem. Cen. H. Sch. swimming 
team. 1924, mem. Natl, inter, sch. champs, at 
Phila. ; won 2nd place Swarthmore inter sch. 
champs.; won So. Atlantic sch. 100 yd. breast 
stroke champs; 1925, 2nd place Natl, inter sch. 
champs., Phila.; won Swarthmore champs, (set 
pool record for 100 yd. breast stroke 1 :19) ; won 
sr. So. Atlantic champs. 100 yd. breast stroke at 
Cath. Univ. (set record 1:16%, still stands); 
2nd place 220 yd. So. Atlantic champs. Wardman 
Pk. Pool. 1926, won So. Atlantic champs. 100 
yd. breast stroke Bay Shore, Md. ; won 220 yd. 
breast stroke Wardman Pk. pool. 1927, won 
220 yd. breast stroke So. Atlantic champs. Ward- 
man Pk. pool. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: 
Wash. Swimming C. ; Sigma Chi. Hobby: 
Swimming. Home: 4817 Conduit Rd., Wash., 
D. C. 

EDMONSTON, SAMUEL S., JR., crew and 
football. Born: Washington, D. O, Aug. 30, 
1883. Son of Samuel S. and Mary (Miller) Ed- 
monston. Ed.: Georgetown Prep.; Georgetown 
Univ. ; Dennison Univ. 




Record : 1900, mem. Georgetown prep. F.B. 
and B.B. teams. 1901-03, tackle Georgetown 
Univ. F.B. team. 1902, mem. Georgetown Univ. 
crew. 1903, mem. Potomac Boat C. crew, (won 
Jr. and Intermediate races in middle States 
regatta) ; Natl, intermediate (doable) sculls 
champs, with C.E. Hecox. 1905-06, End Md. 
A.C., F.B. team. 1905-09, mem. prof. B.B. in 
major and minor leagues. 1907, coach Catons- 
ville A.C. 1912-13, mem. Vigalant A.C., F.B. 
team (Dist. champs). 1917, coach Analortian 
Boat C. crew. 

Pres. Occupation: Life Ins. salesman, Burn- 
han Life Ins. Co. Affiliations: Board of Trade; 
Elks; K.C. ; "G"C. Hobby: Golf. Married: 
Mary Divver, Sept. 15, 1904. Children: John S., 
age 22 ; Maurice R., age 21 ; William C, age 10 ; 
Margaret Mary, age 7. Office: Evans Bldg., 
Wash., D. C. Home: 2816 P. St. N. W., Wash., 
D. C. 

EDMUNDSON, ALLEN B., capt. S. East Mo. 
State Teachers Coll. football team. Bom: Mc- 
Clurue, 111., Feb. 15, 1907. Son of Allen and 
Nora (Broderick) Edmundson. Ed.: McClure 
H. Sen. ; S. East. Mo. State Teachers Coll. 

Record: 3 yrs., mem. S. East. Mo. State 
Teachers Coll. F.B. team (capt., 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Office: 375 N. 
Park Ave., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Home: Mc- 
Clure, 111. 

and basketball coach, University of Washing- 
ton. Born: Moscow, Idaho, Aug. 3, 1886. Son 
of Thomas Sinclair and Emma J. (Rowley) 
Edmundson. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of Idaho, 1910. 

Record : 1904-08, mem. Univ. of Idaho track 
team (won mi. run, 1904; capt., team, 1908). 
1905, estabd. N. West, records in half-mi. and 
mi. 1909. A.A.U. champ, in half -mi., 1:52.2; 
All-N. West, guard, Bskt.B. 1912, mem. Amer. 
Olympic team (was in finals of 800-meter 
run). 1913-18, track coach, Univ. of Idaho 
(Conf. champs., 1916). 1919, coach, Tex. A. & 
M. Coll. 1920-28, track and Bskt.B. coach, 
Univ. of Wash, (won Pacific N. West. Conf. 
track meet, 1921-27 ; Pacific N. West, champs, 
in Bskt.B., 1924-28). 1920-21, coached Gus 
Pope, Natl, champ, in the discus throw. 

Pres. Occupation: Track and Bskt.B. coach, 
Univ. of Wash. Affiliations: Kappa Sigma; 
Lions Club ; N.C.A.A. Track and Field Rules 
Com. ; Amer. Relays Asso. ; Natl. Asso., Bskt.B. 
Coaches. Ho bby ."Fishing. Mfvrried : Mary Zona 
Shultz. Children: James Sinclair. Office: Ath. 
Pavilion, Montlake Blvd., Seattle, Wash. Home: 
3141 E. Laurelhurst St., Seattle, Wash. 

EDWARDS, DUNCAN, baseball and football. 
Born: Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 12, 1864. Son of 

Alexander and Elizabeth (Proudfoot) Ed- 
wards. Ed.: Princeton, A.B., M.A. 

Record: 1882, capt. Princeton freshman B.B. 
team. 1883-85. mem. Princeton varsity B.B. 
team (capt., 1885). Capt. Columbia Nine B.B. 
team. 1885, mem. Princeton F.B. team ; mem. 
Crescent A.C. F.B. team ; coach Princeton F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Atty.-at-law. Affiliations: 
Princeton Adv. Com. ; Princeton F.B. Asso. ; 
Apawanus G.C. ; Greenwich C.C. Married: 
Susan Milletts Carle. Office: 31 Nassau St., 
N.Y.C., N.Y. Home: North St., Greenwich, 

and tennis. Born: Phila., Pa., Dec. 24, 1896. 
Son of Richard S. and Lucy (Neilson) Ed- 
wards. Ed.: Univ. of Penn., 1912; De Lancey 
Sen., 1917. 

Record: 1915-16, mem. Univ. of Penn. tennis 
and soccer teams (won I.C. soccer champ., '16). 
1921, won Middle States tennis doubles champ. : 
placed No. 10, Natl. Ranking N.L.T.A. tennis 

Pres. Occupation: Insurance. War Record: 
mem. U.S.N.G. (Pa.), 1917; enlisted U.S. A. 
Aviation, June, 1917 ; discharged Mar., 1918 ; 
enlisted U.S.N. Aviation, Mar., 1918; comn'd. 
Ensign, Sept., 1918; discharged, Feb., 1919. 
Affiliations: Varsity C. (Pa.); Racquet C. ; 
Delta Psi ; Merion Cricket C. ; Phil. Cricket C. ; 
Seabright Lawn Tennis C. (N. J.). Hobby: 
Tennis. Married: Delia Brown, Feb. 26, 1927. 
Office: 3291 Commercial Trust Bldg., Phila., Pa. 
Home: 7813 Winston Rd., Chestnut Hill., Phila., 

and boxing. Born: San Saba, Texas, Nov. 9, 
1905. Son of Winston C. and Louise (Smith) 
Edwards. Ed.: San Saba H.S., 1922; U.S.N. 
Acad., 1926. 

Record : 1924-25, mem. Naval Acad. F.B. team. 
1925, mem. Naval Acad. I. C. boxing team 
(heavyweight). 1924-26, mem. Naval. -Acad, 
wrestl. team (capt., '26) ; won 18 wrestl.. bouts. 

Pres. Occupation: Naval Ensign. Office: Navy 
Dept, Wash., D. C. Home: Del Rio, Texas. 

Senoia, Ga., Apr. 29, 1901. Son of James 
Thomas and Lucy (Cunningham) Edwards. Ed.: 
B.S. Georgia Tech, 1922. 

Record: 1919-23, mem. Ga. Tech F.B., B.B. 
and Bskt.B. teams. 1919, champs. Atlanta 
Y.M.C.A. Bskt.B. team. 1923, asst. coach Ga. 
Tech. 1924-27, head coach Milligan Coll. 1925- 
27, coach 3 state champs. B B. teams. (B.B. 
team undefeated 1926). Connected with Atlanta 
Georgian in sporting Dept. 




Pres. Occupation: Head coach Milligan Coll. 
F.B. and B.B. Military Service: S.A.T.C. Geor- 
gia Tech. Affiliations: App. Gonf. Officials; 
Delta Sigma Pi ; Mason. Hobby: Football, base- 
ball, hunting and writing. Address: Milligan 
Coll., Milligan, Tenn. 

Born: Clifton Springs, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1905. 
Son of William Seymour and Hope (Christen- 
sen) Edwards. Ed.: Gilman Sen. (Baltimore, 
Md.) ; Phillips Andover Acad.; A.B., Tale, 1928. 

Record: 1921, mem. Gilman Sch. F.B. and 
soccer teams (Md. State champs.). 1923-24, 
mem. Phillips Andover Acad, track team (team 
won Harvard Interscholastics). 1925, mem. 
Yale freshman track team. 1926-28, mem. Yale 
varsity track team (former holder, Yale-Prince- 
ton dual meet record, 120 yd. high hurdles). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Yale 
A.A. Address: 1 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Born: San Jose, Calif., May 4, 1884. Son of 
Wm. A. Z. and Jennie (Ziegler) Edwards. Ed.: 
San Jose H. Sch., 1901 ; A.B., Stanford, 1907. 

Record: 1900-01, mem. San Jose H. Sch. F.B. 
and track teams. 1907, mem. Stanford champ, 
track team (won hammer throwing record). 

Pres. Occupation: Ranch owner. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted Coast Arty, troops, Honolulu, T.H. 
1918, transferred Coast Arty. Sch., Fort Monroe, 
Va., 1st Lieut., discharged 1919. Hobby: Stock 
raising. Married: Hazel Jarvis, Dec. 23, 1922. 
Children: Eleanor Jarvis, age 4. Address: 
R.F.D., A., Box 1024, Modesto, Calif. 

Chicago, 111., Aug. 21, 1884. Son of William C. 
and Sarah O. (Chandler) Egan. Ed.: A.B., 
Harvard, 1905. 

Record: 1902, I.C. golf champ. 1902-0405-07, 
West. Golf Asso. champ. 1904-05, U.S.G.A. 
Amateur golf champ. 1909, U.S.G.A. runner-up. 
1915-20-23-25, Pac. N. W- Golf Asso. champ. 
1926, Cal. State Golf Asso. champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Fruitgrower. Affiliations: 
Dir. So. Ore. Sales, Inc.; Exmoor, (life mem.) ; 
C.C., Highland Pk., 111. (Hon.) ; Waverley C.C.; 
Lake Oswego C.C. (Portland, Ore.) ; chrmn., 
Green's comm., Rogue Valley G.C. (Medford, 
Ore.) ; Monterey Peninsula C.C. (Del Monte, 
Cal). Hobby: Golf course architecture. Mar- 
ried: Alice Barrett, Apr. 10, 1917. Office: R. R. 
No. 3, Medford, Ore. Home: R. R. No. 3, Med- 
ford, Ore. 

EGGLESTON, RICHARD H., JR., football. 
Born: New York, N. Y., Mar. 19, 1887. Son of 
R. H. and Emilie V. (Piollet) Eggleston. Ed.: 
Cletter Sch.; Harvard, 1909. 

Record* : 1905, mgr. Harvard freshman F.B. 
team. 1907, asst. mgr. Harvard varsity F.B. 
team. 1908, mgr. Harvard varsity F.B. team. 
1909, mem. Harvard varsity tennis team. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. treas. W. R. Grace 
and Co., New York. Clubs: Harvard C. N. Y. ; 
Ardsley C. ; Thouusand Islands Yacht C. Hobby: 
Golf and sailing. Married: Helen V. Rafferty. 
Children: Richard H. 3rd. Office: 7 Hanover 
Sq., New York. Home: 128 East 60th St., 
New York. 

EGRY, CALVLN MILLER, football, basket- 
ball. Born: Hamilton, Ohio, Sept. 11, 1898. 
Son of Aloys Edward and Maude (Miller) Egry. 
Ed.: Hamilton H. Sch.; Univ. of 111.; Miami 

Record: 1916-19, mem. Hamilton H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B., track, swimming and B.B. teams. 1917- 
18, mem. Tri-State champ. Bskt.B. team (Hamil- 
ton, Ohio). 1917-19, mem. Tri-States Bskt.B. 
team (Ind„ Ky., and Ohio). 1922-23, mem. 
Hamilton Y.M.C.A. champ. Bskt.B. team. Offi- 
ciating F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Ins. and real estate. Mil. 
Service: Mem. Res. Officers Training Corp., 1st 
Lieut. Affiliations: Elk; Boy Scout Exec; 
Ohio Asso. of F.B. Officials; Olympic Club; 
Optimist Club. Hobby: Officiating football, bas- 
ketball and baseball games. Office: 116 High 
St., Hamilton, Ohio. Home: 515 S. 2nd St., 
Hamilton, Ohio. 

EHLE, HARRY A., golf. Born: Cincinnati, 
Ohio, Dec. 10, 1907. Son of George Robinson 
and Emma (Cutler) Ehle. Ed.: Williston 
Acad.; Dr. Thralls Sch., 1923. 

Record: 1926, won qualifying medal in Caro- 
linas champs ; won annual summer invitation 
tour. 1927, won So. Amateur champs; runner 
in annual summer invitation tour; Natl. Ama- 
teur champs ; holder Amateur course record. 

Pres. Occupation: Packard salesman, Plem- 
mons Motor Co. Affiliations: Partner White 
House Inn; Asheville G.C.C. ; Biltmore Forest 
G.C.C. ; Lakeview Park G.C.C; Malvern Hills 
G.C.C. Hobby: Golf. Office: Plemmons Motor 
Co., Asheville, Va. Home: Grove Park Sch., 
Asheville, Va. 

EHLERS, CARL H., basketball. Born: Al- 
bany, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1883. Son of Peter and 
Helen (Collins) Ehlers. Ed.: Central Manual 
Training Sch. ; Univ. Pa., B.S., 1902 ; M.A., 1907. 

Record : 1906-07, mem. Univ. Pa. Bskt.B. team, 
(I.C. Champs., 1906). 1908-09, coach Univ. Pa. 
freshman Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Constrn. engr., Atlantic Re- 
fining Co. Married: Emily Burrough, Camden, 
N. J., Feb. 19, 1909. Children: Ethel, age 18; 






Alice, age 16 ; Carl, age 13 ; Mary, age 11. Office: Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Mid- 
260 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. Home: 721 dletown A.A. Hobby: Coaching. Address: 343 
Ashurst Rd., Penfield Pa. N. Union St., Middletown, Pa. 


EILERS, ARTHUR E., track and rowing. 
Born: St. Louis, Mo., July 18, 1888. Son of 
Lewis and Louise (Edelmann) Eilers. Ed.: 
Smith Acad., 1909 ; Wash. Univ., 1925. 

Record: 1907-08-09, mem. Smith Acad, track 
team (Natl. Relay Champs., 1909). 1909, 20, 
chmn., Municipal Rowing Asso. (Natl. Champs.). 
1909, 13, 20, mem. Concordia Gym Soc, com- 
pleted for Natl, honors at Cincinnati, Denver 
and Chicago. 1915-16-17, 19-20-21-22, mem. Cen- 
tury Boat Club crew. 1916-17, 19, won 4 mile 
downstream race for Griesedieck trophy. 1920, 
mem. Natl. I.C. Rules Com. on swimming; 
holder breast stroke record in Chicago. 

Pres. Occupation: Swimming coach and bus. 
mgr. of aths. at Wash. Univ. Mil. Service: 
Commd. 2nd Lt. O.D., 1918; discharged 1919. 
Affiliations: Masons; K.T. ; Sec.-treas. Mo. Val- 
ley Conf. ; Concordia Gym Soc. ; Century Boat 
Club. Hobby: Athletics. Office: Univ. Wash., 
St. Louis, Mo. Home: 2023 Arsinal St., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Born: Phila., Pa., Sept. 18, 1882. Son of W. Har- 
rison and Alice M. (Harrison) Eisenbrey. Ed.: 
Episcopal Acad. (Phila.) ; Univ. of Penn., B.S., 
1903; Ch.E., 1913. 

Record: 1900, mem. Univ. of Penn. freshman 
crew. 1901, mem. Univ. of Penn. "Henley" "Var- 
sity crew, defeated; U.S.N.A. (Annapolis) ; Lon- 
don Rowing C, Thames Rowing C. (Henley, 
Eng.), and Dublin Univ. (Killarney, Ire.). 1913- 
18, mem. Univ. of Penn Rowing Comm. (chrmn., 
'15-'17). 1915-17, mem. Bd. of Stewards of I.C. 
Rowing Asso. ( Poughkeepsie Regatta). 

Pres. Occupation: Consulting engineer. Mil. 
Service: Capt. Ordnance Dept., U.S.A., 1918-19; 
repr. of Ordnance Dept., Comm. of War Priori- 
ties Bd. Affiliations: Mem. Bd. of Govs., A.A., 
Univ. of Penn. ('15-'17) ; Univ. C. ; Engineer's C. 
(Phila.) ; Merion Cricket C. (Haverford, Pa.). 
Married: Augusta Frost, Apr. 26, 1905. Chil- 
dren: Robert Howard, Jr., age 21 ; John Frost, 
age 16. Office: 2518 Morris St., Phila., Pa. 
Home: College Ave., Haverford, Pa. 

ELBERTI, PAUL, football. Born: Middle- 
town, Pa., Feb. 18, 1906. Son of J. L. and Jen- 
nis (Alexander) Elberti. Ed.: Middletown H. 
Sch. ; B.S., Lebanon Valley Coll., 1928. 

Record: Mem. Middletown H. Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B. and track teams. 1923-26, coached Mid- 
dletown A.A. F.B. team. 1923-27, mem. Middle- 
town semi-pro. F.B. team. 1924-28, mem. Leba- 
non Valley Coll. F.B. team. 

ELCOCK, HARRY A., basketball. Born: Ava- 
lon, Santa Catalina Is., Cal., Nov. 29, 1901. Son 
of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wall. Ed.: Long Beach 
(Cal.) H. S.; B.S., Wash. State Coll., 1926; 
M.S., Mich. State Coll., 1928. 

Record: 1920-21, mem. Long Beach H. S. F.B. 
team (Cal. and S. W. champs.). 1921, mem. 
Bskt. B. team (Cal. State champs.) ; All-Cal. 
State H. S. centre, Bskt.B. 1920-22, mem. A.A.U. 
Bskt.B. team (So. Pac. Br. champs.). 1923-24, 
mem. Wash. State Coll. Bskt.B. team. 1923-26, 
hurdler and high jumper, Wash. State Coll. 
(tied for high pointman, N. W. Quadrangle 
Track Meet). 

Pres. Occupation: Instr. Pytopathology, Mich. 
State Coll. Affiliations: Alpha Tau Omega; 
Alpha Zeta ; Phi Sigma ; Sigma Xi ; mem. Mich. 
Acad, of Science. Hobby: Botonical explora- 
tion. Office: Botany Dept., Michh. State Coll., 
East Lansing, Mich. Home: 1518 E. 1st St., 
Long Beach, Cal. 

ELDER, GEORGE W., president International 
Star Class Yacht Racing Association. Born: 
Jan., 1893. Ed.: Columbia Univ., 1915. 

Record: 1915-21, vice-pres. Star Class Asso. of 
Amer. 1921, won Long Island Sound star class 
champ, with "Saturn" ; organized Internatl. Star 
Class Yacht Racing Asso. (served as sec. until 
1924). 1924-28, pres. Internatl. Star Class Yacht 
Racing Asso. 1926, sailed "Iscyra" (Internatl. 
star class yacht) in Cuban-Amer. team matches; 
sailed same boat in defense of Star Class Inter- 
natl. trophy. 1927, won Long Island Sound star 
class champ, with "Iscyra." 

Pres. Occupation: Yacht broker. Affiliations: 
N.A. Yacht Racing Union ; Manhassettt Bay 
Yacht Club ; Zeta Psi. Hobby: Yachting. Office: 
501 5th Ave., N. Y. C, N. Y. Home: 105 W. 
55th St., N. Y. C, N. Y. 

ming. Born: New Rochelle, N. Y., Mar. 13,. 
1898. Son of Homer E, and Orvetta (Van Cott) 
Elderkin. Ed.: New Rochelle H. Sch., 1915; 
D.D.S., Univ. of Pa., 1919 ; Columbia Grad. Sch. 
of Dentistry, 1920. 

Record: 1916, mem. Univ. of Pa. freshman 
swimming and water polo teams. 1917-18, mem. 
Univ. of Pa. varsity swimming team (New Bng. 
plunge champ., Univ. of Pa. vs. M.I.T. ; I.C. 
plunge champ., 1918). 1917-18-19, mem. Meadow- 
brook swimming and water polo teams. 1919, 
capt. Univ. of Pa. swimming team (won plunge 
for distance at individual champs., 1919, at 




Pres. Occupation: Dentist. Mil. Service: En- 
listed Med. Reserve Corp., Sept., 1917 ; sgt. Med. 
Corps, Walter Reed Hospital. Affiliations: 
Elks ; Amr. Legion ; N. T. C. Dental Soc. ; Amer. 
Dental Asso. ; Univ. of Pa. Club (N.Y.) ; Univ. 
of Pa. Varsity Club. Hobby: Fishing. Married: 
Bertha Deber, Jan. 8, 1925. Children: Craig, 
age 1. Office: 84 North Ave., New Rochelle, 
N. Y. Home: 61 hotter Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 

ELLETT, PERCY CLINTON, bowling. Born: 
Wash. D. C, June 1, 1897. Son of James T. 
and Louise (Mueller) Ellett. Ed.: Business H. 
Sch. ; Strayer's Business Coll. 

Record,: Mem. Business H. Sch. Bskt.B. and 
F.B. teams. 1919, mem. Dist. League bowling 
team. 1920, mem. High Nat'l Capital League 
team. 1922, tied for high game Nat'l Capital 
League. 1924-28, mem. all Dist. teams in inter- 
city matches. 1925, runner-up in doubles with 
E. McPhilomy in Balto. ; W.C.D.A. 1926, sec- 
ond in singles, W.C.D.A. (396). Estab. new 
record (745) in doubles with McPhilomy. 1928, 
capt. Stanford Paper Co. Dist. bowling league. 

Pres. Occupation: Clerk L. A. Clarke & Son. 
Affiliations: Dist. Bowling League; Odd Fellows' 
Bowling League ; N. W. Church League ; Odd 
Fellows. Hobby: Bowling. Married: Mabel 
Henley, Nov. 17, 1920. Children: William C, 
age 6; Robert E., age 2. Office: 10th and Water 
Sts., Wash., D. C. Home: 643 Ingraham St., 
N. W., Wash., D. C. 

ELLER, ROBERT LLOYD, track. Born: New 
York, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1886. Son of John J. and 
Harriet (Lane) Eller. Ed.: Harlem H. Sch. ; 
Fordham Univ. ; D.D.S. Georgetown Univ, 1914. 

Record: 1900-03, mem. Harlem H. Sch. track 
team ; mem. Metropolitan Boat C. jr. crew. 
1905-12, mem. Irish Amer. A.C. track and F.B. 
teams. 1906, won all-around champs. 71st regi- 
ment (New York camp). 1907-12, mem. World 
champs, track team. 1907, won Mil. A.C. 
champs. 220 yd. hurdles. 1909-10, mem. Ford- 
ham F.B. and track teams. 1910, set record 
90 yd. dash Pastime A.C. games (N. Y. C), 
time 1 9 :01 ; won jr. Nat'l 220 yd. dash, New Or- 
leans ; won Metropolitan champs. 100 yd. dash 
for I.A.C.O. 1911-14, mem. Georgetown Univ. 
track team (capt., 1912) (104 points). 1912, 
ran for Georgetown Univ. track at Univ. of 
Va. meet; set 50 yd. low hurdle record, time 6 
sec. ; still stands ; won shot put ; set record for 
indoor 100 yd. hurdles (11:04) at Johns Hop- 
kins meet, defeating Thorpe of Carlisle and 
Horrax of Johns Hopkins in 4 events ; 100 yd. 
hurdles, 220 yd. dash and 100 yd. dash. 1916, 
physical Metropolitan D. 0. police. 1919, capt. 
A.E.F. track team at Paris games. 

Pree. Occupation: Dentist. War Service: 
Facial maxillary surgery Base Hospital No. 66, 

France, 1917-19; discharged 1st lieut. April, 
1919. Affiliations: Mason; Heroes of '76; board 
of trade ; D. C. Dental Soc. ; Amer. Legion ; Co- 
lumbia C.C. Hobby: Golf. Married: Margaret 
Miller, June 21, 1914. Children: Robert Lloyd, 
Jr., age 12; Lloyd Wright, age 10. Office: 1301 
Mass. Ave., N. W., Wash., D. C. Home: 4701 
Conn. Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. 

ELLING, WILLIAM J., track. Born: Lake 
Lillian, Minn., Dec. 9, 1899. Son of E, A. and 
Lettie M. (Lund) Elling. Ed.: West H. Sch. 
(Minneapolis, Minn.) ; B.A., Univ. of Minn., 

Record: 1924-27, mem. Univ. of Minn, cross- 
country team. 1924-26, mgr. Univ. of Minn. 
wrestling and boxing teams (Big Ten champ., 
1926). 1926, refereed Univ. of Minn. mil. box- 
ing tournament bouts ; competed S. West. Minn, 
golf tournament. 1927, referred Univ. of Minn. 
All-Univ. boxing tournameat. Won cup, East 
Hennepin Merchants marathon race (10 mi.). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Mil. Service: 
Corpl. N.G., 151st Light F.A., Btty. "C," 537th 
C.A. Res., 7th Corp Area., commd. 2nd lieut. 
Affiliations: Theta Kappa Nu; Scabbard and 
Blade; Sigma Delta Psi; "M" Club (Univ. of 
Minn.) ; Minn. A.C. Office: 1100 5th St., N. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. Home: Lake Lillian, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Born: LaSalle, 111., Apr. 20, 1902. Son of 
Francis Burton and Louise (Ulrich) Elliott. 
Ed.: LaSalle 111. Sch.; LaSalle Peru Township 
H. Sch. ; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1924. 

Record: 1922-23-24, mem. Univ. of Chicago 
gym. team (capt, 1924). 

Pres. Occupation: Partner, Elliott, Hayden & 
Co. Affiliations: Alpha Sigma Phi; A. F. and 
A. M. ; Deer Park C.C; 111. Valley Manf. C. 
Office: 136 Hennepin St., LaSalle, 111. Home: 
1007 Marquette St., LaSalle, 111. 

El Monte, Calif, Sept. 23, 1903. Son of Mrs. 
Carrie Bourman., 

Record : 1927-28, mem. Hollywood A.C. boxing 
team; won Pacific Coast light heavyweight 
champ.; draw with Tom Elliott, heavyweight 
champ, of Pacific Coast ; tech. K.O. in 1st round 
with "Roughouse McGill." Mem. Alhambra A. 
C. boxing team (lost to George Hoffman in 
final bout, 1928 Olympic finals, Boston). Mem. 
U. S. Boxing team. 

Pres. Occupation: West, rancher. Affiliations: 
Mem. Calif. Walnut Growers' Asso.; deacon, 
First Christian Church; Native Sons of Golden 
West ; Alhambra AC. Hobby: Raising walnuts. 
Office: Home Ranch, El Monte, Calif. Home: 
Elliott St., El Monte, Calif. 





ELLIOTT, THOMAS MYRON, tennis. Born: Pres. Occupation: Swimming coach and stu- 
West Point, Nebr., Feb. 16, 1906. Son of James dent. Affiliations: Beta Tbeta Pi ; Natl. Swim- 
C. and Lillian (High) Elliott. Ed.: West Point ming Coaches' Asso. Hobby: Swimming. Ad- 
Pub. Sens. ; A.B., Nebr. Univ., 1928. dress: Granville, Ohio. 

Record: 1925-26-27-28, mem. Nebr. Univ. 
Bskt.B. team (capt., 1927-28). 1926-27, mem. 
Nebr. Univ. tennis team (capt., 1927). 1927, 
N.E. Nebr. singles tennis champ. ; N.EL Nebr. 
doubles tennis champ, with Donald Elliott. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Pres. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Nebr. Innocents Soc. Office: 
1724 P St., Lincoln, Nebr. Home: West Point, 

ELLIOTT, WALTER A., football, track, bas- 
ketball and baseball. Born: Burlington, la., 
Sept. 5, 1892. Son of George W. and Kathryn 
(Murphy) Elliott. Ed.: Burlington H. Sch. ; 
Univ. of Wis., 1914 ; Univ. of la., 1915 ; N. Dak. 
State Univ., 1917. 

Record: 1907-08-09-10, mem. Burlington H. 
Seh. F.B. team (capt., 1910). 1908-09-10-12, 
mem. Burlington H. Sch. Bskt.B. and track 
teams (capt., 1912). 1910, mem. Burlington 
H. Sch. B.B. team. 1913, mem. Univ. of Wis. 
freshman F.B. team. 1914, mem. Univ. of la. 
freshman B.B., F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1916, 
mem. N. Dak. Univ. F.B. and Bskt. B. teams. 

1917, mem. N. Dak. State Univ. F.B. team. 1918, 
F.B. coach 44th U. S. Inf., Camp Lewis, Wash. 
1919, coach All-Army B.B. team, Pacific Coast. 
1921, played F.B. 5th U. S. Inf., Amer. forces 
in Germany. 1925-26, F.B. and Bskt.B. coach 
5th U. S. Inf., Ft. Williams, Me. 1926, B.B. 
coach 5th U. S. Inf., Ft. Williams, Me. 1927, 
F.B. coach 5th U. S. Inf., Ft. Williams, Me. 

Pres. Occupation: Army officer. War Record: 
2nd lieut. Inf. (R.A.), Oct. 26, 1917, 44th U. S. 
Inf.; 1st lieut. Inf. (Temp.) (R.A.), Oct. 19, 

1918. 44th U. S. Inf.; 1st lieut. Inf. (R.A.), 
Sept. 13. 1919-1928, 5th U. S. Inf.; Amer. Army 
of Occupation (Germany), Oct. 18, 1919, to Mar. 
21, 1922. Affiliations: Theta Chi; K.C. ; Amer. 
Legion. Hobby: Athletics. Married: Faye 
Wheeler, Dec. 17, 1918. Children: Mary Kath- 
ryn. ace 8: Patricia Marie, age 3. Address: 
Ft. Williams, Cape Cottage, Me 

ELLIS, ERLE MOORE, swimming. Born: 
Chicago, 111., Nov. 25, 1905. Son of Arthur F. 
and Elizabeth (Spratt) Ellis. Ed.: Oak Pk. 
H. Sch.; Denison Univ., 1929. 

Record: 1920-24, mem. Oak Pk. H. Sch. 
swimming team (capt., 1924). 1920-25, mem. 
Oak Pk. Y.M.C.A. swimming team (mgr., 1925). 
1922-25, mem. Columbus Pk. swimming team 
(Chicago champ.). 1923-25, mem. Chicago Sec. 
relay champ, team. 1923-27. Amer. Red Cross 
life saving examiner. 1926-28, coach Denison 
Univ. swimming team. 

ELLIS, EUGENE W., baseball and basketball. 
Born: Chatham, Mass., Sept. 20, 1890. Son of 
Eugene C. and Effie M. Ells. Ed.: Bates Coll.; 
B.S., Univ. of Vt. ; Springfield Coll.; Univ. of 
Pa. ; Rutgers Univ. 

Record: 1910, played semi pro. Bskt.B. with 
Cape Cod champs. (Wareham, Mass.). 1911, 
mem., Bates Coll. B.B. team. 1912, mem., Bates 
Coll. B.B., track and cross country teams and 
mgr., Bskt.B. team. 1914, mem. Univ. of Vt. 
B.B. team. 1925, coached Natl. Champ. Girl 
and Boy free throw contest, Bskt.B., coached 
Junior Natl, free throw contest, Bskt.B. 1927, 
coached Senior Natl, free throw contest, Bskt. 
B., Rutgers Prep. Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Atn. dir. and teacher. Affi- 
liations: Sigma Nu ; Mason ; Tall Cedars ; Coun- 
try Club, Jaffrey, N.H. ; Pres., Bskt.B. League, 
approved officials in Bskt.B., F.B., and B.B. 
Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Married: Made- 
line H. Howes, 1910. Children: Eugene W., Jr., 
age 8. Address: 694 George St., New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. 

ELLIS, SAMUEL MOFFITT, football, basket- 
ball and soccer. Bom: Camden, N. J., Oct. 2, 
1895. Son of Francis D. and Grau A. (Davis) 
Ellis. Ed.: W. Phila. H. Sch.; Lafayette Coll.; 
B.S., Univ. Pa., 1920. 

Record: Mem. W. Phila. H. Sch. F.B. and 
Bskt.B. teams. 1915-16, mem. Lafayette Coll. 
F.B. and soccer teams. 1919, mem. Univ. Pa. 
F.B. team. 1920-21, coach, W, Chester H. Sch. 
1922-23, coach, Chestnut Hill Acad. (mem. Cen- 
tral Bd. of F.B. Officials). 

Pres. Occupation: Wholesale meat dealer. 
Naval Service: U.S.N.R.F., Hosp. Base No. 5, 
Brest Air Station. Affiliations: Masons; Phi 
Gamma Delta ; Hicicunda Del Mar. Married: 
Mildred Louise Hunnign, Aug. 14, 1918. Chil- 
dren: Samuel Moffitt, Jr., age 7 ; Mildred Louise, 
age 4; Francis D„ 2nd, age 3; Sara A. (infant). 
Office: 48 N. Dela. St., Philadelphia, Pa. Home: 
250 S. Milville St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

ELLIS, SHIRLEY G., football and track. 
Bom: Hamilton, Mass., Oct. 4, 1878. Son of 
Shirley V. and Emma Hammond (Gregory) 
Ellis. Ed.: Phillips Andover Acad. 1897; S.B. 
Harvard Univ. 1901. 

Record: 1896, mem. Phillips Andover Acad. 
F.B. team (East. Prep. Sch. champs). 1897, 
mem. Phillips Andover Acad, track team ; H.B. 
Harvard freshman F.B. team (champs). 1898, 
mem. Harvard varsity track team. 1899-1900- 
01, mem. Harvard varsity track team (I.C. 





champs. 1899) ; Holder of 2 all-around N. Eng. 
champs, in Y.M.C.A. track competition ; 1 Natl, 
all-around Y.M.C.A. champs. 1896-1901, winner 
of 42 first prizes, 18 second prizes, 8 third 
prizes, in I.C., Collegate, Y.M.C.A., and open 
competition in track events. 

Hobby: Yachting and golf. Married: Anita 
M. Rennie. Children: Shirley D., age 16; Anita 
M., age 18. Office: 1511 Ry. Exchange Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. Home: Allerton House, Chicago, 

Record: 1917-18, mem. Univ. of Wis. cross- 
country team (capt, 1918). 1918, mem. Univ. 
of Wis. track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. supt., Milwaukee-Bos- 
ton Store. Affiliations: Star and Arrow ; Y.M. 
C.A. ; Milwaukee Asso. of Commerce ; Artus ; 
"W" club (Univ. of Wis.). Hobby: Photography. 
Married: Dorothy Head. Children: Dorothy 
Jean, age 6; Diantha, aged 1. Office: 319 Wis. 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Home: 908 Shepard Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Born: Matteaway, N. Y., July 14, 1898. Son 
of John "Vernon and May (Ivers) Ellson. Ed.: 
Univ. Pa., A.B., 1920; M.D., 1923. 

Record: 1917, mem. Univ. Pa. freshman crew. 
1918-19-20, mem. Univ. Pa. Varsity crew (I.C. 
champs., 1918). 

Pres. Occupation: Physician. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted Central O.T.C., Camp Gordon, Atlanta, 
Ga., 1918. Affiliations: Delta Kappa Epsilon ; 
Nu Sigma Nu ; Phi Beta Kappa. Hobby: Medi- 
cine. Married: Evelyn Sloat, Aug. 22, 1925. 

Born: Eveleth, Minn., Apr. 13, 1896. Son of 
William D. and Francis (Greene) Ellsworth. 
Ed.: East Side H. Sch. (Minneapolis, Minn.), 
1915; Carleton Coll., 1920; Stout Inst. (Meno- 
minie, Wis.), 1921. 

Record: 1912-13-14, mem. East Side H. Sch. 
B.B. team (City champs., 1912). 1913-14, mem. 
East Side H. Sch. F.B. team (City champs., 
1914). 1919-20, mem. Carleton Coll. F.B. and 
B.B. teams (F.B. team State champs., 1920; 
B. B. team tied for State champ.). 1921, mem. 
Stout Inst. F.B. team (State champs.). 1921- 
22, coach, F.B., Bskt.B., track, and B.B., Biwa- 
bik, Minn., H. Sch. (Bskt.B. team Range champ, 
runner-up, 1922). 1923-24, coach, F.B., Bskt.B., 
and B.B., Joe E. Brown Junior H. Sch., Atlanta, 
Ga. (City champs., F.B. and B.B., 1924). 1925- 
26-27, F.B. coach, Short Hills Private Sch. 
(Short Hills, N. J.). 

Pres. Occupation: Supervisor, manual train- 
ing, Orange, N. J. War Record: 1st Class phar- 
macists mate, Hospital Unit 17, duty at Paris, 
Bordeaux, Paulliac, and Base Hospital Nos. 1 
and 15 ; mem. A.E.F., 1st Marines ; discharged, 
July, 1919. Affiliations: Cen. Bd., F.B. and 
Bskt.B. Officials. Hobby: Officiating at F.B., 
Bskt.B., and B.B. games. Married: Vola Mit- 
chell, Aug. 28, 1925. Office: Orange Public Sch., 
Orange, N. J. Home: 68 Rollinson St., W. 
Orange, N. J. 

ELSOM, BERNARDO W., track. Born: Nel- 
son Co., Va., June 26, 1897. Son of Dr. J. C. 
and Ruth (Reams) Elsom. Ed.: B.A., Univ. of 

ELWARD, A. H„ coach. Born: Lawrence, 
Mass., June 23, 1892. Son of Joseph and Mary 
(Whalen) Elward. Ed.: Lawrence H. Sch.; 
Exeter Acad. ; LL.B. Notre Dame Univ. 

Record : 1909, Lawrence H. Sch. state champ. 
F.B. team. 1910, End Exeter Acad. F.B. team. 
1912-16, End Notre Dame Univ. F.B. team (All- 
West, end, 1915). 1916, coach St. John's Prep. 
Sch. F.B. and Bskt.B. teams. 1917, End coach 
Newport Naval Reserve Service F.B. champs. 
1919, coach Hampton Rds. (Va.) service F.B. 
team (East coast champs.). 1920-21, coach All- 
Ath. Naval Air Station, Hampton Rds. (Va.). 
1922-23, coach Grennell Coll. (la.) F. B. and 
BsktB. teams. 1924-26, coach John Carroll 
Univ., Cleveland (Ohio) F.B., Bskt.B. and 
track teams. 1927-28, end coach Purdue Coll. 
F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach. Naval Service: Mid 
class seaman Newport (R. I.), 1917; U.S.N. Air 
Service, 1918-22; Disch. Lt. Affiliations: Amer. 
Legion ; Elks. Married: Lillian McNamora. 
Children: Allen, Jr., age 6; Carol Ann, age 3. 
Office: Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind. Home: 
303 Perrin Ave., Lafayette, Ind. 

ELWELL, CYRIL FRANK, track. Born: 
Melbourne, Australia, Aug. 20, 1884. Son of 
Dudley and Clotilde (Tresidder) Elwell. Ed.: 
Stanford, A.B., 1907, E.E., 1908. 

Record: 1902-07, mem. Stanford varsity track 
team (440-yd. dash). 

Pres. Occupation: Electrical engr. Affiliations: 
Dir. Mullard Wireless Service Co. ; dir. Collins 
Electrical, Ltd. ; dir. De Forest Phonofilms, 
Ltd. ; dir. Lee De Forest, Ltd. ; Sigma Xi ; Royal 
Automobile Club ; Camberlay Heath G.C. 
Hobby: Golf. Married: Ethel Pullan, 1909. 
Children: Dorothy, age 16; Valda, age 12. 
Office: 21 Denmark St., London, England. 
Home: 197 Queens Gate, London, England. 

Born: Fall Creek, Wis., Feb. 12, 1896. Son of 
Gustav A. and Augusta EmanueJ. Ed.: B.S., 
Univ. of Wis., 1920. 

Record: 1917-20, mem. Univ. of Wis. B.B. 
team. 1922-26, mem. Mines Independent B.B. 
League team (Butte, Mont). 




Pres. Occupation: Chief chemist, Anaconda 
Mining Co. Mil. Service: Mem. R.O.T.C. and 
Engrs. Res. Corps. Affiliations: Mason; "W" 
Club (Univ. of Wis.) ; Anaconda C.C. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Kathlyn Larsen. Office: c/o 
Anaconda Mining Co., Anaconda, Mont. Home: 
404 Maple St., Anaconda, Mont. 

EMERSON, GUY H., rifle shooting. Born: 
Fremont, Ohio, Sept. 3, 1876. Son of Maes S. 
and Catherine Emerson. 

Record: 1906, shot 15 straight 5's, 8 in. bull's 
eye, 200 yds. 1906-15, mem. Ohio State Natl, rifle 
team. 1907-09, mem. Dryden rifle team. 1907-12, 
mem. Harrick rifle team. 1910-22, won Wimble- 
dom Cup match. 1912, won. Adj. Gen. Cup 
match ; won Sea-Girt champ, match ; won Win- 
chester trophy rifle match. 1912, won Marine 
Corps match ; won Nev. trophy rifle match. 1913, 
mem. N.A. rifle team. 1913-23, mem. Palma 
rifle team. 

Pres. Occupation: Garage owner. Mil. Service: 
Mem. Co. K, 6th O.V.I., U. S. and Cuba, Spanish 
Amer. War, discharged Corpl. Affiliations: 
Mason. Hobby: Rifle shooting. Address: 203 
Bir. Ave., Fremont, Ohio. 

EMERT, JAMES THOMAS, baseball, porn: 
Macon, Mo., July 12, 1907. Son of Fred C. and 
Arrabella (Craig) Emert. Ed.: Lawrenceville 
Sch. ; A.B., Princeton. 

Record: 1924, won St. Louis golf tourna- 
ment. 1924-25, mem. Lawrenceville Sch. B.B. 
team. 1926, mem. Princeton freshman B.B. team 
(champs.). 1927, mem. Princeton A.C. B.B. 
team (N. J. champs.). 1927-28, mem. Princeton 
varsity B.B. team. 1928, mem. Princeton H.B. 
team (runner-up Princeton H.B. singles 
champ. ) . 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Clubs: Univ. Cot- 
tage (Princeton) ; Princeton A.C; Bellwrive C. 
C. (St. Louis, Mo.) ; "P" (Princeton). School: 
73 Patton Hall, Princeton, N. J. Home: 5521 
Waterman Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

EMRICH, RUSSELL C, football. Born: 
Casey, 111., Mar. 1, 1900. Son of W. S. and 
Ollie (Park) Emrich. Ed.: Univ. of 111., 1921; 
Lombard Coll., 1922; Univ. of Chicago, 1925; 
Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1925. 

Record : 1921, cen. Lombard Coll. F.B. team ; 
mem. Little 9 conf. champs, team. 1923-24, mem. 
Univ. of Chicago F.B. team. 1924, only man to 
throw "Red Grange" for loss in famous 21-21 
Chicago (111.) game; cen. on "Big Ten" conf. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment Securities with 
Mosser, Williams & Co., Inc. Affiliations: Phi 
Delta Theta; pres. Beta of 111.; Phi Delta 
Theta. Married: Helen L. Funk, Sept. 26, 1925. 

Children: Russell C, Jr., age 2. Office: 29 So. 
LaSalle, Chicago, 111. Home: 3730 Sheridan Rd., 
Chicago, 111. 

ing. Born: Hartford City, Ind., May 12, 1895. 
Son of Adelbert B. and Frances (Brown) Emsh- 
willer. Ed.: C.E., Ramsey Inst, of Tech., 1925. 

Record: 1920-25, mem. Minn. Civilian rifle 
team (capt., 1925). 1921, won Pres. rifle match. 
1922, mem. Inter-Natl. Small rifle team. 

Pres. Occupation: Civil engr. War Record: 
Mem. A.E.F.; Sgt. Co. E 29th Engrs., 1918. 
Affiliations: Amer. Legion ; Minneapolis Rifle 
Club. Hobby: Shooting. Married: Helen Har- 
ven, June 18, 1927. Office: Engr. Dept, Soo 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 3230 4th St. 
S.E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Atlantic Asso. A.A.U. Born: Baltimore, Md., 
Apr. 29, 1882. Son of Charles and Mary (Bar- 
nard) England. Ed.: Deischmann Prep. Sch. 
(Baltimore, Md.) ; A.B., Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1902; Univ. Md., LL.B., 1906; A.M., 1909. 

Record: 1899-1904, mem. Johns Hopkins 
Univ. track team (capt., 1901-02). 1901-06, capt. 
Johns Hopkins Univ. 1-mile record relay team. 
1902-08, held State and So. record for 440 yds., 
time 50 2/5 sec. 1909-21, won official handicap 
S.A. Asso. A.A.U. 1911-12, track coach Johns 
Hopkins Univ. 1912, organizer and pres. S. At- 
lantic Ath. Asso. 1925-28, pres. S. Atlantic Asso. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, mem. Tyler & 
England. Mil. Service: Capt. Ord. Res. Corps, 
Washington, D. C. Affiliations: Masons; Ex- 
change Club ; Merchants Club ; Baltimore C.C. ; 
Baltimore Club; University Club (Wash., D. C). 
Hobby: Track and field sports. Office: 612 Equit- 
able Bldg., Baltimore, Md. Home: 1213 N. Cal- 
vert St., Baltimore, Md. 

ENKE, FRED AUGUST, coach. Born: Roch- 
ester, Minn., July 12, 1898. Son of William and 
Emma (Stephen) Enke. Ed.: B.S., Univ. of 
Minn., 1921. 

Record: 1918, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 
team. 1919, mem. Univ. of Minn. Bskt.B. team 
("Big Ten" champs.). 1919-21, mem. Univ. of 
Minn. F.B. and Bskt.B. team. 1921-23, asst. 
coach So. State Coll. 1923-25, ath. dir. Univ. of 
La. 1924, coach Calumet Coll. of New Albany 
(Ind.) BsktB. and A.A.U. champs. Ky. and 
Ind. 1925-28, coach Univ. of Ariz. Bskt.B. and 
F.B. teams. 1927-28, Bskt.B. team So. West 

Pres. Occupation: coach. Affiliations: Phi 
Kappa Sigma ; Theta Tau ; Mason. Married: 




age 3. Office: Univ. of Ariz., Tuscon, Ariz. 

Home: 1115 N. Park Ave., Tuscon, Ariz. 

Ollie Charline Tehon. Children: Fred William, 

ENSIGN, G. E, football, basketball, baseball 
and track. Born: Defiance, Obio, July 1, 1897. 
Son of Ed. W. and Elsie B. (Richardson) En- 
sign. Ed.: B.A., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1920; 
Univ. of Mich., 1924. 

Record: 1918-20, mem., Ohio Wesleyan Univ. 
F.B., B.B. and track teams (capt. track, 
1919). 1918-19, 1st place high jump, pole vault, 
120 high hurdles and 220 yd. low hurdles. 1919, 
mem. Ohio Wesleyan Univ. F.B. team (All-Ohio 
guard). 1921-28, coach Shaker Height H. Sch. 
(N. East Ohio champs., track, 1926). 

Pres. Occupation: Dir. of phy. ed. Affiliations: 
N. Y. Life Ins. Co. ; Mason ; Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon ; Sigma Delta Psi ; Cleveland A.C. Hobby: 
Golf. Married: Helen Sigler. Children: Jerry, 
Jr., age 5 ; Jean, infant. Office: S. Woodland and 
Woodbury Rds., Cleveland, Ohio. Home: 16626 
Kenyon Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. 

ERB, ARTHUR LESLIE, football and soccer. 
Born: Tacoma, Wash., Jan. 22, 1893. Son of 
Samuel and Margaret Erb. Ed.: LL.B., Stan- 
ford, 1916. 

Record: 1913-16, mem. Stanford varsity soc- 
cer team. 1914-16, mem. Stanford varsity Rugby 
F.B. team. 1919, mem. All-Amer. Rugby F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. War Record: 1st 
lieut. Hdqrs. Co. 363rd Inf. 91st div., transferred 
68th Inf. 4th div., mem. A.E.F. Affiliations: Vice- 
pres. People's Finance Co. ; dir. Payne Furnace 
and Supply Co. ; Chamber of Commerce ; Post 
Amer. Legion ; Beverly Hills Club ; Gables 
Club; Fox Hills CO Married: Highland Reeder, 
Ovt. 18, 1924. Children: Eunice Margaret, age 2. 
Office: 331 1/ 2 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, 
Calif. Home: 1445 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly 
Hills, Calif. 

ERB, BEN EDWARD, mem. Ail-American 
Rugby football team, 1908-12. Born: Minne- 
apolis, Minn., Dec. 10, 1891. Son of Samuel and 
Margaret Erb. Ed.: B.S., Stanford, 1912. 

Record: 1906-07, mem. Victoria Rugby F.B. 
team (Victoria, British-Columbia). 1908, capt. 
Stanford freshman Rugby F.B. team. 1908-12, 
mem. Stanford varsity soccer and Rugby F.B. 
teams (mem. team toured Australia and New 
Zealand, 1910; capt., 1912). 

Mil. Service: Sgt. Aviation, 1919. Affiliations: 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Address: c/o Gen. Petrol- 
eum Oil Co., Taft, Calif. 

ERDALL, ARTHUR C, football. Born: Mad- 
ison, Wis., Feb. 25, 1891. Son of John L. and 
Bertha (Swanson) Erdall. Ed.: Mech. Arts H. 
S. (St. Paul, Minn.), 1908; Univ. of Minn., B.A., 
1913; LL.B., 1915. 

Record: 1905-08, mem. Mech. Arts H.S. F.B., 
Track, B.B. and Hockey teams (capt., F.B.). 
1910-12-14, mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. team. 
1916, backfield coach Univ. of Minn. F.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Asst. sol. State of Minn. 
C.M.S. and P.R.R. Co. Mil. Service: Enlisted 
2nd lieut. Infantry. Affiliations: Minn. "M" C. 
(one of organ.) ; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; 
Iron Wedge; Gyro C. Married: Eunice McGil- 
vra. Children: Eunice Joan, age 7; Arthur 
Bushnell, age 5; John Leonard, age 1%. Office: 
25 Milwaukee Sta., Minneapolis, Minn. Home: 
5239 Humboldt Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

ERDMAN, CHARLES R., JR., track. Born: 
Germantown, Phila., Pa., Aug. 25, 1897. Son of 
Charles R. and Estelle (Pardee) Erdman. Ed.: 
Lawrenceville Sch., 1915; Princeton, A.B., 1920; 
M.A., 1924; Ph.D., 1928. 

Record: 1915, mem. Lawrenceville Sch. track 
and hockey teams (hold 120-yd. hurdles record, 
15 4/5 sec). 1917-18, mem. Princeton hockey 
team. 1918-20, mem. Princeton track team 
(capt., 1919-20; capt., team defeated Oxford 
Univ., London, England; won 120-yd. hurdles, 
15 2-5 sec, 1920) . 1918, I.C.A.A.A.A. champ. 120- 
yd. high hurdles and 220-yd. low hurdles. 1918- 
20, 1st place Yale-Princeton and Harvard-Prince- 
ton track meets. Held world's record 45-yd. 
hurdles, 6 sec. 

Pres. Occupation: Teacher, Princeton. Naval 
Service: U.S.N. Aviations, 1918. Clubs: Cap and 
Gown (Princeton) ; Nassau (Princeton). Hobby: 
Track and hockey. Married: Lucy Bulkley, June 
14, 1922. Children: Charles R., 3rd, age 4; 
Harold Bulkley, age 3. Address: 20 Boudinot 
St., Princeton, N. J. 

Born: Evansville, Minn., Nov. 10, 1905. Son of 
Oscar and Lena (Kerum) Erickson. Ed.: B.S., 
Univ. of Minn., 1927. 

Record: 1926, runner-up, Light Heavy wt. 
boxing champ., Univ. of Minn. 1926-27, mem. 
Univ. of Minn. Gymnastic team; Indian Club 
swinging champ. ; runner-up tumbling Univ. of 
Wis. and Univ. of Minn. Gym meet. In Big Ten 
Gym meet (Lafayette, Ind.), '26; in Big Ten 
meet (Univ. of Chicago), '27. 1927, won (loving 
cup) Indian Club swinging; runner-up tumbling 
N.W. Gym meet (Univ. of Minn.). 

Pres. Occupation: Instr. phys. ed., Excelsior 
Minn. Affiliations: "M" C. (Univ. of Minn.) ; 
N.W. Gymnastic Soc ; Luth. Students' Assol 



(Univ. of Minn.); Natl. Ed. Asso. ; Phys. Ed. 
Asso. (Univ. of Minn.). Hobby: Guide at Alex- 
andria, Minn. Home: Alexandria, Minn. 

ERICSON, KARL L., coach. Born: Elroy, 
Wis., Jan. 21, 1895. Son of Edward and Mary 
(Stone) Ericson. Ed.: B.S., Jamestown Coll., 

Record: 1914-17, mem. Jamestown Coll. F.B. 
team (won I.C. Conf. title) ; All-State full back 
1916-17; won 2 F.B. champs.; won 2 Bskt.B. 
champs. ; won 3 B.B. champs. ; won 2 track 
champs. ; capt. Bskt.B. and B.B. for 3 yrs. 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. Jamestown Coll. 
Affiliations: K. of P. Hobby: Hunting. Married: 
Grace Elizabeth McDonald, June 30, 1919. Chil- 
dren: Leslie, age 7; Betty, age 6; Jack, age 1. 
Address: Gymnasium, Jamestown, N. D. 

and track. Born: Del Rio, Tex., July 19, 1891. 
Son of Thomas and Annie (Gordon) Erney. 
Ed.: Del Rio (Tex.) H. Sch.; S. West Texas 
State Teachers Coll. ; Univ. of Tex. ; B.A., Univ. 
of Kansas, 1923. 

Record: 1911-13. mem. S.T.S.T.C. F.B. team. 
1912-14, mem. S.T.S.T.C. B.B. team. 1912, coach 
Hondo (Tex.) H. Sch. 1914-19, coach San Mar- 
cos (Tex.) H. Sch. 1920-25, ath. dir. Cleburne 
(Tex.) H. Sch.; F.B. team won state champ. 
(1920). 1924, won All-H. Sch. relay races, Okla. 
relays (440, 880, medley and mile) ; 440 relay, 
44.6 sec; won medley relay (Inter-Sch. world's 
record of 3:42 9/10 for 440, 220, 880 and 1760). 
Won %-mile relay Natl. H. Sch. meet (Chicago, 
111). Team picked Natl. H. Sch. All- Around re- 
lay champs. 1925-27, ath. dir. Bryan St. H. Sch. 
(Dallas, Tex.). 

Pres. Occupation: Science instr. and coach 
Tex. Mil. Inst., San Antonio, Tex. Mil. Service: 
Enlisted Air Service, comnd. 2nd lieut. Res. Mil. 
Aviator, Kelly Field; Flying instr. Call Field. 
Affiliations: S. West Bd. of F.B. Officials ; Texas 
Officials Asso. Married: Nellie Glenn Shuford, 
Aug. 20, 1923. Children: Virginia Nell, age 2. 
Office: Box 1096, San Antonio, Tex. Home: Tex. 
Mil. Inst., San Antonio, Tex. 

(New Orleans, La.) B.B. League. Mem. Patter- 
son Semi-Pro. B.B. team (state champs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. dir. and Boys' worker. 
Naval Service: U.S.N., hon. discharge, 1918. 
Affiliations: Sec-treas. United Oil Co., Inc.; 
Athenians Carnival Organization ; Black Pi- 
rates ; Kingsley House Community Center ; 
Kingsley House A.C. ; S. Yacht Club; S. Conf.; 
Officials Club; S. Amateur Ath. Officials Club. 
Office: 1600 Constanct St., New Orleans, La. 
Home: 4512 Elysian Fields, New Orleans, La. 

ESTES, CARLTON CHASE, basketball. 
Born: Longmont, Colo., Nov. 21, 1895. Son of 
Edward Joel and Anna (Colkins) Estes. Ed.: 
Longmont H. Sch. ; Stanford. 

Record,: 1914, capt. Longmont H. Sch. track 
team. 1915, capt. Longmont H. Sch. Bskt.B. 
team. 1915-lt>, mem. Stanford freshman Bskt.B 
team. 1916-17, mem. Stanford varsity Bskt.B. 

Pres. Occupation: 503 Main St., Longmont, 

ETELMAN, CARL EDWARD, football, bas- 
ketball, baseball. Born: Fairhaven, Mass., Apr. 
2, 1900. Son of Isaac and Minnie (Grossneau) 
Etelman. Ed.: Fairhaven H. Sch.; Boston 
Univ.; Harvard; B.S., Tufts Coll., 1924. 

Record: 1916-20, mem. Fairhaven H. Sch. 
F.B., B.B., Bskt.B. and track teams. 1921-24, 
mem. Tufts coll. F.B. team. 1922, mem. Tufts. 
Coll. Bskt.B. team. 1923-24, mem. Tufts Coll. 
B.B. team. 1925, mem. St. Alphonsus F.B. team 
(Boston, Mass.). 1926, mem. Boston Bulldogs 
F.B. team. 1927, mem. Fittons F.B. team (Bos- 
ton, Mass.). 1927-28, phy. dir. and coach, Whit- 
man H. Sch. (Whitman, Mass.). 

Pres. Occupation: Phy. dir. and coach, Whit- 
man H. Sch. (Whitman, Mass.). Affiliations: 
Mason ; Phi Epsilon Pi ; St. Alphonsus A.A. 
(Boston, Mass.) ; Fitton A. A. (Boston, Mass.) ; 
Cen. Bd. F.B. and Bskt.B. Officials; South 
Shore Men's Club. Hobby: Football. Married: 
Florence Gould, July 1, 1926. Office: Whitman 
H. Sch., Whitman, Mass. Home: 822 Wash. St., 
Whitman, Mass. 

ERNST, LEO A., football, basketball, baseball 
and track. Born: New Orleans, La., Oct. 18, 
1898. Son of Charles and Catherine (Leon) 
Ernst. Ed.: Warren Easton Boys' H. Sch.; Sch. 
for Coaches ; Notre Dame Univ., 1924 ; Columbia 
Univ., 1926; K. of C. Boy Life Bureau, 1926; 
Catholic Summer Sch. 

Record: 1913-17, mem. Warren Easton Boys' 
H. Sch. F.B., B.B., tennis, track, gym., Bskt.B. 
and swimming teams (capt. and mgr. B.B. team 
state champs. La. and Miss., 1915). 1916, S.A. 
A.U. high jump champ. 1917, mem. S. League 

Born: St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 31, 1889. Son of 
Abraham and Pauline (Schucart) Ettlinger. 
Education: A. B., Washington Univ., St. Louis, 
Mo., 1910; M. A., Harvard, 1911; Ph. D., Har- 
vard, 1920. 

Record: 1907-10, mem., Washington Univ. 
F.B., Bsk. B. and B.B. teams. 1909-10, mem., 
Washington Univ. handball team (champion in 
singles); 1913-20, Bskt. 'B. official; 1913-27, 
Univ. of Texas F.B. and Bskt. B. coach ; 1914-28, 
F.B. official. ' 


r ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ .^^. ^^ ^^ If^A^f 





Present Occupation: Prof., Pure Math., Univ. 
of Texas. Mil. Service: Signal Corps, stationed 
at Ground Sch. for Mil. Aeronautics, Univ. of 
Texas, 1917-18; S.A.T.G., Univ. of Texas, 1918. 
Affiliations: Mem., Faculty Ath. Com., Univ. of 
Texas, 1916-24-27; rep., Univ. of Texas in 
N.C.A.A., 1924; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 
A.A.A.A.S., Amer. Math. Soc, Math. Asso. of 
Amer., London Math. Soc, Deutsche Mathe- 
matikervereinigung, Circulo Mathematico di 
Palermo. Hobby: Tennis. Married: Rosebud 
Segal, Sept. 1, 1918. Children: Martin Gross- 
man, age 2. Office: Univ. of Texas, Austin, 
Texas. Home: 3110 Harris Pk. Ave., Austin, 

EUSTIS, ALVIN A., ath. dir. and coach. 
Born: Beloit, Wise, Nov. 3, 1893. Son of George 
H. and Anna Elizabeth (Reynolds) Eustis. Ed.: 
A.B., Wash. State Coll. 1915. 

Record : 1912, mem. Pomona Coll. F.B. team ; 
mem. Wash. State! Coll. F.B., Bskt.B. and B.B. 
teams. H. Sch. coach. 1920-27, Ath. Dir. Wash. 
State Normal (Cheney) Sch. 

Pres. Occupation: Mgr. and coach, Commun- 
ity Cen. C, Crockett, Calif. Affiliations: Sigma 
Nu ; F. and A. M. ; Shrine. Married: Blanche 
Kruse, Aug. 1, 1917. Children: Junior, age 10; 
William, age 5. Address: Community Center, 
Crockett, Calif. 

EUWER, PAUL, football and baseball. Born: 
Jeannete, Pa., Oct. 7, 1898. Son of Wm. Fulton 
and Alice (Whitmyre) Buwer. Ed.: Lawrence- 
ville Prep. Sch. ; Princeton. 

Record: Mem. Lawrenceville Prep. Sch. B.B. 
and F.B. teams. Mem. Princeton F.B. team (1 
yr.). Mem. Princeton B.B. team (2 yrs.). 

Pres. Occupation: Merchant. Mil. Service: 
Mem. S.A.T.C. Affiliations: Vice-pres. Euwer 
and Co., Inc. ; dir. Jeannette Savings and Trust 
Co. ; Chamber of Commerce ; Amer. Legion ; 
Jeannette Exchange Club; Greensburg C.C. ; 
"P" Club (Princton, Pa. and N. Y.). Office: 
407-09 Clay Ave., Jeannette, Pa. Home: 224 2nd 
St., Jeannette, Pa. 

EVANS, CHARLES, JR., American amateur 
golf champion, 1916, 20. Born: Indianapolis, 
Indiana, July 18, 1890. Son of Charles and Lena 
(Young) Evans. Education: Evanston Acad- 
emy; Northwestern University. 

Record: 1906-08, won Western Interscholastic 
golf championship. 1907-08-10, won Western 
Junior golf championship. 1907-08-11-14, won 
Chicago golf championship. 1909-12-14-15-20-21- 
22-23, won Western Amateur golf championship. 
1910, won Western open championship. 1911, 
won United North and South golf champion- 
ship ; won French Amateur golf championship ; 
in partnership with John Ball, played first 

couple for the Amateurs against the Profes- 
sionals in the Coronation match. 1912-22-27, 
runner-up in American Amateur golf champion- 
ship. 1914, runner-up in American open cham- 
pionship ; eliminated in fourth round of the 
British Amateur championship. 1916, won 
American open golf championship. 1916 and '20, 
won American Amateur golf championship. 1920, 
third place in American open championship. 
1921, eliminated in third round of the British 
Amateur championship. 1921-22-24, represented 
America in America vs. England golf cham- 
pionship. Has done ninth hole at Chicago Club 
course and fourth hole at Edgewater Club, each 
in one stroke. Holder of eighty-eight rec- 
ords. Favorite links : Wheaton, Myopia, Edge- 
water (United States) ; St. Andrews, Prestwick, 
Troon (Scotland) ; Sandwich (England). Favor- 
ite shots : mashie and half iron. 

Military Service: Red Cross. Office: 11 South 
La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois. Home: 1413 
Pratt Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. 


track, soccer and football. Born: San Fran- 
cisco, Calif., Mar. 15, 1906. Son of Rev. David 
John and Susan (Le Count) Evans. Ed.: Palo 
Alto Union H. Sch., 1923 ; Stanford. A.B., 1927 ; 
M.A., 1928. 

Record: Mem. Palo Alto Union H. Sch. F.B., 
soccer and track teams (3 yrs.). 1925-27, mem. 
Stanford varsity track squad (won I.C. 4 A's 
and Pac. I.C. meets, 1927). 1926, mem. Stan- 
ford varsity F.B. and soccer teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Al- 
pha Delta Phi; Olympic Club. Hobby: Fly- 
casting. Address: 355 California Ave., Palo 
Alto, Calif. 

Born: Sparta, Wis., Jan. 20, 1895. Son of John 
W. and Edith Ann Evans. Ed.: Sparta (Wis.) 
H. Sch., 1914; La Crosse Coll.; B.A., Univ. of 
Wis., 1895. 

Record: 1911-13, mem. Sparta H. Sch. F.B. 
team (All-State h.b., 1913). 1916, mem. 12th 
Div. F.B. team (Ft. Sam Houston, Tex.). 1917, 
officiated and mng'd officers' F.B. team (Battle 
Creek, Mich.). 1920-22, coach Williston F.B. 
and B.B. teams (Williston, N. Dak.). 

Pres. Occupation: Ath. Dept., Univ. of Wis. 
Mil. Service: Co. L, 3rd Inf., 12th Div.; 1916, 
supply officer 330th Machine Gun Bn., 85th Div. 
Affiliations: Phi Pi Phi ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Phi 
Alpha Delta. Hobby: Sports. Office: 712 Lang- 
don, Madison, Wis. Home: 250 Langdon St., 
Madison, Wis. 

Born: Garden City, Minn., Nov. 25, 1876. Son 
of E.B. and A. Ellen (Clark) Evans. Ed.: Min- 
neapolis H. Sch. ; Univ. of Minn. 





Record: 2 years, mem. Minneapolis H. Sen. 
F.B. team. 2 yrs. mem. Univ. of Minn. F.B. 

Pres. Occupation: Stock rancher. War Rec- 
ord: Mem. Co. A, 13th Minn. Vol., Spanish- 
Amer. War and Philippine insurrection. Affili- 
ations: Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Elks. 
Married: Grace Barker. Children: Gladys Gra- 
ham ; George W., Jr. Address: 5675 Ash St., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

EVANS, HAROLD M., coach. Born: Boston, 
Mass , Aug. 18, 1896. Son of Thomas E. and F. 
(Murray) Evans. Ed.: B.P.E., Springfield Coll., 

Record: 1914-15-16, mem. Springfield Coll. 
Bskt.B. team. 1915-16-21, mem. Springfield Coll. 
F.B. team. 1915-16, capt. Springfield Coll. 
swimming team. 1921-27, mem. cen. Bd. of 
Officials F.B. and Bskt.B. 1922, mem. Spring- 
field Coll. B.B. team. 1922-23, coach Remselaer 
Poly. Tech varsity Bskt.B. and B.B. teams. 
1923-26, head coach Brown Univ. varsity 
Bskt.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Physical dir. and coach, 
Lynn, Mass. War Service: 311th Inf. 78th Div. 
Corp. St. M. Married: Yvanne Woldron, 1924. 
Office: Lynn, Mass. Home: 230 Revere St., 
Winthrop, Mass. 

Amherst, Va., Oct. 18, 1892. Son of Otto Lewis 
and Mary (Randolph) Evans. Ed.: Amherst 
H. Sch.; Va. Poly. Technic; Univ. of Va., 1915. 

Record: 1905-09, mem. Amherst H. Sch. 
track, B.B. and F.B. teams. 1910-13, pitcher 
Y.P.I. B.B. team (capt., 1913). 1910, mem. 
V.P.I, varsity F.B. team. 1911, right guard 
V.P.I, varsity F.B. team. 1912, cen. V.P.I. F.B. 
team. 1914, Gen. Univ. of Va. F.B. team. (Men- 
tioned Ail-So.). 1915, coach Lynchburg H. Sch. 
F.B. team ; won state champs. 1916, -ead coach 
Univ. of Va. F.B. team. 1920-23, head coach 
Lynchburg Coll. F.B. team. 1924-27, F.B. offi- 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer. War Service: 2nd 
O.T.C., 1917; 1st Lt. F.A., 1917; France, 1918- 
19. Affiliations: Dir. Farmers Bank of Am- 
herst ; atty. Bank of Monroe ; Mason ; Delta 
Tau Delta ; Oakwood C.C. Hobby: Law. Mar- 
ried: Janette Fitz-Hugh, Oct. 6, 1917. Children: 
Peyton Randolph, age 9. Office: 9th and E 
Sts., Wash., D. C. Home: 3816 Beecher St., 
Wash., D. C. 

ity Coll. football team, 1927. Born: Hartford, 
Conn., Jan. 27, 1906. Son of Charles William 
and Mary Louise (Allen) Even. Ed.: Hartford 
H. Sch .i Conn. Agr. Coll.; Trinity Coll. 

Record: 1923, mem. Hartford H. Sch. F.B. 
and track teams. 1924, mem. Conn. Agr. Coll. 
freshman F.B. team. 1925-27, mem. Trinity 
Coll. F.B. team (capt., 1927). 1925-27, mem. 
Trinity Coll. track team (individual high point 
man, 1927). 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliation: Alpha 
Delta Phi. Address: 145 Adelaide St., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Born: Packwood, la., Aug. 23, 1903. Son of 
G. T. and Edith (Moorman) Everett. Educa- 
tion: West Des Moines H. Sch., Sioux City H. 
Sch., Drake Univ. 

Record: 1920, mem., Sioux City H. Sch., 
Bskt. B., track and F. B. teams; 1921-22, capt., 
West Des Moines H. Sch. F. B., Bskt. B. and 
tennis teams ; runner-up, State Inter. Sch. tennis 
champ, (singles and doubles) ; 1923, capt., la. 
State A.A.U. champ. Bskt. B. team (thirty-five 
victories and no defeats) ; 1924, mem., Drake 
Univ. Bskt. B., F.B. and tennis teams; 1925, 
mem., Drake Univ. F.B., Bskt. B. and tennis 
teams (capt. tennis team) ; 1926, mem., Drake 
Univ. F.B., Bskt. B. and tennis teams (capt. 
Bskt. B. team) ; all-conf. quarterback; all-conf. 
forward ; 1927, mem., Kansas City A. C. Ap- 
proved Coll. and H. Sch. F. B. and Bskt. B. of- 
ficial. Won the Des Moines city squash racquets 
champ. 1928, coach, freshmen aths., Drake 
Univ. ; F.B. and Bskt. B. official ; defended suc- 
cessfully the squash racquets title ; won 10 var- 
sity "D's", Drake Univ. most ever won by any 
man at Drake). 

Present Occupation: Sec, Everetts, Inc. Affil- 
iations: Honor "D" Club (pres., 1926), Kansas 
City A. A., Tau Psi (pres., 1926), Theta Nu 
Epsilon, Des Moines G. and C. C. Hobby: Sum- 
mer camp work with boys. Office: Eighth at 
Locust, Des Moines, la. Home: 4018 Kingman 
Blvd., Des Moines, la. 

EWALD, GEORGE R, football and track. 
Bom: Louisville, Ky., Oct. 11, 1889. Son of 
Henry C. and Lula G. (Ruckstuhl) Ewald. Ed.: 
LL.B., Jefferson bch. ; Univ. of Louisville. 

Record: 1911, mem. Univ. of Louisville F.B. 
team (Spalding selection, All-Ky. mythical 
team). 1912-17, 1st Ky. Regt track team (hold 
Ind., Ohio and Ky. champ. 1 mi. relay team.). 
1920, mem. Louisville Boat Club swimming 
team. 1922, semi-finalist, Ky. state tennis 

Pres. Occupation: Pres. Union Cen. Bank. 
Mil. Service: Comnd. capt. Inf. 1st Officers' 
Training Camp, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind. ; 
comnd. maj. Inf., Camp Taylor, Ky., Jan., 
1918, appointed provost marshal. Camp Taylor, 
. Ky., Mar., 1918. Affiliations: Univ. of Louis- 
ville A. Bd. ; N.L.T.A. Umpires' Asso. ; Y.M.C.A. ; 






Mason; Pendennis Club (Louisville, Ky.) ; Au- 
dubon Club ; Lions' Club. Hobby: Tennis. Mar- 
ried: Dorothy Edelen, July 5, 1924. Children: 
Betty, age 2. Office: Starks Bldg., Louisville, 
Ky. Home: 931 Cardinal Drive, Louisville, Ky. 

EWELL, J. DAVIS, Hermitage C.C. golf 
champ., 1927. Born: Farboro, N. C, Dec. 23, 
1889. Son of Philander and Eva (Bell) Eavell. 
Ed.: Wilson H. Sen., 1905; Atlantic Christian 
Coll. (Wilson, N. C). 

Records 1923, won medal club tournament 
Hermatage C.C. 1924, won medal city champ. 
1925-26, runner-up, city champ. 1926, won medal 
State Amateur Champ. 1927, won Hermatage 
C.C. Champ. 

Pres. Occupation: Insurance, Vice-Pres., Gib- 
son, Moore and Sutton, Gen. Ins. Agency. Affi- 
liations: Shrine; Masons. Hobby: Golf. Mar- 
ried: Elsie Sutton. Child: J. Davis, Jr., age 11. 
Office: 217 Richmond Trust Bldg., Richmond, 
Va. Home: 3223 Park Ave., Richmond, Va. 

EWING, JACK S., baseball. Born: Balti- 
more, Md., Apr. 9, 1901. Son of George W. and 
Betty (Sherley) Ewing. Ed.: Hotchkiss Sch. ; 
A.B., Yale, 1925. 

Record: 1919-21, mem. Hotchkiss Sch. F.B., 
B.B. and track teams. 1922, mem. Yale fresh- 
man B.B., Bskt.B. and F.B. teams (capt. Bskt.B. 
team). 1923-25, mem. Yale varsity B.B. team. 
1925-28, mem. Baltimore A.C. B.B. team. 

Pres. Occupation: Investment banker J. A. W. 
Inglehart & Co. Affiliations: Delta Kappa Epsi- 
lon ; Scroll and Key Soc. ; Maryland Club ; Green 
Spring Valley Hunt Club. Married: Carolyn 
Gibson, Baltimore, Md., June 4, 1927. Office: 
102 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md. Home: 13 W. 
Chase St., Baltimore, Md. 

EWING, JOHN KENNEDY, 3rd, football, 
track and gym. Born: Bryn Mawr, Pa., Apr. 
28, 1903. Son of Samuel Evans and Fanny 
Badber (Neff) Ewing. Ed.: Haverford Sch., 
1920; A.B., Princeton, 1924; LL.B., Univ. of 
Pa., 1927. 

Record: Mem. Haverford Sch. F.B., soccer, 
gym. and track teams (capt. gym., 1918-19). 1921, 
mem. Princeton freshman F.B., soccer, gym. 
and track teams (capt. gym.; champ, track 
team). 1922-24, mem. Princeton varsity gym. 

team (capt., 1924). 1923, mem. Princeton var- 
sity F.B. team. 1924, mem. Princeton varsity 
track team. 

Pres. Occupation: Lawyer, Saul, Ewing, Re- 
mick and Saul. Affiliations: Delta Psi ; Prince- 
ton Ivy Club ; Merion Cricket Club. Hobby: 
Riding and fox hunting. Married: Caroline Mc- 
Fadden, Apr. 14, 1928. Office: Packard Bldg., 
15th and Chestnut Sts., Phila., Pa. H ome: Mont- 
gomery Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

£WING, SAMUEL EVANS, JR., football. 
Born: Bryn Mawr, Pa., July 27, 19f>6. Son of 
Samuel Evans and Fanny (Neff) Ewing. Ed.: 
Haverford Sch., 1923; A.B., Princeton, 1927; 
Univ. of Pa. 

Record: 1922-23, mem. Haverford Sch. F.B., 
Bskt.B., B.B. and tennis teams (won Swarth- 
more Inter-Sch. drop-kick contest, 1922). 1924, 
mem. Princeton freshman F.B., Bskt.B. and ten- 
nis teams. 1925-27, mem. Princeton F.B. and 
tennis teams. 1926-27, joint holder Internatl. 
Maritime champ, doubles title. 1927-28, mem. 
Merion Cricket Club, tennis, soccer and squash 

Pres. Occupation: Student. Affiliations: Equi- 
table Life Assurance Soc. of U. S. ; Ivy Club ; 
Merion Cricket Club ; Sharswood Club. Office: 
329 Commercial Trust Bldg., Phila., Pa. Home: 
Montgomery Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

EWRY, RAY C, won 10 Olympic champion- 
ships. Born: LaFayette, Ind., Oct. 14, 1873. 
Son of George H. and Elizabeth (Smith) Ewry. 
Ed.: Purdue Univ., B.M.E., 1894; M.E., 1897. 

Record: Former record holder in standing 
higb jump — 5 ft. 5% in. ; holds world's record 
in standing broad jump since 1904 — 11 ft. 4% 
in., 1900, Olympic Games, Paris ; winner stand- 
ing high, standing broad and 3 standing jumps. 
1904, Olympic Games, St. Louis, winner stand- 
ing high, standing broad and standing jumps. 
1906, Athens, winner standing high, standing 
broad. 1908, London, winner standing high, 
standing broad and 3 standing jumps. 

Pres. Occupation: Mechanical engr. Affilia- 
tions: Sigma Nu ; Bd. Water Supply, New York 
city. Hobby: Boating. Married: Nelle John- 
son. Children: Mary Elizabeth, age 9. Office: 
Room 2200 Municipal Bldg., New York, N. Y. 
Home: Ridge Road, Douglaston, N. Y. 







FABER, JOHN EDGAR, JR., basketball and 
lacrosse. Born: Harrisburg, Pa., Jan. 13, 1903. 
Son of Jobn Edgar and Anna (Parker) Faber. 
m.: East. H. Sch.; Univ. of Md., B.S., 1926; 
M.S., 1927. 

Record : Mem. East. H. Sch. P.B. and Bskt.B. 
teams (capt. Bskt.B., 1921). 1922, mem. Univ. 
of Md. freshman F.B. team. 1924-27, mem. Univ. 
of Md. varsity Bskt.B. and lacrosse teams 
(capt. Bskt.B., 1924-25 and lacrosse, 1926). 
1925, won S.I.C. lacrosse champ. 1927-28, coach 
Univ. of Md. freshman F.B., Bskt.B. and la- 
crosse teams. 

Pres. Occupation: Coach and teacher. Affilia- 
tions: Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Zeta ; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; "M" Club (Univ. of Md.). Hobby: 
Coaching. Office: Univ. of Md., College Park, 
Md. Home: 230 8th St. S.E., Wash., D. C. 

FARICY, JOHN, swimming. Born: St. Paul, 
Minn., Dec. 12, 1901. Son of John I. and Theckla 
(Brown) Faricy. Ed.: A.B., Univ. of Minn., 

Record: 1922-23-25, "Big Ten" 200 yd. breast 
stroke champ, (still holder) ; chosen All-Amer. 
200 yd. breast stroke (3 yrs.) ; 4 letter at Minn. 
3 in swim, (capt., 1923; letter in track 1922 
broad jump). 1923, former holder of Amer. 
record for 50, 100, 200 and 220 yds. breast 
stroke, 31 2/5 (Chicago) ; 1:09 3/5 (Chicago) ; 
1:17 (Cincinnati). 1924, record breast stroke 
2:56 (Chicago); 2:52 2/5 (Chicago); World's 
record in 1924 ; Natl, breast stroke champs. ; 
World's record holder 100 yd. breast stroke, 
time 1 :7 1/5 sec. made at I.A.C. tank Chicago. 

Pres. Occupation: Traveling. Affiliations: 111. 
Ath. C. ; Phi Gamma Delta. Hobby: Playing 
organ. Address: 1091 Grand St., St. Paul, Minn. 

FALK, C. J. LANE, track. Born: Eureka, 
Calif., Feb. 22, 1902. Son of Curtis O. and Anne 
(Hall) Falk. Ed.: A.B., Leland Stanford Univ., 
1923; St. Louis Univ., 1927. 

Record: 1919-23, mem. Stanford track team 
(capt., 1923) ; winner high and low hurdles 
Stanford-Calif, meet. 1921, runner-up Stanford 
I.C.A.A.A.A. hurdles at Harvard stadium. 1923, 
record holder high and low hurdles in Big Meet, 
Calif.-Stanford, time, 15 1/10 high and 23.4 low. 

Pres. Occupation: Physician, staff of San 
Francisco Hosp. Affiliations: Alpha Omega Al- 
pha ; Alpha Sigma Tau; Nu Sigma Nu; Delta 
Upsilon; Skull and Snakes; Phi Phi; Quad- 
rangle Club. Hobby: Hunting. Office: San Fran- 
cisco Hosp., 22nd and Potrero Sts., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. Home: 2233 F St., Eureka, Calif. 

FALL, DAVID A., American Olympic swim- 
ming team, 1924, 1928. Born: Fairland, Okla., 
Dec. 4, 1902. Son of Fred T. and Jennie (Da- 
vis) Fall. Education: Oregon State Coll.; 
Stanford, A.B., 1926; S.D., 1928. 

Record: 1924, jr. natl. champ, (low spring- 
board) and runner-up (high fancy diving, Olym- 
pic Games) ; 1925, runner-up, senior natl. (high 
fancy and high plain diving) ; 1926, capt., Stan- 
ford swimming team ; chosen by L. de Hanley 
as "All-American" fancy diver; runner-up, se- 
nior natl. indoor (10 ft. and 3 ft. springboard) 
diving; runner-up, senior natl. outdoor (10 ft. 
springboard and high fancy) diving; 1927, run- 
ner-up, senior natl. (high plain and high fancy) 

Present Occupation: Attorney. Affiliations: 
Athens A. C, Oakland, Calif.; Sigma Chi, 
Circle "S" Soc. Hobby: Fancy diving. Home: 
Stanford Unv., Palo Alto, Calif. 

Born: Charles